Everything Will Turn Out Alright

by Cy-kun

Chapter 25

"Luke was right you know." Vicky said from somewhere behind me.

I only half heard him. I was too busy standing in front of my mirror glaring and searching through my hair trying to find any bits of black that might still be there. It'd been 6 days since the party. The goddamn dye bottle said right there in big, bold letters "Temporary Hair Dye. Washes Out In The Shower!" right under a picture of a cartoon emo boy. So you'll understand that I was a bit surprised when, after getting out of the shower after coming home from dropping Vicky off after the party, that my hair was still pitch fucking black. I handled it pretty well though. I calmly got back in the shower, washed my hair for a solid half hour and got back out, sure the problem was fixed and I'd have my real hair back.

Still black. Slightly lighter in places but that just made it look even worse.

After the first two days back at school I lost track of how many "emo" comments I got. By Thursday I was ready to kill Erica for her whining about wanting my blond hair back and by Friday I finally snapped and tried to bleach it with peroxide.

My mom walked in on me and Vicky wrestling on the ground, him trying to take the bottle away from me.

She laughed, told me that if she'd known that I didn't want my hair to stay that way she had this stuff that could help without destroying my hair and I tried very, very hard not to cry.

Not one of my better weeks.

But the stuff worked and my hair was back to its normal, blond color. Well, at least that's what everyone said. I'd swear I could still see some darkness that wasn't there before but no one else noticed it even when I pulled my hair all around and made them look.

Which is why I was planted in front of my mirror. I finally had hours of free time and I was gonna find the hidden black hairs and rip them out so I could set them on fire-Vicky's comment finally registered and I let my hair fall. "Huh? What do you mean?" I asked, turning around. He was lying on my bed, propped up on a pillow leaning on the headboard with his hands behind his head.

We hadn't talked much about Luke this past week. And not just because of my hair problems either. Jason called Luke, just like he said he would, but the bastard wouldn't tell me what they talked about. He just said Luke didn't wanna talk to me right now but Jason thought he'd come around. He didn't and now I was kind of getting pissed at Jason and at the same time feeling depressed about Luke hating me so Vicky kinda stopped mentioning him to me. Which is why the sudden, out of nowhere comment surprised me a bit.

"About your dad." Vicky said. "He's gonna find out sometime."

I frowned. "That's kinda out of nowhere."

"Well, I wanted to bring it up all week but you've been freaking out about your hair and-"

"The box said it would wash out in the shower! In the shower! I took, like, 50 showers and it didn't wash out! Its false advertising. I had to go to school with black hair."

"You looked fine!"

"I looked emo!"

"Who cares?"

"Oh, I dunno, one of the two hundred people who commented on how emo I looked maybe?"

Vicky sat up and crossed his arms. "So what?"

"So-!" I bit my lip to stop myself as something really stupid occurred to me. "Are we fighting about my hair?"

Vicky let out a breath. "I have no idea."

We looked at each other for a second, and then burst out laughing. For the first time since Sunday night I let the hair thing go. It looked fine and it was stupid to get hung up on it. Plus, I could hunt for the black bits after Vicky left tomorrow.

"Our first fight about something stupid." I giggled. "It's like we're a straight, married couple or something."

Vicky blushed and looked away.

I cocked my head. "What?"

Vicky shook his head. "Nothing." he said, still without looking at me.

Yeah, I was gonna believe that. "No, what is it? Come on tell me." I wheedled. (Another cool word)

"Nothing." he mumbled. "You said 'married', that's all . . . "

"Oh. Oh!" I blushed too. No wonder he didn't wanna look at me. "Shit, I'm sorry. I didn't mean-I was just joking! It didn't mean WE-no way!" I laughed nervously.

Now he did look at me, but strangely enough he didn't look relieved like I expected. He looked . . . . annoyed?

"So, you don't wanna marry me?" he asked with a frown.

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. Well if that isn't the definition of a "loaded question" I dunno what is. How the HELL did we get on this subject again? Oh, right, something dumb I said. Figures. Crap, he looks like he's getting more than annoyed. I need to say something. "Look, uh, I never said-" Why is this so awkward! "-look, already said that, um damn I need a thesaurus, heh,-" Vicky's frown turned into a scowl. "-or not." I swallowed and tried so very hard to collect my thoughts. "It's not that I wouldn't want to, you know, sometime, maybe, but I'm-we're-way too young to even be thinking about that, ya know?" I smiled hesitantly. God, I hoped that was good enough. I really didn't wanna get into a conversation about my thoughts on marriage. But if you wanna know just take a look at my parents and take a wild guess whether I'm a yea or a nay. Plus, it wasn't like I was lying (wow I say that a lot huh?), we WERE way too young to even be thinking about that.

