Three Tears

Chapter 22

by David Heulfryn

I know it has taken me some time to getting around to finishing this series, and for that I apologise. Three and a half years is a long time to wait and you have all been most patient with me. But now, it is time to conclude the series. I hope the wait has been worth it and I hope you enjoy the final chapters. Thank you to all my readers, you are most appreciated.

Waking early again the following morning, James still felt a little uneasy about the previous day's events. If he was truthful with himself, then he would have admitted he was worried. Tom slept next to him and he gently rocked him until he was slowly roused from his sleep.

James motioned for him to keep quiet and to not wake the others and then carefully stood up and walked out of the hut. Tom followed.

"What's the matter?" Tom asked.

"I need a pee."

"Is that what you've woken me up for?" He whispered.


They started to walk towards the toilet hut, once in the forest James said what was on his mind.

"I'm worried about Henry."

"He can look after himself." Tom shrugged.

"I know, and that's what bothers me. I hope he's not up to something. I've not been able to sleep thinking about him." Tom looked over at James. "He could be doing anything. We've got to live here for some weeks yet and it's going to be difficult if we don't get along."

"But what can we do?" Tom sighed.

"I don't know." James thought a moment. "When Henry gets back we'll try and get him to be reasonable, see if we can just sort out some ground rules, even if it means that he looks after himself."

"Split the group?"

"If it means we don't have to go through yesterday again, then yes. But it depends on Henry and what he does when he gets back."

Tom waited outside the toilet hut as James went in to relieve himself. He pushed the door to but didn't close it altogether. After several days of use the hut was beginning to smell, James shouted out to Tom how disgusting everyone was as he stepped up to the toilet trying not to stand in the splashes on the floor.

After he had finished, James looked around the hut and found the lids for the toilets and placed them back on to try and prevent the odour from getting any worse. The lids were supposed to be replaced after anyone used the toilets but due to laziness very few seemed to bother. It annoyed James and he ranted about it to Tom when he emerged from the hut. Tom just let him get on with it and tried not to say anything to incriminate himself; he was one of the culprits James was moaning about.

They walked towards to the waterhole, to quench their thirst and to wash away the stale sweat that clung to their bodies. The morning was cooler than the previous day's and both boys shivered when a breeze crossed their path. Both walked barefoot and wore only a pair of shorts, James was now beginning to wish he had grabbed his shirt before leaving the hut. He looked down and saw the dark dirt curl round his feet and the blackness between his toes which now began it itch.

Tom stopped and called out to James who had continued ahead. "Hey, James."

He stopped and turned; Tom was smiling and cocking his head to the side of the path. "What's up now?"

"Don't you recognise the place?" He paused while James thought and looked around him. "Do you fancy a rematch of yesterday?"

James now recognised the place and the large tree which he was pushed against. He smiled and felt a stirring in his abdomen.

Without waiting, Tom grabbed James by the hand and pulled him into the bushes and towards the old tree. James stumbled as he tried to protest but he soon found his footing and allowed himself to be led.

They had expected to find some trace or evidence of what happened there yesterday, but the there was nothing. The grasses had recovered from being trampled and the ground bore no scars or footprints from the fumbling.

Tom pushed James against the tree again and pressed their moist lips together. They moaned as their jaws slackened and Tom forced his tongue into James' mouth. His hands rubbed gently down his back and traced the line of the elastic from his shorts as it curved round the base of his spine. James held onto Tom's hips and pressed their bodies closer as their tongues feathered one another, their noses rubbing and colliding as they moved their head.

James felt Tom ease his fingers under his shorts and shuddered as his hands slipped down and grasped his bare buttocks. Copying Tom's touch, James placed his hands on Tom's arse but didn't venture inside his shorts. They kneaded each others' cheeks and pressed their bodies closer together as their dicks slowly inflated and rubbed against their shorts.

The noise, the groaning and the smacking of lips became louder as they shut out the world and retreated into their own private pleasure. James swooned when he felt Tom's hand travel to the front of his shorts and he felt his fingers grip his hard and sweaty dick. His balls twitched and ached as Tom gently caressed the shaft. James felt his heart pound in his chest and then appeared to stop. He pushed Tom away from him and he felt his hand slip out from his shorts and the elastic snap back against his skin.

Breathing heavily, James said. "We can't. It's too dangerous."

Tom looked dejected but he really understood. They weren't in a private place and the day was getting started, the others would surely be up and about by now and it would only take one of them to stray and discover the two boys in a compromising position.

"I know." Tom sighed and raised his hand to James' chest. He gently rubbed James' right nipple, it was already hard from the cool air. The sensation caused James' hard dick to twitch and Tom felt it slap against his own bulge.

Pulling away, Tom pushed his hand inside his shorts, adjusting himself and made himself more comfortable; and his excitement less noticeable.

They kissed each other one last time and emerged to rejoin the path and carry on their way to the waterhole.

When they got back to the beach, they found Henry sitting in the sand with his gang. When they were seen, Charlie turned to Henry and started to whisper something in his ear. Henry batted him away and watched as James and Tom walked up to them.

"Where did you get to last night?" Tom asked.

"Just around, did a bit of exploring and slept on the beach up there." Henry pointed along the beach.

"Look, about yesterday."

"I thought that might be why you came to talk to me." Henry interrupted.

"Right. Well, we don't want things to get any more out of hand; we just want you and Sophie to get along."

Henry stayed quite calm when he told Tom how rude she was and that he felt he was due an apology. James stifled a snigger as Tom said that Sophie and he were just as stubborn as each other.

As Henry spoke to James and Tom, Charlie stared at James trying to work something out. He was sure he wasn't mistaken but Henry had told him he was. James caught Charlie staring at him who quickly averted his gaze to Henry.

