The Move

Chapter 27

By Doug Smith

Fortunately my parents were both busy when we walked in since I still had an obvious bulge in my jeans. My father was doing some work in his study while my mother was reading to Scott. Josh and I put the snacks in the family room for the next night then went upstairs to do our homework. We only briefly said hello to my mother when she looked up.

We didn't have much homework but I wanted to get it done. Josh had other ideas however. As soon as I sat at my desk he closed the door and knelt down in front of me.

"It's later, you're homework can wait. I've been thinking about this all day," he said as he loosened my jeans and pulled out my cock.

"Don't you want to get on the bed?"

"Nope, I've been thinking about it like this all day." He slid under my desk and started to lick the tip of my cock which had hardened in his hand. "This will give you something else to think about when you see me sitting at a desk in school."

"I don't need any other mental images to get horny when I think about you," I smiled.

"Well, I'm going to give you one," he said as he put his mouth over my cock.

The sight of him on his knees under my desk was hot.

"I've created a monster," I moaned as he lowered his head taking me in his warm mouth. What he did next surprised me. He took my hands and put them on the back of his head. Then he lowered his head all the way down my shaft not bothering to stop when my cock pushed into his throat. He did gag slightly but kept going. It felt so good and seeing him like that was so hot."

"Oh wow Josh, what got into you? That feels so good. You better not have been practicing on anyone else," I moaned.

He took his mouth of me just long enough to smile. "Just Ryan. This is nothing compared to him."

I knew it wasn't true but I smiled. "Next time invite me then. We'll both do him."

"Not.. this is the only cock I want and you know it."

"I know. I feel the same. You better not call me a slut any more though. Getting under my desk and giving me a blowjob is pretty hot."

"I've been horny all day. I missed you."

"Maybe I should take a day off from school more often."

He went back to sucking my cock bobbing his head up and down my shaft. He was definitely getting into it. He pulled my jeans off so he could kneel between my legs. Then he put my hands back on his head and went back down on my cock. Each time I moved my hands he'd grab them and put them back. I finally got the message and held his head pushing him down on me. The more I controlled where his head went, the more he moaned.

I knew exactly what he was doing. There was no resistance at all. I could have made him take me deep, holding his face against me, and he would have let me do it. Aaron and I had gotten like this at times too. We had complete trust in each other. It was so hot and so special. Our eyes met when I looked down at Josh. There was a huge smile on my face.

"I love you," he moaned as he continued working my cock. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. Seeing him like that was too much. What sent me over the edge was when he put his hands under my ass and started to push his finger against my hole. He had never touched it before but now seemed comfortable exploring.

"Oh Josh," I moaned. No sooner than I got the words out my body started to shake and I began to unload into his hungry mouth. He was definitely a quick learner. I don't think he lost a drop. He kept sucking me until my cock began to soften. He smiled as he looked up at me licking a couple of lingering drops that had oozed out.

He wasn't done though. He stood up and sat on my lap and put his arms around me. I kissed him pushing my tongue between his lips. I could taste my cum on his lips. In fact he had saved a big glob of it on his tongue which we swirled around in our mouths. My hand was on his crotch, rubbing him. His arms were around me squeezing me tight and with his head on my shoulder.

"Don't stop Dan. Just hold me. I love you so much. I don't want you ever to let go."

"It's not going to happen Josh. I plan to hold you and love you and protect you for a long long time." I stopped short of saying forever. I knew nothing was forever. "You never have to worry about someone loving you again. I have so much love for you that there isn't room for anyone else to love you."

"Oooooohhh, That sounds good"

We sat there holding each other for another ten minutes. "Now we can do homework," he said. "Right after I change my pants."

I looked when he stood up and saw a huge wet spot on his crotch.

"You were horny," I smiled.

"It's all your fault. I was never this way before we were boyfriends. I was a good boy."

"You're still a good boy. You're just my good boy," I smiled putting my face against his crotch. "Mmmm," I moaned. "You sure you need to change your pants? I like the smell."

He laughed. "It isn't very comfortable though."

I loosened his jeans and took out his cock. His boxer briefs where soaked with his cum. I smiled and put the head of his cock in my mouth cleaning off the tip with my tongue. A few more drops oozed out into my mouth.

