Red Cherries

by Benjamin J. Conner

Chapter 8 "French kissing"

We both laid down on our backs, shoulder to shoulder, looking at the ceiling. Josh put his right leg on my left. He always needed that little contact, just to feel that I was still there.

Some minutes before, when we were downstairs to say good night to Marie, our boners had disappeared. But feeling so close to him and especially being naked, brought that special feeling back into my lower department.

Josh took my hand and stroked it with his thumb. The room was dark but warm. Our bodies were still hot from the shower and the thin woolen blanket was more than enough for both of us.

I never thought that smelling someone could ever be so important, but this exciting odor Josh provided was addictive to me. Turning my head towards him, I deeply inhaled and the sweetness crept up my nostrils, giving me goose bumps though I wasn't freezing at all.

We opened our eyes. Only the moon enabled us to see each other in a wonderful dimmed light. What I saw in front of me was the perfect profile of my love. His curves needed to be touched; so soft, full of harmony and equally sensitive.

I asked him to close his eyes and then took my index finger and put it on Josh's forehead, slowly going down on his body ....his nose.....upper lip....lower lip.......chin and neck until I reached his chest which was rising and falling from his breathing. Only two inches to go until reaching the blanket that covered his body - but I wouldn't stop.

Josh held his breath as I reached the blanket and moved further down under to reach his navel. It sure was a pleasurable exploration of his body. After stopping at his navel I couldn't see my finger anymore and kicked the blanket away. Josh cringed a little but didn't do anything to stop me. He was now fully bare in front of me so I continued on my journey.

His penis was only inches away from my hand and hard as a rock; standing straight up. It was nearly the same size as mine, maybe half an inch or so less from what I could see. But at that moment, it didn't really matter. My finger now moved slower, reaching his crotch where I could feel nothing but the little fuzz he had nearly everywhere on his body.

Josh giggled like a little baby. "That tickles..." he said but I wouldn't listen.

I was in a trance and softly let my finger go up his uncut dick feeling the thin and flexible skin on it. When I reached his partly uncovered glans, we both breathed faster and were totally out of control from the sensational perception.

Josh, because nobody has ever touched him like that; and me, because I never touched anyone this way before. After reaching the top of my journey I let my finger slide down on the other side and observed his ball sack which was even softer than the rest of his skin. I decided to continue to the right side, explored his testicles and followed the muscular leg....along his knee down to his ankle. Josh had to laugh when I touched the bottom of his foot, because he was ticklish as hell.

During my journey I had to get on my knees to reach him everywhere. Josh looked excited and really enjoyed it. Putting my right arm on his chest and my right leg on his we both relaxed for a moment. I couldn't stop looking into his eyes, now that we got used to the darkness more and more. They were so full of love and contentment. I was able to hear him breathe through his nose while I put my head on his upper body; my boner pressing against his waist, pulsating like never before.

"Did you like that?" I whispered.

"Hell yeah, that was awesome. I sometimes didn't know whether it's tickling me or if my thing was going to explode."

"I love touching you."

"I love it when you touch me. It's exciting - I can't move when you do that."

"You know, it's the best feeling I ever experienced to be with you, really."

"For me too, can I do that to you too?"

"You don't have to ask!"

"But I'll do it differently, ok?"

"Do whatever you want!" I said and entirely offered myself to his longings.

He smiled at me in anticipation. But before I would release him, I wished for a kiss which he tenderly gave.

Josh raised his upper body and came in close wiping the hair away from my forehead. He leaned in and kissed it softly following the same path as I drew on his marvelous physic. I felt his lips on my nose.....on my chin....neck, chest and my belly before I nearly exploded in anticipation. In my dreams I had never thought about such things and that they could be so intense.

When he got closer to my crotch area he placed one kiss next to the other but I never thought he would kiss my penis. How wrong I was.....

Josh wetted his lips and without using his hands totally blew my mind by kissing my shaft followed by the top of it. It felt like as if he had his mouth open a little bit and sucked on it for a second. All my senses were focused on what he was doing there and I nearly lost consciousness before the sensation slowly faded away, while he was kissing his way down on the other side of my boner followed by my ball sack.

I was gasping from what he'd done to me. But he wasn't finished yet. Josh stuck out his tongue and licked his way down my left leg finally kissing the bottom of my foot.

He snuggled up to me again and stroked me everywhere he could get his hands on whispering

"I love your taste."

