Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 4


Morning came quickly and Levi slowly opened his eyes. At first he thought last night had been a dream. But a funny taste in his mouth and a quick fingering of his ass revealed that there had indeed been a party going on!

He arose from the bed and was astonished to see that the bedding had been changed. If he had cum as much as he seemed to remember, there was no way......

"What the fuck! This doesn't make any sense at all!" he said to himself.

Opening the door, Levi found himself face to face with Hok'ee. The man smiled at the boy.

"I have prepared a warm bath for you.... I thought you might enjoy it after last night!" he said with a knowing look.

"Uhh... Gee.... Thanks!" Levi stuttered.

He wanted to ask Hok'ee about what had happened, or rather what he THOUGHT had happened, but somehow the words weren't there.

Retreating to the comfort of the warm bath, Levi carefully explored his completely dilated rosebud.

"It had to be real!" he thought, "But was I with Curtis or?"

The smell of fresh cooking wafted through the Holloway House. Levi's stomach growled as he appeared in the kitchen.

"Well there you are, Levi Aaron Roberts!" Edith greeted him.

"I supposed you would like some breakfast----" she started to ask.

"YES!" he exclaimed in return.

Levi sat down to a round of pancakes, sausage, eggs and biscuits. The woman marveled at how the boy could eat so much and remain so skinny.

"So what is your plan for today?" she asked the boy.

"I HAVE to find Curtis and talk to him. Seriously. Time is running out!" he replied.

The woman was impressed by Levi's sincerity and motivation., although a big piece of her heart wished he could stay in Gold Strike. She quickly shook that notion aside, realizing that Levi did not fit in this time at all. He belonged back in his own world. As for Curtis, Edith knew the boy was living a dead end life. If Levi could convince the boy to go with him, any future in Levi's time would be better than living with that odious ogre Trapper.

As Edith was clearing the table, Hok'ee drifted through the room.

He paused briefly at Levi's said, "You should be in town by 9:00!"

Before Levi could say a word, the man had disappeared.

Levi looked at the ornate time piece on the mantle in the parlor and it said he had over an hour to go.

Taking the opportunity, he scurried back to the bathroom to check himself out.

"I guess I am kinda cute!" he blushed to himself.

As he left the Holloway House, Edith remarked, "Are you all right, young man? You seem to be limping a bit!"

Levi smiled at the thought; his ass was definitely a bit sore but it was a GOOD kind of sore.

"I'm fine. Ma'am!" he replied.

"Well if you meet up with Curtis, you tell him.... He KNOWS he is welcome here! I have tried many times to get him to stay here away from.......!' she stopped short.

"I understand, Ma'am!' he said with a knowing smile.

Gold Strike at 9:00 on a Tuesday looked just like it had the day before. Lots of men milling around. The stores what few there were all were open for business. The saloons were rolling full force.

"Even at nine in the morning? Don't these losers ever dry out?" Levi laughed to himself.

He stood on the main street looking at the town. Something haunted his mind about the view. He couldn't place what that "thing" was. Suddenly a commotion broke out in front of one of the saloons. Two men charged into the street followed by a crowd of onlookers. The man were arguing about something. Levi couldn't get the drift of the conversation.

The man separated and paced off. Levi was fascinated by what he was watching.

"They're gonna have a gunfight!" he thought to himself.

Levi failed to notice that the street had cleared itself of people. Fearful eyes peered out the windows and doors as the two men stood facing each other. Like a blur, both men drew their guns....

Curtis was in the General Store trying to "score" a free peppermint stick from Amos Thurgood, the store owner.

"Looks like those two are finally gonna settle their argument!" Amos chuckled.

Curtis looked out the window of the store. Unlike all the others, his eyes were not drawn to the two men. Instead, the boy saw Levi standing there watching.... dangerously close to the line of fire of both men.

Like a gazelle, Curtis flew out through the door towards the boy. The men drew their guns. Curtis closed the gap on Levi. Amos yelled at Curtis to "get back inside!" The men took aim. Curtis was just a few feet from Levi.

"Faster, damnit!" he told himself.

His long, lithe legs moved like the blur of pistons operating at full speed.

Shots rang out. Curtis tackled Levi. The two boys went down hard. Curtis was sprawled on top of Levi; the force of the impact ground the sixteen year old boy's cock into Levi's ass cheeks.

Glass shattered next to the boys and a rain of broken pottery shards fell down on the two teens.

"What..the.fuck!" Levi barked out.

He felt someone pining him to the ground. He also felt something hard pressing against his butt.

Commotion rang out on the main street of Gold Strike.

Mr. Higgins from the Arizona Journal Miner [Ed Note: Actual Prescott newspaper of the era] rushed out of the Dry Goods store and snapped a picture of the pandemonium taking place after the shooting. That picture captured the image of two boys lying prone on the street.....

"He shot Harvey!" a voice yelled out.

Curtis quickly rose and helped Levi off the ground.

As Levi turned to vent at the person who had tackled him, he saw the two most beautiful eyes in the world staring back at him.

"Are you all right?" Curtis asked.

The sound of the boy's voice drove Levi insane. He wanted him so badly it hurt.

"Yeah... I... Uh.....!" Levi stammered.

"Did you not see what was going on?" Curtis asked.

Uh... Yeah...I just thought....!" Levi started to explain.

Then he thought, "You just SAVED MY LIFE!" he exclaimed.

Curtis shrugged as if what he had just done was a daily routine.

Amos Thurgood ran by the boys and barked, "You two need to be more careful! You might have gotten shot!"

Mr. Higgins also passed the boys and exclaimed, "This is going to look so good on the front page!"

Curtis gazed into the boy's eyes. He started to, but refrained, from asking "Are you dumb or something?" Recalling his first meeting with Levi, Curtis did not want to start their next meeting by saying something rude.

"I mean... That man SHOT him!" Levi cried out.

"Shot him? He killed him!" Curtis replied.

"You mean he's dead?" Levi asked.

"That is what usually happens you kill someone!" Curtis replied.

Any other time that remark might have been funny. Not today. Not for Levi. He just saw a man killed in broad daylight and people were hooting and hollering like it was a New Year's Eve Party.

"What kind of fucking shit hole is this?" Levi cried.

The sound of the boy using coarse words like that words that only adults used - again sent a tingling through Curtis' body.

"You never seen a man killed before?" he asked Levi.

