Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 50


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Most of the places mentioned, and none of the characters exist in real life. Whilst there are references to celebrities in places, no inference should be taken as to their sexual orientation in real life. This story is completely fictional.

This is my first attempt at writing fiction. I was inspired to pick up the pen after reading several stories by David Lee which can be found in the prolific authors section on Nifty.

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After they'd stopped the policeman got out of the car and opened the door for Callum. They walked up to the door and knocked. The front door was quickly opened by Mr Jones.

"Thank you for bringing my son home safe officer."

Callum's father tried to put his arm around his son and pull him into the house.

"Excuse me sir, but I need a word inside if I may?"

"Certainly, come in."

Callum led the policeman into the living room while his father closed the door. When his father came into the room, Callum stood with the policeman between him and his father.

"You must have homework you can do upstairs Callum, we'll talk after dinner."

"I need Callum to stay here Mr Jones."

"Why, has he done something wrong?"

"He hasn't no, but you have. You made false allegations when you reported your son as being in danger with my sergeant. You claimed that Callum was in danger when he left the school with those boys, but he wasn't was he sir?"

"Who are you to say when my son is in danger and when he isn't? I felt he was in danger because I happen to know that one of those boys is a queer and they abuse boys all the time."

"Firstly sir I find your language offensive. I can't answer to the veracity of your statement about one of the boys being gay, but I can tell you that the majority of sex offences committed on children are done so by straight men."

"Don't talk such bullshit in my house. I know those queers try and turn straight boys into queers just like them."

"I can tell you now sir that no amount of pressure from anyone will make a person gay. They either are or they're not."

"I'm not going to stand here and be lectured to like this in my own house. I am the boy's father and I know what is best for him and who his friends should be. I told him he was not to talk to that queer or his brother and I'm now telling you to get out of my house."

"There's something else I need to talk to you about sir."

"Don't you sir me after the bullshit you've just come out with. I don't want to hear anything else you have to say so get out or I'll be reporting you."

"Sir, whether you like it or not, I am staying here until Miss Harris from Social Services arrives and I will only leave, if she thinks I am not needed."

Callum couldn't believe there was someone who was prepared to stand up to his father. While the policeman wasn't actually standing toe to toe with his father, he wasn't listening to him and cowering in the corner either.

"What's this shit about Social Services, what the fuck do they want here?"

"Allegations have been made to Social Services and they are coming to talk to you about those allegations."

"What the fuck has that little shit been saying? Huh? If it's about those bruises on his face he fell off his bike over the weekend."

"I don't know what those allegations are sir; I just know that someone from Social Services was talking to Callum before I arrived at the Western house and she is on her way here now."

"What happens if I don't want to let her into my house?"

"That is your choice sir, but I believe she has every intention of removing Callum from your care at least in the short term."

"Oh she does, does she, and how is she going to do that?"

"She will do that with my help sir."

Just then there was a knock on the door. Callum didn't move from behind the policeman. Callum's father just stood there staring at them.

"Are you going to answer your door sir or would you like me to do it?"

"You telling me I have a choice?"

"I'm just asking if you would like me to answer the door, sir?"

Mr Jones was not happy to find himself in this position; he was usually the one telling people what to do. He reluctantly went to the door.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"Hello Mr Jones, my name is Martha Harris and I'm with Social Services. Can I come in to talk with you and your wife please?"

"I've already been told I don't have much choice so in you come."

Martha had been surprised to see the police car still there when she pulled up but it appeared she had an ally. She followed Callum's father into the living room where she found Callum standing behind the policeman. Seeing Callum in that position told her he was afraid of being close to his father which confirmed his story about the events of Saturday.

"Is your wife here Mr Jones? I would prefer to talk with you both."

"She's in the kitchen, I'll get her."

When both Callum's parents came into the living it was clear to both Martha and the policeman that Mr Jones was in control. What wasn't obvious was whether this control included force.

"Hello Mrs Jones, my name is Martha Harris and I'm here this afternoon to discuss your son Callum."

