Educating Max

by D'Artagnon

Chapter 2 - Leashing the Beast

Max awoke with the sun, feeling his head throbbing. He rolled out of bed and stretched himself awake. The alarm clock beside his bed wouldn't kick over for another twenty minutes or so, but he still wanted to get up and get started. His life had changed completely since he had become aware of his telepathy. And now, just a day after accidentally flexing his powers to their 13 year old limits, he felt that he could start almost from scratch. Fresh.

He stood and stretched some more, feeling his young erection press deeply against his boxer-briefs. Morning wood was no longer just the inconvenience it once was. Now he remembered snippets of dreams he had the night before. Dreams where at several points dirty little things happened to him. Him and Cam.

Max hopped into the shower and let the warm water stream over him. It was a morning ritual to just let the steam and flow of the shower head rouse him to life. He lazily grabbed a bottle of shampoo and began to ease the clearish green liquid into a lather on his scalp. As he was washing his hair out, he suddenly realized that the usual clatter of voices was no longer intruding on his morning thoughts. He focused on that for a moment, the silence in his own head and smiled. Already he had learned to block out the stray thoughts of a closely packed neighborhood. He felt eager to learn everything his brother had to teach him about their shared gift.

He showered quickly and got dressed, his thoughts constantly turning to the things that he had glimpsed were possible in Cam's mind. The things that suddenly he wanted to try. As a budding telepath, Max was learning to accept the blessing and the curse that his abilities gave him. Chief among those was the secrecy of the individual mind, and his own ability to now completely lay open any given mind and see what lay inside. Test answers, true feelings, and even the detection of lies were his gifts, his birth rights. Yet with that massive ability came the burden of being able to hear so many thoughts at once, to literally be the only one drowned out in a silent crowd. And also the knowledge that his sudden ability to perceive the deepest secrets and most casual thoughts of others left him in a position of having to maintain an appearance of not knowing. Secrets had a way of causing troubles, as he had found out. Exposing secrets that weren't fully understood was just as dangerous a thing as secrets in the first place.

Max gathered his books and trotted down the steps, to find his elder brother, Michael, waiting at the kitchen table, draining a cup of coffee. Michael was a tall, well built senior, respected as a student athlete and a leader, although lately, Max was beginning to suspect that part of Michael's leadership ability came from his own telepathic prowess. They attended the same school, Canterbury Junior/Senior High, even though they were so far apart in age. Michael was a senior, and Max was a lowly seventh grader, attending his first year at the junior high school. Still, they were close, especially lately, now that Max had finally come into his telepathic powers.

Michael looked up as Max got into the kitchen and pointed to a tray of coffee cakes and a glass of orange juice.

"Eat up, we have some training to do before school," Michael said.

"Aw, Mike I'm still tired from last night. I don't think I have enough juice to even pass a note," Max protested.

"No excuses. Last night something nearly went terribly wrong. You need to leash the Beast before you seriously hurt someone, or yourself."

"C'mon!" Max whined and then Michael sent a stark, vivid image into Max's public mind. An image of Cameron, a boy Max was beginning to have strong feelings for, lying hurt, twitching and with lifeless staring eyes on the floor of Max's bedroom. Max left his arguments and simply nodded. He grabbed a hunk of coffee cake and the juice and made quick work of both.

Michael and Max hopped into Michael's car, a beat up and bruised old Mustange rag top. The October winds were especially brutal that early in the morning in New England, and the top was up as they pulled out of the garage. Michael drove north of town, towards a rocky marsh, where tall grasses would still hide them from casual observation from the roads. At night, it was a prime teenage make out spot. During the day, it was simply called Rocky Fen.

Max surveyed the location and noted the many tire ruts, puddles and the smallish granite boulders that dot the New England countryside. "This your training ground?" Max asked, smiling. And then he sent an image of Michael's first serious girlfriend, Becky, lying in the back of the Mustange with "come hither" eyes.

"No body likes a smart ass telepath, Maxy," Michael said, using an old family nick name. "This will do for many reasons. It's out of sight and it has things that no one is gonna mind if we move around much. Speaking of which, pick a rock," Michael said, pointing about the field. "Any rock will do."

