Everything Will Turn Out Alright

by Cy-kun

Chapter 15

Homework's done. Foods consumed. Showers taken. I'm in bed and I can't sleep.

It's past twelve and I've been tossing and turning almost the entire time I've been laying down. It's not that I'm not tired, I am, it's just that my sheets still reek of sex and Vicky and it's driving me crazy. I catch a whiff of Vicky's strawberry scent and I'm filled with images of his smile, his laugh, his beautiful eyes, the way he feels in my arms, the way I feel in his arms......then I turn around and get a nosefull of dried cum and all I can think about is Vicky mauling my prostate with his dick or how incredibly talented his innocent looking mouth is.

Maybe if my mom actually WENT TO BED I could at least change the sheets and not be nasally assaulted by these wonderful, intoxicating smells.

No, then I'd just miss them and end up sleeping on the floor next to the discarded sheets.

I tried everything to get to sleep. I really did. I tried counting sheep but the sheep kept turning into naked, bent over Vicky's. I tried counting backwards from 100 but once I got to 69 I kinda lost track of what I was doing. I tried counting from 0 to see how far I could go but I kept trying to figure out sexual positions for every number. If Vicky was taller we could do a 17, we'd have to be contortionists to do an 88 and ohhhhh we've already done a 33 today. Mmmmm, 33.

Yeah, none of it was helping.

I wonder if this is why people start drinking? Maybe passing out is the only way alcoholics can fall asleep. I very briefly thought about raiding my moms very small liquor stash to test my theory but then I remembered the one time I tried a shot of my dad's vodka when I was 9 and got so freaked out by the burning that I swallowed about 5 ice cubes whole before throwing up for 20 minutes.

I still had a headache the next day.

So yeah that plan was out.

I tried keeping my eyes open as long as I could until they teared up, then I blinked and did it again and again. The idea was to get my eyes so dry and worn out that I wouldn't be able to keep my lids open. All I ended up doing was making my eyes ache. It actually hurt worse when they were closed too. It did kill off a little bit of the horny though.

Until I turned on my side and breathed in again.

This is hopeless.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Nate, buddy, if you're that hot and bothered why don't you just jerk off?" A very sensible question to which my reply would then be "I already HAVE........FOUR times."

It didn't help.

I turned on my other side to face my clock. This is one of the positions where I get the Vicky scent, the one that fills me with tender, loving thoughts. As I stared at the clock slowly ticking away the last few minutes of this unbelievably long day I started thinking back to the first time I saw Vicky at the community pool. Him just standing there with the sun shining down on his beautiful face, his soulful gray eyes staring into me, his bathing suit hanging low on his hips exposing that insanely sexy front part that looked like a V leading down into his suit, that heartstoppingly perfect smile he was aiming directly at me. Looking back I kinda realized that the first time I saw him was the biggest turning point in my life, even more that my parents getting divorced and me moving to West Virginia. Before Vicky all I ever thought about was finally getting laid, fucking and sucking some nameless boy that I wouldn't have cared if I ever saw again. Now that I had Vicky and felt the love we have for each other I would happily take a single playful glance from him over all the mind blowing contortionist sex with all the beautiful boys in the world. There would just be no comparison. There was this song my dad always used to sing back when I was a little kid. He was a terrible singer and after hearing it about a thousand times I started hating the damn thing but there was one line from it that popped back into my head just then: 'I was blind, but now I see.' It fit.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I never even noticed that the time on my clock had gone way past the beginning of the next day. When my eyes refocused and saw the bright green "12:47" I felt tension I didn't even know I had seep out of my body. This day had lasted way too long. It was only 24 little hours but to me it felt like weeks had gone by. It was a relief to finally have it behind me.

I balled up my pillow, the one that had the most of the Vicky smell, and hugged it close to my chest before resting my head on it. I inhaled deeply, a smile crawling across my lips as that wonderful berry scent filled my nose. Quick little flashes of our short (so far) but so very meaningful life together flashed in my head, but this time they didn't make my heart pound or my breath come quicker.

They were relaxing.

I thought of our first kiss, our first time holding hands in public, the first time I comforted him, the first time I saw him laugh, the way the setting sun looked reflected in his eyes, the way his lips part just a little bit when he's thinking about kissing me, his innocent smile, his evil smile, the sweet way he panicked the first time he ever cursed in front of me. All these memories and more filled my mind and I felt my eyes start to well up with tears of love and happiness. I closed my eyes and a single tear squeezed it's way out of the corner of one and rolled down my cheek.

The next time I opened my eyes bright sunlight was flooding the room and there was a very familiar, but not exactly unwelcome, pounding at my door.

Finally, a new day.

Walking into school on Tuesday was a lot like walking into school on Monday. I got the same stares, the same pauses in conversation, the same quickly averted eyes. It was actually kinda starting to piss me off, I mean I didn't think everything would be all normal and calm after just a day but I at LEAST thought people would be able to look me in the eye for more than three seconds, until I started to notice that before they looked away most of the eyes held something that looked suspiciously like sympathy.

It was kinda unnerving actually and I started to move my head down or to the side to try and keep eye contact with people just a bit longer so I could maybe figure out what the hell was going on. My first thought was 'Did something happen to Vicky?' and I braced myself for a panic attack. Then I realized that I was actually bracing myself for the panic attack instead of actually HAVING it and the total and complete shock of that stopped me right in my tracks.

Did I seriously just NOT freak out thinking about something happening to Vicky?

Don't get me wrong, the urge was there. I felt the same tightening I my chest that I usually feel right before a really epic freak out but that didn't send my thoughts racing through thousands of terrible scenarios or cause my heart to do it's best Alien impersonation and try to burst out through my ribcage like usual. Instead I was actually using, get this, logic to hold my emotions in check. Vicky gets to school maybe 10 minutes before I do so if anything really bad happened there would most likely still be cops or an ambulance around and if something happened last night I was pretty sure Vicky's dad would have called to let us know. Those calming thoughts pushed the rising panic back down until I barely noticed it.

