Merry Christmas, Elijah Lucas

by DJ Adams

December 1st

Elijah struggled out of his mom's minivan. The wind whipped around him and the cold pierced right through him as he opened the sliding rear door.

"C'mon, baby." Mrs. Lucas called to her son from the other side of the van.

"Mooom." Elijah whined. He hated when she called him 'baby' in public. He WAS 13, you know.

He closed the door and started to walk around the van to meet his Mom. He slipped on some ice but caught himself on the lift gate.

"Fucking black ice..." He muttered.

"Elijah!!" Mrs. Lucas scolded her son. He was still too young to be swearing in general, much less in front of a lady.

"Sorry, Mom"

It was Monday, the 1st day of December and, more importantly, the very first day of the Christmas season!! That meant no school after the 19th, and sledding, and ice skating, and getting to hang out with his friends, and getting a tree, and putting lights on the house and too many other things that excited Elijah. Christmas time really was the best time of the year. It also meant going shopping, if you were Elijah's Mom- The woman loved to shop and that was why they were here. That didn't bother Elijah, though; He loved spending time with his Mom and, besides, stopping wasn't all THAT bad.

The two walked across the tiny Main Street of their quaint, little New England town. You know the type; Small villages along the shore, one or two main streets running through them with a bunch of side streets leading out into the woods and newer neighborhoods. In this particular colonial-cottage-beach-home-turned-store-front, there was a new shop that Mrs. Lucas wanted to look into. A new store on Main Street was a big deal among the wives and homemakers around here.

They walked inside. The shop was unique and seemed to be split right down the middle- A women's clothing boutique on one side and a sort of leather goods store on the other side. The smell of the leather was wafting through the air. They took in the sights for a moment and got their bearings.

"Mom, can I go look around at the leather stuff?" Elijah asked his Mother.

"Yes, sweetie. I'll be looking at the racks in the back."

With that, Elijah headed to the leather side of the store. There was all kinds of stuff. They had everything from leather motorcycle jackets, to belts and boots, to luggage, to wallets- They even had leather Police Officer's pouches and gun holsters. Some stuff was plain, some had carvings and tooling on it, some was even painted. It was pretty cool, actually. Elijah caught sight of a sign over a doorway in the back that read 'Adults Only'. He had seen one of those signs in the local video store once before but he never saw one anywhere else. It must just be one of those places that adults don't want kids to be, like how he's not allowed to go into his Father's study by himself.

Elijah looked through the stock and eventually came to a display rack with odd 'special' items that didn't seem to fit into any particular category. One piece caught his eye. It looked like a little business card holder: It was mostly a pretty brown leather with darker shading around the edges. The maker obviously took their time and had carved two horses running together in front of a mountain onto the front of it and they had painted it, too; A light blue for the sky, a green for the grass, a purple for the mountains and the natural leather for the horses. He opened it up and found a place for a wallet-sized photo on one side and another tooling on the other side: It was a red and green rose underneath of a mauve-colored heart with two blank banners, presumably for two lovers' names, going through the center of it.

The whole thing was really neat. Elijah sighed and put it back onto the rack. Just one more reminder of love- Something that Elijah would've been lucky to find. What nobody knew about Elijah was that he was gay. No, he didn't just think he was gay, he knew he was. It's something he'd known for as long as he could remember and it's something that he had actually come to accept. It was just the other kids at school who seemed to have a problem with 'faggots' so Elijah never breathed a word of it to anyone.

Still, he admired the little pocket photo keepsake thingy and picked it back up to look at it again. He smiled.

"That's my favorite." A voice said from behind him.

Elijah jumped, startled by the unexpected stranger.


The other boy smiled softly. "That's my favorite piece in the whole store." The boy went on.

It was only then that Elijah really noticed the boy that wore a brown apron with the store's name embroidered onto the front. He had shaggy, light brown hair, soft features and these very pretty green eyes that were underscored by the freckles dancing across his dimpled cheeks and button nose. Those eyes- Elijah couldn't help but get lost in.

"Hello? Anybody in there?" The boy asked.

"Oh, sorry..." Elijah said as he blushed hard and looked away from the other boy's gaze.

The boy giggled and flashed Elijah a grin. Braces, too? He was a little stunner.

"That's okay. I'm Bruno, by the way." The boy introduced himself and held out his fist to bump knuckles.

"I'm... I'm Elijah." Elijah said, bumping knuckles with the other boy. They stood there for a moment before Elijah looked back to the photo holder in his hands and added, "This is so cool."

Bruno smiled widely. "Thank you. I made that."

Elijah looked at Bruno, dumbstruck. "You MADE this?! Dude!! This is awesome!!"

"Thank you. My dad does most of the leather stuff and he's shown me a lot."

"I guess so. You're very talented." Now it was Bruno's turn to blush. The two boys starred at each other for a moment, not really knowing what to say to the other. Bruno had to be the most beautiful boy Elijah had ever seen.

Just then, the boys' mothers came over, laughing all the while at their own topic of discussion.

"I can see you two boys have already become acquainted." Mrs. Lucas said. "Elijah, this is Mrs. Jørgensen, Bruno's Mother. She says that you two are the same age."

