Red Cherries

by Benjamin J. Conner

Chapter 19 "Bye bye Italy!"

He grabbed our arms with a firm grip and pulled us out of the elevator. Josh stumbled and nearly fell.

"Heyyy!" I yelled angrily. "Leave us alone!"

The Concierge witnessed what was going on and furiously left his desk to clear the situation.

"Che continua, Luca?" (What's going on, Luca?)

"Hanno lasciato senza dirmi." (They left without telling me.)

"Parliamo di ciò dopo. Lasciarli va, ORA!" (We talk about that later. Let them go, NOW!)

It seemed as if they were fighting, but they spoke too fast for me to understand them. It sounded like Luca was being soundly told off because he got smaller and smaller as the glaring Concierge continued to shout. After finishing with Luca the still angry Concierge turned to us and, with an effort, put on his warmest smile.

"Mr. Samuel, Mr. Joshua, Sirs. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Please accept my apologies for the behavior of Mr. Medici. If there's any wish, it would be my pleasure to fulfill it."

We looked at Luca who was definitely unhappy with the outcome. That was more than enough to make us smile. Luca had received his little verbal spanking and we were back in the hotel, safe. But there was no need to make a big deal of it I thought and decided that we had had enough fun for one day. Our personal bodyguard could still tell on us and we didn't want that. It would turn this wonderful day into a nightmare for all three of us. I nodded towards Josh silently asking him if we should leave well enough alone - and he nodded his agreement back.

"Everything's fine, thank you. Luca was very nice and took good care of us. Nothing to apologize fore. We would like to go upstairs now, if that's ok."

"Of course, can I offer you a cold drink or anything to eat? Some sweets perhaps?"

"No thanks, we're fine. Would you please give us a call, when my parents arrive?!"

"I'll call you immediately. Enjoy your afternoon and thank you!"

With that we turned around and entered the elevator again. Back in our room we both dropped on the bed deeply sighing after a wonderfully exciting and exhausting time.

"What a day." Josh said.

"Yeah, what a day. I nearly pissed my pants when I saw him."

"Me too. When will your parents arrive?"

"I guess in an hour or so."


"Why is that great?"

"This way we have time for a shower. Want to?"

With a huge smile on my face I nodded. I not only smiled because of the idea of showering with my private Adonis, but also because I saw a bowl with fruits on the table behind Josh. And guess what; it held cherries next to many other fruits.

Red cherries; what a memory. Our very first kiss, our very first sensual touch - his body so close to mine as I always wanted it to be. The reminder of this moment still gives me goose bumps nowadays.

Josh dropped his clothes on the ground and naked, walked to the bathroom to turn on the shower, his flaccid penis bouncing up and down. He was so sexy walking around in only what god had given him, that I felt an urgent need to touch him right away. Before Josh disappeared in to the bathroom, he turned around, grabbed his penis and jerked it while he winked at me.

"Come on!"

"One minute!" I answered and walked over to the table, reading the note that accompanied the fruits.

'Dear guest, it was a pure pleasure to have you stay in the Romeo hotel. We hope you enjoyed your time with us and we did all the right things to satisfy your wishes. We always try to improve our service and would be very thankful for your personal feedback. Have a wonderful journey and all the best. Hope to see you again soon! Your Romeo hotel quality assurance team.'

With a smile I took one of the cherries, closed my eyes and put it in my mouth. All that sweet and sour taste that nearly exploded between my teeth made me feel a little shaky. Memories popped up in front of my inner eye. With all that in my head I forgot about the stone.


"WHAT'S WRONG?" Josh shouted from under the shower.

"Oh nooo, I BROKE A TOOTH on this goddamn cherry stone."

Josh walked out of the bath room. Water was dripping from his body all over the floor and his boner was pointing right at me. That was another thing I liked about him being naked - he always got a boner.

"You did what?"

"I broke one of my back teeth on that fucking cherry stone."

"Where did you get a cherry?"

"Here, from the bowl....oh, that hurts."

"I like cherries." He said as if he was dreaming.

"HEY, did you get what I said? It hurts."

"I can't do anything about it, can I?"

"No, but it hurts."

"Shall I call someone?"

"Call someone? Who?" I asked.

"I don't know, an ambulance?"

"Ambulance? Josh, sometimes you're really weird. Why would you call an ambulance for a broken tooth?"

"I don't know, I....I...."

"Don't worry, it's getting better - you can go back into the bath, I'll be with you in a minute."

"Next time you let me handle the cherries - you know I'm good at it." He said with a mischievous grin on his face.

