Team Kaiser

by Bensiamin

Chapter 1

© 2020 by Bensiamin. All rights reserved.

This is a work of gay fiction. While the locations are real, all characters and situations are imaginary.


I was inspired to write Kaiser's Magic by the photo of the young man sleeping with the Golden Retriever that appears at the end of the story. It's a dog-finds-boy story that became a coming of age reckoning story, one which introduces new characters into the life of David and Jackson. I had no plans to immediately continue it, but rather, be able to return to the characters and circumstances later and continue the tale of their lives. Then I began receiving emails from readers asking: "what happens in their senior year of high school?" Enough of those made me realize that I'd created the question, and a good one it is, and that I owed it to my readers to answer that question. I didn't plan to write a sequel that picked up where Kaiser's Magic left off, but it appears that is what has to happen!

Clearly then, reading Kaiser's Magic first will make understanding the back story of this tale clearer. It's a gay love story and includes graphic descriptions of that love. If it is not legal where you live, you should stop now!


It had been non-stop activity from the moment Jerrod had heard Jackson's voice as he stood next to the baggage carousel, followed by the feeling of Roger's arms slip around his waist in an embrace with a kiss, followed by a warm embrace from Jackson. When they got out to the curb, David stepped out of the Durango and came up to give and receive a hug and hear Jerrod say softly, "Hi, Uncle David. It's great to be back." Then Jerrod turned to the fifth entity in the group, Kaiser, the Golden Retriever who had his head out the rear window and proceeded to give his face a tongue-bath in greeting.

It had been a long trip back to Portland from Philly, but it was a joyous reception. Jerrod and Roger were side by side in the back seat, an arm around each other with Kaiser's head on their shoulders from his position in the rear of the Durango. The highlight of the drive home was when David caught Jerrod's eye in the rear-view mirror and asked if Roger had told him yet?

"Told me what?"

"I guess that answers the question, doesn't it? Roger, don't you think you should let him know?"

He could see Roger turn quickly and kiss Jerrod on the cheek and say, "David talked to my parents and they said it was okay for me to sleep over tonight."

The sun was glinting off Jerrod's reddish-brown hair as he broke into a huge grin and his hazel eyes widened. "Far out. Thanks, you guys. You're the best! Always thinking ahead."

They stowed the extra suitcases he didn't need right away in the garage, and only carried the one small case he'd traveled with into his room, planning on more organizing over the weekend. Then they took Kaiser for a walk at Oak Bottoms Park. He was full of energy and running circles around Jerrod, clearly happy to have his number one trainer back home.

"He wasn't unhappy while you were gone," Jackson said. "We kept him busy. But he sure acted like something major was missing in his life. You know, he'd get those mopey looks on his face."

Jerrod smiled at that, and Roger added, "He came to life on Thursday when we met Sean at the park, though. He's got some special connection with that boy. Maybe he understands he has a disability. Anyway, Sean was already there with his Mom when we arrived, and Kaiser spotted him like fifty feet away and wanted to run right over to him. He was pulling so hard on his leash I had to let go."

Jerrod squeezed his boyfriend's hand and said softly, "Thanks for taking him. It's important to him and we both know it's important to Sean."

"For sure, and no way I'd miss doing that. I know how important it is."

They talked about the flight, about how David had started the enrollment process for Jerrod's senior year, how much they'd have to do over the weekend, and by then they were home.

"Why don't you guys go unpack, and Jackson and I will start dinner, then we can all chill out and you can fill us in on the rest of your trip back to Philly. Sound good?"

Jerrod looked at David and grinned knowingly. "Sounds like a plan to me. Come on Roger, you can help." As they stood up, Kaiser looked up from his bed near the back door. "Come on Kaiser, let's go. You can help too."

Five minutes later, as they sipped a glass of wine at the kitchen table, Jackson started telling his boyfriend about the new songs they were practicing in the Portland Gay Men's Chorus. "Want to see the probable Fall program? There's some interesting pieces in it?"

David grinned and nodded his head and Jackson went to the study to pick up the program. When he got back, he was grinning wildly and wiggling his eyebrows. "As you might expect, they're not unpacking… yet! They're in there making out like two lovers on a hot date."

They both giggled loudly at that, and David commented, "Just what should happen. It's so cool to feel the energy of them back together, even if they were only apart for four days!"

"Yeah. There was always a little uncertainty about what would happen while he was gone, but now he's back and all is good. I guess that makes the case about 'young love,' doesn't it?"

"I'm betting that the book we bought for each of them will be a surprise, but a good one. Do you think it'll be too soon to have the heart-to-heart talk with them tonight? Is that pushing things?"

"Well, no, because Roger's parents already said it was fine for him to sleep over tonight, and we told them we'd have the talk, and there's two gay boys in love in there on the bed. So, it's kind of a package deal, isn't it?"

