Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 29

By and © Anthony Lane

"Thom met Rory when they were paired up to work together for an assignment in our third year. They knew that the assignment would lead to them needing to spend a lot of time together and so set out to get to know each other. Thom was open from the beginning about being gay. Rory told him that he had broken off his relationship with a girl he'd been with since he was fifteen over the summer, he didn't elaborate on the reasons and Thom didn't pry. They discovered they had a lot in common and enjoyed spending time with each other. Thom had been at the uni with us for two years and the only people he considered friends were me and Alan. Most of the friends Rory had built up in those two years had all been friends of his girlfriend, who he admitted weren't people he really liked."

"Rory became a regular visitor to the flat. We started doing things as a group and the four of us became close. So close that Thom trusted him enough, with our agreement, to tell him about the sleeping arrangements between the three of us. The four of us enjoyed spending time together so much that the thought of not seeing Rory over the Christmas break wasn't an option. The problem was that Rory, living in halls of residence, didn't have a room while the uni was shut down."

"Rory, Alan and I agreed that we wanted to spend time with our families and we all thought that one week was enough. Rory surprised Thom by inviting him to spend the week with him and his family. He admitted that his family were keen to meet the mysterious Thom. He said that he had been talking about him a lot to his family, adding that if Thom went along, he would have to share a bed because they had other guests staying."

"Thom's first question was whose bed would he be sharing. Rory said that it would be his but if Thom wasn't comfortable with that, he'd sleep on the floor leaving Thom with the bed. Thom then asked if Rory was comfortable with the idea of sharing a bed with him because there was no way he was going to make someone sleep on the floor."

"As there was still a couple of weeks before we were going to break up for Christmas, I suggested that there was an easy way to answer that. I suggested that Rory spend the weekend at the flat and he and Thom share Thom's bed."

"Rory and Thom thought it was a good idea. Alan and I knew how good a cook Thom was so I came out with the idea that as the four of us would be apart for Christmas, we have our Christmas that weekend. Rory and Thom loved the idea. I came up with a rule for the weekend if Rory was game for it. I looked at Alan and with a grin said that for the whole weekend when we were in the flat, all four of us would be totally naked. Thom looked a little fearful that Rory might not like the idea of being naked in front of three guys he knew to be gay, but the fear turned to glee when Rory agreed to it. Alan and I then relinquished the cooking to Thom and said we'd do the decorating."

"The plan for the weekend was that we'd go out for the night on Friday and all go back to the flat, then we'd all go shopping Saturday morning. Rory could help Thom prepare in the kitchen while we decorated the flat, then Rory, Rick and I would leave Thom alone to finish the cooking. Rory thought that was unfair until Thom told him that he preferred being alone when he was cooking a special meal and that it would be our job to clean up afterwards. We also agreed that if Thom and Rory sleeping in the same bed wasn't a success, Thom would come into our bed for the rest of the weekend leaving Rory sleeping alone, rather than go back to his room in the halls."

"Rory went to his first gay club that Friday. We'd made sure he was happy to go first. We all had a good time and Rory got plenty of guys hitting on him. We had warned him that was likely to happen and he looked really hot that night. We'd told him that he had two choices, he could either tell them that he was straight which some would see as a sort of challenge, or he could say he was with Thom."

"As predicted a few guys did try hitting on Rory, he took it as a compliment and told each guy that he was already taken. Unfortunately there is always one jerk who'll not take no for an answer. Rory shocked me and Rick when he locked lips with Thom and they gave a very convincing show of snogging each other. The show was so good it turned me on. The jerk got the message and left us alone. I tapped Thom on the shoulder to let him know it was ok but they carried on snogging. It seemed like a good five minutes before they broke the kiss. When they separated Thom seemed to have a dazed look in his eyes."

"They didn't kiss again while we were in the club, but they did seem to stand closer to each other for the rest of the night. We left a little after one and went to get something to eat. After we had all got our food we headed home. Alan and I walked behind the other two. We noticed that they seemed to brush against each other every now and then. We could tell that something had changed between them, but we chose to let them discover it themselves. When we got to the flat we said our goodnights and went to our bedrooms."

