Educating Max

by D'Artagnon

Chapter 5 - The Watch

After raiding the pantry for munchies and a very quick shower, Max had recovered enough that he was composed and cheerful again as Michael and Cameron drove up. With little fuss, he hopped out through the side door, dragging the remaining camping equipment and supplies out to the trunk. In respect to his brother's need for secrecy, Max made an effort to ignore the sword concealed in the boot door. Cameron hadn't seemed to notice it, although when Max looked at Michael as the three of them closed the trunk Max could see Michael's trepidation of it being discovered.

The trip to the Watch was abbreviated by a quick run through a Fuel Up! station, where they packed a small cooler with ice for some of the more perishable foods, grabbed a pair of 20 ounce tonics and Michael took the opportunity to top off his tank.

"Better hit the toilet, guys. It'll be your last chance for a sitting shit before you consign yourselves to the wild," Michael called as he watched the pump kick gallons into his fuel tank. Both boys took time to hit the john, Cam first. When Max came out of the toilet, Cam was walking away from the counter with a small plastic bag, stuffing it into his jacket pocket.

"Wha'cha get?" Max asked, falling into step beside Cameron.

"Just, eh, something for later on. You'll see!" Cam smiled, and this time Max actually caught a carnal edge to Cam's thoughts. Max didn't' press into Cam's mind to see exactly what was going on, but Max had the feeling it was something bought for him. Perhaps bought for both of them.

Unpacking was a much easier feat than Max would have thought. All the equipment they had brought out seemed to be more for a weekend's worth of camping, not just a night. Max wondered if that was something Michael had planned for. Giving Max time.

Of course, Max himself cheated. He briefly clicked on his body focus to help him lug the tent and food up the steep inclines of the Watch. Michael seemed to be doing it as well, although he was a natural athlete. Once all the equipment was taken to the flat ledge, Michael took his leave. Max sent a silent touch to his brother, colored with his thanks and what he hopped was the psychic equivalent of a hug.

*Don't worry about Mom and Dad, I'll take care of them. Call me when you need a ride back, or if you need anything.*

*Thanks, Mike.*

*Just remember to be careful. And put in some practice time tomorrow.*

*If I can!* Max thought back, grinning like an idiot. Max felt Michael give him the mental parallel of a steeply inclined look under the brows. *Okay, okay, I'll practice.*

*Have fun, little brother,* Michael sent, ending their link. Max felt as though there was a certain wistfulness to Michael's salutation. A sense that it was an end of something between the two of them. And perhaps a beginning of a new aspect of their relationship. Max suddenly felt that he was closer to his big brother than he had ever been before. They shared something beyond ordinary comprehension now. Something wonderful and dangerous at the same time, and it nearly overwhelmed him again.

So much change in my life, so fast, he marveled. I wonder if everyone goes through growing up like this.

"Hey," Cam's voice filtered through the fog. "You awake in there?"

"Yeah. Just thinking about Mike."

"Yeah, he's cool. He's a lot better than my older brother."

"Yeah. He's one of a kind," Max smiled. "Need help with the tent?"

"Might as well," Cam smiled. "Gottah get it set up before the bugs decide to invade the sleeping bags."

They started pulling the pup tent out of its carry sack and spread out the nylon fabric. "Speaking of sleeping bags," Max asked, setting a metallic tent spike into the ground. "Um, how are we gonna, you know, umm…"

"Let's just get the tent up first. I have an idea."

"Oh, an idea?" Max grinned back, falling into the same sort of silliness that he and Cam had shared in the grocery store.

"You'll see. Got to keep you in suspense about some of this." Cam's sly smile caught Max's eyes.

Max grinned and blushed. Together they managed to get the tent poles threaded through the nylon sleeves of the dome and set it up. Another few moments work and the rain fly was in place. They quickly moved their clothes packs, the cooler and the sleeping bags into the tent. It was enormous inside and easily had enough room for both boys to stand up, even with all of the gear spread around.

"Okay, so what about the bags?" Max asked as Cam zipped the door closed.

"Well, that all depends," Cam began, his voice hesitant, almost trembling in his throat. "How far do we, uh, I mean, are you sure about this? I don't mind just tenting out, if that's what you want."

"Oh, Cam," Max said, sighing impatiently and dropping to sit Indian style on the floor of the tent. "I don't know what I want to do. I mean, when I'm around you I feel….I feel so alive. It's like my heart wants to jump through my skin. And I want to show you, I just don't know how."

"Oh, god, me too!" Cameron replied, kneeling beside Max. "And I want to show you how I feel."

"Like what we did last night?" Max asked, coyly. His eyes darted up to Cam's from under his lashes and then darted back to an empty corner of the tent. He felt the intensity of Cam's need now, and was almost scared by how much that need mirrored his own. He felt his pants tightening.

"Yeah, if you want to. But….there's so much more, so many ways I want to show you. I just….I love you, Max. I love you so much that I find myself thinking about you all the time."

"Yeah?" Max asked, suddenly flushing with heat through his face and ears.

"Yeah. I actually almost left a note in your locker today. But I didn't know where it was. I….I was gonna let you back out… if you wanted to."

Max looked up to see Cam's eyes. He was nearing the point of tears. Max reached out and brushed the back of his fingers against Cam's cheek.

"If I didn't want to be here, Cam, I wouldn't be here. I want to be here, with you." Max leaned forward and brought his face closer to Cam's. "I love you too, you big goof. You don't need to be Eeyore all the time. I want to be with you."

"You do?" Cam said, looking up again, locking gazes with Max. "It still feels so much like I'm dreaming. I'm gonna wake up any minute now and it'll all be just a dream."

"Then don't wake me up either. I don't know what's going on inside me, not yet anyways, but I know that denying it feels wrong. That denying you feels wrong."

"You sure don't talk like thirteen," Cam smiled, leaning into Max's touch.

"In more ways than I can say right now, I'm not just thirteen anymore. In other ways, I'm far less than that." Max licked his lips and moved closer still to Cam. "And I want you to know this, more than anything else. I love you enough to never let you down. Even if we don't stay together, even if this all turns out to be some dream, I'll always feel special about you, Cameron. Always."

"Oh, Max!" Cam groaned and leaned forward, lips seeking lips. They met halfway and drifted into a kiss, both leaning forward. Max suddenly encircled his arms around Cam and brought his own body closer to the older boy. Their tongues slipped past each other, exploring. Cam's arms lifted up behind Max's back, coming together between the younger boy's shoulder blades.

They embraced for several minutes, taking harsh breaths through their noses, both boys still wearing their jackets. Max let his hands roam over Cameron's head and shoulders, feeling the silky fall of Cam's hair between his fingers, the strength in Cam's back, the tension between the two places. Strength held in check by tenderness, yearning under control but seeking contact, seeking similar strength.

They broke the kiss and simply held each other, content in the warmth of the moment, the trading of emotions.

"That was awesome," Max said, catching his breath. "I didn't know that a kiss could be so…so….damnit, I don't have the words to describe it."

"Good?" Cam asked, rolling his head against Max's cheek.

"Doesn't seem strong enough. It was like you were kissing me everywhere at once."

"That'll come later," Cameron grinned, a husky tone to his voice. Max squeezed himself tighter against Cam for a moment and relaxed into the embrace again.

"Can we just sit like this for a while?" Max asked. "It's been such a strange trip to get here that I just want to relax knowing that I'm not going crazy."

"You aren't the one who's crazy. I've been having feelings for you since I first saw you in sixth grade."

"Since you were in sixth, or since I was in sixth?" Max asked, slightly confused and feeling Cameron's body warmth at the same time, mixing in his mind.