"Why don't you just put on a pair of my workout pants? That way you won't have to walk across the hall. Knowing our luck Scott will come by. Who knows what he'd think of that spot."

I tossed Josh a pair of my Nike workout pants and held up some bikini briefs. "You want these too? You'd look good in them."

"You don't mind?"

"Josh ... don't be stupid. You know better than that."

I watched as he stripped off his pants and put on my briefs and running pants. He looked so hot. I stood up and wrapped my arms around him. I was definitely getting used to him being around. His aunt would stay in Colorado for good if I had my choice.

We finally started our homework after Josh changed and I went across the hall to use the bathroom. For a change we didn't have that much. It only took a couple hours to get everything done. We probably could have done it faster if we hadn't gotten sidetracked a couple of times. One time wasn't our fault since Scott came in to say goodnight. The second time we could have avoided but why would we have wanted to do that?

Josh was definitely in a good mood. While we were doing our homework he kept pressing his leg against mine, leaning against me and kissing my neck. One time after he stood up he sat back down on my lap. His firm ass felt good in my workout pants pressed against my legs.

"What got into you?"

"Don't you like it?"

"Of course I like it doofus. You going to sit on my lap at lunch tomorrow too?"

"I don't think so."

"How about when we go down and say good night to my parents?"

"Probably not then either."

"Then I guess I'll just have to enjoy it now," I said as I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him against me. It didn't last long since we both jumped when the desk chair moved and made a funny noise.

We both laughed. "No Doritos for you tomorrow night. You're already too fat."

"Fuck you. I weigh less than you."

"Maybe, but muscle does weigh more than flab."

Josh frowned. "Not everyone is paranoid about having any body fat. It's not like I have that much anyway."

"Josh, I'm joking. I love you and your body just like you are."

"That's better. Let's go say good night to your parents and take a shower."

"Sounds good. I'll just tell my father we're going to be economical again."

"I still can't believe he said that. I'm definitely not looking forward to my aunt coming home. Not that I don't love her and all that but living here with you has been really great."

"I was thinking the same thing earlier but thought I was being selfish wanting her to stay in Colorado. We don't really know when she is coming back so let's not worry about it Who knows, you might get tired of me by then."

"That's not going to happen."

"Good," I said giving him a mischievous smile.

My parents were talking in my father's study when we went downstairs. It was another one of those times when they stopped as soon as we came in. Maybe I was being self-conscious but I assumed they were talking about either me, Josh or the both of us. The only part I heard was 'what are the odds'.

"What's up?"

"Nothing honey, your father and I were just talking about Thanksgiving. It's coming up pretty soon."

"Is that all?" I really didn't believe they had been talking about Thanksgiving or if they were that it was the main topic of conversation.

"We need to decide what we're doing."

I sat in one of the chairs next to my father's desk. Josh was going to sit in the other one but I pulled him into my lap. He tried to get up but I put my arm around him and held him against me. I acted like it was no big deal.

"We aren't just staying here?"

"We have a couple of options. I haven't seen my sister since we moved and your father hasn't seen his brother. We were thinking about asking them to come. The other option is going to Chicago. We could see everyone there plus we could see the Michaels."

"What?? We can't do that. What about Josh?"

Josh still wasn't comfortable sitting on my lap in front of my parents. I smiled. "Will you stop squirming? You're worse than Scott."

My mother smiled. "Josh, it's okay. Dan is just showing off."

I laughed when I rubbed my hand on his thigh and he pushed it away frowning. "We're not going to Chicago are we?"

"No, we thought about inviting Aunt Carol or Uncle Steve to come here. We were thinking Christmas would be a better time to go. We' ll have more time plus Josh will most likely be living with his aunt by then."

"Would Aunt Carol bring her kids?"

"I'm sure she would. Why?"

"No reason I guess. It'll only be for a few days. Jake and I don't really get along."

"That was when you were kids. You were always with Aaron and he was bored whenever they came to visit. You didn't pay much attention to him."

"Maybe there was a reason for that but it's okay, I can put up with the jerk for a few days. It'll be good to see Aunt Carol."

"Hopefully they can come. It's kind of short notice but they should still be able to book a flight. By the way, thank you for staying home with Scott today."

