Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 17

By and © Anthony Lane

Justin woke on Monday morning feeling a little nervous about what he was going to have to do. He knew that there was nothing to be nervous about, after all his parents already knew what he wanted to tell them. He got up and showered taking care of Junior while he was wet.

When he went downstairs he found Alex alone in the kitchen.

"Where's mom and dad?"

"They popped down to the shops to get a few things for the beach."

"Did they say what time we'd be leaving or if Rick & Alan will be coming?"

"Rick and Alan are going to meet us around lunch time. Your parents should only be about half hour or so, they told me to make sure you were up and ready before they got back."

"I guess I should have stayed in bed until you came for me." Justin smiled at the innuendo.

"You can be so rude sometimes." Alex couldn't help but smile back. "Why don't you go and have a cold shower, it looks like you didn't do too good a job with Junior this morning."

Justin looked down and realised Junior was wide awake and pointing again. "It's your fault, he just can't behave around you." He smiled and moved closer to Alex, reached over and squeezed Alex's hand. He wanted to do more but didn't want to push Alex out of his comfort zone. After a few seconds of intimacy he made his breakfast and sat down opposite Alex.

"Have I told you how gorgeous you are?"

"What are you talking about? I'm not." Alex still couldn't accept these types of compliments.

"You might not think so, but I think you are absolutely gorgeous. If it makes you uncomfortable I won't mention it too often but I won't promise to never say it."

"Thanks. I know I keep saying it and I'm sorry to be so repetitive but I'm not used to anyone being so nice to me." Justin reached over and squeezed Alex's hand again, this time he kept hold as he continued to eat his breakfast.

Sarah and Simon walked into the kitchen with Justin still holding Alex's hand. Justin quickly pulled his hand away but then realised his parents had already seen it. He decided now was as good a time as any.

"Mom, dad, there is something I want to tell you."

"We know son, and it's ok with us. We've suspected for a while now. There is one thing your father and I want you to promise us though."

"What's that?" He expected the worst.

"Well it actually applies to you both; we are guessing that at the moment you haven't, but we understand that at some stage you two will want to be intimate with each other." Alex didn't know where to look, Justin was red with embarrassment. "I know how embarrassing it can be to talk about sex with your parents, I could never have talked to mine about it, just promise me you will talk to Alan or Rick before you do anything, they'll be able to give you better advice than me or your mom."

"There is one more thing." Justin couldn't think what it could be, he was already more embarrassed than he could ever remember. "If you two want to hold hands or cwtch up in front of us, that's fine, even some light kissing, but keep anything heavier for the bedroom, alright?" Sarah smiled at both boys and ruffled Justin's hair, this time both boys went bright red.

"Now are you boys ready to go to the beach?"

"Almost dad, just gotta clean our dishes." Justin and Alex swilled out their breakfast bowls and they collected their gear, then all four headed to the car and off to the beach. Justin and Alex sat in the back with Simon driving and Sarah in the front with him. After the speech from his parents, Justin wanted to see if his parents had meant what they said, he attempted to hold Alex's hand; Alex however felt too uncomfortable with such a public display. Justin could understand his reluctance although he was disappointed.

When the family arrived at the beach it was still early and there weren't that many people there. As the day progressed the number of people swelled. The boys wanted to spend the afternoon with Rick and Alan so decided to go for a run before they got there. They ran up and down the beach for over an hour before they went back and sat with Sarah and Simon.

"What are we having for lunch?" Justin was starving after the run.

"We thought we'd have lunch at Freddo's, where they have the best fish & chips around here." Sarah had always thought you couldn't go to the beach without having fish and chips.

"What time is Rick and Alan turning up?"

"We agreed to meet them at Freddo's about half one."


The boys spent the rest of the morning reading books they had brought with them. Justin had persuaded Alex to give the Harry Potter books a go while Alex had gotten Justin reading the Earth's Children series by Jean M Auel.

Alex's father, or to be more precise the vicar at their church, stated that witchcraft and wizardry was the work of the devil, and anything that contained it would lead anyone who read them straight to hell. This pronouncement meant that the JK Rowling series had been strictly off limits to Alex and his brother. Alex was surprised at how easily he was hooked to the story after only reading a few chapters. Justin knew that as soon as Alex read the first of the series he would be addicted, just like he was. It was a world that many people wanted to believe actually existed. While Justin knew it was aimed at the younger audience, after all the author had started writing it for her daughter, he was trying to work up the nerve to ask his parents to go to the Harry Potter World that had recently opened in Florida. The thought of walking down the Great Hall of Hogwarts was an experience he wanted to be able to get the chance to appreciate, even if it was make believe.