"Okay, how about, that one?" Max asked, pointing to a medium sized rock about as big as a large dog, but much heavier.

"Okay, that's fine. Last night we discovered that when you get highly ticked you can access your telekinetic power. I'm going to show you that it can be used at any time, and with varying degrees of control."

"You're gonna move that rock, with just your mind?"

"Yep, and then you will." And with that, Michael looked down at the rock, his eyes going blurry at first and then frosting over with a glowing power. He slowly pointed his hand at the intended target rock. "You watching this?" Max nodded in stunned silence, for the first time feeling the energies his brother was kicking out. The tiny hairs on Max's face stuck out at right angles to his skin and if it weren't for his Bruin's hat Max's dark hair would be standing out like a fright wig. All around him, tall grasses whipped about in a strong wind that seemed to be cyclonic and generated from Michael's outstretched hand.

"Are you doing all of this?" Max asked, raising his voice to be heard above the sound of the rustling grasses.

"Yes, and to prove a point. Uncontrolled, you get all kinds of unnecessary effects, things that probably got some people branded as witches a few hundred years ago in Salem. This is wild telekinetic power, unfocused."

*Feels more like Dragonball Z than witchcraft to me,* Max countered telepathically.

Michael didn't rise to the challenge, realizing that whatever frame of reference helped Max get the point would work. "Alright then tough guy. This is directed and controlled," he said and nodded towards the rock. All about, the wind noises died down and the rock sprang up into the air, as if happy to be off the ground.

Max's jaw dropped open in awe. The rock must have weighed 800 pounds at least. Yet here it was, casually tossed into the air at a subtle whim from his brother's mind. And he was turning it. Michael looked over at Max, seeing his brother's eyes had returned to normal. The rock remained suspended.

"Okay, little brother, your turn. And all you have to do is keep it suspended. Brute lifting is the hard part."

Max gulped loudly and focused on the rock. "How do I, you know, do it?"

"Focus on the rock, just like how you focus on a person when you scan a mind. Let your mind feel the outside of the rock and get a sense of it."

"Okay." Max focused on the rock, actually biting his lip with concentration. He pushed at the stone and felt a return touch, as if his fingers were running over the outside of the rocky surface. "I can feel it!" he exclaimed.

"All of it?"

"Er, yeah," Max said, refocusing to try to enclose the rock. The spinning stopped and Max realized that Michael was withdrawing his influence on the stone. Max panicked and redoubled his efforts to enfold the rock within his sphere of force. Michael suddenly let the rock completely go, and the weight began to surge ground wards, at gravity's mercy. "Oh shit!" Max said, grunting with renewed effort. His eyes suddenly defocused and flickered with energy.

"That's it!" Michael exclaimed. "Just like that. Add more power."

Max closed his eyes and then screamed with the effort, his eyes snapping wide opened. A line of grayish atmospheric distortion opened up between Max's head and the rock and it exploded in a loud cracking sound. Granite powder flew upwards and back away from Max in great plumes and a small chunk of rock landed a few inches from Michael's car.

"Oops," Max said, looking down at the remains of the rock and then over to Michael.

"That's something we'll have to work on," he said, smiling grimly. Suddenly the task of teaching his kid brother the ins and outs of psionic abilities looked like a longer road than he had at first anticipated. "Fortunately, New England has no boulder shortage, so we'll keep working with those until you have the Beast under control. In the meantime, we'd better put in an appearance at school."

"Yeah," Max agreed. "Um, what did I just do to the rock."

"To be honest, Maxy, I don't know. Somehow you focused your energy in a way I've never tried before. Most of what I know is trial and error stuff. That rippling gray beam you used is new to me. I might be able to duplicate it, but I'd have to link with you to figure out what you are doing."

"But, I pulverized it. I mean, it's powder." Max slipped into the passenger seat as his brother turned over the engine.

"Max, we might be brothers and we might have the same powers, but we both perceive those powers and how to use them differently. All the same, just remember the feeling you had when you formed that beam and try to avoid feeling that way until you get the beam under control. Otherwise…." Michael said, lifting his eyebrows and shoulders for emphasis, "who knows what trouble it could get you into."

