Arak 9

by Arthur

The Viceroy stood beside his one remaining son, the boy had just passed into the late stages of puberty, his dark hair was pulled back tightly, his bright green eyes sparkled like a many facetted diamond, the boys face was shining with life, his small button nose had a faint smattering of darker freckles across the bridge, the mouth was small and filled with even white teeth, the boys body was just now beginning to fill out and the blue skin tight body suit showed his developing muscles and slim tight body to its fullest, only the absence of any noticeable gender made him look different from what a human would appear to be but the Viceroy knew that his last son was all boy.

For a last time Prince Kallab, last prince of the Arak people, looked out at his declining planet, the people were slowly dying as the planet, once verdant and productive, now looked like a desert waste land, nothing now grew on the planet, the people were dying off and the Prince was the last born, his Mother had slowly wasted away from the strange disease that had overtaken the masses when the boy was no more than a small bundle of arms and legs.

His Father, the Viceroy had put all of the planets best scientists onto the problem and when no cure could be found they were put to work on developing all the best genetic devices they could, it had all been put to use in the developing foetus of his last son and heir, it had become obvious to the Viceroy that their home was going into melt down, generations of greed and abuse of the environment had taken its toll on the planet.

Now as Arak 9 degraded into a barren lifeless planet, the population was disappearing rapidly, there was no longer anything to grow and feed any type of stock for meat, no form of animal roamed freely or could be bred to feed the population, the last of a race was coming to an end, the Prince was the last hope of the Arakian people.

Prince Kallab was to leave his home planet for the first and last time; everything the scientists could develop had been put into this one last chance at survival of the race, the ship had been an all out attempt to provide everything the Prince would need to survive a deep space adventure in search of a new life, it would be his duty, no matter how distasteful the act would be for the Prince, to renew the Arakian race on another planet.

The redesigning of his DNA had given his genes a strong dominant strain, any female he bred with would carry only his genes and very little of the home females genes would have any influence on the offspring and so the blood of the Arakian people would not be diluted, his genes had also been improved so that all off spring would be either twins or triplets and all would be male except for when he was ready to pass on the responsibility for breeding to another Prince of his own.

The Arakian culture had always been led only by one dominant male in each family who could mate with a female, all his offspring were always male until he felt his age and then another female was born to carry on the line, each family on the planet worked in the same way and each had it's own territory, it was only when a family was ready for a change did they produce a female to be partnered off to another family and therefore renew the strength of blood.

None of the scientists knew how long the boy would be in the ship or how long it would take for him to find a new home but all knew there was no hope for him on the dying home planet, it was only out of duty that the Prince would have to find females to service and rebuild the people in another part of the universe.

The ship was a long shiny metal needle, its propulsion system was the best that could be developed and had the capability to warp space, it was able to travel through infinite galaxies until the right indications showed a promising world for the Prince to be awoken from his induced sleep, in all the time the ship would travel, the Prince would be kept in a state of suspended animation so that he would not age or his body decay as the ship sped through the cosmos.

The Viceroy looked down at his son for the last time as the Prince, with unsteady steps, walked into the small needle ship, he had not even had the chance to be sexual with another boy and yet he was asked to go out alone and restart the race with a female of all things, but his duty was beyond question or personal likes or dislikes, he was the last Prince of Arak 9 and he knew his duty.

Kallab looked out of the small window to where his Father stood alone on the dock, a small tear fell from his young face as he heard the first low hum of the power plant start to warm up for lift off, from now until he was landed on a new planet, everything would be on automatic, he lowered the face mask and plugged in the life support lines to the side of the stasis bed and lay down, his last thought, as he began to drift off into darkness, was the thought of his duty and the loss of all he knew.

Kallab was awoken from his sleep as the ship beeped softly around him, if it had awoken him it meant that it had found a suitable planet for him to live on and would have all he needed to survive and for his people to renew themselves.

Kallab rose from the comfort of the bed and stretched his limbs until all of them had been well worked and he was ready to look at the readouts and find out where he was, first he looked at the control console to see how long he had been asleep and then where he was, the first readout showed him he had been travelling for just over 2,400 cycles, the ship had investigated more than three hundred possible planets in seven hundred galaxies, they were now in a galaxy marked as 708, it had a bright young yellow sun and the planet below him was a bright blue and was the third from the central sun.

