Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 25

By and © Anthony Lane

The kiss only lasted a couple of seconds but Justin felt like he could walk on water. Alex wasn't sure what Justin was going to do when he started to move closer, but when their lips met, he felt like there were fireworks going off in his head.

For a few seconds after they separated neither moved, Justin was afraid he had gone too far, while Alex was just taking in what had happened.

"Are you ok? Did I push you too far?" asked Justin nervously.

", I was just a little surprised I guess."

"So it was ok?"

"You kidding me? That was amazing."

"You wanna do it again?"

"Yeah but it would be easier if we stood up, there's not much room down here on the floor." Justin could hear the excitement in Alex's voice.

When they stood up, Justin pulled Alex in so that their fronts were touching. The feel of Alex's cock against his own started to make Junior wake up again, Justin wrapped his arms around Alex's waist placing his hands on Alex's buns. Then he slowly brought his face closer until their lips met again. After a few seconds, Justin opened his lips a little and ran his tongue over Alex's lips, sending electricity through his whole body.

When Alex felt Justin's tongue flick across his lips he felt weak at the knees, he was grateful that Justin was holding him close. His cock was starting to rise with this new sensation running through his lips. It only took Alex a few seconds before he opened his lips a little and as he did, Justin's tongue slipped past them and started to explore this new space. As the two boys started to enjoy this new found pleasure the warm water continued to spray over them from the shower head.

"Oh wow, I knew kissing had to be fun but..WOW." said Justin.

"I know. It's definitely one of my new favourite things to do." Alex giggled.

"I would love to stay and do this all day, but I am starting to turn into a prune and I got that test soon."

"Ok, well why don't we try and finish showering and then we can go and get some breakfast. But it's your turn to wash my back next time."


Alex had finally accepted that being intimate with Justin was ok and that it gave him extreme pleasure. He found himself starting to imagine doing some of the things that he had heard people talking about and seen on Queer as Folk.

The boys quickly soaped up and rinsed off before getting out of the shower. As they were drying off Justin thought he should say something about what had just happened.



"Are you ok with what we just did? I didn't push you into it did I?"

"No you didn't and yes I am ok with what we just did. I know that perhaps things haven't happened in the order I would have thought I would do them in, but I have enjoyed doing it none the less. I definitely think we are going to be doing a lot more kissing, that was wicked fun."

"And what about the sex part?"

"It was weird to begin with, I have never really thought much about sex with another boy before. I mean I know there is masturbating like we have done and I know you explained a bit about oral and anal sex and there's what I've seen on your DVDs, but I guess I never really thought about doing much of it myself, but what we just did was fun."

"Good coz I enjoyed it as well. I know you won't be able to go on the test with me this morning so why don't you read some of the stories on Nifty? Some of them are full of information on what two boys can do." Justin was grinning from ear to ear thinking of the story he had been reading recently.

"Maybe, but are we supposed to be on there? I mean isn't that stuff for people over 18?"

"Well the way I look at it, it's stories about boys our age doing things we have considered or want to do, and it's not like we are being forced into reading it. Plus I have seen worse stuff on telly."

"Are you sure you don't mind me using the computer? I mean I am not that good around them, what if I do something and mess it up?"

"I've told you what is mine is now yours as well; plus I'll give you a quick crash course after breakfast so you know what you are doing."


They finished towelling off and went back into the bedroom. Justin went into his drawers and threw Alex some underwear. After that he got some t-shirts and bottoms for himself and Alex. Then before they went down for some breakfast Justin moved closer to Alex and started kissing him again.

When they got into the kitchen both Simon and Sarah were there drinking tea.

"So champ, ready for your test?" asked Simon.

"Maybe, just feel a little nervous."

"You'll be fine, just remember what you've been doing for weeks and you'll have no worries."

"So what do you boys want for breakfast?" asked Sarah.

"I'll just have my usual please." said Alex.

"I don't think my stomach could handle much mom."

"I think some toast should help you sweetie, you don't want to go with an empty stomach."

"No I don't, toast sounds ok."

The two boys started to make their breakfasts, Alex's being cornflakes and milk. It didn't take long before he was sat at the breakfast bar.

"What do you have planned for this morning Alex?" asked Sarah.

"I was going to do some reading and stuff, until Justin comes home."