"No..... OH FUCK NO!" Levi cried out.

Curtis was amazed to see tears in Levi's eyes. This boy WAS different from anyone Curtis had ever met before.

"I want out of this hellhole now!!" Levi cried, "I wanna go back home!"

Levi cried as Curtis reached out to hold and comfort the boy. When the two teens touched, it felt like ten thousand volts of electricity passed between the two. Curtis felt his "thing" start to grow.

"Not NOW!" he moaned to himself, "If HE sees this, he'll think I'm a freak just like Trapper says I am!"

Levi felt the same jolt and stared into the boy's eyes.

"I want you!" was all Levi could think.

Curtis returned Levi's gaze and for the first time in his young life, feelings of. lust.... passion.... woke from deep within his body.

"I wanna go back home!" Levi repeated.

Continuing to stare into Curtis' eyes, he continued, "And I want to take YOU with me!"

Curtis' body shook at that comment.

"Who are you?" he asked Levi, "And how do you know me?"

Levi continued to stare directly at the boy. He saw no malice in Curtis' question or his posture.

"We... need... to... Uh.... I need to.... talk!" Levi stammered.

The sight of the boy he had sought after since arriving in Gold Strike was giving Levi the shakes. He had wanted Curtis so badly; now, here he was... And Levi felt like a plate of Jello!

"Do you wanna go swimming?" Curtis asked the boy.

The subject change caught Levi by surprise. He stared at Curtis in disbelief.

"Swimming? You know... like... in the water! They do have water where you live, right?" Curtis cracked.

Levi smiled at the teen.

"Yeah sure! Where?" Curtis asked.

The two boys walked to the corral. Curtis stood next to a towering horse.

"This is Zephyr!" he said

Hopping on as easily as Levi could breathe, the boy looked down and said, "Well! Git on!"

"I. Uh... Don't know. how to....!" Levi stammered.

Curtis reached down and took Levi's arm.

Lifting him as if he were as light as a feather, the boy said, "Swing your leg around and hold on!"

"Hold on to what?" Levi asked.

"ME, You dummie!" Curtis laughed.

Levi put his arms around Curtis' waist and instantly his cock was hard as a railroad spike.

The two boys took off at a fast gallop. Out of town along the railroad towards the Wildcat Mine. Levi had no idea where Curtis was taking him. All Levi cared about was the fact that he was literally glued to the boy and he wasn't letting Curtis out of his sight until Thursday!

As the two boys rode towards the mine, Levi's cock wasn't the only one about to rip out of its jeans. Curtis was sporting a massive hardon that snaked down his right leg. It always did that when it got hard, and that seemed to happen for no reason at all. Only now Curtis' cock had a reason to be as hard as granite. Levi's graceful body was pressing against the sixteen year old's backside. That same mysterious boy had his arms wrapped around Curtis' waist, holding on for dear life. Curtis didn't understand the feelings coursing through his body but he liked them!

Soon they arrived at the water tower along the railroad. This was the same location where, 102 years in the future, Levi had parked his Tacoma when his whole adventure began.

Curtis reluctantly untangled Levi's hands from around his waist and dropped to the ground. Of course he had to help Levi dismount as well.

"So where are we going swimming here?" Levi asked.

"Up there!" Curtis replied, nodding towards the water tower.

"You're kidding, right?" Levi replied.

"No... Just follow me!" the boy answered.

The two moved under and behind the tower, Curtis shimmied up a leg of the tower until he reached a service ladder.

Looking down at Levi, he called out, "Well! Come on!"

Levi looked up and a mound rose in his throat. He didn't like heights but he knew if he wanted to stay next to Curtis that fear was going to have to go away. So he started to climb.

"Just don't look down!" he told himself.

Soon he reached the ladder and Curtis. In the full sun, the younger teen seemed to radiate a youthful innocence and sexuality all at the same time.

"Up over the top and down. There's a ledge on the inside where we can sit down!" Curtis explained.

Vowing not to look behind him, Levi followed Curtis. The younger boy's body looked graceful and strong as he mounted the top of the tank and then disappeared. His head poked over the top and he looked down at Levi.

"Well! Come on! You are almost there!" he called out.

Levi went for the final ascent and as he reached the top, a pair of strong arms helped him over and down inside the tank.

"Wow!" Levi called out.

There was indeed a ledge all the way around the inside of the tower. A short drop of six feet or so and gave way to a deep pool of spring water.

"How deep is is?" Levi asked.

"Probably six, maybe eight feet!" Curtis answered.

"So.... You... uh... swim here a lot?" Levi asked.

"Sure... And bathe too! I.. uh... live just down the hill over there!" he nodded.

"With Trapper?" Levi asked.

Curtis frowned. Levi thought maybe he had crossed a line.

"Used to!" he said softly.

Levi could sense the boy's demeanor had changed at the mention of the word "Trapper."

"Oh?" Levi replied.

"I'm moving on. Today, in fact!" Curtis replied.

"Where to?" Levi asked.

"Well I start work at the Mine on Thursday so I figured I could stay in town until I git 'nuff money to find a place of my own!" the boy answered.

Levi's mind swirled.

"That fucking MINE!" he thought, "NO! He can't go there!"

Levi decided the play it cool. He had all day to spend with Curtis. There was no point in going nuts in the first thirty minutes.

"Try and be cool about this!" he told himself.

"So... Uh.... How do we go swimming?" Levi asked.

"Well.... I usually jump or dive in the water to start with!" the boy replied with a smile.

"No shit, Sherlock!" Levi cracked.

He wondered if Curtis understood the sarcasm.

"I mean I don't have a bathing suit!" Levi offered.

"A what?" Curtis replied.

"Well that makes sense!" Levi thought, "If he swims here alone, he probably goes commando!"

"Well you could jump in with your clothes on. Sometimes I do that to wash them out. But they git pretty heavy when they are wet!" Curtis offered, "Or just do like this!"

Levi gasped as the boy stood up, peeling off his rag muffin shirt and revealing a tan, smooth and very tight upper body. Not an ounce of fat was present. The boy's shoulders were broader than Levi's; his body tapered down to a flat, taut and tight stomach.

Levi almost shot a lot of jism in his jeans at the sight. The best was yet to come. In a similar lightning fast move, Curtis peeled off his well-worn pair of Levis and some tattered underwear. Tossing them into the water, he turned to face Levi with a grin.

Just follow me!" he smiled.

