Three Tears

Chapter 1

by David Heulfryn

James lay fast asleep; his face lit up by the green glow of the time on his alarm clock. As the time turned to 05:30, the clock screamed to life and emitted its usual piercing beeps. James did not stir.

On the other side of the bedroom stirred Martin, his elder brother. He was used to the routine by now; James was such a heavy sleeper the alarm hardly ever woke him up. He tossed and turned a couple of times in his bed, waiting for James to knock the 'off' button and get up but it did not happen. So, yet again, Martin got out of bed and walked over to his brother. He looked at his face and saw no movement. He sighed and bent over, grabbed him by the shoulders and started to shake him awake.

"Get up you deaf sod." He spoke as he saw James' eyelids flicker.

James began to moan and grunt. "Gerrof." He slurred as Martin gave him one last heavy push before leaving him alone and getting back into his own bed, his back turned to the room.

James turned the alarm off and got out of bed. Without turning on the light he fumbled for the door, closing it quietly as he left the room.

No one else in the house was up yet so he had the bathroom to himself. Shutting the door behind him, he turned on the light. He stood in the centre of the small room in only his white briefs. Squinting, he rubbed his eyes, waiting until they became accustomed to the light. He turned on the shower, removed his briefs and put them in the dirty linen basket that nestled in the corner.

Stepping into the shower, he let the hot water run down his dark brown hair to wet his body.

James was sixteen and in the last year of comprehensive school. He was hoping to go to the local college to study art and theatre after he had got his exams. His brother, Martin, was already at the college studying art so he knew it was a good course. Having no idea what he really wanted to do, he just did what he enjoyed.

Today he was missing school. He had a modelling job down in London so he had to get up early to get there on time. James had been modelling since he was very young. Twelve or so years ago his Mum had registered him and his brother with an agency - everyone told her she had two very cute boys and she thought it was a bit of fun. To begin with both boys got plenty of work, catalogue photo sessions and a few television adverts. But as they got older, Martin disliked the attention and did less, deciding to concentrate on his art. He still did some though, if only to earn money to build up his University fund. James on the other hand was a natural in front of the camera and began to do more; he even joined the local theatre school and children's television workshop. Today's assignment was just another catalogue shoot; some new teen range for one of the major companies. All the young models were meeting at the London offices for a briefing and a little studio work before being taken on location to Southend-on-Sea.

James was almost finished in the shower; he just had one more thing to do. He took a good squirt of the shower gel and began rub his crotch slowly. Sleeping in the same room as his Brother this was the only time he got to relieve his tension in private. His dark pubes where covered with lather and he rubbed it all over his five inch shaft and low hanging ballsac. He closed his eyes as he caressed his dick. Soon it was hard and had grown to seven inches that protruded straight out to point at the wall. With his left hand he continued to rub his balls while his right was slowly moving up and down his shaft, with each down stroke pulling his foreskin over his smooth glistening head. He was becoming engulfed with the sensations.

Then, the bathroom door flung open. James released his dick with a start. 'Shit', he thought as he quickly realised that he had forgotten to lock the bathroom door.

"Mum, do you mind. I'm still in the shower."

"Don't be long. Remember I need time to get ready as well." His Mum always went with him when he did any kind of modelling.


The bathroom door closed and James' hand went back to his now softening dick. 'No time for lengthy session' he thought and after a couple of quick pumps his dick hard again. This time he jerked off quickly, getting the deed over with. The vigorous pumping soon delivered the desired results as his breathing became shallower and his scrotum tightened. He threw his head back and closed his eyes as the sensation flowed to his abdomen that contracted. Then all movement stopped. James' let out a muffled sigh and his dick began to twitch frantically as he came. After the first couple of spasms he began to slowly pump his dick to drain his balls of as much come as possible. His body slowly relaxed and he opened his eyes. He looked at his raw dick still in his hand and then the globules of cum being washed down the drain.

Throwing the curtain aside, James grabbed his towel and wrapped it round his waist. On going back to his room he shouted to his Mother. "Bathroom's free."

The sun had been gradually coming up and now shed enough light through the curtains so that he could see what he was doing.