Elijah extended his hand to shake. "Pleased to meet you, ma'am."

"My, you are polite." Mrs. Jørgensen replied to Elijah. "Bruno, this is Mrs. Lucas, Elijah's Mom."

"Nice to meet you." Bruno said with a smile.

"The pleasure is mine." Mrs. Lucas, replied. Turning to Elijah, "I'm sorry to cut things short but we need to go, baby."

Elijah's jaw began to drop but he caught himself before it could. He turned as red as he'd ever been, mortified that his Mom had just called him 'baby' in front of his new and gorgeous friend. Elijah looked down, feeling the heat in his cheeks. He placed the photo holder back onto the shelf. "See ya around." He said to Bruno. Without waiting for his response, Elijah turned to Mrs. Jørgensen. "Nice to meet you, ma'am." With that, he scurried out the door ahead of his mother, wanting so badly to crawl into a hole and just hide out.

After the door closed, Bruno looked through the front window and watched Elijah cross the street and climb into his Mom's minivan. He whispered so quietly that he almost couldn't even hear himself, "Nice to meet you, too... Elijah." Bruno smiled and sighed to himself. Right. Time to get back to work.

Elijah sat quietly for a few minutes, looking out the window. He couldn't wipe the picture of Bruno out of his mind. He sighed again. It's a sin to be that beautiful.

"You okay, honey?" Mrs. Lucas asked. "You seem awfully pensive."

"Yes, Mom."

"Are you sure? You seemed to be in a bit of a hurry to get out of the store-" She pressed.

Elijah sighed again. "Mom, I really wish you wouldn't call me 'baby' like that in public."

Mrs. Lucas looked at him in the rearview. "I embarrassed you in front of your new friend, didn't I?"

Elijah smiled a little but nodded his head in the affirmative.

"Sorry, sweetie. You know I just love you so much." She said, grinning back at him.

Elijah returned the grin. "I know. I love you, too, Mom."

"Good..." Mrs. Lucas said before adding, "... And if you REALLY love me, you'll pick up that really pretty blue sweater in a size medium and wrap it up and put it under the tree with my name on it." She grinned brightly.

Elijah busted out laughing. As if it were even a question, Elijah knew he'd have his Father drive him into town after school one day so he could buy the sweater.

Plus, it would be a good opportunity to talk to Bruno again!!

Bruno walked through the front door of his family's new house with his Mother. It had been a long day: His first day at his new school from 8:00AM until 2:30PM and then his first day working in his parents' little boutique from 3:00PM until 8:00PM. A 12-hour day and he was exhausted. His Mother began cooking dinner and his Father came in from his new garage workshop. Bruno said hugged his Dad hello and went to relax on the couch for a little while.

Before long, the family was eating dinner. Bruno's mind was still on his little meeting with Elijah, earlier in the day. Oh, Elijah. That boy was something. Bruno never really knew what people meant when they said, "Love at first sight," but he sure understands perfectly now; He doesn't even know anything about Elijah besides his name but one thing was certain: He HAD to have him.

After an uneventful dinner, Bruno bid a good night to his parents and went the little private bathroom attached to his new room for a quick shower. He ran the water and allowed it to warm up as he got undressed. He looked at his naked self in the mirror, more specifically at his boy parts. Bruno was pretty proportional to the rest of his body, average sized or so. He had two beautiful balls, about a handful, hanging fairly low in his smooth and hairless sac. His shaft drooped down for about 3 1/2" while soft and his foreskin came to a neat and tidy scrunch just beyond his glans.

Sensing the room beginning to fill with steam, Bruno decided the water was finally hot enough. Bruno did like his showers hot; Hot enough to turn his skin red. As he lathered his head with shampoo, he began to think about Elijah how cute the boy was when he blushed. Bruno quickly realized that, in his little day dream, his hand had managed to migrate from his head all the way down to his 13 year-old penis. He'd gotten so worked up just by thinking about Elijah that his dick was already bobbing with the beating of his heart.

Bruno licked his lips and squirted some more Axe into his hand. He flinched a bit as the cold gel made contact with his hard boyhood. His eyes closed as one hand went to work on his shaft while the other hand went to work on his balls. He started to let out a little moan but muffled it, knowing that his parents might hear him if he wasn't careful. Back to Elijah, his mind went. Bruno pictured a naked Elijah, kissing his neck and getting lower until he reached the few sprouts of hair Bruno had on his still-maturing pubic mound. He imagined Elijah pulling back the taught foreskin and taking Bruno's dick all the way into his mouth and burying it to the root in one gulp. That thought was enough to put Bruno over the edge. He sighed and came all over his shower wall in complete silence. He placed his hands on the hot tile and braced himself against the wall. As he came down from his sexual high, he spotted the remnants of his mostly clear and somewhat watery cum- He licked it up, just as he always does, and finished washing.

After he dried himself off, Bruno flung himself into bed. There is nothing better than coming straight out of a scalding shower and getting into a bed with freshly-laundered linens. After saying his prayers and then cuddling with his second pillow, imagining that it was Elijah he was holding, Bruno was fast asleep.

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