Red Cherries

by Benjamin J. Conner

Chapter 13 "Benvenuti in Napoli"

The flight attendant opened the front left door of the plane. The sun was shining; the air was dry and the temperature hot. We left the Boeing 747 via a directly connected jet way and soon entered the de-boarding area of the airport were hundreds of people were searching for their luggage.

An hour later my dad got the rented car ready, so we could load it and jumped in. We had a good 140 miles trip to the Romeo Hotel in Naples in front of us, which was another one and a half hours.

The entire trip itself took a lot out of us and we all were a little bit tired even if we had slept for a while during our flight. Of course the change of climate wasn't easy too. We all were used to hot weather, but the humidity was very different from the US; not to speak from the change in time.

The country was really beautiful, very green, clear blue skies, lots of olive and palm trees including the typical architecture you only find here. I thought it was a little bit rustic but still lovely in many ways.

We have never been to Naples before; some other cities in Italy, but this was our first trip here.

An hour and a half later we arrived at the five star hotel my parents had booked for us. It was now 11 o'clock in the morning; we got up at 6 am yesterday and all in all had a 17.5 hours journey behind us.

We checked in and some older boys in uniforms carried our luggage. Everybody was really friendly. They'd call us kids 'Signori' or 'Sirs' which we found really uplifting.

Josh and I had room number 712 on the seventh floor, my parent's number 711. Thank god the room had no connecting door so our privacy was guaranteed, hopefully. It was large compared to Josh's room, painted in a bright champagne color, arranged in a modern style, had lots of dark wood applications and a huge flat screen TV. The sea view to the harbor was amazing and romantic through the really large window front. So was the luxurious, nearly futuristic bath room. And our wishes have been heard - we only had one bed - but a king size one. We immediately tested it, before we started unpacking our things.

"This is sooo awesome!" Josh stated.

"Yeah it is, definitely the best hotel room I've ever been in. Have you seen the TV and the bath room?"

"Yeah, I don't get it, that must cost a fortune."

"And look, there's even a bathrobe for each of look at that...OH MY GOD...we have a mini bar...come and see what's in there!"

"Yihhaaaaa, heaven in a box."

"That's so cool. Open the window and let in some fresh air."

"But it's really hot outside."

"We have an air conditioner!" I mentioned pointing at it.

Josh did what I asked for and after wards began to jump around on our bed. I could see the happiness in his eyes. It was great to be here with him. Due to the excitement neither of us was tired anymore and we looked forward to the hotel exploration.

"Shall we jump into the pool?"

"Yeah, I could use some refreshment, but where is it?!"

"We'll have to search for it. I call my mom if it's ok."

"But I haven't unpacked all my things."

"Me neither, we can do that later! What do I have to dial for getting mom on the phone?" I asked myself and simply tried their room number.

"Hello?" My dad answered.

"Dad, it's me, can we go and take a dip?"

"Have you unpacked your things?"

"Nearly." I lied.

"Yes you can, but don't leave the premises without telling us, ok? Mom and I are going to take a nap, you should probably do too."

"Perhaps later dad, thanks." I hung up.

"Hey, put on your bathing trunks, we're off!" I said to Josh.

He was standing at the window enjoying the wonderful view and didn't react to what I said. His shimmering hair was moving from the breeze. I got closer to him, put one hand on his shoulder which he covered with his, before he turned around and hugged me.

"Thank you Sam, it's so wonderful here.....I really feel rewarded, but I don't know what for."

I hugged him back and gave him a kiss on his neck answering "For being the friend I ever wanted and for loving me. I never had anyone like you before."

"Me neither. Look, all the ships and fishing boats. That's awesome. You think we can get aboard of one?"

"Think so, wait and see. But for now, you get ready!"

Turning us around, I pushed him on the bed so he would sit in front of me. He didn't know what I was thinking but didn't struggle when my hands peeled the shirt off him. I loved undressing him since Josh brought up this exciting idea.

Though I always got aroused seeing him naked or undressing my friend. His firm and muscular body, the plain slightly tanned skin; so soft and gorgeous. The thin golden hair that covered his arms and legs. The exposed and hairless armpits that emitted his wonderful scent. Even when he worked out, he smelled beautiful to me. Does that sound disgusting? Well, when you ever had someone you really loved, you know what I'm talking about.

I got lost for a moment from seeing him sitting on the bed in a model pose with a relaxed smile on his face; in Italy with me.

Waking up from my daydream, my fingers opened the fly of his jeans; Josh slightly leaned back full of expectations for what I would probably do next. We smiled at each other. I could feel his penis pulsate under the little fabric that covered his lower body. Pulling on his pant legs he fell over backwards laughing. I joined in and grabbed his boxers to get them off. He already had a boner by now that made a clap spinning back on his belly.