There were other planets in this system but only the third one showed any ability to carry life, Kallab felt the sudden need to empty his bladder, while he had been in stasis all of his functions had been taken care of by the ship but now he was awake he felt the sudden need, with a small grunt he walked gingerly to the side wall and opened the sanitary chute, he then ran his finger down the almost invisible seam of his suit near his crotch, next he willed his hidden boyhood to emerge until he had enough to place comfortably in his hand, the slightly flat head was growing nicely and his shaft was plump and smooth, Kallab aimed into the chute and let his stream of warm urine flow into the hole, a small shake and he retracted his developing boyhood and resealed the suit.

Kallab was now ready to look at what the ship had found for him, opening all communications channels, he listened to the myriad of sounds from the planet below, switching to visual, he watched as the torrent of signals flowed over his screens, most of it seemed to be of a fictional nature and it took him some time to find what he was looking for.

The planet was well developed, it had communications systems that were almost comparable with his own peoples, their one draw back was the apparent need for war as well as the same things that had brought an end to his own people, greed and a hunger to dominate all around them but the planet was still a lot younger than his own had been so there maybe still be some hope for him here.

Kallab checked all the systems for the planets atmosphere and temperature ranges, he was pleased to see that it was close to his own home world and that the seasons were also similar, it was a little smaller than his own planet and its cycles were faster, it would appear that the population would not live as long his own people but that was probably to the best for his own species renewal, his genes would make any off spring as long lived as he was.

Kallab gave the instructions for the ship to go into stealth mode and make for a landing on the planet, it answered that it would need guidance for which land mass Kallab wanted to land on as there were five major land masses as well as two frozen masses, there were also many smaller land masses that also held people, Kallab watched and waited as the ship projected the differences in each land mass.

Finally he decided on one of the medium land masses, it was positioned close to a major mass and was separated from another larger one by a wide waterway, he looked over the world map and saw how much water the planet had, it was the one thing that his own world had forever been short of, this world was by far, a special place in the universe, it had been endowed with great natural advantages which were very rarely seen on any other planet.

The ship landed close to a circle of old upright stones that were standing on a rise in the surrounding country side, it was in the night cycle of the planet and far off Kallab could see lights twinkling in the darkness, setting the ship on auto hold, he stepped outside into a slightly chilly night, the ship behind him hummed into life again and lifted off to hide behind the planets solitary moon until needed again, it would stay on station for as long as it could or until it eventually decayed beyond repair and that would not be for many millennium yet.

Kallab looked around and saw a small walking track that led down the rise to what appeared to be a larger thoroughfare, in the dark of the night he could hear the insects of this world chirping and the rustle of other creatures of the night in the nearby undergrowth, while these sounds were new and strange he did not feel any fear, after all he was well protected by his hidden fangs that folded back up into his upper gums, he could bring them forward when he was threatened and inject his attacker with his deadly venom, even a full grown animal would not survive his bite if he used its full potential, he also had his palm smear if he needed it.

It was time to look for the local people and see if he could blend in and start to look for females, he knew he would have to spend most of his time travelling and impregnating as many females as he could, it was vital he produced as many sons as he could before he grew to old to continue, his future was set out for him and although he would have preferred to have spent time with other boys and not have to deal with the females, he knew it was his duty to his long lost people, as distasteful as it might be.

Duncan Wills was whistling softly to himself as he carried the four bottles of milk to the doorstep of number 41, old Mrs. Crane would be up and waiting for the delivery, why she rose at 5.30am was beyond him, she was old and alone, maybe the aged just didn't need the sleep any more now that they were so close to the end of their life.

Duncan heard a soft pattering of running feet behind him and looked over his shoulder, he saw, much to his surprise, a young boy of no more than thirteen dressed in one of those stretch running suits, the boy had a small black belt around his waist with one of those new fangled radio music things on it, a very thin wire, almost invisible to the eye, ran up to the small plug in his ear, Duncan huffed as he thought to himself.