"Well I was hoping you might like to come with me, I have some errands I need to do and I need a strong set of arms to help me."

"I don't know about a pair of strong arms, but I'll help where I can."

"Ok then." said Sarah.

"What have you gotta do mom?" Justin asked as he sat down at the breakfast bar by Alex.

"Just a few things I've been meaning to do, and I thought being as you and your dad are going to be busy it would give me and Alex a bit of time together."

"Oh, ok. I have sort of monopolised his time."

"That's good, especially since you two are...well you know, is a couple the right description?" she said smiling at them both.

"Yes mom, a couple is the right description."

"What time did you want to leave Sarah?" asked Alex a little red in the face.

"Justin has to be at the exam centre for ten, so he'll need to leave here before half nine and I thought we could go at the same time."

"Ok, do you know what the weather is supposed to do?"

"Unfortunately, it's going to rain most of the day so you'll need your jacket."

"Just what I needed, rain for the test."

"Hey, don't knock it; when I took my first test, it was snowing." Simon chipped in.

"I thought they cancelled the tests if it was snowing."

"Not unless it's really snowing heavy."

"I'm definitely glad it's not snowing, I'll just go get ready. I'll be back in a few minutes."

When Justin left the room, Alex continued to eat his breakfast and Sarah sat drinking her tea while Simon read the paper. True to his word, Justin was only gone a few minutes. When he returned he was ready to go.

"Calm down tiger, we have half hour yet before we have to go." said Simon.

Justin's nerves were starting to really kick in now. He couldn't keep still. He went from bouncing his legs while he was sat at the breakfast bar by Alex to walking around the kitchen. When Simon had had enough he stood up and got his keys.

"Ok then if you are determined to walk a groove in the floor, you may as well do it outside the test centre. Have you got the paperwork you need?"

"Yeah dad."

"We'll see you later Sarah, Alex. Go unlock the car then Justin and I'll be there in a min."

"Good luck." Alex and Sarah said at the same time.

As Justin left, Simon turned around to make sure he was gone. "I'll call you as soon as I know one way or the other."

"Ok, we'll see you later."

With that Simon left the kitchen and joined Justin in the car. When Sarah heard the door shut she turned to Alex.

"You ready to go?"

"Yep, just gotta swill the bowl out."

"First stop town and then we need to get to Rick and Alan's."

"Why there?"

"Well Alan and Rick have agreed to let us throw a bit of a surprise party for Justin at theirs."

"Why not here?"

"I didn't want to put up stuff here, only for Justin to walk in and say he didn't pass, so we thought if we did up Rick and Alan's place, he would be none the wiser and wouldn't feel worse if he doesn't pass."

"Oh, I got it."

"Well I'll go get the car ready."

When Alex had finished swilling the dish out he went to the closet and picked up his jacket before joining Sarah in the car, locking the door behind him.

The trip into town was quick, Sarah went straight to the party shop to get the banner and a few balloons. The next stop was the bakery where she had a cake on order and bought some rolls, pasties and sausage rolls, passing the cake to Alex to carry. The final stop was to the supermarket where she picked up some meats for the rolls and a few salad things.

As the car pulled up outside Rick's Sarah was glad to see the whole trip out had only taken three quarters of an hour, which gave them another forty five minutes before they expected Simon and Justin to turn up. Rick had been watching for her and went out to help with the shopping.

"Hi Rick." said Sarah

"Hey guys. What do you want me to help with?"

"Can you carry the cake in? I think we've got the rest, then can you help me hide my car so Justin doesn't see it if they come around?"

"Sure thing.What time do you expect them to turn up?

"The test is due to start any time now, it lasts for around half hour and then there is the paperwork and the drive here, so possibly not before quarter past eleven."

"That gives us plenty of time, between the four of us I think we can cope. How are you doing Alex?"

"Pretty good."

"How's the arm?"

"It's ok, I'll be glad when the stitches come out though."

"About that, Alan and I've checked and we are both off Monday if you still want to go swimming."

"Cool, Justin will be stoked. At least if today goes wrong, he'll have some good news to cheer him up."

Alan said hi to everyone as they walked out to the kitchen to get started on preparing for the party. Alan and Sarah cracked on with the food while Alex and Rick started putting up the banner and the balloons. When they were finished they went to help with the food. They were just finishing off when Sarah's phone went off.

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