"Since you were in sixth, you crazy boy. I wouldn't have been peeking in on your third grade class rooms when I was in sixth."

"You used to peek into classrooms to see me?" Max asked again, this time in a state of slight awe.

"A few times. I was working in the attendance office then, fourth period. I made all kinds of excuses to walk past your Latin class."

Max giggled, quickly. "Et tu, Cameron?" he asked. Max sat up and turned to face at Cameron. "So, about the sleeping bags?"

"Well, if you want," Cam said, laying back and rolling himself out across the nylon mesh floor of the tent, "we can combine them. That way we can conserve heat." He smiled. "And other things."

"I'm scared," Max said. "No, not the right way I meant it. I mean, I want to do things with you, but I'm still kinda frightened about it too."

"Which is stronger?" Cam asked, his honest brown eyes flickering with silent flames and concern.

"They're about equal," Max replied, his face twisting into an expression of confusion and anxiety. "Do you know what I mean?"

"I think so. But if you want to wait and not do anything, I will wait. I've waited two years to even try to tell you about how I feel, Max. I can wait until you are ready for me. Just knowing that you love me too, that I'm not totally alone and hiding anymore will get me through."

Max felt his face blush as he smiled. He lay down beside Cameron and just stared up at the ceiling of the tent. Many questions blurred about in his head, racing each other for a prominent space in his mind, but Max merely shook his head, eyes closed, to clear everything. The questions could wait until he understoof exactly what he wanted to ask. He had time.

Max reached over and cautiously intertwined his small fingers with Cameron's longer ones. "I think that the scared part will probably lose to the want part," Max said at length. "I'm fairly certain of it."

"So, you wanna set the bags up?"


"And Max?"


"I'll never do anything to hurt you. I couldn't. It would hurt me more to even try."

"I know," Max said, smiling lopsidedly. "Me too."

Dinner was a quickly assembled job. The abundance of fallen leaves and fallen deadwood was enough that they managed to get a decent fire going and before long they had hot dogs roasting over open flame, a small pot of water heating for hot chocolate and buns toasting by the farthest edge of the grill.

Talk while they were cooking revolved around many subjects, drifting aimlessly in that way that old friends often do, despite the short time that they had known each other. From hockey to football, then to different cities that would be good to live in, then to the topic of video games, and then to music and movies. Amusement parks, good ski hills, remembrances of trips they'd taken into Boston. Bad jokes and gripes about school. It all seemed so natural, so carefree. Max barely felt the need to tap into his mental powers around Cam, when it was just the two of them. They somehow could just be themselves when they were together. He could let down his guard.

After eating and putting the camp pots to rest for the night, they sat back in the thick piles of leaves and stared at the stars, floating hopelessly far away, yet seeming to be shining just for them that night. Cam reached out and put his hand inside Max's. They lay like that, outside the tent, just two boys, together in the darkness, watching for shooting stars.

In the distance of the forest, an owl's soft hooting and the gentle slurring of the river below were the only noises the wind would let pass. The cold of a New England autumn night began to descend, hard yet dry, lacking the humidity this early in the cold season to cover the ground in a silvering of frost. The world was as silent around them as it was in Max's head. No intrusions, no stray thoughts, no unwanted lights. Just simple darkness and simple company.


"Yes, Max?"

"Why are you so sad all the time? It's like you're Eeyore sometimes." The image kept springing to Max, Cameron's voice and Eeyore's head, merging, somehow trading, or more accurately blending common features.

"Because I love you," he replied. "Because I was lonely, waiting and scared."

"I don't understand."

"I guess I was always sad all that time because I was denying who I was. I mean, it's not exactly a good thing to admit that you are gay to a whole school that thinks it's wrong and bad and disgusting. I couldn't just come out and tell you. I guess it took that accidental touch last night to make me brave enough to tell you."

"That wasn't accidental," Max confirmed. "I don't know why I did it. Well, that's not entirely true, I don't know why I chose then to do it, but I'm glad I did."

"Scared not as strong as want, huh?"

"Definitely getting there," Max grinned, arching his neck to look over at Cam.

"Halloween's on Monday," Cam said. "You still doing the trick or treat thing?"

"Not this year. I think I'm done with it. It's fun and all, but….I dunno, it just doesn't seem right anymore. I feel like I'm wearing costume all the time since I found out how I felt about you. I just don't want to jinx anything."

"Jinx Halloween?"

"I wasn't talking about trick or treat anymore. I was talking about us."


"Yeah, I keep drifting back to that subject, huh?"

"Your brother knows what we came up here for." Cam looked over, through a partial fall of leaves to lock eyes with Max. "He told me he knew. He also said that you weren't necessarily gay."

"Well," Max squirmed. "It's not like I'd know or not. I mean, I've never had any kind of feelings like this. For a boy or a girl. I can't really compare." The silence stretched out for a bit. "You?"

"I kinda was into girls at one point, but," he sighed. "I dunno. It kinda wore off. I wasn't really into boys either. Well, not so much, anyways. Just for some reason, when I saw you, well, I ….it's complicated."

"Usually is, I'm finding."

"Well, the truth is, parts of me knew I wanted you, wanted you to love me, not just to do stuff with, before my mind did."

"How's that?"

"Okay, I got it wrong. Let me try it again," he said. After a powerful voice clearing, he sat up. "I kinda knew that I was waiting for someone. Someone I didn't know yet. And it made me sad that I was alone when I see all the other guys starting to pair up with girls. While all that was going on, no one seemed to jump out at me and say 'I'm the One," you know? The lightning never struck. So one day, about three weeks into school in September, I'm in the halls between classes and I nearly bump into you. I had my head down, staring at feet and carpet while walking along. I think you actually dropped your books."

"I think I remember that day," Max said.

"Well, I helped you get your books and then looked up to apologize. I mean I was a real space cadet that day, just drifting off when I should have been studying hard. And then I look up into your eyes and….and I just stop. I mean, everything in my body stopped working all at once. It was like I had been hit with a hockey puck in the nuts."

"Ouch! You mean I did that with just my eyes?" Max giggled.

"Yeah, and I didn't even know who you were."

"I'm sorry, Cam," Max said, taking their combined hands and kissing the back of Cam's hand.

"Not your fault. Besides, you were all of what, twelve then?"

"Eleven. My birthday was just a few days back. Over the cusp of Scorpio and Libra, as my mom says."

"So you just turned thirteen?"

"Just," Max smiled, his lopsided grin. Still keeping his grip in Cam's, Max rolled over on the leaf pile, belly down, and looked down into Cam's face.

"Strange," the older boy said. "That should make it, this, all feel wrong for me. But it doesn't."

"I know."

"I guess that I need to give you a birthday present, huh?" Cam grinned back.

"If you like," Max said, drifting into the dark pools of Cam's brown eyes.

"I've waited for you, my whole life it seems, Max. If you'll let me, I'll show you what all that means."

"Okay," Max said, licking his lips. "I'm still scared. Will it hurt?"

"A little. But if you want me to stop, just tell me."

"Okay. I trust you Cam. I love you."

"I love you too."

Max took initiative, sliding forwards in the pile of leaves and kissed at Cam's chin, kissing up to his lower lip as Cam responded, lips meeting finally and parting to tentative probing with the tongue. Max let his tongue drift over Cam's teeth, tasting their sharpness, their slick firmness. Between kisses, Max giggled and allowed Cam to roll him over onto his back. Still in the leaf pile, Cam took Max in his arms and kissed him hard, forcing his tongue deep into Max's mouth.

