Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 22

By and © Anthony Lane

Before Alex went out of Justin's room he adjusted his cock which had become uncomfortable. Both boys headed downstairs and out the front door.

"Do you mind if we really push it today? I think we could both do with it." asked Alex.

"You start and set the pace then, and I'll take over later if you want."


The boys headed in their normal direction. Alex was pushing his limits as they were going around the park and eventually had to give in and rest. Justin was glad he had stopped as well. While Alex was sat down resting, Justin went and got them a drink. When he got back, he sat down next to Alex.

"Are you sure you are ok with what I told you?" asked Justin.

"Sure am, Sunshine."

"What? Where did you get that name?"

"Well, when you were getting changed you looked up and smiled at me, your whole face lit up and that's when I realised you were my ray of hope, my Sunshine."

"You do realise that's what Debbie calls Justin on Queer as Folk?"

"No, but I do now." Alex laughed. "I have a surprise for you later."

"Why do I have to wait till later?"


"Because what?"

"Do you see anywhere I could be hiding your surprise?"

"I don't know? There are a few places I can think of." Justin was grinning.

"You have a one track mind." Alex smiled.

"You ready to go again?"


When the boys got back home it was nearly time for dinner. They didn't have time to hang around in the shower so it had to be fast. They both managed to appear in the kitchen just before Sarah put the food on the table.

Once they had finished eating Simon said "Alex, I know you probably don't want to talk much more about what went on in school and I am not going to ask you to. I just want you to know that I think Sarah's idea of going to the Governors is the right thing. Hopefully we won't have to pull you into it too much, and whilst our efforts will probably not have positive effects for you, I do think if we can get them to accept bullying goes on at the school they will be forced to address it, and hopefully it will save someone else from suffering as you have."

"I think you're right Simon, I would hate to think of someone else having to go through that."

"Would you guys be up for going to the cinema again?" Simon asked, he thought a trip to the cinema would cheer both of the boys up.

"Yeah." Justin quickly answered.

"Yes please."

"Good. I thought we could all go this time but I don't think you two want to see the film Sarah and I were going to watch."

"What one is that dad?"

"It's something to do with elephants."

"Sounds boring, do you know what else is there?"

"I'm not sure, why don't you have a look online while your mother and I do the dishes for a change."

"Really I don't mind doing the dishes." Alex said.

"Go and have a look at what you two are going to watch." Sarah said with a tone of finality.

The two boys went up to Justin's room so they could pull up the website for the local cinema. When they had gotten the site up, they quickly realised there wasn't many films that interested them, then they noticed Source Code was still showing, Justin was a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal so for him it was an easy choice. They headed down to tell Simon they had made their choice.

After all the dishes were done, Sarah and Simon got ready and they all headed to the car. When they walked in to the cinema, Simon went to get the tickets while Sarah and the boys went to get the drinks and treats. Justin picked up one of the tubs of Ben & Jerry's Coconutterly Fair ice cream to share between him and Alex. Chocolate ice cream was one of Justin's favourite treats for a few different reasons. Firstly, he loved chocolate. Secondly he always had chocolate when he felt depressed, and after the day both he and Alex had had, it was an easy decision. He had made sure he brought two spoons with him before he left the house.

As Sarah was paying for the treats, the boys went over to Simon to get their tickets from him. Source Code was going to start after Water for Elephants so they were left in the foyer while Simon and Sarah headed to their screen. When it was time for their film, the boys chose two seats in the back row where there was a bit more privacy. It turned out they didn't have to worry because there was only five others who showed up before the film started, and they chose seats near the front. Justin took the plastic off the ice cream, placed the tub in the cup holder between them and gave Alex one of the spoons. Alex went to try a little of the ice cream when Justin stopped him.

"I'm not stopping you because you can't have any, it's just this ice cream is better when it's a little gooey, so we need to let it melt a little first."

"Oh, ok."

"So what's happening about this surprise you were talking about earlier?"

"I haven't forgotten."

The lights dimmed and the screen filled with the opening trailers. Justin reached for the ice cream just as the film began. He took his spoon, scooped up some of the soft chocolate goo and reached over and placed the spoon to Alex's lips. Alex opened his mouth to accept the spoon. Alex swirled the ice cream around his mouth as he savoured the flavour. He copied Justin and placed his spoon with some of the ice cream in Justin's mouth. Justin made a point of making sure that Alex ate most of the ice cream believing the curative powers of chocolate would do him some good.

With the boys feeding each other the ice cream they were only half paying attention to the film. When the tub was empty Justin placed his arm around Alex as they watched the rest of the film. Alex placed his hand on Justin's knee while Justin placed his other hand on top interlocking their fingers. The closeness of the two started to wake Junior up, it forced Justin to try and rearrange him on a number of occasions before the film ended; something that wasn't lost on Alex making him feel horny as well.