The discussion went quite well and although there would never be any harmony between the two, it was thought that it best if they just kept away from each other. Henry insisted that he be allowed to do his own thing without Sophie, or anybody, getting in his way.

James and Tom walked away to find Sophie to make sure she would not do anything to cause any further trouble, both suspected she would need a lot more persuasion.

Charlie turned back to Henry when they left, insistent about what he saw. He had been in the forest earlier that morning and had watched as Tom dragged James away from the path. He had stayed hidden and could not see what they were doing behind the tree, but he did see that both boys were aroused when the re-emerged a few minutes later. Henry put the story down to Charlie's over active imagination but Charlie would not let the matter rest. He was not about to be easily dismissed by Henry and this might just be show him how useful he is.

Sophie reluctantly agreed to keep out of Henry's way, but it was dependant on him keeping out of hers. James and Tom knew she would do what they asked but had a nagging doubt about Henry, he would not be able to resist stirring it with Sophie.

James was tired, tired of the hassle and tired of trying to keep the peace and he knew it was a thankless task. Pulling Tom away from Sophie and the others, they sat on the beach. The beach was feeling crowded, James just wanted to get away, in his exasperated state he wished he could leave the island.

Standing, James presented his hand to Tom. "Come on, get up. I need to get away from everybody."

Clutching the offered hand, Tom was pulled to his feet and they began walking along the beach.

"Why hasn't anybody interfered?" James wondered. "Henry nearly started a fight, with a girl, and yet no-one interferes and tells him to cool it."

"Well we did." Tom said matter of factly.

"No not us. Them. I saw a camera man out of the corner of my eye just keep on filming."

"I don't know. Perhaps they saw us handle it. Besides, the whole point is to leave us alone and see how we get on."

"Yeah, but not let us kill each other." James almost shouted.

"Hey." Tom reached over and hooked his arm with James', bringing them closer, occasionally bumping into each other as they walked an imperfect line.

"I'm just feeling frustrated. It seems that it has been us and a few others who have tried to make this work, but Henry and his cronies have just been out for themselves and screwed up everything we have tried to do."

"Look, let's just stay away for the rest of the day. Be together and away from that lot. If it's just us you'll start to feel better." Tom suggested.

"As long as we keep walking until no-one will find us. I don't care if I never see any of them again."

"Good boy. Let's start having some fun." Tom teased, unhooked his arm from James' and squeezed his buttocks. "Come, on. Race you to those rocks."

Tom darted off, leaving James motionless.

Jolting himself to run, James lurched after Tom. He may be good in the water, James thought, but he won't beat me on land.

It was almost true. James did a great job in catching up with Tom, but just failed to pip him to the rocks, both boys slapping the rocks with their hands to show they had passed the finish line before collapsing on the sand, their chests heaving.

Slowly they caught their breath and sat up. Tom placed his hand on James' thigh. "You are bloody fast. Remind me to only race you in the water next time."

James followed Tom and placed his hand on his thigh, but he didn't leave it there. He slowly let his hand creep towards Tom's groin and let his fingers feel their way under the fabric of his shorts. Inching forward, James felt for Tom's crotch and placed his hand over the white mesh of the inside swim shorts which snuggled against his genitals. Slowly caressing the fleshy lump he could feel the short hairs of Tom's balls poke through and as he tightened his grip he could feel small nodules of skin poke through. He rubbed his hand of the undulating surface and found where Tom's lay. James ran his hand along the length and played with the small amount of foreskin that tried to emerge through the mesh.

Feeling his dick respond Tom arched back and spread his legs wider.

Reaching around Tom's balls, James hooked his fingernails under the loose elastic which held the mesh undergarment close to the body and stretched it back across. Tom now hung loose.

Feeling his dick and balls fall free, Tom felt the light breeze which blew up the leg of his shorts. He inhaled deeply and felt a surge of blood rush to his dick.

James cupped the object that had been released, they felt warm. He sensed the dick against the palm of his hand throb and fill with blood. Releasing Tom's balls, James felt the dick twitch and swiftly caught it. Wrapping his fingers around the shaft, he had control of the flesh and began to slowly pump.

Grunting, Tom thrust his hips forward as his dick became hard, trying to reach his release quicker.

Teasing Tom, James slowly stroked.

Tom relaxed and allowed his body to collapse to the sand. He lay on his back staring at the blue sky and wisps of cloud as James' hand stayed undercover, slowly wanking him inside his shorts.

"Keep going." Tom whispered as the feeling in his dick turned from a gentle pleasure to a fiery passion.

Feeling any fleshiness in Tom's dick harden, James quickened his pace. Tom was close.

Pumping harder James felt the first spasm of the dick against his palm. Stopping, he let the dick spew its juice against the inside of Tom's shorts and down the shaft and onto his hand. The juice was warm.

As Tom's dick stopped twitching violently, James resumed a gentle stroke allowing his dick to eject all the cum it contained.

As James pulled his hand from beneath Tom's shorts he rubbed the cum from his hand onto them, they already looked a mess as the milky fluid seeped through. "You dirty boy, look at this mess."

"It's your mess. You clean it up." Tom lifted his head from the sand and smiled.

"Fuck off." James jumped on top of Tom and kissed him. "Thanks. I feel much more relaxed now."

"What. Surely I should have done you to relax."

"Just call me weird." James said.

"Queer more like."

They both laughed and James continued to kiss Tom.

Pushing James from him, Tom stood up. "I need to get cleaned up before you start again."

James watched as Tom pulled off his swim shorts, blinking at his moist dick as it shined in the sun. He walked to the ocean and rinsed off his shorts until he was happy any stained had been washed away. Before stepping back into his shorts he washed his dick and balls clean.

Back in his shorts, Tom beckoned to James. "Come on in. I fancy a swim."

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