Max twisted under Cam's arms, trying to touch as much of Cam as he could, to feel as much of him being touched as possible. The giggling was forgotten now. Max felt the heat rising in his body, felt it explode out of his cheeks, felt Cam's heat roaring out of him like a giant furnace. Max brought his hands up to either side of Cam's face, stroking his cheeks, feeling a bit of the older boy's razor stubble from this morning's shave. Somehow the prickly feeling of stroking one way on Cam's face and then the smooth, almost gliding feeling of stroking the other way was turning Cam on more, and Max fed off it as well.

He tapped into Cam's feelings, careful to keep them only to himself. But he could feel everything on Cam now, from the inside out. He could feel the raging pulse in the tight folds of Cam's foreskin. He could feel the power of Cam's heart, surging his breath galloping to catch up. He could feel the urge to lose all his clothing, to have some relief from the infernal heat within and then a powerful desire to make the heat soar even hotter in his skin, in his blood, in his brain.

Max felt his own body responding as well. It had only been a night before, on this very spot that he had had his first oral sex. Now, his body was churning with desires to bring still other feelings about. He was weak and strong all at the same time, and overcome with his own need to feel himself skin to skin with Cam.

"Let's go get naked and dirty," Max said, breaking a kiss and sliding his hands up to bring Cam's head down to his chest.

"Let's," Cam agreed, standing up suddenly. He scooped Max up in his arms, kissing him as he walked over to the tent. They slipped inside and Max kicked off his sneakers. Cameron dropped Max on the combined sleeping bag and peeled back his own ski jacket. Max kneeled up and pulled his own fleece jacket up over his head, causing his hair to stand up slightly with static.

Cameron was kicking his shoes off when he noticed Max staring at him. "What?"

"Just watching," Max said, his green eyes shining in the battery powered lamp-light in the tent.

"You've seen me naked before," Cameron said, poking his arm in through the sleeve of his shirt, reaching down to the bottom hem from the inside.

"I know, but I've never watched you strip," Max smiled, his lopsided grin making him almost leer.

"Want to help?" Cameron asked, leaning into a hip. Max smiled broadly and moved towards Cameron on his knees. He was just about at groin level with Cameron and decided that he wanted to take immediate control of everything tonight. Cam might have the experience and the knowledge, but Max wanted to have the power. He was going to let Cameron do and show him things, but he also wanted to explore. Remembering Cameron's performance of the previous evening, Max decided to return the favor.

Reaching forwards, Max stroked up the inside of Cameron's thigh, through his jeans. A subtle shiver ran through Cam's body as Max moved forward. He let both hands rub gently through the denim fabric, sliding sensuously against the smooth, long muscles of Cam's legs. Max looked up to Cameron's brown eyes, barely lit in the semi-darkness of the tent.

"I want to do something first," Max said.

"You're doing well so far," Cameron replied, sighing. "Wicked good!"

"Yeah, but I wanna do something like this," Max said, sliding Cam's zipper down. The older boy groaned as the zipper teased along the sensitive flesh contained behind it. Max opened the snap at the top of Cameron's jeans and reached up to the waistband behind Cameron's back. He teased the skin just under the waistband, drawing his fingertips in small circles.

"Ohhh, you're gonna drive me nuts like that," Cameron sighed, one hand going to Max's mousy brown hair.

"Then I must be doing something right," Max grinned. He slipped his fingers under the waistband and tugged down, slowly. As he went, he revealed a pair of white, silk boxer shorts with an Eeyore print, tented out with the presence of Cameron's excitement. "Oh, now isn't this ironic?" Max said, looking up to Cameron's eyes.

"I've always liked Eeyore. He was kinda down a lot, but he was comfortable with it."

"Are you comfortable with this?" Max asked mischievously. And he ducked his head forward and kissed the front of Cameron's boxers. Cameron moaned as he felt Max's lips outlining his cock through his boxers.

"Oh, god, it's been so long since anyone touched me," Cameron said, his breathing quickening. "So very long."

"Yes, it is," Max teased, his hands stroking up the back of Cam's legs, tracing zig-zags on his buttocks and hips through the sheer fabric of the boxer shorts. He replaced his lips on Cam's straining cock, feeling it move under him, its heat, and its weight. "Much bigger than mine. I'm almost jealous."

"Well, you can have all of it tonight," Cam rasped.

"I'm scared again," Max said. "Will it be too big?"

"Don't worry about it," Cameron said. "I wont hurt you."

"I want to know what it's gonna be like."


"Will you let me do you first?" Max asked, suddenly realizing that his own straining erection was desperate for some attention as well.

"If you want," Cameron replied. "I will show you what to do, when you are ready."

"Good," Max said, grinning back. "In the mean time," he began and then slipped open the fly in Cameron's boxers, popping open buttons. Cam's hard, hot penis slipped out, standing out proud and tight as Max freed it from its confinement. Max had never seen it, or any other cock, up close before. He stared at it, mesmerized.

Cameron's cock was long, thin and angled to the left, slightly. Max reached out and gripped it with his hand, barely able to get his small hand completely around it, stroking back the foreskin. A few veins stood out against the smooth, hot skin and Max felt the spongy underside distend against his fingers. The tip barely peeked out of the tight foreskin and Max slid it back and forth. Cameron sighed, his hands sliding into Max's hair, massaging his scalp.

"Can I?" Max asked, looking up at Cameron's face.

"Oh, god, yes!" Cameron said, huskily. "Please?"

Max slid his hand further down, to the base of Cameron's cock, his fingers brushing against the curly pubic hairs that crept out of Cam's boxers. Smiling up at Cameron, Max blew gently against the exposed cock head, teasing Cam with hard, cold puffs of air. He licked the head, tentatively. The taste of sweat and skin broke across Max's tongue, and he pushed his head forward, engulfing the end of Cameron's dick with his mouth. It filled his mouth, pressing against his tongue and palate at the same time. Max kept his teeth back, putting biting pressure on Cameron with his lips alone.

"Oh, Maxy," Cameron said, rolling his head back. Max opened his mind and felt Cameron's pleasure flood his own body. He nearly stopped applying pressure, feeling his own nerves mimicking Cam's. It was intense and it drove Max on. He slobbered on Cameron's cock, feeling it move in his mouth as he began slow back and forth motions of his head.

Max felt his own heart beat shoot through his chest as he kept moving his mouth on Cameron, occasionally altering his suction, his lip pressure, his speed as he felt Cam's excitement. His own body felt as though it were on fire, straining, still trapped in his clothes. His hands clutched tightly at Cam's butt, driving the older boy forward on strokes. He felt himself rising closer to climax, even as he felt Cameron's cock swell in his mouth.

"Oh Max! I'm gonna…..gonna….Ahhhhhh!" Cam shouted, his whole body vibrating. He cast his head back, his fingers curling in Max's hair, grinding. Max felt himself go over the plunge with Cameron, his own cock twitching in unison with Cam's release.

A hot gush of cum surged into Max's mouth, catching him totally by surprise. He choked for a second and then swallowed, almost on instinct trying to clear his airway. Max pulled his mouth off Cameron's cock, although he kept his fingers wrapped tightly around the base, feeling every pulse and throb as Cam fired off two dribbling spurts, decorating Max's forearm and neck with silky, white drops. Cam continued to shudder for a few minutes, eventually dropping to his knees. Max released Cameron's cock and fell backwards, his own orgasm sending twitching pulses through his thighs. Cameron lay forward, his right arm draping over Max's collarbone.

"Was," Max asked, gulping air, "was that right?"

"You need to ask?" Camerion returned, giggling. "That was awesome, Maxy. It's never been that strong before. I thought my spine was gonna break in half, I came so hard."

