The Move

Chapter 25

By Doug Smith

Josh, Scott and I went downstairs to play Nintendo while my parents talked. Actually, Josh and I sat on the couch and watched Scott play Wii Fit. He had learned how to do the ski-jumping and wanted to show off.

I reached over and playfully punched Josh in the arm. "Shut Up Dan??" I smiled.

"You weren't saying much to help yourself," he smiled. "Someone had to say something."

"I know, thanks. I'm not sure I like my father being involved. I'd rather handle it but there isn't much we can do."

"It'll be okay. He does have a point though."

"What's that?"

"Promise you won't get mad?"

"What is it?"

"Well, sometimes with Phil your need not to back down does seem to escalate things. Like today, he was walking away when you called him a wimp. If you hadn't said that he probably wouldn't have charged you and your father wouldn't be involved."

I took a deep breath. "Maybe this time but something was bound to happen."

"Dan, I don't want to make you mad but you don't know that. Maybe you have it in your head how things will play out and that affects your actions. I'm not saying always but today, calling him a wimp probably wasn't necessary."

"Maybe not but it was fun," I smiled. "And don't worry, I'm not mad. I want you to tell me what you think regardless of whether it's bullshit or not."

I laughed when he frowned. "But this time what you're saying isn't totally bullshit. Sometimes I probably do say things before thinking things through. It must run in the family."

"You think?" he smiled.

"Yeah, like when I told you I loved you. Look where that got me."


"Hahaha, Josh said a bad word," laughed Scott.

I smiled. "He certainly did. It wasn't very nice of him either. He should think before saying whatever pops into his little brain."

I grabbed him and pulled him against me. "I've thought about this though, I do love you and you do have a point. I'll try to do better but I know I'm going to have to kick his ass someday."

"You said a bad word too."

"Have to or want to?"

"Good point. Maybe both. And you're right Scott, I did. How about you and I play a game of tennis."

"I want to play Josh."

"You just want to play someone you can beat," I laughed. Josh playfully punched me as he stood up. I could clearly see him mouth 'Asshole' when Scott wasn't looking.

I smiled. "I love you even if you do call me that. You play with the kid. I'm going upstairs."

I gave him a quick kiss before leaving. Maybe I should be more discreet around Scott but it's not like he didn't know Josh and I kissed each other. Hopefully he didn't know much more than that but I'm sure he's wondering about things after what Jimmy said.

I watched them play for a couple minutes before going upstairs. I was glad they get along. Scott had accepted Josh without batting an eye. It took me a month not to see him as Aaron. Scott didn't seem to have that problem. To Scott he's just Josh.

My mother was cooking chicken stir-fry and asked me to help cut up the vegetables. At least she didn't ask about what happened at school. I guess she and Dad had already talked. She did ask how the rest of my day had gone.

"We went by Josh's house. He wanted to find his birth certificate but it wasn't where he thought it would be. He's kind of upset."

"I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Jon will take care of things."

"I hope so. I know all the uncertainty bothers him even though he doesn't say much. I think he thought if he found it then things would happen quicker. He feels like he's imposing."

"He isn't imposing. He can stay here as long as he needs to."

"I've told him you said that but he still feels like he's imposing."

She just smiled. "I'll make sure I mention it without him thinking you said anything."

"Thanks Mom. He means a lot to me."

"I know he does honey. You have good taste."

After supper Josh helped clean the kitchen by clearing off the table and putting dishes in the dishwasher.

"It's nice to have someone help without being asked," my mother said to Josh but clearly looking at me. "I think we'll keep you around."

"He's just trying to show me up," I smiled.

"And he's doing a good job of it."

"Josh," my father said. "I forgot earlier. We got a check from Social Services today. I want you to have it. Do you have a bank account you can put it in?"

"No, I've never needed one. Isn't that money for you? Ms. Irving said you'd be getting something to help with the additional expenses of me being here."

"It's for that but it's also for other things you need. You need your own money. We don't want you to feel you can't do something because you'd have to ask us for money. We're fortunate in that we don't really need it. Having one more person around is hardly noticeable. I don't think you'll spend it frivolously. Look at how cost conscious you two are being by sharing a shower," my father smiled.

Josh's face turned red and I'm sure mine was close behind. "Dad!!!"

My father just smiled. "Relax guys. I just wanted you to know I knew and you don't have to worry about sneaking around. I'm not going to ask about the details of your relationship. I'm still coming to grips with things but it's fine, we just want you to be happy, both of you. Just be responsible."