Even though the boys' film started later, they were still out before Simon and Sarah. They hung around the foyer looking at the posters advertising the movies coming out in the next month, the only ones to interest Justin was the new Pirates of the Caribbean and Fast Five.

When Simon and Sarah came out, they all headed to the car to go home.

Just after they had gotten through the front door, Alex did something unexpected.

"Thank you." he said as he hugged Sarah.

"What was that for?"

"For everything you have done for me this past week, I can't thank you enough."

"It's been a pleasure."

Both Justin and Alex thanked Simon for taking them to the cinema for the second time in a week, before they headed up to Justin's room. When they were in there Justin pulled Alex into a hug of his own.

"You are amazing, you know that?" Justin whispered.

"How come?"

"You haven't shied away from me after I told you I could have stopped those bullies."

"And I told you, they would have done it sooner or later, but you are the one who is amazing. You have made me feel a million times better about myself than I did before I met you."

"But I haven't done anything."

"Believe me you have. There is the sex ed talk for a start and a few other things you have done that have made me feel like I am normal and not some sort of freak."

"So what do you want to do now?"

"Why don't we watch some more Queer as Folk, I want to see what happens with Justin and Brian."

"Ok, you get comfy while I sort the telly out."

Before Alex got on the bed he stripped down to his boxer briefs. Justin just looked, he was stunned, he wasn't expecting Alex to go so far. Alright, they had cwtched up without their tops on but they had always had their jeans on before. Junior was really waking up now. After a few seconds of staring, Justin shook himself and sorted out the telly and DVD player but didn't ask about what Alex was doing. When he had put the disc in and pressed play he moved over to the bed and stripped down to his boxer briefs as well.

"So I take it this is my surprise?" Justin asked as he cwtched up to Alex, resting his head on Alex's bare chest.

"Maybe, besides it's still quite warm and boxers are not really much different to shorts so why not."

"Thank you."

"No problem, like I said you have done a lot for me. I just wanted to do something for you that I knew you would like that wouldn't freak me out."

"I don't want you to do anything you don't feel comfortable with."

"I know."

The boys watched the episode where Brian threw Michael a birthday party for his 30th. It was interesting to Alex how someone who was supposed to love another could be such a complete asshole to them. What surprised him more though was the pact Emmett made with God about going straight if his HIV test turned out to be negative; it made him wonder if it was possible. When the next episode had finished where Emmett had gone to 'See the Light' Justin felt he should point out something before the idea of conversion settled into Alex's mind just like Emmett's.

"Listen, I know that what Emmett is doing looks like something you might consider, I don't want to spoil things for you but something happens in a few episodes time that you will need to see before you consider doing what he is doing."

"If I am honest, I am beginning to be happy the way I am, I have the cutest boy as my boyfriend and I live in a home where I am not treated like a freak, so you don't have to worry about me trying to 'See the Light'."

"I am glad you feel like that."

"There was something else I had in mind as a surprise for you, do you want it now?"

"Yes please."

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to do something like we did in the showers at the beach." Justin got up and looked at Alex to see if he was being serious.

"Are you kidding, I would love to, but only if you want to."

"I think I am ready, besides watching some of the action on the telly has made me really horny and I know Junior is more than awake, I felt him pressing against me since you cwtched up." Alex smiled "So do you want to?"

"Yeah, but wait, there is something I want to show you."

Justin got up and changed the disc in the player. The screen was suddenly filled with two naked men, one of whom was kissing his way down the chest of the other. Alex's cock suddenly sprang to life. As Justin was making his way back to the bed, he took his boxer briefs off, releasing Junior.

"Wait." Justin said when Alex moved to take his off.


"Can I do it?"

"If you want."

Alex was happy to play along for the moment. Justin moved to the bottom of the bed so he was kneeling over Alex's feet. Then he leaned forward and placed his hands on the waistband of Alex's underwear. As he started to move them slowly down, Alex lifted his bum into the air to allow them to move easy. Justin was longing to replicate the scene on the telly, but felt that would be pushing Alex too far. Justin slowly pulled the underwear down Alex's legs, taking pleasure in being so close to the one thing he desperately wanted to hold. When he reached Alex's calves he had to get off the bed to be able to pull them down over his feet. As they came free, he threw them to the floor and got on the bed next to Alex.

They lay side by side watching each other more than the telly. Justin was enjoying watching Alex slowly stroke his cock, he noticed it was a bit smaller than his own. Not that he thought his was big, he had noticed that all of the ones in porn were a lot bigger. Justin didn't know a lot of the porn actors were chosen because they were larger than most men.