"I'm glad you liked it. It was my first time."

"I'll have to return the favor some time," Cam said back, sleepily.

"I'll have your people call my people," Max joked back. Cameron's giggles became a loud, barking laugh, infectious.

"We'll do lunch," Cam called back, smiling into the night.

"Maybe next time I'll finish all of my reward, then," Max said. "I didn't think it would go off like that."

"Live and learn, Maxy." Cameron looked over and kissed Max's face, tickling down towards his ear with his tongue. "Thank you."

"You're welcome….but don't think we're done yet!"

"How's the scared?"

"Still there. But not as strong as before. I saw the look on your face as you came and a lot of the scared went away."

"I love you," Cameron said, reaching over to kiss Max, and changing his position, taking Max into his arms.

"Oh good, me too," Max said, snuggling into Cameron's arms. "You know, we're gonna get really sweaty if we keep our clothes on."

"Heheheh, I guess so," Cameron said. "I can barely move right now, though. I need a few minutes before I can do anything."

"I still didn't finish opening my birthday present," Max said, grinning and licking at Cam's neck and chin. "You taste salty already."

"Yeah, but you taste better. All clean and damp." Cameron leaned forward and nuzzled at Max's ear. "And salty too."

They lay in the near dark for several minutes, occasionally licking and kissing and nuzzling each other, floating on the afterglow high. Max was beginning to get anxious again, thinking about what Cameron wanted to do, what he was imagining even as they lay together. Fear of the unknown, of pain filled him and warred with his own desire.

"Hey! You alright in there?" Cameron asked.

"Yeah, just thinking."

"Dangerous, that," Cam answered back. "Thinking about what?"

"I'll tell you in a little bit." Max closed his eyes and rolled over in Cam's arms, feeling the older boy shift behind him, spooning, his half hard penis pressing up against the seat of Max's jeans from behind. Max tried to relax against the soft, yet firm cock riding just behind him, and tried to ignore his trepidation.

"Hey!" Cam called out, stroking the ground facing edge of Max's collar bone.

"Hey, what?" Max called back, rolling his head to turn an ear towards Cam. They were both almost whispering in the quiet of the tent.

"Hey, I love you."

"I love you, too," Max returned, smiling as Cam nuzzled the back of Max's head.

They lay together for several minutes, listening to the crickets sing a short song about the temperature outside the tent, accompanied by the flow of the river in its gentle, rock bound course. Max suddenly sat up, startling Cameron slightly and peeled his shirt off, whipping it over his head and piling it near the pillows.

"No show?" Cameron asked, playfully.

"I was just getting sweaty's all," Max replied, then he turned and hurled himself at Cameron, chest to chest. They struggled briefly, play wrestling. Max lifted the hem of Cam's shirt, sticking his head underneath. He pressed his face against Cam's trim belly and blew a sloppy, wet kiss against Cam's navel. They both laughed at the fluttering fart sound and collapsed into a fit of hysterics.

"Well that was different," Cam said, running his fingers down Max's back, between his shoulder blades. "You just tensed," Cam noticed. "You're very strong, huh?"

"Mike says it's a sport thing. You do enough sports all year round, your body just gets tougher, stronger."

"Yeah, well, are you gonna unwrap the rest of your birthday present, my strong lover-boy?"

Max pulled his head out from under Cam's shirt and leaned over Cam's face, his arms trapping on either side of Cam's head. A halo of shadowy strands marked Cam's hair in the low light of the tent, and Max thought for a moment that Cam looked like he was poured up from the darkness, up from the Earth itself. For some reason, Max thought back to the Winnie the Pooh stories he had so loved as a toddler.

"Are we going too fast?"


"Huh, nothing! Are we going too fast. I mean, I know it was my idea to come up here tonight, but…."

"Am I pushing you to do anything you don't want to do?" Cam asked, and it sounded more like Cam was half afraid that it was the truth.

"No, I just….I mean, I love being like this," Max said, kissing Cam on the tip of the nose. "And I love being with you, more and more, I think."

"Oh good," Cam teased. "I was afraid you were just using me for my body," he smirked.

"Ughn!" Max cried, throwing a light, playful punch to Cameron's shoulder. "You know what I mean. Stop trying to make fun of me for a minute and hear me out."

"Okay, okay. I'd hate to feel your wrath if you were really upset."

"I was just, I dunno….The scared still has a lot to do with it. But, we only just got together in this….um…"


"No, not the tent. I mean this us. The Us us. I don't have the words to make sense of it," Max admitted.

"Relationship?" Cam offered.

"I guess that word fits, huh? But it's kinda a dead word too. I mean, my dad's bank has a 'relationship' with him."

"Why don't we just figure it out as we go. This is kinda uncharted territory for both of us, you know?"

"Well, at least I'm not alone, and going crazy thinking I am," Max said, smiling. "Hey!"

"Hey, what?" Cam replied, grinning up at Max.

"Hey, I love you. So tell me what I have to do."

"You really want to do this?"

"I'll be less afraid of you doing it to me if I do it to you first. I know it sounds childish but…."

"No, it's okay. I just didn't think that you'd want to do anything that way."

"Is that wrong? I mean, is there a certain way it goes and only that way. Only one of us gets to be the fucker and not the fuckee?"

Cameron burst out in a short bark of laughter, unable to contain himself. "Fuckee?!" he cried back. "Oh, that's precious."

"Are you making fun of me again?"

"No, nononono," Cam said, trying to regain control. "I just never heard it put quite that way before. It sounds so, idunno, legal."

"Well, is that how it is?"

"It is exactly how we want it to be," Cameron said, his hands massaging Max's shoulders. "If you want to do me, then I'll tell you exactly how it has to go. But you have to undress me first. And then I get to undress you."

"I already have my shirt off," Max smiled.

"Yes, I can see that," Cam said, and he lifted his head up and licked at one of Max's nipples. "And you taste wonderful."

"Oh, do that again. It moved!"

"Not until you undress me."

"Oh, okay, deal." Max said, again lifting the hem of Cameron's shirt. He leaned back, his legs straddling across Cam's hips as he drew the shirt up Cam's chest. Cameron leaned forward and lifted his arms, helping free the sleeves. Max pulled the shirt off Cam's head, trailing Cam's medium length brown hair. Max used his hands to comb the longish strands of dark brown back from Cam's face.

"I like it when you do that," Cameron said, leaning into Max's hands.

"Yeah, well, how about those Reebok's, buster?" Max said, reaching back to untie Cam's sneakers. They came off easily and soon were tossed into a corner of the tent, so they wouldn't get in the way.

"Now for the tough part," Cam sighed. "How to get the pants off while you stay riding me like a pony."

"I guess for that operation, I'll just have to get off the horse," Max said, leaning forwards and backwards several times, feeling Cameron's excitement rise. Max stood up over Cam, dragging one of Cam's legs up by grabbing the hem edge as he stood. He reached down and collected the other hem and lifted roughly, surging upwards. Cam's jeans slipped off, revealing his Eeyore boxers.

"Do the last with your teeth," Cam nearly begged. Max tossed the jeans up at Cam's head and dropped to his knees. He brought his lips up to the waistband and kissed the top of the underwear, then took the band firmly in his lips and began a long, slow pull down Cam's legs.

As the waistband passed over the dark brown curls of Cam's pubic hair, his cock sprang up, fully erect. It was nearly flat against his belly, standing out at a slight angle. Max wiggled his head as he continued to draw the boxers down, his hair brushing against the distended underside of Cam's dick.

"Tease me!" Cam urged as Max moved further down Cam's legs.