'Kids nowadays, couldn't go five minutes without their damn junk music blaring in their ears.'

The boy smiled at Duncan, much to his surprise, kids these days had no respect for their elders but this boy seemed happy and carefree, although why the boy was out at this hour was beyond his understanding, must be a real keen runner to be up at this hour, Duncan gave the kid a small nod and said.

"Ye out early today boy, haven't seen ye around before, ye new in the village, then?"

Kallab heard the human speak to him and smiled again as he waited for his translator to find the right language, it sounded like what was called 'English' but the accent was thick and rolling, it made the words hard to understand, once he had the translation he smiled again and stopped to talk to the adult in an easier dialect as the translator dictated to him.

"Good morning sir, yes I am new here, where can I find sustenance and accommodations?"

"Eh, what was that lad?"

Kallab repeated his request, it seemed the human adult had trouble with the language, slowly a look of understanding dawned on the mans face, just as he was going to answer the boy, Duncan heard the short tempered voice of Mrs. Crane behind him.

"Duncan Wills, are you going to deliver my milk or do I have to get the strap out again, young man?"

Duncan snorted, he was now forty five years old and Mrs. Crane had been his teacher more than thirty five years ago, but to Mrs. Crane it was like yesterday, he was still one of her errant students and she would not let him forget it, as she watched young Wills turn back to answer her, Mrs. Crane saw the young boy dressed in a blue fancy running suit, children today had no idea of modesty but, the boy did look healthy and it was good to see one out so early running and keeping healthy, unlike most of them today that could not lift their little bums off a seat in front of the telly.

"Who have you got there, Duncan, he's not one of yours I can see that, is he a nephew come to visit?"

"Eh, ah no Mrs. Crane, he just appeared a few mins ago."

"Now you stop making new words young Wills, the word is minutes, not mins, now then if he's not one of yours, then who is he?"

"I don't really know that Mrs. Crane."

"Well find out then, Wills, I can't stand here all day while you daydream."

Duncan could feel his face getting red, the old biddy seemed to always have a way to rile him up in the mornings, Duncan turned his back on the old woman and looked at the young boy again.

"Well lad, then where are ye from and what's ye name then?"

"My names Kallab and I am a Prince of Arak 9."

"A prince ye say, well now, I've not met a Prince before and this Arak, don't recall a village by that name, not close by that is, so how is it you're way out here alone?"

"I am looking for lodgings, Sir."

Duncan muttered under his breath.

"Lodgings, lodgings, ahh oh yes, ye looking for a place to stay is that it?"

"Yes Sir, do you know of any?"

"Where's your mum and dad young Prince, aren't ye a bit young to be wandering around alone?"

"No Sir, they are long gone, there is only me now, I am the last of the Arakian alive now and it is my duty to find a female and renew my people."

Duncan looked at the young boy with a sceptical look, was he trying to take the Mickey, this kid was hardly old enough to be out alone let alone be thinking of girls, Duncan shook his head in wonderment at the thoughts of kids these days, suddenly he heard the dreaded voice of doom behind him.

"Well young Wills, who is he and what's he doing out here?"

"He says, he's looking for a place to stay, his parents have passed on and he's alone, he's from some village far away called Arak 9 or something, recons he's some sort of Prince, but you know kids today, Mrs. Crane."

"Aye, I do that, well better tell him to come in and eat, then I can get ahold of the local plod and tell them when he's been fed, can't have a sprite like him going around the village looking for trouble, come on Wills, hand over my milk."

Duncan gave a long suffering sigh into the morning sky and placed the small wire tray of four bottles on Mrs. Cranes step, he then turned to the boy and told him what Mrs. Crane had said although Kallab had heard everything for himself.

Kallab smiled at the ancient looking female and decided to go with her and hopefully fill his now very empty stomach, maybe she could tell him how to find the right female for breeding, Kallab watched as the older man walked away with an empty wire tray and got into a white vehicle full of the same glass bottles, most were still full of some white liquid, the vehicle pulled away silently, its electric motor humming quietly in the early morning silence, only the clinking of the glass bottles disturbed the early hour.

