Everything Will Turn Out Alright

by Cy-kun

Chapter 21

We ended up watching The Fellowship of the Ring and because we're both huge movie loving nerds we had to follow that up with Two Towers and Return of the King. The fact that I was naked the entire time and neither of us once tried to start anything sexy should show you how huge that nerdyness is. Between Towers and Return (Yes, I call both Return of the King and Return of the Jedi 'Return' in case you were wondering) Vicky went downstairs and asked his dad to pick up McDonald's for us. He did, cementing his status as the most awesome parent ever, and 20 minutes later Vicky went down again and got the food.

Eating naked isn't fun. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Still, I didn't get dressed and by the time Gollum was biting the Ring off Frodo's finger and falling into Mt Doom (seriously, Frodo is the worst fantasy hero ever) I was more than ready to get that loving Vicky'd promised me.

I just had to wait for the next five endings to be over before I could do anything about it.

"I feel bad for Sam." Vicky was saying. "Poor guy pretty much single-handedly saves the world then has to watch the love of his life sail away to elf land and gets stuck in a loveless cover marriage with that bar wench. I mean, yeah he was smiling at the end but you could see the love missing from his eyes and-mmmmph!"

His mouth was still open from talking so I was able to slip my tongue in before he ever realized he was being kissed. It was the best stealth kiss I'd ever done and I doubted I'd ever top it. And speaking of topping things....

"Vicky?" I asked after pulling my lips from his.

"Yeah?" he asked breathlessly.

"You have way too many clothes on."

"I do, don't I?" The sexy gleam was back in his eyes as he quickly stripped his shirt and pants (he wasn't wearing any underwear. So hot) off and tossed them away. "Better?"

I moaned softly at the sight of his nakedness even though I'd seen it less than 12 hours ago. It had gotten dark out while we watched the movies but at some point we'd turned a lamp or two on so I could see Vicky perfectly.

I don't even think I need to go into how sexy he is at this point. If you haven't gotten that he's the most beautiful boy in the world by now nothing I say will get it through your skull. Plus, I was kinda lost in the hypnotic ripple of his stomach as he breathed heavily so I don't think I'd be able to give an accurate description of anything else anyway.

Until he picked up the crown at least.

It's amazing, really, how that stupid piece of metal can make a hot, naked boy even hotter-if less naked. He put it on his head, cocked it rakishly (another awesome word) to the left and grinned. I literally forgot to breathe for a few seconds, he was that amazingly hot. So you'll understand why I didn't exactly understand what was going on right away.

"Here," Vicky said and handed something to me. "Put this on."

"Kay." I said dreamily. I didn't even look at it but it felt round and metallic so I assumed it was some kind of necklace or choker. I didn't care. I think we've already went into how sexy that stupid crown is so why the hell not experiment with different accessories? I felt around for a catch or something but couldn't find one. I was so wrapped up in the sight kneeling above me in the bed that I didn't even realize I was pushing the thing against my neck trying to get it on until Vicky giggled and stopped me.

"Put it on your head, stupid." he said fondly. That broke through the lust haze. A necklace on my head? That's not how they work. I looked at the thing in my hands for the first time, trying to see what kind of crazy ass head necklace I was holding-

-and found myself staring directly at the tiara.

"Um?" I gave Vicky a confused look, but couldn't quite get out a full question. The lust and a certain type of frantic, disbelieving understanding were kinda fighting over control of my brain. "Huh?" I tried again.

He gently took it out of my hands and started lowering it towards my head. It finally dawned on me what he wanted.

"No way!" I yelled and backed up so he couldn't reach me. "Not gonna happen! Hell no!"

"Oh, come on Nate!" he begged.


"It'll be hot though!"

"No freaking way! I'm not gonna be the girl AND wear the girl crown!"

"Tiara." he corrected.

"I know what it's called!"

Vicky sighed. "You're overreacting."

"No! I'm...you're...-"

"And what's with that 'be the girl' crap?" Vicky sounded a bit angry. "You're the one who's always complaining about people saying that."

"Yeah, but....." I trailed off. Even through my panic I knew what he meant. It had always pissed me off when people asked which one of us was the 'girl', not just because it's an insanely personal question and the people asking were usually fangirls that just wanted a dirty mental picture, but because it's insulting to assume that a relationship between two guys needs one of them to be a girl. Now that I thought about it, it actually kinda shocked me that I would even say something like that. No matter what we did or how we acted I always thought of me and Vicky as total equals and never once worried about looking less manly than him. Well, at least until..... "Michelle." I growled.