"It's like a loaded gun parked in my head, huh?" Michael nodded, putting the Mustange into gear.

The realization of what Max had almost done to Cam last night came at him, hard and fast. If that rock had been Cam's head in the path of that grayish beam......he shuddered at the awesome power contained behind his eyes. He had to gain control over it now, because if used wrong, if accidentally he put too much into it, just like with his telepathy, the results could be devastating.

Somewhere, deep in the higher orbital planes of near Earth space, a satellite orbiting over New England caught a flash of energy. It was the second time in two days that the satellite had experienced exactly that flash of power. The last time the satellite had detected the flash, it had been scanning an area of southern Texas. The burst had been powerful enough from nearly 2000 miles from the scanning site that the satellite's own internal logic systems had directed a change in location. Such a powerful signal drew its sensor's like a bloodhound tracking escaped criminals in old prison movies.

Now, the satellite had zeroed in a little closer. The second flash had been identical to the first and had come from somewhere in New England. A slight course adjustment would keep the area in question mostly under scanners for a while. Sooner or later, the psychic who was broadcasting that signal would do so again. They almost invariably did, at least so the satellite's logic circuits seemed to agree. When that psychic did so again, the signal would be traced even finer, perhaps even to its source.

The satellite's protocols dictated that it alert a human controller as to the nature of its current target. Not finding a logical reason it should not do so in its memory banks, the satellite transmitted its data and continued its lonely vigil in the black, vast coldness above New England.

School was the same as usual, although word about how Max had smacked his head against the wall in the boys shower had circulated rapidly. He was the butt of several jokes that morning, but the novelty wore off after lunch. This was one of the days that Max didn't have PE so he wouldn't see Cam anywhere on the Junior High side of the school.

But thoughts of Cameron plagued his mind. Cameron holding him, Cameron talking to him, Cameron laughing and moving. During Chemistry lab, all Max could do was think about Cameron. About how good it would feel to have Cameron's naked body pressed up against his own in the darkness.

Algebra also proved to have no power over Cameron's appeal, and Max found himself imagining about the way that water ran down Cameron's tight belly muscles and thighs. About doing all the things that Cameron had thought about the two of them doing together, and more. Max found himself frequently trying to hide his near constant erections, wearing his coat tied about his waist. He went to the bathroom twice and spent most of his time there trying to find release, and although he had two minor orgasms, held under his breath to prevent himself from crying out, he could not make his young dick seem to understand that there were other times to stand proud. Going to the chalk board to scribble out quadratic equations was not one of them.

In the early afternoon, as the busses were loading up and Max was walking towards Michael's Mustange, he heard a familiar voice call his name. Not only his name, however, but a name that only family used.

"Maxy!" Cam called as he walked over to the car. Max looked at Michael for approval and his brother nodded and shrugged, sitting down in the driver seat and pulling a tall coke bottle out of his lunch cooler.

"Hullo, Cam, how was school?"

"Oh, not bad. I was wondering, do you want to get together and do something today?"

"Oh, man, I wish I could, but I have a term paper due in a few days. I haven't even started the research on it yet. I was gonna go to the library today and get all that done." Cam looked down. For an older guy, he seemed to be still kinda a kid at heart. Perhaps that's why he has fantasies about me, because I'm younger, Max thought.

"Oh, yeah, well, maybe some other time," Cam said, shouldering his pack, and turning to head off.

"Hey, Cam," Michael called. "You could go with us to the library, you know. It wont take long to find the books he needs. I wrote a similar paper in eighth grade and still have my research notes. Max's gonna use my old notes to get the research material."

"Yeah, Cam, wanna come along?" Max asked, smiling.

Cam seemed to think for a minute and then snapped out a cell phone, dialed a number and told his father that he'd be going to the library after school. Max tossed his book bag into the back and climbed in, pulling the seat back so that Cam would sit up front with Michael.

*Feeling lucky today, Mr. Pointy Pants?* Michael thought, his eyes flicking briefly at Cam.