"Rick and I fell asleep almost as soon as our heads hit the pillows that night and so we didn't know what Thom and Rory got up to if they got up to anything. When we got up Rick and I played around a little and got our morning shot of protein. I reminded Rick of his no clothes rule for the weekend and we went to the kitchen. I knew we'd need a good breakfast to allow Thom free reign on the kitchen for the rest of the day, so we got working on a full English. As we were cooking, we talked about what we thought the other two had got up to when we all turned in for bed."

"I was certain that Thom was going to want to try a little more of Rory after their kissing in the club. Rick was sure that Rory was on the same wavelength. I'm pretty certain it was the smell of bacon that brought Thom into the kitchen. He looked surprised to see Rick and I naked in the kitchen when he first saw us and then you could see the light go on in his head reminding him of the no clothes rule we had set up for the weekend."

"Thom quickly lost the t-shirt and boxers he was wearing and sat down at the table, for him being naked with the two of us was nothing new, we just carried on as normal. I wondered how easy Rory was going to feel. I soon got the answer to that, and Alan and I also got a hint of what had happened while we slept, when Rory walked in unashamedly sprouting wood and planted his lips on Thom's. I was surprised because Rory was obviously circumcised, the only other man I knew to be was myself. Rory was every bit as good looking out of his clothes as he had been in them the night before and seeing him sporting wood was turning me on no ends."

"He wasn't the only one getting turned on. Very little of substance was talked about over breakfast. We all knew we needed to talk but put it off for the time being. Once breakfast and the dishes were finished we got dressed and headed out to the shops to buy the things we wanted for the meal and to decorate the flat."

"Along with getting the food and decorations we also had presents for each other to buy. We all agreed to keep all presents within a limit of ten pounds. We went shopping for the presents first, so headed off in different directions. We all met back up after an hour and then headed off to do the rest of the shopping. I went with Thom to get the food while Rory and Alan went to get the decorations. We met up afterwards and headed home together. When we were back in the flat Rory and Thom went to Thom's bedroom, dumped a few bags and their clothes before they took over the kitchen while we lost our clothes and made a start on decorating."

"After the decorating was done, Rick and I went for a shower. As we were drying off, Rory came in to take his shower before the three of us left to leave Thom alone to the cooking. When I went into the kitchen Thom tried to talk to me about what had happened the night before but I gave him a deep kiss, squeezed his cock a little and told him that all four of us would talk about it after dinner. He slapped my arse as I left the kitchen to get dressed."

"When Rory was ready we went off to the pub to play pool for a bit, Alan told him the subject of what he and Thom had done that morning and night before was best kept for after dinner when the four of us were together when Rory started to bring it up. It turned out that even though Rory had spent all of his time hanging out with his ex-girlfriend in pubs and the Student's Union, he was really bad at pool. Rather than continuing to humiliate him we played a few games before leaving and trying him with bowling. He was marginally better at that than he was at pool but not much. As it neared five we left the bowling hall and headed for the flat."

"As soon as the door was closed behind us, Rory stripped his clothes off; we copied him. I left Rick to take the clothes into the bedroom and went into the kitchen to look after things so Thom could grab a shower, he told me that he would rather grab a shower after dinner when we were all doing the cleaning up."

"Once again Thom's cooking surprised us, but I think Rory had the biggest shock. Although we had told him of Thom's prowess in the kitchen I don't think he really believed us. The meal was the best Thom did while we were at Cardiff. We left Thom to carve the turkey and all tucked in and had a good laugh while we ate. When everyone was stuffed Thom took his leave and went to grab a shower leaving us to wash and tidy up."