"What has he done now?"

"He hasn't done anything wrong. I am here because of what took place on Saturday night."

"Nothing happened."

"Are you sure of that Mrs Jones, if nothing happened can you explain to me where Callum got those bruises on his face from?"

"He's a clumsy boy, always bumping into things. I didn't see how he got them so I couldn't tell you because he never told me."

"What would you say if I told you your husband beat Callum around the head on Saturday?"

"How dare…."

"Please Mr Jones; I was talking to your wife."

"I don't know what Callum is up to but it's all lies."

"A moment ago you told me you didn't know how Callum got the bruises so how can you be so sure his father didn't hit him?"

"I know my husband loves Callum."

"This is getting absurd. This copper has already told me you have no intention of leaving here without Callum so why are we wasting time talking?" asked Mr Jones.

"Your attitude right now and Callum's apparent fear of you Mr Jones suggests to me that what Callum says is more accurate than your denials."

"I don't know what the hell you are talking about, but if you want to take my son away you're not going to do so easily."

"Mr Jones I do not take removal of children from their parents easily, however in this case I believe it is in Callum's best interest that he no longer remains here."

"Just try it and see how long you keep your job lady."

"We can do this easily by using the forms I have here for you and your wife to sign that relinquishes your custody of Callum. If you sign the forms now, I'll help Callum take his things from his room and you won't hear from either of us again. If however you choose not to sign the forms, then you can expect me to make your lives very difficult. Callum tells me you have recently become the leader of your church?"

"That is correct."

"And how do you think your congregation would react to you being brought up on charges of child abuse?"

"No charges would ever be brought, so I have no need to speculate what the Church would think of them."

"What makes you think no charges would be brought Mr Jones?" asked Officer Davies.

"I know you need evidence for charges to be brought and all you have at the moment is my son saying telling lies."

"Actually sir, if Callum were to make a formal statement regarding what took place on Saturday, we'd take photographs of his face and I'm pretty sure the Crown Prosecution Services would approve charges."

"Add to that the press coverage you would receive," added Martha.

"Not even I am that stupid. Any case involving a minor is prohibited from being discussed in the press where the child's identity could be found out despite their name not being used."

"I can tell you how the headline would read right now. Leading member of Church organisation is brought up on charges of child abuse. There is no way someone could infer your identity or Callum's from an article written like that and the press are very good at doing their job Mr Jones."

"That is called blackmail and I have a police officer as witness."

"What I heard sir, is someone telling you what the press are likely to say about someone in your position being brought up on child abuse charges."

"So what you're telling me is that if I don't sign these papers of yours, you're going to make sure the press get involved?"

"I can't say the press will get involved Mr Jones but it is a possibility and with you just taking over with your church do you really want to take the risk?"

"What happens if I sign these damn papers?"

"If you were to sign the papers it would mean that you are no longer responsible for Callum and he would become a ward of the state. He and I would pack his things up and we would leave here."

"And what about all these trumped up charges you both keep talking about? I suppose they would still be brought would they?"

"Mr Jones, as I indicated earlier I believe Callum's account of what happened on Saturday. I am only here to see that Callum's best interests are taken care of. For me Callum's best interests are for him to live away from you and your wife. If you were to sign your custody away to the state then as far as I'm concerned that would be it. I don't see the point in dragging Callum through the court process if he doesn't have to."

"Without Callum's co-operation sir, there would be nothing to answer; we wouldn't be able to bring charges against you."

"Fine, I've told you my son is full of lies, his mother has told you the same but it would appear that our declarations are not going to be believed. If my son no longer wants to live with us then give me the damn papers and I'll sign them."

"Mrs Jones, are you ok with your husband's decision?"

"I believe my husband has explained exactly how I feel."

"Officer, would you be ok going up to Callum's room to help him pack his things up please while I go through the paperwork with Mr and Mrs Jones? I have a few boxes on the back seat of my car you can use to put everything in."


"I want to see exactly what he wants to take from this house."

