Happy Anniversary, Elijah Lucas

by DJ Adams

Elijah and Bruno's relationship stood the initial test of time, having lasted about six months, as they had officially been dating from December 24th to June 24th. With school getting out on June 27th, the two decided to confirm what many had been suspecting and come out, publically, at school. Nothing big and fancy, just the two of them holding hands in the hallways and a few light pecks on the cheek outside of classrooms were enough to get the message across. Although there were the few odd comments, of course, the response was mostly positive.

Bruno had become quite the popular boy over the previous several months, thanks to taking a stand against Chester. Most of Bruno's peers liked him, and a few were too fearful of him to cross him.

As for Elijah, the boy kept mostly to his own two friends, Mack and Louis, and was otherwise quiet enough not to be noticed- Save for the occasions when he went hand-in-hand with Bruno; In that case, he was the envy of most girls in the school. That all said, acceptance was what the boys were most met with.

With three days left of school, word spread and summer break acted as a distraction. When school reconvened, it was all a distant memory and common knowledge that Elijah Lucas and Bruno Jørgensen were a couple.

"Boys, are you sure you have everything?" Mrs. Jørgensen called up from downstairs.

"Yes, Mom." Elijah and Bruno answered for the fourth time as Bruno rolled his eyes.

Elijah giggled. "Mommy Dearest is just worried about her boys is all."

"I wish she'd let us be, though. This is getting out of hand." Bruno replied.

Bruno's Mom was understandably anxious about the boys going to the big city but she had already made them unpack their backpacks once already this morning to prove they had everything conceivable.

"I want phone calls every few hours so I know where you boys are. Got it?" Mrs. Jørgensen decreed as she walked into Bruno's room with two thermoses of hot tea. "And don't be afraid to text me a picture or two!!" She added as she handed one thermos to each boy to enjoy during the bus ride.

Elijah took a sip from his thermos and gave a loud sigh of approval. "Mmmnnn. Teeea." He said with a content smile.

Bruno and his mother laughed.

Though school was officially out of session as of yesterday, Middle School students were given the opportunity to sign up for day-trip to New York City on the first day of break, AKA Christmas Eve, sponsored by the school. The cost was steep at $150 per person but a chance to go to the Big Apple was surely not going to be squandered by Bruno and Elijah. With much convincing, their parents eventually relented and allowed the boys permission, who conceded that the cost would be deferred as partial Christmas gifts.

Not surprisingly, Elijah always fancied the idea of being able to go to New York during the holiday season. It was plain to see that Christmas time always set Elijah's heart aglow.

Still, New York at Christmas with a boyfriend was Elijah's ultimate dream- A dream that Elijah always thought would simply remain a dream, up until he met Bruno and the pair became serious over the last year. For Elijah, the very thought of being able to combine the reality of being with the boy he loved and the life-long notion of having a boyfriend to be with him in the city during the Holidays was all but incomprehensible to Elijah.

Even after nearly a year, Elijah still had that unbelieving haze to him, when it came to Bruno; The fact that he actually -FINALLY- had a boy of his own to be happy with was still novel, and he almost expected to wake up from it all at any moment to discover everything was just an elaborate dream. Being able to feel Bruno's arm around him on the bus, to hold his hand in Times Square, to skate with him in front of the tree? For real? Unfathomable.

"C'mon, you two. We need to get you two down to the school." Mrs. Jørgensen said as the boys collected their tea and moved towards the garage.

"One sec, Mama J." Elijah said as he collected one of his most prized possessions from the coat closet. It was a team jacket Bruno had given him.

This past school year, Bruno had joined the Lacrosse team at the middle school, much at the urging of his friend, James. As a member of the team, he bought himself a fleece jacket with his name, school logo and sport embroidered onto it. It wasn't quite a letterman jacket with a varsity letter but was something to make the kids feel special. Of course, Bruno ordered the jacket one size too small to accommodate Elijah's slight build, as he knew he was really buying the jacket for Elijah to wear. It became a symbol of belonging to Bruno and Elijah was proud to wear it.