"In a minute," Max said around a mouthful of underwear waistband. He finally got the boxers down to Cam's ankles and then pulled them off with his hands. He quickly gathered the underwear and snapped it up at Cam's face like an elastic band.

"Hey! No jock strapping! This isn't gym!"

"Sorry, Eeyore. I wont do it again."

"I'll bet not!" Cam replied with mock indignation. "I'll have your ammunition supply before long."

Max stood over Cam. "Okay, your turn," the younger boy said, taking deep breaths. Cam leaned up and brought his hands to the top of Max's jeans, and he carefully opened the button at the top of the fly. His hands were soft and warm and strong all at once as they pulled down the zipper, keeping pressure against as much of Max's body as possible. Once the zipper ran out of tracks, Cam peeled Max's tight jeans off like an orange, teasing them down and over his hips, past the slight bulge of his butt, and down his thighs to his knees, where the jeans seemed to puddle at Max's feet.

"I seem to have forgotten about your shoes," Cam said, grinning like an idiot.

"Well, duh!" Max countered, playfully. "Dawn breaks on Marblehead."

"Oh well, I guess I have to do it this way," Cam said, and he pulled Max's legs, hard. Max came down on his rump, hard and was forced to roll onto his back as Cam lifted his legs high.

"Jerk!" Max yelled, giggling.

"Tit for tat," Cameron replied, slipping off Max's Sketchers.

"Okay, I know where my tits are, but where is my tat?"

"Wiseass!" Cam cracked back. The jeans came off next, finding a resting place next to Max's shirt. "Last bit's last," Cam said, moving forward on his knees. "Stand up, please, sir!"

"Certainly!" Max replied, smiling wildly. "But you have to use your teeth, too."

"You drive a hard bargain," Cam droned dryly. Max's erection had returned and was tenting out his boxer-briefs. "Turn around," Cameron instructed. Max turned his back on the older boy and felt him nibbling at the back of the waistband. Try as he might, Cam could get no purchase on the waistband, however. So he brought his mouth lower and teasingly bit into the center of Max's butt cheeks, pulling down.

Max gasped as he felt Cam's hot breath against his butt crack. It was an almost electric turn on, and Max had to resist the urge to follow Cam's face down, just to keep that airy, hot and moist sensation near his most private place. The waistband snapped down around his small, engorged cock, and it sprang up to attention, riding his belly like a steeplechase racer riding his horse.

"You may step out," Cameron said, spitting Max's underwear out onto the pile beside the pillows. Max stepped out and turned around, only to find that Cam was now about face level with his cock.

"Hi there," Cameron said. "Been a while since I saw you," he joked, eyeing Max's cock.

"What do we do now?" Max asked, his hand reaching out to touch Cam's face.

"Well, I want to do this face to face. We can try other ways later, but…." And this time Cameron blushed. "But I want to be able to kiss you, to watch your face as you cum."

A fragment of another time Max had heard Cameron say almost that same phrase instantly sprang to mind. He quickly banished that thought from his head, however, hoping to put to right that dreadful mistake.

"You're not scared?"

"No. It might hurt at first, but after a while….it's almost better than jacking off."


"Well, sometimes it is better," Cameron said. "You'll see."

"Okay. So, what do I do?"

"Well, first, kiss me. Like you mean it." Max licked his lips and pushed himself into Cam's arms, their lips brushing gently a few times before the more passionate, probing tongue kisses began. Cam slowly eased himself backwards, drawing Max with him. The older boy lay down on his back and reached to Max's young cock. He slid Max's foreskin back and forth, slowly, with massaging pressure from one hand, while his other rolled teasing fingertips against Max's smooth scrotum.

They broke the kiss, each seeking air, but staying near each other, mouths open and gasping for air. "Now," Cam said, between gasping breaths, "now you need to start loosening me."

"How? Oh god that feels good. You're gonna make me cum too soon."

"Just keeping you ready for me, Maxy," Cam grinned, rolling his forehead against Max's. "Take your finger and try to push it into my butt."

"Ewww, that's gross!"

"Not as gross as you think. It will be tough to get inside, but you have to try to get at least two fingers into me."

"Will it hurt you?"

"A little, my love. But it wont hurt for long. If it's too tough, you can use some of the stuff in the bag over there," Cam said, inclining his head towards the small, plastic Fuel-Up! bag in the corner of the tent, near where Cam's shoes awaited.

"What's in there?"

"Some hand moisturizer cream"

"What'll that do?"

"It'll make it slippery, easier to squeeze into me. Easier to squeeze into you later."

"Should I get it now and just use it to help loosen you?" Max asked.

Cam smiled. "Probably a good idea."

Max quickly had a finger's worth of the moisturizer and brought it down to Cameron's hole. He eased forward, watching intently. Cam had his feet spread far apart, his knees bent, as Max pushed his index finger against Cameron's rear entrance.

Cam winced as the finger struck the center of his anus, and his body shivered. "Did I hurt you?" Max asked, suddenly very concerned. The younger boy was positively quivering with excitement and worry.

"No," Cam replied. "It's cold, that's all."

"Oh, okay," Max said. "Here we go again," he announced as a warning.

Max pushed in, finding that the center muscle was tough to get past with his finger. He got just the tip in and twisted it about, trying to get the hand cream all around. "Like this?" Max asked. Cam groaned and nodded, his mouth going flat as he bit his lips together. Max gently pushed in further and felt his finger being squeezed from all sides. "It's really tight back here."

"Supposed to be," Cam grunted. "Okay, push in deeper, just one finger, and wiggle it." Max applied more pressure, forcing his finger in steadily. Cam grunted and pushed down with his anal muscles. Max could barely move his finger until Cam stopped pushing, and then it seemed to almost suck in deeper.

"Wow! It's in there really deep," Max exclaimed, wiggling his finger.

"Yeah! That's it!" Cam sighed. Max kept wiggling his finger, feeling Cameron start to loosen up around his finger.

"So, I'm doing it right?"

"Oh, god, Maxy. You have no idea….ughn!" Cam said, and his cock dribbled out a few drops of pre-cum. Max was transfixed at the sight. I made him do that! Max thought. Wow!

"Put in two fingers now. I'm almost ready for you," Cam managed to say, his voice low and guttural.

Max slowly eased out his finger and brought the middle finger up next to it. He slowly reinserted into Cameron, feeling almost the same resistance as before. Again, Cam pressed out and Max found that he was pressed up to his knuckles into Cam's butt. He wiggled again, and felt the older boy's sphincter start to loosen, it's dogged resistance gradually becoming a simple, steady pressure as he massaged the anal muscle from the inside.

"Okay….Okay, now….press straight up towards my belly, from inside. Oh god….Yes, that's the spot Maxy….do you feel that spot?"

"This?" Max asked, rubbing a small knot of flesh through the wall of Cameron's lower intestine. Cameron howled in pleasure, the anal muscle spasming on Max's fingers.

"Ah, yeah, stop it a minute. Oh god, I'd forgotten what that was like," Cam panted. His chest was heaving, and he was sweating profusely. "What you just had your fingers on is called the prostate. It's where all the action is. It feels mad awesome if you massage it right, and a dick in the ass is just about perfect shape and size for that."

"So, I should put my dick in there?"

"Yessss, oh god. Just put it in and keep hitting that spot you were touching with your fingers. Put some cream on your dick so it slides in easier."

Max quickly lubed his stiff pole, highly excited that he had been making Cam whine and moan just from the power of his fingers. His fear was evaporating, but his excitement was only growing. He positioned himself behind Cam and tried to push his cock into Cam's asshole. After a few false starts, he figured out the angle and pushed against the center of Cam's hole. Cam lifted his legs up and put them on Max's shoulders. Max repositioned himself and found the access much easier this time and he pushed.