"You have that right Mr Jones, but there are some things you don't have any right to object to Callum taking."

Callum and the policeman went and got the boxes from Martha's car before heading upstairs to begin packing his things up. Before Martha sat down to go through the forms she sent a text to Sarah to let her know they shouldn't be much longer. Mr Jones proved that he was going to be just as obstinate as he had been earlier despite agreeing to sign the forms, as he picked at everything. Eventually Martha was happy to see both Mr & Mrs Jones sign in the relevant places.

Martha was not surprised when she saw Callum and the policeman bring down the boxes. Callum's clothes almost filled two boxes and he had put his school things and a couple of small items in another. She half expected that his personal items would be meagre.

After a cursory look in the boxes Mr Jones allowed Callum to take everything he'd packed. Martha, Callum and the policeman carried a box each down to Martha's car and put them safely into the car. When both Martha and the policeman drove off there was not even a backward glance from Callum.

Callum felt relief as the car pulled away from his parents' house. He knew no matter what happened now it was going to be better than what had been his future with his parents. Living with Sarah et al he would be able to be himself and even have a boyfriend if he were to find someone who wanted him.

Sarah was standing at the door when the car pulled up. Justin and Declan quickly appeared as the car came to a stop.

"How are you feeling Cal?" asked Justin.

"I don't know, part of me is relieved that I don't have to worry about dad's bull any more, but part of me feels bad as well, is that normal? Have I done the right thing?"

"I guess the only one who could really answer that would be Alex. He's with Dewi right now but I'm sure he'll have some time later or tomorrow when the two of you can talk about it. For now though, let's get these things up to your room. Mom's got your food on cooking so don't worry about sorting things out, get changed out of your uniform and we'll help you sort things out after dinner."

"Thanks for helping me guys."

"Hey, you're our brother now so it's no big deal," replied Declan.

"Do you really mean that?"

"Yes," answered Declan and Justin.

That simple declaration pushed Callum's emotions over the edge and he began to cry. Justin pulled him into a hug and Declan joined in. The support from the two boys was enough to help Callum get his emotions under control after a few moments. When they broke apart, Callum wiped his eyes before leaning into the car to pull one of the boxes out. Justin got the second and Declan picked up the third before closing the car door and following the others up to the bedroom. Jerry was sitting on the bed when Callum walked into the bedroom.

After Callum put the box he was carrying he sat down next to Jerry. "This is going to be so cool sharing with you," Jerry whispered to him.

"We'll leave you now so you can change. When you're ready come down to the kitchen because I think your food shouldn't be too far off being ready," said Justin.

Callum didn't move for a few minutes after the boys had left him alone. He was still trying to process everything that had happened to him. He'd been worrying about things all day, from what was going on with Jerry to what his father was going to do to him when he got home. Now he had other things on his mind to worry about. What would Declan say about sharing a bed with him? Would sharing a bed with Jerry be everything he'd thought it would be? Would it be like being in the school changing rooms when it came to getting undressed with Declan? Wondering whether he would get hurt for looking while Declan changed?

He eventually got up off the bed and moved to one of the boxes with his clothes in, pulled out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before taking his shirt and trousers off. He found a coat hanger to hang his shirt on and folded his trousers so they were tidy for tomorrow and then he put his jeans and t-shirt on before going downstairs with just his socks on his feet.

When he entered the kitchen Sarah, Martha and a man he hadn't met were sat at the table.

"Callum, this is Simon," said Sarah.

"Hello Callum, welcome to the family," offered Simon as he got up and held out his hand.

"Hi," replied Callum as he shook Simon's hand before they both sat down.

"Dinner is going to be about ten minutes. I hope you're ok with lasagne and jacket potatoes?" asked Sarah.

"Sounds good and smells great."

"If you want some bread there's a choice between normal and garlic."

"Either will be fine."

"What about something to drink?"

"I'll have the same as earlier if there's any left please."

"Sure, do you want some ice in there?" asked Sarah getting up to pour the juice.

"That would be nice thanks."