He looked over at Martin. He was now lying facing the room but still looked asleep.

James stood by his bed, dried himself and got dressed in his usual casual jeans and t-shirt.

After a bit of breakfast James left for London with his Mother.

The rest of the morning was the usual affair. Martin got up at his normal time and dashed around getting his things together for college. His youngest Brother, Tony, was up and eating his cereal. Their Dad in the kitchen trying to make coffee and toast at the same time.

"Half eight, lads. Time to get a move on."

After finishing up breakfast, Martin and Tony grabbed their bags and left. Their Dad was not far behind, getting into his car to get to work.

Both boys walked to the bus stop together not really talking.

Martin stopped at the bus stop to catch the bus to college. "See ya later then, Tony."

"See ya." Tony carried on walking up the road to his school.

Martin had the usual morning at college filling up his schedule with courses he liked. But his real passion was his art; he only studied English Literature and Sociology to make up his timetable. After lunch they would be finishing off their latest project before the lecturer announced the new one. The course allowed them to experiment with different media and forms. They studied the schools, such as Expressionism and Dadaism, encouraging each student to find their own style. Martin was more comfortable using oils or pastilles, whereas other students showed a flair for fabric prints or sculpture.

Ten minutes before the end of the lesson the lecturer announced the next project for study. The human form. It was well known that all art students would eventually come across a nude model but Martin did not think it would happen quite so early in the course.

Questions flew around the classroom. How old were they? Where they male or female? When would they come in? How long would they be here?

The lecturer silenced the group to explain. The model would not be here until the last few weeks of the module. He had no idea anything about sex, age, weight or height and that the college used an agency. He also mentioned that all body forms, shapes and sizes were worth studying so it did not matter. Before then, they would study flesh, muscle and the skeleton. It sounded like the first few weeks would be more like a biology class but the lecturer explained that to draw the human form you had to understand how it worked. How the joints moved, how the muscles connected to the skeleton and how the skin covered it all and would stretch and crease. In fact many early artists would often watch or perform dissections of criminals to get a deeper understanding of the human form.

Martin left college, pondering the new project and waited in the wind for the bus to take him home.

On the walk to school, Tony met up with a few of his mates and they chatted as they walked together. The first topic was their first lesson, Science. They all had their little notes signed by Mum or Dad saying that they could attend that day's lesson on Development and Sex Education. Those who did not have the slip would be destined to sit in the other lab with another year and read the textbook. It was a strange way to teach sex education but it was the Local Education Authority Regulations. Naturally the boys knew most of it all anyway, either their parents had sat them down and tried desperately not to turn red as they explained the 'birds and the bees' or they learnt it through their mates or even from a book.

Now it was the turn of the young newly qualified teacher to explain everything to the youngsters.

The subject was split into two lessons. Males today - females later in the week.

It all started off quite slow, the teacher asking questions about what they knew already and then explaining things in more details. Of course there were plenty of giggles from the immature pupils and the more mature kids just sat through it, waiting for the ordeal to end.

Halfway through the lesson the teacher broke off and announced that he had a video that would illustrate what he had been talking about.

More giggles erupted but the teacher quietened things down and began the tape.

The programme started like any other made for schools education video with a formal introduction. Then it dissolved to a beautiful beach on clear sunny day as the waves lapped the shore. Off camera laughter could be heard and then four naked people came into shot running to the sea and diving into the water. The laughter continued as the three boys and their Father played in the sea. Then a voice over started.

"John is a naturist and has brought his three sons, Steven, Paul and Peter, on holiday with him to the south of France. At seventeen, Steven is the eldest. Paul is fourteen and Peter is the youngest, being only twelve."

As the Narrator introduced the family, the camera panned from boy to boy as they splashed each other.

The classroom started to become unsettled as they saw the face of the boy named Paul and some people started whispering to each other. Tony could not believe what he saw and stared, making sure. His mate digging him in the ribs with his elbow interrupted his gaze.

"Isn't that…" and his eyes gestured to the TV screen.