"No problem. I was worried about nothing, things worked out. Scott and I had fun. Having a day off has it's pluses too," I smiled looking at Josh.

He frowned but couldn't help smiling. My mother caught our looks.

"I bet. Did you get your homework done?"

Josh spoke up before I could say anything. "I got everything from his teachers Mrs. J."

"That's good. I'm staying home tomorrow so you'll be able to go to school. Are you guys going to bed?"

"Yeah, I still have to do my push-ups and take a shower." I couldn't help smiling when my father grinned. Josh turned red and my mother just shook her head.

"I can't believe you did that," said Josh as soon as we got upstairs.

"Josh, trust me, they don't care. I mean they don't want to watch us have sex or making out or anything but they don't care if we're affectionate. Did it really bother you?"

"No, I'm just not used to it. It actually made me feel good. Just don't do it at school."

We talked a little more about Thanksgiving before I did my push-ups. He was worried he'd be in the way but I told him not to worry about it. He's part of the family. He also said it would be fun if he could go to Chicago with us during the holidays.. He hadn't traveled much and would like to see other parts of the country. He said he'd like to see places where I used to hang out including the falls where Aaron died if I was up to it. I told him I hadn't been back since the day it happened but if he really wanted to go then I'd take him.

I stripped off my jeans, put on shorts and got down on the floor to do my push-ups. I was surprised when Josh joined me. He said he wanted to work on his muscles as well. I laughed. "I know one muscle that has been getting a lot of exercise."

"That's been getting exercise for years," he smiled. "It's just different types of exercises now."

We both started to do push-ups but Josh got tired somewhere in the thirties. He just laid on the floor with his head on his hands.

"We'll have to get you on the one hundred push-up plan," I said as I swung my right leg over him so I was straddling his body.

"What are you doing?"

"Finishing my push-ups," I smiled lowering myself down and then pushing back up. Each time I lowered my chest my crotch would rub against his ass and I'd give the back of his neck, his ear or some other part of his head a kiss.

"I could get into doing push-ups this way," I said rubbing against him again.

Josh rolled over so he was facing me and I finished my push-ups looking at him. There was a smile on his face. "Do you know how beautiful your eyes are?"

I smiled. "I guess they're okay. I've never thought of them as beautiful."

"They are. I thought that from the day you looked at me in the cafeteria. Every time I'd catch you looking and we'd make eye contact even for a second I'd see how beautiful they are. They're so blue. I thought about them a lot the last month."

"Was that when you were calling me an asshole?"

"I really didn't think you were an asshole. Like I said, I didn't know what to think. You definitely looked at me different than you looked at other people. Now I know why."

"And how do I look at you now?" I smiled.

He smiled. "There's definitely a shine that wasn't there before. You look happy."

I kissed him again and stood up. "I am... Let's go take a shower." I smiled.

To some extent our home life had become routine. We ate supper, did our homework, relaxed playing Nintendo, going on-line and chatting, listening to music, or playing our guitars. Josh was really good. I'd usually do my push-ups at some point and then we'd take a shower (together) and go to bed. Even though the events were routine we definitely made the specifics anything but routine.

Tonight we took a relatively short shower but then again short is all relative. My father had been making jokes about our shower activities which didn't bother me but did bother Josh a little. He didn't mind the jokes themselves but he was concerned what my father really thought. I tried telling him not to worry about it but he was still uncomfortable. Taking an intimate shower with another guy while that guy's parents were in the house was something new to him. It was actually something new to me as well, Aaron and I usually took showers when my parents were out. I guess I'm more relaxed now.

Even though Josh was a little uneasy about showering together when my parents were downstairs he quickly relaxed once we were standing under the hot water holding each other. There was definitely something about taking a shower with someone else. It was like we were in our own world once the hot water was streaming over us. It didn't take long for our cocks to start poking each other as we held each other.

I hoped I would never have to wash myself again. I loved washing Josh while he washed me all the while kissing each other. We'd use our hands to rub the shower gel all over each other. We didn't miss a spot. While I squatted to wash his legs and feet Josh washed my hair. We then changed positions and I washed his hair while he knelt and washed my legs, balls and feet. I think he was a little frustrated when I didn't take his cock in my mouth when I was squatting in front of him.