"Ready." Elijah beamed.

Bruno had to grin, ever pleased to see his boy wearing the jacket which bore Bruno's name.

The boys donned their packs and the trio made their way to the garage, joined by Mr. Jørgensen, with Bruno and Elijah officially on their way to the city that never sleeps.

Bruno and Elijah, along with Bruno's parents, arrived at the school at about 4:40AM. Mr. and Mrs. Lucas met them there as well. After reiterating their cautions and well-wishes, the parents left the boys with the rest of their classmates.

All in all, the group of travelers was small, perhaps 15-20 students and an additional 2 teacher-chaperones. On one hand, it was kinda sad that no one the boys were close with was able to attend the trip but it did mean more time for the two to be immersed in each other.

The group boarded the bus and left at 5:00AM, arriving shortly thereafter at a Metro North station. With the staff and students having purchased their tickets in advance, they all gathered on the platform and awaited the commuter train on track 3.

The early morning cold was brutal at a mere 25 degrees. Everyone's breath blew clouds of condensation in front of them. Elijah's lips turned a rosy red color.

Bruno dropped his bag and retrieved a scarf before rezipping his bag and gently placing his garment around Elijah's exposed neck. Elijah looked back at him with doe eyes. Bruno, not usually one to be so blatant about the couple's relationship, couldn't help but pull Elijah in for a quick kiss.

Pulling back, Elijah blushed. Bruno looked again at Elijah and, this time, let his mind wonder. He allowed a little smirk across his face.

"What's so funny, Bruno?"

Bruno giggled aloud. "Your face is flushed and your lips are swollen and rosy. Wanna tell me why I find it amusing?"

Elijah blushed deeply now. "Bruno!! You're so bad." Elijah said, embarrassed as he gently struck Bruno's chest with the ends of his scarf.

Bruno laughed again, though now slightly uncomfortable in his jeans as he recalled visually the last time he'd seen Elijah like this- Or, more specifically, what Elijah was doing.

A short wait of 10 minutes passed before the train pulled in. Bruno pulled Elijah in close, hugging him from behind, and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek.

"Here we go, babe."

Elijah's lips pulled tight into a broad grin.

The train ride wasn't long. An hour maybe? The group debarked the train at Grand Central Terminal. After a brief walk from the platforms, the group entered the main building. The boys were in awe. Elijah fetched his camera from his bag and snapped a picture of the interior and of the giant windows above- He didn't want to miss a bit of the city.

The group moved from the building and began their walk to Rockefeller Center, about 10 blocks north.

"Elijah, I've gotta admit, this is pretty cool. Now I know why you always wanted to do this." Bruno said as he took in his surroundings and laced up his skates.

The boys were in the next group of people who would be allowed their 1/2 hour session on the ice.

"This is amazing, Bruno. And this is only the first place we get to stop!!" Elijah beamed.

"You're amazing, Elijah. I'm glad we could come here together" Bruno replied.

The two looked at one another for a moment until the buzzer sounded, signalling the end of the session for the current skaters. The boys, along with the rest of the group, scurried to the gate and waited anxiously to be allowed onto the rink. After five minutes, their patience was rewarded and the gate was opened, allowing the group onto the ice.

Elijah was rather graceful on skates. He wasn't an Olympian or something but he did carry a certain elegance to him. He flowed around Bruno in broad circles.

Bruno, on the other hand, managed a few stumbles, a brief glide and a slip before landing squarely on his butt.

Elijah giggled before coming to his boyfriend's aid.

"Need help, babe?" He asked, extending a gloved hand.

"Ha, ha." Bruno said mockingly as he accepted Elijah's offer and pulled himself to his feet. "I don't know how you do it."

Elijah shrugged. "I don't know. I just don't think about it and it just sorta works for me." Elijah said, keeping Bruno's hand in his own.

The pair tried to skate together but Bruno fell flat again and nearly took Elijah with him. Again, Elijah helped Bruno but Bruno was obviously getting slightly agitated, probably because his pride was bruised more than anything else.