A moment later all my clothes were lying on the floor and I headed towards the hot steam that was leaving the bathroom - still holding my left cheek. It didn't hurt anymore, but I did it anyway.

When I saw Josh with his arms raised, guiding the water down on his firm body, I forgot about my tooth. Coming up from behind I put my hands on his buttocks, squeezed them and with my entire body pushed him deeper into the shower, so I would also get wet. Josh's muscles tensed to my touch and our bodies melted together. After turning around, his hands began slowly cruising all over my back while our lips were glued together in love.

An hour later - we were lying naked on our bed to air dry the residual wetness on our bodies - the telephone rang and the Concierge informed us that my parents had arrived and were waiting in the dining room.

"Mum and dad are back. They are waiting downstairs - I guess we are having dinner."

"Does your tooth still hurt Sam?"

"No, I'm fine. Shall we get dressed?"

"Yeah, but...."

"But what?"


I couldn't stand this behavior on Josh, because I knew he had something in mind and I was curious. It was always the same with him. And whenever that happened I was sure going to like it, so I guess you understand that I wanted to know.

Without a warning I jumped on my lovers body and started to tickle him everywhere I could get my hands on. His soft, tanned skin was longing for my touch. He began to laugh and wiggled as he grabbed me and pulled me in to him. Eye to eye, our bodies in full contact and our hard dicks squeezed between us he asked,



"This is our last night here in Italy."

"I know."

"You know, it was the most wonderful time I ever had in my life."

"Me too, it was the best summer ever."

Josh looked out of the window with a worried expression on his face.

"What is it, Josh?"


"Oh come on, don't spoil the day by being overly thoughtful!"

"It's just that I really hope that we can still be together when we get back....and when we go to school again."

"Of course we will."

"But you go to that private school, and I'm only local."

"We can see each other every day though. I mean after school. We can do our homework together, I can help you, you can help me. And guess what!"


"There's one thing on my mind, which I will have to do one day."

"What's that?"

"But don't freak out!"

"I won't, promise."

"I want to draw you naked."

Josh just smiled as if he had found the biggest honey pot ever.

"I'm naked now."

"Not here, I want to do that at home. It is my way of telling you, that I totally love you and that I never want to be apart of you again - well, except for school, cos I won't be able to convince my parents to send me to the public school."

"Shame it is."

"Definitely - but perhaps we can manage to get you on the private school also."

"No way, mum can't effort that."

"We can."

"As long as I see you on a daily basis, I don't mind being a local boy."

"And I like that on you - being a local boy."

For a moment nothing was said. Josh took my hand and caressed my fingers with his thumb.

"I love you Sam."

"I love you too, Josh."

"Do we have to go downstairs? I'd rather stay here with know."

"We have the entire night in front of us. And besides that, I'm starving. It was an exhausting day."


"Let's get dressed!"

"Hmmm yep.....Oh by the way, Pietro doesn't fancy you."

"He doesn't?"

"No, I asked him."

"That's good, nothing to worry about then. I wouldn't have jumped in bed with some foreign Italian guy anyway."

"Not sure about that." Josh said with a raised eyebrow and a smile on his face.

"Oh yeah, you little bugger, you know me!"

After a little tickle fight and lots of laughing we tenderly kissed for a moment in anticipation of the night, jumped up from the bed, put on some clothes and went downstairs to my parents.

The last wonderful dinner consisted of an excellent five courses meal. We all enjoyed it very much and talked to each other about our day. I had to tell about the broken tooth, but we agreed that it should be fixed when we got home - thank god. Two hours later,with the sun slowly setting, we parted and left my mum and dad alone in the lounge to talk together over an espresso.

Josh went outside with his mobile phone and called his mum one last time from Italy, to make sure everything was fine at home for his return; privately he wanted to make sure that she still loved him.

When we returned to the hotel room, it was already dark outside and only the street lamps lit the room. We turned on the ceiling lights and locked the door behind us. The smell of fresh fruits combined with a clean cozy odor was noticeable.

I sat down on the soft bed and watched as Josh slowly came towards me. We both felt a little sad, because this was the last day of our summer vacation. The best and most enjoyable vacation we would ever have together.

He lay down on the bed staring at the ceiling. I switched off the ceiling lights and the bed lamps filled the room with a warm orange glow. Lying down next to my lover, I rested my head on his chest. Josh put his arm around me and carefully stroked my neck. It was a familiar feeling.