"What?" Vicky asked with equal parts confusion and annoyance.

"This is her fault!" I yelled with sudden anger. "I never gave a shit about this before she started in with her 'you're gayer than Vicky' crap. I can't believe it! How long has that been in the back of my head? How the hell did I not realize how much that was bothering me?" I'll admit it, I was babbling. I was naked, aroused and growing more and more pissed off and I just couldn't shut my mouth up.

Thankfully Vicky could.

He didn't do it with his lips like I might have expected but instead just lightly brushed his fingers over my mouth. I instantly stopped talking. Again, if it were anyone but Vicky it would be totally scary how much power he has over me.

"What are you talking about?" he asked quietly. All traces of annoyance or anger were gone. I guess he could sense how much this was bothering me.

I took a deep breath and tried to collect my thought before answering. "Ever since that day at lunch when Michelle said I was more gay than you I guess it's kinda been in the back of my head. I mean, I never thought about it before, I was always just me, you know? But ever since then I've kinda been, I dunno, I guess like analyzing everything I did to see how gay it was or whatever." I shook my head in frustration. "I didn't even realize I was doing it."

Before I knew it Vicky was sitting next to me on the bed, hugging me, the stupid crown still on his head. "Does it bother you?" he asked. "Doing things that people might think are gay?"

"I dunno." I answered truthfully. "I never really thought about it before. I always just did whatever, you know? But since Michelle opened her stupid mouth it's like I don't want people to look at me and think I'm gay, which is stupid because everyone already does, but I can't help it. Is that weird?"

"Not really," Vicky said thoughtfully. "I kinda went through the same thing back in New York after the whole Ben thing. Everyone knew but I got really self conscious about doing anything that I thought was gay. I guess part of it was because I was so shy but another part was I just didn't like people looking at me like they knew me or something when they didn't. It made me uncomfortable."

"Yeah!" I agreed and nodded rapidly. "When Erica and Michelle were going through that whole list of things that make me gayer than you, even though it was mostly made up shit, it bothered me that they'd think that way about me." I frowned, really not liking that I was this effected by what other people thought. Vicky's arms were still around me and I rested my head in his shoulder. "Do you still feel like that?"

I felt his head shake. "Not really," he said. "Since I met you I've been really comfortable about things. Plus I didn't really know anyone here so it's easier not to care about what they think of me." He gave me a squeeze. "It really bothers you though, doesn't it?"

"It shouldn't" I said.

"But it does." Vicky stated more than asked.

I sighed. "But it does."


"I-" And that was the question. I had no idea why it bothered me. Come to think of it I had no idea why the hell this was coming up now when we should be having sex or talking about the movie but these things tend to happen at the weirdest times. I thought back to how I felt when everyone first found out we were gay. My main fear back then was getting beat up or made fun of, not how people thought of me. After that whole thing got more or less settled I didn't give it much thought until Michelle's comment. I think....it might have been more of a shock than anything. I never thought of myself as anything other than me. I didn't identify myself as girly or manly or even gay. I was just me. After a few (and I'll admit there are a few things that they listed that were more or less accurate) qualities that I have were pointed out in a way that made me seem like something I never thought of myself as I guess it kinda threw off this mental picture I had of who I was. I didn't act or look any differently now than I did a month ago. In the end, like 90% of my problems, it was only a problem because I made it a problem in my head and because of that I could do two things. Completely freak out and obsess over it, or forget about it and move on.

Despite the almost overwhelming desire to do the first -stick with what you know and all that- I decided to see if maybe I could try the second for once.

"You know what?" I said. I must have been silent for longer than I thought because Vicky started a bit when I spoke.

"What?" he asked.

"I'm gonna stop caring." I said.

Silence. "Just like that?"

"Yep. Just like that." I said calmly. I took my head off Vicky's shoulder and looked into his eyes. I wanted him to know I was serious and not just trying to avoid the problem. I must have gotten the message across because after a few seconds he smiled.

"Good." he kissed me on the head. And just like that, everything was fine again. Kinda weird I know and there was still part of me, the part that tends to over-think things, that totally expected this to pop back up and bite me in the ass at the worst possible time but even if that did happen I was going to enjoy the not worrying while it lasted. "So, does this mean you'll wear this?" he asked teasingly as he held up the tiara again.

"Sure." I grabbed it and put it on my head. His mouth dropped open in surprise and I had to laugh. "Ha! Didn't think I'd do it did you?"

