Three Tears

Chapter 20

by David Heulfryn

Martin lay on the hard floor, his eyes closed tight as he considered what he had just done. He had never touched another person that way before and felt guilty. He felt Phil's fingers stroke his cheek.

Opening his eyes, he saw Phil's face near him; he showed little emotion and was still as he stared into Martin's eyes.

"I think you should get carried away more often."

Coyly turning his head, Martin broke eye contact only for Phil to touch his chin and bring their gaze together again. He gently placed a light kiss against his lips.

Phil had always let Martin decide the pace of their relationship and this was the first sign he had been given that he might be ready to get more physical. He had longed for this moment when Martin felt ready and had the courage to touch him. That brief touch felt incredible and he hoped that it was just the beginning.

The hard floor started to feel uncomfortable and Martin began to fidget. Phil stayed gazing into his eyes.

"Can we go up to your room? It's too uncomfortable down here." Martin asked.

Stunned, Phil's jaw slackened. This was more than he had hoped for. He'd never expected Martin to be so forward, so soon. He didn't want him to feel obliged or pressurised into anything, but his heart pounded in his chest, wanting this to happen.

"Are you sure?"

Martin nodded.

Getting to his feet, Phil held out his hand to help pull Martin from the floor. Without releasing his hand, Phil and Martin made their way up the stairs. In the bedroom, Martin became nervous. They stood facing each other and he placed his hands on Phil's hips. They were still a moment while Martin considered what he was doing, ensuring he was sure of what he wanted. The doubts swept across him but his mind quickly pushed them aside, dismissing them. This was a time when his body would take control and not his mind.

He gripped the hem of Phil's t-shirt and pulled it up; Phil raised his arms and allowed Martin to pull it over his head. Tossing the t-shirt to the floor he looked at his bare chest. He'd seen Phil totally naked before, during his art class, but he felt different now. He looked at his body differently. He no longer saw the shapes, shadows and curves to sketch and shade but the skin, the muscles and the thin layer of fat to tease and knead. He saw the pleasure and the sensation that the body could both feel and give.

Phil started to unbutton Martin's shirt, his smooth chest slowly revealing itself. Pushing the shirt back and off Martin's shoulders he allowed it to float down to the floor. He leant forward and tweaked one of Martin's nipples before his fingers were replaced by his lips and teeth. Martin gasped as his teeth nipped at his skin.

Pushing Phil away from his breast, he brought their lips together once more, their arms now touching and caressing bare skin. Martin slipped his fingers under Phil's shorts and, along with his underwear, pushed them down. His hands now gripped Phil's naked cheeks as he lifted his legs free from his shorts and kicked them aside.

As they broke the kiss, Martin looked down Phil's body and at the hard dick which now pushed against his jeans. Phil unbuttoned Martin's jeans and tugged at the zip. Crouching, he pulled the jeans down and let Martin step out of them. He looked up at the tent in Martin's briefs and, still crouching, pulled them down.

Phil looked up at Martin's slim and naked body. His dick was hard and pointed outwards, he sensed Martin's embarrassment and detected his arms twitch as he suppressed his instinct to cover himself up. He kissed the rough skin on Martin's knee and began a line of angel kisses up his body until his tongue could push its way into Martin's mouth. Their hands roamed each others body until they rested on their hard dicks. Both Martin and Phil stroked each other as their tongues danced between their lips.

Martin wanted Phil so much, he wanted to make him feel good, but he was scared. He'd never exposed himself in such a way to anyone else before and never wanted to touch anyone in this way before. It was unfamiliar to him and he tended to bolt when faced with something new or unexpected. Now he felt like bolting from the room, running down the street and back home where he could feel comfortable. But he couldn't, he wanted this too much and his curiosity beat his flight response.

The awkwardness Martin felt faded as their bodies connected. No-one had ever seen Martin like this before, not even James. Being naked with Phil gave him a heightened sense of arousal and he seemed to feel so much more with each touch from Phil than he could ever feel when he touched himself. It was his first taste of this peculiar narcotic and the natural high he felt.

In an act of firm resolve, Martin broke their kiss and led Phil to the bed; he lay him down and straddled his hips. He felt Phil's hard dick rub against his backside as leant down, draping himself over his body and started kissing and teasing his nipples. As he gently nipped with his teeth, Martin could feel Phil's dick twitch beneath him. Slowly, he kissed his way down Phil's body until his hands cupped his balls and grasped his shaft. Momentarily Martin stopped before he kissed the moist tip of Phil's dick; his first taste.

He tasted the salty clear fluid on his tongue and wetted his lips before he sucked in the tip. Martin tried his best to please Phil and enjoyed the sensation of having his mouth filled but as he tried to swallow more he gagged. As he took Phil deeper into his throat he began to feel sick and so only managed to comfortably hold half of him inside, his hand gripped the other half and massaged it. His conscious mind whispered into his ear reminding him of what he was doing but he smiled around Phil's shaft when it said that he had a dick in his mouth. It felt normal, it tasted good and he lost all his fears about touching and tasting another man.