David grinned, a slightly evil sparkle in his eyes. "It is, and it'll be a rather fun conversation to have, don't you think?"

"Yeah. Not like we haven't had it many times over the years. I think we've got this one down!"

The weather was still warm and promised to be the same for the rest of Labor Day weekend. David had bought a filet of salmon to grill, and he and Jackson prepared the accompaniment and as the salmon went on the grill, Jackson walked down to Jerrod's room. He knocked on the door and leaned in asking "Did you get any unpacking done? You looked pretty busy making out when I walked by a while ago."

Jerrod and Roger looked up and grinned mischievously. "Yeah, it took us a while to get started, but we got it done."

Roger chimed in, "You know, we had a little catching up to do, don't you?"

"Yeah, I do. No worries. You also looked really cute in here making out. Don't let that go to your head, and by the way, dinner will be ready in about ten minutes, and you need to call home and let your parents know you arrived back here as planned. See you then."

Over dinner Jerrod filled them all in on the details of the visit that his parents had demanded happen if he was going to be allowed to move to Portland to finish high school. He'd had to fly back to Philly to meet with the owner of the home he'd been part of breaking into. He was still surprised at how gracious and understanding the man had been, and how his motivation was to help the high school students who had broken into his house understand that decisions have consequences, and they needed to think that way so as not to damage their life prospects. Finally, he described the walk around the block with the man wherein he'd really sought to help Jerrod get honest about his motivations.

"How did that go? Was it difficult?"

"No, David, it wasn't. I mean, it took me a few minutes to figure out that his motivations were good. He was trying to help me. Finally, I told him that I was in a better place because I'd been here with you guys who made me get real about my problems and helped me sort them out. He was really positive that I was moving back here to finish high school. Then he asked a couple of other questions about if I understood what the underlying problems were that got me acting out. I'd told him you guys were partners and he asked about you both being gay, and that opened it up and I finally told him I'd accepted I was gay and had gotten to the point that I could love myself."

"Wow! That must have been a heavy walk around the block," Jackson said.

"It was, but it was soft and mellow. He was a great person, trying to help me. A lot like you two. You know, I still don't know why you've done all this for me, but I'm not going there because those are the type of questions I've got to learn to stop asking!" He was smiling now as he looked at David and Jackson and squeezed Roger's hand.

"Good," David said, "because you've got to quit questioning yourself."

Jerrod then went on to tell them that his parents had let him know they were trying to be open minded about homosexuality, and that his Mom as much as said she'd be accepting.

Roger turned to look at his boyfriend. "Did you tell them?"

"No, it was too soon. It started feeling a lot better but not like it was right. Then there was the talk my Dad and I had on the way to the airport this morning. He told me, like for the first time I can remember, that he loved me, and that he was sorry he hadn't been a better father, and that he was working on how he felt about homosexuality. That was pretty rad."

"I'd say," David said softly, "but if he could initiate that conversation and be that candid with you, then it says to me that he took to heart all the messages and info he got while he was here last week."

Jerrod nodded as he continued to eat, and his expression gave away that he was still coming to grips with what his father had said to him before his flight that morning.

They finished dinner with lighter conversation, and afterwards moved to the living room. Jackson put on a Peter Gabriel album, and the boys settled down on the couch, with Roger leaning against Jerrod's shoulder. They were listening to Red Rain when Roger said, "I know this song. What's it called?" Jackson told him and he nodded. Then Sledgehammer came on and both grinned. "Oh, yeah," Roger said, "I know this one. I've seen the MTV video…like years ago when I was a kid."

"The album is called So, and it's the one that made him a solo star," Jackson said, "and they're all great songs. The social consciousness of Red Rain, a really fun song like Sledgehammer, and the emotionally moving ones like Don't Give Up and In Your Eyes. Do you know them?"

Roger shook his head, "No. I don't have the album, so I only know the songs that got a lot of radio play or hit MTV and stuff." He looked at Jerrod. "Do you know the songs on this album?"

Jerrod shook his head, and Jackson said, "You need to get acquainted with it. It's become one of my favorites, one of my go to albums. Trust me, you'll like it."

Roger smiled, and they grew quiet listening to the song play. David sat forward in his chair, glanced at Jerrod and Roger and asked, "Did you have the typical 'birds and the bees' conversation with your parents a few years ago?"

Jerrod looked up, completely caught off guard.

"Yeah, I mean it was awkward with Dad 'cause he can be pretty stiff, you know. Mom's a nurse so it was better with her, but still pretty…what would you call it? Maybe mechanical. Sex ed at school was much more informative."

David noticed Jackson smiling and his eyes gleaming with anticipation. "That sounds pretty typical. Was it the same for you, Roger?"

