My Curious Boyfriend

by David Heulfryn

I threw my head against my soft pillow as he rammed his dick up my arse, his hands holding on to my ankles and pulling them upwards to lift my arse from the bed. Sweat poured from every pore and soaked both my skin the bedclothes I was lying on. My hard dick throbbed between my legs as it slapped against my stomach, its eye poking out from the tight foreskin screaming wide for the relief my creamy fluid would bring. Each thrust brought me closer; each thrust felt deeper. Sweat beaded on my face and ran into my eyes, closing them I lay in a cocoon of my own pleasure. My own rasping breath drowned out the laboured breathing of my lover and I knew I was close. My hands clutched the sheets and my body went rigid as my dick began to spasm. I felt the first wave of thick fluid splash on my chin; the rest flew in all directions as his continued thrusting kept my erupting dick flailing like a fish dragged from the river by a severe hook. He kept on thrusting deep inside me as I bore down on his dick with my muscles before relaxing. The fish lost its fight and lay on my stomach bathed in the fluid it had just regurgitated, its eye occasionally winking at me.

I was spent and tired. My breathing levelled out and I slowly opened my eyes, blinking away the sweat that tried to sting them. My lover looked at me and smiled before he flicked his head to one side to clear the sweat and the strands of brown hair that fell over his forehead. He continued to fuck me but I was no longer a participant and I did not know how long he would last. I lay in front him like a piece of meat, too tired to aid him but allowing him to finish.

As he came inside me he fell forward and grasped me. Holding me tighter with each spasm before rising just enough to gently kiss my lips. Rolling to my side his dick slipped from my hole and he slowly relaxed. I kissed him and turned over, facing away from him. He turned and wrapped his arms around me pressing our bodies together. I felt the coolness of his limp dick nestle in the moist cleft of my buttocks. We lay silent and motionless.

I began to feel the cold of the night but did not want to break the contact. I liked to be held like this, I felt safe and loved. Neil began to shift and I could feel him grind his body closer to mine. I felt the warmth of his breath near my ear.

"I love you." He said in a low voice.

I growled that deep groan you can only make when in that instance you are truly happy and content.

He began to nibble my earlobe. "You make me feel great. And you taste just fine."

I smiled and snuggled my body even closer to his, feeling more of his skin and his warmth.

"Y'know, Tim." His voice was low.

"Yes, Neil."

"Y'know we sometimes have a quick drink after work?"

I hummed a response. I knew 'we' meant him and some work-mates, I never liked to get involved with his work crowd.

"Well, I met this bloke today and we sort of got chatting. Don't worry I told him all about you. But he asked me something."

"Yes." I was getting suspicious, waiting for him to get to the point.

I never really expected anything like this and I did not know how to react. So when he told me that this stranger wanted a threesome with us I simply lay silent and still. I had never even thought about it, I was happy with Neil, just the two of us. We loved each other and the concept of adding a third person to our private lovemaking seemed alien.

"Haven't you ever thought about it? Before we got together."

It had never occurred to me. I knew they happened, I am not that naïve, but I never really thought they were for me.

"No." I replied a little more curt that I would have wished. "I suppose you have." I tried to soften my tone.

"Occasionally. It's not like I'm desperate to try it. But when something falls into my lap, like this, I'm bound to be curious again."

I still looked ahead of me, out from the bed, Neil's body still touching mine, his face close to my ear.

"Look, just think about it." Then he bounced from the bed. "Oh, you can see him."

Neil strode across the room to where his clothes lay. He rummaged through his pockets to retrieve his mobile phone. I was feeling a little put out and never moved my gaze whereas I would have normally have watched his firm arse as it crossed the room and the seductive swagger of his dick as he turned and jumped back into bed. Behind me I heard beeping as he fiddled with his mobile.

"There!" He sounded excited as he thrust the mobile in front of me.

I stared at the grainy picture. It was the head of a young man. He looked only early twenties but he may be older, his blond hair may have masked his age. My eyes were immediately drawn to his, deep blue. He looked sensitive, not the sort to go round propositioning strange men for a threesome.

Neil snatched the image away from me. "So, what d'ya think?"

"He looked quite nice." I was honest.

Neil touched my face and turned it so I was looking at him. He leant forward and kissed me. "You now know I've thought about this. I would like to try, even if it's only once. But it is up to you. If it will damage us then I will never think about it again."

"All I can say is that I'll think about it."

"Ok. I'm not going to push it but we've arranged to meet at the pub in a couple of days. Why don't you meet him with me and see if we get on."