How very Vulcan of me. Live long and prosper, emotional maturity, live long and prosper.

Still, as awesome as it was to realize that I actually had some control over my crazy ass imagination for once, I wasn't really getting any closer to figuring out why people were looking at me like my dog just died. I tried asking a few people but every time I walked towards someone they found something very interesting at the other end of the hall to hurry off to. Now I was really getting annoyed. I get not wanting to get too friendly with someone as socially unacceptable as the openly gay (even if the openly part wasn't exactly his choice in the first place) kid but would it kill someone to just answer one simple question? You can feel sorry for me but actually saying anything to me is too much? Or maybe it's that my 5 foot nothing (…..with shoes, sigh), slender and almost muscleless body is just oh so intimidating? People are strange.

I kept getting more and more annoyed as I walked towards class. This was way too much like yesterday. Walking into school and being met with unexplainable looks, having no idea how to figure out what was going on, getting weird reactions from people....as John McClaine would say, how can the same shit happen to the same guy twice? If I had to wait until lunch for an answer again I think I might actually go just a little bit insane. Thankfully the gods of avoiding plot repetition were smiling down on me today because while I was at my locker getting my books I glanced to me left, saw a group of three girls (not any of the fangirls, they were strangely absent again) give me the same sympathetic look before turning away an walking down the hall, but not before I overheard one of them say something about "Skip Williams" and a "bathroom".

Ah, so that's what this is all about. I actually felt kinda stupid for not assuming that in the first place. After all that was kinda the whole idea wasn't it? Having everyone "know" what happened in the bathroom? Still, even though I expected it to work, it was kinda weird seeing the entire school not only buy my bullshit but feel sorry for me too. I felt a small twinge of something that actually kinda did for once feel almost like regret but pushed it down with my new found powers of logic and reason. I had no reason to feel regretful, therefore I couldn't be feeling it so therefore I wasn't. Simple. If I had anything to feel bad about it was that I was making people feel bad for me when nothing really happened. Yeah, that must be it. People who would feel bad for someone they don't even know or like don't deserve to be lied to. That's what I regret. Not that I actually regret anything. You know what? I think class is gonna start soon, I really should get moving.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into homeroom, besides everyone doing their best not to look at me, was Jason glaring furiously at me and Vicky sitting in his usual seat with an amused yet confused smile on his face. I pressed my hand to my mouth to try and hold in the damn giggles that were trying their hardest to come out.

Oh, I love doing evil.

Vicky saw me holding back and that started him giggling which completely killed any possibility of me not giggling so I just gave up and rushed to my seat so I wouldn't have to stand up in the middle of class giggling like a little girl. People were certainly starting to look at me now except instead of pity or sympathy they were looking at me like I might have gone crazy. Which, honestly, is a much easier look to take. Maybe I should act nuts all the time?

Jason split his time between glaring at me and Vicky.

"You're such a fucking asshole Nate." he growled at me before I had a chance to get my ass fully on the uncomfortable plastic chair.

"What are you taking about?" I said innocently.

"You know damn well what I'm talking about."

Vicky buried his head in his arms to try and hide his giggling. It didn't work and he got another glare from Jason.

"I just got here dude, did something happen to you?" I asked with fake concern.

"I fucking hate you...." Jason said with another glare. If there's a hell I'm so going there but this is just way too fun to stop.

"Jesus, someone's grumpy today." I turned to Vicky who had pretty much gotten himself under control. "He looks like he needs a hug."

"Nate!" Jason yelled. Both Vicky and I burst into giggle fits.

"Mr Ellis!" Mrs Philips' yell cut off anything else any of us might have said. "If you're done tormenting your classmate may I please take attendance now?" I stopped giggling and turned to see that, of course, she was looking at me with one eyebrow raised. That's it, I'm going online and finding lessons when I get home, this is ridiculous.

I heard a high pitched squeal from behind me and turned back to see Vicky with his hands over his mouth trying desperately to hold in his laughter. If I could get mad at Vicky this would have been a great time for it. I tried out a glare anyway, even though all I could think of was how incredibly cute he looked covering his mouth like that, and mumbled "Traitor" just loud enough for him to hear. I quickly turned back around and was facing forward with my best imitation of Vicky's innocent look. That combined with my own 'what, me?' glance through a strategically placed curtain of hair covering the right side of my face should have been more than enough to melt any adults suspicion but Mrs Philips just stared at me long enough to let me know she wasn't buying it then rolled her eyes slightly and started taking attendance.

She'd barely said three names when the door opened and a girl wearing one of those ridiculous bright blue "office helper" sashes walked in, stopped nervously when she realized she was interrupting and then quickly handed Mrs Philips a piece of paper after receiving an impatient wave before scurrying out into the hall again. Mrs Philips quickly read the note.

"Mr Ellis, you are to report to principals office immediately after homeroom." she said calmly and then went back to taking attendance.