"Why don't you take your drink and go into the living room with the other boys until your dinner is ready? I'm sure that has to be more interesting than sitting with us old folk." asked Simon.

"You're not that old. I've sat talking to people way older than you guys loads of times."

"And I bet you would rather have been with kids your own age right?" questioned Sarah.

"Not really. Jerry is great to be with but other kids tend to be hard work."

"Well Jerry's in the living room so go on in there and I'll call you when your dinner's on the table," stated Simon.

"Ok, thanks."

Callum got up, picked up his drink and left the kitchen. He opened the door and found Declan, Jerry and Justin watching something on the telly.

"Hey Cal," said all three boys.

"What you guys watching?"

"It's one of the Fast & Furious films," answered Jerry.

"Why don't you sit down by me and watch some?" asked Justin.

Callum closed the door and sat down next to Justin.

Not wanting to wait until he was getting undressed for bed, Callum thought it was best to talk to Declan about his sexuality now. The trouble was, although he'd told more people in the last week than he had ever; he already knew how they'd react. With Declan he wasn't quite so sure. Yes, he knew Declan was likely to be ok with gay guys, otherwise why would he be looking forward to moving in with Rick and Alan but would he be the same about sharing a room or even a bed with one?

Screwing up the courage he began, "Dec, there's something I didn't tell you earlier that if we're going to be sharing a room I think you should know."

"What's that?"

"It's kinda hard to say but Jerry trusts you. I'm gay."


"Is that going to be a problem for you tonight?"

"What do you mean?"

"Sharing a bed with me I mean."

"No, why should it?"

"I know Jerry is ok with being naked around me but he's weird, most boys don't think like him when it comes to someone who is gay."

"Some guys think they can't be in the same room as a gay boy without the gay boy making some attempt to suck his cock. I know better than that. I think it's a compliment when someone finds you attractive and it doesn't matter to me whether that someone is male or female."

"Wow, I thought I had been lucky to have Jerry as my friend but you really surprised me."

"You're not just my friend anymore Cal, we're brothers now," said Jerry.

"I'm just glad I can talk to you without having to worry about dad finding out."

"Well that's all over now so you don't have to worry about him again."

Justin put his arm around Callum's shoulders and pulled him closer to him. They were still in that position when Simon came in to tell Callum his dinner was ready. After eating his food, offered to clean up and was told to go away he join the boys back in the living room.

While Callum had been eating, Justin had gone upstairs to spend some time with Alex and Dewi leaving Jerry and Declan watching the end of the film. When Callum came in, they put a new film on and the three of them sat on the settee together with Jerry in the middle.

"I think I should start sorting my things out, but I'm going to need you two to tell me where I can put things," suggested Callum as the film ended.

"We only moved into the room yesterday, so nothing has a permanent place," explained Declan, "but I'll help you sort some space out and Jerry can watch,"

"I can help," put in Jerry.

"How can you help Jer?" asked Callum.

"I can tell you where to put things."

"That's not helping. Using your hands would be helping but unless you are going to be opening drawers with your teeth you'll just have to sit on the bed looking ugly," answered Callum with a smile on his face.

"Hey, who you calling ugly, ugly?"

"You're both as ugly as each other, now let's go upstairs," said Declan. That broke them up completely. Sarah heard the laughter from the kitchen and smiled, it was a good sign that the boys could be so relaxed after what had been a disturbing and distressing day.

Callum and Declan helped Jerry get up and they went up to the bedroom. When they got in Jerry plopped down on the bed while Callum and Jerry went to the boxes.

"Ok, these two boxes are just clothes and this one has school things and the couple of other things I wanted to keep."

"Did you get your sketch pads?" asked Jerry.

"Yeah, I didn't want to leave those behind. Dad would have just burned them anyway so I thought he wouldn't stop me taking them."

"Can I have a look at them later?" asked Declan.


"I didn't think of this yesterday, mainly I guess because when we were putting things away I wasn't taking much notice, but seeing your things in these boxes now, something has jumped out at me. I'm just a little taller than you two and I think my feet may be a little bigger but otherwise I think we're about the same size in clothes."