"Here. Just stay like that." Elijah said, fixing Bruno in a mostly upright position on his feet. He took hold of Bruno's hand and gently pulled Bruno forward while Bruno stayed stiff as a board. A few folks snickered at Bruno, who looked much like a statue as Elijah towed him along.

"Here." Elijah proclaimed with a smile.

"Who is he?" Bruno asked.

"He's Prometheus. He gave fire to people." Elijah said of the giant gold colored statue before them and in front of the tree in the center.

"So smart." Bruno declared admiringly.

"Excuse us, Chelsea?" Elijah asked of their classmate skating by.

"Yes?" She replied, stopping near the boys.

"Would you mind taking a picture of Bruno and I in front of the statue of Prometheus and the tree?" Elijah asked her. Chelsea smiled politely and nodded. "Be right back." Elijah smiled before turning to Bruno and adding, "One sec, babe."

Elijah brisked over to the gate and walked through. He sauntered to a bench where he'd left his bag. After a moment of rifling, Elijah found his camera, returned to the ice and skated back to them. He removed the lense cap and handed the Nikon to Chelsea.

"This button here." Elijah said, indicating where to press on the device.

"Alright." Chelsea replied.

"C'mere, Bruno." Elijah said as he pulled on Bruno's arm, causing the other boy to slide rigidly on the ice to where Elijah was directing him. "Smile!!" He said to Bruno.

Bruno pulled Elijah close by his waist while Elijah reached his hand up onto Bruno's chest. Elijah wore a smile but Bruno had other plans.

"On the count of three." Chelsea said. "One... Two... Three... "

Bruno turned his head at the last moment and landed a peck on Elijah's cheek.

Chelsea took several shots in rapid succession. The first simply showed Elijah's smile and Bruno's kiss. The second showed Elijah's surprised face with Bruno's kiss. The third showed Elijah blushing with Bruno smiling. The fourth showed them falling down. The final showed Bruno flat on his belly with Elijah on his butt beside him, the pair in hysterics.

Chelsea laughed as well, as the two recovered. Elijah skated to her and reviewed the shots. He laughed aloud as Bruno hobble-walked over on the skates to see, as well. All the shots included the boys' antics, plus Prometheus and the tree so the boys happily approved.

The buzzer sounded, signalling the end of their session.

The boys and their group of classmates and chaperones went on to see the annual Christmas show with the Rockettes at the Radio City Music Hall. They also walked to and visited Times Square. In between, Elijah and Bruno bought hotdogs off a street cart- 'Dirty' or not, Those hotdogs are the best and a staple of visiting the city. Afterwards, they made their way to Lower Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan took a bit of doing on the part of the chaperones due to the large group of kids but they managed to cram everyone into three minivan taxis. After a harrowing experience with the drivers of New York, the group arrived at the last destination of their tour: The 9/11 Memorial. While not Christmasy, it was still something the school felt should be on the agenda. They arrived just as darkness fell.

As the group gathered, the square was completely quiet- Even among the hustle and bustle, there was a certain respect for this hallowed ground. As soon as people entered the pathways leading to the footprints, they proceded in silence. It was a sort of overwhelming feeling of respect for the events that happened there. All That could be heard was the falling water of the memorial. All that was seen were the lights illuminating the water, the names on the railings, and the newly-completed Freedom Tower rising into the skyline.

As the boys got closer to the rails, Elijah hugged closely to Bruno. Bruno squeezed Elijah tightly. There are no words to describe what the boys felt; This profound, undeniable feeling of sadness, mourning, passion, anger and somehow pride enveloped the whole group like a heavy cloak. One of their chaperones wept silently.

Seeing the towers on TV was one thing. This made it all real.

Bruno squeezed Elijah's hand. They stood staring at the memorial, reading the names.

After the memorial, the students returned to their taxis, which would take them back to Grand Central. The ride back for each van was quiet, save for the honking of horns around them; The group was largely still inside themselves.

