Merry Christmas, Elijah Lucas

by DJ Adams

December 24th, Christmas Eve

After their evening together, Elijah and Bruno awoke before Bruno's parents returned home the next day- It would've been a bit embarrassing to have been caught naked in bed together.

Elijah left the house as a changed boy. His parents noticed the glow about him and knew what had 'probably' happened the evening before. Though they were only half right, as no actual sex had occurred, the experience had affected Elijah in the best ways possible: During the next few days, he had become much more helpful, perceptive, mature even- It was as though he'd made the leap from being a child into being a young man in a single night. So, while they were initially worried about their 13 year-old son becoming sexually active, their fears quickly relieved.

Bruno was affected, as well. He, too, had that radiant glow. He loved the way Elijah made him feel: Loved, wanted, like he belonged, like he was needed, like a man, like he meant the whole world to him. It was amazing, considering that the two boys had only know each other for such a short period of time.

Bruno's phone vibrated.

"Hey :)."


"Would it be okay if we hung out tonight?"

"ya ur parents dont mind?"

"Not if it's only for a little while."

"wanna come 4 dinner?"


"k pick u up at 5"

Elijah was a happy boy, now. He'd get to spend Christmas Eve with the boy he loved. If he played his cards right, he may even have him on Christmas, too.

True to his word, Bruno and his Dad picked Elijah up at 5:00PM. Elijah's family didn't do anything special for Christmas Eve so they didn't mind letting Elijah out, as long as he came home that night.

The trio rode back to Bruno's house where there was a huge pre-holiday party of family and friends going on- There were easily 50 people there.

Once through the door, Elijah was greeted by a torrent of Bruno's family. He was introduced to many of Bruno's relatives but could remember hardly any, as there were simply too many.

The boys showed face and ate dinner before asking to go hang out in Bruno's room. Bruno's parents were playing the hosts to the party so they were a bit too busy to second guess the boys.

Once in Bruno's bedroom, the boys shared an overdue lip lock. Some movement in the room caught Elijah's attention- Shadow was lounging on the bed and was looking directly at them, wagging his tail.

"Hey, buddy!! What're you doing in here? Seeking refuge from all the commotion?" Bruno spoke to Shadow in an exaggerated voice. Shadow wagged his tail more intensely as the boys walked over and sat on the bed. He rolled over onto his back while the boys rubbed his belly for him.

After a few minutes of petting, Shadow got up, jumped down off the bed and walked to the door. Bruno opened the door for him and he walked out of the room, almost as if he intentionally gave the boys their privacy.

Bruno closed the door and locked it. He returned to the bed, guided Elijah flat on his back and kissed him deeply. Elijah fell to the mattress with a whimper as Bruno gently laid atop of him. Elijah's tongue slipped into Bruno's mouth as the two made out for the next hour while their hands explored each others' bodies.

Finally, Bruno pulled away. "Elijah, you do know that when I told you I loved you, I really meant it, right?"

Elijah flashed a grin at him. "Yes. And I meant it when I said I loved you, too."

Bruno kissed him briefly in response. "Elijah? Would it be okay if I... You know... Asked you to be my boyfriend?"

Elijah's eyes filled as he beamed, "YES!! I would love to be your boyfriend!!"

Bruno smiled and began to giggle. That giggle turned into a laugh which turned into hysterics. Elijah didn't know what to make of it but he started laughing at how hysterical Bruno was. Then Bruno started crying while he was laughing, sobbing and laughing at the same time.

"Oh, my God, Bruno. What is with you?" Elijah laughed.

"I'm just so happy!!" Bruno said back, recovering some but still trembling.

"Bruno, you're crazy and a mess..." Elijah paused. "But you're MY mess." He smiled.

Bruno hicced, smiled and leaned down to give Elijah a kiss. The boys rolled on the bed a few times, kissing playfully and exploring the other boy's body with their hands.

They slowed down after a while for a break. They were laying on their sides, facing each other. They were a bit out of breath but happy to be together and happy to have one another.


"Yes, Bruno?" There was something in Bruno's eyes that Elijah hadn't seen before.