It didn't take Max long to get inside. The outer muscle struggled, but Max's penis was thin and small, and it didn't have to force the opening far apart to gain entrance. Cam let out a protracted sigh as Max entered, going all the way in.

The sensation was suddenly overwhelming. His cock was surrounded by flaming hot, silky muscle, tickled by every pulsebeat in Cam's body. Max let out a wordless cry of sensory oblivion as he bottomed out in Cam, his balls coming to rest between Cam's clenched butt cheeks.

"Wait!" Cam said, his hands gripping Max at the sides. "Just….ughn!...just give me a minute to adjust. Oh, god, Maxy, the tip is right on my prostate. I can count your heartbeat."

"I feel so hot!" Max said, his eyes tearing up. "And it's like you're gripping me with your whole body in there."

"I sorta am, ughnn! Oh, that's awesome, Maxy. You feel so good!"

"So do you," Max gasped back. "Hey!"

"Hey, what?" Cam smiled, squeezing with his internal muscles.

"Hey, I love you," Max called back, feeling Cam's clenching action.

"Well, then get ready for something you'll never forget. Start pumping your cock in me, Maxy. Grab my hips. Make me feel you move!"

Max needed no more permission. He started thrusting into Cam, at first unsure of the angle and the hip motion. After a few solid pumps, and one time falling out of Cam, Max managed to establish a rhythm. He had never felt anything like it before. Even his first masturbation seemed like a kiddie ride compared to fucking Cameron. The heat pulled at his blood, drawing more heat from him. His skin felt electric, sliding on his foreskin and the silky hot muscles just inside Cameron's butt.

And Cameron's face was practically glowing. His eyes were ringed with sweat, and his neck was red and flushed. Max bent over Cam and managed to lick at his chest, his shoulders and his rock hard nipples, but the height difference was too great for Max to be able to kiss Cam. He had to satisfy himself on watching as Cameron went through an orgasm as he pumped away from above. Max kept up a steady fucking motion, trying to keep his cockhead on target, constantly striking Cameron's prostate.

Cam's first orgasm under Max shot gobs of spunk up onto Max's belly and as far as Cam's chest. Max kept pounding away, nearly taking Cameron to another orgasm when his own struck. He twitched inside Cam, his penis trapped as it swelled and tried to pump out what Max didn't have yet. He collapsed on top of Cameron, feeling Cam's arms enfold him in a sweaty, breathless embrace. They lay together for nearly ten minutes, Max's small cock sliding out of Cam's butt as they rested.

"That was incredible, Cam," Max said at length. "I never knew it could feel like that."

"You shoulda felt it from this end. You were awesome. You kept hitting the right spot, just perfectly."

"You were afraid I wouldn't be long enough, weren't you?" Max asked, but without making it an accusation.

"I'll have to remember to give you more credit, lover," Cam replied. "Thank you," he said, slurping on the side of Max's face. Max shifted around so that he could kiss Cam properly, relishing the heat of their bodies pressed close together. They traded spit for a few minutes and then settled down, their hearts slowing back to normal. Max lay limp against Cam, arms and legs cascading down either side of the older boy as they rode out the afterglow together.

After nearly half an hour of just snuggling, punctuated by the occasional bout of giggles for no reason, Max decided that the time had come. And he decided that this would not only be perfect, since he now knew what to expect, but that he would link with Cameron and share the feelings, both ways. He reached out with his mind and found Cam still drifting, almost wordlessly. His body sense was the kind of hot that indicates rapid cooling, a sort of comfortable descent from the scalding temperature they had felt before.


"Are you talking to me? Eeyore's gone right now. I'm more like Bugs Bunny right now."

"How's that? Long-eared, fluffy-butted, wisecracking, carrot fiend?"

"Oh, hah-hah, very funny. It is to laugh," Cameron replied.

"Heheheh, you know what I mean."

"What is it, Maxy," cam said, amidst a flutter of kisses.

"The scared lost to the want."

Cam rolled Max to his side, still holding him tightly. "Are you sure, Maxy. It might hurt your first time. I mean, I'm a lot bigger than you are."

"I know. I also know that you love me and that you loved it when I did you, so I want you to do me….I want you to make love to me."

Cameron's smile lit up the tent brighter than the electric lantern. "I do love you, Maxy. More than life itself."

"I know, Eeyore." Max said, turning under Cameron, drawing his head down for a long kiss, his tongue seeming to tease the entrance to Cam's mouth, drawing him into a more dominant position. Cam resonded, his hand going up to caress Max's neck and chest, even as his spare hand brought over the hand cream. They tongue wrestled for several minutes, Max's hands sliding against Cam's back, this thighs, his sides, shoulders and neck, leaving tracings of small creatures in their travels, raised hairs and skin gone hot to the flash point from the electric stroke of Max's small fingers.

Cam moved above Max, lifting his feet up and resting them on his rounded shoulders. Max felt some of the fear try to make a resurgeance as Cam brought a cold dollop of cream to Max's cleft. The sudden appearance of the cream on his hole made Max shiver involuntarily. His body leapt and tried to avoid the pressure of the finger behind the cream, but his legs were trapped against the side of Cam's neck and his shoulders. Breathing heavily, Max reached out and made the connection between the two of them, although he kept his own sensations strictly to himself.

For the moment.

Cameron kissed Max, deeply, using his lips as a powerful inducement to hold still. Then the finger began its entrance. Max inhaled sharply as the finger began to worm its way past his lower sphincter. The finger felt immensely large, long and powerful, sliding on the slippery cream that Cam had smeared on the younger boy's entrance. Max grunted aloud as Cam slowly pushed, applying greater and greater force.

The first finger penetrated, and Max's body seemed to suddenly explode from the inside out with a burning pain. He suddenly felt like something was trying to split his body in half. He pressed down for a few seconds and then grabbed Cam's shoulder with a vice like hand.

"Stop! Stopstopstop!" Max called out. "It's huge."

"It's just my finger, Maxy. If you want me to stop, just tell me."

"God, it hurts! It wont go in, Cam. It'll rip me open!" Max panted into the darkness, feeling Cam almost in tears above him "I'm scared!" Slowly, with gentle kisses to his neck and cheeks, Cam eased his finger back out, and then simply took Max in his arms, rolling over and letting Max ride above him. Max's body was shaking and he surrendered to the roll, holding tightly around Cameron's neck.

"I told you I'd never do anything to hurt you, my Maxy, and I wont. I wont."

"It just felt so big. And that was only your finger," Max whimpered, his own tears splashing down on Cam's face. "I'm sorry. I panicked. I've never….I mean, it was just so….Oh, Eeyore, I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'm not sorry I met you. I'm not sorry that I can finally say I love you to your face," kiss, "and show you how I feel when we are alone. Don't be ashamed of how you feel, my Maxy. Hide it from the rest of the world if you must, like we have to, but don't be afraid of it. Or of anything else you feel. I'm not afraid of you."

"I know," Max replied, coughing past a wad of phlegm that moved as his tears dried up. "I wanted to do that with you. Still do, ya know? I just….I'm sorry. The scared is still stronger."

"If I try something to help you relax, do you want to try again?"

"I want to. Will it hurt?"

"There are ways to help make the hurt go away, to make it so it doesn't grab you as hard the first time. And since this is your first time, I should have thought about it more."

"Are you angry with me?"

"Why, because you are afraid? Because you don't like to be hurt? Max, I walked around on eggshells for two years on fear of being hurt by telling you. I nearly panicked myself when your brother told me he knew everything and even gave out details."

