Ready to Fall

by Andy

This chapter was written for a school assignment to parody the events that occured in chapter 16 of the Iliad. It turns the main characters into 17 year old guys in a US high school.

Act One

Scene One

Outside in a Grassy Field- late afternoon

Jake and Caleb are lying in the middle of a grassy field watching the sunset after riding their bikes across town. The bikes are laying deserted next to them while the guys are still panting and trying to catch their breath. Jake is wearing a white tight fitting t-shirt with a black button down shirt over it, a pairof baggy jean shorts that are hanging well below his knees and are barely are staying on his butt, and his smiley faces boxers are clearly visible. Caleb is wearing a pair of khaki cargo pants, Teva's and a dark green t-shirt.

Caleb looks distinctly uncomfortable and sits up in the field looking away from Jake.

Dude, isn't this amazing? We haven't come out here to watch the sunset in ages. It's been about two months since we even rode our bikes together.

Sighing, Jake stares at the receding sunlight longingly.

Camera Cue: Camera pans across his body sideways seeing him relaxing on his arms. In the background the slightly out of focus image of Caleb sits quietly looking away

I've been busy Jake; lay off me a bit ok.

You just spend so much time at home, sometimes you need to go out and take life as its dealt to you.

Confused, only just focusing on what Jake has been saying.

You can't always hide away in your house and pretend that no one can see you Caleb.

I'm not dumb Jake, I know they can see me- I just wish that they couldn't. We probably shouldn't even be out here together, it won't be good for you. I need to go.

Caleb slowly pulls himself to his feet and walks to where he left his bike. Picking it up he pauses to lookat Jake one last time.
Camera Cue: Camera pans from Caleb's perspective starting above Jakes head and resting gazing downwards towards Jake with his entire body in the frame.

Look at me Jake.

Pause. Jake stares at the ground his face wet with tears.

Don't do this Jake, just look at me already.

Speaks accusingly
Don't do this to you? Do you even know what you are doing to me? You don't think this is hard on me as well? My best friend doesn't want to be seen with me anymore.

Stop crying already! This is for the best. I don't want anything to happen to you. Now please, stop your bawling and go home- your going to be late for dinner.

Don't you get it? No one cares about you or what you're doing! Why are you acting like they do?

I need to go.

The tears streamed from Jakes eyes as he falls onto his knees before Caleb lowering his face to the ground, not daring to look directly into Caleb's eyes.

Please don't do this. Don't forget me. We can still talk, no one would ever know if we send each other letters or used a secret code or...

No, Jake, just no. Now please stop crying; you know I hate to see you cry.

Reaching out and touching Jakes face he uses his thumbs to wipe the tears off Jake's face causing him to cry more. Jumping on his bike Caleb leaves Jake crying alone inthe field without ever looking back.

Camera Cue: switches from Jake to Caleb riding his bike down the middle of the road towards home as a single tear escapes his wet eyes.

Scene Two

The lunch room the next day at school. Caleb is sitting in the back corner of the crowded room with Jake sitting at a new table with a boy who had just moved into town. Caleb and Jake are dressed about the same as yesterday, Jake's eyes are bloodshot and he looks tired.

Dmitri the new guy has just moved here from Russia and is fluent in English. He is wearing a long black coat; his white hair is sticking straight up. Below the coat he has a tight fitting long sleeve blue spandex shirt on and a pair of loose blue jeans.

Camera focuses on Jake who is poking his food with a plastic spork trying to decide whether or not to speak to the new kid.

coughs nervously I've never seen you here before.

Eh, I haven't been here long.

I'm Jake.

Dmitri lifts an eyebrow looking at Jake and shrugs.

Jake turns his attention back to his food perplexed by the lack of interest the new kid was showing him. Glancing up at the new kid he sighs and decides to keep talking without looking at Dmitri.
It's a nice place to live. Kind of hard to make friends here though, I don't really know too many people. I mean I used to be with this one guy. Well, no we aren't friends anymore. He was really cool though so I am kind of upset, I meanwhat sort of person just doesn't want to be your friend anymore.

Blushing Jake stops talking and looks uncomfortable.

Meet me after school; I'll be at my locker-- 38.

Dmitri stands up and walks out of the room tossing his lunch into the garbage can.

Partially empty hallway after school has ended. Jake is leaning on a row of lockers looking around anxiously. After a few seconds Dmitri strolls down the hallway his black coat billowing around him.

Hey I was about to leave, I didn't think you were actually going to show up-

Lets go.

Grabbing Jakes hand he pulls him out of the school building and down the street.
Where are we going?

My house. I figured we could have a little privacy there to talk.

Silently the boys walked down the street. Cut to them entering Dmitri's house and sitting down on the sofa in the living room.

Facing in from the door way on the left wall is a book case from floor to ceiling then a TV on a wooden dresser, on the other sideof the TV is another bookcase. On the right side of the wall are some framed black and white photos of various building's and landscapes. Facing the TV is a black leather sofa with a matching chair on either end.

Come have a seat, make yourself at home.

Dmitri takes off his coat and sits down on the sofa kicking his shoes off and picking up the TV remote.

So you don't have any friends at this school?

He hesitates as he speaks., the words are staccato, he is almost stuttering.
No, I used to... Well, stuff happened and I don't have any friends anymore.

Dmitri turns his eyes from the TV and smiles at Jake.


What's excellent?

I know a lot more about you than you think, Jake. We will be perfect together. Yes, perfect.

Dmitri slides his arm around Jakes shoulders and turns his attention back to the TV.

Can we just talk for a bit Dmitri? I don't even know where you're from; stop watching the stupid TV already.

Sure, we can talk.

Camera: Follow Dmitri as he leads Jake up to his bedroom.

Scene Three

One week later in the school cafeteria.

Jake and Dmitri are sitting together laughing and sharing their lunches with each other as Caleb entersthe cafeteria and sees them together for the first time. Caleb and Jakes glances lock together staring at each other. Dmitri looks up to see why Jake has stopped speaking

Possessively and assertively addresses Jake.
Who's that you're staring at? Do you know that boy?

Jake shakes his head slightly before answering slowly, speaking as if he was in a trance.

It's no one... I don't know him-anymore

Caleb's face falls as he hears Jake's response. He drops the tray he was clutching running from the room with his head down struggling to hide his tears, knocking over the other students in his way. Jake tries to stand up and chase after him but Dmitri's arm quickly snakes over his shoulders holding him firmly in place.

He's not important. Not any more. You're with me now. You're mine.

I really should-
Anxiously looking to where Caleb left so hastily

No, You're here with me now. Forever.

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