I wasn't planning anything but to make him undress. However, the thought of getting Josh aroused by only undressing him was really tempting.

I leaned in and did as if I was going to kiss his dick. Only inches away from it, I got up and said "Okay maniac, the rest is up to you - get your trunks, we are going for a dip now!"

"Oh NOOOoooo, come here and finish what you started!" He yelled in a funny tone as I ran off to the bath room. Josh jumped over the beds and tried to catch me with his flopping thing, but I closed the door behind me fast enough.

"Nanananana, you didn't get me."

"Will get you soon enough."

"Probably, but not this time." I said laughing out loudly.

"Ok, you win, let's go."

Of course I underestimated him, because when I opened the door again, he jumped me right away and started to get the clothes off me. A little wiggle here and there was all I could do with him on top of me. I gave in and let him do, what he wanted.

With a sensual expression on his face, he shoved his hands under my shirt and felt for my chest softly stroking it. I will always miss those silent and erotic moments we had here and there.

Josh was still bare and bonerized; what a beautiful view. The feeling of being naked around Josh or him being naked around me had somehow become familiar to us. It wasn't anything about shame anymore, it was truth, trust and respect, but still so arousing like if we hadn't seen each other naked anytime before. The exploration of one another was still ongoing.

He removed my shirt and gave my dick a quick squeeze through my pants before he opened the fly. I loved every move he made and was lying on the floor-heated ground. The tingling feeling came back; my stomach was going crazy. And the fact that somebody could come into our room any time, was thrilling.

Wondering what he was going to do, I lifted my bottom to let him get my pants off. My boxers were gone in no time.

"Well, that's looking quite hard." Josh said and put his hands around my rod, which made me gasp.

"What....are you doing?" I asked hoping for the best.

He didn't answer but leaned in, squeezed my dick again, pulled back my foreskin and gave my raging manhood a sloppy kiss. Closing my eyes I lay back and enjoyed the wonderful sensation.

But there was one thing I hadn't reckoned with; his payback. Josh broke with what he did after some seconds, got up on his feet and looked at me, while I was still laying on the ground; naked and vulnerable.

"And now, we go swimming!"

The mischievous grin on his face told me that he was only teasing me. However, I appreciated it for the seconds it took. He could becharm me with only some moves or words. God, how much I loved him.

"Ok, we're equal now, right?" I said.

"Right you are!"

"So let's get out of here and continue that later on!"

"You bet! Who's in the pool first!"

"I'll dunk you like you've never been dunked."

"First you have to get me!" Josh said with a funny voice.

After we grabbed our swimming trunks we both put them on and ran downstairs barefoot. There was carpet everywhere so it was really comforting to run around like that, even if we got some admonishing looks by other guests. It took us ten minutes to find the pool, which was located - of course - on the roof - so we had to take the lift to get upstairs again.

It was something like a penthouse lounge with a spa and fitness area next to it. We both were stunned by what we saw; everywhere we looked there were shiny applications, large window fronts and flowers, lots of flowers. The best was, that there was no roof above the pool so you could see the blue sky, the sea and the skyline of Naples - which was nothing compared to Portland but still wonderful.

Thank god only a few people were there - so we jumped into the water right away. The wonderful warm but refreshing temperature had us relaxed and forget about the arousal in no time.

"Oh Baby, I'm exhausted but happy to be here." My dad said to my mom who was unpacking their luggage. He grabbed her from behind.

"HEYYY, what are you doing bad boy?!" They kissed each other and smiled. "I'm happy and exhausted too, we deserved that for a very long time. I don't know how the boys manage to be that active after the trip."

"They're excited. I guess in some hours the two will sleep wherever they are. You know where the pool is?"

"No idea, you wanna check on them?"

"Yeah see if every thing's alright and perhaps I can convince them to sleep for an hour. I'll go downstairs before we take a nap. Will you wait for me?"

"I will, but hurry up!" Mom said with a sheepish grin on her face.

Dad found us after the same journey we had to take and didn't expect it to be so wonderful up there.

"Wow, that's amazing. What a place to rest." He said after crouching down at the pool.

"It's great and the water is perfect dad. Come in, please!"

"No thanks, later perhaps. Just wanted to check if you're alright."

"We're fine."

"You too, Josh?"

"Perfect thanks."

"Excellent. Ok, you two need anything?"

"Nope, we have all we need."

"Good, if you want anything to drink, you can go to the bar over there and let them bill it on our room, ok?"