Kallab walked towards the severe looking old woman, he kept a confident smile on his young face as she looked him over from head to foot.

"Well then young man, are you ready for some breakfast?"

Kallab continued to smile as his translator told him what the word 'breakfast' meant, once it told him it was a term for food he nodded his head at the old woman and dutifully followed her inside the small red stone house. It was a neat and tidy small abode, the old woman had been using a small wooden cane to help her aged legs move, Kallab, as he had always been taught, went to help her with the white glass bottles but was rebuffed when he tried to help.

"I'm not in me grave yet boy; you just sit and let me get you something to eat, you must be hungry after all that running."

For the first time Kallab realised just how hungry he really was, the aroma's of the small cooking area were unknown to him but they seemed to make his stomach come alive as it rumbled with hunger, looking at the old woman in embarrassment at his unruly digestive system, Kallab thought he caught a small smile on the woman's face as she turned to a heating bench and began to put all sorts of strange things into a metal pan.

A short while later and Kallab was looking down at a plate of new and strange food, there were round tubes of meat cooked to an even brownness, some yellow and white things that looked like round eyes, next to them was a small pile of red beans with orange sauce and lastly were three thin crisp look pieces of another meat, next to the plate were a knife and another tool with three fingers at the end, Kallab listened to his translator for the needed information and then set about eating with the tools while the old woman sat and drank an aromatic broth from a white cup and chewed on some cooked bread called toast, it was covered with a thin layer of a yellow paste and another thicker layer of red berries that had been mashed into another paste like substance.

Kallab watched as the old woman chewed contentedly on the small meal and watched Kallab as he filled his mouth repeatedly with the hot breakfast she had cooked for him, it had been a long time since she had had to cook for her long passed husband, old Mrs. Margret Crane, had always wanted children but the lord had ordained otherwise and she had turned to teaching to fulfil her need for young ones, she had been very successful as a teacher and had watched all the children of the village pass before her stern gaze at one time or another over the years.

Margret watched the young boy, she found it difficult to put all the pieces together, where had the boy really come from, he didn't seem the sort to be any trouble or even cause any trouble, he was respectful and obviously out of his depth, there was no way she would ever believe his story of being a long lost Prince, that was just fanciful dreams of young boys, but there was something intriguing about the boy, Margret decided, that before turning the boy over to the local plod, she would try to find out more about him, why not, she was lonely and nothing better to do with her days, and as she grew older they seemed to move even slower, she long understood that her reality was that she was just waiting for the end.

Kallab finished the meal and sat back in the wooden chair as the old woman watched him, somehow Kallab knew she was going to ask more questions, he decided that he would tell the truth no matter what she asked, if it was too much for her then there was nothing he could do, some how Kallab felt safe with this old woman, she had a feeling of safety and understanding about her.

"I'm going to ask you some question and I expect you to answer only with the truth, I used to be a teacher and can tell when a boy is lying to me, do you understand, Kallab?"

"Yes Mrs. Crane, I only tell the truth, it is not in our nature to tell falsehoods."

"Very well, now then, where do you really come from, I can tell you have no idea about our country?"

"As I said Mrs. Crane, I am from Arak 9; it is a long way away from here."

"Just how far away?"

"More than 2,400 cycles, I don't know what you call it here."

"Here! You mean, you are not from this planet, don't you?"

"Yes, Mrs. Crane."

Kallab watched the old woman's face, while there was a little look of surprise on the old features, there was also a look of realisation and understanding.

"I just knew it, you know, Kallab, I have all my long life, thought that we were not alone in the universe and now you are fulfilling the one dream I always had, even when I was a small girl, so tell me, what was your world like, what were your people like?"

Kallab first found it difficult to retell his peoples story, although he kept some information secret from the old woman, he did relate as much as he thought she could understand, as he finished his tale, he saw here watching him like a feral beast, her eyes never leaving his face until he finished and sat back waiting for the storm to start.

Margret sat and listened to the boy's tale, there was to much sincerity in his face and his demeanour for it to be lies, with a sudden realisation, Margret Crane, ex school teacher and widow who was on her last legs, had found a final cause that would give her remaining years a meaning.