Vicky let out a short laugh. "No." he smiled teasingly. "Should I be worried about how fickle you seem to be?"

I stuck my tongue out at him. "Please. This is just all part of my master plan to prove once and for all that you really are the gayer one."

He seemed a bit apprehensive at first, I guess not wanting to say anything that might freak me out again, but eventually it seemed to sink in that if I was joking about it it probably didn't bother me much anymore, or at least right now. He raised an eyebrow and smirked. "And you wearing that is supposed to make you less gay how?"

I matched his smirk. "I'm not the one that gets all hot for it am I?"

Vicky opened his mouth, then closed it, cocked his head thoughtfully, opened his mouth again, then closed it again. He started at me for a few seconds. "I.....can't argue that." he said and laughed. Then he seemed to realize that I was laying on his bed, naked, with the fucking tiara on and the humor quickly turned back into the lust of earlier.

Oh, yeah. Fucking is imminent.

"You do look really hot with that on." he said huskily.

I grinned. "And you look hot with that on." I pointed to the crown on his head.

He furrowed his brow and put his hand to his head. When he touched the crown his eyebrows shot up and he laughed. "I forgot I had that." he smiled. "You really like it?"

"Hell yeah." I said. "Especially the way it's all tilted to the side. Seriously hot." Vicky grinned and blushed just a bit. So cute. "Come here." I said and pulled him down on top of me.

As his lips pressed to mine I realized how amazingly perfect he felt laying on me. You'd think it would be uncomfortable, having someone's entire body weight pressed down on your chest but it never was with Vicky. It always felt just right. Skeptics might say it was because he weighed maybe a pound and a half more than my own double digit weight but I'd like to think it's because we just fit together perfectly in every way.

I'm wearing a tiara, I'm allowed to be a bit sappy.

Our kisses stayed sweet and innocent for about 4 or 5 seconds before our lust took over and we were shoving our tongues in each others mouths. They danced and fought and our hands roamed and pinched and caressed. I got lost in the silky smoothness of Vicky's tongue and the distracting ripples I could feel in his body as he moved so I couldn't say with anything near certainty whether we kissed for minutes or years before he took his lips from mine. There was a small strand of saliva connecting our lips as he pulled away. I believe I've already mentioned once or twice how sloppy our kissing can get. It finally fell off Vicky's lip and dropped down on my chin and chest. I looked away as I wiped it off and blushed.

Vicky gently grabbed my chin and turned my head back towards him. "You're so cute when you blush." Of course, that just made me blush more. Vicky just giggled and reached for the lube. It occurred to me that I should probably be more annoyed than I was about being called cute while wearing this thing on my head but I actually wasn't at all. I liked that he liked how I looked and if weird headwear was a Vicky fetish then I had no problem with it.

And even if I did have a problem with it I would have stopped obsessing over it because Vicky had just started stretching me out with his lubed soaked fingers and I kinda lost the ability to think about anything that wasn't how great that felt.

Then he hit my prostate and I couldn't even think about that.

"Mmmm!" I moaned. Or maybe I whimpered. Or even possible yelped. I'm not sure. Then I think I might have aid something like "Now!" or "I'm ready!" or "ohjesuschristfukme!". Again, not sure. Whatever I said, or didn't, in the end it didn't even matter because I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my hole.

I looked directly into his shining gray eyes as he pushed into me and it still amazed me how natural the love and lust I could see in them looked. You'd think those two feelings would conflict. I ran my hands tenderly down his sides, giggling softly when he twitched as I hit a ticklish spot, and pulled him towards me by his ass. His head popped in.

"Ohhhh." That one was definitely a moan. Followed very quickly by a groan as he pulled out.

"Hey," he said, shaking his finger. "I wanna do that." He flashed his wicked grin.

I groaned again. This was him getting me back for teasing him before. He probably wants me to beg or something. Well, if he thinks I'm gonna beg him to fuck me he's........completely and totally right. "Please?" I whined, but tried to make it as sexy as a whine can get. Results were inconclusive. "Fuck me." I grabbed his ass and pulled him towards me again. Maybe if I just got him in a little further than before he wouldn't be able to resist.....

"Nope." he said and pulled my hands away, grinning. He pinned my wrists to the bed behind my head. "Let me do it."