"After everything was sorted and squared away, we all sat down to watch a few Christmas movies while we talked and exchanged gifts. Nothing of any substance was said during the first movie. I was the first to bring up what had happened between Rory and Thom. Rory told us that until he had kissed Thom in the club, he hadn't thought of Thom as anything other than a really good friend. He had been surprised to find that when he was kissing Thom he was getting hard. They had talked for hours when we had been asleep. Thom confessed to fancying Rory but hadn't said or done anything about it because he felt it could have ruined their friendship and that meant a lot to him. Rory admitted that he felt he had more in common with and was closer to Thom than he had been to his ex."

"They talked about what Rory getting hard in the club could mean. Was it purely a physical response to snogging someone or did it mean more. Did it mean that Rory was more attracted to Thom than he had realised. They had agreed that kissing in the club had been fun for the both of them but their friendship was something they didn't want to lose. Was it possible to try and take their friendship and turn it into a relationship and if it didn't work would they be able to go back to how things were before that weekend."

"They noticed the time and realised that they weren't going to answer anything then and there and they should try and get some sleep. They agreed on sleeping naked as they were supposed to be following the no clothes rule for the weekend. Rory said that when they were under the covers he asked Thom if he minded if they kissed for a bit being as they had both enjoyed it so much in the club."

"The kissing gave each of them a hard on and Thom asked Rory if he wanted him to take care of it. Rory wasn't sure he was ready for that type of move. Thom suggested that they could just wank off together and that's what they did before they went to sleep."

"They asked us to help them work out what they should do next. The only advice we could give them was to tell Rory of the conversation Alan and I had when Thom asked us to have sex with him, but it basically boiled down to one thing, what was best for the both of them. If they were going to turn their friendship into a relationship then a few things needed to be talked about before they went any further. Would Rory be able to give Thom a blowjob or get fucked by him, because from experience we knew how much Thom liked to fuck us as well as getting fucked by us and I defy any man to admit that he doesn't enjoy getting a blowjob. I wasn't expecting Rory to answer straight away, but if he wasn't able to say yes to both of those then a sexual relationship between the two of them wouldn't be compatible."

"Then there was the other big problem. The issue of coming out. Could Rory's parents accept the fact that their son loved another man? Would they welcome Thom in the same way they had welcomed his ex. Could Rory handle people in general knowing he was in a relationship with Thom? Would it be fair to Thom to ask him to pretend to be something he wasn't, knowing how bad his life had been living a lie with his parents."

"I told them that the answers to these questions were not going to just appear after a few minutes of talking about them and most of them only Rory could answer. Thom, Alan and I had been where Rory was now, we had all struggled with working out our sexuality and there was no quick fix answer. For Rory it was slightly different because he obviously felt some attraction to women. I also added another train of thought and that was if they were to become a couple, would they be exclusive/monogamous or would they be a little more open like Alan and I had been."

"We left the heavy conversation there for the night and settled down to watch one of the best Christmas movies ever made, It's A Wonderful Life. When the film finished Rick and I went to our room but before we left we both kissed Thom like we normally would using our tongues and did the same to Rory. We knew he liked it, his cock told us."

"Rory and Thom were in the kitchen making breakfast when we got up the next day. They looked content together. Rory told us that he and Thom had talked and had agreed that they needed to work out what was going to happen between them before they talked to his parents. He also told us that he had his first gay sexual experience the night before when he had wanked Thom off and let Thom wank him off."

"From the content look about Rory, his mind had already accepted the idea of loving Thom as a partner."

"We had our breakfast and talked about what we were going to do for the day, it turned out we just stayed in watching movies and talking. We spent time trying to help Rory work out his feelings but as you both know, it is something you have to do on your own. Other people can't tell you what you like or don't like."

"When Monday rolled around no answers had been found, we told Rory that he was more than welcome to spend as much time at the flat as he wanted and the invitation was open whether he decided on a relationship with Thom or not."

"During the two weeks that were left before we went home for Christmas, Rory spent a lot of time at the flat. He even suggested that while the four of us were together in the flat, we should stick with the no clothes rule. When you meet them you'll understand how Rick and I had no problem watching Rory and Thom walk around naked."

