Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 11

By and © Anthony Lane

Justin put Beautiful Thing on, a story of two teenage boys who live next door to each other in a high rise building on an estate in London. Through a series of incidents the boys fall in love. For Justin the film was a modern day fairytale, he even thought the soundtrack was amazing. He thought that by showing Alex this particular film he would realise that it was possible for a boy to fall in love with another boy.

Alex was only able to keep his eyes open for about the first ten minutes of the film. The opening up to Justin had taken more out of him than the run and that had been pretty draining. Justin found Alex's sleeping face more interesting than watching the film, then about half way through the film Alex rolled over towards Justin and in this move his right arm landed on Justin's stomach. This innocent move on Alex's part made Justin's groin so hard he had to adjust himself to get comfy again. Alex didn't move again until Justin woke him, he wanted to leave Alex sleeping but he knew that his mother would have food done soon, so when the film ended he gently started to shake Alex while also calling his name.

As Alex was coming around he said "Oh, I'm sorry for falling asleep." Then he realised that his arm was on Justin's stomach, he quickly pulled it away and moved away from Justin. "I'm sorry, you should have moved my arm or woke me."

"What are you sorry for? I enjoyed having you close. Junior liked it as well." Justin had a wicked grin on his face when he mentioned Junior and pointed to show Alex what he was talking about. Alex couldn't believe what Justin was showing him. His head was in a spin, it was only a few hours ago that the possibility of Justin seeing him with an erection was enough to send him to the brink of cutting up and now here he was with Justin again, only this time Justin had the erection and he was happy to point it out to Alex.

"What time is it?"

"Nearly dinner time, that's the only reason I got you up. I was quite happy staying where we were." Alex didn't really know what to say to that, he knew Justin had said he found him attractive, but he still felt unattractive and unworthy of Justin.

"Well I'm gonna go and wash up ready, and I'll see you downstairs. Maybe we can watch that film again sometime and I might stay awake to watch all of it next time."

"I've got loads of films I want to show you. Maybe we can watch one after dinner or we can go on the PS2 again?"

"I know Martha is supposed to be coming over with my things tonight so I'll probably need to sort through everything."

"Well I'll lend a hand if you'd like."

"That would be great. I'll catch you downstairs." Alex left to go downstairs leaving Justin on his own. Justin's only thought right then was the one being provided by Junior, 'take care of me, I need relieving'. So Justin went and picked up his cum towel and sat on his computer chair, he pulled his t-shirt off and then undid his jeans, he pushed them and his boxer briefs down to his knees. As he did he noticed a wet patch on the briefs where he had leaked pre-cum, he didn't know when it had happened. As he slid the foreskin back he found a whole load more. He took advantage of it and quickly brought Junior to a climax. He cleaned up the cum with his towel and then went into the bathroom to clean up a little better.

Sarah was just about to call the boys down when she heard one of them coming down. Alex walked into the kitchen to see Martha sat at the breakfast bar.

"Hey there, I've picked up all that was in your room, you can tell me if there is something missing when I call tomorrow after you've seen David."

"Ok, is it best to take it upstairs before dinner? It shouldn't take long"

"I think you're right." said Sarah.

"Here's the keys, press this button to unlock the car." Justin walked in just as Martha handed the keys to Alex.

"Justin, why don't you help Alex take his things upstairs from Martha's car."

"Sure mom."

Justin followed Alex out to the car; he was shocked at how little Martha had brought from Alex's parents. Justin knew he wouldn't have gotten a quarter of his things into the car never mind the few bags that contained Alex's things. He decided that he would get his mom and dad's help to get Alex a few things as a way of saying welcome to the family.

Between them it only took the boys one trip to get all of Alex's things upstairs. When they were done Alex stayed upstairs to start sorting a few things out before dinner was ready and Justin went downstairs to talk to his mom. "When is Alex going to get the rest of his things? I think he got his school stuff and a few clothes but there's not much more than that."