"Thanks Dad. I know it's hard for you."

"Dan, I told you, I'm just concerned. A lot has changed but there are still people like that boy you're dealing with at school. I don't want to see anyone hurt. But do me a favor, will you? I know what it's like to be teenagers but please keep certain things behind closed doors. Knowing is different from seeing. Scott doesn't need to see either. And be careful. I assume you both know about being safe."

"Dad... I've had that course," I smiled, a little embarrassed. Talking to your father about the dangers of sex with your mother standing there is pretty uncomfortable no matter how tolerant they are. Good thing Scott had gone up to his room.

"Alright, but if you're too embarrassed to buy what you need then let me know. I want you to be safe."

I smiled. Josh was just standing there looking at me. I don't think he knew what to say. The thought of my father buying us condoms was kind of humorous though.

"Dad, thanks, but there really isn't any need. Josh and I aren't doing anything that needs anything like that. Besides, Mom already made the same offer."

"Okay, we really don't need to know the details. I just wanted to be sure. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you."

"It's okay Dad. We know it's hard.""

"Your mother and I love you. We like your choice in boyfriends too," he said smiling at Josh.

"By the way Dad, I told more than Chris and Ryan about Friday. I asked a bunch of people. Chris and Ryan will be the only ones staying over, well maybe Chris's brother too, but some other friends are coming over for a while too. It's still okay, right?"

"No problem as long as there is no alcohol or drugs."

"There won't be. I've already talked to everyone."

Upstairs I fell on my bed laughing. "That was embarrassing. I can't believe my father just offered to buy us condoms. Maybe I should have told him not to forget the lube."

"That's not nice. He was just trying to help. I can't believe your parents are so tolerant. He basically said it's okay for us to have sex. I can't imagine what my father would say."

"Yeah, I'm lucky. We're lucky I guess but I'm lucky because I have them and you."

"We're lucky we have each other."

"Lucky or not we better call Chris to make sure he can pick you up tomorrow. I still don't like it but there isn't much we can do about it."

"I'll be okay. You have fun taking care of the budding juvenile delinquent."

Chris said he'd stop by to pick Josh up before school. He thought it was funny that a second grader got suspended for fighting. He also wanted to know if we were still on for Friday night.

"Yeah, I just talked to my father. Everything is cool. Is your brother coming?"

"I don't know, he was, but I don't want your brother to corrupt him. He sounds like a bad influence."

I laughed. "Actually I told him I was proud of him. He punched out a nine year old bigot. Maybe he shouldn't have done it but it wasn't like he started it."

"I'm not sure Tommy would have done that. I don't know how he feels about gay guys. We've never talked about it. I'm worried he'd ask too many questions."

"He's going to know sometime but he's still young. Josh and I were just talking about how lucky we are. My family is really accepting. ...That still doesn't mean we can have an orgy Friday night," I laughed.

"Too bad. That could be fun."

"What?? Sorry Chris, not interested. There's only one person I want to do anything with."

"That's not what I meant. Don't get me wrong, you and Josh are great guys but I wouldn't do anything with anyone but Ryan. I just meant the four of us having some fun, you and Josh, me and Ryan. It would be kind of hot hearing you and Josh going at it while Ryan and I were doing the same thing."

I felt my cock spring up. "Chris, stop talking like that. I need to do homework and I won't be able to if you keep putting those thoughts in my head. Is Tommy coming Friday night?"

He laughed. "He'll be there."

"Good, Scott will have someone to hang out with. See you tomorrow morning."


"What thoughts did he put into your head?"

"He said it would be hot if the four of us have some fun."


"Not with each other, just the two of them and the two of us."

"Is that something you'd like to do? From the look of that bulge in your jeans I think yes."

I smiled. "Just so you understand, I'm not a slut regardless of what you think. I only want to do things with you and hope you feel the same. I know Chris feels that way about Ryan too. He just meant the four of us in the same room. He said it would be hot with us going at it while they are too, nothing more."

"You know I wouldn't even consider it if it wasn't Chris and Ryan. They're our friends. It might be fun but I don't really need any external stimulus with you. I will admit Chris did say Ryan is hung like a horse. I am curious," I smiled. "It's not a big deal though. If you didn't want to then we wouldn't, no problem."

"You wouldn't care?"