"Rory talked to the three of us about sex and admitted that he felt some attraction to all of us. The problem he had was working out if the attraction he felt was a result of the closeness we had built up or whether it was because he found us physically attractive. The four of us struggled to answer that."

"Rory and Thom talked about it for a long time and even included us for some of it. I pointed out that it was possible that Alan, Thom and myself could be the only men Rory was ever attracted to and that was fine. What Rory had to decide was if a relationship with Thom could fulfil all his sexual and emotional needs. Rory finally came to the conclusion that the only way to answer that would be to try it. Rory and Thom talked about the best way to go."

"Thom asked Rory if he could imagine a night of oral pleasure with Rick and me. When he said he thought he could, Thom replied that he was certain he couldn't and that maybe that would help move the discussions further. Rory was a little bemused with that answer, I could see, but let it go."

"Before Alan or I would agree to a repeat of our first night with Thom, we made sure both Rory and Thom were happy with it and we also asked what Thom was going to do if we did. Thom told us that he was more than happy for us to 'break Rory in' and he was content to not be a part of it. Rory was nervous as you would expect but admitted that he was also excited about the idea."

"I suggested it might be a good idea if Thom cooked a special meal for Friday which would be a week since the first kiss. Then Rick and I would take Rory into the bedroom and see how well Rory could enjoy a night with us. Thom thought it was a wonderful idea and agreed straight away. With Thom's agreement the rest fell into place apart from one thing. Rory insisted that Thom be in the room."

"I don't know who was more nervous that Friday. Alan and I had Thom's future relationship in our hands and Rory was going to experience his first real gay sex. Rory, Alan and I went out to leave Thom alone to cook the meal. Knowing how bad Rory had been at pool and bowling we went to the cinema. I don't remember what movie we saw that afternoon. We returned at seven to find that Thom had out done himself. We all enjoyed the food but there was a tension between us, not a bad one but more of anticipation."

"The benefit of Rory insisting that we follow the no clothes rule was that when dinner was finished, we didn't have to get anyone undressed. I went over to Rory and pulled him up so he was standing. I started kissing him and we wrestled tongues. While we were kissing I led him to the bedroom. Alan and Thom followed us. I pushed Rory down onto the bed and Alan and I placed ourselves either side of him. I think we spent half hour or more just kissing."

"Rick and I took turns doing battle with Rory's tongue and occasionally battled each other's. Whether it was a physical response or the fact that he was really turned on didn't matter. Rory's cock was definitely standing to attention. So like we did to Thom, Rick and I started to work our lips up from Rory's toes. With Rory not having underwear on, we just brushed our lips on the tip of his cock before moving up his stomach and chest. We could tell that Rory was enjoying it and moaned when we were sucking on his nipples, so we spent a while there before moving up to his lips again."

"We didn't spend long on his lips then before we moved onto his ears which was another spot that had him moaning. We moved back down his body taking time to suck on his nipples and get him really moaning. Like with Thom, Alan was going to blow him while I rimmed him, so we got into position. I don't know if Rory had expected me to rim him or even if he was fully aware of rimming."

"As with Thom, I didn't have my mouth over Rory's cock for long before he shot his load. When he had finished I moved up and gave some of it to Rory and then went over to give some to Thom and Rick."

"We moved Rory over on the bed so we had enough room to give Thom the same treatment. We didn't spend so long kissing Thom before we moved down to his feet and started our way up his body. While our mouths were busy on Thom's body, Rory moved so he and Thom could kiss."

"When Thom shot his load, I went straight to Rory and gave him the lot. While I was sharing Thom's load I was pushed onto my back by Thom and I then got the treatment from Thom and Rory. Thom rimmed me while Rory went to work on my cock. I tried to hold out for as long as I could but I don't think I held out for long. Rory appeared to take it all in his stride. He shared my cum with Thom before they went to work on Rick."