With that, the young teen did a back flip off the ledge and dove into the cool water.

Levi's body trembled and his cock blasted loose a load of creamy cum as he watched Curtis' flaccid, cut cock and two huge low hanging balls flip flop in the air with the boy's dive.

"Five inches, maybe a little more!" Levi grunted to himself as a wetness flooded his skinny jeans.

"At least I'm a little bit bigger than he is!" he thought to himself, "but his nuts are fucking HUGE!"

Levi's cock twitched as his orgasm tapered off.

"Damn!" he thought, "Now my pants are toast!"

Standing up, the shucked them off and tossed the jeans down into the water. Since he was already going commando, all that he had left to lose were his shirt, shoes and socks. In an instant he jumped into the cool water.

Surfacing he looked for the boy. Curtis was nowhere to be seen.

Before he knew what was happening, a pair of strong arms pushed him underwater for a minute and then pulled him back above into the air.

You fucker!" Levi giggled.

The two boys began to play. Dunking each other and spraying water in each others faces.

At one time, Curtis disappeared from sight. Levi looked frantically for the boy. Out of the depths of the water, two hands pushed Levi under and then quickly lifted him up into the air. Again, it was like Levi weighed no more than a few feathers. Curtis seemed unusually strong and agile.

Levi spun around in an attempt to dunk his friend but Curtis was nowhere the be seen. Then Levi felt someone pulling on his feet and before he knew it, Curtis had the better of him again.

Several times as they played, both boys brushed against each other. Levi felt Curtis' strong, agile body crash into his own. He also felt Curtis' cock mesh against his own as the boys cavorted. Several times both boys had the pleasure of sneaking up behind each other and as their bodies meshed together, on more than one occasion, each boy felt a cock pressing into his ass.

After a couple of hours the two wound down from their "water sports."

Let's sit on the deck for a while!" Levi offered.

"So I wore you out?" Curtis giggled.

Levi shot him a harsh stare and then giggled back.

"No... I just wanna rest before I kick your ass again!" he replied.

Hoisting themselves up to the deck, Levi couldn't help but admire Curtis' awesome body.

Likewise, the younger boy was not being too discreet in ogling his older friend.

Curtis noticed that Levi's "thing"look a lot like his except that it was slightly larger than his. Of course neither boy was hard at the moment. Curtis wondered how Levi would feel about him if he saw what happened when his "thing" got fully hard.

Curtis also noticed that Levi's cock had a wide chrome ring circling it and the boy's two very ample balls. He wondered what the purpose of the ring served but, being shy, refrained from asking.

The two boys laid in the sun and caught their breath.

"Looks like our clothes are pretty dry!" Curtis said.

"At least the swim managed to wash off all the dirt and grime!" Curtis remarked, "I hate being dirty and I really HATE stinking!"

"You said you bathe here too?" Levi asked.

"Yeah... It is okay now but in the winter it can be really cold!" the boy answered.

"You fucking do this in the WINTER?" Levi asked.

Again Curtis got that funny feeling when Levi cursed. Curtis heard adults speak like that all the time, especially in the saloons in town. He never heard a boy talk like that and the words made him feel funny....

"Yeah... Well.... It can be rough but what choice do I have?" Curtis replied.

"I can't imagine living like that!" Levi replied.

Curtis didn't understand the remark because he had no idea how Levi lived.

"Well.... Here... If you want to smell good, try this!" Levi offered.

He pulled the small can of deodorant out of his pack and offered it to the boy.

Curtis eyed the container and it became quickly obvious to Levi that the boy had no clue how to use it.

"Here!" Levi said, "Like this!"

He rolled some on and then offered it again to Curtis.

"It smells like spices!" the boy grinned.

"So will you after you use it!" Levi laughed.

Water trickled down from the inlet pipe so Levi moved to the next stage of bonding with his new friend.

"So how you you clean your teeth?" he asked the boy.

Curtis looked perplexed as Levi pulled out his mini tooth brush and toothpaste. Wetting the brush in the trickle of water from the inlet pipe, he showed Curtis how it was done.

"Actually I have an electric tooth brush at home but this will have to do!" he said.,

Curtis gave Levi another blank stare but accepted Levi's offer and clumsily brushed his teeth.

"Wow! That feels fresh!" the boy gushed.

Levi rolled on his skinny jeans as Curtis rinsed out his mouth.

"These damned things are always hard to get on after they've been washed!" Levi remarked.

Curtis tried not to stare as Levi zipped up the form fitting jeans. He felt a rush course through his sixteen year old body as he saw Levi's body conform to the fabric. His eyes lingered on Levi's crotch and the outline of "Little Levi." That view lasted only a few seconds as Levi's T shirt dropped down to obscure the tantalizing view.

Levi caught the boy's lingering glance and gave Curtis a toothy smile.

Curtis' jeans were nowhere near as revealing but they still hung well on the boy's trim frame.

"Where did you git that good smellin' stuff... What did you call it....?" he started to ask.

"Deodorant!' Levi replied, "And toothpaste! I bought it at WalMart!"

"What is a 'WalMart?" Curtis asked.

Levi cleared his throat and gazed into Curtis' beautiful blue eyes.

"I need to talk to you!" Levi said to his new friend, "And it's some pretty serious stuff!"

Curtis stared intently at the boy. Levi began his speech....

"Uh.... !" Levi stammered, "I'm not exactly from around here!"

Curtis smiled at the boy fumbling over his words.

"Yeah. You said you was from Phoenix!" he answered.

"I. uh.... Am.... but... it's a little bit more difficult than that!" Levi replied.

"Well you sure 'nuff do not act like no one I ever met from anywheres!" Curtis laughed.

"Curtis!" Levi barked, "LANGUAGE!"

Levi hoped to lighten up the moment because he had no idea how to start off with what he needed to say.

"Oh yeah... Mrs. Holloway's ALWAYS after me for speakin' bad!" the boy laughed.

"Back in town I told you I knew who you are... I knew your name and where you went to school!" Levi started out....

"Yeah... I remember that... I thought it was kinda funny 'cause I sure 'nuff know I have never met you befores!" Curtis drawled.

Levi hesitated and then it struck him how to try reaching the boy!

"Curtis.... Do you remember a book Mrs. Holloway read to you in class this year?" he asked

The boy looked like he was trying to recall....

"I do.... Uh... Well.... She liked to read a lot to us... And she let me read for the class a lot because I was the oldest there!" he answered.