"Nosir! He didn't say anything about what we did last night, did he?"

"No," Cam said, a little confused.

"Oh, good, cause he didn't know about last night. I never told him that."

"He knew what we were coming up here for, though."

"That's 'cause he and I are really close. I can tell him anything. He helped me straighten out a big mess in my head."

"But you see my point, Maxy. I love you." Cam kissed Max on the nose, lightly. "And I," he began, punctuating each phrase with a different kiss on Max's face and neck, "am willing," kiss, "to wait," kiss, "for you," kiss, "to want me," kiss again, "any way," kiss, "that you want me," with a final kiss to Max's lips.

"Oh, Eeyore," Max said, melting. "I want you so badly. I want you to be for me what I am for you. I want to know that if you're inside me then it's love, not like what happened to you. I want it to be just us." Max rolled off of Cam, again dropping to his back. "And I want you to teach me everything. All that you know, all that you just wanna try, all of it. If you know of a way that might make the scared go away again, I want that. I want you to." Max gazed into Cam's chocolate brown eyes. "I just plain want you, and only you."

Cameron smiled and looked down on Max, hovering over him. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," Max said, near to trembling. "I trust you, Eeyore, but I'm still scared."

"Do you love me?"

"You know I do," Max smiled up, bravely.

"Will you let me help you, will you let me make love to you?" The note of desire in his voice seemed to be almost too much for Max to take. He nodded, not trusting his own voice not to crack.

"Close your eyes," Cam directed and Max obeyed without a second thought. He linked into Cam's senses, everything except his sense of sight, and felt his world shake. That's my body next to his, Max thought. The heat of his own skin matched with that of Camerons, baking the air between them. Already Cam's legs were shiny with perspiration and both of them were damp at the chest, neck and armpits.

Cam moved down Max's body, his fingers teasing as he moved. Tiny circles of touch traced across Max's hips and thighs and belly like figure skaters in complicated, dizzying patterns. The tiny thrills of sparking sensation worked magic on his skin, and he began to relax again. Max sighed in contentment as Cameron moved into the next phase of his seduction.

The tracing fingertips teased their way south along Max's body and focused around his groin. Moving closer to his rigid boyhood, but not quite touching it. Max felt an odd trembling as Cam gently blew against his glans, delicate wisps of pleasure chasing into his spinal column. Max felt himself twitch, and he pulled tautly with his belly muscles to try to bring his dick into contact with some part of Cameron. But Cam was too quick, and continued the teasing attack.

"Move your legs apart," Cam whispered against the skin of Max's thigh. A flutter of soft, light kisses against his right leg helped stimulate Max into action. Sighing loudly, he eased this legs open, rolling the knees outwards. Cameron continued kissing on Max's thighs, working the instep side and the back, kissing as far down as Max's knees.

"Is this the part where you kiss me all over?" Max asked, his voice light, but his breath starting to become deeper, his voice husky. Cam's excitement was growing as well, and Max rode the tide of both heartbeats.

Cam suddenly moved up from kissing the back of Max's left knee to right up on his crotch, his hot breath tickling Max's scrotum, soft and sagging now in the heat of the tent and the moment. Max inhaled sharply as he felt Cam take one, then both of his testicles into his mouth. It was so sudden, so erotic, and so surprising, that Max nearly felt himself cum again. He moaned loudly as Cameron applied pressure to his small nuts, using his silky tongue to roll them and squish them gently against the unyielding, ribbed surface of his upper palate. Cameron plopped one of Max's small balls out and concentrated on just the one he still possessed, still had total command of. He applied suction, taking Max to the point of pain, but releasing him again before rolling the sensitive gonad to feel the air again. Cameron changed to the other testicle and repeated his masticulations, again bringing Max to a point he had never felt before. He nibbled on the now tightening scrotum as Max moaned above.

"Oh, Cam! Oh, that's awesome!" Max panted out, starting to feel his own breath coming in gasps and groans.

Cam wasn't finished yet, though. His hands moved in, even as his mouth was working Max's young nut sack. He began with a gentle massaging action to the back of Max's thighs, right up near the outward arc of his buttocks. His fingers covered a wide swath of Max's skin, sliding up to the inside of his thighs, up over his hips, his belly and his chest, but they mainly focused on his lower anatomy. Max shivered as he felt one hand working the outside of one thigh from the knee to the crest of his hip bone, while the other kneaded away at the smooth skin just inches from his back door.

"Oh, I want to do this to you one day," Max whispered, not sure if Cameron heard him or not. "I'm starting to feel like warm jello!"

Cam's mouth was hot and breathy against Max's belly an instant before the older boy took things to the next level. He brought his mobile lips down on the mobile head of Max's cock. He kissed the partly distended underside, going first down towards Max's retracting scrotum and then up, pausing briefly to nibble as the ruffle of skin where the foreskin gathered just shy of the glans. Max tried to grind his hips up, to get more skin on skin with Cameron, but the older boy was in control this time.

Max let his hands drift up to Cam's head, twining his fingers about in the dark, silky hair, thick with oils now in the heat of their love making. He wanted to open his eyes, watch what Cam was doing, but he trusted Cam. Implicitly. Whatever the older boy had in mind, Max needed to let him do.

But that doesn't mean I can't help out, Max thought to himself. He fought his own senses for a moment, enough time to gather his wits and attain a body focus, although not nearly with as much energy as he had used that morning at Rocky Fen.

Strangely enough, that morning seemed like decades ago to Max. God, I hope life doesn't always go so fast, he thought. Some things are better taken slowly. Feeling himself prepared for the body focus, max gently eased power into it.

And nearly exploded with the sensations. His senses burned, alive in ways he never knew. Every casual stroke from Cameron's hands was like liquid fire poured directly into his nerves. Each butterfly kiss was like a bomb, each time Cam's flesh left Max's for any reason was like a sudden onset of winter after a long, hot autumn. He heard every raspy gasp of his own voice, and the constant nasal sounds of Cameron's lungs grasping air, hauling it into his lungs and forcing it out again. His heartbeat and Cameron's were beating nearly in perfect synchronization, and after just a few seconds of being under both Cam's ministrations and the body focus, that clicked into place as well.

Without even realizing it was happening, Max began to feel the waves of pleasure shove him over the edge. He started screaming out loud, calling Cam's name over and over, bucking up to meet Cam's mouth as the older boy enveloped him. Max came hard, feeling the muscles in his belly, his thighs, his calves, even muscles in his chest and along his rib cage contract in an almost violent orgasm. He curled his fingers tightly in Cam's hair and felt his own toes make dense fists of his feet. It seemed to stretch out for several seconds, and during that time, Cam switched his hands down to underneath Max's hips, lifting him and massaging the upper slopes of his butt cheeks.

The potent orgasm passed, but Max could still feel Cam working him over. His cockhead was on fire from the sensations, still rock hard and pressed deep into Cam's mouth. He felt small tremors of pleasure still trickling up his spinal cord and consciously un-bowed his back and neck.

One of Cam's fingers had managed to gain entrance to Max's sphincter in that time. Max didn't even realize it at first. All of his muscles were slack now that the orgasm had passed and Cam had managed to slip a finger in. Gently, the finger was wiggling, doing a subtle battle with the powerful anal muscle. Max struggled with his fear, nearly losing his body focus. No! he told himself. Cam needs this. I need this. I will not be afraid of my Eeyore!