"And boy did they go to work on me. Rather than a repeat performance, Rory rimmed me while Thom sucked me but they shared my cum with each other like they had with Alan's. When they had finished they just collapsed on top of us in a tangle of legs, arms and bodies. We all fell asleep where we were. When I woke up the next morning only Alan and I were on the bed. I found Rory and Thom in the kitchen they had cleaned up the things from dinner and were making a start on breakfast."

"I found the three of them eating breakfast when I walked in. We didn't say much then, Rick and I cleared up and sent the other two into the living room before joining them. I asked the most obvious and probably the most stupid question, when I asked Rory if he had enjoyed himself the night before. He said that Thom had been right when he told him he doubted he could imagine what a night of oral pleasure with us would be like. Had he enjoyed himself? The answer was easy, he'd had the time of his life. Had the night helped him decide if he could have a sexual relationship with Thom then the answer to that was closer to yes than no. Rory asked Rick and I one more thing."

"Rory wanted us to be his firsts just like we had for Thom. I was shocked. I asked him if I had heard him right, did he really mean that he hadn't fucked anyone. He told us that although he had been going with his girlfriend for years, she had always believed that sex should only come when they were married. When they'd got to uni she had given him a few blowjobs but she had insisted that was as far as they were going to go."

"When Rory confessed all that, I asked him what had been the reason for the separation. You could still see the hurt in his eyes when he told us she had been seeing someone behind his back the whole time they had been at uni. The only reason she told him was because she'd fallen pregnant with this other bloke."

"Thom was the first to react and pulled Rory into one massive hug. Rick and I joined and the four of us just stood there holding each other for a while. When we broke I brought us back to Rory's request. I asked if he was certain he wanted Rick and I to be his firsts and not Thom. He told us that he and Thom had talked about it. Thom felt that Rory should have the same experiences that he had had."

"I suggested that as we still had another weekend before we left for Christmas we could give it a go then, leaving Rory and Thom the week at Rory's to talk about where they wanted their relationship to go. The others all agreed and we spent the day doing things as was needed. The only thing different that night from the previous one was that Thom didn't do the cooking. The sex was hot and there was plenty of cum swapped around."

"During the week Rory told us that he didn't want Thom to feel he had to cook again so we agreed to go out for dinner. Rick and I talked about how we could make sure that Thom didn't feel left out. I suggested that if Rory wanted me to fuck him then Rick should fuck Thom at the same time or vice versa and when it was Rory's turn to fuck one of us, Thom could fuck the other."

"When the big night came, Rory told us over dinner that he wanted to do things the same way as Thom. This meant that I would fuck him and he would fuck Alan. I looked at Thom and told him that like we had done the previous week, we were going to include him as well and explained the plan Alan and I had worked out."

"As it was Rory's first time, Thom and I worked on opening him up while he sucked Rick's cock. When we were sure he was ready, Rick got into position and I got Thom onto his back next to Rory. Thom told Rory that if the pain was too much that he was to tell us. I got Thom ready for my entry so I couldn't see the expression on Rory's face as Rick entered him but when I got up and started fucking Thom all I could see was a look of pure joy."

"I expected Rory to cum while I was fucking him just like Thom had and he didn't disappoint. Thom also ended up shooting his load over his stomach while Alan worked his arse. After a little bit of a rest for Thom and Rory's cocks, Alan and I got on our backs and allowed them go to work."

"I am sure you can work out that Rory had an enjoyable night along with the rest of us. The next morning Rick and I started breakfast, and when Rory and Thom joined us we didn't bother asking if Rory had enjoyed himself; we knew the answer to that. Like with the night with Thom after breakfast we were all up for round two."

"The following week we spent most of our time together but we didn't talk about anything that required a lot of thinking. We knew Rory needed time to work out for himself what he was going to do. The day before we were due to leave I asked Rory if he wanted to spend the night as a group or as pairs, he told me that we would have plenty of time as pairs in the next week so he was happy spending the night as a group."