While Justin enjoyed reading, he tended to keep to particular authors and had never heard of Jean M Auel. He was surprised when he started reading the Clan of the Cave Bear, it wasn't the type of book he would have picked up himself. The story was about a little girl being orphaned by an earthquake, wandering around for days in a state of delirium, before being attacked by a cave lion, being found by a group of people that didn't look like her and being raised as one of them. Justin was surprised at how easily he was drawn into the book considering that his favourite author was John Grisham who wrote stories about lawyers. Justin couldn't remember whether it was the books that made him want to be a lawyer or his dream of becoming a lawyer had led him to the books.

At lunch time the four headed off the beach to the fish shop to meet Alan and Rick. The sun had been doing its best all morning to warm the beach up and by the time lunch was over, it was quite warm. After everyone was finished, it was back to the beach to allow their food to settle before they went on the Amusement Park rides.

While they were on the beach, Rick suggested they have a bit of a kick about with the ball he had brought. The boys were up for it, but Simon and Sarah sat it out. They started off playing in their couples, Rick and Alan against Alex and Justin. After a while they split into different teams with Alan pairing up with Alex.

During a rest Alex thought about what had happened since he had gotten up that morning. He was amazed at how Rick and Alan were acting as if he had always been part of the family. He had been surprised at how nonchalant Sarah and Simon had seemed with the discovery of his relationship with Justin. He couldn't tell the last time he had enjoyed a day so much.

After their break, the boys changed teams for the last time with Justin teaming up with Alan. Justin suggested that they go for a bit of a splash around in the sea to help cool down, so all four headed off. When they got to the surf, Alex was a little hesitant, it wasn't because he was afraid of water, it was just that he was a little nervous about what might happen. Justin grabbed his good arm and pulled him in, making sure that he didn't pull so hard that Alex lost his balance.

Alex quickly lost his nervousness and enjoyed splashing around with the others, they automatically paired off when they attacked each other, trying to splash someone. Justin was the first to be dunked into the water. Rick had crept up behind him and wrapped his arms around Justin's waist before he pulled him off his feet and threw him into the water. After that it became a contest to see who could dunk who. Alex being smaller, quicker and closer to the shoreline was the last one to get dunked. He was enjoying himself so much that he wasn't bothered by his head going under the water.

Eventually the four went back to find Sarah and Simon. They got the car keys from them to allow Alex and Justin the chance to drop off their wet towels and clothes so they didn't have to carry them around on the rides. They headed off to a block that contained same sex showers and changing rooms. When they got there Alex felt nervous. The showers were open plan, meaning there was no privacy; he hadn't gotten undressed in front of anyone since he had last done P.E. two years ago. This open plan did have its plus side in that he would get to see the others in all their glory. He suddenly became afraid of what would happen when he did, he was certain his cock would not behave. He was also certain that he couldn't cope with boning up completely naked in front of Justin, never mind Rick and Alan.

Rick was the first undressed and when Alex looked, he saw a fine specimen. Rick had a well defined upper body which didn't lose definition through the chest hair. Alex tried not to look below the waist but it was impossible. He noticed that Rick's cock looked different to his, it didn't seem to have a foreskin; he hadn't heard or seen anything like it. He was more amazed when Alan joined Rick in the showers. Alan's upper body was well defined like Rick's only there was only a little hair around the nipples and below the belly button. What amazed Alex was Alan's cock. It had metal coming out of it. He was startled when Justin spoke.

"Hey, that's new, when did you get it?"

"What, you mean the piercing? It was something we both thought would be a bit of fun, it hurt like hell for a few days, especially when I went for a piss, but it definitely adds spice to the sex."

"Wow. I'd read about people getting those type of piercings but I never thought much of them."

"Yeah well it's not something to rush into getting."

Justin finished taking off his wet boxers and joined the other two in the showers, he didn't appear to be bothered about being naked in front of Rick and Alan.

"Oh no, I wasn't thinking of getting it done. I'm not sure I could deal with the pain."

Alex reluctantly started to undress. When he removed his wet boxers he joined the others in the showers. He tried not to look too much, but to him Justin was too perfect not to look at. It was as he was taking a quick look at Justin, when he thought no one was watching, that he noticed Junior was bigger than when Justin had gotten into the shower. Alex was unable to take his eyes away, it seemed that the more he looked the bigger Junior got. It wasn't long before it was pointing straight out. Alex hadn't noticed that his cock was doing exactly the same. He was so embarrassed when he realised he was.