And if you're gonna get all smart and say something about us being old enough for crazy wild sex but not marriage talk then, well, just shut up. No one asked you.

Vicky's frown softened but didn't go completely away as he digested what I said. "I guess." he shrugged. "But you want to someday, right?"

Ok did that sound WAY too much like a possible proposal to anyone else? Anyone? In the back? No? Well, it did to me. There is no way I can answer this and keep Vicky happy, is there? Grrrr! What does it matter? I mean, I wanna be with Vicky forever and I know he feels the same so why do we need to even talk about this? We're way too young! Hm, just had a thought..... "Vicky, I don't wanna talk about it now. If we ever do get married it should be, I dunno, more romantic or something. Not because of something we said offhandedly when we were 13." Again, totally true. If I was ever gonna propose to Vicky I'd want it to be the most mind blowingly romantic thing he'd ever experienced. And now I'm thinking about just how I'd do it. You know, if he was a girl I'd suspect he did that on purpose. . . I held my breath, waiting for Vicky's reaction.

I didn't have to wait long. The slight frown turned into an ecstatic grin and he launched himself off the bed at me. Somehow I managed not to fall on my ass as he wrapped his arms around my neck. "Aww! Nate! You're awesome!" he pulled back and kissed me hard. His tongue was assaulting my mouth before I even registered the kiss and by the time I noticed it he'd already pulled away and was grinning at me. "I can't wait."

I smiled, more from the kiss than anything else. "Do you, uh, think about that a lot?" It seemed like a bit of an extreme reaction to a off the wall conversation.

Vicky nodded. "Yeah, all the time. I've wanted to get married since I was 10."

Wow. My Vicky was a hopeless romantic. I grinned. I may not be happy with the subject matter but I really loved finding this out about him. "You're weird." I said fondly.

Vicky giggled. "Shut up."

I pulled him closer. "Make me." I said seductively.

The words were barely out of my mouth before his mouth crashed into mine and I had a Vicky tongue fighting to get down my throat. I moaned and pushed my tongue back at his, fighting for control of the kiss. I'm not really 100% sure how it happened but the next thing I knew, besides the amazingly hot kiss, was Vicky falling backwards and pulling me down on top of him. We landed on the bed and bounced before Vicky's legs opened and I settled between them

"Too many clothes." he said breathlessly.

I nodded, but bumped my nose on his chin. "Ow. Yeah. Agreed." I said, hoping he'd ignore me being an uncoordinated dork.

He didn't. "You ok?" he asked.

"Fine." And then just to make sure there were no follow up questions or comments I kissed him again.

This time he moaned as his hands snaked up my back and into my hair before pulling my face tighter against his. My hands were busy too, but with a different goal. They slid up his smooth chest, pausing to enjoy the feel of his slight boy abs, before moving up to their target.

"Ohhh!" Vicky moaned into my mouth as I lightly pinched his nipples.

"Like that?" I asked playfully, giving them another squeeze.

"Mmm! Yeah. More please." He licked his lips.

Since I wasn't too sure if he meant more kissing or more nipple pinching I gave him both. See, told you I wasn't selfish with Vicky. It was apparently the right thing to do because he squealed and shuddered and gripped my hair to the point of hurting a bit but I didn't stop. It was so hot getting Vicky so turned on.

Now I had a problem. I needed to get both of our clothes off but to do that I needed to stop doing what I was doing and I really, REALLY didn't wanna stop. Magic powers would be awesome right now.

Vicky apparently noticed the same problem because his hands left my hair and I felt them fumbling around the front of my pants. "Grrr!" Vicky growled, breaking the kiss. "I can't get your stupid pants unbuttoned."

Since the kiss was gone I reluctantly let Vicky's sexy little nipples go after giving them one last tweak. "You do yours, I'll do mine." I said and stood up.

"I'm hoping you'll do mine." Vicky said with a wicked smile before taking his shirt off and tossing it at me.

I let out a small whimper of frustration as I tried furiously to get the goddamn button through the dumb hole. Ok, another pair of pants goes into the "never wear if there's a possibility of sex" pile. At this rate I'll run out of wearable pants by the end of the year. Maybe I could get a kilt? Kilts are cool, right?

"Yes!" I cried. "Victory!" I kicked off my now buttonless pants across the room. Maybe my mom can sew on a button that actually fits back through the hole it goes into. I started tugging my shirt off but froze as I saw Vicky, totally naked, lying on my bed with his legs spread very invitingly. He cocked an eyebrow, smiled and opened his legs even more when he saw me looking.