"That night was almost a repeat of Rory's first night with plenty of oral pleasure for the four of us. We had another round the next morning before we left for our week with our parents."

"We arrived back at the flat a few hours before Rory and Thom and did a bit of shopping, we called to find out how far away they were to work out when to start the cooking."

"We timed the cooking well, the boys arrived just before the food was ready. Rory knew Rick and I were dying to know what had happened over Christmas but neither he or Thom would say much while we were eating. They took care of clearing up further dragging out the suspense. When we were all finally sat down Rory and Thom finally spilled the beans."

"Rory told us on the journey to his parent's he said to Thom that after the two weeks of exploring sex with the three of us, he was certain he could be happy in a sexual relationship with him and not feel like he was missing out on anything. What he wanted to spend some time talking about was what sort of things he could expect when he came out to people. He admitted that it would not be fair to Thom to ask him to live a lie."

"Thom answered him by saying the only people Rory had to concern himself with were his family. If they could accept his relationship with Thom then nobody else mattered. While they were still on the road, Rory asked Thom if he wanted to try going out with each other and see what happened. Thom responded by saying hell yes. Rory asked if Thom thought their relationship could work if they were exclusive or if they included others. Thom had been thinking of this for a while before he told Rory that he had come to think of sex with us as a natural way of expressing our love for each other and he would hate to lose any part of that. Did he want to explore sex outside of the foursome, not unless he knew them really well and they were both happy with it. Rory's next question was the trickiest to answer. When should he tell his family. Thom said that he would like to let the family get to know him before they dropped the bomb."

"Between them they worked out that as they would arrive on the twenty third, if they told his family on Boxing Day it would give them three nights before the announcement. When they arrived Thom was welcomed with open arms and made to feel like one of the family. Rory's mother would not allow Thom to lift a finger while he was there, she told him that he was a guest. Rory told him that nobody argued with his mother, what she said was the law."

"Rory's mother, Margie, which she insisted Thom call her, was very apologetic when she mentioned that he would have to share Rory's bed. Of course she knew Rory had already told Thom about the sleeping arrangements. That night they didn't have sex of any sort, they said they wanted to wait until Rory's family knew; besides they'd had a good bit of sex before they left."

"Thom didn't like the idea of not helping when it came to the cooking for Christmas Day. He tried every which way he could to help but Margie would have none of it. Everything went well through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Margie thought Thom was amazing especially when Rory told her of the meals Thom had cooked for us."

"Christmas Night when Rory and Thom went to bed, Thom could feel the tension in Rory before he got near him. They cwtched up but Rory didn't sleep much that night. That feeling of anxiety and nervousness of how your parents will react to the 'I'm gay' statement is something we'll never forget."

"Rory decided that he would tell his parents as soon as he had five minutes of their time after the guests had left at lunch time. When he got them to sit down together he couldn't have been more surprised by their reactions."

"His mother had guessed the minute she saw Thom and Rory together and his father hadn't been far behind. Margie told him that she could see the love the two of them had for each other and was glad her boy had finally found someone he loved. Neither of his parents had been fond of the girlfriend. Margie told Thom that she would be honoured to consider him as her second son. With that Thom broke down in tears and Rory relayed the story of Thom's family."

"Margie got up and hugged him until the tears stopped. The rest of the week went well. Rory and Thom decided that they could go a few more days without sex so when they went to bed it was for sleep. Thom got Rory's help in getting his parents out of the house for a couple of hours on their last full day there so he could cook a meal as a thank you for their welcome and acceptance of his relationship with Rory."

"Margie had smelled a rat from the beginning but sensed that Thom needed to do it. She could have been blown over with a feather when they returned and saw the meal Thom had prepared. When they left the next day for Cardiff, Thom was told by Margie that she expected to see him over Easter."

"Over the next two weeks we were at the flat before uni started again, we had many nights together but most were spent as couples. That term Rory spent that much time around the flat, we looked into the possibility of him giving up his room with the uni and moving in with us. The uni were playing hardball until someone came in asking for a room in the halls."