I moaned, this time in surprised pleasure. Maybe I was just going into weird shit overload but Vicky pinning my arms back like that while just barely pressing into me was incredibly fucking hot. That plus his teasing was driving me crazy. My cock started leaking like a faucet and I was so hard and sensitive that a soft breeze would probably make me cum.

Maybe I found a fetish of my own.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I realized that Vicky must have noticed how fucking turned on I was, realized why and went with it because he kept holding my arms down with one hand as he kissed me. Even his kisses were teasing, he'd lean down and brush his lips against mine but when I tried to full on kiss him he'd pull back just a bit so I couldn't.

Who would have thought frustration could be hot?

He was sneaky too. He'd distract me with his almost-but-not-quite kisses and while I was focused on trying to trap his lips he brushed his fingertips ever so softly over the underside of my dick. My back arched and I let out my loudest moan yet. So loud that I tried to cover my mouth with my hands but Vicky had a good grip and wasn't letting go.

It just made me want to moan even more.

He kept this up for......ever? I dunno. Between the thrashing and squirming and the whimpering and the trying to figure out which combination of the three would get Vicky to just stick his cock in me already I kinda stopped paying attention to stupid things like time. Time did pass though because one second he was teasing and the next I had to bite my lip way too hard to keep myself from screaming with pleasure as he pushed inside me.

I was expecting him to go slow, teasing me with the tip then pulling out and going back to the kisses and light touches but instead he slammed into me all the way in one, hard thrust.

Like I said, sneaky.

But oh so good.

"I'm sorry!" Vicky said, panicked. "Are you ok?"

You'd think with the whole holding me down and being forceful thing we had going on his worry would bring down the arousal but, nope, it actually had the opposite effect. "So far beyond ok." I said shakily. I was surprised I was able to get that much out.

Vicky's concern eased. That's another thing I love about him. He can be worried but once he realizes I'm ok he doesn't usually dwell on it like I would. Still, he was taking a bit too long to start back up again so I decided to get his head back in the game (ugh, sports cliches during sex. That's a little bit too not gay) and squeezed his cock with my ass muscles.

Vicky closed his eyes and shivered. I didn't wanna talk but I was still fuzzy from the insane amounts of pure sexual need I was feeling so I couldn't figure out a clearer way to let him know what I needed. "Fuck. Me." I said, each word filled with want and longing.

And he did.

He shoved back in me to the hilt and this time I didn't quite bite back the scream. I was half worried about Vicky thinking it was a pain scream instead of an oh-my-god-this-feels-fucking-perfect scream but he only pulled out enough to thrust back in. I wanted to pull him close but since I didn't have use of my hands all I could do was wrap my legs around his waist and squeeze him tight.

I think that night was the first time I realized just how great Vicky was at sex. Don't get me wrong, sex with Vicky was always nothing short of bliss, but this was the first time I really noticed his skill. No matter how much I squirmed or writhed under him or gripped him with my legs he never got thrown off or slipped out. He seemed to know exactly how I wanted it and exactly what to do to make me moan like a bad porn star. And he did it all without seeming to move anything below his waist. The entire time he fucked me his face was inches away with his eyes locked on mine. Well, locked on mine when they were open. It's really hard to keep your eyes open when your throwing your head back in ecstasy.

"God...Nate....so....good." Vicky panted.

"Ye-oh! Yeah, it-ah! Is!" I gasped back. He'd been lightly grazing my prostate with every thrust but right then he slightly changed his angle and started hitting it full on every time he pushed back inside me. "Ahhh!" I moan-screamed. I lost all ability to do....anything but lie there so I really can't take credit for what happened next even though I really, really want to. Every time he hit my prostate my ass clenched up just a bit, milking his cock. And that was all he could take.

Vicky's eyes closed as he threw his head back. "I'm gonna-fuck! Nate!" he yelled and pushed inside me as deep as he could go. I arched my back and tried to push my ass further down onto him, I wanted him to cum deep inside me. So deep that I'd never be able to get him out again.

When he was finally done releasing in me he collapsed to my side and let my hands go. They immediately shot to my dick and it barely took one stroke before I was shooting all over my chest, neck and stomach. "Oh fuck, oh fuck." Someone was panting. Was that me? "That was so fucking good. Vicky, you rock." Yep. Me.

"I know. I mean, it was." Vicky was panting too. "And you were.....damn. Sexy, hot, holy shit."

I couldn't help grinning like an idiot. I didn't think I actually DID anything besides lie there but apparently I'm pretty damn good at that and, dammit, that's something to be proud of! I can take a dick. Go me!

