The Highschool Years

by David Gaingridge

Chapter 4

Life returned to normal after Mitch had left. Just like Sam, Mitch and I didn't hook up we just kissed. As much as I wanted to hook up with both of them I didn't know what they wanted. And we didn't really have the opportunity to either what with being in the locker room with Sam at school and having my dad across the hall when Mitch visited.

Speaking of dad we had pretty much settled into a daily routine. All three of us left around the same time so Scott would drive me to school since it was on the way to his work at the college whereas Dad's bank was the opposite way. Turns out this happened to be a good bonding time for Scott and I. He told me he was a psychology professor and taught there for eight years now. He said that he was the youngest of three, but didn't really say anything about his older brother, Darren (I assumed there was some bad blood there). Scott told me a lot about his sister, Katherine, like that she was a pharmacist at one of the drugstores downtown, she had two kids of her own, and a good husband. He also said she and her family loved my dad.

"She sounds pretty nice. Could I meet her sometime?" I asked.

Scott looked over at me and just beamed, "I'd love you two to meet. She wants to meet you as well." I just smiled at that.

Things with Dan and Amanda were also going pretty well. They still texted me every day and let me know what was going on (apparently one of Christine's friends was pregnant!). I told Dan about Paul's shared last name with him and he thought that was pretty neat: "so we're practically brothers!" He exclaimed.

Mitch would still send me messages, but I don't think he had ever told anyone he visited me I think just that he lied about visiting a campus and was staying with extended family. At least that's what Dan had said to me one time. I was a little hurt, but I think I knew where he was coming from. I wanted Mitch to be comfortable with who he is and not just when he's a stranger in a different city.

I still saw Sam everyday. Slowly, he would talk to me more. He told me he was a foster child who had been passed around to different families. "That changes a person," he once told me. I didn't know what he meant and didn't dare ask because he had cowered into his sweatshirt again. I had learned when to leave things and when Sam wanted to talk.

I had talked Sam into joining the gay-straight alliance with me. I had said it was welcome to everyone. He hadn't told me if he was queer or not and I didn't want to push him.

Speaking of the gay-straight alliance the three football players that had harassed Sam had to join and get some sensitivity training. The football players looked very uncomfortable in that setting: Brandon (the blond haired guy) was fiddling with his phone, Alex (the guy with the shaved head) kept looking around, and Keith (the guy with the brunette hair) was talking to me and Sam.

"Yo, your old school had an awesome football team! Undefeated a few years back," he said when I told him where I'd transferred from.

"Yeah coach loved winning that's for sure," I replied.

I think when we were talking Keith had forgotten who he was talking to because when the teacher told us to quiet down he suddenly looked very awkward.

Basically we were talking about slurs for the rest of the discussion. I could see none of the guys were really paying attention except for Keith. From what I could tell he was just a guy who got mixed up in a bad situation. He was the only one out of the guys not to say the word fag to Sam. I feel like he would have been given a hard time for not going along with the other two later.

The discussion was interesting and before we knew it the meeting had ended. The teacher told us she'd see us all there next week (and she looked directly at the three boys when she said that).

"Man, next week as well?" Brandon complained to Alex. "That's so gay."

Everyone turned when Brandon had said that. The teacher stood up and announced that next week's discussion would be on more slurs focusing more on the word 'gay'. I couldn't help but smirk at that.

Brandon and Alex took off, but Keith stayed behind. He turned to us and apologized. "I'm sorry, Sam, and Sid, I shouldn't have gone along with those guys. I didn't want to go along with those guys. I just didn't want to be ragged on later." He looked down at the ground clearly disappointed in himself.

"I don't hate you," Sam spoke in his soft voice. "But I do accept your apology." It always surprised how soft Sam's voice was compared to his muscular body.

I told him I forgave him as well. Keith slowly walked off and I turned to Sam and said, "maybe not all straight guys are hopeless." He just smiled at that.

That saturday we were invited to Katherine's for dinner. The whole ride over I noticed that Scott and my dad just kept smiling. I couldn't help but smile myself at this whole situation where there was so much love.

Just as we were pulling into the driveway I asked them, "what do I call them? Do I say aunt Katherine? Or Mrs. Lee-Gordon?"

They both looked back at me and chuckled. "How about Katherine for now?" My dad said.

We arrived promptly at five with our wine and scalloped potatoes and were quickly ushered into the house by Laura (Katherine's daughter). She hugged both Scott and my dad and then shook my hand.

Even though I was straight I could tell that she was, in a word, beautiful. She had wavy, chestnut hair that complimented her clear skin and blue eyes beautifully. She was dressed in jeans and a sweater that still showed off her magnificent figure.

Scott turned to Laura and joked, "even though we're here for dinner tonight doesn't mean you get an extra day on your paper. It's still due monday." She just rolled her eyes and laughed.

So she was in college. From her appearance I guessed she was around my age, but now I knew why I hadn't seen her around school.

Before we knew it the rest of the family had gathered in the foyer. Richard (Katherine's husband) and Wes (Katherine's son) both shook my hand and hugged Scott and my dad. Richard looked to be in his mid forties and Wes looked like he was a few years younger than me. "Caboose baby," Scott told me later referring to Wes who was in eighth grade.