Never let it be said that I can't take a hint.

I finished pulling my shirt off and threw it away. Before it even hit the floor I was on the bed throwing myself on top of Vicky and meeting his lips in a searing kiss. Smooth skin slid across smooth skin as I settled between his legs again. My cock was practically quivering in anticipation. It had been weeks since I'd been inside Vicky and even though I was starting to suspect I liked being on the bottom more it was still way too long since I'd been inside my Vicky.

As the saying goes, absence makes the cock grow fonder of being in Vicky's ass. Or something.

"Lube." Vicky panted. "Now."

Guess I wasn't the only one feeling some absence. I grinned at his eagerness and grabbed the bottle that I kept on top of the nightstand whenever Vicky came over. No undignified fumbling around in drawers for me. Trying to get out of my clothes takes away enough of my dignity thank you very much.

I lubed up in record time and tossed the bottle on the side of the bed. I slid my slick head across Vicky's hole to spread on some of the excess lube. He groaned and gripped the sheets with the most sexy adorable look of frustrated pleasure on his face. He started pushing back at me trying to get me to slip in but even in my insane haze of lust the first thing on my mind was not hurting Vicky. It'd been a while since I'd been in him and no matter how eager he was just pushing in would hurt him.

When there was enough lube around his hole I pulled my dick back. He moaned in protest and shot me a very displeased glare but it went away the second my head was replaced with my finger. I used a bit more lube than I thought because when I tried to push lightly in the whole thing got sucked in right up to the top knuckle. I froze terrified that I might have hurt him.

"Oh God, are you ok?" I asked frantically.

"Uhhhh!" he groaned and glared at me again. "Why are you stopping?" He squeezed my finger with his ass. "Start moving something inside me or I'm gonna scream."

My boner, which had started to go away when I freaked out, came back full force. He wants to scream? Well, I'll make him scream.

I pulled my finger back so it was almost out, added a second and pushed back in, HARD against his prostate.

"AHHHHH!" Vicky cried and arched his back. "So fucking good!"

I grinned a stupid happy grin. It was SO FREAKING amazing getting him to respond like that. Even more since he'd gotten so damn good getting similar responses from me. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against Vicky being a sex god but it's nice to be in control every once and a while.

"Want another finger?" I teased.

"Noooo!" Vicky moaned. "Cock. Now!"

And then again there's nothing at all wrong with Vicky telling me what to do. Especially when it's an order that's so very fun to follow. I took my fingers out and pushed my head right up against his hole. I felt a tiny shudder of anticipation run through his body right before I plunged inside him up to the hilt.

"Ahhhhhhmmmmmm!" Vicky moaned loudly and clamped down hard on my cock. I closed my eyes and let out a shaky breath. Holy crap! I'd almost forgotten how hot and tight he was. And his ass muscles? So damn strong. I almost came just from him clenching.

This probably wasn't gonna last too long.

I pulled back till only my head was still in him and hesitated. Should I go slow and try and prolong it or should I go fast and hard and hope I got more than three thrusts before cumming?

"Fuck Nate!" Vicky gasped. "Don't you dare stop. Fuck me hard."

Guess that answers that. I grabbed Vicky's hips and pulled him towards me as I pushed into him forcefully. He moan-screamed and just the sound almost brought me over. Vicky was just so hot and sexy and responsive, it took every bit of willpower I had, not to just let go and embarrass myself.

I shook off every thought in my head except for Vicky's reactions. It wasn't fair to him to be balls deep inside him and worrying about looking stupid. I needed to do my best to give him the pleasure he usually gave me. Hell, if I could be half as amazing at fucking as he is I'd be damn proud of myself.

I thrust into him as hard as I could. My hips snapping back and forth as he moaned and squirmed under me. God he's so hot! His muscled stomach clenched every time I rammed into him and his smooth legs were wrapped tightly around my body. I leaned down, so my face was over his, and tried adjusting the angle of my thrusts. Come on....where the hell was it...

"AHHHHH!" Vicky screamed. "Fuck! So good!"

A-ha! There it is. I grinned to myself. Vicky's eyes shot open and stared glassily into mine as I thrust hard, brushing against his prostate with every lunge. His legs got tighter and I could feel his cock leaking all over our pressed together stomachs. I had a brief thought of trying to get him to cum just by rubbing my stomach against his dick as I fucked him but I'd never be able to do it and keep hitting his prostate. I know my own limits.

He didn't seem to be missing it though. He groaned and moaned and even screamed once or twice. I was so glad my mom was out with Jack tonight. There's no way anyone anywhere in my house wouldn't have been able to hear him.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Vicky panted heavily. "Fuck my ass." God! Will that filthy mouth on that sweet innocent face EVER stop being a huge turn on? I hoped not.