Tony just looked shocked. The boy, Paul, was his older Brother James. Granted he looked a couple of years younger but there was no mistaking him - and the rest of the class knew as well.

The three sons showed the different stages of puberty. The youngest had not started yet and the eldest was almost fully developed. Paul was the son in the middle stages. Hair had only just started sprouting and he had a small tuft of dark hair atop his developing penis.

Tony just had to sit through the entire programme as his classmates watched his naked Brother on screen.

For the rest of the day Tony took quite a bit of teasing. It did not take long for it to go round the whole school. The Teacher, who showed the video was quite oblivious to the fact that one of its stars was a pupil at his school, he had only started at the school that year and James was not in any of his classes.

Tony was grateful when the day was over and he walked home alone.

When Tony arrived home and opened the front door, the house seemed deserted. His Dad would not be back from work for a few hours and had no idea when his Mum would come home.

He went straight to the kitchen and opened the fridge. He took a long draw from the carton of orange juice and went upstairs. He knocked on Martin and James' bedroom door.

"Martin. Are you in."

"Yeah." Came the muffled voice from the other side of the door.

Tony went in and saw his Brother hunched over his desk writing notes for an English essay.

"Can I have a word?"

Martin looked up from his papers and listened as Tony explained what his class saw in their science class.

"Mum'll have a dickey fit. And I bet the whole school knows about it now."

Tony nodded.

"Mum spoke to the Headmaster to ensure they didn't show it until several years after he left."

"You knew, then". Tony asked.

"Yeah." He responded in a matter of fact tone.

"And nobody thought to tell me!"

"You never really took an interest in his modelling or acting. And it was a couple of years ago." He paused. "I'll speak to Mum when she gets back. And James is going to get a fair bit of stick tomorrow, but he can handle it."

It would be a long wait until James and their Mum would return. She had telephoned earlier to say that the shoot was over-running and there were traffic problems. She doubted they would be back before ten. In the meantime, Martin explained everything to their Dad when he got home. They had dinner and Martin and Tony went up to their rooms to get on with their homework.

Martin went straight to bed when he had finished his work. He stripped down to his boxers and sat up in bed. He grabbed the latest book he was reading and settled down for the night.

He had no idea how long he'd been reading before his bedroom door opened. He must have been dozing, as he had not heard anyone come home or come upstairs.

James opened the door and noticed Martin was still awake. "Hiya."

"I suppose Dad's explained what went off."

"Yep." James grew a cheeky grin. "I would love to have been there to see Tony's face."

"Don't be like that. He's taken quite a bit of crap over that little video you did."

"Is he still up?"

Martin shrugged.

"I'll go and have a look; and have a word."

James left to speak to Tony while Martin went back to his book.

When he returned, he turned to Martin and said, "He's alright. I just explained things and said I'll sort things out at school tomorrow."

"So how did it go today. Good shoot"

As they talked he started to take his clothes off. "Not bad. It was mainly casual stuff and more than the usual hanging around."

Leaving his tight briefs on, James got into bed and reached beneath the mattress. He grabbed hold of his diary. Martin dug his nose back in his book and James began writing.

James' Diary

It's been quite a good day today. I spent all day down south on a photo-shoot. They did some studio shots of us boys in baggy jeans and shirts and then took us to beach for the rest. Although the sun was out it was bloody cold and all we had was a small caravan to change in. All the lads there were about my age and had done this before. It was getting late and cold when they put us all in shorts. Why the hell couldn't they have done these first. Then it was the swimwear. Most of the lads were embarrassed and wouldn't do the Speedo stuff. There wasn't much, just a couple of us volunteered. I don't mind at all - and we get paid extra.

The excitement started when I got home though. It turned out that Sex Ed video I did two years ago was shown in school and Tony saw it with all his mates. Tony was so embarrassed; I don't think he has ever seen me naked. I wonder what he thought. I'm proud of it and I have no shame about my body. I told Tony I would speak to the lads at school. Don't know what I'll say as I don't care what those knobheads think. They should just grow up.