Roger nodded, his blue eyes sparkling with the light from the table lamp. "Yeah, but you know my parents. They're pretty open, and my Dad teaches at university, so it was friendly and low pressure. They were trying to be informative."

"Well, one thing I know is that Jerrod didn't get the gay sex talk with his parents. Did you, Roger?"

A flash of surprise washed over Roger's face, and ripples moved through his longish blonde hair as he shook his head.

Jerrod seemed surprised by the turn of the conversation and said, "I didn't know there was a gay sex talk."

David grinned at Jackson, who took over. "As far as we know, there isn't. I mean, there should be, but most parents don't expect their children to be gay or lesbian, and most parents don't have any experience there and even less knowledge of what the deal is. So, it should be no surprise that they don't have much info to share and are probably pretty embarrassed to even talk about it. Was it that way for you, Roger?"

Roger smiled knowingly as he thought back. "Yeah, I know they wanted to help, and they wanted to support me after I told them I was gay, but like you said, there wasn't much they knew about that they could tell me. It mainly boiled down to be safe. I got more info in sex ed class."

"See, you guys. Typical. Which means most gay and lesbian kids learn most of what they know in the school of experience. Or, for many, the school of hard knocks. So, that's why we talked to your parents, Roger, when we spoke to them about you staying overnight. They were cool with the idea after we explained that because Will and Sam are bi and had same-sex relationships when they were in college, they had a wealth of practical knowledge to share with Eric and Kim when they came out."

Roger seemed surprised. "You talked to my parents about it?"

"Yeah, Mr. Rational. Isn't that what you would do? You're a minor so we're not getting into a gay sex practice conversation without your parents knowing and agreeing. We told them that to all appearances you guys appeared to be two gay boys in love." He paused, for effect, and then continued, "And since you're staying overnight and sharing the same bed, it seemed like the appropriate time."

Jackson paused. Roger was following the logic and smiling wryly. Jerrod was still managing his surprise about where this was going.

"Don't worry, Jerrod. We didn't call your parents for permission since you haven't formally told them. We thought that would be unfair and you need to control that part. But you're living here now, so that gives us the license to make decisions like this. Make sense?"

Jerrod nodded, and smiled thankfully. "So, does this mean you guys are going to really embarrass me and Roger tonight?"

Jackson grinned wickedly and said, "Why would you think something like that? After all we've been through together in the past three months, why would talking about the mechanics of gay sex be embarrassing?"

Jerrod was trying to control the giggling, but Roger had already started and they both lost it. "Okay, we get it. Just don't make it too hard, alright?"

"Too hard. That's Freudian, isn't it?"

"Geez, Jackson. Give us a break. We're only teenagers, you know."

Jackson dialed back the wicked grin and glanced at David, who stood up and handed each of them a copy of The Joy of Gay Sex. "Okay, boys, the education starts here, and trust me it won't be bad. You can take my word for it that when Jackson and I got together a talk like this would have been great. Instead we had to figure it out pretty much on our own, until Jackson stumbled on this book at Powell's Bookstore, and it clarified a lot of confusion and set us free. That's what we want for you: as much knowledge as possible, and no confusion. Can you live with that?"

Both boys were looking a little stunned now, but they nodded as David sat back down. "So, let me start with this. We've seen your growing affection as you've gotten closer and closer, and we assume something happened in the tent while we were at the coast in the summer, and that's cool. We're going to be asking you a few questions, and there are no right or wrong answers. No need for embarrassment. So, the first question is if you've had any penetrative sex yet?"

Both boys flinched just a little, and Roger sat up a little straighter so they could look at each other. They looked back at David and Jackson, and saw encouraging expressions, that allowed them to softly say 'no.'

"Okay, no worries," Jackson said, "we're not trying to interrogate you, just understand where you are, so we can help."

"Well, you saw us making out, and, and…" Jerrod paused and looked at Roger who smiled back at him and nodded, and he continued "we've done oral. That's all."

"Good. Then you're on your way. That's great. Look, guys, here's the deal. Sex is wonderful, but sex is also messy. It involves organs and orifices and fluids. That requires some planning. Cleanliness also matters, because the simple fact is that reproduction and waste management share the same systems in the human body." David paused for effect.

Both boys look momentarily confused, then smiled, and Jerrod said, "Yeah, that makes sense even if it is a weird way to put it."

"Then let me put it another way with a joke I heard recently. You know the latest religious debate is about intelligent design versus evolution, right? The joke was about intelligent design. What intelligent designer would combine the pleasure system and the waste management system?"

It took a little while, but them both boys started to snicker, and an expression of understanding settled on their faces.

"So, we want you to read this book. Take your time, read it and discuss it with each other. Talk to us about any parts you want to. It was written twenty-five years ago, but it is still very relevant. It discusses historical and current understanding of homosexual relations, talks about all the ways to have gay sex, including drawings of all the positions. Most importantly, the author, who's a psychologist, talks about the need to be open with each other about your bodies and your needs. He also spends a lot of time on preparation and cleanliness."