Vicky licked his lips and I couldn't resist tasting that pink tongue. I brushed my own across it and suddenly found a pair of lips attached to mine. It was too much. I screamed into his mouth as my cock erupted into his ass. I pushed in as deep as I could with one, hard thrust as I unloaded like 12 hours worth of built up cum into his ass.

"Ohhhh! Yeah! Cum in me!" Vicky moaned. This order wasn't one I could have disobeyed even if I wanted to. It seemed like an eternity before my orgasm stopped and I collapsed on top of my Vicky. I could have fallen asleep except for one, nagging thought running from the back of my head to the front at road runner speed.

Vicky hadn't cum yet.

As quickly as I had the thought I rolled off him and brought my face to his cock. I swallowed him in one, quick gulp and sucked hard.

That was all it took.

Vicky moaned my name and came buckets down my throat. I almost choked on the sweet, slightly bitter semen but I did myself proud and swallowed it all. Even after he stopped cumming I didn't let him go until his cock stopped twitching and started to soften. I loved how he felt inside me. Ass or mouth, they both felt great in different ways.

Finally I let his half hard dick slip out of my lips and lay next to him with my head on his chest. We were both breathing heavily and I could hear his heart pounding.

"Fuck Nate." he gasped. "You're amazing. Perfect."

I grinned happily to myself. Yep, right then, I was the fucking man.

It was another two hours of cuddling, kissing and just plain resting before we got back to our conversation.

We had just got our clothes back on minutes before my mom came home. Good thing too because the first damn thing she did was come and check up on us. I swear she does this stuff just to catch us doing something she can embarrass me with. The surprised and slightly disappointed look she got when I opened the door on her third knock fully clothes without a hair out of place (anymore than they usually are anyway) didn't exactly do anything to make me less suspicious.

Seeing her made me start to think about my dad and THAT made me remember what Vicky started to say before we got, um, distracted so after my mom left I turned back to Vicky and asked "So, do you really think my dad's gonna find out?"

He was laying on my bed, reading one of my Star Wars books and he folded over the page he was on and placed it next to him on the bed before answering. "Yeah. Definitely."

I threw myself into my desk chair and slumped. "This totally sucks." I huffed.

"Would it really be that bad if he found out?" Vicky asked hesitantly.

"Of course it-!" I took a deep breath. I am NOT taking this out on Vicky. "Yeah, it would. It'd be horrible."


"Because he could make my life hell! What happens if he does get custody and finds out I'm gay? He's a religious nut. He could force me to go to church or send me to a crank therapist or something. Or what if, like, kidnaps me and takes me away to some gay away camp or something and I never see you or mom again?" I paused. "Ok, maybe not that last one but still, the rest could happen. Or he could just beat me or something. Luke seems pretty terrified about him finding out so there's gotta be a really good reason." I winced at the mention of Luke, even though I was the one doing the mentioning.

Vicky seemed to think over everything I said. Which is one of the things I love about Vicky. He thinks before saying things. Usually. And what he says is pretty sensible. "What about if he finds out before the hearing?"

"Huh?" I sat up a bit. "Why would that matter? He'd just have more time to figure out what he wants to do with me before he actually gets me."

"What if he doesn't want you?" Vicky asked.

"Huh?" I shook my head. "He moved his whole new family thousands of miles to get me. I think his minds pretty much made up."

Vicky rolled his eyes impatiently. "Yeah, BEFORE he knew you were gay. What if you tell him and he doesn't want to have anything to do with you anymore?"

"I-" I paused as what he said sunk in. Could it really be THAT easy? Could the one thing that would keep me from having to spend any part of my life with him be the one thing I was trying the hardest to keep a secret? I shook my head as my old friend Paranoid Pessimism came back for a visit. "What if it just makes him want me more? What if we get a really religious uptight judge and he takes me away from my mom totally and I get stuck with him forever?!"

"Nate, I don't think they can do that." Vicky said. "Isn't it discrimination or something? Even if they did it I'm sure your mom can sue or something."

I took a deep breath and tried very hard to keep the panic from taking over. Surprisingly, it worked. "I dunno." I moaned. "I hate this Vicky. I really, really hate this."

He was off the bed and kneeling in front of me before I even finished talking. He rested his head in my lap and started softly stroking my thigh. "I know. I hate it too. This whole thing sucks. Your dad's a total asshole for coming back like this."

The stroking and the weight of his head on my legs worked like magic, the tension and worry just bled out of me. I smirked slightly. "I thought you weren't gonna mention my dad and ass in the same sentence anymore?"