Remember before when I didn't panic and let my imagination run wild? Yeah, that didn't last long. I was officially freaking out. I'd never been called to the office before, hell I'd never really gotten in trouble before. You need to have friends to show off for to even have the motivation to do something worth getting in trouble for and I'd only ever had Jason and now Vicky. I never felt the need to impress them by being a jackass. I've never done anything that should get me called to the office........except trying to punch Shawn Flynn in class yesterday. Ok, so Mrs Philips said that she'd say I stopped myself and that Shawn was the one causing problems but what if the principal didn't believe her? What if other students came forward and said what really happened? Kids around here usually don't care enough to get someone they don't know out of trouble and I didn't remember him having any friends in homeroom but what if someone, or several someones, thought this was the perfect anonymous way to mess with the gay kid? I hated that I was thinking like an oppressed victim here but let's be real, weird ass protection thing or not, middle school kids aren't exactly the most tolerant and accepting of people being different. Hell, I've seen kids get mercilessly picked on because they wear glasses or shop at Payless for fucks sake! There must be a lot of people pretty annoyed that they can't have some fun with incredibly easy targets like me or Vicky. Shit, if this is what they have planned for me then what are they gonna do to-NO! Get a grip Nate. Remember, Vicky can take care of himself, he doesn't want you freaking out about him, we had our first fight about it and everything. Just calm down. Worry about yourself. Besides, unlike yesterday there's no need for you to stay here, he'll be 'protected' if you get suspended or not so just calm the fuck down. Deep breaths.

It was about then that I noticed that Shawn wasn't in class.

Ok, shit, he's not here so he's....where? In the office! Crap! I bet his parents are there too. They're probably doing the whole "my son would NEVER do anything like this" act and with witnesses to back him up I could be so screwed. Oh shit! If I got sent home they'd have to call my mom! It wouldn't matter what my reason was if she found out that I almost PUNCHED a kid in class getting sent to the office would be the least horrible thing that happened today. She might take away my computer and Xbox 360. Crap! She might not let Vicky come over! Or worse, what if she thought Vicky was a bad influence on me and forbids from seeing him and what the HELL is that pounding sound? Oh, that would be my heart. Maybe I'll get lucky and actually have a heart attack, surely my mom will take pity on me if I become a medical case study on stress reactions in the adolescent body right?

Yep, it's official, I am now panicking.

The bell rang and if I live to be 100 I'll never be able to figure out how I held in the startled yelp that wanted so badly to escape my lips. I took a deep breath that did exactly nothing to calm me down, got to my feet and started walking quickly toward the office. I wasn't at all eager to get there and face what I now thought was my inevitable beheading but I don't think my nerves could take the building panic of a slow stroll. Not that it did any good. I barely got to the next classroom door before I felt a tug on my arm that quickly turned into a strong enough grip to hold me in place. I jerked around and came face to face with a more than slightly concerned Vicky. The concern in his face only deepened when he looked into my eyes.

"What wrong?" he asked. "You-"

"It's about Shawn!" I babbled. "It has to be. They know what really happened and I'm gonna get sent home and my mom's gonna kill me and lock me in my room and never let me see you again and-"

I was cut off my a pair of lips pressing themselves to mine.

"-andmmphf" I tried to keep talking even as he kissed me but letting him know exactly how my life was about to be ruined suddenly seemed less important than letting him kiss me, so I did that. Very quickly letting him kiss me became less important than kissing him back and so I did that too. Somewhere between allowing the kiss and kissing him back I absently noticed that only a few people were staring, most just eagerly looked in any other direction and moved on. When we stopped kissing I noticed that I'd been pushed back against a row of lockers. Now that the kissing was gone spilling the details of my imminent demise once again shot back to top billing but when I opened my mouth to speak Vicky covered it with three of his fingers. The kissing must have calmed me down at least a little because I immediately stopped trying to talk.

"Nate." Vicky said calmly as he brushed my hair out of my face and behind my ear with his other hand. "Don't freak out."

"Bu mah ma-" It's very hard to speak through fingers. Vicky let out a short giggle before lowering his hand from my mouth. "But my mom-"

"Isn't going to forbid you from seeing me just because you almost got in a fight. If she didn't throw me out of your life when she found us naked in bed together I don't think we have anything to worry about here." His eyes widened as he realized he said that probably a bit louder than he should have seeing as we're in the middle of a crowded hallway. He ducked his head, shot me an embarrassed look through the hair falling across his eyes and smiled nervously.

That actually did more to calm me down than his logic did. I always worked better when I had to comfort Vicky in some way. As I pulled him close and gave him a hug I barely even thought about anything except making him feel less embarrassed. And when I did think about something else it was how fucking adorably cute he looked just before the hug. How people don't constantly fall in love with him left and right is something I'll never understand.

I could tell the exact second he stopped needing to be held. It was that whole 'fitting right' thing again. As I let him go and we smiled at each other I was surprised to find that my panic didn't come roaring back the second he didn't need me anymore. It wasn't really his words or his touch or even looking into his eyes that kept me calm and in control. It was the fact that he was even here, that he took the time out to notice that something was wrong and then followed me and tried to make it better. It never seems like we've only known each other for a little over two weeks but sometimes the whole....newness of having someone this wonderful care so much about me just hits me and it's impossible to feel anything other than grateful. As if he read my mind and wanted to drive the point home Vicky took my hand and started leading me down the hall.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm walking you to the office." he said simply.

"But....first period's in the complete other direction." I reminded him.

He looked me in the eyes. "So?"

We walked in silence the rest of the way. One of the few thoughts that went through my head that weren't about how incredibly lucky I was to have someone like Vicky was that I never thought I'd have a goofy, happy smile on my face during my first ever walk to the principals office.

When we reached the outer office door we stopped and he gave my hand a squeeze. "I'll see you after, ok?"

"Yeah, and thanks for, you know, calming me down before I had a stroke or something."

He giggled and I expected a teasing or joking response but instead he said "Always." We stood there smiling at each other for a few seconds (minutes? hours?) before he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss. "You should go in before they page you or something."

"Yeah." I didn't move though. I just stood there drinking in the affection in his eyes for just a few more seconds before giving him a quick kiss of my own. "See ya later."

He just smiled at me as I turned and entered the office.