I noticed the crown was still on his head which made me realize that the tiara was no longer on mine. I giggled at the thought of him fucking it off my head but then frowned. That seemed like kind of a design oversight. I mean, generally with these things it's the girl who wants to wear them so you'd think that the girl crown would be designed to stay on during during any post-crowning celebrations the happy couple might have.

Wow I think about the weirdest things.

I reached over and pulled the crown off Vicky's head. It stuck for just a second and that made me frown again. Whoever the hell made these things sure got it backwards. Vicky didn't even seem to notice and I dropped it on the ground.

I crawled over to Vicky and rested my head on his chest. I sighed happily. So comfortable.....

There was blackness. And a sound. Which was weird. For some reason. I couldn't figure out why it was weird so I decided to ignore it but the sound started getting louder, kinda like how you don't really hear the waves at the beach until you're trying to ignore them and focus on the audiobook coming through your crappy generic iPod earbuds. Except this sound wasn't wave like at all. It sounded.....sexier. And words. It sounded words. Or like words. Something like 'fate bake pup' which is a pretty weird thing for noise in blackness to say. Except, it wasn't really blackness it was more like blackness ringed with less blackness. Almost light like even. And the noise-words started to get a bit clearer.

"Nate, wake up." Was I being shaken? "Nate, come on, get up." Yes. Yes, shaken indeed. But getting up? Why would I do that? It seemed like the worst kind of crime. Instead I nuzzled my head into the silky fleshy smoothness it was resting on. "Don't be lazy, it's time to wake up." More goddamn shaking. Seriously, what the hell is up with that? Then the shaking just stopped but before I could celebrate, probably with another nuzzle then hopefully by making the blackness more black, the smoothness under my head slid away and my face crashed into softness.

"Huh? Wha?" I said. At least I think that's what I said. My eyes opened reflexively and immediately shut again when the light coming in from the open window tried to sear them out of my skull. Who the hell puts a window right next to a bed? I froze as clarity started to return. Deciding to risk my eyes I slowly opened them.

Unshaded window. Early morning light. Naked Vicky sitting up in bed. Naked me laying in the same bed. No lock on the door.

This seemed different, yet horribly familiar.

"It's about time." the naked Vicky said. "You're really hard to get up, you know?"

My cock briefly twitched at the words "hard" and "get up" but instead of commenting on that all I said was "Please tell me there isn't a note."

"What?" he cocked his head. It didn't take long for understanding to dawn on his face though. "Oh." he giggled. "There isn't. My dad never comes in in the mornings. He never even knocks until he's seen me awake."

That seemed......so awesome. And perfect. I was immediately suspicious of it. "Why?"

Vicky turned an adorable shade of red. "Um, I might have been caught, uh, doing something and he kinda freaked out...." he trailed off. "He doesn't walk in my room anymore." he finished.

I could guess what 'something' was. It was a lot harder to picture laid back Jack getting freaked out about anything though. "That doesn't seem like something your dad would get too upset about?" It was more of a question than a statement.

Vicky turned even redder. "Um," he looked away. "When he walked in.....I was......finishing."


I covered my mouth as quickly as I could but Vicky heard me anyway.

"Are you....laughing?" he asked incredulously.

"N-" I swallowed a giggle. "No."

"You shit!" Vicky yelled and hit me in the head with a pillow. I had to take my hands away from my mouth to cover up my head which sent peals of laughter echoing around the room. "Stop laughing!" he shouted as he hit me.

"I-ow-I can't!" I gasped out. "Too funny. And pillows."

Vicky hit me again but I could see the smile fighting it's way onto his lips. "You suck." he said as he hit me one last time.

I got myself under control and gave him a smirk. "You'd know."

This time he threw the pillow at me. "Shut up." I giggled. "God!" he let himself fall onto the bed next to me. He huffed, then laid there in silence. After a minute or so he spoke. "Last night.....that was pretty intense."

I giggled again. "Yeah. You fucked me to sleep."

Vicky gave me a playful shove. "I'm serious, jackass." he said fondly. "You really liked me holding your arms like that didn't you?"

I felt my face turning red. "I guess, yeah." I looked away. Was that too weird for him? He seemed to like it enough while we were doing it but could he think I'm like some weird fetish freak or something?

"Hey," he said softly and turned my face back around towards his. He smiled and I didn't see any judgment in his eyes. "It's ok, you know, to like that. Or anything, really." he kissed me gently on the forehead. "Don't hide things from me. If you like something or wanna try something just say so." He smiled again. Christ! How can someone so amazing actually exist? "I mean, it's not like I'm a prude or anything."