*It wasn't my idea to bring him along,* Max countered.

*You didn't exactly protest, either.*

*Yeah, well….I thought you said you didn't approve of this relationship at my age, Mike?* Max sent to his brother.

*No, I said many people wont approve. I also said I only wanted you to be happy. Besides, it's not like I can stop you from experimenting with sex. If I even tried, I'd be making you want to do it even more. It's better if you find out for yourself and then come to me for advice.*

*So it's alright if Cam and I end up doing.....stuff?*

*I just want you to take things carefully. For both of you. Remember what I said about telepaths and sex. And don't push yourself to do anything you aren't comfortable with, no matter what he says about it. This might seem right for now, but who knows, your tastes may change.*

Max felt that there was something his brother wasn't saying, but let the issue lie for the moment. He watched as Cam got into the car and smiled broadly. On the way to the library they chatted brightly about the coming soccer matches against St Barnard's Academy, an all day event that usually saw four or five matches all crammed into a single Saturday, with all of the school's teams stepping up to defend the school honor. Max had just asked the coach to let him rejoin the team and he had only been too happy to get back one of the best strikers in the entire junior high division. They also talked about the upcoming Halloween Fright Ball at the Castle, an old estate that had been brought over from the Scottish highlands brick by brick and reassembled on American soil about two hundred years ago. The Castle was owned by the city now and it served as a public meeting hall and a tourist attraction.

True to his word, the research materials proved to be easy to find, especially with Michael's assistance. After checking out the books, they hopped back in the car and drove home. Max wanted to go up to the Watch with Cam, and Michael said it would be okay as long as they were home before sundown. After that, Michael said, he'd have to come out and get them before Mom and Dad got home from their jobs.

The Watch was deserted as the wind rippled the river below it. There was a steady, but warm breeze at the ledge, and the fading rays of the sun warmed the rocks considerably. High clouds were starting to lower, guaranteeing that the heat of the earth would remain close by for the coming night. The stars would not likely be visible, but the air nearer the ground would stay warmer.

"Too bad tomorrow is a school day," Max said, finding a rock to sit on. "We could camp up here. I've done so many times before."

"Yeah," Cam said. "Looks like a good spot. I used to play cowboys and indians here years ago," Cam said smiling. "There's a sniper's ledge up this path."

"Yeah, I know about that," Max said. In his mind, Max remembered back to the last time he was here, confused, driven by thoughts not his own, dealing with sexual feelings for the first time. He had masturbated on the carpet of fallen leaves and pine straw, reaching a dry orgasm, as puberty had not yet begun affecting his lower organs. He still lacked hair above his genitals.

But that time was the past. It was confusion and rage and anger. Now, with a little more control over his burgeoning mental powers, he was ready to take his first tentative steps into a sexuality that had driven him to dangerous lengths just the night before. A sexuality that started, and likely ended, with Cam.

"We used to do stuff up here when I was in your grade," Cam offered.

"Stuff?" Max asked. He felt tempted to reach out with his telepathy and take a quick peek into Cam's memories. But he squashed the idea firmly. There would be a time for such things later. No sense forcing things, Max thought to himself, but he was terribly impatient, and excited. He was sitting down partly to hide his growing boner.

"Yeah, you know. Tenting out, king of the castle, squirt gun fights, that sorta stuff."

"Oh," Max said, slightly disappointed. He had been hoping that Cam would talk about other "stuff."

"We'd also had circle jerks," Cam offered suddenly


"Circle jerks," Cam explained. "It's when you get three or more guys together and they stand around jacking off to see who can cum first."

"That's gross!" Max said, smiling mischievously.

"Yeah, but it was fun."

"Did you used to win those?"

"Sometimes. You have to be really hot to be the first one to finish off, though."

"I guess," Max said, feeling a little hot himself. Hot and a little bolder. "I can't shoot yet. I cum but nothing comes out."

"Maybe you just aren't old enough yet," Cam said. "It's not a bad thing though, because you can stay hard and just keep on jackin' for a while. I started jackin' when I was 11 and I used to get three or four cums a night before I could shoot." Cam suddenly looked a little embarrassed. "I don't know why I just said that."