"What I'd care about is if you did it just because you thought I wanted to. I'd do it and probably enjoy it if we all wanted to but it's not something 'I have to do'. Now let's do our homework."

It was actually fun doing homework with Josh. I didn't 'not like' school but I usually wouldn't count doing homework as something that was fun. Doing it with Josh was fun though. Since we had so many courses together we had the same homework and were able to do it together. We made a game out of the pre-calc homework. Whoever got a problem solved first got a kiss. Alright, we were pretty gay but it was fun.

Around nine we took a break to say good night to Scott. He was still upset for being suspended. It was the first time he'd been in trouble at school.

"Scott, you go to sleep. We'll talk about it tomorrow. We'll have fun, just you and me. We can do whatever you want."

"Can we go to the movies?"

I laughed. "I think Mom and Dad would prefer we stay here and you don't have 'too good' of a time. They are upset you know."

"I know. Jimmy was a jerk."

I rubbed his head and gave him a hug good night. "I love you buddy. We'll talk tomorrow." I wanted to talk with him but had to think about what to say.

Josh gave him a hug too. They were really getting along. Scott just took his being here like there wasn't anything unusual about it.

Josh and I finished our homework around ten and went downstairs to get something to eat. My parents were watching TV. The Jay Leno show had just started. I'd only seen him a few times since he used to be on later. Now he was on every night at ten. I didn't really like his humor but part of the show was okay. I liked it when he talked to people on the street and it showed how stupid they are. How can they not know who the vice president is?

Josh and I sat on the couch and talked to my parents. We didn't really talk about anything in specific, just general stuff. My mother asked if we finished our homework.

"Yeah, Josh is turning it in for me. He'll also get any assignments so I won't miss anything."

"I'm sorry you have to stay home. Tomorrow is just such a busy day for me."

"It's okay Mom. It's only one day."

I frowned at Josh because he was sitting on the other end of the couch. Even when I grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards me he resisted. I just smiled.

"If that's the way you want to be then fine," I teased as I laid down putting my head on his leg. "I prefer this anyway."

He jumped, trying to move away, while looking at my parents. There were tears in my mother's eyes.

"I'm sorry Mom."

"No, it's okay. It's just hard to look at you and not see you and Aaron."

I took Josh's hand and gave it a kiss.

"I know it's hard to get used to but honestly I don't even think about it any more. I haven't forgotten him. I could never do that but he isn't here. Josh looking like him makes things a little strange but it's what's on the inside that makes him special."

"I know he's not Aaron but seeing you two together does bring back memories. Have you talked to the Michaels lately?"

"No, only the once right after we moved, why?"

"We talked to them last week. They were asking about you. They saw how you've been the last year. Maybe you should send them an email to let them know how you are. They'd like that."

"I can't tell them about Josh, not yet."

"Who are the Michaels?" asked Josh.

"Aaron's parents. They were like second parents to me."

"Dan, they know your life will go on and that you're going to move on. Jackie and I talked about that quite a bit. They'll understand."

"Maybe but it's not that simple, is it?"

"At some point you should tell them. They'll be upset if they found out your new boyfriend could be their son's twin some other way. I know I would be."

My father gave my mother a strange look when she mentioned the Michaels. "Diane, we need to talk. There's no hurry about telling them anything. Chris and Jackie will understand."

"I know but they love Dan and will be happy that he's happy again."

"I think he should wait. Let's see how things work out."

"I'm all for waiting," I said.

My parents were looking at each other speaking with their eyes again. "What's going on?" I asked. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Dan, it's nothing. I'm sure the Michaels will take it fine. They want you to be happy but you're right, it will be hard on them."

I wasn't sure they were telling me everything but I smiled and kissed Josh's hand.

"I know I am," I smiled.

Later that night while we were lying in bed Josh asked if I thought there was something up with my parents.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know, maybe it's nothing but they seemed like they were hiding something when they were talking about Aaron's parents. Maybe I'm just naturally suspicious from dealing with my father but it seemed that way to me."

"I don't know, maybe. You have to understand the Michaels lived next door to us since before I was born. They are my parents' best friends. I'm sure they talk a lot about what happened and how I've been. You can't blame them for not knowing how to tell them about you. I don't want to hurt them either."

"What are we going to do then?"

"I don't know. My parents are right. I can't 'not' tell them. I just can't imagine how they'd feel meeting you. I guess I can't imagine how you'd feel either."

"I hope we're doing the right thing."

I held him tight. We both just had boxer-briefs on and our bare skin was pressed against each other.