Phil lay back, squirming on his bed as Martin brought his lips over his dick. He managed to call out to Martin when he was close. Martin let his dick slip from his lips and began to pump it with his hand; the other hand gently cupped his balls. He tried not to squeeze his balls too hard as he felt them contract and the dick undulate in his hand. He watched as Phil came.

Lying next to Phil, Martin rubbed the ropes of cum into Phil's chest and kissed him again. Phil lay, exhausted and panting but wanted to seize his chance of feeling Martin inside him. As he regained his breath, Phil felt down Martin body until he could suck Martin's dick into his own mouth. He soon felt Martin near the edge but never heard him cry any warning. Sensing the signs, he released Martin from his lips and let him explode across his chest and stomach.

They lay next to each other and held each other, their eyes closed. They were both silent as they bathed in the aftermath of their first mutual experience.

They didn't fall asleep, but just lay silent and still until they felt the cold against their naked bodies. Phil felt the chill first and wriggled from Martin's arms to put his clothes back on. Martin followed suit.

Back in their clothes, they hugged each other.

"I never expected this, you know." Phil said into Martin's ear. "I'm glad, but never expected it."

"Neither did I." Martin admitted. "But I must have been ready as it felt good."

James and Tom spent their second night on the island sleeping in one of the three huts they had built with five others. It felt more cramped than the previous night when they slept on the beach and the air was stuffy due to the heat from the bodies. James wondered if he would have had a better night's sleep if he'd been on the beach again, if the weather looked good, then he might suggest it to Tom.

The cramped conditioned made James wake early again, as he stood up, he saw Tom stir, crouching down, he whispered. "I'm just off to the loo, back soon." Then James stood again and stepped delicately over the other sleeping people.

Tom followed him and James stopped just outside the door of the hut when he saw him get up and trace his steps through the tangled limbs of the sleepers.

"As I'm awake too, I'll come with you." Tom whispered, not wanting to wake any of the others.

In the forest and walking to the toilet hut they had built, they spoke normally to each other.

"Don't know how any of that lot can sleep, it's too cramped and too bloody hot." James told Tom.

"I know, you kept nudging into me on one side and I had Charles kicking me on the other. I hardly slept a wink."

"And who was that snoring?"

"Sophie." Tom laughed.

"Ah well, she did have a busy day yesterday; she must have been dog tired."

"Didn't we all."

When they got to the toilet hut, James and Tom stood side by side and relieved their bladders. Although they felt like they needed to go, the heat had caused them to sweat most of the fluid from their bodies and so only a small amount of concentrated and pungent fluid flowed out.

They left the door open when they had finished and made their way to the waterhole for a morning drink.

"It's so nice to be alone at last." Tom swung his arm across and clutched James' hand. They carried on walking, holding hands.

"I know." James stroked Tom's knuckles with his thumb.

Tom tugged at James' arm and pulled him away from the well worn path and pushed him against a tall tree. James was shocked at first and let his body be man-handled by Tom but as he saw Tom's face lean closer to his he smiled and allowed their lips to touch.

James slackened his jaw and allowed Tom to push his tongue through into his mouth. Their tongues rubbed against each other but wouldn't slide easily as neither produced much saliva. Tom withdrew his tongue and pecked again at James' lips.

"Come on, we both need a drink." Tom grabbed James by the hand again and pulled him back onto the path.

"Now I don't mind waking up to that each morning." James looked over as they walked. "It might be the only time we get any privacy."

"I know. No others, no Sophie and Katie and no annoying camera man getting in the way."

At the waterhole, they satiated their thirst. They sat on the bank flicking the water with their fingers as they relaxed. Neither wore a watch and so had no idea what time it was, but James thought it still early and didn't expect anyone else to be up for some time. Both were surprised when they heard someone approach, they halted their quiet conversation and watched Sophie emerge from the forest; she was carrying a large empty bottle in each hand.

"Next time you get up early and come here you could at least get fresh water for the rest of us." She raised the empty bottles in he hand to emphasise her point.

"Sorry." James said.

"Duly noted, next time we will." James responded.

Everything that needed to be done was now finished. There was no more building to do and they didn't really have to find food as it was all supplied, and found by James and Tom. The only daily chores that were required were the cooking and the fetching of fresh water and fresh fruit.

Back on the beach, James could foresee some tension as it seemed that no-one but a small group of the girls were doing the cooking. He mentioned this to Tom and they both decided to help out later in the week and try and get a few others on board too.

The day was finally beginning to pan out like they had all expected. It was a day of leisure and a chance to do whatever they wanted. After devouring his breakfast, Henry and his clique, disappeared into the forest on a pretext to explore. Others walked along the beach to see how far it extended and a few remained by the huts, milling around, unsure of what to do.