Katherine came over and asked if she could hug me which I said she could. She was a good hugger not just one of those ones where you just place your hands on the other persons back.

"It's so nice to finally meet you," she said taking a step back. I could definitely notice the family resemblance between she and Scott. They both had brown hair, glasses, and the beginning stages of laugh wrinkles. Though she was a few inches shorter than Scott she still had a presence about her.

"You as well. Scott's said a lot about you," I smiled.

"Uh oh," she joked. We just laughed at that.

The dinner was superb. We had a roast, homemade rolls, caesar salad, steamed vegetables, and our scalloped potatoes. To top it off we had apple crumble for dessert. Needless to say I was stuffed.

After dinner the adults sat and had coffee in the dining room while Laura, Wes, and myself played a board game in the living room. They asked me all bunch of questions and I did the same to them. I found out Laura was in her first year as a psychology major and was volunteering with a professor in one of the labs. She joked and told me it wasn't Scott, but that he was definitely a reference for her. I learned Wes was excited to finally enter high school next year and that he was on the hockey team.

After a while Scott and my dad came into the living room and told me it was getting late and we should probably get going. We all whined, but finally agreed.

The Gordon's all gave me hugs and as Katherine was giving me a hug she said, "I'm so lucky my brother has you and Mark."

I whispered back, "I was just about to say how lucky my dad and I are to have Scott and you guys."

A few days later I got to thinking about family and why some just turn their backs on them. I hadn't heard anything from my mom or her sister, Nancy, which was no big loss because I wasn't a fan of either of them. However, I was curious about dad's side. I barely remember meeting dad's siblings when I was younger and the whole time that I had reconnected with dad he had never mentioned his older siblings, Steven and Veronica, or his own parents. I had asked dad about that one day and he just said Scott and I were the only family he needed. I had never really thought that maybe my dad had experienced my same situation so many years earlier. I had experienced isolation, but not to the same extent my dad did. At least I had one parent who still cared.

I pulled my dad into a hug as I could tell he was off in some other place.

When he pulled away from the hug he still looked away and said, "it was a different time. People weren't as accepting." I wanted to say that that still doesn't allow other people to treat you like a piece of garbage, but I refrained. This was my dad and I felt if I said that it'd be like kicking him while he was down.

"I love you, dad," I said hugging him again.

"I love you more than you'll ever know," he replied. "Now c'mon, you've got homework to do." I just rolled my eyes and went back to my math homework that dad knew I was trying to avoid.

On days that Sam had swim practice I'd end up doing homework on the stands. It was only a couple of hours after school so Scott would just pick me up on his way back from work. The stands weren't usually busy during practice so I had plenty of peace and quiet to do my homework.

I had finished reading Romeo and Juliet for my english class and decided it was time to focus on history. I guess I had forgot to bring it with me so I went to retrieve it from my locker. I just held up my Romeo and Juliet book to Sam who had noticed I'd gotten up and made a face at the book. I blocked out Juliet on the cover and Sam just laughed. I pointed to my locker indicating I had to get a book and he just nodded. I hated leaving the picture of Sam's tight body packed in a speedo, but I needed to get another reading done. I tried to be as quick as possible.

I hurried to my locker and took the english book out of my bag and traded it for my history textbook. I grabbed a notebook just to make a few notes in (or doodles) and went to close my locker when I heard my name. I turned to see who'd said it. It was Keith.

"Hey Keith," I greeted him.

"How's it going?"

"Pretty good. Just trying to get some stuff done before Scott picks me up. What are you up to?"

"Not much just waiting around for my ride."

"Cool. I'm just in the stands by the pool if you want to join me."

"Ah sure man."

We settled back down into where I was seated before. Sam turned and saw I was with Keith and tilted his head a bit in confusion. I just shrugged my shoulders a bit (not too obvious because Keith was sitting right beside me) and opened my textbook.

"Hey isn't that Sam down there?" Keith asked.

"Yeah, he's on the swim team." I was surprised that he recognized him since Sam was always bundled up in different layers.

"He's got a good body," he said. My ears immediately shot up at that. I knew straight guys liked to look at other guys' bodies, but who makes a comment like that to a gay guy without him hinting at stuff.

I tried to play cool so without looking up from my textbook I just said, "yeah he works out quite a bit."

There was a bit of pause there and I thought that he was just gonna let it go or pretend like he hadn't said that.

He finally turned and asked, "are you and Sam dating?"

I looked up and turned to him and replied, "no we're not."

"Oh. Cool. Sorry you guys just spend a lot of time with each other."

"So do you and Alex and Brandon," I told him. "Is there something going on there that I don't know?" I joked.

"No," he said coldly and then he changed his tone, "we're just on the same team together."

"Ok, sorry, I was just joking." He didn't say anything else.

We just sat there for a few more minutes in silence. I read a few more pages while Keith watched the swimmers race from one end of the pool to the other.

My pen died as I was writing some notes and I scoured around in my bag for another one. Damn. I guess I'd have to go to my locker for another one.

"Looking for something," Keith asked.