His head lifted up and he looked at my face. He saw the smirk and a similar one slowly formed on his lips. "I don't think I ever promised."

I giggled and his smirk turned into a full on smile. God he's so beautiful. "Come here." I said. He got up and I pulled him onto my lap. "You always make me feel better." I kissed him on the cheek. "I love you so much Vicky."

He turned his head a bit and kissed me back on the lips. He leaned back and brushed my hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ear. "I love you too. And don't think for one second that you don't do the same for me."

I grinned happily as warmth flooded my chest. "I guess that's why we work."

His grin matched my own. "I guess so." his grin turned mischievous. "One of the reasons." his eyes roamed down my body.

I giggled again and pulled him close to me. His arms instantly wrapped around me and he buried his head in my neck. I could feel his soft breaths. God! I love this boy so much! Everything felt better when he was near me. It was like nothing could touch us. Certainly not my stupid ex drunk dad or Luke's hate. We had each other and everything else was unimportant and silly. At least that's how it seemed then.

After who knows how long of cuddly bliss Vicky picked his head up and looked me in the eyes. "Are you gonna tell him?"

I shrugged one shoulder. "I dunno. I'll think about it."

Vicky smiled warmly. "Whatever you do, you know I'll be there with you right? I'll always be there with you."

I kissed him and smiled back. "Never doubted it for a second."

I did think about it, but not until Vicky left the next afternoon. Avoidance? Probably. But if you had a choice between playing video games with a beautiful boy that loves you or brooding about possibly telling your born again Christian dad that you're gay which one would you pick?

Yeah, thought so.

But now Vicky was gone and I had nothing to do BUT think about it. Vicky made some good points, what if my dad just abandons his stupid idea of getting me back when he finds out? That would be the best thing. Well, for me anyway. I doubt Luke will like me any better than he does now if I got away from my dad and he didn't. No, I can't make a decision like this thinking about how other people will react. I need to do it for me.


Best case scenario: My dad finds out, freaks out, wants nothing to do with me, stops trying to get custody, I never see him again and try my hardest to fix things with Luke the best I can.

Worst case: My dad finds out, freaks out, decides my mom is raising me to be an immoral vessel of Satan, spends the weeks until the hearing plotting ways to get rid of the gay, tells the homophobic judge about it, gets awarded custody and . . . . . does whatever it is religious people do to their gay kids to "fix" them.

So, which one is more likely? I have no idea. This isn't helping me at all. And now for some fucked up reason I can't stop thinking about Judge Dredd.

Can you buy attention spans on Ebay?

I shook my head to clear it. Ok Nate, this is, you know, kind of important. Let's just focus on it until we make a decision, ok? I nodded to myself. Ok. Awesome. I'm holding a conversation with myself. Yes, you are.

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Alright, so, upon further reflection the homophobic judge thing probably won't happen. Even if it does Vicky was probably right about the discrimination thing. Can they take a kid away from a parent just because he's gay? Sounds kind of illegal to me. For once I decided to be optimistic and just assume that that wasn't gonna happen. I know! No one's more shocked than me, trust me.

So if the gay hating judge thing doesn't happen what the new worst case? My dad gets joint custody. Ok, so even if he gets me half the week (and how the hell do you divide a 7 day week into halves? Things would be so much easier if there were 8 days in a week. Someone should get on that) that's still only partial custody. He can't, like, take me out of state or ship me off to get "reeducated" or whatever so all he could really do is make me go to church with him and yell at me and stuff when I'm with him. Could he even send me to a therapist? I mean, it'd be "joint" custody so I'd assume my mom would have to be involved with anything like that and there's no way in hell she'd go for it. We'd be back in court faster than Sonic the Hedgehog on coke.

So, looking at it like that and assuming that Vicky's right and he'll find out eventually, if I tell him before the hearing I could gain more than I'd risk, right? Seems that way.


I nodded firmly to myself. Decisions made.

I'm gonna tell my dad I'm gay.

A weight I'd gotten so used to since he came back into my life eased a bit. My mind was made up. I didn't have to worry about it anymore. No matter what happens at least I KNOW it's gonna happen. And I can pick when. A manic giggle threatened to burst from my lips. For once, I have all the power. I'm not gonna get outed by loudmouth girls or unlocked doors, for the first time since I got together with Vicky I'm gonna do it myself. I grinned.

It felt good!

Of course, now that I decided to tell him I had to figure out HOW to tell him. Maybe I could tell mom what I wanted to do and get her to invite him over for dinner? Maybe he'd even bring Luke and then he'd HAVE to talk to me. This is looking better every second!