But this does take me back to when we were filming the thing. It was during the school holidays and I spent two weeks on the beach in the South of France. For most of that time I was stark bollock naked but I did come home with one wicked all over tan. I spent most of the time with Phil; he played the older Brother. I enjoyed looking at him everyday and I must say the Dad didn't look too bad either, a bit old but he kept in shape. Funny but I can't remember his name now, or the young kid's.

One evening, after the shoot we went for our usual shower, the Dad and kid rushed as they were tired and it had been a long day. This left just Phil and me. I was shampooing my hair, getting the sand out but I didn't notice Phil at first. He had soaped up his crotch and was slowly rubbing it. I rinsed my hair at took a sideways glance. Phil was stating a few feet away from me with a hard-on, wanking himself. My glance soon became a stare and Phil seemed to relish me watching him. He came closer to me, soaped up his hand and started rubbing my crotch. This was my first experience and I had no idea what to do. Quite ironic really, me in a Sex Ed video. Anyway he rubbed up to full hardness and was wanking me while he stroked his own dick. As the water rinsed the lather away, Phil let my immature five inches go and dropped to his knees. I was only thirteen and had no idea what was going off. But when he put his mouth over my throbbing dick, I didn't care. It felt great and I did not want him to stop. I'd wanked before so I knew all about cumming but I was really shocked when I told him I was close but he kept pumping my dick with his lips. Then I came like I'd never cum before. Never during any of my wank sessions had I come with such intensity and force, it was electric. Anyway, I came right in his mouth and he swallowed every drop. I remember I felt weak afterwards and he embraced me to prop me up. He asked if I liked it and all I can remember was his rigid dick poking my groin and softening dick. I wanted to try what he had done and so I got on my knees and looked Phil right in the piss slit. He said something like 'I didn't have to' but I started quite slow and took his head in my mouth. It felt so much bigger in my mouth than it looked. I couldn't take much of it in but I tried my best and after a few minutes he told me he was ready to cum. I wasn't quite ready to taste it so I got up and wanked him off the rest of the way. His body j erked and his thick white cum fell on the shower floor. For my first time it was great and thankfully it wasn't my last that summer. For the rest of the shoot me and Phil would get together and blow each other off. A couple of times I actually licked up drops of his and my cum. It just seemed odd to swallow it. I don't know if I could take a whole load but at least I did try some. Pity Phil and I never kept in touch afterwards. I think it was just a holiday thing for us. Me, I'm just disappointed I can't find anybody here try it all again.

Martin, out of the corner of his eye, saw James return his diary. James then got out of bed to go to the bathroom. Martin noticed the bulge in his white briefs was considerably bigger than when he went to bed. Something had aroused him and James went to the bathroom to relieve the tension he now felt. As he left the room Martin felt his own dick twitch and his hand automatically went down to give it a quick tug.

Once in the bathroom, James removed his briefs and sat on the side of the bath. His hand frantically started to pump his dick as he recalled the blow jobs he got from Phil, and he gave Phil. He was quick to cum but in his haste he had forgotten to grab some toilet roll to cum into. He quickly dropped the briefs he was still holding in his left hand and brought both hands to the tip of his dick as he came. His body was in spasm and his thick cream squirted out of his dick. His hands couldn't cope with the slimy fluid and it seeped out through his fingers and on to his briefs that he had discarded in the throws of orgasm. As his orgasm subsided he concentrated on keeping as much cum in his hands and when it was over he carefully washed his hands in the washbasin. With the worst off his hands he grabbed his limp dick and balls lifted himself on the balls of his feet and draped them over the side of the basin. With the hot tap still running he rinsed his exhausted dick of the cum that his hands had smeared all over as it tried to prevent any drop from escaping.

Now clean, he reached for the hand-towel, dried his hands and then rubbed his crotch dry. He replaced the towel and looked at his briefs. Only a few drops and fallen on them. Picking them up, he rubbed his cum into the fabric. It was hardly noticeable. He slipped his briefs back on, adjusted his packet and went back into his bedroom.

Martin was now lying down, his light off waiting for James to return. He watched as James closed the door behind him and walked to his bed.

Getting into bed, he turned off his bedside light.

Martin closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Reproduced with David's permission from Screeve. © David
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