The second the door closed behind me I felt nervous again. Not the chest pounding panic I felt before but the calm was definitely cracking. What if Vicky was wrong about my mom? That's what everything came down to really. Even though I definitely have the whole "first time getting sent to the office" thing going on I could deal with that, or getting suspended or even having strange parents glaring at me for 'attacking' their precious little boy, but not being allowed to see Vicky? It'd be easier to breathe water.

I tried as hard as I could not to think about that (wanna guess how successful I was?) as I walked up to the secretaries desk. Sitting behind it was an old woman with her long graying hair tied up in a severe bun and an outfit that screamed 'sexually repressed librarian'. Not having been sent to the office before this was the first time I ever saw her but somehow I just knew that the only reason she was hired was to intimidate the hell out of troublemakers. I'm not sure how it works on them but I suddenly had a strange urge to piss myself while confessing everything I've ever done wrong in my entire life.

Yeah, I think it's safe to say I'd make a pretty terrible criminal. Mom'll be thrilled.

I managed to get all the way to her desk without making a pissy scene and stood there for exactly 10 seconds (yes I counted) before she looked up at me and raised both her eyebrows expectantly. Huh, both eyebrows. Maybe she's like me, maybe she was one of the sad many that could never figure out the secret of the single arched eyebrow. I suddenly felt sorry for her. She would be so much more intimidating if she could manage that trick. I wonder if the other sexually repressed librarian secretaries make fun of her for it? I bet they do. Poor woman.

It could be my overactive imagination but as I looked into her eyes I thought I saw a flash of understanding, a sharing of pain that only the double eyebrow raisers of the world could know. Or it could have been the light reflecting off her glasses as she leaned slightly forward. I dunno. Either way I didn't feel all that intimidated anymore and that's all that matters right?

"I'm Nate Ellis, I was told to come here after homeroom?" I'm not sure why it came out as a question.

"Ah, yes, Mr Ellis." she said in a pitch perfect sexually repressed librarian voice. I wonder if she practiced? "Please take a seat on one of the chairs by the wall and you'll be called in when the principal is ready for you."

I made my slightly confused way over to the chairs in question and sat down. Is this an intimidation tactic? Let the guilty kid sit around and worry about what punishment he's gonna get? If Shawn is in the principals office with his parents there should be no reason for me to wait out here. Unless the principal is assuring them that the 'troublemaker' will be dealt with harshly enough. What if there's a lawsuit involved? Would the school expel me in order to avoid getting sued?

Considering the school can't afford to buy legally mandated school buses I can't imagine the answer to that being anything other than a resounding "HELL YES!"


The only thing that saved me from starting up another full on panic attack was the door to the principals office opening. My heart stopped and I held my breath. This was it. I wanted to look away but forced myself to stare directly at the door. I wouldn't let the first thing Shawn, his parents and the principal saw be a guilty looking boy too scared to even look at them. Maybe if I looked confident enough I could get the principal to believe my and Mrs Philips version of events. Maybe I could get his parents to see that he's an ignorant little shit that can't control his mouth. Maybe I could at the very least get through this with some pride or dignity.

The door opened fully and out stepped a student I'd never seen before.

He was about my size and even though I mentally punched myself for it I figured that meant he was probably in 5th or 6th grade. He had a buzzcut, was wearing an Affliction shirt with jean shorts and the only way he could have looked more like a white trash delinquent was if he somehow had those words tattooed across his knuckles. I gave him about five years before he blew up his first meth lab. He glared at me as he stormed out of the office but I barely gave him a second thought. Ok well actually I gave him like three thoughts but I didn't spare him a fourth. Instead, I was looking into the inner office. Could this kid have something to do with Shawn? Did the principal just let his parents stay there while she was laying the disciplinarian smackdown on some kid? I stretched and twisted and turned but no matter how I looked at it the room stayed the same.

Except for the principal there was no one in there.

"Mr Ellis, you can go in now." the secretary said impatiently, like I was inconveniencing her by doing exactly what she said and waiting to be called.

It didn't bother me too much. I was still trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Were they maybe hiding under the desk waiting to pop out and yell "Aha!" once the principal gained my trust and caused me to confess my misdeeds? I didn't think so. The desk wasn't all that big. I walked into the office, closed the door behind me and stood in front of the desk.

Principal Alomar was pretty much the definition of 'no nonsense black woman'. Tall and stocky, with a square, broad face and thin dreadlocks pulled back into a tight ponytail/bun type thing, she sat behind her desk in a navy blue....um...suit....thing....shut up, ok? I already said I don't know anything about fashion so I can't really describe the damn thing. It's got a top part and a bottom part that looks like it might be a skirt or something. I dunno. She was sitting behind her desk looking at me with this strange little expression, it almost looked like she was trying to put me at ease. Ha! I know that trick very well lady. My mom's the master at that crap and that little wince on your face wouldn't match her guile and subtlety on her worse day. This might actually have a shot at going well.

"Why don't you take a seat, Nate? Or Nathan? Which do you prefer, honey?" she asked soothingly. She had an odd voice with just a hint of a southern accent that you could tell that even though she spent a long time trying she could never quite cover it up. Oh...she was much better at the talking part than the look. I even felt myself relax just a tiny little bit before I caught myself.

"Um, Nate." I said warily as I sat down. I shouldn't underestimate her. As wound up as I am if she can get me to relax even a bit with just a distracting accent and concern over what I like to be called she's obviously a force to be reckoned with.