"Josh, I never want to lose you. We'll figure something out. I know them. It'll be okay. Aaron already told me he's happy for me. They will be too."

"I hope so."

I rubbed his forehead pushing his hair out of his eyes.

"Don't worry," I said. "What can I do to take your mind off it?"

He smiled. "I'm tired. Some of us have to go to school tomorrow."

"Okay, just lie there. I'll do all the work," I smiled.

Josh lay on his stomach and I straddled his legs, my crotch pressing against his ass.

"Just relax," I whispered. "You've had a busy day."

I started rubbing his shoulders, first up and down and then in a circular motion. His skin felt so warm and smooth in my hands. I could feel his body relax. Leaning down I kissed his neck.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I can feel your love pushing against me," he chuckled.

"Someday it'll be more than that. When we're both ready. Not tonight though. Tonight I just want to make you feel good.

"You are," he moaned.

"I want to make you feel better," I smiled as I kissed his back. "I love you so much."

He was totally relaxed as I gently massaged and kissed his back. I slid lower and lower until I got to his ass.

"Maybe I'll use this as a pillow tonight."

He laughed. "You might not want to do that."

"Yeah, it can be a dangerous weapon," I laughed.

"No worse than you."

"I'm not so sure about that. I love you but I've smelled your farts, they're pretty bad."

"You're the one who has his face there."

I smiled. I knew I probably would care if he actually farted while my face was where it was but he wasn't going to do that. At least not without warning. There was something about it that felt so intimate though. Josh really did have a nice ass. He really didn't have any excess fat and his ass was firm with just enough definition to make it sexy. Of course I loved the looks of a hot guy's ass. Not all guys with a nice ass are sexy but that's definitely a necessity for a guy to be sexy in my mind. I just laid there for a few minutes gently kissing him through his boxer briefs while rubbing his back and legs.

Josh broke the silence after a few minutes. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yup," I smiled and gave his ass a kiss. "Are you? You seem pretty relaxed."

"I am. I was just thinking."

"Oh oh," I said giving him a quick kiss before sliding back up beside him. "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing bad. Just how things have changed for me in the last month. It is pretty amazing that we're here together right now. This just seems how things are supposed to be. It seems like an eternity ago when we were avoiding each other. We wasted so much time."

"Nah," I said. "Someone once told me that if you don't have bad times you don't appreciate the good times. I look at it that if we hadn't wasted time as you say it then maybe I wouldn't feel like I do right now. I know what I could have missed out on and what things would be like if I hadn't found some balls as Jason told me. I never want to lose you."

"I hope you always feel like that."

"Come here," I said. "I want to hold you close."

"Just never let go."

"No chance of that," I smiled kissing him again. "Maybe I'll keep you awake all night since I don't have school tomorrow."

We rolled over with Josh on top of me. His legs were between mine with his crotch pushing against me.

"Oh yeah," he said. "This feels nice. I love feeling you against me like this."

"Me too. Your heartbeat feels like you've just run a 10K."

"Something has to keep the blood flowing."

"It doesn't feel like there's any problem there. I can feel your crotch pulsing."

"Yours feels pretty good too."

We talked less and less and kissed more and more as we rubbed together.

"Yeah Josh, you feel so good," I said reaching down and sliding his boxer briefs down his legs. "Come up here. There's something I want."

I slid down a little while Josh moved up.

"What do you want?" he asked smiling.

"You'll know when I find it," I said sliding lower. "I think I'm getting closer. It should be around here somewhere."

"What are you going to do when you find what you're looking for?"

"This," I said opening my mouth and taking his cock at the same time.

Josh moaned as I sucked my cheeks against him. I was so horny. I hoped he got the idea when I lifted his hips up and down letting his cock slide between my lips.

He was definitely a quick study. He got the idea and started to rock his hips. At first he tried to be gentle but he was horny and started moving up and down harder, his balls bounce off my chin.

He pulled out after a while but I grabbed him.

"Dan... I don't want to hurt you."

"Just go with it Josh. You're not going to hurt me. I want this. I want you to feel good."

I put my lips back over his cock. He smelled so good. I could smell the remote sense of my body wash we had used in the shower. He was so cute too. I knew he was trying to be quiet. Sometime we'd do this with nobody around and we could make as much noise as we wanted. Right now Scott was sleeping on the other side of the wall and my parents were down the hall. Josh just whimpered trying to be quiet so nobody would hear.