Bruno spoke, "Um... Elijah? There's something that... I feel like..." Bruno paused and looked at Elijah- He was smiling at him expectantly. His face was so angelic and pure and innocent. Bruno was always keen to notice the subtle features on Elijah's face, as if he could subliminally communicate with Bruno just by his facial expressions; This was different, though. Tonight, he was glowing-He had a twinkle in his eye and a certain curve in his smile. Bruno suddenly had the confidence to say what he was thinking- Obviously, it was the same thing that Elijah was thinking. "Elijah, there's something I feel like I have to do..." Bruno said slowly.

Elijah smiled solemnly. "I know." He said quietly. " ...and I need for you to do it..."

Bruno's unsteady smile expanded into a grin. So did Elijah's. They both started giggling but broke back into hysterics. They were on the same wavelength and they both knew what was going to happen. No fear. No reservation. Just the pure confidence and trust to tackle it together, as one.

Their laughter simmered down. "So... How? Do we -?" Elijah asked timidly.

Bruno thought about it for a moment. "I'm not too sure. Let's just go with it and see how we end up. Just one thing..." Bruno said.

"What's that?"

"I want to be able to see you and kiss you when we do..." Bruno smiled. Elijah smiled, too.

Elijah took his boyfriend by the back of his neck and made him roll with him as he fell into his back. Bruno laid between Elijah's legs and lightly pressed himself against his crotch. They kissed for a moment before Elijah broke the kiss.

"This isn't going to work. We can't be dressed."

Duh. How obvious was that? The boy undressed themselves and continued this position naked.

Bruno's hard penis was along side of Elijah's as the two kissed. Elijah ground his hips upwards into Bruno's and Bruno responded by grinding his back just as hard. The two boys whimpered as they began to pant.

Elijah's arms were wrapped around Bruno- One across his back and the other with his hand cradling Bruno's head with a mass of hair gently gripped in his fist.

Bruno shifted to support himself on one arm. He reached between the two boys and began to play with both of their hard dicks in one hand. Elijah's back arched and his hips bucked, as he moaned into Bruno's mouth. Oh, yes. THIS was something Bruno would come to love instantly- The ability to make his lover tick with just a simple touch. Bruno smiled as he kissed Elijah and continued to knead and stroke the two in his palm.

After a while, Bruno decided the time was right so he pulled back. Elijah looked a bit confused but Bruno reached over to the nightstand and Elijah understood what he was doing- Elijah knew what was coming and it only excited him further.

Bruno pulled out the bottle of lubricant and the box of condoms. Both boys looked at the box.

"Bruno... I want to feel YOU inside of me... Not some... Barrier..."

The box was placed back into the drawer and the nightstand was closed: There would be no 'barriers'.

Bruno looked to Elijah. "Um?"

Elijah looked a bit confused, too, as far as how to actually 'do this'.

"Pull your feet up to your butt?" Bruno suggested. Elijah did as he was told but Bruno realized that wouldn't be enough. "I'll need more room. Try bringing your knees to your chest." He said more confidently, knowing he was on the right track.

Elijah again complied and Bruno was greeted by the wonderful sight of Elijah's little entrance. It was perfect, just like he was. Bruno looked to Elijah for permission. Elijah nodded.

Bruno walked forward on his knees. Before he lubricated it, Bruno wanted to explore it a bit. As his hand approached the button, Bruno stopped short as he was taken by the amount of heat Elijah was giving off. He inched his hand closer and gently touched the little hole. He looked again to Elijah for permission. Elijah's eyes pleaded for him to go further.

Bruno's fingers lightly brushed the tight winkles, causing Elijah to shiver. Bruno stepped it up and began to massage Elijah in circular patterns. Elijah shifted on the bed as he sighed happily.

"Do you like that?" Bruno smirked.

"Yesssss." Elijah responded.

Bruno became emboldened. Him playing with Elijah's butt was obviously a great pleasure for Elijah so Bruno decided to take it a step further. He tried to insert a finger but encountered some resistance. He opened the bottle of lube and took a little drop onto his fingertip. He touched the stuff to Elijah's hole, causing Elijah to jump at the coldness. Bruno massaged it in a bit and then attempted to insert his finger again.