Thinking of the crown I had to laugh. "No, not at all, your majesty."

He stuck his tongue out at me. "Shut up. You liked it too."

I pulled him close and gave him a hug. "Yeah," I said into his hair. "I did. Although next time you might wanna tie that thing to my head so it doesn't fall off."

Vicky giggled. "Maybe next time I'll just tie you up instead." I shivered. Wow. It's so wrong how hot that sounded. Vicky stiffened in my arms. "Um, I was just....you know, I wasn't saying I wanted...um, it was a joke." he babbled and the bit of his face that I could see turned red.

I felt myself blushing too. Did it bother him that that turned me on? Even right after his reassurances? Or did he maybe think my shiver meant I wouldn't want to do that and he was embarrassed for suggesting it? I'm gonna take a chance that it was the second thing.....Shit, say something Nate! "Um," Good, keep going. "Um, maybe if you, like.....I mean maybe if you....wanted....sometime that would be....ok to....do." My heart pounded with nervousness. Please don't let him think I'm weird.

"Oh." Vicky said after a moment. I could see his blush deepen. "Cool." Not exactly enthusiastic but he nuzzled closed to me and held me tighter so I guessed, hoped, thought, that I made the right choice. "I love you."

Yep, right choice. An uncontrollable grin stretched across my face. "I love you too." I kissed his head.

"Are you gonna be ok?" Vicky asked as I stepped out of his dad's SUV and into my driveway several hours later.

I took a deep breath and tore my eyes away from the other car parked in front of my house. I'd never seen it before but I didn't need to to know who it belonged to. The Alaska plates were kind of a giveaway. "Yeah." I smiled at him. "I'll be fine."

And it was the truth. The two days I spent at Vicky's house was insanely calming. It felt like I was locked in a fortress who's only purpose was to keep the world and all of my stupid little problems away from me and that feeling stayed with me even after I felt. I had Vicky, I could deal. And my mom. Hell, in a way I even had Jack who before we left pulled me aside and told me that if I ever needed anything and my mom wasn't around I could give him a call. It was a nice thought, if a little out of nowhere, but now I kinda thought that my mom might have said something to him about the car. He seemed serious when he offered and for a second I thought he was gonna hug me or something but he just gave me a reassuring smile and patted me on the shoulder. I decided that I liked Jack. He seemed sincere, like he actually cared and wasn't just saying it because he thought he had to or anything. I wanted to let him know that and maybe tell him that I didn't totally hate the idea of him and my mom.......dating, or whatever, but I couldn't just come out and say that. It would be too uncool. So I decided to try a different way.

"Thanks, Jack." I said. "What are your intentions towards my mom?"

If he was drinking anything it would have been total spit take time. His eyes bulged and his mouth dropped open. "Uh," he swallowed. "What do you...." he shook his head and then laughed. I grinned. Wow, that was the first time I'd ever seen him that at a loss. It was kinda awesome. "Did your mom say something?"

"Nope. I just know." Ok, seeing as I'm being all bold and stuff with an adult I might as well do all out. "I know everything." I filled the words with as much innuendo as I could and gave him my best penetrating stare.

Jack just laughed again. No blushing or nervous eye twitch. Either he has amazing self control or he and my mom haven't done anything they'd be ashamed of me knowing about. Either way it's great because that's something I really don't wanna know about and I should REALLY start thinking these things through before I open my mouth. "Well," Jack said. "My intentions are purely honorable, I assure you." He should have had at least some humor or irony in the words but he didn't. He seemed like he was taking my question seriously. "I like your mom. She's-"

"Oh God." I held up my hands. "I really didn't think this through. I really don't wanna hear my mom described by her....dating...person or whatever. I think I'd like to be able to get-" I choked on the words 'an erection again some time this year' and started blushing furiously. Bad idea! Bad idea! Abort! Abort! "I-I'll be in the car." I ran towards the SUV and a slightly confused Vicky.

Now that same SUV was driving away and I waved after it. I saw a sort of Vicky shaped blob wave back through the tinted rear window and smiled, then turned back towards my house and sighed.