Once at Grand Central, the chaperones began directing the students where to go and conversation picked up again. Before long, the group -including Bruno and Elijah- were back to themselves. They boarded the train and began their journey back home.

"Elijah? Wake up, babe." Bruno cooed.

The train was closing on their stop and the tired group would have to hustle off the train before the doors closed.

"C'mon, Sweet Boy." He said gently.

Elijah smiled in his sleepy stupor. He LOVED when Bruno called him 'Sweet Boy'- Just something about it made him happy.

"Hehe. I knew that would get your attention." Bruno spoke softly.

"Mmnn. Where are we?" Elijah asked, his eyes still closed and his head still on Bruno's shoulder.

"About 10 minutes out." He said quietly whilst playing with Elijah's hair, gently grooming it forward and resweeping it from the boy's eyebrows.

Elijah opened his eyes and found Bruno resting his head upon Elijah's, looking right into his eyes.

"C'mon, Sweet Boy. Time for you to get up."

Elijah slowly shifted up straight and yawned with his arms above his head, his shirt and jacket riding up to expose his flat little tummy and belly button.

Bruno looked at him in quiet admiration: Clothes wrinkled, hair a mess, and breath of sleep but Elijah was still beautiful. That face. Those long eyelashes which perfectly outlined one of Bruno's favorite features of Elijah- His eyes. Those plump little lips, which Bruno had loveingly kissed on so many occasions. His tiny neck, where both Bruno's lips and hands have held firmly. His shoulders, where Bruno would rest his arm. His chest, where Bruno would lay his head and listen to Elijah's heart beating, bump-bump, bump-bump. The little belly where Bruno would absentmindedly stroke while Elijah slept. His belly button, which Bruno found inexplicably attractive, much like the rest of Elijah- Though, Elijah really seemed to squirm when Bruno would kiss him there and run his tongue along its inside. He skipped down to Elijah's lithe legs, small framed but surprisingly strong, especially in his thighs and butt area, no doubt attributed to their 'extracurricularies'. Down to his little feet, which Elijah so loved when Bruno would gently wash them with a warm facecloth and rub them for him with lotion- A ritual which Elijah equally enjoyed performing for Bruno, though, after Bruno's feet were clean, Elijah liked to apply some extra lotion to Bruno's soles and place his hardened length between them.

That thought got Bruno's gears turning, which wasn't all too difficult. Bruno licked his lips, while he thought further of the sights of Elijah most-private that only he had seen. His lover's face with his brow scrunched, a light sheen of sweat on his forehead, his little tongue sticking out as he concentrated on the task at hand while he drove himself between Bruno's feet, and most-adorably, were the tiny grunts and stiffled moans Elijah would make through a bitten lower lip while he finished all over Bruno's feet and hard cock. Yes, those thoughts got bruno's gears turning, indeed. The moment wasn't lost on Elijah. As he brought his arms down from his stretch and looked at his lover, he could see the familiar look in Bruno's eyes.

Elijah put on his best 'innocent' face and pouted for Bruno. Bruno growled lowly, quietly so as not to be heard by nearby passangers but loud enough for Elijah to hear him. Elijah let a smirk cross his face- He loved playing coy to Bruno and teasing him in a public forum where Bruno could do nothing about it.

Still innocent as could be, Elijah cuddled back up to Bruno and allowed his pointer and middle fingers to walk up Bruno's stomach to his waist and onto his chest, before his index finger ran circles on Bruno's sternum.

"Y'know, Bruno, it IS our anniversary..." Elijah initiated while Bruno looked at him intently.

"It is?" He mused. "My God, it IS. It's been a whole year since I've been able to call you my boyfriend, hasn't it." Bruno replied back equally coyly, playing into Elijahs hand without skipping a beat.

"What ever should we do, Bruno?" Elijah asked, still dancing his fingers on Bruno's chest.