"It's okay. I only started jacking off about a month ago, when I was still twelve," Max said, honestly. "I still don't know all I can do. Maybe I'm not doing it right."

"Well how could you do it wrong?" Cam asked and made jack off motions in front of his crotch. He began "oooh"-ing and "aaahh"-ing as if in the throws of orgasms too intense to be believed. Both boys started laughing. Cam let his face twist into several grotesque gyrations of ecstasy to even more laughter from Max.

"That's just wrong!" Max said, but in his mind he was imagining Cameron naked before him, stroking his long dick, looking back at Max, right in the eyes. His breathing quickened at that thought. His penis began to harden and lift away from his scrotum, sliding up under his boxer-briefs.

Cam, still going through his jerking motions started walking, bowlegged, towards Max. "Uh, I'm gonna cum all over you!" he said, arching his back. Max raised his hands as if to protest, but his giggling was taking more of his energy. As Cam got closer, Max saw that Cam, too, was sporting "pointy pants." Just as Cam was going through his final comedic gyrations, Max reached out and put his hand right on the older boy's pelvic bulge, his fingers splaying right around the underside of the shaft.

Cam stopped at once, his pantomiming lost in a look of incredible heat and desire. He looked straight into Max's eyes, searching.

But Max left his hand where it was, even going so far as to stroke, subtly. Cam started to speak, but Max looked up, smiling. Cam tentatively reached out a hand and stroked the side of Max's face, gently. "Can this be happening?" Cam asked in a hushed voice. "Or am I dreaming?"

Max nodded, standing up. Cam kept his hand on Max's face as the younger boy stood. Max brought his own hand up to Cam's, and held it against his cheek, rubbing. He then drew Cam's hand down his neck, to the open front of his jacket and down his chest, slowly. He closed his eyes as Cam's hand danced over his skin and shirt. Max opened his eyes with a dreamy expression`. His lips parted and he licked them, suddenly feeling his mouth water.

Max locked eyes with the older boy, feeling the thrill of being in control. He knew exactly what Cameron wanted, and he wanted Cameron to show him all about it. But Max would be the one who was in control. As much as Cam might have more experience, Max was going to be in charge.

Cam drew back his hand suddenly, turning around and taking a step away.

"Cam?" Max asked, half reaching out with his mind to see what the other boy was thinking. The temptation to know him body and mind had lit a deep, hot fire in Max, and his curiosity was something terrible to behold unquenched.

"This is happening all so fast," Cam said at length. He turned and looked at Max and his eyes spoke of deep longing. "This is just happening too fast."

"Don't you like me?" Max asked, moving slightly forward. His hand reached out and felt the quivering of Cams heart through the thick fleece of his pullover sweatshirt. "I can feel your heart, it's beating so fast. I…I thought that, well, that we......"

"I know. And….and I want to," Cam pleaded. "God, you don't know how bad I want to. But the last time it went this fast, I got hurt. So did he. I want this, really. It's been so long. But....."

"But, I'm not old enough. I don't excite you."

"No! No, god, no! That's not it at all. I just don't want this to be one time, one shot, and then we avoid each other in the halls. I don't want us to not be friends."

Max considered for a moment and then nodded, solemnly. "I understand," he said. "So we go slow."

Cameron's eyes brightened at once, and he stepped forward to take Max in his arms. "I thought you'd understand. I had feelings for you for a long time now, but I only this week noticed you looking at me."

Max melted in Cam's arms. He felt safe, comfortable, and horny as a jack rabbit. His young hardness was pressing through his pants at Cam's leg while Cam's straining bulge rubbed small circles above Max's navel. "I like this," Max said, his hands locked around Cam's slim waist.

"I've had dreams about you for a while now, Maxy."

"I know," Max said. "I dream about you and the things you will teach me, too."

"Not everything about me is completely what it seems, though," Cam said sadly. "I want you to know up front. I'm a freak."

"Because you like boys? My brother said it's okay to experiment with other boys. It's not freaky."

"No it's more than that, Maxy. I'm not like other boys, like other people even."