Ok, so when he gets here what do I say to him? "Hey dad, remember when you decided to ignore your family and spend all your time and money on getting wasted and left me to be raised by my mom without a strong, male influence in my life? Well, guess what!"

Hm. Maybe not.

Although the look on his face would be awesome.

Maybe just a simple, "Dad I'm gay."? No, that seems wrong somehow. Something like this that's gonna completely change everything between us shouldn't be over in three words. Plus I already did "mom I'm gay" and "Jason, I'm gay" so I kinda wanted to do something different for the end of the trilogy.

I sighed to myself. Whatever. I'd figure it out later. Right now I needed to tell my mom what I wanted to do and get her to invite my dad over.

This . . . . might take some work.

"So," my mom said after I was done explaining. "Let's see if I got this. You want me to call up your father and invite him over for dinner, keeping in mind the disaster that happened the last time, so you can tell him that you're gay and hopefully cause him to drop the idea of a new custody hearing?"

I chewed my bottom lip nervously. It didn't sound like she was gonna go for it. "Um, yeah. Pretty much."

My mom just stared at me for a few seconds and then burst out laughing.

I blinked. Not . . . . exactly the reaction I was expecting. "Mom?" I asked after about half a minute of solid laughter.

She shook her head and waved her hand in front of her face. "S-" another chuckle escaped. "-sorry. It's just . . . ." she swallowed another laugh. "Oh God I can't wait. This is going to be amazing."

"What?" This wasn't supposed to be funny.

"When do you want to do it?" she said, ignoring my confusion. "Tomorrow? Oh! Do you want to wait until next weekend and invite Vicky over too?"

"What? No! I don't want Vicky here for this! It's bad enough dad talks about him when he isn't around to hear it. No way do I want Vicky to have to listen to any of his crap. Why would you even ask that?"

"Well, this will probably be-" she giggled, actually giggled! "-difficult for you so I thought you'd want him for support."

"Yeah, that concern would come off so much more genuine without the giggling" I said, glaring at her and crossing my arms.

"I'm sorry Nate. I really am" she clamped her mouth shut, probably trying to keep from laughing. "I just keep imagining how he'll react and it's just so funny. Not to mention satisfying." she shook her head. "This is gonna drive him crazy. And I think you're right. After you tell him there's no way he'll want you." she flashed me a very predatory smile. "I didn't tell you this but he's called here every week since that dinner practically begging me to take you to church or to let him take you. He's completely obsessed with this religious stuff and this is going to drive him over the deep end." she chuckled again. "It'll be the worst possible thing that can happen to him." she grinned happily.

I don't think I ever realized before just how much my mom hates my dad. I mean, I thought I had issues but she was practically orgasming at the thought of my dad being totally devastated.

And people still think there's a sanctity of marriage to destroy.

"I . . . . don't even know what to say to that." I said after a few minutes.

My mom shrugged. "Sorry, but it's true. I'm not always the nice, calm mom you know."

Yeah, not even gonna touch that one.

"I still think you should have Vicky with you though." she said again, more seriously this time. "And not just because it'll drive him crazy seeing the two of you in the same room." she cut me off when I opened my mouth to say just that. I frowned. It's a lot scarier when it isn't Vicky reading my moods so perfectly. "I know this won't be easy for you Nate and I'll try to be there for you the best that I can but I'll be too busy dealing with your father to give you the support you need. Besides, I'm not the best person to help you with that kind of thing anyway." she smiled, a bit sadly but also a bit happily. "Vicky can help you in ways I never could. You shouldn't let your father or anyone else take that away from you. Even just for a few hours." a little amusement crept into her smile. "Plus I know how hard it is for you to sleep without him on the weekend."

I stifled my outright rejection and forced myself to do something I wasn't at all used to doing. Listen to what my mom said. As much as I totally hated to admit it, she had a point. The more I thought about actually going through with this the more I started to freak out. People say it's better to know what to expect when you're going into a bad situation but with me it kinda just narrows down what I have to obsess and worry about. Having Vicky next to me when I told my dad would be a huge help. But I couldn't just force him to come into something that awkward and uncomfortable.

"I need to ask him." I said finally.

She gestured towards the stairs with both hands. "Well? Go on then, ask him. I need to know when this is happening so I can call your father. Go on! Get!"

I rolled my eyes. She was way too excited about this. Are all females crazy or just the ones I know? Wait, don't answer that. Either way it'll be too depressing.

I went back up to my room and called Vicky. I didn't expect him to answer, he rarely does, but I figured it was worth a shot and easier than sending him an email and waiting for him to get on Live while rejecting party invites from any friends that happen to be online.