"This... uh.... book... was by H.G. Wells and it had to do with....!" Levi stopped.

"Oh yeah The feller who went into time and saved all them folks from those creatures living underground!" Curtis replied.

"Yes!" Levi replied.

"It was.... Uh..... 'The Time Machine!'" Curtis replied.

"Well.... Uh.... That's kinda like.... about me!" Levi stuttered.

Curtis shot Levi another confused look.

"Huh?" he asked the older boy.

"It's like me!" Levi said haltingly, "I.... I'm not just from Phoenix.... I.... ummmmm....!!!! I'm from the future.... And.... uh..... I came here to save your life!"

Levi couldn't believe he finally said it...... To the boy he had been thinking about for days.

Curtis stared at Levi

"Well.... He didn't get up and run away screaming!" Levi thought to himself.

"My.... life?" Curtis' voice cracked, "What.. is.... wrong... My.. uh..... life?"

The boy was rattled at Levi's revelation.

"If.... Uhhh... If.... You do what time.... Uhhhhh.... what history... at least the history from my time says you did. or are going to do... You'll be dead by Thursday evening!"

Curtis stared at the boy in disbelief.

Levi thought her had just made himself out to be a total nut job. What happened next surprised him even more.

"Prove it!" Curtis said in a calm, even tone.

Levi looked at the teen and felt weak all over. He was the cutest boy Levi had ever seen... So innocent in many ways and yet so strong. Curtis' life was in his hands. He had to make the boy understand what this time line held for him.

Reaching into his back pack, Levi started removing some of its contents: His 3300 lumen MF tactical flashlight, his smart phone, his GPS unit and the toothpaste and deodorant he had previous offered the boy.

Curtis eyed the objects with the curiosity of a cat.

"What is that?" he said, pointing to the GPS unit.

"It's a global positioning hand held device!" Levi replied.

He could see that his words made no sense to the boy.

"Here. Turn it on by pushing the red button. It'll make some noises so don't be afraid!" Levi said as he handed the unit to Curtis.

"Wow!" the boy exclaimed, "It is. so... light.....!"

"It's made out of plastic. You don't know what that is because it hasn't been invented yet. At least from your perspective... Uh..... From your time!" Levi replied.

Curtis pushed the power button and the unit sprang to life.

It began the usual beeping indicating a search for GPS satellites.

"What are those?" Curtis said.

"Oh... Those are the little icons for the satellites!" Levi replied.

Again Curtis had a blank stare. Levi was starting to realize how much he was going to have to explain just to get to the reason he was here with Curtis. The lesson began with Levi trying to explain what a satellite was....

"And.... Since satellites won't be invented for another.... uh... maybe fifty or sixty years.... This unit isn't going to do anything. It can't work without locking on to the satellites!"

"You mean these.... uh.... satty-lights!" Curtis tried to pronounce the word, "Are up there?"

Curtis looked up in the sky.

"Oh yeah! A whole shit load of them! They are used for location finding, for making phone calls, for predicting the weather, for mapping and the military uses a lot of them!" Levi explained.

"But what good is this if it doesn't work?" Curtis asked.

"Well.... If we were in my time, It would work... Say.... uh..... you were riding Zephyr and you came across something valuable... Maybe some gold or something.. You could mark the position with this unit and then you could always find it again. You could also trace any route you took.... On Zephyr, or walking, or even on the train. It would record the entire route so you would know where you had been and how to get back!" Levi tried to explain.

"Then what's that?" Curtis said, pointing to the smart phone.

"Oh that's my cell phone.... Or actually it's called a smart phone.... In my time, you can call someone and talk to them anywhere in the world as long as they have a phone too. You can also listen to tunes, surf the web, take pictures.....!" Levi said.

"What's a 'tune?' a 'web?' what is 'taking pictures?'" the boy asked.

"A picture? Oh it's like this!" Levi said.

He pulled out the printed page showing the Gold Strike school class picture; the one where Levi first saw Curtis....

"Hey I remember that day! How did you get that...!" the boy exclaimed.

"I can do one better!" Levi interrupted, "The battery is almost dead on my phone. It needs to be recharged daily....!"

He turned on the unit.

"Crap! Don't die on me now....!!! But maybe!" Levi said.

He aimed the phone at Curtis.

"Smile for me, Curtis!" Levi laughed.

The boy gave Levi a small grin.

"Come on! Let me see that cute smile of yours!" Levi joked.

The boy broke out into a grin that made Levi shudder. He snapped a picture.

"Here! I have to be fast or the battery will die.... But look!" Levi exclaimed.

He handed the phone to Curtis. The boy gasped as he saw his full color image on the screen.

"How... How.... did.. you?" the boy stuttered, "You... You.really.... are....!"

"Yes!" Levi said as he stared into the boy's bright blue eyes.

"So if you.... like.... in the book.... came from time... another time.... How did you get here? Do you have a machine like the man in the story?" Curtis asked.

"No.... I came through the caves next to the mine!" Levi replied.

Curtis' eyes narrowed as he stared at the boy.

Levi started to explain how it all began. It wasn't easy. Curtis was not stupid but there were so many things that had to be detailed out. Like how Levi got the information about Gold Strike from Charles. How Charles and Levi went four wheeling....

"What does that mean?" Curtis would ask.

Over and over, "What does that mean?" became his constant refrain.

Levi did notice that Curtis was very smart. Every time he explained something to the boy, it seemed like Curtis' brain would file the information away just like a computer.

Finally Levi got to the part about the caves and the storm that brought him to Gold Strike.

"I seen big storms like that before!" Curtis exclaimed, "They come up once or twice every summer. Really black and green clouds and a fog settles in over the mountain!"

"YES!" Levi exclaimed, "That's what happened when I was brought here... And we need to catch the next one to get back to my time!"

"We?" Curtis asked.

"Yes... 'WE!'" Levi shouted.

"What would... Why... would... I.can.not.go..with you!" the boy stammered.

"Why not?" Levi asked.

"It is not my place....Gold Strike is my place... Where I live!" he replied.

"But you said you were leaving!" Levi countered, "And besides... Gold Strike is going to.. It's not going to survive as a town... In a few years all the people will be gone because...!"

Levi halted.

Curtis looked at Levi. He could see something was bothering his new friend.

"You said I was gonna.. die?" Curtis croaked out.