"Thom went with Rory for a week at Easter to visit his parents. Before we knew it, it was the end of our third year. Alan had decided he wanted to go into nursing, I was sure I wanted to do something in computing while Thom and Rory were going to look into a career in psychology together."

"We found that we could all remain in Cardiff to do the courses we wanted, so we did. Thom and Rory felt that it was a better option to complete their Masters over two years which allowed them to work and reduced their reliance on student loans."

"We continued to live together for the two years and had great fun. When their Masters was finished Rory and Thom decided that they would like to spend some time near Rory's parents, so they moved up to Manchester. We spent most of the summer with them up there before returning for our final year at uni."

"Over the nearly three years we've lived apart, we've spent as much time together here in Cardiff or up in Manchester that work would allow. So that's got you up to date with our lives. I should point out one thing though. Rick and I don't consider ourselves in an open relationship because apart from Rory and Thom we haven't had sex with anyone else. We consider our relationship with them to be something special and loving, that we knew would last."

"Could we ever see us having sex with anyone else? Possibly, but we would have to have the same type of relationship with them that we have with Thom and Rory before we would consider it. When we have had sex with, see that gives the wrong impression, it was more made love with Rory and Thom, we were both involved at all times. Rick and I have never done anything without the other being there so we would both have to be happy with the decision to include someone else."

"We know that some people would consider our relationship with Rory and Thom to be some sort of weird but for us it works, it's a loving relationship where no one is being hurt. I know from talking to others that our relationship can't really be called an open relationship. I don't think a true open relationship would work for us, where as it does for others who are in a committed relationship. . What I suppose I'm trying to say is, don't let others tell you what your relationship should or shouldn't be, as long as it's a loving and trusting one. Just remember you need to talk to each other about how you feel. Any relationship will only work when the people involved are completely honest with each other."

"I know that you both trusted us in telling us certain things and would expect us not to go talking to all and sundry about it. In telling you what happened between us, Rory and Thom, we have told you very personal details. Rory and Thom have always known about how much we think about you Justin, and we have talked to them about our suspicions that you were gay. But, and this is a big but, we would not tell them that you admitted it to us unless you told us we could."

"Same with you Alex, we haven't had a chance to talk to them about you, but we wouldn't tell them about you're cutting up or about you also being gay unless you told us we could. Now you ask, how can we promise that if we've just told you such intimate details about Rory and Thom. That's simple, you see Rick and I have been talking about telling Justin our story since we suspected he was gay. We knew there was going to be an occasion when he asked us about our life. We've asked Rory and Thom about how much we could tell him and they just said they trusted our judgement. Which means if we thought for one moment we couldn't trust either of you, we would have only told you the short version. I know that sounds pretty heavy but I think we needed to explain we weren't breaking any confidence by telling you about Rory and Thom."

"So have we scared you two? Was the story as graphic as you thought by my questions earlier? Do you have any questions right now?"

"I wasn't expecting quite such a detailed description of some things but it definitely gave me things to think about," said Alex, "I am glad you asked us before you started though so it wasn't a shock. I think if I wasn't prepared, well, I'm not saying it would have made me feel like cutting up but I would have felt uncomfortable."

"Hey how come I've never met Thom or Rory?" asked Justin.

"We've never really had the chance to introduce you, but don't worry because you will meet them, I promise. Thom told us when we spoke last weekend that he and Rory were looking to move their psychology practice to Cardiff."

"When are they going to move down, Rick?" asked Alex.

"They are talking about coming down over Whitsun, spending the week and looking at possible places. We've told them that they only need to concentrate on finding offices to work from because they can have the spare bedroom until they are on their feet"

"I guess we won't be able to stay over then?" said Justin.

"I think we can sort something out. I want the two of you to get to know them. They mean a lot to the both of us as you two do. Now, looking at the clock, we'd better get a shift on; by the time we've had food it won't be worth going bowling."

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