I just smiled. "You want something?"

"Stop teasing. I'm not going to be able to sleep like this."

"Ohh, does my boyfriend not get enough sex?"

"Your boyfriend gets horny when his boyfriend has his hands all over him."

"That makes two of us. Good thing I'm not tired." I said playfully slapped his cock. "Think that thing can wait until we're across the hall?"

"It'll be hard."

I laughed. "No shit. I can see that."

We turned off the water and then dried each other off. "I'll never get bored of doing this with you."

We wrapped towels around ourselves to walk back to my bedroom. Even though it was just across the hall it would be just our luck for Scott or my parents to be walking by at that moment. I'm sure my parents didn't want to see two naked teenagers with hard cocks. Even though my mother had caught Aaron and me in bed she hadn't seen my cock in years. I really didn't want her to see it now.

Josh was all over me when we got back to my room. He was certainly becoming more relaxed. As soon as we closed the door he ripped off my towel and jumped up wrapping his legs around my waist, kissing me. He was still horny. He was kissing me hard, moaning and holding me tight. His hard cock was pushing against my stomach and mine was rubbing against his ass. I wasn't looking for it to go any further but it did feel good.

"Geez, you are a horny fuck. We just got off an hour and a half ago."

"That was then and this is now. I'm just doing my boyfriend duty so you don't go looking somewhere else," he smiled"

"Josh... you really don't worry about that do you? I promise you. It's not going to happen. Some guys may think it's okay to fuck around on their boyfriends or girlfriends but I don't. Once I say I love someone I only want that person. I could never hurt you like that. Please believe me."

"I do and I'm glad because I feel the same way. I'm really just doing this because I'm horny and you make me feel good. I can't get enough of you."

I smiled giving him a kiss. "I can't get enough of you either. Besides, we have a month of me being a jerk to make up for."

"Then lets get to it. It's my turn to put your mouth where I want it."

"With pleasure master. We don't have to take turns. You can have my mouth or any other part of me where you want it any time."

We fell back on my bed with him on top of me. We rolled over and he sat on my stomach pointing his cock at my face. I knew what he was thinking. He had a mischievous grin on his face as he moved so he could rub his cock on my face. He was leaking precum and I tried to get it but he kept moving when I turned my head.

He smiled "You want something?"

I nodded.

"Tell me what you want."

"I want to make you feel good. I want to do for you what you did for me earlier."

He smiled. I'm sure he expected me to say I wanted his cock which of course I did since I was horny. However, I wanted to make him feel good more. Maybe I'm weird. I really am more interested in making the other guy feel good more than getting off myself. At least usually I feel that way. Yeah, sometimes I want to make it more about me but this wasn't one of those times. I was in a mood to make Josh feel as good as I could. That would make me feel better than just getting off.

"Do you want me to suck you?"

"Mm-hmm. How do you want it?"

"I want it how you want it. If you want it slow and sensual than we'll take it slow and sensual. If you're as horny as you seem and just want to go wild then you can fuck my face as hard as you want. I can take it. Remember, I'm a slut, you said that yourself."

"I was just joking but you did seem to like it when Aaron did it in that video."

"I liked it because Aaron was particularly horny that day and wanted it that way. It made him feel good. I wanted him to think it was all about him which it was. That was just how we were. We put each others feelings and desires ahead of our own. We understood that. It wasn't that he was fucking my face because he had any power over me or anything. It was because it made him feel good and he knew I was letting him do it because I loved him and wanted him to feel good. I trusted him. He wouldn't have done anything to hurt me. It was a private thing between us. I'm sure my friends would have been surprised if they knew I acted that 'submissive' for lack of a better word. It wasn't really about being submissive or him being dominate. He knew I was only doing it for him. He was the same way. Does that make any sense?"

"I think so. You two had a special relationship. I can only imagine what it was like."


"Why what?"

"You said you can only imagine what it was like. Don't you think we have a special relationship?"

"It's not the same. It can't be. I know you'd rather have him."