Cam's face left Max's cock and moved slowly up his body, trailing a tongue and kiss path over his hips, across, in and around his navel and up to his nipples, taut and tiny in the heat. Max kept his hands relaxed yet in place on Cameron's head, occasionally massaging his lover's temples, his ears, the base of his neck, all through his hair, even tracing his jaw. The sweat of their exertions slickened Cam's skin, making Max's movements slippery and enticing.

"Oh, Eeyore, that was awesome…..I lo…." Max started to say, but had to simply moan instead as Cam's mouth found his and they locked together in a timeless kiss. All the while, Cam kept his finger, no now fingers, working away at Max's hole. One hand was slowly getting a second finger into place, gently winning the battle with Max's anal band, while the other one gently prodded the soft skin of Max's perineum. He felt the odd pleasure and pressure that Cam was exerting and somehow felt his butt muscles responding, loosening. Relaxing.

With a will of iron, Max concentrated on his own anal muscles. His body focus was still light and all his senses were wide screaming open. He wanted to help Cameron, he wanted to help himself over come his own fear.

"How's the scared now?" Cameron asked as he breathed hot on Max's shoulder and neck. Max let one hand drift off of Cam's shoulder, flowing down his body, over his hip and to his firm cock, still hard after all this time, riding almost against Max's side. The older boy's legs were far apart as he leaned over Max, one of Max's knees between them, and Max had open access to Cam's cock. He began a languid, slow pumping rhythm of Cam's foreskin enshrouded penis, in time with the slow, deliberate motions of Cam's hands on Max's hole.

"What scared?" Max said, feeling his breath fill Cam's ear. The brush of Cam's hair against his skin was almost enough to send him up into another orgasmic height, especially with the body focus on. Max concentrated briefly and forced the muscles of his back entrance to loosen. Almost without warning, Cam's fingers shot inside and bumped a spot not far from Max's prostate.

Again Max felt the power of an orgasm beyond belief rush through him. He gripped Cam's cock tightly as his back jumped under Cam's touch. It didn't last longer than two breaths, but it was enough to push Max's body focus totally off. His senses resumed normal clarity, although his body still felt Cam's hands at work. The muscles were almost fully relaxed now and Cameron grunted something into the darkness. Not hearing, not caring, not even feeling as though he could breath, Max agreed with a simple head nod.

Suddenly the world opened up in an explosion of light and sensation inside Max's head. He felt a comfortable weight on top of him, but more importantly, he could feel something inside of him. Something huge and powerful, long, lean and strong, arcing up inside his deepest, most secret place. And it didn't hurt anymore. In fact, it felt….he didn't have the words to describe it.

Max whimpered in the darkness, somehow the battery powered camp lamp had been knocked over as they thrashed through Max's last orgasm. His eyes popped open to see Cameron above him, holding much of his weight over max on his powerful arms. Max let his own hands drift up to touch just above Cam's elbows, pinned as he was under Cameron's solid cock.

"Hey!" Cameron called down as their eyes met. Max smiled, knowing what was coming next.

"Hey, what?"

"Hey, I'm inside you. Does it hurt?"

"No. It feels….so full," Max said, cringing as he felt an internal muscle twitch against Cam's dick. "You're right above it, you know. I mean that top vein halfway down on the top side, it's pressing right against that spot. I can feel your heartbeat through it. It's awesome Eeyore!"

"Say that again," Cam begged. "Please?!"

"Eeyore?" Max asked, rewarded by a subtle movement above him. A shock of pleasure invaded his bowels as Cam moved slightly. "Oh, Eeyore!" Max exclaimed. He tried to raise his hips up to meet Cam's movements, but he felt totally exhausted. "Oh Cam, that's incredible!" Max grunted.

Cam began in earnest, starting with slow, short strokes, but his tempo and his power increased. Soon he was making rapid, deep thrusts into Max's body, the younger boy's head twitching back and forth as the sexual quivers ran through him, over him and penetrated him to the core.

Max linked with Cam again, this time without even trying to, and felt the doubling of sensations as Cam neared release. Max decided that after all the waiting and aggravation he had put Cam through, after all the slow gentleness and affection he had shown, that Cam deserved this to be the most powerful orgasm of his life. Max opened his link to Cam wider and let his own excitement and feelings wash into Cam's mind. Together they ground hips against each other, Cam's whole length sliding back and forth against Max's prostate, sending him shivers like never before.

"Cum for me, Eeyore!" Max cried out. "Harder, harder!"

Cam pounded into Max, his eyes nearly glazed over as he drove hard and fast into the boy beneath him. His low moaning became a near high pitched squealing as he reached the edge, his sweat and tears blending and dripping down onto Max. Two years of pent up frustration, emotion and fear gushed out of Cam, pumping as his heart kept pace, as his cock voided inside Max, deeply. They rode the doubled sensations of Cam's orgasm, Max climaxing seconds before and still gasping as Cam focused on a few hyper sensitive thusts, even as he began to go soft.

Cam collapsed, his arms giving out as he felt the sex high take him. Max gripped him tightly, arms and legs, keeping Cam's softening dick inside for as long as possible. They lay in an embrace for a while, chests heaving together. Cam smiled and looked over at Max, whose eyes had closed in a dreamy look of ultimate bliss. "Hey!"

*Hey, what?* Max mouthed back and accidentally thought-sent directly to Cam's mind. He didn't want that sensation of closeness between them to fade just yet, but he also knew he needed to be careful.

"Hey, I love you! That was awesome, Maxy. How do you feel?'

"I feel….very tired. I don't think I've ever cum that hard or that many times before."

"How's your back end?"

Max opened his eyes and locked his gaze on Cameron's brown soul orbs. "With you inside me, it feels mad wicked awesome!" he grinned. "I love you Eeyore."

"I love you, my Maxy," Cam said, licking at Max's throat. In the darkness, they held each other, cuddling. Cam released Max only long enough to turn off the camp lamp and pull the edge of sleeping bag covers over them both. Still holding each other, still drifting on a delicious high, they fell into a deep, coma-like sleep, exhausted and dreaming of each other.

Many miles away, in the dark of the night above, a signal passed between several satellites at once, cross referencing readings and then sharing them with a computer located many, many miles away. A screen in a dark room lit by similarly flickering screens showed the combination of the satellites' dance of information, alerting the man watching the screen. The data was so significant that the man actually spit out his coffee in surprise, standing and reaching for a dedicated phone.

The message was passed, mouth to ear and across electronic pathways so dense and secure that few even thought they could possibly exist. It reached a man who sat behind a large oak desk, even so late at night The man picked up his phone, grunted a reply and set the phone back down. He hastily made up his mind concerning the contingencies he had available and set a plan of action into motion.

It had all been so efficient, so matter of fact. But the satellites were rarely so accurate as this. They had nearly two hours of continuous data to call on, however. They had tracked the new signal to its source, within a few scant centimeters. Now it was time to see about getting that signal's generator into custody.

Conrad sat back down at his desk, fairly sure that his plan would, if nothing else, allow him to make further necessary plans. Best case scenario, the young telepath that was fairly broadcasting his presence with the power of a thousand lighthouse beacons would be careless or unawares of what was happening and be an easy capture. Worse case….well, Conrad knew that there were many variations on worst case, but he would easily be about to deal with most of those. He had done so many times in the past. So many, many times. But in his dark heart, he hoped that he could trust the locals for a live capture, with little trouble. A live specimen was so much more informative than a well preserved dead one.

In the dark distance of the night, the satellites continued to orbit and observe the signal down below, recording the continuous outpouring of psychic energy for the next three hours. And in that time, machinations other than just the satellites themselves rushed forwards. Like the inevitable hands of time, or the merciless simplicity of a mouse trap, they watched and coordinated and monitored, all the while.

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