"I don't think Alex would mind me telling you this, but that was all that was in his room."

"You're joking right? No I guess you wouldn't, I shouldn't be surprised after what Alex told me about his parents, but there is so little there. Do you think we could go out shopping and get him some things mom?"

"I think he may need a bit of cheering up after his appointment tomorrow."

"What appointment mom? Does he have to go back to the doctor about his arm?"

"No he doesn't, wait, you know about his arm?" Sarah was taken by surprise, she didn't think Alex was close to telling her son.

"Yeah, we had a big talk after our run this afternoon. He told me about his cutting up and about why his parents kicked him out."

"How do you feel about it?"

"I think it's great that he trusted me enough to tell me. What he told me doesn't alter what I said this morning about him staying."

"So you're not bothered by it?"

"Nope, I think it is disgusting that his parents' attitudes led to all of his problems, all because they want to live in the 1800's." Sarah was sure now that Justin knew about Alex being gay. Just before Justin was finished talking Alex walked into the kitchen.

"I told Justin everything this afternoon. He said a few things today and, with what you said this morning, made me realise that I could trust him with everything. We had a good chat about it and he told me we were good."

"I told you it would be ok with him."

"Hey mom, what we having for dinner?"

"Well I thought it would be nice to have a special dinner to welcome Alex into the family properly. It should be ready in about five minutes." With that Simon came through the door.

"How's it going guys?"

"Fine dad. How was work?"

"The usual. I'm just gonna go get freshened up before dinner."

Simon came back just as Sarah was putting the food on the table. For Alex the roast dinner was amazing, it had a few vegetables he wasn't familiar with but enjoyed none the less. The boys both volunteered to clean up when everyone was finished so the adults could go and relax. It didn't take them too long with them doing the same jobs as the night before. When they had finished they both went upstairs to Alex's room.

When they got into Alex's room they started to put Alex's things away, it didn't take long on account of the fact that there was so little there. Alex was a little surprised to find that he had all his school stuff and all his clothes; which amounted to his entire possessions.

"You wanna go and watch a film, being as we're all done in here?"

"Sounds good, what we gonna watch?."

"Do you have a favourite type of movie, or is there some you don't like? If you let me know I can work out what to put on."

"I'm not the best person to ask. I've not seen many films, the ones I have seen were all made in the fifties or sixties."

"There were some good films made then. Haven't you seen any made more recent?"

"No, my dad thought they would corrupt my brother and me. You choose, you can put on whatever you want............I mean you can put whatever film on you want." Alex realised that Justin may take what he said literally and get naked again, not that Alex wouldn't mind another look.

"How about I do both?" Justin had a grin from ear to ear as he also caught the mistake Alex had made. "I love watching this film, there's no gays in it but it is a musical and us queens usually love musicals." Justin got a copy of Moulin Rouge. "I have a bit of a thing for Ewan McGregor, I know he is way older but there is something about him."

"Don't know who he is, I know some footballers and other sports people but not many other celebrities."

"I've got a favour to ask, it's ok if you don't want to I'll understand if you don't."

"What do you want? I think after all you and your family have done I think I owe you all a few things."

"Well I don't want you to feel like you have to do it."

"Ok why don't you tell me what you want and I can decide if I'll do it."

"'s just that I really enjoyed it this afternoon when you put your arm on me. I know you were sleeping when you did it but I was wondering if we could cwtch up when we watch the film?"

[cwtch is a Welsh word similar to cuddle. Pronounced similar to kutsh]

"What do you mean cwtch up?" Alex thought he meant snuggle together but he wanted Justin to say it.

"Well I was wondering if we could lay on the bed together in a sort of cuddle, one of us would be on our back while the other lays on his side with his head on the other's chest. Would you be alright with that? I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, so it's ok if you don't want to."

"It sounds like it will be ok, I mean it's not like you want me to get naked and have sex with you." As soon as he had said it, Alex realised that that was exactly what Justin wanted and it caused him to go a bright red. "Which one do you want to be? Do you want to be the one on his back?" A completely different image flashed through Justin and Alex's minds at the same time and made Justin beam with delight at the thought.