I agreed and turned my head away again. Neil got up and pulled the duvet over our bodies. He snuggled behind me, kissed my shoulder and said that he loved me. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

Neil would never mention it again until I broached the subject. I spent the following day thinking hard and he left me alone with my thoughts that evening. In the back of my mind was the meeting with the stranger that had been arranged for the following evening. I told him I was going to bed and he followed me up. We undressed and slipped our naked bodies under the cool duvet. Neil pecked my lips and went back to his side of the bed. He knew I would not want to make love this evening and he did not even try.

"I'm scared." I admitted.

"What of?"

"Of how I would feel afterwards. Would we still love each other or would we now begin to doubt each other?"

"We've been together for over three years now. It would take something pretty heavy to rock us."

"Don't you think this is pretty heavy? For me at least?"

Each time I thought about it the easier it got. After the initial shock wore off I was getting quite turned on by the idea. This might also me the only opportunity I had. My dick began to grow.

"What happens afterwards?" I asked.

"Nothing. We make a deal. It's a one time only thing. That way we won't be tempted again."

I lay silent again.

I was nervous all the following evening. As we entered the pub, I noticed him, sitting alone at a small table watching us walk through the doors. As we approached, he stood up and reached out to shake our hands. Neil made the introductions and left me with Stephen while he got the drinks.

The evening was like a first date with questions flying back and forth. Stephen was attentive and listened to everything that was said. What was not said was what we were here for; each of us knowing that if tonight went well, we would soon discuss it. I was beginning to like Stephen. He was cute, funny and I reckoned had quite a taut body. If I were not with Neil, he was the type of bloke I would have made a move on. I suppose that would make it easier. At least I was attracted to him.

When the land lord called 'last orders' we left together. Outside the doors Stephen said his goodbye.

"Well, its great to meet you." He looked at me.

"You too."

He turned to look at Neil. "Call me, let me know."

I thought I saw Neil smile back at him but could not be sure in the darkness. Stephen left us and we began a gentle stroll home.

"What do you think?" Neil asked. "Cuter than that picture I took."

"Yeah. Very cute."

That night I wanted Neil to fuck me, I wanted to feel him in me again. But this time I wondered about Stephen and his dick in my mouth, or my dick in his while Neil pounded my cheeks. How would his dick feel inside me? My body had shaped itself for Neil, would this new dick feel different, more exciting. My dick throbbed and all I could think about was cumming in Stephen's mouth. I held out and for the first time in ages I did not come with Neil fucking me. As he shot inside me my hand went to my dick and I raised it from my stomach, pointed it at the gasping Neil.

"Suck me 'til I come. I want to feel your lips round me when I cum."

My arse was sore but his lips and tongue around my dick soon caused my eruption. I shot down his throat and I imagined it was Stephen's smooth face as he swallowed my cum.

As we lay side by side, his arms wrapped around me and his wet dick tucked against my damp cheeks, I told him I would give it a try. Neil's face lit up and I felt his dick thicken. He was getting excited and his head soon poked at my sore hole. I pushed back and allowed the head to enter me, Neil held me tighter and we fell asleep.

Neil took no time in making the arrangements. He rang Stephen virtually the moment he got up. Both were eager and the night was set.

I was told Stephen would be coming over in a couple of nights. I wondered if it was done so quickly just in case I changed my mind. But I had said yes and was becoming thrilled at the prospect.

When the time came, both Neil and I waited nervously. I sat on the sofa reeking of the scent from the shower gel. I had probably used too much and lingered in the shower too long but I was determined to be clean. It also kept my mind occupied for a time while I waited for the doorbell to ring. And when it rang Neil leapt to the door like a child expecting a present from whoever was there. The gift was Stephen and curiously, when he came through to the front room, he shook my hand again, our two clouds of scent clashing to produce a pungent variant. None of us knew how to start and I was glad when Stephen took the plunge and kissed me. He started gentle and knowing I would not resist he slipped his tongue into my mouth. His hands slipped to my backside and he began to fondle them through my navy chinos. Neil firmly separated us and replaced my lips with his own. I watched, this time Stephen thrust his tongue into Neil.

I felt Neil grab my hand and he led us both upstairs and into the bedroom. Stephen removed his shirt and then proceeded to strip Neil. I watched, my hard dick straining my trousers. He pushed Neil on to the bed and then came to me to slowly remove my clothes. I stood naked and looked down at the blond crown as Stephen untangled my feet from my underwear. He glanced up and saw my dick pointing above his head. He lifted himself, swallowing and releasing my dick as he rose until our eyes were back level and he shoved his tongue back down my throat. Neil lay on the bed watching us, slowly stroking his stiff dick. We heard him groan which broke off the kiss and Stephen went over to engulf his cock. I followed and, straddling Neil, thrust my dick down his throat. I felt great as I thrust deeper into him, my loose balls bouncing against his chin.