She smiled slightly at me and that completely threw me off. She had kind of a reputation for being a hard ass and even though I've never been sent to the office before I'd seen her at assemblies and science fairs (yes, I participate in science fairs, you got a problem with that?) and never ONCE did I see her look anything other than stern and watchful. This had to be some kind of ploy but why would it be necessary if she already had witnesses and Shawn's parents on her back......unless she didn't. Hope suddenly flared up inside me and it took every once of my self control to keep a smile off my face. She was fishing. She must be trying to figure out if what Mrs Philips told her was true. All I had to do was stick to the story and I'd be free. My sudden flare of hope lasted exactly as long as it took for me to remember that I'm a terrible liar and that, as a principal, she was probably very good at spotting lies. Shit. I'm still screwed.

"Relax honey, you're not in any trouble." she said still smiling. "I just need to talk to you about something, that's all."

"Is it about Shawn?" Shit! That slipped out! Why can't I control myself when I'm nervous!

"Shawn?" she looked confused for a few seconds then her eyes widened with understanding. "Ohhhh you're talking about Shawn Flynn? Oh don't you worry about him, he's been suspended for a few days and I've got a mind to hold another tolerance assembly...." she waved her hand as if banishing the thought. "Never mind about that. I called you in here...to..." she seemed to struggle for words for a few seconds then almost blurted out "Are you being sexually harassed by Robin Williams?"

I burst out laughing.

I couldn't help myself. The sheer relief that THAT'S what this was about was enough to make me giddy about not getting in trouble but, come on, how many times in your life is someone gonna ask you that with a straight face? The almost cartoonish look of wide eyed disbelief that came across the principals face just set me off even more.

"I...I don't think this is all that funny." she finally said after I'd somewhat calmed down. "Sexual harassment is something the school, and I, take very seriously."


Oh crap.

The last little bits of my laughter dried up immediately as I suddenly realized just how serious this was. When this whole thing started I never even once considered that it might get back to a teacher. All I wanted was to make sure that hulking idiot Skip would stay the hell away from Vicky and I never thought about anything beyond whether or not it would actually work. Once I knew it would it was full steam ahead and it worked alright. It worked too well apparently. I am such an IDIOT. The whole idea was basically to get people to kick his ass at school and I never once thought that might attract the attention of teachers?

I remembered that kid, the one who wasn't Aaron (except now I'm thinking maybe he might be Alex?) showing up to class with my books and raw knuckles telling me not to worry about Skip anymore and I could see what must have happened in my head as clearly as if I was there. Either him or someone else got in a fight with Skip, a teacher broke it up and sent him to the office and when he got there he would have loudly proclaimed that he was only defending my honor or something and told the whole story. Skip would have told his side of the story but I have no idea what he would have said. I kinda doubt big, bad tough guy Skip Williams would admit to getting his ass handed to him by yours truly and he sure as hell wouldn't have admitted to trying to kick my ass in the first place. He'd probably try to play it off like he got jumped by several guys even if it was only one guy that got caught fighting with him. His type usually isn't big on the whole "think first" thing. Anyway with two conflicting stories and accusations of sexual harassment the only thing they could do is wait a day and call in the "victim" and see what he had to say. Which means that whatever happens is gonna be all my fault.


I groaned inwardly. I never wanted this! I just wanted Vicky to be left alone. Is that so much to ask? Do adults need to get into everything? I mean, if he WAS sexually harassing me that would be one thing but.....sigh.....they don't know it's fake. And I can't really say "Oh, yes, I made it all up so people would beat him up and keep him from beating up me or my boyfriend. Aren't I just the little genius?" On the other hand I'm a terrible liar at the best of times and with sexual harassment the school would call the cops and I'd at the very least have to give a sworn, legally binding, if we find out this is a lie you can get thrown in jail and kiss your properly functioning asshole goodbye statement. I doubt it'd get that far though. If I can barely look at an old lady without wanting to come clean I'd probably shit myself and confess the second a cop looked at me. Then there was that annoying feeling that was right now telling me that I'd be a pretty big scumbag if I even thought about trying to get someone in serious, haunt you for the rest of your life (do they put underage sex offenders on a list?) trouble that they didn't deserve. And, dammit, in the end he really hadn't done anything to deserve it. Damn my mother for raising me right! Grrrrr!

So, I can't say I lied and I can't say he did anything, what the hell can I say? My default response to this whole thing has been "I don't wanna talk about it" but that probably won't fly here. I guess the only thing I can do is try and pretend I have no idea what she's talking about. It's probably pointless. She probably sees through much better liars on a daily basis. Maybe the laughing will work in my favor?

"Um, what?" Stall! Stall! Stall! "Are you talking about Skip?" Oh! Good one. Pretend you don't even know who she's talking about.

She looked slightly confused for a few seconds. "I'm talking about Robin Williams, him and another young man got in a fight yesterday and it was apparently because this other young man heard that Robin was sexually harassing you. Are you denying that?"

Be calm, be cool. "Yeah, I'm not being sexually harassed by anyone." Hm, I might not be too bad at this lying stuff after all.

"Did you get into a fight with Robin? An argument?"

"Um, no."

She gave me a sort of skeptical look. "You can't think of any reason why your name would have come up in this situation?"

"No. I've never even said three words to Ski-Robin." Mention the other kid! Make it seem like you're trying to find a connection! "Um, who was the other guy?"

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you. If you weren't involved then I can't talk about matters pertaining to other students with you." She had this edge in her voice, almost like she was trying to bribe me to come clean with the promise of gossip.

"Oh, ok."

She just looked at me for a few seconds and I could actually see her start to believe me. Her body got slightly less relaxed and, I guess comforting would be the word but I sure as hell didn't notice it until it was gone. Her expression turned from one of quiet sympathy to impatience.

"Alright, you can go. Helen will give you a pass." I guess I'm not worth being nice to unless I'm being sexually harassed. I even noticed she dropped the "honeys" that had been in practically every other sentence when I first came in. People are confusing.