Levi started to cry.

"Yes!" he sobbed, "In that motherfucking mine! Thursday!! There's gonna be another cave-in and seven miners are going to die... And you're gonna be one of them!"

Curtis stared at Levi. He didn't know what to say or how to react. At first he thought this very different boy was ...maybe crazy..... But that thought quickly disappeared when Levi had produced all his "gadgets." Curtis could tell they were not products of the year 1912. Either in frontier Arizona or any big city back East....

Levi had also pulled the same exhibits he had used on Mrs, Holloway. He showed Curtis the money from his time; the Driver's License with his picture and birth date on it, and a handful of credit cards. Curtis didn't understand what they all meant but he was sharp enough to grasp that Levi was not crazy and he wasn't telling a big story to get his attention. There was something much deeper, and more real, going on with Levi.

Levi also pulled the page out of his back pack that told of the Wildcat Mine disaster; The same page that told of the seven dead miners and listed Curtis by name. He handed the page to his friend. Curtis started to read the article. He could understand almost all of it. That impressed Levi.

"This guy is fucking smart considering where he lives and what he's been through!" Levi thought to himself .

Curtis started to shake and dropped the page when he got to the part about..... his own death.

"Then... I.... will.. die!" he started to say.

"NO!" Levi screamed. "NO! NO! NO!"

"You WILL NOT die. I won't let you! You can't go to work in that fucking mine! I want you to come back with me. To my time. To MY world!" Levi cried.

"What.... would. I do..... How could I live....!" Curtis asked.

"WITH ME!" Levi cried.

"Look... I never told you but I'm rich. Real rich. And I'm... I've been.... Looking for... a boy.... to live with.!" Levi sobbed.

"Don't they have boys like me in your time?" Curtis asked.

"There's a lot of boys in my time... But I.... don't want them... I..... want YOU!" Levi sobbed.

"I can afford it! I have lots of money... My parents... they died... and.I... inherited a shit load of money so that's no problem.....!" Levi sobbed, "But after I found out about you.... When I read the story about Gold Strike. I saw your picture... And. you're so fucking cute! Then I end up here.... Back in time 100 years!"

"102 years!" Curtis corrected him.

Levi continued, "I never planned on any of this happening. I just went to see what was left of Gold Strike and the mine. I wanted to see where you died... where you are are supposed to die... Oh FUCK that sounds so callous! I mean... whatever...!!! Anyway.. I went exploring in the caves and the storm came up and I blacked out... I guess I was unconscious.... and then the next thing I knew I was here. Here in 1912. Not in 2014... I never believed in fate or magic or anything like that but there has to be a god damned reason why I ended up here with you! I can't let you die! I can't let you go to work in that fucking mine! I will stop you from doing it no matter what it takes! You deserve a lot more than what you have now!!!"

Levi was sobbing as he explained how he felt to Curtis.

Curtis was amused at Levi's declaration to stop him from working in the mine. He knew Levi was no match for him in any physical confrontation. However, that thought faded as the younger teen was almost moved to tears while Levi cried out his innermost feelings. That was quite a feat. Curtis NEVER cried. Never showed any emotion. He vowed never to act weak again after running away from the orphanage. Even when Trapper raped him or berated him in public, Curtis just rose above it all. There was a reason. He knew a long time ago that he was going to leave Trapper and try to find a better life. That would not be easy for a sixteen year old boy with limited education living in frontier Arizona circa 1912. Now all of a sudden an opportunity was dropped right in his lap!

He was confused. There was more to it than just an opportunity to escape the "life" he had with Trapper. Here was a boy crying out, begging him to come live a new life in a new place and time. No one ever showed Curtis any kindness or affection. The closest that would have been was Mrs. Holloway. Curtis thought she probably knew more than she let on about his life with Trapper.

This was different. Levi was a boy. Just like him. Curtis' insides did flip flops every time he thought about Levi. He had been fascinated with Levi the minute he first laid eyes on the boy with the "streaked" hair. Now this boy was begging him to leave Gold Strike and go.... somewhere where no one else like him would ever have the chance to see!..

The feelings Curtis felt for Levi were new to him. Learning about love, sex and emotions for a sixteen year old boy in rural Arizona were not things taught in school. The bottom line for Curtis was the more he saw and learned about Levi, the more he wanted to be with him. From Curtis' perspective, Levi didn't seem to care, or notice, what Curtis thought were his own many imperfections. He had yet to recognize the feeling, but Curtis was starting to fall in love with Levi and Levi was already head-over-heals in love with Curtis.

"So if I went with you... What would I. do for money? How would I get a job? How could I make a living in your world?" Curtis asked the older teen.

"Let me worry about that! I told you... I'm worth a shit pile of money! I'll pay for it all! If I am going to drag you back to my time, I am going to make sure you get what you need to stand on your own two feet!" Levi exclaimed,.

"Where would I live?" the boy asked.

"I have a huge fucking house.... four thousand square feet... I bet you can't even imagine how large that is....!" Levi laughed.

"Well if it were square it would be a little over sixty three feet by sixty three feet....!" Curtis said.

"Yeah and it has five fucking bedrooms and a weight room and a pool and... Hey!!! How the fuck did you figure that so fast?" Levi stared at the boy.

"Oh.... It is numbers... Mrs. Holloway said I am a... uh.... what was the word....!" he searched for the definition.

"Oh... A proddy-gee!" he stumbled over the pronunciation.

"No shit? You mean like you're a human calculator or something?" Levi stared at the boy.

Curtis just smiled back.

"Okay smarty pants!" Levi laughed, "What's seventy two times forty seven minus four hundred then give me the square root.....!" Levi started to say.

"A little more than 54 and a half... I can work out the decimals if you want but it takes me a little bit longer...!" Curtis replied.

Levi's head spun around. Curtis had answered him almost before he had finished the equation. Of course Levi had no way to check the answer without draining the battery on his phone but somehow he had a feeling Curtis' answer was right.

"That's fucking awesome!" Levi barked, "How the fuck do you do that?"

Curtis searched for an answer.

"The numbers... They just appear in my mind in perfect order... I do not really have to think about the answer... It is just there!" he said.

"I don't believe it!" Levi gushed.

"So... You would want me to. uh live with you?" Curtis asked.

"No shit!!! YES!" Levi cried out.