The boys were quiet.

Jackson quipped, "No embarrassment. This is all for real. You guys will be getting more and more intimate. Sooner or later you guys are going to get it on, or as Silverstein frankly puts it, you guys are going to fuck each other, and you need to be ready and able to talk about it, so it's the best possible experience for both of you."

For both of the boys, silent embarrassment was starting to give way to soft smiles now, as they began to understand where this conversation was going.

David said, "Let me say one other thing to illustrate the point and we'll drop it for tonight. I'm guessing that at some point when each of you were jacking off you probably slipped a finger into your anus. In case you forgot from Biology class, that's the technical term for ass hole. Sometimes it comes out clean, sometimes not. Am I right?"

He paused, and both boys nodded.

"That's the cleanliness part, and it's especially important whether it's just prostate massage or when it involves anal intercourse. We'll both tell you how wonderful that can be, when you're ready. When Jackson and I were about there he blew my mind because I was twenty five and he was seventeen, but he'd already figured it out and acquired an enema bulb, and when we started getting physical, he'd give himself an enema before we started and have a clean ass. It didn't take me long to figure out I needed to join the club. Do you understand what we're talking about?"

Jerrod and Roger were grinning now. "Yeah, we get it. We've just got to get used to it. It shouldn't be so hard to talk about, should it?"

"Nope, it shouldn't," Jackson said, "and know that you can talk to us about any of it. What's amazing is how important a few little things like that can be to not only making it clean, but also making it wildly erotic."

Jerrod grinned and his expression became conspiratorial. "Yeah, I can imagine shit on your dick isn't too erotic."

"You made my case, my man! It's that basic."

They were silent for a moment, then David added, "And what goes along with all of this is the health part. Sexually transmitted diseases are alive and well, and HIV-AIDS hasn't gone away even though you may hear less and less about it. We now have treatments, and as long as you're exclusive to each other you won't have to worry about it, but it is a reality for sexually active people."

"What does that mean," Roger asked?

"Simply that we now know for sure HIV-AIDS, just like the other STDs, is not a 'gay disease.' Meaning it can be transmitted via heterosexual intercourse as well as through blood transfusions. In other words, it's transmitted via fluids and open lesions. The whole point of this is to be informed. The more informed you are, the better lovers you will be for each other. That said, I can assure you from experience that the number one health concern today's parents have when they find out their child is gay is that they're going to contract HIV-AIDS."

Jerrod had been flipping the pages of his copy of the book as they'd talked, and he said, "There's some pretty amazing pictures in here."

"Yeah, I remember the first time I saw them," David said, "which was less than a year after I graduated from seminary, and they were the most explicit things I'd ever seen. Pretty stimulating too."

He paused and they were quiet, then he continued, "It's been a long day for you, Jerrod, so I suggest you and your boyfriend take your new books with their erotic pictures and go to bed. Somehow I don't think you'll need the erotic pictures to get stimulated enough to express your feelings for each other."

Jerrod and Roger glanced at each other, smirked softly, and stood up hand in hand.

"Thanks, Uncle David. And you, too, Jackson. I realized on the flight out here that I have two homes now, and I'm so happy to be back in this one with both of you, and with this guy I love like crazy! Thanks so much for arranging for Roger to sleep over. That like totally takes the cake!"

David smiled up and him, and Jackson grinned at them and said, "We'll expect a full report in the morning!"

Jerrod had finished in the bathroom, and gotten Kaiser settled while he waited for his boyfriend to join him. He sat on the side of the bed, turned the alarm clock to the wall so they could ignore the light, and glanced in the nightstand drawer. He raised his eyebrows at the contents. He was thumbing through one of the copies of The Joy of Gay Sex when Roger sat down beside him.

"Can you believe the conversation we just had?"

Jerrod smiled and said, "At one level, no. It's a total mind blower. But at another, knowing these guys like we do, it's just like them, don't you think?"

"Totally. They're the best. I can't get over it. What they're doing for you and for us."

"Speaking of what they're doing for us, look at what I just found." Jerrod pulled the nightstand drawer open to let Roger see the contents, two boxes of condoms, two bottles of lube and two enema bulbs.

"Are you shitting me?"

"No, it's totally for real. Too much, huh?"

Roger smiled softly and leaned against Jerrod's shoulder and they kept looking at the pictures and commenting to each other. Kaiser was curled up on his dog bed just beyond the nightstand. It only took a few minutes for Jerrod to notice the bulge at Roger's crotch, which went along with his own hard-on. As he put his hand on Roger's groin, he turned to look at him and spoke his name softly. Roger turned, his blue eyes wide in the way that made him look open and innocent, an expression Jerrod just loved.