For more than ten minutes, nothing was said. In between this reflective moment, I shoved my hand under his shirt and felt the satisfying warmth of his body as my fingers drew circles on his tummy.

Secretly I wanted to grab his thing and make it as hard as possible; feel him everywhere on my body, kiss and lick the softness off his skin. But the atmosphere was to gloomy to just have sex. Even though we both wanted it; both of us wished for a tender and fulfilling moment full of lust and love. However, it was more satisfying to lie there arm in arm and feel the closeness of the other, bathing in memories of the last fourteen days.

I turned my head and looked into Josh's eyes. I could see that he was crying. I reached up and embraced him, pulling him to me.

"Hey, everything's ok. We are still together and no matter what, we'll always be."

"I know Sam. I want to stay here with you forever. But on the other hand, I miss my mum. And there are some feelings, that I don't know. It's like anxiety for the future. You know....the school thing and so on."

"Don't worry Josh! We'll be fine, I promise. You remember the day some weeks ago, when I was leaving your home and was very sad, because I wasn't sure if we'd met the next day?"

"I don't know!"

You said, we'd be ok, and that I should trust you, cos you know it.

"Oh yeah, I remember – you were really down."

"Now trust me, I know we'll be fine - promise!"

Josh sighed and kissed me on my right cheek, before we both fell asleep, still wearing our clothes.

Waking up some hours later, I looked around being unsure what time it was. Josh was lying on his back; his arms spread wide. I couldn't resist but watch him for a while. The outlines of his perfect nose and lips, that were lit up from the bed lamp and the street lights. The little fuzzy hair, that highlighted his face. And his chest, which was rising and falling with his breathing.

I couldn't resist and pushed up his shirt a little bit, to see his tanned belly. With my left index finger, I once again drew circles around his belly button. First greater circles, than smaller ones until my finger ended up touching the little cup in the center of his body.

I remembered how the massage oil had built a little sea in it, when I poured it onto his body; a tiny ocean with a plain and shiny surface. Even though it may seem weird, there was nothing that could stop me from kissing his belly button at that very moment. I even dared to stick out my tongue and lick it - only for a moment. The mixture of his personal sweet scent, the sun blocker and the salt from his sweat covered my tongue.

While I enjoyed the moment, still hearing him breathing in and out with a steady rhythm, my penis woke up and became harder and harder - the hammering desire for my lover took over control. I don't know what it was, but an exciting feeling came up in my tummy. It was as if there were a thousand butterflies going crazy inside of it. I even began to tremble a little bit in excitement, but felt good all in all.

Without thinking about it or asking for permission - how could I have asked, Josh was still sleeping - my left hand was carefully stroking Josh's dick through the fabric. It was sensational to watch it become bigger and bigger inside of his pants, the more I stroked, the faster Josh breathed. I felt like in trance and wanted to touch him everywhere - every tiny little spot on his body was worth a thousand delicate touches.

As carefully as possible I shoved up his shirt as much as possible and tried to remove his pants to free his hard rod. Josh began to breathe more intensive but was obviously still asleep, probably dreaming of the both of us.

A minute later I had everything removed from his body but his socks and the shirt. He now lay in front of me - arms and legs spread wide - the little light painted a wonderful contrast on his body and highlighted his beautiful curves even more.

Don't ask me, why I did it, but before I continued with my journey on my lover's body, I silently removed all my clothes. Being as naked as god had created me, my raging hard-on sticking up front, I kissed my way up his body starting at his legs. Inch by inch, my wet lips got in touch with his delicious and velvety soft skin. When I stuck out my tongue, I could even feel the little glimmering hair he had on his legs. Getting closer to his groin, my heart began to beat faster; my breath got shorter and flatter.

Putting my left hand around Josh's hard penis, I pointed it towards me. It was a beauty for itself. The right size, the right shape, just a little curve, his foreskin pulled back. I couldn't resist anymore, I wet my lips with my tongue and didn't care if Josh was sleeping or not. I just had to lick it up and down. I wanted to taste it, I wanted to smell the lust for love, the sweat, the slippery mixture of my spit and his delicious pre-cum. After my tongue went up and down on his seemingly never-ending rod, I opened my mouth and sensually let his penis slip inside, deeper and deeper into the warm depths.

Josh weakly moaned at what I was doing. But I was so into it, that I didn't care - I wouldn't even have noticed if he had awakened. But he sure liked it when I lifted my head and added a little suck to the tip as I played my tongue all around his glans, because he would tense up a bit and his breath came faster with each swirl of my tongue.