"Ok, so what are you saying?" asked Jerry.

"Well, we have two choices, we could have a Cal's drawer, Jerry's drawer and Dec's drawer and argue about whether that t-shirt is Cal's or mine or we just put t-shirts in one draw, jeans and things in another and we'll just wear what we grab. Do you guys think that would work?"

"I don't know, what do you think Jer?"

"I think for a start, Sarah is going to want to take you shopping for some new clothes…"

"What do you mean? What's wrong with my clothes?"

"I didn't mean there's anything wrong with them Cal, it's just you don't have a lot there. The first place we went when we got out of hospital yesterday was to the shops. We ended up getting a few new things each and I'm sure Sarah is going to want to do the same with you. Now, would I be ok wearing something one of you guys have worn before? I'll be sharing a bed with both of you. If I was going to catch anything from wearing your jeans Dec or Cal's t-shirt, I'm pretty sure I'd be just as likely to catch it off you in bed, so I don't have a problem with it. The tricky part will be when it comes to you moving in with Rick and Alan."

"I could still be living here at Christmas, so let's not worry about that now. Do you think it will be a problem for you Cal? And I want you to know there's no pressure here, if you think you wouldn't be comfortable wearing Jerry's t-shirt then we'll have our own drawers."

"What about pants and socks?" asked Callum.

"We have three choices with that. We could try and keep them separate and hope they don't get mixed up in the washing which could make things difficult for whoever does the washing. We could go to town and buy a few packs of mixed colours and you'd wear one colour, I'd wear another and Jerry could wear the third colour, that way it won't matter about mixing them up in the washing or we just mix them up completely and don't worry about it. We know they're going to be clean when we put them on so I don't see it being a problem."

"And you're not bothered with the idea that I might get off on wearing your pants?"

"If I were to put all our underwear in one drawer right now, do you think you could tell me one pair from another?"

"I guess not, but that's not what I asked was it?"

"No it wasn't. Does the idea of you wanking over me bother me? Hell no, that's just as much of a compliment as you saying you fancy me."

"I don't think Cal was talking about wanking Dec." said Jerry as he noticed the colour rising in Callum's face.

"What would you call getting off then?" asked Declan.

"I think he was thinking more about getting a hard-on. He's had as much sex ed as I'd had before I met you."

"Ah, well that's a conversation for tomorrow or another day. I want you to know this Cal, if you get a hard-on thinking of me naked that's fine with me."

"He means that Cal. He's seen me hard and he told me it wasn't a problem."


"So do we have separate drawers or mix our things up? I think it would be ok to mix," said Declan.

"I vote we mix," added Jerry.

"So I get outvoted?"

"No Cal, as I said earlier, if you're not comfortable with it, it doesn't matter what we think. So what do you want to do? Mix or separate?" asked Declan.

"I guess mixing them makes more sense."

"But what do you feel comfortable with?" Declan asked.

"I think I'll be ok with mixing. I'm sorry I can't be more decisive but I've got so much going around my head it's all beginning to take a toll."

"Ok, you start to put things into piles and I'll do the same with the clothes in the drawers and then we can put it all away in one go."

"Dec before you do that, why don't you put some music on?" asked Jerry.

Callum and Declan had been sorting clothes a while when Justin stuck his head around the door.

"How's it going guys?"

"We're just sorting some things out. What you up to?" asked Declan.

"Alex and I are going to take Dewi home then we're going to watch a bit of telly before going to bed. I've got an alarm clock upstairs you guys can have in here to save someone coming in to check you're up every morning."

"I was going to ask about that. I didn't mind Alex waking me up this morning but I'm guessing he doesn't want to have to do it all the time," said Jerry.

"Well I'd best go, don't want to keep the others waiting. I'll pop the alarm clock down when I get back."

"Thanks Justin," said Declan as Justin left.