"After that conversation I don't know where to start, so I'll just say I love you, how's that."

Roger's face lit up and his eyebrows rose as a smile swept across his face. "I think that's wonderful. Me, too. Having you gone for four days was just enough for me to get a little lonely and appreciate what we've got and miss having you right here in my life."

Jerrod put the book aside, turned Roger to him and laid him back on the bed so he could lean over and kiss his lips softly. He said, in just above a whisper, "Likewise. The whole time I was gone I was thinking about you. About seeing you and holding you and being back in your arms."

Roger giggled and said softly back to him, "Me, too. You heard what Jackson said they told my parents about us looking like two gay boys in love. You know I never had a boyfriend before, but it was just enough time alone to make me know that how I feel about you is love. I mean we're good friends and get along and do stuff together and help each other out and all that, but it's more than that. That's what I know for sure now."

Jerrod's eyes gleamed and he kissed Roger more passionately, parting his lips with his tongue and then slipping it inside, feeling Roger respond. Jerrod shifted his body up, so he was laying on top of his boyfriend, and started grinding his groin on Roger's as he continued kissing him, now stroking his shoulders and the top of his back as he did so.

Roger groaned and said, "I want you, but aren't you beat. I mean it's like after midnight Eastern time."

"No worries. I slept on the plane and we can sleep in. We're not leaving early on the hike David and Jackson want to do tomorrow." He nuzzled his face into the curve at the base of Roger's neck, kissing it and then licking up to his chin and back to his lips.

"I know we had the talk and saw all that stuff in the book and got the message that everything and anything is okay, but can we go slow? I mean, I'm still sorting out my own shit about accepting myself. I know you accept me and love me, but I'm still getting my head around being gay and having the best boyfriend ever, but I, I… I want to be good for you, but I don't want to rush, and…"

"Jerrod, chill out. Until we got together, I'd done less than you. I'm in no hurry. I want us both to explore and experience stuff together." Roger reached his hands back to grasp Jerrod's butt and pull him down onto him, grinding up at the same time. He grinned salaciously, the shape of his lips contrasting starkly with the innocence in his eyes.

"Thanks, man. You're the best." He rolled over, taking Roger with him until Roger was laying on top and he let Roger take over controlling the kissing while he ground up into Roger's groin.

After a couple of minutes, he pulled his head back and said, "You know what I really want to do tonight? A wonderful sixty-nine like we did a month ago in the tent. I was thinking about it on the plane, and even dreamed about it when I was nodding out on the flight. But you said explore together, and first I want to do something else. They told us tonight we've got to be able to talk about sex stuff, and I was too timid that night in the tent to say it, but I want to see your cock…in the light."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it was dark except for the moon light in the tent, and we weren't alone. I've seen uncut cocks before in the locker room, but I've never seen one up close. I think it's so cool, and yours is as beautiful as you."

"Really? You think so?"

"Well, from what I've felt, and what I tasted, and what I saw in the tent, yeah! I guess this is us starting to be more open about us and sex. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, as long as you don't make me feel embarrassed or anything. I was born in Europe, you know, and almost every guy is uncircumcised. How do we do this?"

"We ditch these boxers and get up on the bed. Then I'm going to kiss my way down that body till I get to those really sexy pubes, and then…come on."

They both managed to drop their boxers and get up on the bed in one fluid motion, so Roger had his head on one of the pillows and they resumed their kissing. It was different now that they were naked, and Jerrod was stroking Roger's nipples, stroking down to his belly button and then into his pubes. He could feel Roger starting to groan as he wiggled his fingers in the dark blond pubic hair, and knew he had to be careful, so Roger didn't get too excited and shoot.

Giving him one last deep and sensual kiss, he slipped down and found a nipple to kiss and then suck, then the other, while stroking Roger's stomach. Then he slid further down, kissing his belly, pushing his tongue into Roger's belly button, and then licking down till his nose felt the pubes and Roger's hard penis was against the side of his face. He looked up and saw Roger's eyes were a little glazed, and blew him a kiss as he reached around and cupped his balls and pulled back to look at the cock next to his face.

The glans was almost all exposed and there was precum on it. Jerrod smiled, leaned down and licked the tip as Roger groaned some more. With his free hand he softly encircled the shaft and carefully stroked down. Now, the rest of Roger's glans was exposed, and the foreskin slid off and he could feel the cock pulse in his hand.

"That is so cool, so beautiful."

"What," Roger gasped?

"Your cock, that cool foreskin. It's not tight and stretched." He looked up at Roger, as he stroked up and down slowly. "See, it's easy to work. Does that feel good?"

"Amazing," he sighed.

Jerrod licked the precum that was oozing out and Roger's body flexed. Then Jerrod slid down further and moved between his legs and licked up the whole length of Roger's stiff cock. Roger shuddered and said, "Finish this inspection already, and be careful, or I'm going to come. Turn around so your cock is up here. This is supposed to be a sixty-nine."