Alan noticed the look on Alex's face. "Alex, look at me a second. Don't worry about it, we aren't, besides, this one here has been sprouting wood in front of us for so long we just ignore it. It was one of the things that led us to suspect he may be gay."

"Hey, I don't bone up all the time." Justin retorted

"Yeah you do dude. It's nothing to be ashamed of, especially when you have one like that." Even though Rick was always impressed at the size of Justin's cock when he sprouted wood, he had never considered Justin as anything more than like a brother.

Justin was so turned on it was unbelievable. He had finally seen Alex naked and as a bonus Alex had boned up. Rick and Alan could both see how turned on the boys were so they quickly finished their showers, got dressed and told them they might want to take care of the stiff problems they both seemed to have before they left the showers.

"So, do you want to?"

"Do I want to what?"

"Jack off together silly?"

"We couldn't do that in here, what if someone came in?"

"Sure we can. It's only us here. Rick and Alan will be watching for anyone coming in anyways."


"Oh.......I forgot, you haven't done it with someone else watching have you? It's ok we don't have to if you're too uncomfortable."

"It's just, well..... are you sure it's ok?" Alex's desire to see Justin wanking was getting the better of him.

"I'm certain we'll be fine, besides how else are you going to get him to go down before you go out?"

"I suppose you're right."

That was all Justin needed to hear, he began stroking Junior. Alex just watched for a few seconds, it was so hot watching Justin stroking Junior. He began to stroke his cock and quickly matched the rhythm Justin had going. They turned to face each other, Justin placed his right hand on Alex's shoulder. As he was really getting into it, Justin wanted so much to pull Alex closer so he could at least kiss him, but he knew that would probably freak Alex out. The boys couldn't take their eyes off each other, they were looking into each other's eyes one second then watching the stroking the next. Justin moved his hand off Alex's shoulder and started to move it up Alex's neck until he had his hand on Alex's head as if he were going to pull him in for a kiss.

Justin was the first to shoot his load, it splashed over Alex's stomach, which brought Alex to climax within seconds. When Alex shot his load over Justin's stomach, he was shocked by what Justin did. Justin took a little of the cum off his stomach with his finger and put it in his mouth.

"God that tastes soooooooo good." He proceeded to clear the rest up with his fingers before putting it in his mouth. "Did you enjoy that? I know I did."

"It wasn't bad, no that's a lie, it was hot, well, you are hot."

"If you enjoyed it so much, maybe we could do it again sometime?" Alex left the question unanswered, he had really enjoyed it but he wasn't sure he was ready for a repeat performance anytime soon.

The boys finished showering and joined Rick and Alan, who had been waiting just outside the door.

"So ready for the rides?"

"You two going on everything this time or are you chickening out again Alan?"

"I didn't chicken out last time, I told you my stomach was playing up. Come on, let's go find your parents, and then we can see who's chicken." said Alan.

They found Simon and Sarah waiting near the entrance to the entertainment park where all the best rides were.

"Sarah, what am I going to do about the dressing on my arm?"

"Being as he is here, would you mind if Alan had a look? I'm not sure if he's told you, but he works as a nurse. He will be able to tell us if we need to keep the dressing on, he should also know about when we need to get the stitches taken out."

"I suppose it would be ok." Alex was thinking that his reluctance to show people was pointless with Rick and Alan, when they had just seen him sprouting a boner in the showers.

"Alan, would you mind having a look at Alex's arm? We were wondering if he needs to keep a bandage on and how much longer the stitches need to stay in."

"Sure, why don't you sit down on the bench over there and I can have a look." After they sat down Alan rolled Alex's sleeve up and removed the bandage. "I'd say you will need to leave the stitches in for a little bit longer, you are going to want to keep the bandages on as well, it could be dangerous if you caught the stitches in something. We can get you some dry bandages from the shop over there." After a quick trip to the shop Sarah returned to the bench with the bandages and tape. Alan quickly changed the bandage and then they joined the others to go into the park.

Justin loved the rides, he sat next to Alex when he could, and on all the fast ones they ended up being thrown together at times. Alex really enjoyed the thrills he got from the speed the rides went.

When they had been on all the rides once, they went back to the ones they had enjoyed the most. Everyone had had enough when six o'clock came around, with the weather still being so warm they made plans to stop at a supermarket on the way home to get things for a barbeque back at Rick and Alan's place.

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