That damn car. It was mocking me. With it's stupid Alaska plates and it's stupid paint job that was probably named something like 'sandy beach' or 'cinnamon' but was really just an uglier than normal shade of beige and it's stupid bumper sticker from two elections ago. People REALLY should take those things down once their guy loses. It's embarrassing. And to top it all off the damn thing was a Prius. It's like it's saying "not only did I bring the last person in the world you wanna see right now to your house but I'm bringing down the property value of the entire neighborhood just by being in the driveway. Suck on that, kid!" or something.

Yeah, I was procrastinating, so what?

I'd taken maybe three steps towards the door then stopped. God, I really didn't want to see my dad right now. What the hell was he doing here anyway? Weren't we being, like, super fucking clear with the not wanting to see him stuff? And why did my mom let him in? Maybe he broke in and killed her and now he's just waiting for me to walk in so he can chop my head of with a bloody ax? I took a deep breath and then stopped, surprised that I didn't really need to take a deep breath.

Two days with Vicky is great for the nerves.

Oh, look, I'm at the door. Crap. I must have been walking while I was thinking. Oh well. Might as well get this over with. The suspense is killing me. Kind of like an ax to the face would but a lot slower. Ok, Nate, time to turn the brain off and walk inside.

I opened the door and went in.

The house seemed empty, which surprised me. My life usually seems to like big dramatic reveals so I was kinda expecting to walk in on.....I dunno, something. It was kind of a relief really. It was nice not to have shit sprung on me the second I walk through a door for once. Maybe I could even use some tactical espionage action and sneak around to find out what my mom and dad are talking about so I won't be blindsided by anything. I grinned to myself, totally caught up in the fantasy of being Solid Nate.

Which is why I didn't really notice that I wasn't alone.

"Who are you?" a voice from the living room asked.

I started. Ok, fine, I jumped. And.....maybe there was a yelp involved. But only a yelp! Not a scream, especially not an undignified high pitched warbley one or anything. "What the hell?!" I squealed and looked around for the source of the voice. My eyes stopped on the couch and a blinked a few times. What the.......

Why is there a boy on my couch?

And why the hell is he eying me warily?

Oh. Probably the scre-...yelp. Or the squeal. Still, why is he on my couch? And who is he?

And why is he on my couch?

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: Nate, dude, why don't you just ask him who he is and what he's doing here? To which I'd answer: Well, invisible hypothetical question asker, I don't really have the best track record with saying the right thing when I'm flustered or surprised or confused or any other way of saying not totally emotionally stable so if I did open my mouth I really have no idea what's gonna come out. See? I know myself. And I'm using that knowledge to keep me from making an ass out of myself. For once. So, instead of saying something I just kinda....stood there.....creepily staring at him.

Just, shut up.

I'd say I'm really not a total perv but seeing as the first thing I noticed about him was that he was pretty hot I don't think you'll believe me. His hair was that weird dark blond color that's right between blond and light brown and he had one of those bowl cuts with bangs that hung down right above his hazel eyes. He had a very boyish, wholesome face. Not quite at the innocence level of Vicky's but kinda close. He was wearing a loose, long sleeve shirt and khaki pants so I couldn't really tell what his body was like but I thought he had a similar build to me. Maybe slightly wider in the shoulders. He was sitting down so I was just guessing here but he didn't look that much taller than me, which either meant that he was younger or short for his age. Considering that he probably WAS taller than me I really hoped for short for his age. He was a bit tan too, but like golden not the sexy as hell natural brownish tan Vicky had. So, yeah, hot, but even with his hotness on full display in front of me the only time my cock twitched was when I thought about Vicky when comparing them. I quickly bit the inside of my cheek and tried to stop thinking about Vicky. It's bad enough I'm standing here staring at this boy without saying anything, the last thing I need is to get a boner while doing it.

"Who are you?" he asked again and I noticed his voice was slightly scratchy. Was he sick? Or was that just puberty making itself known? Either way I thought I could probably open my mouth without saying something completely stupid, although I'm not sure why I cared anymore seeing as he was in MY house asking ME who I was, but before I could hell decided to break loose.

"Nate!" my mom said as she walked in from the hall. "I need to talk-"

"Hey, Nate!" came my dads voice as he came in from the opposite side of the TV room. "I want you to-"

"-I know we said we didn't want your father here-"

"-I think it'll be good to get to know-"

"-lawyer said it would look better if-"

"-with me from Alaska because-"

"SHUT UP!" I yelled. They both went silent. I blinked. Wow. I actually didn't expect that to happen. Or work. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit I don't really have anything to follow up with. "Um, one at a time?" That works I guess.