"Josh, that's not fair. Neither of us had any control over if or how we met just like we can't control how we look. You could get rid of some of this flab here but that's another story. Would I be with him if he was alive? .. Probably. Would I be with him if he was alive and I had known you all my life too? .. Who knows? We can't second guess things." I rubbed his chest while he was sitting on me. "All I know is I love you. I'm very happy we're together and hope you are too. ...You are aren't you?"

"Of course I am. I didn't mean it the way it sounded and I don't have flab."

I smiled. "Good, on both counts now are you going to let me suck your cock? You look like you need some attention."

"Nope, I want to cuddle and make out. I was really horny and was letting lust win out. Now I just want to hold you and for you to hold me. I love you and want to feel you against me. I want to make you feel good too."

"Oh man, I love you too. Come here."

Josh laid down next to me, facing me. We immediately put our arms around each other and started kissing. I don't know who said they loved the other more. It just felt good. When our lips met our tongues began circling each other. I remembered the first time we kissed and I had been reluctant to push my tongue into Josh's mouth. We had certainly overcome that. Now we pushed our tongues as deep into each other as we could. Sometimes our tongues would wrestle trying to decide which one was going to give way to allow the other in deeper.

Our hard cocks were rubbing together at the same time. One of us would shift or move our hands and our cocks would move, rubbing together. We were both leaking precum and moaning. Good thing my parent's room was on the other end of the hall. One thing that was hot was when we were kissing and my mouth was open to accept Josh's tongue. Instead of pushing his tongue in Josh let some saliva fall into my mouth.

Maybe some people would think that was gross but I didn't. I love Josh and considered it a treat. "Mmmm," I moaned showing my pleasure. "I love you so much."

I swallowed his saliva as we kissed more. He rolled on top of me and started to grind his cock against mine. We were both really close.

"You want it like this or do you want me to help out a little more?" I asked.

"Just like this," he moaned. "I want to cum all over each other while we're like this."

"Oh yeah," I smiled as we kissed harder if that was possible. Our bodies were squirming as we held each other. It felt so good.

"Oh Josh, I want to make you happy." I moaned.

"You do, especially right now. I wish we could feel just like this forever."

He started to grind really hard. The warmth of his hot cock against mine as well as his smooth skin rubbing against me was all it took. Our bodies spasmed at the same time and I could feel cum shooting between us. I quickly added my own to the mix. We just held each other tight and let it happen. I didn't care if we got it all over the sheets or not. Most of it was shooting into the small gap at the tip of our cocks against our stomachs. I put a hand on his tight ass and rubbed down reaching his balls. My fingers ran through his asscrack as he came on my stomach and I could feel his asshole contracting. Then his body relaxed and he laid his head on my shoulder. We just smiled at each other and held each other tight.

"God, could I die now and just feel like this for eternity?" asked Josh.

"You better not because then I couldn't make it better for you tomorrow night."

"That's not possible," he smiled. "Besides, tomorrow night Chris and Ryan will be here."

"Maybe they can help," I laughed.

"No fucking way. You're the only one I want touching my body."

"Likewise," I smiled giving him another kiss.

We held each other a while longer but laughed when we moved and found our cum had dried gluing us together. "I guess we should clean up and get some sleep."

"Your father will really give us shit if we take another shower."

"Let me go get a washcloth and I'll clean you off."

The next morning I woke up snuggled next to Josh. It felt good. It was also an unusually warm day. The sun was shining through my window. It was a good day for a run. I tried not to wake Josh but he stirred when I got out of bed.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going for a run."

"Wait, I'll come with you."

"You don't have to. Stay in bed and get your beauty sleep. You need it," I smiled giving him a gentle kiss.

"Asshole, I'm coming too."

We had fun on our run. We didn't go that far but Josh was getting better. He made it a good two miles before he started walking. I bumped into him just to touch him but did slow down to walk as well. He was surprised when I put my arm on his shoulder and pulled him against me in a friendly hug but he did smile.

"You're my bud Josh Sullivan. Even when I'm talking with someone else and you're nearby I'm really thinking about you. I'll do anything for you."

After walking a while we turned around and started running back. He did good making it back to the house even though we went at a slower pace. He did get out of breath and stood on the front steps bent over holding his legs. I smiled as I rubbed his back while he was trying to catch his breath.