He had no idea if Curtis was gay or not. Yes... Hok'ee had said Curtis and he were of the same spirits, but what did that mean? Levi wondered.... His gaydar was usually spot on. He could normally bed down any boy he wanted with very little effort. Even in Gold Strike he had figured out Pastor Owens son, Elias, in about five seconds.

Curtis was proving to be a bigger challenge. Levi's gaydar only gave off a week response. What if Curtis turned out to be straight? The thought of going through all this to have the boy of his dreams run off and spend the rest of his life banging some bitch made Levi shudder.

"I'll take the chance!" he thought to himself, "And maybe Hok'ee IS right!"

"Yes! Live with me... We can grow together and do what ever... There's so much to do in my world, in my time... And... you can have your own bedroom... Fuck they're all bigger than probably your whole house is... And... maybe if you want... you can share my room... Uh... my bed... with me?" Levi said.

He knew he was blushing as he made the offer.

"You mean... you want to.... do stuff like Trapper does to.....!" Curtis shuddered.

"NO! NO! FUCK NO!!!!" Levi screamed, "That fucking prick is abusing you. He doesn't give a shit about you or how you feel or your needs or anything! There's a ton of stuff we can do together and both of us are supposed to like it.. If one of us doesn't like what we're doing... Then we do something else! I We... could be boyfriends!!!!"

Levi was trying to be specific without being graphic. Most of all, he wanted Curtis to trust him; to feel like there was a bond growing between the two of them.

The younger teen looked pensive for a few minutes.

"Boy.... friends?" he repeated, "Like a boy and a girl only it is a boy and another boy?"

The two teens stared into each others eyes (and souls).

"So how do we... uh.... get back... or to your.... time?" he asked.

"Well.... Hok'ee told me there's a storm coming this Thursday. We need to be at the cave... IN the cave.... before it hits!" Levi replied.

"Hok'ee? You mean Mrs. Holloway's servant?" the boy replied.

Levi thought that one over, "It must make sense..... She probably tells everyone that Hok'ee is her servant rather than her "son!" It probably "plays better" with the "rubes" in town!"

Levi laughed at the thought.

"YES! Him! He was a medicine man or something in his tribe... He sees things like in visions and he told me Thursday is the day.... Don't you see? It's almost like an omen. That's the day you died according to my history but instead if you come with me, we can go back..... or forward... to my time.... and in so doing... you get to live!" Levi exclaimed.

Curtis looked at the boy with awe. His demeanor, the way he acted.... An inner voice told Curtis, "This is your chance! Do not pass it UP!"

"So what do I... uh... have to do?" Curtis asked.

"Stay with me! I'm not letting you out of my sight for the next forty eight hours.... Until we are gone from here and back in my time....!" Levi replied, "You're coming back to Mrs. Holloway's place with me.... Fuck that shit about staying in some boarding house in Gold Strike.... I want you near me all the time until we're gone from this shit hole forever!"

Levi shuddered at the thought of missing the window back to his time; the thought of being marooned in Gold Strike for a whole year (until the next summer storm season) made him want to vomit.

"Look!" Levi pleaded, "This morning you saved my life. I am indebted to you forever for that. Now please.!!! PLEASE!!!! Let me try and save yours!!!! What do you have to lose? If I'm fucking bat shit crazy, then nothing will happen and we'll be sitting in a dark cave for no reason at all.... But if we CAN go back to my time, then we'll have a chance to have a whole new life together. I'll be back where I belong and you'll be free from.... uh.... Trapper.... and this shit hole town and everything that goes with it!"

Curtis stared at the boy as he processed what he heard. That voice in his mind was even louder: "This is your chance to start a new life! Do NOT pass it up!"

Levi looked so pensive and cute. Curtis' heart did flip flops as his gaze continued.

"What is it about him?" he thought, "About me? Is it actually.... okay... for two.... boys to.....?"

The words blurted out of the young teen's mouth, "Okay! I.... We.... can try to do what you said... I. have to follow what.. uh.... you tell me to do because.... It seems like you know what you are doing.... you are in charge!"

Levi smiled inside at the boy's remark.

"Me? In charge? Fuck! I'm playing this one second to second with no script!" Levi thought.

"There is just one condition!" Curtis added.

Levi stared questioningly at the boy.

"If... If... I am gonna.... go. uh... live with you then.....!" he blushed, "You have to teach me... uh.... how to.... cuss like you do!"

Levi smiled and then broke out in a raucous laugh.

"It's a fucking deal!" he chortled.

The boys hopped on Zephyr (actually, Curtis hopped on and helped his older friend just like before) and rode back to Gold Strike. Levi's cock was pressed against the younger boy's backside, and Curtis sported an impressive display of teenage tube steak down the right leg of his jeans.

Levi did a double take when he saw the massive outline of the young boy's cock.

"I know damned well I. When I saw him at the water tank.... My cock was definitely way bigger than his... but what the fuck gives with that?"

Dismounting at the Holloway House, both boys were sporting full boners with large wet spots where precum had seeped.... actually,.. FLOWED... during their ride from the water tank. The boys exchanged smirks and giggles over the evidence of their mutual arousal. Curtis pointed out what Levi had already secretly observed: the younger teen had definitely managed to crank out a much larger (not that Levi's was "small!") release of precum.

Mrs. Holloway was busy in the kitchen as Levi entered with his new found friend.

"Oh Levi Aaron Roberts!!" she exclaimed, "I see you found who you were looking for!"

"Yes Ma'am!" Levi smiled, then glanced at Curtis, "If it's okay I'd like... He needs a place to stay until we.... Uh... Until Thursday..... I'll pay whatever you need to cover the room and his food....!"

"Nonsense! Curtis Jay Jones! I have been hoping forever to have you as a guest here! So I take it Mr. Roberts has convinced you to go back to his.... place...in time?" she asked.

Curtis looked at the lady and then to Levi.

"I told her everything!" Levi explained.

"Well.... Ma'am.... Yes... He... uh.. is very.... persuasive!" Curtis stuttered.

Mrs. Holloway laughed, "Don't worry young man! I thought he was. a little bitdaft'.... Well.... at first... but after listening to him I am thoroughly convinced he is telling us the truth!"

The three sat down for a later afternoon "Supper." Levi was the star of the conversation as he told the two residents of Gold Strike all about the word of 2014.

"It sounds so... perfect!" Mrs. Holloway said, "Is there anything wrong with your world?"

Levi stopped short.