Declan and Callum carried on sorting. They eventually had everything sorted into different piles and it didn't take them long to put them into drawers. They found this left them with a few empty drawers. Callum put his art things and school books in the one drawer which meant all his things were put away.

"What do we do now?" asked Jerry.

"Is there any homework that needs doing, read or are we going to see if we can watch some telly?" asked Declan.

"I like reading a good book, I can lose myself in my drawings as well but they are things you do on your own and I don't really feel like being on my own right now," answered Callum.

"Well I'd say we have about an hour before it's time to get into bed, I think Alex and Justin should be back anytime now so we could see if we can watch the telly with them," said Jerry.

"Come one then we'll go down and wait for them and we can grab something to drink as well," said Declan.

Declan remembering the conversation with Sarah earlier about helping himself went out to the kitchen while Callum and Jerry went into the living room. A few moments later Declan came in with three drinks.

"I know you've had a busy day Callum but as the three of you are here Simon and I want to talk to you about your room. I mentioned to Jerry and Declan yesterday that there would be a few things going in there but there were conditions attached, those conditions being good grades in school."

"I understand. What things are you thinking of putting in the room?" asked Callum.

"We were thinking a computer for your school work, telly and DVD player and one of the game consoles for starters," replied Simon.

"Really?" Callum asked with surprise.

"I know you don't know us that well yet Callum but we now consider you a part of the family and as such you're entitled to the same treatment as Justin or any of the others," said Sarah.

"I'm guessing the only reason you boys came down was because you'd run out of things to do in your room, am I right?" asked Simon.

"We'd guessed that Alex and Justin would be back soon and we were going to see if we could watch some telly with them before going to bed but yes we'd run out of things to do in our room," replied Declan.

"That's not strictly true, we could have listened to music and done a bit of reading but well, Jerry can't hold a book and I didn't feel like doing something on my own," added Callum.

"And that's why we think you boys should have those things I mentioned. You wouldn't have to sit here with us or have to wait for Justin to be here then to watch something," said Simon.

Just then the front door went and Justin and Alex came in.

"How did it go Alex? Did he scare you off learning to drive?" asked Simon.

"You were driving Justin?" Jerry asked.

"I passed my test last week. When I asked about mom or dad taking Dewi home dad said I could take him if I wanted. I wasn't going to say no," replied Justin with a grin.

"Wow," said Jerry.

"So why are you guys down here?" asked Justin.

"We were waiting for you and Alex to come back so we could see if we could watch some telly with you before we go to bed?" asked Declan.

"Of course you can, you all go upstairs and I'll be right behind you when I've got a drink for me and Alex."

Alex led the boys upstairs while Justin went out the kitchen before going upstairs.

"So what are we going to watch?" Justin asked as he passed Alex his drink.

"It's pretty late so we don't want something too long or we'll have to stop it half way through," replied Declan.

"I think I've got something we can watch, it's a series about two brothers who hunt demons," said Justin.

"What's it called?" asked Jerry.

"Supernatural," he replied.

"I've seen some of them before, they're pretty good," added Declan.

"Ok, so that's sorted, now we just need to work out where everyone's going to sit," added Justin.

"I'm ok in the chair," said Declan.

"I'm better on the floor," chimed Jerry.

"I'll sit with Jerry and then you and Alex can have the bed," said Callum.

Justin got the disc out of the box and put it in the player then switched the light off and got on the bed cwtching up to Alex.

When the first episode ended the boys all agreed it was time to turn in. Justin gave Declan the alarm clock he'd mentioned earlier and showed them how to use it. As it ran on batteries it didn't matter where in the room they wanted to put it.

Declan and Callum helped Jerry get up off the floor and with the alarm clock in hand went down to their room.

"How heavy a sleeper is everyone?" asked Declan when they got to their room.

"What do you mean?" asked Jerry as he plopped down on the bed.

"Well if I put the alarm clock by the side of the bed, and one of us were to switch it off and roll back to sleep would one of the other two hear it and wake up or not?"

"Is that your way of saying it would be better if you couldn't reach the alarm to switch it off Dec?" asked Callum.