Max leaned back, and was rewarded by the amount of pressure he could apply to his own member against Cam's leg in that position, but mostly he leaned back to look at Cam's eyes. There was still that passion, that longing, that he knew was mirrored in his own, but there was something else, something regretful.

"Cam, no matter what it is, I think I….I think I love you. I want you to know that now," Max said.

Cameron pulled Max back close to his chest and sank to his knees, putting Max head and shoulders above him. Cam pressed his face against Max's chest and cried, holding Max tightly. Max cradled the older boy's head and bent his own head over, laying his cheek on top. With a delicate and cautious touch, Max reached out and touched Cam's public mind and poured out his affection. The older boy seemed to sense this and let his hands roam up and down Max's back, under the jacket.

Max moaned softly as he felt Cam's dexterous finger moving around towards his small ass, delighting in the feel of skin on skin when Cam moved his fingers under the waistband of Max's underwear. Cool, New England air caressed Max's back and hips and he ran his fingers through Cameron's hair, possessively.

Cam began kissing his way down Max's chest, to his navel and then lower. Max's pulse beat was loud in his ears as Cameron began to unbuckle Max's belt, and unzipped the fly of his jeans. Max felt his own skin warming, going white hot where ever Cam's skin brushed his own. Cam's hands were gentle yet insistent as they invaded Max's pants, massaging the dense muscles of Max's thighs. Max shuddered with delight and ran his fingers through Cam's hair, massaging the back of Cam's neck with small deliberate motions of his own small hands.

Cam looked up and Max felt that the older boy was thinking about a long, lingering, probing kiss. Max was kind of shocked at the idea, but when Cam's hand came through the fly of his boxer briefs and pulled his boyhood out into the October air, he realized that he was not only committed to whatever else may happen, but that he wanted it to happen. Needed it to happen.

Max brought his lips down and tenderly kissed Cam's hair, his forehead, his right eyebrow, and moved down suddenly to plant a dry kiss directly on Cam's lips. The older boy's heat was now a palpable thing, felt not only on the skin, and in his eyes, but passing into Max from just that dry brushing of lips. Max leaned forward again and kissed Cam, this time twisting his head and opening his mouth a little.

Cam responded to the invitation, his tongue snaking into Max's mouth, seeking the sharpness of his teeth, testing the depth of Max's mouth, twisting against Max's own tongue. Max inhaled suddenly at this sensation, his hands sliding back and forth on Cam's shoulders and neck. Cam broke contact between their lips and then kissed again, this time, leaving his mouth more open, tickling the edges of Max's lips with the tip of his silky tongue. Max took the initiative this time and plunged his tongue into Cam's mouth, trying to duplicate Cam's motions. Max found it difficult and then suddenly closed his lips over Cam's and with his tongue still in Cam's mouth, began to suck.

Cam's eyes flew wide at this. Max let up and took a step back, to breathe, and Cam's head darted forward, licking at Max's neck and chin. Cam's hands started to massage Max's young cock and balls, silky skin sliding over hard, hot boyflesh. Cam managed to capture Max's mouth again just as the younger boy started to whimper from the sensations assaulting his body. His mind was racing, and he was beyond any need or desire to stop.

Max began to buck his hips forward, kissing Cam. Cam kept pressure on all sides of Max's small hardness, stroking down on him as he pumped in. He broke contact with Max's mouth and kissed his way down to Max's cock, pausing to let his hot breath billow out in puffs against Max's raging erection.

Cam stopped his heavy stroking and his hands moved to either side of Max's hips. And then he took the tip of Max's cock, and with lip pressure alone, pushed back the foreskin, tasting the head on his tongue. Max nearly lost his mind right there, his senses alive as if for the first time. He felt a dry orgasm coming, and his hands became entwined in Cam's hair.

Max felt it, the hot rush of muscular contractions in his butt, hips and thighs, the spreading warmth moving up his belly and making his knees tremble. He couldn't help it, but he couldn't stop it either. His other orgasms had been pale imitations of pleasure compared to this, and he kept jacking himself into Cam's mouth, unable to stop himself from crying out Cam's name.