Stephen came up behind me and twisted my head to kiss me. He had now lost his clothes and I felt his hard dick press against the small of my back. I wanted that cock inside me; I wanted to feel it.

Climbing off Neil, I pushed Stephen to the bed, positioned my dick above his face while I went down and swallowed his dick. As Stephen took my dick into his mouth I could feel Neil play with my balls and spread my cheeks to lick arse, his tongue occasionally pressing against my hole. When he pushed his dick into me I let out a deep groan and tried to keep myself from shooting. For the first time every part of me was being stimulated and it was slowly consuming me. I released Stephen's dick and allowed Neil's cock to slip from my arse. Stephen, his mouth substituting for my rectum, quickly swallowed Neil's stiff cock. For a moment I wondered if he could taste my bowels but, not wanting to gross my mind, I managed to get Stephen's legs on my shoulders, tasted his dick and ran my tongue down towards his crack. I rimmed him; my tongue teasing his pucker until it twitched and opened, waiting for me to enter. I licked my finger and slowly pushed it in to the knuckle. Feeling around, I found his prostate and massaged it with my fingertip, while my tongue went back to tease his dick. My own dick ached to be touched and even though I had spent most of my life getting fucked I found myself wanting to fuck the little red pucker that twitched only inches from my eyes. I spat on to my palm and rubbed my spittle over my dick. Placing it against his hole I thrust forward. Stephen easily took me in with barely a flinch and Neil looked over at me, shocked to find me with my dick up an arse. At least I thought it was shock but it may have been tinged with jealousy. Neil continued to shove his dick in and out of Stephen's throat as we looked at each other. We leant forward and kissed, our dicks shoved firmly inside Stephen.

As much as I enjoyed fucking Stephen, I soon found myself back in my traditional position, on my back with Neil ramming is beautiful dick up my arse. This time it was different as I had Stephen's lips wrapped around my hungry cock, his own swinging against my face, his balls rolling on my forehead. My lips soon caught his bouncing member and I sucked on him hard, swallowing all his sweat and pre-cum.

My balls began to ache and I knew I was going to cum soon. I did not resist it. I wanted it. I needed it. I could have warned him but I did not want to lose his sweet dick from my lips. He could sense the build up but kept on swallowing me, his throat tickling my head and driving me to the edge. Then my dick swelled thicker and longer and spewed my thick cream into his mouth; I groaned on the dick still lodged in my throat and excited Stephen to moan around my cumming cock. The vibrations intensifying my orgasm. Stephen managed to swallow most of what I pumped into him but I felt a stray bead of cum emerge from his lips and roll down my shaft.

Neil continued to fuck me while Stephen licked and sucked every ounce of cum from my softening dick, his own still rubbing against my palate. I was surprised Neil did not cum inside me, but just as he was about to shoot, he pulled out and his cum flew and landed across Stephen's face and lips, streaming down and over my dick and balls. Stephen did not flinch but lapped up this extra treat. Neil kneeled between my legs, massaging his aching dick, a thin thread of cum floating down to tickle the hairs on my balls.

With ours dicks spent and wilted, Stephen, now sated with our seed, sat on his haunches and vigorously wanked his stiff dick. His balls tickled my nose as I breathed in his sweat, my eyes glued to his angry knob as his foreskin rolled over the ridge. He grunted, his legs tensed as his dick spilled its load over my stomach. I felt the warm fluid drain to my navel and with his final spurt, Stephen went down to lick up his seed, his tongue playing with the hairs around my navel. His now spent dick was close to my face again and I could not resist just tasting the last few beads of cum as they leisurely emerged from his knob to soak his foreskin.

We all lay on the bed holding each other while we recovered. I felt like drifting off to sleep but I realised Stephen never fucked me. I did not mind. Stephen began fidgeting and got off the bed. He stood at the base looking at us and us looking at him.

"That was great, but I should go."

Neither of us said a word as we watched him pull on his clothes. Leaving his shirt out of his trousers, he came over to us and pecked us on the lips. Try as I might, I could not taste any cum, he had swallowed it all. Neil and I snuggled closer as Stephen left his parting words. "Let's fuck again."

We never did. But after that night Neil was fucked more regularly. His arse had become tight and I enjoyed loosening him again.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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