They both started to talk, then stopped and glared at each other. I rolled my eyes. Like an old married-...oh, wait. I looked at the boy who was busy looking at the hardwood floor. I wonder if he had to deal with a lot of this while he was here? And why IS he here? "Ok," I said. "Mom, what's going on? What's dad doing here? Who's this kid? Oh, and WHAT'S DAD DOING HERE?" I could feel the calm of the past two days slowly unraveling and I took a deep breath. I could deal with this. I could. I can fight with my dad later, right now I just need to keep things calm and wait for him to leave.

"As I was saying," my mom said as she glared at my dad again. He huffed, but thankfully stayed silent. "I know we said we didn't want him here but I talked to my lawyer and he told me that if your father does get a new hearing it'll look good if we at least made some effort to reconnect with him so I invited him over." She shot me a brief, apologetic look. "I probably should have called or something but I didn't think he'd come here today and it kind of threw me off. As for the boy-"

"The boy has a name, Julia." my dad cut in with a disapproving look. "His name is Luke. He's my stepson."

I blinked.

What. The. Fuck.

There was talking still, maybe even yelling I'm not sure, but I didn't hear any of it. All I could hear was the word 'stepson' echoing around in my brain. Stepson. He left my mom, he left me and he went out and got a new family? Just like that?

Ow. That hurts.

I found myself staring at the boy -Luke- but the expected wave of jealousy or resentment never hit me. I was numb. At least towards him. He was just sitting there staring at the floor looking embarrassed and like he'd rather be anywhere else. I couldn't have hated him if I wanted to.

My dad on the other hand.

"So," I said quietly but with enough of an edge in my voice that my parents fell silent. "Does this mean you got married again?"

My dad didn't answer for a few seconds. I'd like to think he was taking the time to be ashamed of himself but he was probably just trying to figure out why I was asking such an normal, mundane question in an I'm-thinking-about-ripping-your-throat-out tone. "Yes." he said cautiously. "Would you like to meet her? She's in the kitchen."

"I-" I started.

"Caroline!" he called out, not even bothering to wait for my answer. So much for caution. "Come in here, I want you to meet Nate!"

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than a thin, tiny blond woman came walking into the room with a way too bright smile on her face and a bounce in her step and her ponytail. I hated her instantly. "Hi there Nate." she said sweetly. "I'm Caroline. It's nice to meet you."

"Go fu-ow!" I rubbed my arm where my mom pinched me and turned around to frown at her, then had to fight to keep from shrinking away from the intensity of the glare she was giving me. I didn't have any trouble guessing it's meaning. 'Be nice. Or else.' It was the last thing I wanted to do, but in hindsight my initial response may have been me going just a bit too far. Maybe. "Nice to meet you too." I said between clenched teeth.

Either she completely ignored it, was too stupid to realize I didn't mean it or I looked less grimacey and more smiley than I thought because she then said "You're so polite. Eric's told me so much about you, Nate. I can't wait to have you over so we can get to know you better."

Really? My dad told you so much about me? Because, he was just totally a part of my life for the past three and a half years, right? What could he have possibly told you about me? That I like Spongebob and Flapjack? That I play little league? That I name my stuffed animals after Roman emperors? Does he know ANYTHING about me or my life after I was 9? Did he tell you that I'm gay? Did he tell you that I have a boyfriend? Did he tell you that I have scary fangirls lusting after me? Did he tell you that after he basically abandoned us in favor of his real family of Jim, Jack and Jose that my mom became the only parent that I need or want? Does he know a single goddamn thing about who I am now and not who I was back when he was still sober enough to notice me?

It was probably a really good thing that my mom spoke up when she did because I don't think I could have kept from letting some of that slip out and considering that not even 5 minutes ago I was with Vicky I have a pretty good guess what would have slipped out first.

"Nate," my mom said in her sweetest 'big happy family' tone. "Why don't you go show Luke your room before dinner, ok?"

I'm proud of myself. I actually managed to suppress the shudder. Never had the words 'before dinner' inspired such dread in me. My eyes drifted back to Luke and found him looking at me, almost pleading. I know how ya feel, buddy. "Yeah. Ok." I said as evenly as I could. "Come on." I motioned for Luke to follow me and then turned towards the stairs. I barely got three steps before I heard the sound of sock feet quickly running up then stopping directly behind me. I heard the drone of parental conversation start back up as I led my step-brother up the stairs.

Jesus Christ.

I have a step-brother.

Life is fucking weird.

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