And something else happened as well. He accidentally let his pleasure seep from his own senses into Cam's mind. The older boy took his mouth off of Max's spasming cock and barely managed to take hold of it with his hand as he felt an intense wave of Max's pleasure trigger an orgasm in his own body. Wads of his own cum shot from his rock hard dick, still trapped in his own pants. Panting and grunting, they came together.

Max leaned forward and nearly collapsed over Cam's shoulder. Cam, for his part, held Max around the waist as they both recovered. Max's cock remained fully stiff, and the afterglow sensations of riding against Cam's shoulder while they both recovered breath were enough to trigger a second wave through Max, although he realized what he had accidentally done before and contained it. He so wanted to share it with Cam, since Cam had given it to him, but he didn't want to frighten Cam off.

When he could speak, or move for that matter, Max slipped down to his knees and Cam immediately took him into a tight embrace. For several minutes they simply didn't move, locked against each other, Max's cock slowly subsiding and sliding back into his pants as it shrank back to its normal limp length. Cameron gently kissed the sides of Max's face, his ears and his nose as they eased back to normal breathing.

"That was wicked awesome, Cam. Thank you."

"Got to admit, that was the first time I went off that hard just sucking dick," Cam replied, his hands roaming over Max's back and hips, over the kidneys and up over his shoulders. "I creamed my jeans for you."

Max smiled. "I know this seems odd, but I want more."

"I want more too. There are so many things I've always wanted to try, dreamed about trying.....but.....I can't ask you to do that. Just because I'm gay and I just sucked you off, doesn't mean......."

"Cameron," Max interrupted, placing a finger on Cam's lips to silence him. "I wouldn't have let you do that if I didn't want to do stuff with you. Or if I didn't want to do that stuff to you as well."

Cameron's eyes glazed over in a strange emotion that Max had a difficult time interpreting, even with his new found mental powers to aide him. But after several seconds of consideration, Max decided that the new emotion was something combining appreciation, acceptance, lust, affection and a desire not only to please, but to be a better friend then any person in Max's short life had ever been. Someone who wanted to explore and share things far more intimate and intense than any other friend ever had, or could. In essence, a new way of love that he had never even considered existed before.

"But we have to do this right."

"Yes," Cam agreed, with a ragged breath. "And slowly. I don't want to hurt you or scare you off."

"I have an idea. Tomorrow is Friday. Why don't we come back here tomorrow night, tent out and see what happens then?" Max wanted to just strip naked and get to some serious exploration right now, but he felt that Cam and his own brother were right in saying that things needed to go slower. Besides, if he started now, he didn't think he'd be able to stop until he was physically exhausted. He could also see that desire in Cameron, that need.

Cameron nodded and kissed Max, quickly on the lips, still feeling bits of Max's afterglow. Max kissed back, but kept his tongue probing limited to just the entrance of Cam's mouth. Just flicking at the teeth. He was beginning to get hard again and broke off the kiss, knowing that he was likely going to have to jack off for hours tonight just to get to sleep. He stood from Cam's lap and helped the older boy to his feet, luxuriating in the strength of Cam's long fingered hands.

"We can meet after school to make plans for things. My brother's car, okay?"

"What will your brother think about, uh, you and me tenting out together?"

"Michael's cool. He wont care, as long as he knows I'll be okay."

"Okay, sounds like a plan....Maxy."

Max traced a hand under Cam's chin, the older boy turning his head slightly to feel Max's hand on his cheek. "I better get back to the house, before Mike has to come looking for me. I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, right after school. G'night Maxy."

"Night, Cam," Max said, planting a kiss on the older boy's forehead before turning and racing down the steep climb up the Watch. "Hey!"

"Hey, what?" Cam returned, playfully.

"Hey, I love you," Max called back, racing around a boulder

The sun was just kissing the waters of the river, turning the countryside into a watercolor wash of reds, pinks and oranges against a backdrop of vivid, skirting violet. The sky was cascaded in differing hues as Max raced home, but his mind was on fire with other thoughts, other dreams, other desires. He barely managed to cover his erection as he raced upstairs to the bedroom, and collapsed on his bed, exhausted mentally and physically.

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