Jerrod grinned at him, did as he was told, and Roger slid down the bed to make it comfortable. As he licked the head of Roger's cock another time, he felt Roger's hand on his own cock, shuddered himself as he was stroked, and then felt the amazing sensation of Roger's mouth sliding onto his cock head. Jerrod's mind raced, flashing back to that time less than a month ago when they'd first done this, recalling that wonderful feeling of silk over steel, now made even more erotic by the clear picture he had in his mind of the look and feel and shape of Roger's cock. He slid his mouth over it, swirling his tongue around the head, just as he felt Roger doing to him. He felt Roger tense, and knowing that he'd been playing with him for a few minutes figured he was about to shoot, so he methodically slid down the shaft, taking as much of him as he could into his mouth, while he massaged his boyfriend's balls with one hand and stroked his ass with the other.

It only took less than a minute and he felt Roger tense even more, thrust forward so his cock went deeper into Jerrod's mouth and then he felt the bucking start as Roger began to cum. He'd been so focused on what he was doing, on giving pleasure to his boyfriend, that he hadn't really been paying attention to what Roger was doing to him and how it felt.

Roger began to shoot, and Jerrod pulled him tighter to him with the hand on his ass. The cum hit the back of his throat and he started swallowing, feeling Roger writhe with each swallow, and then as his mouth filled, he tasted his boyfriend. He recalled the first time, the surprise of how good it tasted, how it was wonderful because it was Roger, and then realized he was coming, too, as Roger plunged deeper on his cock, sucking on it to produce as much stimulation as possible. Suddenly, Jerrod was lost in his own climax, overwhelmed with the sensations.

They both pulled off and rested without moving, and as Roger's cock softened and draped over his thigh, Jerrod leaned back to watch. The cock shortened, the foreskin started to move back over the head, but there were still small amounts of cum oozing from the tip. He softly slid the foreskin down, leaned over and licked the tip, and then squeezed softly to milk the last of Roger's semen onto his tongue.

He felt Roger shudder, the kind of shudder from being too sensitive, and he looked up. His boyfriend had a look of bliss on his face, and Jerrod smiled, his eyes questioning. He saw Roger's lips move as he whispered, "Totally amazing."

He said back, "For me, too," and turned around on the bed so he could hug his boyfriend and pull him close. "You tasted so good. You made me feel wonderful. I'm glad it was amazing for you."

Roger had caught his breath and come down from his high and as he hugged Jerrod, he said, "If that's what happens, you can inspect my penis every day." Then he giggled.

Jerrod hugged him again and said, "I just may do that. Especially if you get hard like that every time."

"For you, I promise, I'll get hard every time."

Jerrod yawned, then said, "Sorry, that was reflex."

"No worry. I know you're tired, and after that I bet that we'll both sleep like babies."

"More likely, we'll sleep as soundly as Kaiser."

Jerrod woke up facing Roger who was still asleep. They had spooned together as they went to sleep, but had turned to this position in the early morning. It only took a few seconds for Jerrod to take in the image before him and process it in his mind. If anything, the innocence that so characterized Roger's face was still there but in a softer and more relaxed form, giving the impression he was totally at peace with himself and the world. Jerrod's heart skipped a beat, reveling in the beauty of that longish blonde hair on the pillow, the peaceful rhythm of Roger's breathing, the rise and fall of his chest, the lightly tan neck which became whiter below the line where a T-shirt had ridden most of the summer.

He wanted to reach out and stroke. Stroke his hair with his hand. Stroke his cheek with his palm. Stroke his lips with his fingertips. But he also didn't want to wake him, as he realized being able to watch Roger like this was a joy, and it would be equally joyous to watch him wake up. That only took a few minutes, because Jerrod realized something else and raised up on his elbow to check on Kaiser, who's bed was empty. That could only mean that Jackson had taken him out. What a guy!

He settled back down on his side, and saw Roger's eyes flutter a couple of times and then open, their blue color picking up the morning light that was permeating the room. Jerrod was quiet, giving his boyfriend his space, and after twenty or so seconds, he heard him say softly, "I've never woken up being watched."

Jerrod smiled and said back, equally softly, "I've never had something so beautiful to watch when I woke up. It's more than worth watching." Now he did reach out and stroke Roger's hair, then bring his hand down so his palm stroked the cheek, and then let his fingertips stroke those soft lips that kissed them back."

"You don't just look beautiful, you look rested."

"I went to sleep with you spooned up behind me. I now know that is a formula for a very restful night's sleep."

"I'll be happy to oblige anytime you want to sleep over." Jerrod smiled in response, his eyes gleaming.

Roger just smiled back, and blew him a kiss. "I love you, you know. You're my liebling."

"What's that?"