"Yes.... A lot! We still have the same things that have plagued man forever. Poverty. Inequality. Racism. Wealth inequality. Global climate change. Gender and sexual orientation inequality. There's a lot wrong with my world. But there's always hope and the chance to make it better. I mean... Don't get me wrong... Your world is okay because you are used to it. You are also living in a time when massive changes are coming in technology. Things to make your lives easier. We have most of that now but there's still a lot of work to be done. My generation....!" he looked at Curtis, "People my age are supposed to be the key to making the world a better place. We don't have as many of the prejudices and stereotypes that our parents and their parents had!"

"Bravo Levi Aaron Roberts! We could use more people like you in this time!" Mrs. Holloway beamed.

"Well if Thursday doesn't turn out like it's supposed to, then you may be stuck with me for a while!" he shuddered as he said the words.

"Besides.... My staying here wouldn't be that great for any of us.... I couldn't really effect any change and people would just think I'm an oddity or worse yet... crazy!" he smiled, "And I'd have to have Curtis at my side all the time 'cause I'm not even safe on the streets of Gold Strike!"

That turned the conversation to the gunfight from that morning.

"This town just needs to catch up with its rapid growth and settle down!" Mrs. Holloway remarked, "Then maybe the hooligans infesting those sinkhole saloons will be swept out of town and things will become more..... liveable!"

Levi looked thoughtfully before replying, "You know what I said about that... Gold Strike will settle down all right.... But unfortunately it won't recover after Thursday!"

"I thought about what you told me about that!" she replied, "And I do have a non-performance clause with the operators of the Mine. If they fail to produce according to our agreement then it goes to default and I recover all that I invested"

"Assuming they don't go bankrupt!" Levi replied.

"My My! You are very well versed young man!" she beamed.

Levi wondered how much Curtis understood about their conversation. If he had only an eight grade education... an eighth grade education by 1912 standards, then he probably wasn't grasping a lot of what they said. That didn't deter Levi at all. He knew Curtis was smart. And his ability to so easily handle mathematics....

"Heck I had trouble with basic algebra!" Levi thought to himself.

Levi watched his young friend as the conversation continued. He saw a brightness in the teen's eyes that said he was trying to understand everything that was being discussed. Levi knew if he could get Curtis back to Phoenix and under the skill of a good tutor, the boy would catch up and probably surpass many of Levi's own peers.

After supper the boys helped Mrs. Holloway clean up and then she showed Curtis to his room.

"It's very small, sort of an ante-room to yours!' she said to Levi, "But it has a nice comfy bed and gets a good breeze to keep it from being overbearingly hot!"

"It will be just fine!" Curtis gushed, "Thank you so much, Ma'am!"

Curtis had not slept in such a nice room since he left the orphanage. A solid floor and four sturdy walls, along with a ceiling that didn't have numerous cracks and holes in it was a far cry from the hovel he shared with Trapper.

"So... I take it.... It is really none of my business... That Trapper does not know of your leaving?" She asked the boy.

"No Ma'am.... He is gone on a hunt and will not be back until later in the week.... And... Hopefully....!" he said, glancing at Levi, "I..... We... will be gone by then!"

"Well you know you are welcome here as long as you want... You always have been, you know....!" she replied as she turned to Levi, "This young man was one of my best students! I think he has great potential if he is just given a chance!"

"I plan to see that he gets that chance!" Levi replied.

Curtis blushed at Levi's words.

"I am only worried if Trapper finds out I have left and comes looking for me before we get out of Gold Strike!' Curtis said.

"Do not worry about Trapper! I do not think he wants to tangle with Hok'ee!" she replied.

"Oh that reminds me! We need to take Zephyr over to the corral!" Curtis said.

"Are you sure? It is getting dark out and I really do not want you two boys wandering around after dark!" she replied.

"It's okay!" Levi replied, "I'll keep an eye on him! I told Curtis I'm not letting him out of my sight until we're back in my time!"

The boys walked Zephyr over to the corral and set the animal up for the night.

"Thank you for everything!" Curtis told his new friend, "I.... Uh... No one... Has ever... done anything for me at all!"

Levi smiled at the boy. Curtis looked radiant in the fading glow of the day's light.

"Those days are over!" Levi replied, "I.... uh.... want to live.... just to..... maybe..... love you?"

Levi wondered if he had crossed the line. He didn't get the chance to find out....

"Well... Well... Well.... Lookee here! Is that Trapper's 'woman?' And who is that with him?" a gravelly voice barked out.

The two boys turned to face four rough looking men. The foul smell of cigarettes and alcohol permeated the air around them.

Levi immediately stood in front of Curtis.

"Back the fuck off, asshole! Leave us alone!" he barked.

"You sure are a mouthy little boy!" the man growled.

"Just let us leave.... We don't want any trouble with any of you!" Levi demanded.

He remained standing between the men and Curtis.

"Well I think we might want something from you!" the man chortled, "Especially Trapper's little girl there... Does he know his 'woman' is hangin' around with another.... little boy?"

Trying to sound brave, Curtis bluffed,"Trapper will kick your ass if you fuck with me!"

"Oh...We heard otherwise... Word is he's be a-lookin' for a new boy... Seems he has run you all into the ground!" the man laughed.

Two of the men moved dangerously closer to the boys.

Levi looked around for a weapon but saw nothing handy.

"I always wondered what it would be like to stick my pecker in a little boy's rump!" one of the man laughed.

Levi was raging mad.

"Assuming you could even get your tiny little worm hard, you'd still have to get by me!" he snarled at the man.

"That does it you mouthy little skunk!" the man barked, "I guess I will have to learn you some good behavior!"

The man moved towards Levi. Panicking, Levi had no idea what to do. Back in Phoenix, Tyler was always there to help him. Now he knew he had to act or all his plans for himself and Curtis might end right now in a stable in Gold Strike. Taking aim with his best ability, Levi kicked the man in the balls.

Doubling over in pain, the man screamed out, "You are gonna pay for that boy!"

He pulled out a rusty looking knife as he tried to regain a standing position.

Before Levi knew what to do next, he saw a shadowy figure moving out of the corner darkness of the stable. Two strong arms reached out and grabbed two of the men in an iron grip. Skulls cracked together with an audible thud and the men fell to the dirt. Out of the shadows, the figure was now clearly visible. It was Hok'ee!

"You two run along home!" the man said to the boys, "I will have to have a talk with these men and maybe teach them some manners!"