"Yes, if it's ok with you; at least for a while, then we can swap later if you want?" Justin put the film on and got on the bed, Alex lay down next to Justin and put his head on Justin's chest making sure he could still watch the film and put his one arm on Justin's stomach with his other arm between his and Justin's bodies. Justin draped his arm round Alex's shoulder. To Alex this was a completely new sensation, his parents didn't hug either him or his brother. He could feel Justin's heart beating in his chest and he found it relaxing. Justin was in heaven, he had never had someone he could do this with before.

Both boys were enjoying being close, for Alex it was more comforting than sexual, although he did feel a bit turned on being this close to Justin. After the stress and turmoil he had been through in the last two days it made him feel safe, as if nothing else could hurt him.

Justin didn't want to move he was so happy but he had to get up about half way through the film because his bladder felt like it was going to burst. He got up and paused the film before going to the bathroom, Alex thought he may as well go when Justin got back. After both boys had relieved their bladders Justin started the film back up and they both got back on the bed, this time with Alex on his back and his left arm around Justin. It felt different for Alex being in this position.

After a while Alex started to move his hand up and down Justin's back, he didn't realise that he was doing it, it was a completely subconscious action and he wasn't aware of the effect he was having on Justin.

Justin could feel Junior's response to Alex's hand, he was getting so hard it was uncomfortable and he needed to adjust himself. He tried to rearrange Junior with the hand that was between him and Alex but it wasn't very easy, he eventually gave in and used the hand that had been on Alex's stomach. Alex noticed Justin moving about and realised why when he moved his hand away. This caused a reaction in Alex's groin that was far easier for Justin to see. Alex didn't know what to do, he knew that it was nearly impossible for Justin not to see it, yet he knew he would draw more attention to it if he was to try and rearrange himself as Justin had just done. The more he thought about it the more uncomfortable he became. Justin noticed the bump in Alex's groin getting larger and was enjoying the sight. Alex didn't want to adjust himself in front of Justin so he made an excuse of needing the bathroom again.

When he returned the two boys cwtched back up in the positions they were in at the beginning of the film. Just after they'd settled back, Justin started to run his hand up and down Alex's back just like Alex had done to him. As both boys had made themselves comfortable Justin couldn't tell if it was having the desired effect on Alex, but he found that he was enjoying doing it as much as he had enjoyed receiving it. For Alex, it was a new sensation that he found turned him on even more.

When the film ended neither boy wanted to move. Eventually when the credits had all run through Justin got up. "Do you want to watch something else?" Justin was hoping he did, so he could continue to cwtch up with Alex

"Sure, it's not like I gotta rush home to be in before my curfew." Alex smiled.

This time Justin put Latter Days on. This film was about a guy who went from one night stand to one night stand until he met a new neighbour. When his friends at work found out the neighbour was a Mormon they bet him he couldn't get him into bed. He did more than that, he fell in love with him.

After Justin put the film on he got back on the bed and put his head on Alex's chest, he was hoping Alex would start stroking his back like earlier. Alex did just that. Justin was so relaxed and happy that he eventually fell asleep cwtched up to Alex. Half way through the film was a scene that set Alex's heart pumping, it was a love scene between the two main characters. Alex was especially moved by the treatment the Mormon character went through. When the film finished Justin was still asleep and Alex tried to get up without disturbing him. Justin was in such a deep sleep that he didn't stir when Alex moved. Alex switched off the television and went down to his room.

I want to thank you all for reading, I hope you are enjoying it and apologies for the introduction of Cwtch but I have grown up using it and can't think of a better word for what the boys do. To me cuddle doesn't fit although they mean pretty much the same thing.

If you have the chance to watch the film Latter Days, I don't think you would be disappointed. It is a moving love story that shows that religion doesn't always have the right answers.

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