"Tell me Kallab, would you like to stay here with me until you fully understand about our world?"

"Would I not be too much trouble for one such as your self, Mrs. Crane?"

Margret chuckled softly.

"No dear boy, you would not be too much trouble, I was a teacher as I told you, I can help you fit into this world until you're old enough to make your own way, it would give me meaning and my last days would be much happier with you around, that's if you want to stay."

"It would make me very happy to have your friendship and help, Mrs. Crane, but won't it look strange to others that know of you?"

"Ah, now there we will have to tell a small white lie, we will tell them you are a grandson of my dead husband's side of the family, most of the people in this village would never question my word on that, now what do you say?"

"I would be honoured by your help; there are perhaps some things I can help with if you will allow it."

"And what would they be; young Kallab?"

"Well there is the expense you would incur, I have valuables that you may use and I would deem it an honourable exchange for my learning."

"I do have my pension from the government; it would be enough if we don't waste it."

Kallab reached behind him to the small concealed pocket in his body suit and withdrew the soft black clothe bag, the gems inside had been provided by the ship as a means of exchange on the planet, Kallab held out the small bag towards the old woman.

"Perhaps these could help, I know I will need new clothes and other things I am not aware of as yet."

Margret looked at the small bag and with a shaking hand took it and opened it, as she did so there came a small rattling sound as the bright red gem stones fell onto the table, there seemed to be more than twenty of the stones and Margret could not believe her eyes, while she had never been a rich woman, she did know what rubies the size of these might be worth, with a shaking voice she replied to Kallab.

"I don't think I need all of these, you should hide them away, if someone who was not honest saw them they would try to rob you and might also hurt you."

"Oh, then you better keep them for me, use what you have to, I have plenty more if I need them, thank you Mrs. Crane, I would really like to be one of your family."

Margret looked at the young innocent face before her and, with a nod of her old head, she tucked the small bag of gems into her dressing gown pocket, she would hide them away for safety later, for now she had to work on the boys story and see about getting him some more useable clothes, in his body suit he would stand out like a beacon in the small village, the only worry she had was about keeping Duncan quiet but she thought she could find a way to do that.

Four years had passed since Kallab had been fortunate enough to meet and become a part of Margret Cranes family, she had somehow convinced the ever vigilant milkman, Duncan Wills, to keep their secret, Kallab had from that day on, waited patiently on the door step for Duncan to deliver the milk, both soon became friends and always exchanged stories of their previous day, to everyone else in the village, Kallab soon became a common fixture and all thought it was good for old Margret Crane that she had such a nice and polite grandson to keep her company, and so the time passed.

That morning was to be the turning point in Kallab's future, as he finished trading pleasantries with Duncan, Kallab thought he heard something from inside the small house, with a quick 'goodbye' he rushed back inside to find his adopted grandmother Margret slumped on the kitchen floor, as he knelt beside here she looked up and smiled at him then a long deep sigh escaped her wrinkled lips and she sank back in his arms and stopped breathing.

Kallab knew all about death, it was no stranger to him or his long memories, slowly he lowered her onto the floor and then walked to the telephone to call the emergency services, Margret had been a great teacher and had helped Kallab to learn and understand everything he would need to survive on Earth, Kallab now followed Margret's instructions to the letter.

At the first word of Margret's passing, Duncan Wills had arrived to help Kallab to do everything that was needed for Margret's last rest, she had left everything she owned to the young boy and so, Kallab was now a small land owner, she had also made it possible for him to have all the required papers to prove his identity, the glint in her eyes as she filled out the myriad of forms had made both of them laugh and chuckle, too the world at large,

Kallab was now known as, Kallab Crane, a subject of His Majesty King William of Great Britain and all its colonies, Kallab would laugh along with grandma Margret that if only the people really knew he was a true prince, what sort of fun would they have, in all the four years Kallab spent with Margret Crane, he had his ship continue to search the closer galaxy for minerals and other valuables, there were many things on Earth he would need in the future that only riches could buy.