"I love it, when you taste me, more than anything" was my answer.

"What else do you love?" Josh asked putting his head on my chest listening to my heartbeat.

"I love your smell."

"What else?"

"I love your face, your deep blue eyes and especially your lips."

"What else?"

"I love the softness of your skin and the way you act."

"What else?"

"I love that you love me, what do you love about me?"

"Hmmmm....I love you."

"That's all?"

"Yeah, it means I love everything about you."

"Oh come on, a little bit more precise!"

"No, there is nothing about you that I don't love, really!"

Some minutes of silence surrounded us while we embraced each other with as much skin contact as possible. We both loved to feel so close to the other and enjoyed it very much.

"What you did before.....I mean....with my thing...that felt awesome; what did you do?"

"I kissed it."

"Just like that?"

"Yeah a little French kissing perhaps."

"You French kissed my dick? Wow, I never felt anything like that before."

"Was it good?"

"Hell yeah."

"Can you do that to me, too?"

"I would love to!"

We both were still as aroused as can be. Even when we just talked, it was a sensational feeling to be naked together. I softly pushed Josh down on the mattress.

"Enjoy it!" were my last word before I started to kiss my way down from his chest to his navel, the beautiful smelling crotch area, and finally reached his growing manhood.

Using my hand I encompassed his dick for the first time after the shower. It felt hard but equally soft. Not knowing what exactly I was supposed to do, I naturally pulled back his foreskin to reveal the tip of his penis.

Josh again breathed faster and louder. I placed my hand on his ball sack and paused for a second before wetting my lips and softly opening my mouth to let his penis enter for an inch or so. The taste was extraordinary; so sweet and slippery - I couldn't get enough of it. Using my tongue to play with his glans for some time was obviously a sensitive moment for Josh.

He moaned in pleasure and put his hands on the back of my head while I continued to enjoy what I was doing. All of a sudden Josh started to move uncontrollably, groaned and had the very first sexual release in our relationship. It was very intense for him to be totally in trance. He pushed my head further down on his pulsating penis while his orgasm slowly faded away.

I felt happy about it and tasted something sweet in my mouth. It was delicious and when I tried to kiss him down there once more, he nearly begged me to stop. He was very sensitive after this tender experience so I laid next to him, put my head back on the bare chest of my love and listened to his heartbeat which returned to normal.

It took him some minutes to recharge and be able to talk to me. In the meanwhile he fondly stroked my neck.

"How was it?" I finally asked.

"Woooow, indescribable....that's the best French kiss ever."

"Yeah I could feel that."

We both laughed about my statement while I picked up the blanket and covered us up to relax. Half an hour later we both were in slumber land; snuggled up to each other full of love and happiness.

"Hey sis" Uncle Jack answered the phone.

"Hey Jack, how are you?"

"Fine thanks. Guess you didn't call to ask me how I was, did you?"

"I always care for you and you know that."

"Yeah I know."

"So what do you think?"

"About what?"

"The boys?"

"Oh yeah well, they're really into each other. You can see it in their eyes."

"And you really think they have a chance?"

"They might. You know, some boys go for their own sex at first, because it seems easier and then, they grow out of it. You never know."

"We did the right thing, didn't we?"

"Of course we did. You are a wonderful woman and caring mother and I would have wanted you as my mom when I was a kid. Don't worry."

"Ok, thanks. I really appreciate your help and whenever I..."

"Yeah I know."

"You still read my mind?"

"Have always, like you for Josh."

"You don't know how right you are."

"Listen sis, take care of them. I have a feeling that they might get into trouble soon. But I've faith in you and your son and whenever I can help, just let me know."

"I will Jack, thank you for being there."

"Love you, good night."

"Night Jack, bye bye."

"A glass of wine" my mother asked.

"Which one did you open?"

"A red one, Barolo, 2006."

"You would die for Italy wouldn't you? Yes please!"

"Here you go."

"Thanks sweetheart. Gimme a kiss!"

"Can you light up the candle please?!"

"Sure, what's the occasion?"

"Well, the love of my life with me at home, a free house and a good wine - enough to celebrate."

"Il vino scioglie la lingua ed apre I cuori."

"Si signore."

"I love you baby."

"Love you too, salute!"


After saying cheers and kissing each other my mom looked at her husband attentively.

"What's bothering you?" my dad asked.