James and Tom stayed and helped clear and clean up after breakfast. Afterwards they quickly disappeared to change into their swim shorts. Tom delved into his case and pulled out a bottle.

"Best we oil up, sun's very strong today." He squirted some sun cream onto his palm and tossed the plastic bottle to James.

James stared as Tom rubbed the cream into his chest and down his arms. He looked over at James and enjoyed his gaze on his body.

"You can do my back."

Tentatively, James squirted some cream onto his finger tips, Tom turned round and James gently rubbed the cream between his hard shoulder blades. He felt the hard bone underneath his fingers and the elastic skin sliding over as he rubbed. With another squirt of cream, his fingers rubbed lower and reached the more fleshy parts. He kneaded the flesh on Tom's back as he rubbed in the cream. His fingers traced the line made by Tom's shorts, never daring to go lower.

"Just you be careful, there's people around and you're getting me excited." With his back oiled up, Tom turned round and James noticed the front of his shorts and the slightly larger bulge.

"Your turn!" Tom grabbed James' shoulders and swivelled him around so that he could rub his hands over his back. James stared over at Sophie, who continued to tidy up the kitchen area.

"Hurry up, she keeps looking over at me." James said.



"Nearly done."

Tom rubbed the last few drops of cream into James' skin and smiled. He wanted some fun. His hands kept rubbing James' back as he readied himself.

With a swift movement, Tom yanked down James' shorts to his knees and made a dash for the ocean, his arms flailing and cackling.

James' quickly pulled up his shorts, hoping no-one had seen, and dashed after Tom. He sprinted and leapt at Tom, grabbing him around the waist in a high rugby tackle and they fell into the water. James gasped as he felt the water cover his face.

They wrestled in the shallows as James tried to relieve Tom of his shorts, but he was fitter and more agile than him. No matter what James did, Tom could writhe and wriggle free.

Seeing a chance to escape, Tom ran and dived into the deeper ocean and began swimming out. He knew James could never catch him, so he turned and watched as James struggled to swim over.

"You bastard!" James cried when he reached Tom. "Someone could have seen."

"Not embarrassed of little James are we?" Tom reached out and briefly felt James' crotch under the water.

"Hey! Not so little." James struggled to keep his head above water. "Especially if you keep touching me like that."

"Well, I had better be careful." Tom grinned. "Don't want all the others getting jealous do we?"

"Come on," James frowned, "I'm heading back."

"No bloody stamina, the youth of today." Tom tutted and quickly swam back to the shore, easily overtaking James to wait for him on the beach.

"Show off." James accused Tom as he finally reached the beach. "I'm knackered now, I need a rest."

James fell onto a dry part of the beach, closed his eyes and let the sun dry the salt water from his body.

"Well, I'm going for a descent swim then." Tom disappeared into the hut and emerged a few moments later wearing his Speedo trunks. He walked over to James and stood by him, blocking the sun.

Looking up, James smiled. "You tease."

From down the beach, they heard a whistle. "Hey, I said there would be one, didn't I." Sophie yelled. "Nice arse. Come over here so I can pinch it."

"Maybe later." Tom called back then looked down at James. "That's for you to do later anyway."

Slapping his leg, James told him to get in the water and he watched as he walked into the ocean. As the water became deep enough he watched Tom as his back arched and he dove under the water, coming up for air several metres out to sea. James lifted his head from the sand to watch Tom swim out to sea. Soon, the glare of the sun shielded his tiny shape and James dropped his head back to rest and finish drying off.

James waited for Tom to return. If he had a watch, he would have started to look at it by now. He had been gone for some time, or at least it seemed to James that he had. He was now dry, having turned on his front sometime earlier, and now stood up and looked out to the ocean. He scanned the water hoping to see Tom but couldn't. He checked every little ripple in the distance hoping to see him. He looked around him in case he had fallen asleep and Tom had come back without him knowing. He was sure he hadn't fallen asleep but checked just in case. No one was about, just him. He felt his stomach lift into his throat and scanned the water again, hoping he had missed something.

"Where are you?" He whispered to himself.

James stood for several minutes, just looking and getting more concerned. Then in the corner of his eye, he saw splashing and heard a noise. Tom was swimming ashore a few hundred yards down the beach.

The current had swept him down the beach a little but he was now back, James ran over to meet him as he walked up the shallows.

"You scared the hell out of me." James wanted to hug him but held back, he saw no one else around but he couldn't be sure.

"I wasn't gone long." Tom panted. "It's gorgeous out there, so quiet, so peaceful."

James felt himself get possessive; he wanted to tell Tom never to do that again, to never leave him alone and to never make him feel that Tom was in danger. But he held back, he was being unreasonable. He settled with flashing Tom a look that told him he had been concerned and was just glad he was back.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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