"I have switched it off and rolled back to sleep in the past yeah, so would we be better putting the alarm away from the bed?"

"Why don't we put it on top of the chest of drawers tonight and see how it goes. We may be asking Simon and Sarah to change the bed tomorrow anyway, so there's no need to make permanent decisions," explained Callum.

"Ok, sounds fine with me. There's no point asking Jerry, he's not going to be switching anything off for a while."

"Hey, that's not nice."

"But it's true Jer," said Callum.

"I need to use the toilet before we go to sleep, so which one of you is going to help me?"

Callum was reluctant to respond. Yes he'd seen Jerry naked, but would he have to do more than just pull his trousers and pants down for him?

"Can you hold it a minute Jer? I think we need to talk a bit."

"Sure Dec, what do you want to talk about?"

"Well for a start I think you should tell Cal exactly what you had in mind when you asked him to help you go to the toilet and I also think we need to talk about getting into bed."

"If I didn't need any help right now, I'd go into the bathroom, pull my cock out and pee standing. Obviously I can't do that so if you helped me Cal, I would only ask you to do what you felt comfortable with."

"And it wouldn't bother you, me holding your cock?"

"Alex and Dec have helped me go to the toilet standing up, so I don't see there being a problem with you doing the same if you were comfortable with that."

"I think he means because he's gay it's different."

"Alex is gay," responded Jerry.

"Yes but he's your brother," added Callum.

"And you're my best friend. Can we do away with all these labels? Yes I know you're gay but I would have thought by now I've shown to you that it doesn't matter to me. Ok, so holding my cock would be different from being naked with you but I'd rather you help me than Sarah or Simon."

"Ok, I'll help. What did you want to talk about getting into bed for? It's not difficult; we get under the sheets and go to sleep."

"Before you try and remind us again, Jerry and I both know you're gay and that fact isn't going to alter what I am going to ask you. When you go to bed, what do you wear?"

"In the summer I'd go to bed in just my pants."

"Ok. Have you ever gone to bed with nothing on?" Declan asked.

"No, if dad or mom came in and found me naked I'd have had a major lecture."

"What would you say if I told you Jerry and I slept naked last night?"


"Yeah, so do we all go to bed naked or would you prefer if we wore our pants?" asked Declan.

"If I wasn't here, would you guys have worn anything?"

"No, I don't think we would," answered Jerry.

"I guess we go naked then."

"Are you saying that because you think that's what we want or because you're comfortable with it?" questioned Declan.

"More because it's what you guys want. As you've probably noticed, while I may have known for a while now that I'm gay, I'm not that comfortable around people. My dad hasn't helped by restricting who I can be friends with. I think I'm going to have to try and get over being uncomfortable with people or I'm going to be alone more than I'd like."

"One way to help with that will be for you to sleep in the middle tonight and we'll talk a bit more tomorrow. But there is something you're going to need to know. I told Jerry exactly the same thing last night. I am going to end up with a hard-on in the morning. If I roll over in the night and my cock is pressing up against you when you wake up, I want you to know it's not something sexual. It would happen if you were there or you weren't. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I've noticed I've been getting up in the morning with one so I guess if you are as well then it's normal?"

"Yep completely normal, now I think Jerry's about busting for the toilet so you two go first and I'll go when you're finished."

Callum and Jerry left the bedroom and locked the bathroom door behind them.

"So how do we do this Jer?"

"Well Dec and Alex stood behind me and put their arms around my waist to hold my cock. Do you think you could do that and still see where to aim?"

"Let's try it and see."

Jerry stood facing the toilet bowl and Callum stood behind him and nervously tried to get Jerry's cock out of his joggers and pants. He ended up pushing them down to Jerry's knees. He found that the only way for him to see was to stand right up against Jerry's back and lean his head on Jerry's shoulder. He pulled Jerry's foreskin back and in seconds he could see the stream coming from Jerry's cock.

Callum had wanted to be able to hold Jerry's cock for a long time and the fact that he was now wasn't lost on him. His own cock started to get hard and uncomfortable in his pants.