The pair stared at each other for a moment.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the end of the line. Please gather your belongings and debark the train." The loudspeaker announced as the train halted and the doors all opened. All of the group rose to their feet. As Bruno and Elijah went to get up, Elijah reached into Bruno's lap and gave his achingly hard inches a firm squeeze, before retrieving their backpacks as though nothing had happened. Bruno had to bite his lip to stifle a moan.

Elijah looked down over his shoulder at Bruno and gave him his 'who, me?' face. Bruno smiled back, knowing that Elijah only stirred the pot like this when he was *REALLY* in the mood. Bruno quickly made after Elijah, following him and the rest of the group back to their bus.

When the bus dropped the kids off with their parents at the school, Bruno's parents agreed to pick up both boys and bring them back to the Jørgensen residence for their annual Christmas Eve social. That evening, after the party, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas would come and fetch their son.

The entire time since the train station was pure agony for Bruno. It started with Elijah grabbing Bruno's hard member as they left the train car. On the bus, Elijah made sure to tease Bruno in some way at all times, be it his hand on Bruno's inner thigh or kneading Bruno's earlobe while his arm was around Bruno's shoulder or allowing his hand to 'accidentally' brush over Bruno's erect nipple. Worse still, on the ride back to Bruno's house, the Jørgensens supplied a blanket in the back seat of their SUV due to the sub-freezing temperature, which Elijah was quick to throw over the two boys. While all appeared normal on top, Elijah's hand was down the front of Bruno's pants, manipulating Bruno's foreskin around his knob while he was trying to have a conversation with his parents about their day.

For his part, Bruno held his composure and fought off the unbelievable urge to cum. Bruno had never seen Elijah this aggressive before but he liked it and planned fully to reward Elijah's efforts.

Just like last year, the pair made their appearances at the party before making off for Bruno's quarters.

The second the door closed, Bruno initiated his revenge with a ferocity even he didn't know he possessed.

The boys walked in and Bruno clicked the lock on the door. He grabbed Elijah hard on the arm and swung him harshly around into the wall near the door. Bruno forced himself onto the dazed Elijah, putting his hand around Elijah's throat and grabbing the boy's dick through his jeans.

After a quick but forceful kiss, he said, "Is this what you want?"

Elijah responded by pushing Bruno back with all his might, forcing the teen to stumble backwards and fall flat onto his bed. Bruno was stunned but, before he could react, Elijah was already upon him, his full body weight on top of him.

Elijah's hands ripped Bruno's jacket zipper down and clawed at his shirt, while he thrust his tongue into Bruno's mouth. Bruno kissed back briefly before flinging Elijah onto his back. Bruno sat up and hastily removed his upper garments before peeling the hem of Elijah's jacket and shirt over his head. Elijah helped and Bruno then threw him back, flat on his back.

Bruno pressed his naked torso against Elijah's and resumed their kiss. Elijah pushed his pelvis into Bruno's and moaned into his mouth needily. Bruno began to hump emphatically and ground his begging dick into Elijah's. Elijah ground back whilst digging his nails into Bruno's bare back as hard as he could. Bruno grunted heartily and he withdrew from the kiss and bit down on Elijah's shoulder. Elijah moaned loudly as the sharpness of pain wracked his shoulder, causing him to clench his butt, grind up harder and dig his nails in deeper. Bruno let up the pressure and pulled away, revealing teeth marks in the flesh, along with pin-pricks of blood where his canines were.

This was all raw and uncharted territory for the boys. Over the last few months, they'd read much literature together about how to be a better lovers but had yet to try the more direct methods- Of course, that was until Elijah decided to press Bruno's nuclear buttons all night.

Bruno fumbled before finally unclasping Elijah's belt and yanking his jeans and boxer-briefs down in one swoop. Elijah lifted his butt and scooted them down the rest of the way, now laying naked save for his socks- A turn on for both boys.

Bruno descended back down onto Elijah but Elijah wanted Bruno naked as well. He pushed up on Bruno but Bruno persisted, leaving Elijah no choice but to use full force of his muscles once more to push Bruno off and all but rip the buttons from his jeans. Bruno almost impatiently shucked his garments, leaving only his socks, and threw Elijah back onto his back, under him.