Suddenly I felt his hands on my shoulders.

"Sam.....wait!" He whispered.

I slowly stopped and crawled up, our bodies now being in full contact with each other. Feeling his hot breath on my face, I kissed him.

"How long have you been awake?" I asked.

"I was never asleep."

"So you acted as if you were sleeping?"

"Yeah, sorry but I enjoyed it too much."

"So why did you stop me then?"

"I want to be part of the game and wouldn't be able to stand it any longer. That was just too hot."

We smiled at each other and continued kissing, stroking, feeling the other everywhere possible. Sometimes we were so entangled that I didn't know, where his hands or my hands were. But the weird feeling in my tummy got more intense with every minute of our act of love. Both breathing harder, sometimes groaning, it again was the most exciting sex we ever had.

"I love you so much Sam."

"And I love you, more than anything."

"Please Sam, get the massage oil."

"Ohh yeah....don't move!"

When I got back from the bath room, Josh had switched off the bed lamp and was lying on his front, his legs spread wide. I was a little stunned by the view and even if I didn't know why, I was scared also. Noticing that, he immediately got up and sat on the edge of the bed with his right hand stuck out as if he wanted to say - give it to me!

I got closer and handed him the oil. Josh made me stand in front of him, opened the bottle, poured some of it in his hand and softly began to apply it on my hard penis. God I will never forget this sensational moment - it was awesome.

The next moment I felt a tender kiss on my lips and a whisper in my ears.

"Please Sam, I want it.....I never wanted anything so much!"

With that he lay down on the bed the same way that I found him returning from the bath room. He had also put some oil on his bottom. Of course I already understood what he wanted and felt even more excited than before. But I was also scared to hurt him, because we both weren't that small in the lower department and I just didn't have the faintest idea how it would be. To have a finger down there is one thing, to have something that's twice as big down there, another.

Slowly coming up from behind - Josh was wiggling his firm butt in anticipation. I mounted my penis to his butt hole and carefully pushed forward. Josh started to moan, but I could feel that I was hurting him, so I stopped - my penis just wouldn't go in.

"Use your finger!"

And that's what I did. Some minutes later I felt him loosen up and my finger slid in very easily. I got in position again and slowly but steadily shoved my penis inside his hot and slippery hole - deeper and deeper until my groin touched his butt and I was fully in. We both moaned in pleasure as I started to pull out a bit and push back in. For me it was the most intense sex I ever experienced. He was so hot inside that I could have burst right away. As Josh got used to my size, he wanted me to go faster and obviously seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

Being only seconds away from cumming inside of him, I not only got faster, but also harder. Sweat covered both of our skins; the smell of pure sex was in the air. Getting a firm grip on his buttocks I tensed up, buckled and nearly screamed for a seemingly never ending orgasm. With uncountable spurts I felt like I would faint on Josh's body being as exhausted as I've never been from sex.

Minutes later when we recovered from the wonderful experience Josh told me that he also came the moment, when he felt the heat of my climax inside of him.

"I love you Sam....that was unbelievable!"

"Yeah, it you too Josh."

With that we fell asleep and dreamed of the future we both would have together. Neither of us would ever forget this very night.

Our journey back home the next day of course was not as exciting as the arrival. We both were still consumed by our last night's experience and a little sad that we had to leave. My mum said, that we looked at each other in a different way than yesterday - we were more like two little love birds, to use her words. I wonder if she knew anything.

The flight home was long - we all slept for a while and wanted it to be over as fast as possible. Being back in the US, the jet lag hit us once again.

Marie awaited us at home and hugged Josh and me for almost half an hour - She missed us so much that it hurt to see her like that - but it was also good to be back home and to have our safe environment protecting the love between us.

Some days later, when we settled down again, our daily routine returned but would never get between Josh and me. We just loved each other too much. For the next weeks we used to spend some time of the day together, remembering our Italian love trip.

By that time, nothing would ever be able to separate us from each other.

The next years passed. Josh stayed at the public school and I spent my years in the private one so I could get on with my studies. We never came out during our school time.

Josh became a respected medical assistant at the General Hospital and lives together with me until today. I work as an architect and with the help of our parents, built a wonderful house for the both of us. We always wanted to have children, but it didn't work out. However, we are still very happy together - Josh is all one could wish for.

Oh, just one thing - I finally convinced Josh to let me paint him naked. It's my most favorite drawing and resides in a very special place in our house, where we both can see it every day.

And that's all for the best summer and the love of my life - Joshua, the boy on the swing....

The End

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