We both nodded and my dad got up again.

"Remember, you should really sleep for an hour, to handle the jet lag. But if you do, only an hour, otherwise you wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. First day's always awful."

"Ok dad, see you later!"

My dad opened room number 711 and returned to his place to rest. Mom already got rid of her clothes and was laying on the bed in an erotic pose.

"What a view. Baby you are one gorgeous girl. You think we have the energy to do the second scene of that exciting action movie?"

"I guess I have and when I look down on you, you also."

My dad god rid of his clothes and, well we will leave that to their privacy.

In the meantime Josh and I started a dunking and jumping into the pool contest. It was definitely unclear whether he or I was able to do it better than the other, but either of us claimed the win for himself.

Half an hour later, we both were exhausted and clung to the pool edge looking out on the sea. We were close to each other; our arms and legs touched. The pool wasn't as deep as the sea, so we could chill out as easy as this.

Josh - being that little sex maniac he was - let his left arm slide under water and out of nowhere got hold of my soft dick which immediately reacted. The water was very warm and comforting; rays of sunshine sparkled on the water surface behind us.

Being unsure if his action was visible from the outside, I immediately looked around and checked if anyone was watching us.

I never expected that from Josh, but for some reason didn't resist in first place. We were close together and still looked out on the sea from the inner side of the pool. Now and then I would check for any other person but my lover didn't seem to care for anyone. Of course I still had my trunks on and wasn't about to remove them.

He slowly moved his hand up and down on my now hard dick and tried to act as inconspicuous as possible.

"What are you doing?" I whispered.

"Having some fun. Relax, nobody will see us."

"But what if?"

"I don't care, that's private stuff. Isn't it exciting?" Josh asked.

"Little bit too much, if you ask me and it's not private if you do it in public - we're in Italy."

"Oh come on, easssy! No fun without risk."

"You crazy."

"I know, but I love it."

Josh took my right hand and guided it to his crotch are where my fingers found a fully hard penis. Even through the fabric I could feel everything as if he had no trunks on. It was so soft and.....wait a moment.

"Please, don't tell me that you pulled your dick out?!" I asked him still whispering while his hand was moving up and down. The feeling was so exciting that I nearly lost my head being out here in the public playing such dangerous games.

"Ok, I won't."

"Are you totally screwy?"


Even if I liked what he was doing, I got scared and pulled my hand away from his dick. Josh felt that I was uncomfortable with the situation and also let go of mine.

"Thanks!" Was all I could say.

"I'm sorry. Didn't mean to scare you. Thought it was funny."

"This is Italy, we can't do that in public and remember what Jack told us about being careful around others."

"But nobody knows us here and could tell on us."

"They could tell mom and dad."

"But they already know."

"Not, that we made out in a public pool at our first day in Naples! Come on let's get outta here."

Josh didn't answer but followed me. Soon after we left the pool an employee offered us a towel which we thankfully took.

"So much for noone is watching us." I stated.

Back into our room, Josh obviously was embarrassed and sorry for what he did.

"Sam please, I'm sorry. I don't know what's going on in my mind. I've never done anything like that before."

"It's ok Josh. I love you too, all the time, but we have to be careful."

"You were right and I wasn't, but when I'm close to you I just get these feelings and mind goes crazy and I want to be close to you."

"Me too, but can't we just leave that for our privacy?"

"Sometimes I just can't help it. I'm sorry I messed up."

"You didn't, it was nice actually, I mean as frightening as arousing but still confusing. I love you so much that it hurts, but I don't want to rip off your clothes out on the streets no matter where we are."

"I want to!"

"You really want to? I mean all the time?" I asked.

"Sorry Sam.....but yes, I want to be with you all the time, to feel you close to me."

"Me also in some ways, but there's just one thing on my mind. When we're not careful enough, it could split us apart, and I never want to lose you, you understand?"

"I do....sorry!"

"Stop your excuses, I love you too....wanna lie down in bed and take a nap?"

"Yeah, but I have to get dry first."

We both dropped the trunks we wore for swimming. Josh seemed to be a bit cold so we used the shower to get rid of the chlorine and warm up after finding out how to use it - you can't imagine how wonderful it was - the water just came from the ceiling out of nowhere. I definitely wanted that for my future house.

Some minutes later we snuggled up to each other in our large bed and had our freedom back. A tender kiss sealed the promise to watch for our privacy before going for anything.

I guess we have never been more in love and were new to the feelings we experienced. Having my arm around Josh and his on my belly, we both entered slumber land in only seconds.

So much for the arriving day of our wonderful summer vacation. Josh was always good for surprises, as you will see.

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