"Let's walk around the cul-de-sac before getting ready. It'll help."

I wanted to hold his hand but refrained. I think he felt the same way given how he looked at me. We did let them bump together every once in a while while we walked.

Josh had a big grin on his face on the way to school. We didn't have to drop Scott off since he had another day of suspension. I still thought it was funny. I'd never heard of an eight year old being suspended from school before.

"You keep grinning like that and people will think you're getting it."

"I am but that's not why I'm smiling. I finally get it."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I finally understand what you and Aaron meant to each other. You told me but I didn't get it. I've never had a friend like that. Now I think I do."

I smiled and put my hand on his leg. "You do."

"Yeah, Chris is a good guy, He's said he'll always be there for me." he laughed.


"Maybe ...but I'm your asshole. You're stuck with me. I sleep in your bed."

"Yeah and you snore too."

"That's what I mean. We can give each other shit but I know you love me. I love you too. I can feel it. It's a good feeling."

I smiled. "It is isn't it?"

Chris and Ryan were waiting at Chris's car when we drove in. I think they liked walking in together to avoid Phil and his friends' comments. Even though Phil wasn't there his friends were still standing watch by the door. Mike and Becky showed up a couple of minutes after us. Mike must have picked her up on the way to school. I was glad she had found someone who could feel about her like she deserved. She's good person. Even though she knew about me from the beginning I always felt bad when we'd do something together and she acted like it was a date. I'm glad things have worked out.

Phil's friends just stared when we walked in. I felt like they were staring at me but I was probably being self-conscious. After all he wasn't there and I'm sure they all knew why. I really tried not to smile when we walked by.

Chris laughed when we got inside. "I don't think they like you. You don't kiss their hero's ass."

"Don't be disgusting. We're early and I was thinking of grabbing something to drink and you have to put gross thoughts in my head. I've got nothing against kissing a little ass, Josh can vouch for that, but the thought of that wants to make me hurl."

Chris just smiled and looked at Josh. "Oh yeah? You teaching our boy Josh new tricks?"

Mike laughed and told me that's too much detail.

Josh looked embarrassed. "Nope, he just got into the videos on my computer. He found some of Aaron and me."

"That must have been strange Josh. It must have been like you were having sex without being there. You guys sure you're okay together."

"We're fine. I didn't think Josh would like them but he's a perve."

"Shut up asshole."

I laughed. "Let's get something to drink before class."

Kyle, Phil's step-brother came up to me as soon as we walked in the cafeteria. "Did you really call him a wimp?"

I smiled. "Yeah, I did. I probably shouldn't have but he pissed me off."

"He pissed you off? You should hear him. He's going to kill you."

I shrugged. "Whatever. He's a jerk."

Chris and Ryan were just listening to what Kyle was saying. They didn't know who he was.

"Oh," I said. "Kyle, these are my friends. You know Josh. This is Chris and Ryan. Guys, this is Kyle, ah, I don't even know your last name."

"Allard. ...Hi."

"He's Phil Clayton's step-brother."

Both Chris and Ryan scowled at him and seemed a little cold. Alright, a lot cold. "Relax guys, he's nothing like Phil. Just don't make a mistake and call Phil his brother. It pisses him off."

"Hey, I know he's an asshole. There's nothing I can do about that. I'm just warning Dan to watch his back because he's pissed. I can understand if you don't like me."

"Come on guys. Kyle is okay." I wanted to tell them we were all on the same team when Travis walked up. He stood really close to Kyle. "And this is Travis," I said. "He's a friend of Kyle's."

"A good friend," Kyle smiled.

I smiled when Chris and Ryan began to smile. "You mean you're Phil Clayton's step-brother and you're ... "

"Gay?" Kyle smiled. "Yup. Dan and Josh know and since I've seen you two around I assume you are too. At least I've heard the asshole call you faggots before. So yeah, we're all on the same team. Maybe we should challenge the high school basketball team to a game. We could wear our pink shorts. We'd even have an extra player."

"Sorry, I don't look good in pink," I said. "Why does everyone think that being gay means you're effeminate. None of us are effeminate unless you're wearing girl's underwear that I don't know about."

"I'm not wearing any underwear," said Kyle. "Want to see?"

