Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 9

By and © Anthony Lane

Justin got into the bathroom and quickly took his kit off. He knew in a few minutes he was going to be talking about sex with the stud downstairs, if he didn't take care of Junior in the shower then he was going to be showing Alex all about erections on an up close and personal level. Justin didn't think Alex was ready for anything like that so he set the shower to a cool setting and began soaping up and massaging Junior. Images of Alex running in the park were making Justin horny as hell. It was an amazing orgasm when it came. As Justin was calming down, he just stood under the cool water, he picked up the shower gel, soaped up and, cleaned every part of himself. For some reason he wasn't sure of, he wanted to be squeaky clean when Alex came up.

While Justin was massaging his favourite play thing, Alex was in the shower downstairs. His shower went along the same lines, he had felt the need to jerk off ever since Justin's show upstairs before their run. When he started to massage his cock with a more purposeful stroke, the images of Justin in his boxers came to him and made the orgasm the best he had ever experienced. He knew he needed to talk to someone sooner rather than later about this, if he didn't the guilt he now felt was surely going to kill him.

As he finished in the shower and started to dry off, he became apprehensive of seeing Justin. Would talking about sex set his cock off again? Even after what he had just done in the shower? As he was going to get dressed he realised that he had left the clothes he was wearing earlier in Justin's room. He quickly pulled on clean underwear as the ones he had on earlier were all damp and sweaty, then he picked up the trousers he had on yesterday and put them on. He was able to put on the other long sleeve top Justin had lent him and went downstairs to see if Sarah could change the bandage on his arm because he had gotten it wet in the shower.

Sarah was on her usual stool at the breakfast bar when Alex found her. It didn't take her long to change the dressing and sent Alex off with a couple of drinks and some snacks for him and Justin. He was still feeling apprehensive when he got to Justin's room. When he got there Justin was still in the bathroom, he placed the drinks and snacks on the desk with the PC. While he was waiting for him, he started to look at some of the things on the shelves. On one shelf was a whole load of DVDs, most of them he hadn't heard of, he noticed some of the titles including Smallville, Stargate, Voyager and a few called Queer as Folk. Alex picked up one of the Queer as Folk boxes and started to read the back of the back of it. He was shocked as he read and found it was a programme all about gays and lesbians, he also noticed that the blond guy on the front of the box was really cute. He heard movement in the bathroom so quickly put the box back and went over to the bed.

Justin hadn't heard Alex come into his bedroom and assumed he was still downstairs when he walked into his bedroom with nothing on. "Oh shit." He quickly dashed back into the bathroom and grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waist before going back into his bedroom. Justin wasn't ashamed of his body but he felt that after Alex's reaction earlier, walking in on Alex like that was probably not the best thing he could have done. Alex didn't know what to do when he saw Justin come in with nothing on. On the one hand it was a glorious sight; he looked like a perfect sculpture of manhood.

Alex could feel his cock respond instantly. He was not disappointed with the view Justin gave him when he dashed into the bathroom either. He got the view of Justin's perfect buns he had yearned for during Justin's earlier show. However the little voice in the back of his mind was shouting at him again about queer stuff. He wondered whether Justin had done it on purpose.

"I am so very sorry Alex, I didn't mean to do that, I thought you were still downstairs, if I had known you were in here I would have covered up. I am sorry if I've made you uncomfortable."

"It's ok, it was a mistake." A mistake Alex was sort of grateful for.

"I'll grab some clothes and get changed, then you can decide what we do next." Justin thought it was best to get changed in the bathroom especially after his flashing Junior to Alex. When he went back into the bedroom Alex was still sat on the edge of his bed, so he went over and sat on the chair by the PC. "So what do you want to do now? You want to get back on Burnout, or do something else?"

Although Alex was still confused about whether being gay was normal, he was curious about what Justin could tell him about sex. Would he have sex before he got married? Was he still a virgin? "If it is ok with you and you don't feel uncomfortable, I would like to do what you suggested earlier?"

"You mean talk about sex?"

"Yes." Alex went bright red when he answered Justin.