"Dan, ...I'm going to..."

That was all he got out other than moans.

"You make me feel so good," he said as I slid up next to him after he calmed down. "I can't believe you let me do that."

"I love making you feel good. I'm going to miss you tomorrow."

"It's only for one day."

"I know. We should go to sleep. Someone has school tomorrow. I get to sleep in."

"You're not going to be able to sleep like that."

"It's okay. All I need is you in my arms."

"Alright but don't bet on sleeping in. I might find a way to wake you up."

We rolled around until Josh was lying on his side with his back pressed against me and my arm over his chest.

"I love you Josh Sullivan," I whispered kissing the back of his neck.

The last thing I remembered before falling asleep was an image of Aaron's smiling face.

"Way to go Dan. It took you long enough but things are working out like they're supposed to."

I woke up with a start. "What the fuck??"

Josh laughed. "I told you I was going to get you up early," he said from his position between my legs.

"Come up here." I said reaching down to pull him up next to me. "It's not that, although it felt nice. It's Aaron. He spoke to me."

"Thanks a lot. I wanted to surprise you and you have an 'Aaron moment'. What do you mean he spoke to you?"

"I'm sorry. You did surprise me. It was a nice surprise too. You can surprise me like that any time you want but it was strange. It was the last thing I remember before you woke me up. He seemed happy for me. He said 'Way to go'. He also said it took me long enough."

"Took you long enough for what?"

"I don't know. Probably falling in love with you."

"Nice recovery," he smiled giving me a kiss.

I smiled. "That wasn't all he said. He said 'things are working out like they're supposed to'. What do you think he meant by that?"

"I don't know. Maybe you imagined it or maybe you're just destined to love good looking guys."

"Then why do I love you?" I smiled.

"Asshole, I should have bitten your cock."

I kissed him again. "I'd let you try again but I have to take a piss."

"We still have a few minutes before I have to get ready for school. Hurry back."

I grabbed my shorts and ran across the hall. I heard my parents downstairs. They were in the kitchen but the TV was on. My father always watches the news before going to work. It was difficult to piss even though I really had to go but once I started it seemed to go on forever.

Josh was smiling when I got back to my room. "It took you long enough."

"You try pissing with a hardon."

"Come here and let me check it out."

I quickly peeled of my shorts and got back in bed. I climbed on his chest and pointed my cock at his mouth.

"Is this what you want?"

He smiled. "I remember it being bigger."

"I'll show you bigger. Open up," I said putting my tip against his lips while reaching around and grabbing his balls. "If you bite I'm going to squeeze these hard."

"What happened to 'never wanting to hurt me'?"

I answered by pushing my cock between his lips when his mouth was open. "That's it Josh. I know how to shut you up. You want that don't you?"

He nodded and mumbled 'God yes, I won't be able to see this all day."

"Then take it." I leaned forward and pushed further into his mouth. I pushed my cock deeper but stopped when I felt resistance. I brushed his hair off his forehead and smiled. There was no way I was going to hurt him. He knew that too and I could see a smile in his eyes. I whispered "I Love You" when our eyes met.

His mouth felt so nice and warm. He was careful not to scratch my cock but also let me control the pace, sliding back and forth. His cheeks sucked against my shaft.

I moaned. "What a way to wake up."

He put his hands on my ass and pulled me towards him. His enthusiasm was a little too much at times and he started to gag.

I smiled. "Relax, don't go too fast. It feels good just the way you're doing it. You're a quick learner."

I gently rocked back and forth a little more. Even though I would have liked to ram it home there was no way I was going to do that. What he was doing was definitely good and I knew I wouldn't hold out much longer. When I knew I was about to cum I started to pull out but he wouldn't let me.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

He just nodded with my cock in his mouth. The love I felt for him at that moment was phenomenal. I could feel it throughout my body.

"Oh Josh," I moaned pumping a few more times. I started to say "Here it comes buddy" but before I got it out my legs began to shake. I think it was the combination of an orgasm and the fact my legs had been in the same position since we started. I lost my balance and fell back sitting down on his chest. Josh just lifted his head keeping his mouth over my cock. It was cute watching him swallow everything my cock shot out.

When I stopped cumming I pulled my cock out of his mouth leaving some final drops on his lips.

"That was fantastic," I smiled leaning down to kiss him. "Thank you." We embraced and gave each other a passionate open mouth kiss. I could taste a mix of saliva and cum on his tongue.