"I'll take your word for it. Guess that gives Travis easier access."

"He doesn't wear any either."

Just then the bell went off meaning we had to get to class. We had three minutes before we'd be late. Kyle and Travis walked with us since their class was in the next room, another English class. On the way I told them about people coming over around six and said they could come if they wanted. I didn't expect them to assuming Kyle wouldn't want his step-brother to know he knew us. I was surprised when he said he was spending the night at Travis's house and they'd be there. They both seemed excited even after I said there would be any drinking.

We just made it to class as the bell rang. Becky was already there.

"What kept you?"

Josh laughed. "We were talking to Phil Clayton's step-brother. Dan here invited him over tonight. I think he just wants to piss Phil off even more."

"I do not. He won't even know."

"I didn't know he had a brother. Who is he?"

"You better not call him that. They're step-brothers and he can't stand Phil. That alone makes him okay by me. He might be a sophomore, I don't know. Kind of tall, thin, brown hair, cute ... nothing like Phil," I laughed.

Morning classes went by pretty quick. The best thing was that none of the teachers gave us much homework for the weekend. We got a couple of things that weren't due until after Thanksgiving so we didn't have to worry about them yet. I guess teachers are the same everywhere. Of course they wouldn't assign a project that was due before Thanksgiving so that they would have to work over the holiday. It was easier to make the students work. Oh well, we'd deal with it.

We really only had four classes before lunch. You can't count gym. In gym the coach had us wrestle. It went OK. Since Phil wasn't there his friends were pretty tame. The only issue was when Josh had to wrestle one of Phil's friends. I didn't like it but at least the kid was about Josh's size. He did pretty good. He used a couple of the moves I had taught him and almost pinned the kid. I think he got over-confident and let him squirm out of a hold. They were both tired but Josh ended up getting pinned. At least the kid was decent. He even offered Josh his hand to help him up. I laughed when Josh told me the kid grabbed his balls and that's why he got loose.

I ended up wrestling Jim Logan. Jim had started school a couple weeks after me. I don't know where he moved from. He was definitely a wrestler too. At least he looked like a wrestler. I also saw the coach smile when he paired us up. He obviously wanted to see how I'd do since he's been after me to join the team. So far I'd just ignored him but he asked again at the start of gym. It wasn't that I didn't want to wrestle, I just liked going to the gym and hanging out with Josh, Chris and Ryan.

I didn't do too bad but Jim definitely had better wrestling moves. I relied on some mixed martial arts moves to get out of a couple of positions. I didn't hit him or anything. I just used some unorthodox moves for wrestling in gym class. We ended up a draw when the period ended. He did come up to me in the locker room and say "good fight" afterward. He wasn't used to wrestling anyone in gym class who could hold their own. He definitely looked like a wrestler and wasn't bashful standing naked in front of me. I did my best not to check him out but I'm sure he noticed even though he didn't say anything.

Josh definitely noticed. He said I was kind of obvious. "Trust me. He's got nothing on you."

"Yeah right," Josh grinned.

At least he was grinning. "I hope you don't think I'm that shallow."

"No, I know you're anything but shallow and don't worry, I checked him out too. I just wasn't quite as obvious," he smiled.

I leaned towards him as we walked to chemistry. "You're the one I love," I whispered.

He smiled. "I know."

At lunch Tim said he might not be able to make it over. His relatives were visiting for the weekend and he was expected to entertain his cousin who according to Tim was a real jerk. I told him he could bring him along but he wasn't sure. On top of being a jerk he said the whole family was pretty much a bunch of bigots. He didn't want him causing trouble. He did say he'd think about it but didn't sound optimistic.

I didn't realize Jim had the same free period as me. I know he'd only been in school for a month but I'd never noticed him before. Maybe I was just in my own world or maybe I just read or talk to Ryan. Today he sat down beside me.

"Hi," he said. "I heard you were going to join the wrestling team. I thought we could get to know each other."

I smiled. "I'm not sure about wrestling. The coach keeps mentioning it but I haven't decided."

"You should. You're good. With a little training you could be as good as me," he said smiling. "Maybe I could give you a few pointers."

"I don't know. I've really been trying to ignore it. I've got a lot going on."