I got up and left. I had no idea who Helen was but since the only people in the office were me, the principal and Ms Hasn't Seen A Dick Since 1934 I figured the secretary was the safe bet. "I'm supposed to get a pass." The second the words were out of my mouth it hit me that this whole thing was over. I'd actually survived my first trip to the office. I had to fight to keep the relieved smile off my face as she wrote out my pass. I'm not at all cut out for the delinquent thing, too much stress.

She wrote out the pass without a word and thrust it at me. Well, excuse me, I didn't realize doing your job was such an inconvenience, so very sorry to disturb you.....

I walked out the door and got about three steps down the hall when a voice stopped me. "How did it go?"

"Vicky?" I said in surprise. I looked over and there he was, leaning up against the wall with one foot resting on the concrete, arms crossed in front of him holding his books to his chest, his hair not quite covering his right eye. He looked......hot. "What are you doing here?" I asked absently, still a bit lost in how sexy he looked right then.

"Waiting for you." he said and pushed himself off the wall. Still hot though. "So how did it go?"

I smiled at the warm feeling that spread through my chest when I heard that he waited for me. "It went fine. She wanted to ask about Skip." He opened his mouth but I kept talking, knowing what he was going to ask. "I told her I didn't know anything and she let me go. You're gonna be late you know."

Vicky shot me a small smile. "You got a pass?"

"Yep. For me." I put emphasis on the 'me'. Vicky's smile just turned into a grin.

"Lemme see it." he said.

I handed it over and he took out a pen, put the pass on top of his books and started writing on it. When he was done he put the pen away and handed the pass back to me. "Here."

I looked at it. In the 'name' section where before there was only my name Vicky had wrote "+ Victor Clarke" in a perfect copy of the secretaries handwriting. He also changed the 3 in the time the pass was written to an 8. I looked up at him and matched his grin. "You changed the time."

"Yep." He moved closer to me.

"It's not valid for another 5 minutes."

"Yep." He ran his free hand up and down my forearm.

"And it's about a 5 minute walk to class."

"Yep." He moved closer and pressed his chest lightly against mine.

"We can probably get away with three minutes of procrastination." My voice was getting just a bit raspy.

"Yep." He was whispering now, his lips just inches from mine.

"So," I whispered too. "What are we going to do for the next 13 minutes?"

"We're not gonna waste it talking." his lips brushed mine lightly before he pulled back and took hold of my hand. "Come on."

He dragged me down the hall to the nearest bathroom and pulled me inside. We took a quick look to make sure we were the only ones there then raced into the nearest stall and locked the door. We dropped our books and before they hit the ground we were in each others arms with our lips locked together. His lips were soft and frantic and oh god I could taste the orange juice he had at breakfast on his tongue! It drove me crazy. After having to deal with so much stress and panic when I'd been at school for less than a half hour I needed this. And more. I broke our kiss and pushed him back until his knees hit the toilet and he was forced to sit down.

"Wha-" Vicky started to say but I cut him off with a kiss. "-mmmm."

He kept making little contented noises into my mouth as I frantically tried to unbutton his pants.

"Wait," he gasped as he stopped our kiss. "What are yo-ohhhhh!"

My hand had found it's way into his pants and I was squeezing his cock.

"Nate, mmm, we can't, ohhh, someone might, ah!" he gasped.

"Lift up." I ordered.

"What?" he asked with a hazy voice.

I tugged on his pants. "Lift your ass, I need to get these off."

"We really shouldn't be doing this." Even as he protested he raised his ass up off the seat. "Someone could walk in." He wiggled his hips, helping me get the pants down.

"I don't care." I stared at his now exposed and quivering cock as I kneeled in front of him. "I've wanted to do this since yesterday." And with that I swallowed him whole.

"Oh shit!" Vicky groaned. I slowly slid my lips up his shaft. When I reached the head I swished my tongue roughly over the spot where the head meets the dick and Vicky let out a gasp and shuddered. "Holy shit that feels good."

I shuddered too. Wow, I really missed this. I looked up at Vicky and saw his head thrown back and his eyes closed as he moaned. Yeah, I REALLY missed this. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love sex with Vicky, but sometimes it's nice just to be able to enjoy pleasuring him without my own pleasure getting in the way, you know? Although seeing Vicky in heat was almost enough to make me blow my load without even touching myself so I might be getting "distracted" very soon.

I got into a steady rhythm of sucking up and down on his cock but pretty soon it was my turn to hold his hips down so he didn't impale my throat. Vicky isn't one to give up easily though, he ran his fingers through my hair and very sneakily started putting the smallest amounts of pressure on my head until I somehow found myself with Vicky dick almost all the way down my throat. It didn't bother me. When he has his fingers in my hair the tiniest little resistance that I have to doing whatever the hell he wanted vanishes like Julia Roberts at the alter. (Yes, I've watched Runaway Bride. No, it wasn't my choice. Maybe I didn't entirely hate it. Just drop it.)

If I know my Vicky as well as I think he's about-"Ohhhhh! Nate! I'm, OH!" Yep, there he goes. He gripped my hair tightly and pulled it a bit as he came but I barely even noticed the slight pain. I was too busy sucking him dry. Let no one say I leave my Vicky anything less than fully satisfied. I would have grinned at the look of utter orgasmic bliss on his face but that would have broken the seal, if you know what I mean, and I really didn't need a mess dribbling down my chin. He cock finally, and all too soon, stopped twitching. His hands were still in my hair, but no longer holding me down, and I let him fall out of my mouth and had my grin.

Ok, my turn. I stood up and pulled myself out of my pants in record time. Vicky was still sitting there with his pants around his ankles, his head resting against the tiled wall and breathing heavily. His shirt was pulled up enough to expose about an inch of smooth skin above his bellybutton and his cock was still half hard. Oh yeah, this won't take long.