The boys commenced in a dance neither one had experience in- Part intimate, part true fight. They pawed each other while flexing and moving about, rolling, trying to pin the other, prodding, kissing and all. The 'fight' continued for nearly half an hour before they finally backed off slightly.

"How do you want it?" Bruno asked with a smirk.

"We can make love later. Right now, I want you to FUCK ME GOOD." Elijah said emphatically.

Bruno was taken back; His Sweet Boy had never spoken to him like that before but who was he to deny his Prince the anniversary gift he wanted?

Bruno's smirk turned cocky as he reached into the nightstand and pulled out his lube. He slathered his member with the stuff and placed a cold gob onto Elijah's waiting hole. Normally, Bruno liked to tease Elijah but this occasion was different.

Bruno leaned forward and clamped his hand over Elijah's mouth, as he knew this would be loud. He placed his glans against Elijah's tight pucker and pressed forward as fast and forcefully as he could. Elijah moaned as loud as ever as Bruno buried his entire dick into him in the first go. Reflexively, Elijah wrapped his legs around Bruno's waist and his arms around his back. Bruno felt Elijah's hole clench tightly around his cock but quickly pulled back to the ridge of his helmet and fed his entire length back in again, long-dicking Elijah's ass in the process and simply blowing the boy's mind.

Elijah almost couldn't comprehend how much pleasure he was receiving and quickly found himself on the edge. Bruno, eager to get the boy off as quickly as possible, seized Elijah's dick and began to fap him, hard and fast, in time with the plowing he was delivering. Elijah moaned loudly again and short, repeating gasps in time with Bruno's action. Before he knew it, Elijah was in the throws of the most intense orgasm he'd ever had, cum flowing from his dick like a faucet. His back arched high and he yelled a hearty yell, muted by Bruno's hand. The powerful orgasm nearly frightened Bruno, who looked on with amazement that HE did THAT to another person.

As Elijah came down, Bruno slowed his pace but continued to long-dick Elijah.

"Oh my God, that was amazing..." Elijah stuttered.

"Firstly, that wasn't God- That was ME." Bruno said. "Secondly," Bruno thrust forward one time as hard as he could, pausing as Elijah moaned loudly. "THAT was for teasing me all fucking night."

Elijah looked up at Bruno and said just four words. "Why are you stopping?" His dick didn't even begin to go soft.

Bruno again smirked, joined now by Elijah. He lifted Elijah's leg over his right shoulder and walked forward on his knees, impaling Elijah further. Bruno then dropped his stance down and began to thrust more on-angle, driving his head into the 'wall'. Bruno quickly dove his mouth to cover Elijah's, to mute the loud, high-pitched squeals now escaping Elijah shamelessly, as Bruno hammered Elijah's sweet spot.

After the second, then third go around, the boys lays exhausted in a heap. They were sweaty, covered in each other's seed and absolutely reeked of sex.

The tang of cum still hung on Bruno's tongue- After the second go, after they both finished, Bruno retrieved his seed from Elijah using his tongue and the two lovingly shared the reward between them during their third romp.

Now, Elijah lay splayed across Bruno's chest while Bruno lightly stroked the boy, inciting goosebumps.

Movement in his peripheral vision caused Bruno to look into his bathroom doorway.

"Shadow, were you here the whole time?" Bruno asked

Shadow cocked his head to one side.

Bruno chuckled. "You're a pervert, Shadow."

"Don't be mean to my boy." Elijah whispered, waking up.

Shadow padded to the foot of the bed and lay down, curling up.

"Your boy? He's my dog and, after the things I've just done to you, I'm pretty sure you belong to me."

Elijah giggled. "I belonged to you a year ago. All the other times were just for good measure." Elijah declared.

"Good to know." Bruno retorted. "We need to shower. My parents probably figured what we'd be doing but we've been a while."

Elijah agreed. The got up and headed for the bathroom.



"Happy Anniversary."

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