"That's too bad but that doesn't mean we can't be friends, right? Maybe we can hang out sometime. I'm sure we've got something in common," he smiled leaning towards me.

For a minute I thought he was going to put his hand on my leg or something. He didn't but he did move his desk a little closer. Ryan was sitting next to me on my other side taking it all in. I didn't know what to say. Maybe he was just being friendly but I definitely got the impression he wanted more. Of course the bulge in his pants could have given that away too.

"I don't know, between working out and other stuff I don't really have that much time."

"Maybe we can work out together. Where do you go?"

"Josh Sullivan and I go to Fitness World over on Sadler three or four times a week. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you joined us."

"Sure," he said although he didn't seem very excited. "He's the kid who you were talking to in the locker room, right? I've seen him around. Are you guys going today?"

"I can't. I have an appointment after school. Maybe some day next week."


Jim walked out with Ryan and me as soon as the bell rang. He was walking pretty close too. I smiled when Ryan shook his head and smirked at me when we made eye contact. He obviously thought something was up too. I thought about taking a piss before class but decided to wait since I really thought Jim might follow me into the restroom. Even I got the impression he was hitting on me.

I saw Josh waiting for me by his locker as we walked down the hall. He looked good. I wanted to put my arm around him and pull him against me but obviously couldn't since we were at school.

"Hi," I said smiling when we got near. "How was your business class?"

He smiled. "You probably got more done in study."

"Well, one more class and we're free for the weekend. You ready?"

"Yeah, unless you want to blow it off," he smiled.

"I'm in enough trouble with my parents," I laughed. "Skipping class probably wouldn't help. ...Let's go. See you later Jim."

Josh, Ryan and I went in and sat down. Chris came in right afterward.

"You better watch out Josh. I think you've got competition," smiled Ryan.

"What happened?" asked Chris.

"Jim Logan was just hitting on Dan. I thought he was going to crawl on his lap during study. Dan probably didn't even notice he was boned."

"I noticed. I ignored it," I said smiling at Josh. We really couldn't talk any more because other people were there and Mr. Harrison started class. The best part of class was that Phil wasn't there.

Chris, Ryan, Josh and I were talking about the party right after class. They said they'd be there around 6:00. Josh frowned when he saw Jim Logan walking towards us.

"Dan... you doing anything tonight? I was wondering if you wanted to do something."

It was too bad. He really did seem like a nice guy and he was only trying to be friends. Alright, it was obvious what type of friends he wanted to be too and in itself that didn't make him a bad guy either. He was definitely cute. I just wasn't interested.

"Sorry, I can't. I'm busy." I smiled at Josh. "You coming to my appointment or do you want me to drop you off at the house?"

I was hoping Jim would figure things out if he heard us talking. He did give me a funny look.

"I'll come with you. Then we can go home and get ready for the party."

"Party?" asked Jim.

I smiled at Josh. "It's not really a party. Josh and I are just having a few friends over tonight."

"Oh," he said.

That made it kind of awkward. I know he didn't really know my friends but he was also new so he probably didn't know many people. I knew what that was like. Maybe he was just trying to be friends even though I didn't really believe that.

"Ah... it's just a few friends coming over. I know you won't know anyone but you can come if you want. We're just going to listen to music and play cards or shoot pool. No drinking, my father would kill me."

"Sure, I'd like that. I really haven't met anyone since I've been here."

I gave him directions to my house and said people are coming over after dinner, about 7:00. Josh didn't seem too pleased that I asked him. He said so on our way to my appointment.

"I can't believe you invited him. It's obvious what he wants, even to me."

I reached over and took his hand. "Relax Josh, he's new and doesn't know anyone. I know what that's like. Maybe he's just being friendly."

"You don't believe that."

"You're not jealous are you?"

"No, I trust you. I just don't want to watch him hit on you all night."

My appointment with Dr. Medford went well, really well. He was happy with my progress even though he hadn't really done much. I felt bad when he pointed that out again. He did say that he didn't want to see me until after Thanksgiving however. That gave me two weeks off.

Josh was quiet on the way home. I reached over to pull him towards me after pulling into the driveway

"Don't worry," I said. "You're the only one I want."

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