"Well, I was born in Switzerland, where different languages are spoken depending on what part you live in. Where my parents were from was lots of German, and liebling literally means favorite. It comes from liebe that means love, and it also means darling. You're my favorite, and you're are very dear to me, and I love you. So, that means in the Swiss part of my mind you're my liebling. Is that okay?"

"Okay? As if you have to ask. My Swiss boyfriend with a special name for me no one else knows. I love it."

They lay like that for a couple of minutes, just looking at each other and exchanging a vibe of love.

Finally, Jerrod said, "Before we get up, I get to finish my inspection."

"Inspection of what?"

Jerrod carefully laid the sheets back, so they were laying naked, and smiled devilishly as he reached for Roger's cock and said softly, "Of this beautiful, uncut cock. You were already hard last night when I got to look at it, so I figure I only got to see half of the story."

He saw Roger grin as he looked down to examine the limp penis laying in his hand, now smaller with its foreskin extending over the glans and forming a small point. Jerrod touched the point of skin carefully and said, "This is so cool."

He carefully retracted the foreskin a little bit, so the head of Roger's cock began to appear, and quickly glanced up at Roger who was still grinning at him.


"Is this the kind of deal like with kids where we want what we don't have?"

"Well, no. It's so soft and, and beautiful. Look at the way your cock-head peeks out. And then I can pull the skin down further, and there he is, in all his glory."

Roger's cock was slowly starting to plump, so Jerrod said, "Will you roll on your back?" Roger complied, and Jerrod moved to between his legs, laying Roger's cock on his stomach, and stroking his balls with one hand while stroking up the large vein on the underside with the thumb of the other. The cock started to harden and lengthen.

"Look, Roger, it's coming to life." Jerrod giggled, and leaned forward, pulling the foreskin down and kissing the bottom of the glans, giving the arrow shaped area below it a lick. Roger visibly shuddered and said softly, "liebling, we've got to stop, or I'll get totally hard and then I'll be in trouble 'cause I've got to pee."

"Yeah, I know. Me too. Thanks for letting me finish my inspection. I knew it would be beautiful and it is. You'll have to wait till next time to see what comes next."

"Is that a threat or a promise," Roger asked?

Jerrod grinned and said, "Yes!"

It was after 9:00 am when the boys walked into the kitchen for breakfast. David looked up and set the newspaper aside, saying, "Well, look who the dog brought in."

"Well, not really," Jerrod said. "When we woke up, Kaiser was gone. Sorry I didn't get up to take him out and feed him. Where is he?"

"No worries. We got up shortly after 7:00, and it wasn't long before Jackson said he needed to take care of Kaiser, so he very quietly opened the door to your room and Kaiser zipped right out, and that was that. He did say you looked like a couple of very cute love birds! He went to the store to get some stuff for our hike and took Kaiser with him in the Durango. Now, what would you fully rested young gentlemen like for breakfast? I've got link sausage already cooked, and that could accompany pancakes or French toast. Eggs are also an option?"

Once they'd settled on the breakfast choices and poured some orange juice, David got busy at the stove, and in no time served up French toast. The boys were halfway through when they heard the Durango pull into the driveway, and then a couple of minutes later the back door opened and Kaiser came in followed by Jackson with a couple of grocery bags.

The dog went right over to Jerrod to have his ears scratched, then to Roger, and then to David… as if to make sure he didn't feel left out. He then curled up under the kitchen table with his chin on Jerrod's foot. Jerrod found himself happy and grinning, and said, "This is one of the things that makes me know I'm home."

Jackson grinned with a glint in his eye, and said, "And our great company would be another. Was the great sex last night another one?"

The boys were both fully awake by now, and not caught off guard. "Geez, Jackson, cut us some slack here, okay? We haven't even read the book yet."

"Oh, I know, but I detect the last vestiges of bliss on both of your faces, so I can only assume!"

"Okay, you assume correctly, but it's not fair to press us for the nitty-gritty details."

"You're right, it's not. And that's not what I'm trying to do." He poured another cup of coffee before joining them at the table, and said, "I'm just keeping the open dialogue going, that's all."

Roger, who had been quiet so far, said, "Jackson, thanks for your openness. But when you and David were getting going, did you have someone around who was giving you the third degree whenever you got it on?"

"No, we were on our own. Well, not really. But we couldn't tell my brother and his girlfriend about much, and they didn't want to know. You know how that goes, right?"

"I guess, but you've got to give us some space here, okay? I get the part about not being embarrassed and being able to talk about it all, but we're just getting started."

"I hear you, and I can do that. I just want to make sure that you know what the deal is. I'm not trying to make you feel pressured, but just know we're here for you. It's all part of helping you get unembarrassed about sex. Oh, and also, you know that in this house there's not only lots of hugs, but also lots of kidding, right?"