There was a little resistance at first but his finger eventually sank into the hotness. Elijah moaned as his butt was penetrated. He and Bruno looked to each other and Bruno leaned down to kiss him. The pair kissed while Bruno slowly fingered Elijah for a while.

However, the urge for more reared up again. Bruno withdrew his finger and pulled himself from the kiss. The boys eyes met and they both knew that this would be it. Bruno applied more lube to Elijah, just as a precaution, and he also applied some to his ragingly hard spike.

"Are you ready?" Bruno asked nervously.

"Yeah, baby. I'm ready." Elijah replied back in a thick voice. His confident tone have Bruno all the confidence he needed.

Bruno lined up his length with Elijah's hole. He looked to him one last time for permission and, after a final nod from Elijah, he pushed forward.

At first, Bruno's head didn't seem like it wanted to enter. There was enough of an invisible barrier to cause Bruno's head to slip to one side or the other. After a few attempts, Bruno attacked from just the right angle and his head settled itself into an 'indent'.

Elijah hissed at the intrusion so Bruno stopped where he was.

"It's okay. Keep going. Just take it slow." Elijah said.

With that, Bruno pulled his head from the 'indent' and filled it with more lube. He replaced the head back where it was and tried again- He went in the tiniest bit further. He quickly got the idea: Bruno would pull out just a tiny bit and the press forward gently, allowing Elijah some time to adjust and open up for him.

The in-and-out continued for a few minutes before Bruno felt Elijah relax enough to let his entire head in. It sank into Elijah, causing both boys to moan. Making eye contact, Bruno eased forward until Elijah's eyes winced and he breathed in sharply.

"It's okay, babe. You're doing great." Bruno comforted Elijah.

Elijah was so tight it was unbelievable. Bruno only had his head and about 1/2 inch inside but he could already feel Elijah's heartbeat within his pulsing depths.

He bent forward and kissed Elijah. Elijah cried out a bit as he wrapped his legs around Bruno's waist. For Bruno, that was incredibly hot. He kissed Elijah more deeply, as Elijah placed his hands on Bruno's butt.

When Elijah felt comfortable enough to move on, he pulled Bruno's butt towards him, impaling himself further onto Bruno's raging cock. Bruno moaned loudly into Elijah's mouth when he did, causing Elijah to smile widely while he kissed Bruno- Elijah loved knowing that every moan Bruno made, he made just for him.

Bruno helped out and pushed himself in further and further until his hips made contact with Elijah's butt. It made Elijah moan out, as Bruno's entire 5 inches sank into him. This was something else Bruno would come to love instantly: Pushing himself inside of his moaning boy.

"Oh, my God. I'm in!! Like, I'm in all the way!!" Bruno exclaimed.

"Thank God!! It sure feels that way-" Elijah laughed.

Bruno waited a minute to allow Elijah to adjust. Then, he started to thrust, beginning to make love to his boy for the very first time...

After it was over, both boys laid exhausted on the bed. Elijah curled up to Bruno, who embraced him tightly. The boys' breathing began to slow down and their hearts returned to a normal speed.

"Can we sleep for a while, Bruno?" Elijah asked.

"I suppose but only for 20 minutes. We've been gone for an awfully long time and we wouldn't want anyone to walk in on us..." Bruno got up and set his alarm clock for 20 minutes later: 9:00.

Bruno spooned Elijah from behind. "Bruno? Can you... Put it back in for a little while? Y'know, while we sleep?" Elijah asked.

Bruno was more than happy to be back inside of Elijah so soon. He lined himself up and pressed inside, going in significantly easier this time around.

The boys laid there, Bruno deep inside of Elijah, and drifted off for their 20 minutes of sleep.

Unbeknownst to them, Shadow was still outside the door, guarding it for them against intrusion.

The boys awoke and dressed. They kissed one more time before returning to the party hand-in-hand as a couple. As always and ever their protector, Shadow wasn't far behind them.

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