I may not have much of a real social life, or at least I never used to, but I'm the prom king of Xbox Live . . . . and I guess the back to school King of real life now . . . .; wow my life is strange.

But I guess today wasn't done taking my expectations out to the shed and beating them with a chain because Vicky actually picked up on the second ring. "Hello?" he said.

"Hey, it's Nate."

"Hey! Are you ok? Wait, one sec, Carl's on the other line let me say bye to him."


I heard a click, then silence. Less than fifteen seconds later there was another click. "Hey, sorry, are you ok? Did something happen?" He sounded concerned.

"Um, I'm fine." I couldn't help but smile. It's nice to know that you're loved. "But something did happen."

"What?" he asked.

"I decided to tell my dad about us."

"Really? Awesome! Wait, that is awesome right? I mean, you think this is a good thing you're not just doing it because I suggested it right?"

I giggled. "Well, I AM kinda doing it because you suggested it but I do think it's probably the best thing to do. If there's even a chance I can get him to not want me anymore I gotta try."

"That's great." I could hear the smile in his voice. "I hope it works."

"My mom sure thinks it will."

"You already told your mom?" he sounded surprised. "When did you decide to do it?"

"Like an hour after you left."

There was a few seconds of silence. "You made a decision that important in an hour?"

"Yep." I thought for a second. "Well, less really. I spent about twenty minutes trying to figure out HOW to tell him after I decided TO tell him."

"Wow." he said, sounding stunned. "You work fast."

"Not when it counts." I said with a very noticeable leer in my voice.

He giggled. "No, definitely not. You're nice and slow and hard and-fuck! Now I'm horny."

I laughed. "Don't worry, I can take care-oh, wait, no I can't because I'm not there."

He groaned. "You really suck sometimes. And don't turn that into a blow job thing!"

"Would I do something like that?" I asked innocently.

"Yes." he said flatly.

I giggled. "No one knows me better than you."

"Damn right. I'm your boyfriend. No one better know you better than me." he said. I couldn't tell if the possessiveness in his voice was real or joking. I didn't care either way. My heart was too busy melting at hearing him say he was my boyfriend. Even after all this time it still makes me ridiculously happy. And I hope that never stops.

"Well, no one does. You know me better than anyone ever could. Every. Inch." I said those last two words very deliberately.

I heard a soft moan come over the phone. "God I want you." Vicky gasped.

I chuckled.

"Don't you laugh." he said seriously. "You better eat a big breakfast tomorrow because we're gonna be at least ten minutes late to lunch."

Now it was my turn to moan. "Mmmm, fine but we gotta talk about something else right now. I'm way too hard and horny for a Sunday night."

"Tell me about it." Vicky groaned. "Ok, new topic. When are you telling your dad?"

"That's not really a new topic." I said. "See, we were talking about that before so it's really going back to an OLD topic. A NEW topic-"

"Nate." Vicky cut me off.


"Shut up."

"Shutting up."

Vicky giggled. "So, seriously, when are you doing it?"

"Well, I'm not sure yet. It kinda depends on you."

"Me? Why?" he asked, confused.

"Ok, so here's what happened . . . " And, as if anything else could possibly follow a lead in like that, I told him everything that happened with my mom. His reaction was a bit different than mine.

"Dude, your mom is awesome. Weird. But awesome."

Something else I'm not gonna be touching. "I guess." I bit my lip. "So . . . . do you wanna, you know, come?"

"Do you really want me there?" he asked.

"Definitely." I answered without hesitation. Any doubts I had were long gone. Just talking to Vicky had me feeling totally calm and relaxed about what I was gonna do. If he was there I could deal with anything that happened, even my original worst case.

"Then I'll be there." I could hear the smile in his voice.

Hm. I didn't want him to do this just for me. If he didn't wanna be there I definitely didn't wanna be the one to drag him. "Are you sure?" I asked. "If you're gonna feel weird or anything being there you don't have to come just for me."

"Yes. I wanna be there. Mostly for you but I'm kinda curious about what your dads gonna do too." He paused. “I guess I kinda need to ask my dad first though."

I let out a soft snort of laughter. "Well, you should probably go do that. My mom's dying to set this up." Which proves the weird part. Still wasn't seeing the awesome.

"Ok. I'll do it now. Back in a sec!" I heard a soft thump, probably Vicky dropping the phone on the bed, then the sound of feet scampering away. I grinned as I pictured the way Vicky's ass moves when he runs . . . . . and now I'm all horny again. I sighed to myself. Being a teenager can be a total pain in the ass sometimes.

And no jokes about that!