Roger was looking straight at Jackson when that comment was said, and he nodded back and said, "Yeah, I do, and it's the best. You guys make me feel like I'm part of the family, and you know what? I could do with one of those hugs right now. I know you're on our side. That's totally great."

Jackson hugging Roger turned into Jackson also hugging Jerrod, which turned into a group hug, about which Kaiser let them know he wasn't happy being excluded. They moved on to washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, and then David said they should get organized for their hike. "The weather's good, so we won't make this a huge deal, but I figured we'd hike Hamilton Mountain. It's only seven miles, and the trail starts near Beacon Rock, and dogs are cool but have to be on leashes. Then when we come back down, we can climb Beacon Rock, and from up top there's a fabulous view of the Columbia River Gorge."

The boys grinned. "That way," David went on," we'll beat the Labor Day crowd tomorrow, and can spend tomorrow getting ready for going back to school." He glanced at Roger, and continued, "I told your parents that we'd drop you off home when we get back from our hike."

Roger looked crestfallen.

Jackson smiled at him. "Maybe you can call then on our drive home and be really nice and especially persuasive, and convince them to let you stay over again tonight, and we'll take you home first thing tomorrow morning. I'm guessing they'd like to see a little of you this weekend, too."

Roger grinned and looked hopefully at Jerrod who said, "That's an idea I could go for. Let me know if I can help close the deal." He looked at David. "How soon do we leave?"

"Fifteen minutes. I made sandwiches earlier, and Jackson got water and soda and fruit and stuff that's in the cooler. We can have lunch on the mountain, then enjoy the afternoon, and cruise back here for dinner.

The hike went well, and the fact that there was a waterfall was an added bonus, especially for Kaiser who totally loved it. It was early afternoon when they got down to Beacon Rock and the boys agreed that the view from the 850-foot basalt spire provided terrific views in both directions up and down the Gorge. On the way home, Jackson handed his mobile phone to Roger from the front seat and said, "Let's see how persuasive you can be."

They all heard Roger fill his mother in on Jerrod's return the night before, the great meal David and Jackson had prepared, and the super day they'd had on their hike, and then slip in the question about staying over a second night. Roger then went silent for a couple of minutes, listening to his mother respond. Finally, he said, "Yes, Mom. It was great meeting Jerrod at the airport and being with him last night. I did miss him." Quiet, followed by, "Yes, Mom, I think he missed me, too. No, that's not accurate." He was looking at Jerrod now, and wiggling his eyebrows, and Jackson was watching them from the front seat, and David was trying to see what was happening in the rear-view mirror.

"Yes, Mom. You're right. He missed me a lot, too." There was a moment of silence. "Take my word for it, you know how it is with people you care about, they have ways of showing you that they miss you. He is my boyfriend now, after all, so there's some questions you can't ask!" Another moment of silence. "Mom, what do you mean you feel like you're being set up?"

Roger was quiet again but smiling now. "I know, and I love you, too. Here, let me put Jackson on the phone and you guys can sort out the details, okay? Give Dad a hug for me, and thanks. I love you a lot and I'll be home early in the morning so I can mow the lawn."

After feeding Kaiser, it took a while for all of them to shower and clean up after they got back. When the boys got to their room Jerrod pulled out the enema bulb and said, "I'm going to try this so I'm ready for later." Roger smiled and nodded, "Probably a good habit to get into.

David and Jackson organized dinner, which was steaks on the grill. It was still warm, so they ate at the picnic table on the grass in the back yard, with Kaiser lying under the table. As they ate, David let it be known that the next day, in the afternoon, they were going to Will and Sam's for a Labor Day cookout. Jerrod and Roger had blank expressions on their faces, and Jerrod said, "You mean with Eric and Kim, but Roger won't be there?"

"Well," David said, "somehow Jackson and I thought that some intimate time together like you had last night, would probably be more what you two wanted and needed than the usual Labor Day parties. And look, it turned into two nights, so what's not to like?"

They watched the boys glance at each other and look back at them and then smile. "You're right. This was the better option. We'll see Eric and Kim at school on Tuesday. Thanks for making a great weekend happen. By the way, did you talk to Roger's parents about two nights when you set it up, or is this just spontaneous?"

Jackson grinned. "Well, no. We didn't talk about two nights. Between us, though, somehow, we thought it might come up. Fortunately, Roger's parents are loving and reasonable people. And on top of that, Will and Sam asked them to the cookout tomorrow, so you two love birds will be able to end the weekend together."

"By the way," David added, "since tomorrow will be a busy day and we'll be taking Roger home early in the morning, and Tuesday will be class registration, there's a question you two may not have thought about that you will need to have an answer to by Tuesday."

The boys looked at each other and then Jerrod said, "What's that?"

"We know you're boyfriends and think it's wonderful. But here's the question: are you going to be out at school?"

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