Brandishing a knife, one of the remaining men tried to rush Hok'ee. Like a lightning bolt, Hok'ee spun and delivered a kick to the man's hand. Howling, he grabbed his hand in pain as the knife flew through the air and lodged itself in the stable wall.

"Holy cow!' Curtis cried, "Did you see that???"

The last man was stranded in front of Hok'ee and the only way out of the stable.

"Please.... Please let me go!" the man pleaded with Hok'ee.

Motioning to the boys to leave, Hok'ee turned to the quivering man, "You should be more careful who you choose as friends!"

Levi and Curtis quickly slipped out of the stable. One their exit, both boys hear the man pleading with Hok'ee.

"NO! NO! Not that! It is.... TOOOO BIGGGGG!" the man cried.

Muffled screams emanated from the stable.

What do you think is going on?" Curtis asked as the two boys made a hasty walk back to the Holloway House.

"Oh I just bet Hok'ee is..... Well..... I bet all four of them will be walking funny after tonight!" Levi laughed.

The boy hoped Hok'ee wouldn't be easy or gentle with any of the four.....

"I.... Maybe you do not.... Uh... want me to go with you..... now that... you. well..heard what they said!" Curtis said softly.

Levi stopped and grabbed his friend. Holding him tightly he whispered softly in the young boy's ear, "What was in the past stays there forever. I don't give a fuck what you've had to do to survive up till now. Your new life starts with me in less than two days! Okay?"

Curtis was close to crying. His eyes became misty as he gazed into Levi's fiery green orbs.

"How can you.... like me at all?" he said softly.

"Because you are genuine. You are real. You are brave. You are innocent. You are sweet. You just need someone to care for you!" Levi replied softy, "This morning you saved my life and.....!"

"Yeah but just now you stood up for me.... No one has ever done that before in my life!' Curtis replied.

"And I'll always be there for you.... ALWAYS!" Levi replied.

That little voice resonated again in Curtis' brain, "Here is your one chance! Do not mess it up!"

The younger boy walked closely to Levi back to the house. Darkness was now upon the town; Mrs. Holloway had already gone to bed.

Both boys sat on the front porch and watched the night sky rise.

"Okay.... So it's time for you to learn!" Levi laughed.

Curtis looked puzzled.

"You wanted to learn how to curse so I'm gonna teach you!" Levi laughed.

Curtis smiled and sat closer to his friend. The "boy scent" of Levi had an intoxicating effect on Curtis, Likewise, Levi was inhaling a similar essence from his young friend. Lesson one began.....

"Kiss my ass you motherfucker!" Curtis barked.

Levi smiled and laughed.

"Damn fucking good! You're gonna be a natural at this!" he chortled.

"Fucking right I am!" Curtis spat out.

Both boys smiled. They had been working together on "Lesson one" for almost two hours. Sipping sassafras tea and some of Mrs. Holloway's tasty fudge, Levi had run Curtis through a gamut of curse words and slang phrases. Levi was continually amazed how Curtis' brain picked up every word and phrase like a recorder. The only difficultly was in imparting the correct meanings and proper vocal emphasis so that the epitaphs sounded natural.

There were some difficulties but the boys were having so much fun it didn't matter. Soon they realized it was getting late and time to turn in for the night.

Curtis was fascinated by the Holloway house's indoor plumbing.

"Sure beats the outhouse and swimmin' in the water tower to take a bath!" he laughed.

"Well if you think this is great, wait till you see what's back in Phoenix!" Levi laughed.

"Better than this?" Curtis asked.

Levi just chortled.

"Fuck yes! A glassed, walk-in shower big enough for four... a toilet, bidet, sink.... all with cold AND hot water!" he replied.

"What is a 'bidet?'. And a 'shower?' You mean like a rain storm or something?" Curtis asked.

Levi laughed. Every time he talked about the future, one word led to explaining ten more things.

"You'll get to see and use all of them soon enough!" he laughed.

"Is the floor... uh.... It is not dirt, is it?" Curtis asked.

Levi looked shocked. He had never considered just how primitive Curtis' living conditions might actually be!

"Fuck NO! Tile, hard wood and carpet. Blinds on the windows. Perfectly climate controlled.... Seventy five degrees in the winter and sixty eight in the summer.... Electric lights all over so you can read, watch videos. Do what ever you want anytime! Levi replied.

More explanations......

"Just wait 'till you see it! It'll all make sense!" Levi promised his young friend.

The two boys headed to their rooms.

"See you in the morning!" Levi said.

Curtis smiled at the boy and replied, "I can not wait!"

Levi stripped down and slept commando. Curtis was more modest and slept in his tattered underwear. The young boy was out in a flash. Levi tossed and turned, worrying about the next two days. Specifically, he stressed over what would happen if things didn't work out and they were stuck in Gold Strike.

Maybe they could stay with Mrs. Holloway? But what happens when the mine fails? Levi knew he would stay with Curtis no matter what.. Then there was Trapper.... By luck of the draw, that odious prick was gone on some kind of trip. Good news for now. If the two of them could leave before Trapper returned, there would be no problem. But what if the time travel didn't happen and both of them had to stay in 1912? Trapper would come back looking for Curtis. Levi didn't know how to plan for that....

He finally fell asleep dreaming of Curtis. All the things he wanted to do with and to the boy. Sexually or otherwise.... "Little Levi" rose to announce he needed attention. Levi threw his legs over his chest and swallowed half of his throbbing, dripping cock. It didn't take long before he was drinking a huge load of his own jism.

The thought of Curtis sleeping just a few feet away drove Levi crazy. He wanted the boy so badly! "Little Levi" remained solid as a railroad spike, so Levi worked his tongue around his fat mushroom head and down "Little Levi's" veiny shaft. Within three minutes or so he was rewarded with a second massive burst of boy nectar.

That was enough to send Levi into a deep sleep.

Sometime during the night he awoke with a start. Something bothered him. What if Curtis chickened out and left? Maybe all the talk of the future was too much for a boy born in 1896.....

Arising silently, Levi went down the hall to Curtis' room. Silently opening the door, he spied the young boy sleeping soundly. Levi smiled. Padding back to his room, he gathered a blanket and a pillow. Back to Curtis' room, Levi curled up on the floor next to the sleeping boy.

That made Levi feel much better. He was sleeping next to the boy he wanted so badly....

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