The funeral of Margret Crane was attended by everyone in the village, as the people came to Kallab to offer their condolences, many thought how unfortunate the boy was, firstly he had lost his missionary parents in far off Africa and now his last remaining family had passed away, many also wondered what he would do now, although they all understood he was now seventeen and able to take care of himself, he still looked like a young thirteen year old, many of the older women in the village had offered to take care of him but, as usual, Kallab had thanked them and told them he wanted to travel a little after everything had been settled but that he would keep the small house to return to when he was home-sick.

Finally the day came when he was ready to start his journey, he had collected a lot of wealth from the ship and, with the help of Margret, placed a large sum in the local banking system, it was explained away as proceeds from his dead parents estate, Kallab finally set out on his search for females to begin to build his people once again.

For five years Kallab travelled all over the world, his youth-full looks were like a magnet to all types of females and he spent just enough time with them to do his duty, he would then find a pretext to once again move on, it was much to the surprise of all the females that they became pregnant after only one mating with the young lad what was even more of a surprise to them was the fact that they all had either twins or triplets and that they all gave birth to healthy babies only seven months after their affairs with the boy.

No one took notice of the sudden rash of twins and triplets until one day a statistician from America was roaming through facts and figures as he was wont to do, when he came across the strange occurrence of the births all over the world, although it took a while before he found out that they were spread world wide, after a long investigation, he also found the one common denominator, a young lad in his early teens had been the Father of them all, this led to further investigations but by then the new children were growing rapidly.

On his fact sheet he saw that the new babies were far advanced from any other children, they were walking at six months, talking coherently at one year and able to learn and grow faster than others, at three years of age the boys were all well passed any others and all had similar features and mannerisms, the sameness was to startling and the statistician informed his superiors about the uncommon happenings, now the powers were interested and the hunt began for answers.

The first startling information came from a doctor in America, a set of triplets had been born but they had trouble determining what sex the babies were, at first sight they appeared female but on closer inspection their bones structure was male, after tests and x-rays, the babies proved to be male although their sex organs were encased inside their bodies but were fully developed.

Being the type of person they were, doctors began to hunt for similar babies and, much to their amazement, found that there had been others born the same way, in a last ditch attempt to label the babies, they decided to call them hermaphrodites although they still had prominent male organs developing in the pubis, this also came to the attention of the various government agencies and so the hunt began again.

It went on for as many years as the hunters could squeeze the money out of the public purse, but in the end and after much was made of it by various tabloid news papers, the new sensation died a natural death, the babies were healthy and well, they grew a little faster and were stable and intelligent, the many stories died away and the boys grew until they could travel on their own and then joined with all their brothers at the Institute in London.

In the five years of his travelling, Kallab estimated he had mated with well over a thousand females, while the act was distasteful to him it had served its purpose, he could now begin to search for a true partner or partners to live with, he had aged slightly over the five years and now looked to be in his mid teens, to cover his story he took a small house on the outskirts of London, there he settled down and began the next phase of the plan.

As he had impregnated each female, he had injected a small amount of his venom into their shoulder, it was only a minute drop but it carried a hidden message for the foetus that would be growing inside the host body, the message was simple and in gene code, when the child reached seven earth years the code would activate, it would give the boys the message to look for the Arakian Institute.

Kallab was now in the middle of setting up the Arakian Institute in London, it was an old warehouse in the docks area on the River Thames, it would be large enough for all the boys to come too and they would then be taught the rest of their long history about Arak 9 by Kallab himself, the future was bright for the re-emergence of Arak.

It was another ten years before all the boys had finally been able to assemble at the Institute, Kallab looked around at the four thousand boys as they assembled for the first full meeting of the people of Arak, all the boys looked similar when seen altogether although there were small differences in each set that they were able to see in each other, some boys were a little darker skinned than others, some had slightly slanted eyes or higher cheek bones but all were definitely Arakian.

Kallab, now looking all of nineteen years old, had hung a large blown up picture of old Margret Cane as the center piece behind the central dais, this, he told the boys, was their earth mother, the one woman who had made all of them possible, he told the boys that she was to always be remembered as a special person and to be held in the highest regard in the new dawn of the Arakian.