"I'm done Cal."

A few shakes and the foreskin was pulled back over the head and then Callum pulled up Jerry's pants and joggers.

"Do you want me to go back to the bedroom so you can go or are you ok with me waiting until you're finished?"

"It's ok, having you in the room is no different than if I went to the toilet in school, hell you've gone the same time as me before."

"Yes that's true, but normally you go into the cubicle."

"I do that so no one can accuse me of looking at their cock while I'm peeing at a urinal. But I've just watched you go so you watching me go isn't any different."

"If you're sure?"


Callum undid his jeans and reached into his pants to pull his dick out. He was still hard and from where Jerry was standing there was no way he wasn't going to see and that made him reluctant to bring it out.

"Listen Cal, I'm guessing you're hard am I right?"


"Do you want me to go back to the bedroom? I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

"No it's alright, I'm just being silly. Dec's already told me he's going to be hard in the morning and we're going to be sleeping naked so if I'm hard you're going to see it when we get up."

As he was saying that he pulled his cock out of his pants and pulled the foreskin back but because he was hard, it took a while before his stream would start to flow. When he was finished he put it away and washed his hands after he'd flushed the toilet. They walked back to the bedroom and Declan headed to the bathroom.

"Do you want to get undressed first or undress me?"

"Um… I think I'd rather undress you first."


He moved closer to Jerry and began to work his arms through his t-shirt before he lifted it over his head. The rest was simple enough, he pulled the joggers down and Jerry stepped out of them. He sat on the bed so Callum could take his socks off and then he rolled onto his back and lifted his hips to make it easier for Callum to take his pants off him.

Callum folded the t-shirt and joggers and placed them on the chair and put the socks and pants on the other one, before he started to get undressed himself. As he pulled his t-shirt off Declan came in.

"I see he's naked already, I'm sure there's some exhibitionist in him."

"Hey, I would have gotten under the sheets but I thought Callum would be more comfortable if I wasn't."

"Ok, I guess I can see the logic in that," Declan replied as he pulled his t-shirt off.

Callum took his jeans off and added them to the pile of folded clothes on the chair before reaching down to take his socks off. As he straightened up he saw Declan was already naked. It was impossible for him not to look at the cock that seemed to be calling to him. There was more hair around it than he'd seen on anyone before and it was larger than he was used to seeing on the boys at school. He looked up and saw that Declan had seen him looking and went bright red.

"I'm sorry Dec."

"It's ok Cal, you can look all you want, I won't get mad. How about you get your pants off and we'll get under the blankets?"

"I… um…"

"You're hard aren't you? Well that's ok, it happens to us all, would you feel more comfortable if I turn the light off before you take your pants off?"

"No, I'm just being silly again."

With that he pushed his pants down to his ankles and stepped out of them before he bent down to pick them up. He put them on the chair with the others, all the time avoiding looking at Jerry or Declan.

"See, it's not so difficult is it?" asked Jerry.

"Talk for yourself," replied Callum.

"Ok Cal, let's get Jerry comfy on the end of the bed and then you can get in the middle while I turn the light off."

Callum felt better when the light went out but as he felt Declan get in beside him he got rock hard and went bright red, feeling grateful that the blankets and the dark hide everything.

"I enjoyed cwtching up to Jerry last night and I'd like to cwtch up to you tonight if that's ok with you?"

"I guess."

Declan turned onto his side and cwtched up to Callum, resting his arm on Callum's stomach. Callum's mind was abuzz with all sorts of emotions rolling around. He couldn't say he was sad about being away from his parents but part of him felt sorry that he'd lost them. Feeling two naked boys pressing against him had his own cock rock hard. He was just beginning to drift off to sleep when he felt Jerry softly brush his lips against his cheek. That simple action that could very well have been something Jerry had done while sleeping had Callum wide awake again. Eventually Callum drifted off to sleep thinking that maybe, just maybe Jerry could be happy in a relationship with him.

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