Alex was also enjoying looking at Justin stroking his cock when a thought seemed to take over. He wondered how it would feel to hold Junior. Was he brave enough to touch it? Surely Justin would be happy if he did, wouldn't he? It's not like he would be doing something dangerous, right? He made his mind up and moved his hand onto Justin's thigh. He could feel the hairs tickle his hand as he moved it slowly. Before he got close to Justin's groin he chickened out and just moved his hand back down Justin's thigh.

Justin couldn't believe it, Alex was actually moving his hand closer to Junior. Was this really happening? Justin started to tense up as Alex's hand got closer to Junior but then he stopped and started to move his hand back down. Despite the shock and disappointment, Justin decided to try a little something of his own. He changed the hand he was stroking Junior with and then placed his other hand on top of the hand Alex had placed on his leg. He gave it a squeeze before slowly moving it towards Junior. As he got close, he could feel the tension creep into Alex's arm. He went a little more slower now as he felt Alex's fingers brush his ball sack.

Alex felt a thrill when Justin started to move his hand closer to Junior. Electricity shot through him in waves as his fingers brushed across Justin's balls. The slight fuzz on the skin felt different to the hairs on Justin's legs. His breath stopped when Justin moved his hand onto Junior. Alex slowly wrapped his fingers around the shaft; he felt Junior throb as he slowly moved his hand up and down. He couldn't believe he was doing this, it felt so different holding Junior compared to his own cock.

Justin felt like Heaven had taken him. He was full of euphoria feeling someone else play with Junior, the fact that the person doing the stroking was Alex only added to the experience. It didn't take long for him to feel his balls tighten which told him he was close to shooting his load.

"Faster, go faster." Justin said.

The request shocked Alex for a second but then he did as he was asked. He started to move his hand up and down Junior faster and faster and then there was a cry from Justin as Alex felt and saw Junior shoot. The cum shot so far that some of it landed in the little hollow at the base of Justin's neck, the rest made a dotted line down the rest of his chest and stomach.

Alex's whole concentration went into stroking Junior faster so his own cock got forgotten. But when Justin came, he started to stroke his own again. When Justin recovered from his orgasm, which took only a few seconds, he realised that Alex was still jerking off.

"You can say no if you want, but do you mind if I do that?"


Justin moved his hand over Alex's cock and slowly started moving his hand up and down the shaft. As he found his rhythm Alex laid back and just concentrated on the feelings that were running through him. It felt weird having his cock being stroked by someone else, a good kind of weird. It wasn't long before his balls constricted telling him he was close to shooting.

Justin had noticed the movement in Alex's balls and increased the speed of his hand. With a whimper from Alex, his cock shot out its load. It landed on his stomach in three globs. Alex was aware of Justin saying something but he was still lost in his orgasm, then he felt something different on his stomach. He opened his eyes to see Justin's tongue licking up his cum, it tickled, but he wasn't bugged out by it. After all he had seen Justin tasting cum before.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, I couldn't let it go to waste." Justin said with a big grin.

"It's ok."

"You're serious aren't you?"

"Yeah, it's not like you haven't tasted it before, it just felt a little weird having you licking it off my stomach, it tickled."

"Cool. So do you want to watch more Queer as Folk?"

"Yeah, why not, nothing to rush getting up for."

Justin got up to get his cum towel to clean himself off. When he was finished he put the next DVD on and got back on the bed. He cwtched up to Alex and placed his hand around Alex's belly button. Being on the bed with Alex naked beside him, Justin wasn't paying any notice to the telly; his hand quietly made its way closer and closer to Alex's cock.

"If you want to hold it, I am not going to stop you."

It was the third time Alex had managed to surprise Justin that night. He raised his head off Alex's chest and looked him in the eyes.

"Are you sure you don't mind?"

"It's what you were going to be doing in about five minutes anyway. I'm just giving you permission to do it now if you want to."

Justin didn't need telling twice. He put his head back on Alex's chest and moved his hand so he was holding Alex's cock. They stayed like that for some time. Both cocks getting larger because of the contact, but neither wanting to do anything about it.

"Where are you going?" Justin asked as Alex made a move to get off the bed as the programme was finishing.

"I was going to turn in. I am getting sleepy and I wanted to move before I fell asleep."

"You don't have to, you can share my bed with me."

"I don't want to upset you, especially after what we did earlier it's just at the moment I would rather sleep alone. I can't explain why."

"Oh, ok."

Alex could hear the disappointment in Justin's voice but he really didn't understand it himself.

Alex hugged Justin before he got up off the bed got dressed and made his way down to his room.

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