"What are we going to do when you have to go live with your aunt?"

"Don't think about that now. She keeps delaying how long she's going to be gone so we have plenty of time. Besides, I still plan on spending a lot of time here even after she comes back. That is, if you let me."

I looked at him and smiled. "I'll think about it. I guess it'll be okay if I don't get any better offers. Personally I think Phil is a closet case."

"That's not funny. Next time I will bite. You deserve it."

"You love me anyway."

"I know and I don't plan on letting you go."

"Good, that's what I like to hear."

"I wish we could stay like this but one of us has to go to school."

I got off him. "I still don't like not being there."

"I'll be fine. Chris and Ryan will be there. So won't Tim. It'll be okay."

"I guess but I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

After a couple more kisses we got out of bed and got dressed. I just put on gym pants and a t-shirt since I wasn't going to school. Josh went into his room and got a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

"You might want to wash your face before we go downstairs. You have some cum on your cheek."

I leaned in to lick it off but he ran into the bathroom and washed his face.

"I guess playtime is over."

Chris came to pick up Josh around quarter past seven. He still thought it was funny Scott got suspended.

"You be careful," I said to Josh as he got ready to leave. "I'll miss you."

He smiled. "I'll be fine. Phil won't be there and I doubt any of his friends will do anything without their leader."

"I still wish I was going."

We gave each other a hug with neither of us wanting to let go. Chris watched and smiled.

"Don't worry Dan. Nobody is going to hurt your new toy."

Josh turned red when I said he was the best toy I'd ever had.

"I don't think I want to know."

"I'm sure it's nothing you and Ryan haven't done."

I turned my attention back to Josh.

"Bye, I'll see you tonight. If you need me then call. Okay?"

"I'll be fine. Don't worry. It's only school."

I pulled him against me and gave him another kiss. We stayed hugging and kissing for almost a minute before Chris cleared his throat.

"Guys, I want to get to school today and Ryan is waiting in the car."

I smiled. "Sorry. Thanks for picking him up," I said giving Josh one more quick kiss.

"No problem."

I grabbed Chris by the arm after Josh had gone outside. "Keep an eye on him, please? I don't trust Phil."

He nodded. "I know how you feel but relax. Enjoy your day off. We've got it covered."

I smiled. Chris was definitely a good friend.

"Okay Josh," said Chris as soon as they got into the car. "Ryan and I want to know. We haven' talked to just you in a while. Are you doing okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good, especially considering everything that's going on. Things have really changed. My father was a shithead but he was my father. I always thought someday he'd be okay again, that we'd be okay again. Now I don't even have that. The Johnsons are helping me and they've been great. They've gone out of their way to make me feel at home. They treat me like one of the family."

"And how are you and Dan getting along. From the looks of things he really cares about you."

"Things are good."

"Come on Josh, you've got to give us more than that. What's he really like? "

"He's a good guy, we're dealing with things. It's hard for me to believe someone cares about me like that. I just hope it lasts."

"Come on Josh, you're a good guy. From what I saw he definitely likes you, just enjoy yourself."

"That's what he says. It's just that everyone who has loved me goes away in one way or another. My father didn't go away but what he did was worse. Even my friends pretty much abandoned me other than you guys. I'm just not used to people caring about me and sticking around. I worry he'll realize I'm not Aaron sooner or later."

"You can't worry about what might happen. If you do then it might happen because you do things to make it happen even if you don't think you are."

"Sounds like what I told Dan. He said sooner or later he'd have to fight Phil. I told him if he thinks that way then events might dictate the results. If he did things differently now then he might not have to fight him later but if he reacts like he thinks he'll have to fight later then he probably will."

"What did he say?"

"He said he'd think about it and that what I said wasn't 'entirely bullshit'."

Chris laughed. "Don't you see you're doing the same thing? If you think Dan is going to turn his back on you then you might just do things to make that happen. From what I saw he's crazy about you, don't let that happen."

"Maybe what you're saying isn't 'entirely bullshit' to quote my boyfriend. I'll think about it. Please don't tell him I said anything. He gets upset when I bring it up."

"You shouldn't keep it from him if it bothers you. Secrets aren't good for a relationship either."

"Yeah, I know. He said that too."

"We still want to know the details Josh. How is he in bed? We know you're sleeping together."

"That's private."

"So you are getting it," Chris laughed. "I'm happy for you."

"Me too," added Ryan.

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