"It's about Sam."

"What is it?"

"You should have seen him this morning. He was all wrapped up, didn't eat for breakfast and had been crying for I don't know how long. His eyes were swollen and red."

"You think it was because of our talk yesterday?"

"Yes. I had time to think about it all day. Sam called if he could stay at Josh's and later on asked for permission to stay overnight."

"And you allowed it."

"Yes I did. You should have heard his voice. He was nearly begging me to let him stay."

"So what's the big deal?"

"What.......if we are wrong and they both are love?"

"No they aren't, and that's the end of the story."

"I mean they can be in love without thinking about sex or being gay. They can be ashamed of it. We have to consider it at least!"

"No, we haven't."

"Listen......Sam's as stubborn as you are and if we don't do the right thing here, we can probably lose our son. And I don't want that. I love him."

"I love him too, and I didn't send him to a private school to have a summer break jumble it all up by a crank."

"No need to be offensive. I'm just telling you what I saw and feel."

"But you're wrong on this. My son isn't gay - end of story!"

"Okay whatever. You are living in your safe chart house and I try to get it all right all day long when you're not here."

"Oh great, now you're blaming it all on me."

"Nooo, of course not, sorry. I'm not blaming you for anything but I could need some help here, because I think I might have misjudged the situation."

"But you came up with all that gay stuff."

"Yeah and you said it's his decision but you're not keeping your word."

"I will keep my word, but he's only 13 and no boy on this planet will ever decide if he's gay or not at 13. God damn it, I used the word gay for at least five times as much as I wanted to tonight."

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to offend you. I only care for our son and I don't want him to be sad. You know how often we told him, that he can tell us everything."

"Yeah....BUT this."

"Give him a chance. Perhaps everything turns out to be good, but we at least have to listen to him."

We were sleeping close to each other; me spooning Josh. One of my hands rested between his thighs and our legs were entangled as usual. I will always remember that cozy feeling which I immediately became familiar with. It made me feel home. The steady and slow breathing I heard from Josh, was my personal sign of trust and harmony.

For whatever reason, I felt completely awake in the middle of the night and opened my eyes. My arm was in touch with his flaccid penis, my right hand satisfied from the warmth of his legs.

Why was I awake? Not having the faintest idea I freed myself and got up trying to find the bath room. When I turned on the dim light I looked into the mirror. My hair was all messy but everything else was fine. After emptying my bladder I found the way back.

The moon was shining. It lit up the entire room. It was still very warm inside; a little bit smelly perhaps. Of course I liked the smell but I guess there could have been a little more oxygen. When I opened the window it made a cracking noise.

"What are you doing?" Josh mumbled.

"Can't sleep."



"Come back here!"

"Just a minute to let in some fresh air."

Josh sighed and got up approaching me from behind while I was looking up to the moon. He put his arms around my chest and pressed himself against me.

"What are you looking at?"

"The moon."

"Why now?"

"I woke up and couldn't get to sleep again."

"You're crazy."

"I know, so are you."

"What can I do to make you go back into bed with me?"

"Hmmmm.....can you stroke my back?"

"You're kidding?"

"No, I love that."

"Me too."

"Will you?"

"Yeah, sure, lay down!"

I did as I was told. Josh covered us with the blanket up to our bums and softly began to let his fingers travel around on my back.

It was a wonderful feeling. Just like my mom used to do in my younger years. But he seemed to be more passionate about it and he got further down with his fingers.



"Are you feeling ....I don't know....bad about what we did?"

"No, of course not. Where did you get that idea?"

"I just thought about it...."

"Now listen, silly" I looked at him "I love you and would never feel bad about anything we did or do, cos we both wanted it."


"Guess it's my parents that keep me awake."

"You really think they would hate you?"

"I'm not sure. My mom was all freaked out but dad was cool about it in some ways."

"You can live with us."

"It's not that simple."

"Of course it is."

"Noo, I love my parents!"

"And they love you too right?"

"They do."

"We'll be ok. I don't want you to be sad Sam!"

He threw himself on me and kissed my neck. We both were still naked but this didn't seem to matter at the moment. It wasn't about sex or arousal, it was about caring for the one you love, you share your thoughts and feelings with. We were only 12 and 13 but it felt like as if we were a couple for a very long time now, so open and free.

The love for each other made us feel secure and we fell asleep minutes later.

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