"Yeah. I thought I had another pen in my bag, but I guess I was wrong."

"I think I've got one in my bag," he reached into his bag and pulled out a black pen and handed it to me.

I guess the coach's whistle startled him because he dropped the pen…right between his legs I might add. Oh how I wanted to get between his thighs right there since he was quite hot.

"Sorry, here you go," he said picking up his pen and handing it to me.

"Thanks," I said and lingered onto the pen longer than I needed to.

Oddly enough he didn't let go either. Was this guy also like Mitch?

"So, I saw you talking to Keith yesterday while I was at practice," Sam said casually the next day as we were packing our bags to head home.

"Yeah he was just waiting for a ride and I offered to wait with him. He said you've got a good build." Sam blushed at that. "It's true, man, you do have a good build," I added.

"Well I'm no soccer player like you," he flirted back and then he recoiled into his sweater.

"Hey it's ok. Let's just say we both look good." He smiled. "Want to come back to my place to hang out?"

He agreed and we got into Sam's car. It was a little older, but it got the job done.

Dad and Scott were still at work so I sent them a quick text saying that I didn't need to be picked up.

We just hung out in my room talking about different movies, tv shows, music, etc. We were both laying on my bed facing each other. I just couldn't take it anymore I was so horny.

I leaned over and started kissing him. I loved his pouty lips they felt so good. I added some tongue and he did as well.

I moved over and started feeling over his tight body. I unzipped his sweatshirt and ran my hands down his chiseled stomach. This guy had an amazing body! At the same time he tried to unbutton my shirt. Why, of all days, did I have to wear this shirt?

He finally got them all undone and ripped it away from my now shirtless body. I got us both kneeling on my bed and got the sweatshirt off him. He started kissing my neck which made me moan out in pleasure. Sam still had a t-shirt on so I pulled that over his head.

I ran my hands over his now shirtless torso and he did the same. I grabbed his back and pulled him closer into me. It was at that moment that I felt his hard dick press against mine.

We continued making out and feeling each other's hot, young bodies for a good few minutes. I slowly traced down the front and left my hand at the top of his jeans. He didn't do anything so I started taking them off. His hard dick was straining against the fabric of his underwear. I got him to stand up so he could take his pants off more easily.

He was down to his underwear and I was still in my jeans. He brought his hand to my stomach and lowered his hand like I had on him.I groaned when his hand reached the top of my jeans. I wanted this so bad. He started taking off my jeans as well.

Soon we were both down to our underwear making out and thrusting against one another.

I loved feeling Sam's ripped muscles. He had them in all the right places.

I lowered my hand and started rubbing Sam's groin. He let out a moan and I could immediately starting feeling the pre-cum leaking through the fabric.

He lowered his own hand that was playing with my pecs to my hard-on encased by my straining briefs.

"Oh yeah," I moaned.

I wanted more so I stuck my hand down the front of his underwear. He had his pubes shaved off I guess because he didn't want them sticking through his swimsuit. I made contact with his rock hard dick and started stroking it. He groaned and then he reached down my underwear and did the same.

I reached down a little bit and could feel his balls were pulled up. I wanted to Sam to cum over me so I yanked down his briefs.

Sam stood before me fully naked. He had a beautiful uncut dick that leaked a steady flow of pre-cum. He reached over and pulled my briefs down. My hard 7" dick swung up and hit my abs. I quickly peeled up my last article of clothing and we both climbed back onto the bed. Sam lay down on his back and I lay on top of him and began thrusting our dicks together.

It felt so erotic to do this. I continued to kiss his neck and then would move back to his lips. This had just felt so natural. And from Sam's expression and groans I could tell he thought so as well.

I took hard of our dicks and started thrusting them together. Sam's was a bit longer than mine I guess it was around 8". I loved seeing his skin covering his dick head. I increased the speed between us and kept jacking.

I saw Sam's balls pull up even more and I knew he would shoot every moment. I knew I wouldn't be far behind him.

"Oh god, Sid! Oh, oh!" Sam groaned.

He let out one final groan and threw his head back. His cock erupted and a volcano of cum spewed out from his hard dick. The first shot hit him in the face, the second in his hair, the third, on the sheets, and then the rest just on his torso.

With this extra lubrication it sent me over the edge and I shot all over Sam including his face, hair, and pecs. The last of our cum just pooled together on his abs.

This wave of euphoria just came over me and I couldn't hold out any longer and I just collapsed on top of Sam.

Sam kissed me cheek and said between pants, "that was…that was…so good."

"Mmhmm," I moaned back rolling onto my side. And then we both fell asleep. Not with a bang, but with a kiss.

I could hear my phone vibrating. I slowly awoke and realized that I had fallen asleep with my arm wrapped around someone. And then it all came back to me: that was Sam!

But then who was calling me?

I slowly untangled myself from Sam and got out of the bed. My phone was buzzing on the desk and was vibrating against my watch that's why it was so loud.

I looked down at the caller just as Sam was waking up.

He groaned and said in a sleepy voice, "who's that?"

It was Mitch calling. He had just hung up and I realized that I also had two unread text messages from Keith as well.

My heart stood still for a few seconds.

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