It was more than a second before Vicky got back. Actually a lot more. Going on ten minutes now. I was just at the edge of a "oh shit what if Jack isn't gonna let him come" panic when I heard the feet coming back and the phone rustling. "So what did he say?" I asked before Vicky could say anything.

"Um." Vicky said, hesitantly. Oh crap. My heart sank. This isn't gonna be good.

"He's not letting you come, is he?" I asked dejectedly.

"Um, no, well, yeah he is but, uh . . . " Vicky paused. "He kinda wants to come too."

I let out a relieved breath. You know what? I'm not even gonna question it. I'm just happy Vicky gets to come. I don't give a shit about any conditions. "Yeah, sure. I'll ask my mom."

"You don't mind?" Vicky asked, surprised.

"No. Plus your dad looks like he could kick my dads a-um, beat him up so at least I'll be protected if he tries to stake me in the heart or whatever."

Vicky laughed. "So are you a vampire now?"

I snorted. "Yeah, totally. What with the walking around in the daylight and all." I paused as my inner nerd asserted itself. "I guess I could be a daywalker like Blade though."

"Works for me. Wesley Snipes is kinda hot."

I winced. "Ew. Please tell me I heard wrong. Did you just say someone with a pencil mustache was hot?"

"Shut up." Vicky grumbled. "Don't you need to ask your mom something?"

"Yeah, but we'll get back to this later." I threatened playfully.

"Whatever. You know he's hot." Vicky said airily.

I just laughed. I took the phone with me to the top of the stairs and yelled for my mom. "Mom! I need to ask you something!"

Her head popped around the corner from the living room. "What?"

"Jack wants to come for the Tell Dad Dinner too."

My mom cackled. "Perfect! Is next weekend good for them?"

I shrugged. "She seems disturbingly ok with it." I said into the phone. "Is next weekend good."

"I'll ask." Vicky answered. "Dad! Is next weekend good?!" I heard him yell.

"Yeah! It's fine!" Came Jack's voice.

"Yeah. It's fine." Vicky said into the phone.

"Yeah! It's fine!" I yelled down to my mom.

"Great!" my mom grinned. "Saturday at 7?"

"Is Saturday at 7 good?" I asked Vicky.

"Is Saturday at 7 good dad?" he yelled.

"Yep! It's good!" Jack yelled back.

"Yep. It's good." Vicky told me.

"Yep! It's good!" I yelled downstairs.

"Ok, good." My mom said. "Tell Jack-"

But I'd already turned away. "I'm not your secretary!" I yelled over my shoulder. "Call him later and tell him whatever!" Then I was back in my room with the door closed and locked. "So. That's settled I guess."

"Grrr, hang on." Vicky growled into the phone. "Dad! Nate's back in his room, I can't tell him to say anything to her. And there's no way I'm telling him to say that even if I could. Call her later."

"She'll call." I said.

"Nate just said she'll call. So go wait by the phone or something." I heard Jack's voice but he wasn't shouting anymore so I couldn't make out the words. "I'm not-" Vicky cut himself off. "Can I just please talk to Nate now? He's all upset and crying and stuff and needs me."

I snorted. "You are such a liar."

He didn't say anything back, telling your supposedly crying boyfriend to shut up probably wouldn't have sold the lie too well, but he did mash his thumb down on the buttons sending a jumbled mess of button sounds through the phone. I just giggled.

"Thanks! Yeah I'll tell you when we get off. Kay. Bye!" Vicky let out a breath. "Parents!"

"I know." I said solemnly. We shared an understanding silence.

"So, are you ok?" Vicky asked after.

"Well, I'm not crying or anything." Vicky let out a short laugh. "But I do need you." I sighed. "Better make it fifteen minutes late tomorrow."

"Done." he said happily.

I sighed again. "I better go. I still have homework that I lied to my mom about getting done to actually get done before bed."

Vicky laughed. "Yeah, me too. Except I don't lie."



We both laughed. "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Yeah, I'll wait by your locker if I get there before you."

"Same here."

"Good night Nate."

"Night Vicky."

"I love you."

"I love you too."


"Bye." I hung up with a smile. Even though we always trade "I love you's" before getting off the phone it still makes me smile to hear it.

I groaned as my eyes fell on the math book next to my phone stand. It completely figures that I'd leave my most hated subject for a time like this. I glared at the math book, its very existence offending me on a personal level. "I hate you." I mumbled to it as I put my phone back on the stand.

After talking with Vicky I was feeling a lot better about this thing with my dad and, no matter what happened, it'll all be over next weekend. But seeing that stupid math book reminded me that I had a whole week of school to get through first.

Maybe we should just skip lunch all together.

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