"You better move if you don't want me to make a mess on you." I said as I started jerking myself.

"So romantic." Vicky muttered but made no effort to move.

"I'm serious." I panted. "So, close."

He still didn't move. Damn him.

"I'm not joking. I'm-OH!" Vicky shot forward and had his mouth around my cock before my first spurt came out. So hot. And it was a pretty big relief (no pun intended) not to be responsible for ruining his shirt and making him walk around smelling like sex all day. Although I probably wouldn't have minded that last.

"Jesus!" Vicky exclaimed after I was done shooting and had collapsed against the stall door. "How does someone so small make that much cum?"

"Hey!" I shouted indignantly. "You're the exact same size as me."

"No, I'm a little taller." he stated.

"Because you're wearing thicker shoes than me. Barefoot we're both the exact same height."

"Nuh-uh." he smirked at me. "Shorty."

Oh. Oh. OH NO HE DIDN'T! "Get up." I stood up straight. "Get em off." I kicked my shoes off. "Come on, we'll see who's a shorty."

Vicky's smirk turned into a playful grin as he stood up and kicked off his shoes. We stood face to face, eye to eye. I put my hand on the top of my head and moved it across to his. It lightly brushed the top of his head and it was my turn to smirk. "Exact. Same. Height." I said smugly.

The grin never left his face. "Because you're wearing thicker socks than me. Totally barefoot I'm taller."

I narrowed my eyes. "Thicker socks? Really?"

"Yep." he said happily. "Get em off." He hooked his right toe in his left sock and pulled it off his foot before repeating the action on his right sock. I pulled mine off the old fashioned way. Again, face to face, eye to eye. I repeated the hand measuring thing and got the exact same results.

"Ha! Same height!" I grinned triumphantly.

"I know." he said simply.

"What? Then why the hell did we go through all this?"

He just smiled happily at me. "Do you have any idea how hot you are when you're annoyed?"

I.....had no response to that. Not that I was trying to hard to come up with one. Vicky's eyes were sparkling with delight and I very quickly got lost in them. And that's how we were, staring into each others eyes, barefoot, with our shoes and socks strewn across the floor and our pants around our ankles when someone walked into the bathroom.

The second I heard the door open I pushed Vicky back down on the toilet and jumped into his lap. "Wha-?"

"Shh!" I hissed. I put my feet up against the stall door so that if anyone looked they'd only see one pair of feet.

His eyes widened as he heard whoever it was walk over to a urinal. "Shoes." he whispered.

Fuck! The shoes and socks, BOTH pairs, were still on the floor and easily visible. "Do something!" I whispered.

He shot me a 'what the fuck am I supposed to do' look. I shrugged. He rolled his eyes, stretched his legs out and, using his bunched up pants like a net, dragged the shoes and socks over towards us. He gave me a satisfied smirk.

Yeah, yeah, you're awesome. I gave him a, sort of, grudging kiss. I know! Probably not the best idea to have kissy noises coming from a stall in a boys bathroom but I made it as quiet as possible. My ninja kissing skills were apparently pretty damn good because the guy finished, flushed and left without ever noticing us.

We both sagged a bit as tension bled out of us. It was then I noticed that I was half hard again. Damn, this 'in public' thing is kinda sexy. Note to self: do more.

I gave him one more kiss, longer and noisier than the last one, before we got our pants and shoes back on properly. I had this sudden urge to trade underwear with him but he'd already pulled his pants up so instead I stole one of his socks. He cocked his eyebrow at me and I just shrugged. He grinned, picked up one of my socks and seductively put it on. I wonder if there's anything he couldn't make sexy?

We got to class about a minute before our 13 minutes were up. The teacher barely even looked at the pass before telling us to take our seats. I wasn't really surprised. They never look too hard at the passes unless you're counting on them not looking. It's one of those things that no one can ever figure out why they happen. Like The Hurt Locker winning best picture. (Inglorious Basterds was robbed!)

The rest of the day until lunch was pretty normal. Jason cornered me and Vicky after class and demanded that we stop teasing him about the hug. When Vicky arched his eyebrow and said "What hug?" and Jason said "Stop that innocent shit! The damn boner hug!" I burst out laughing at the expression on Vicky's face. Then I almost died at the expression on Jason's face when he realized that HE'D just told Vicky about it. This is something I'm NEVER letting go. I managed to calm down enough to explain to a very confused and slightly annoyed Vicky what had happened and when I was done he laughed too. Somewhere in the middle of all this Jason managed to ask about what happened with Skip and I told him the truth after making him promise not to talk about it with anyone, even Jen. He didn't even hesitate in his agreement and while that could come off as suspicious I knew I could trust him with the serious stuff. That's just how he is.

Aside from that, and a few surprise tests (seriously, surprise tests in the second week of school?), nothing else really happened. Well, aside from the looks continuing of course. And finding out that Skip wasn't in school today. Everyone assumed suspension for what very quickly was becoming known as the "Bathroom Thing" but I remembered red knuckles and promises of safety and wondered.


I didn't have any problems today after the office thing. Nothing annoying or panic inducing or anger causing. Nothing. Until....well.....this.

"I am SO sorry! I don't know what made me do that! I'm just, really really sorry! If I had known what was happening I never would have made you kiss like that! Oh my God I'm so sorry!"

That was Michelle.

"Vicky, Nate, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to tell all those people, it kinda just, slipped, you know? It won't happen again I swear. Please don't be mad at me ok?"

That's Erica.

"OH. MY. GOD! Erica! Poor Nate was almost, almost, AH! I can't even say it by that scumbag Skip and all you care about is being forgiven for telling a couple of people about the kiss thing? Be more supportive!"

Michelle again.

"Fuck Michelle! You were just going on about how you were SO sorry for making them kiss in the first place, who are you to talk?"