"Why don't you tell me what you know and I will know then where to begin."

"" Alex was struggling to find the words, he was embarrassed to be talking about sex with Justin, especially when it was deemed a subject you didn't talk about by his father, but he was curious to know at the same time. "Well, my father told me that God expected men to get married before they have sex, if they were good people and loved God. He would bless them with children. My father always said that sex out of marriage was a sin and that any man who had sex with another man would burn in hell for eternity."

"Is that all you know?"

"Pretty much, except that your mom and dad disagree about the man who has sex with another man burning in hell bit." Alex knew that most of his knowledge couldn't be accurate.

"Well on that I agree with my parents. I'll tell you what, I have some of the stuff from the sex ed classes here somewhere." He started to look in the one cupboard. "You do realise that a lot of what some religions spout about sex and sin is complete and utter twaddle?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I know I don't go to church very often but when we do go, we don't get the rhetoric about living in sin or the burning in hell parts. Our chaplain has a more modern view on life and the bible."

"I thought there was only one way to explain what was in the bible?"

"Nope, why do you think there are so many different churches all claiming to be Christian?"

"I'd never thought of it like that."

"There are two shoots of Christianity I have absolutely no time for, the Catholic Church and the Church of Latter day Saints aka Mormons."

"Why is that then?"

"They are just warped. They twist the words in the bible to justify their agendas. I'm sorry, I've been preaching again. Found them. Now some of this is good, some of it is a complete bore. Let's start with the basics, to make a new baby obviously you need a man and a woman. Take a look at some of these pictures."

On the pamphlets Justin handed Alex were some basic images of a man and woman naked and some diagrams showing the sex organs in more detail as well as some diagrams showing what happened during copulation.

"Now from the pictures you can obviously tell the main differences and what is done between a man and a woman. When a man and a woman have sex, the penis becomes enlarged by blood. This is to allow the penis to get the sperm, made in the testicles closer to the eggs, produced by the woman's ovaries. When the sperm reaches the egg, they attack it until one of the sperm is able to penetrate the egg. This fertilized egg will eventually, given the right conditions, grow into a foetus, the foetus will grow and become a baby when the woman gives birth. Ok so far?"

"Yeah, is it really that straight forward?"

"It depends. I mean to start a baby you really need a lot of conditions to go right. For a start, the woman has to be in the right part of her cycle, unlike a man the woman is only fertile for a small amount of time each month. A man is can produce sperm on command, within reason. He is capable of having sex several times a day, the more sex he has in one period of time say twenty four hours, the less sperm he produces at each climax. A woman is capable of having sex whenever and as often as she likes without it affecting her fertility. That is what they call penetrative sex, but there is also oral sex and for most teens the only form of sex, masturbation. Oral sex is quite simply when a woman pleasures a penis with her mouth. Masturbation I think you already know a little about, at least I did when I was your age. Now obviously I can tell you a lot more to do with the male's parts than I can about the woman's but that is pretty much it when it comes to sex between a man and a woman. You can have sex outside of marriage or you can choose to wait, it is always best to have sex with the person you love, but there are people who prefer one night stands over a long term commitment."

Justin took a drink before he moved on to a subject line he knew better. "For some people marriage is not an option, that is to say, two men can't get married in this country, but we do have a civil partnership which is a similar thing. In those pamphlets there is also some information about sex between people of the same gender. When two men have sex, they can do everything in bed that a man and a woman can do, they can have oral and penetrative sex, the only difference most of the time is the place the penetration happens. Obviously when a man has penetrative sex with another man then the penis goes into the anus, whereas with a woman most of the time the penis goes in the vagina, but that doesn't make it any less different or make it wrong. A relationship between two men can be more stable and more loving than a relationship between a man and a woman."

"Do you really believe that?"

"Wholeheartedly. I have known a gay couple who are friends with mom and dad and they have been together and faithful to each other for longer than some of the parents of kids in school."

"I didn't know that was possible."

"You'd like Rick and Alan, they are a blast and since I have been old enough to understand, they have been open about their relationship to me and I think it's cool."

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