The wealth of Arak was distributed to the boys and they were allowed to go their own way with the provision that they would all meet twice a year back at the Institute to keep everyone up to date on what was happening and to learn more about the downfall of Arak 9, the boys were well into their puberty now and they were very active, twins often shared the same boy but the triplets would prefer two or three boys to share, their appetite was huge and they could easily wear a human boy out in a short time span.

Their innate abilities allowed them to always select a boy who was a little submissive and delighted in being under one of the exotic boys, they also like the feelings inside them when one of the boys mounted them, there was no heavy pushing and shoving, no loud grunting and sweating over them, the boys had no need for the extra hard work that humans put into their acts.

The Arak way was for the boy to be mounted from behind, what the earth boys called 'doggy style' the Arak boy would then wrap himself over the back of the boy and carefully nip him on the shoulder with his fangs, the miniscule amount of venom would allow the boy below to see, hear and feel everything but he would not be able to move, the Arak boy would then curl his torso under the boy until he was lined up with the waiting orifice and would then will his boyhood to extend into the waiting boy, the natural lubrication made entry easy if a little tight, the Arak penis would then continue to extend until it was fully inside the boy and reached into the depths of the boys colon, with a natural ease the Arakian boy would flex his abdominal muscles making his well buried member to flex and twitch inside, as the heat built the Arakian would then begin to pulse out his very warm semen, this could take some time as the Arakian ability to ejaculate was a long process and took time to fully unload its copious amount.

The boy on the bottom felt every twitch and throb and all he knew was he was having the best ever sex in his life, many of the earth boys wanted to return time and time again for the unique experience and the Arakian boys were only to happy to help, they were after all a very sexual race, it was like bread and butter to them.

The one thing that made the earth boys want to return was the feeling that every time they were mounted and the twin or one of the triplets would hold them around the chest and waist, it was as though the boys had more than one pair of arms but the boy underneath could not move enough to look down, his own ejaculations were always monumental, far better than any time he was with other boys.

It was to be during Kallab's second world tour that things became a little more difficult and the future of Arak was to be put in jeopardy, during one breeding, Kallab had been well into his ejaculation when the female had somehow been able to mover her head a fraction, as she looked down at the arms holding her, she stiffened and tried to scream, where there were supposed to be two arms holding her around the waist, there were six, each fully formed arms but the lower four hands had only two fingers, one pair held her around her breast, another pair were around her middle torso and the last pair were holding her lower hips, the two fingers of the last pair of hands were working on her genital area, as the fear overtook her she could now understand why it had seemed there were multiple hands fondling her.

Although no sound came from her throat, Kallab knew that something had happened, he quickly forced his body to complete the task and then leant forward and again let his fangs bite into the soft skin by the shoulder of the female, this time he inserted a little more venom, the female would not be able to talk or see anymore but apart from that she would be able to operate normally, this female, Kallab decided would need to be watched carefully until the babies were born in seven months, once that happened he would have to take very drastic action to save the babies from her.

After the babies were born came the only time Kallab had to use force and his palm smear, when the babies had been removed, he had held his right hand over the nose and mouth of the female and ejected his silken smear from the small special pores on his palm, on contact with the air it had solidified and the female had been suffocated under the hard shell of silk, when she had expired, Kallab had removed the hardened shell and left the room, the death had been entered in the records of the hospital as unknown, the babies had been adopted out and were now part of Kallab's great family.

As the years passed and Kallab grew closer to his full age of two hundred and fifty earth years, his true demeanour became more and more apparent and, as it did so he was forced to live a more reclusive life, his last son was given the ability to sire more Arakian boys and was kept close to Kallab's side.

Kallab now lived under the roof of the Institute, never leaving the building, in his present and last form he could not afford to be seen out in public, all his many, many off spring would visit him so that he had his descendants around him every day, they would look up at his huge body and acknowledge his mighty feat of having reborn and saved the Arakian from near disaster and destruction.

Kallab's body was now twice the size of any human, his head was larger and his two long fangs were permanently exposed, his thick round body with the wide red stripe down the back and his eight legs with their double hooked talons were a sight to behold, he was suspended off the floor by his shiny web as his legs could not carry his enormous weight, Kallab had become a truly glorious sight for any Arakian youth or spider to aspire to.

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