"AHHH! You don't even know what you're talking about! Oh! Vicky cringed! You're upsetting him!"


"I'm not upsetting him! You just screamed right in his ear you idiot!"

Fucking Erica.



"OH! OH! You just did it again!"

Ow, Erica

"You just screamed in Nate's ear! I saw him jump! Are you ok Nate?"

And on. And on. And on. Until.....

"SHUT UP! Nate's fine! I'm fine! Everyone was fine until you started shouting! Just shut up! We forgive you for anything, everything ok? Just please shut the fuck up!"

Vicky. Sweet, perfect, silence bringing Vicky.

I gave him a grateful smile while everyone else at the table (and the surrounding tables) just gaped. This was the first time Vicky had ever risen his voice in public and I almost laughed out loud at the reaction. It's so hard to remember that almost everyone else sees him as this sweet, calm maybe even a little naïve kid when he's really not. Well, not all the time anyway.

When Erica and Michelle recovered from their shock they immediately went right back to eating and refused to talk to, or look at, each other. No one was complaining.

Five minutes later Irina came by and chatted with us for a few minutes. She seemed a little nervous and I had a sneaking suspicion that she had probably come by earlier during the....unpleasantness because she kept glancing at Michelle and Erica like they were rabid wolverines.

She left quickly.

Jen was in the middle of telling us a story, something about otters I think, I wasn't really paying attention on account of Vicky's hand oh so accidentally resting on my thigh (damn tease). "...they were SO cute and, um, hello?" She broke off and shot a curious look over my shoulder. At first I thought she caught me not paying attention but when I realized where she was looking I turned around and now it was my turn to gape. Standing behind me, looking like he was about to ask someone to please stop kicking his puppy, was the brown haired kid.

Yes, THAT brown haired kid. The one who practically ravaged me with his eyes then gave me that creepy dead eyed stare.

He didn't look creepy now though. He looked kinda lost and pathetic. Like a homeless kid about to beg for his first handout. He just stood there completely still and yet somehow seemed to cringe under all our stares. No one said anything for what seemed to me to be hours. When he finally spoke it wasn't all what I expected. "Um, hi, um......hi." For a second he seemed like he was about to run away but I could actually see him force his body to stay where it was.

"Hi. Can we help you?" Jen asked. She didn't seem annoyed or impatient but this time he did cringe. He still didn't run though.

"Can," he took a deep breath. "Can I sit w-with, um, here?"

No one said anything. I think I already went over how rare it is for people to change seats at the same table in our school, let alone switch tables entirely. That's where everyone elses shock came from. My shock was from trying to figure out how this shy little chihuahua of a kid ever had the guts to look at me and lick his lips the way he did the first time I saw him. He must have taken our silence as us wondering why the hell he was here because he looked down at the floor and whispered "I'm..I'm like you guys." He glanced quickly towards me and Vicky and then looked back down at the floor.

Considering the look I got from him this wasn't exactly a surprise to me. Unfortunately not everyone at the table was there to witness that event.

"OH MY GOD! Really?!" Michelle screamed with what can only be called supreme delight. "Another one! Of COURSE you can sit here! Oh! Sit across from me!"

His eyes widened and I seriously thought he'd run this time, Michelle can scare away braver people when she goes full on fangirl, but he recovered and walked around the table and took a seat across from Michelle, next to Jason.

"So what's your name? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you think Jason's sexy?" Rapid fire Michelle questions.

"Hey!" Jen exclaimed. "Don't try to drag my boyfriend into your twisted little fantasies." Well I guess that answers the question of whether or not she's a fangirl. Jason just looked uncomfortable.

"I'm just asking! Sheesh!" She turned back to the brown haired boy. "So?"

He looked incredibly confused for a few seconds. "Um, I-I'm Carl. I, uh, don't have a.." he lowered his voice. "..boyfriend or anything." Was it my imagination or did he glance at me when he said that? "And...um...."

"You don't need to answer that." Vicky cut in. "In fact, feel free to ignore anything Michelle does or says. It's the best way to deal with her."

"Hey!" Michelle pouted.

The brown haired kid, Carl, laughed nervously. We all took turns introducing ourselves to him and to my surprise no one really seemed to object to him being here. Jason was nice, a sure sign he wasn't comfortable around him yet, but he still made an effort to talk to him. Michelle and Erica of course practically gushed over their new 'toy'. Jen was her usual nice self. Vicky seemed to be going out of his way to include him in conversations and trying to make him feel comfortable.

I, on the other hand, didn't know what to think. This boy was so different from how I expected him to be. Yeah, everything I thought about him was based on two quick looks but he didn't at all seem like someone capable of either of them. He seemed like coming up and asking to sit with us, OUTING himself to us, was the bravest and most forward thing he ever did in his life. I could sympathize. Before I met Vicky if two other kids were outed as gay and received the reaction that me and Vicky got I probably would have done something similar. People will do a lot to feel like they belong.

I could have wrote off my uneasiness as just me being uncomfortable because the reality of Carl still hadn't replaced how I imagined him to be. I could have ignored it and worked at accepting him into our weird ass little group like everyone else seemed to. Hell, I could have even probably convinced myself that it wasn't really him giving me those looks in the first place, just someone who looks a lot like him. I mean, I never really saw the brown haired kid up close before right? It's possible. I could have done all that, but I didn't. There was just something about him that was just a bit off for me. He seemed to catch my eyes when no one else was looking at him. He always seemed embarrassed and nervous, but he never blushed, not even once. Even his infrequent nervous stutter seemed to come and go randomly. I dunno. I can't really explain it. Ever since he sat down I just had this feeling that things were about to change, and probably not for the better.

Damn. I hate foreshadowing.

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