The Chronicles of Valana Volume 2: Elaria's Bane

by AB

Chapter 8

Before the High-King

"That place not exist, legend." Gughekren spoke first recovering first from the shock of listening Aer'andil's request to his father.

"I believe it does." Aer'andil replied calmly.

"Many people Orkhavocs have sent, none has returned." Gughekren's reply came but Aer'andil was not looking at him. The Orkhavoc High-King, Gughekren's father's eyes had darkened. He rotated his head left and right making sure no one was around even if he had ordered everyone to vacate the room just earlier.

"It is not a legend…or rather not entirely." Glogak crossed his hands in front of his torso. "My son what do you know of our people's history?"

Gughekren seemed flabbergasted at his father's question. "Father? Our people have existed since time before anyone remembers."

"Our people have existed for a million years, before that we…different. What do you know of the time before we were as we are today? Show me son, what you have learned so far." Aer'andil was almost certain he caught a whiff of a smile in Glogak's lips. It was there for a blink before his mouth settled back down.

"Back before the age of dry land?" Gughekren asked with Glogak nodding his agreement.

"Dry land?" Aer'andil inquired intrigued.

"Yes, my old friend you see the lands of the Orkhavocs were not always as they are now, dry and almost unlivable. There used to be lush fields, jungles and so much cultivatable land…" Glogak answered.

"Back before the age of dry land…not much is known I think. Call it history or legend but it is said our people were at perpetual peace with the Humans, we had enough food to feed our people and we could do spirit magic. Then it is said it all changed when the rivers dried up, Sughavagarn's water became a salt instead of sweet as it had before. Slowly the land became arid, sandy in some areas, rocky in others. The plants died, the trees died, most of the animals either fled to the human-held lands or died." Gughekren answered his father's request.

"Why did the Human lands did not dry up?" Aer'andil asked to receive a shrug as a reply from both father and son.

"When our people could no longer feed our young we requested aid from the humans, to be given either some of the lands they used for cultivation or to sell us some of their food. We received the heads of the messenger as a response and sooner or later the first Orkhavoc-Human war begun. Back then we were truly numerous, back then each Orkhavoc female would give birth up to a hundred offspring in her lifetime unlike nowadays even before father's law limiting offspring down to two." Gughekren paused.

"That cannot be popular." Aer'andil stated. Glogak chuckled.

"No, not popular at all."

"We crashed upon them like waves on a beach and we had almost slaughtered them all when a young man called Oghelon made a dark pact with a force we do not understand giving him unnatural powers. He pushed us back using magic and creatures we had never seen before. He pushed us back to the desert and kept on killing and slaughtering us until we were almost extinct."

Aer'andil interrupted Gughekren. "Let me guess an Orkhavoc warrior somehow acquired power and knowledge you cannot comprehend and pushed the humans back?"

"Yes." Glogak replied.

"And this continued for who knows how long until a truce was signed? You have been warring with the Humans on and off since then?"

"Yes." Oghelon answered.

"Neither of you would have had enough numbers or financial power after the last war if it hadn't been for the trade from Valana yes?"

"Not for a few dozen years more." Glogak confirmed.

"So we did upset the balance of power." Aer'andil thought out loud rubbing his chin.

"Unknowingly, but your act of allying with us and trading with us and helping me after the war counter-balanced things some. I believe Oghelle would have attacked us far sooner otherwise." Glogak tried to show Aer'andil how he had helped them.

"I suppose…"

"The place of water is a myth conjured by ancient shamans to control and appease the crowds." Gughekren stated.

"Do not be so absolute my son, yes the legend of it was created for this reason but all legends have a basin in truth." Glogak reasoned.

"There is no place where there's an abundance of water, plants and animals. It is a mythical heaven on Elaria. A fairy tale to hold us in check. "Do this or don't do that and you'll go to the place of water after your death."" Gughekren mocked.

"This is indeed a myth, but the place of water is not. What lies beyond the Shifting Sands?" Glogak asked his son.

"Shifting Sands?" Aer'andil had not heard of this before. He had studied as much Orkhavoc and Elarian history as he could but this name he had not heard of before.

"More desert? Sand? Who knows? Maybe nothing. What does it matter?" Gughekren shrugged his shoulders.

"There are three Orkhavoc cities we have not heard from in almost over nine hundred thousand years, Beogorsh, Nadskri and Retrsolig. No one has been able to sojourn through the Shifting Sands or land in that part of Elaria for the ocean swallows anyone who tries and yet we have seen Human sea-fairing vessels both be allowed to land and be swallowed by the sea. What if the place of water lies there?"

"Those were destroyed by the Humans father, according to the history you have had us read."

"There are, indeed, parts of our history we will rewrite, this being one of them. For now, why do you want to find the place of water High-King of the Elves?" Glogak asked Aer'andil.

"I want to travel there, find it and kill the seeress there after learning the true name of water from her. It is the only way to kill the Dark General Elaria's Bane." Aer'andil stated making Gughekren and Glogak stare at him yet again.

"You…you want what?" Norion felt horny, tense and stunned at the younger boy's request.

"I…I heard some of the courtiers talk about this kind of stuff…and I want to try it…" Uer confessed.

Norion had to chuckle at Uer's inquisitiveness.

"Okay…but you have to trust me okay?"

"I trust you."

"I can't just stick my dick in you without preparation, yes? Or it will hurt a lot more than it should and it will not be pleasurable for you.

"How long will it take?" Uer asked disappointed.

Norion laughed. "Impatient one aren't you?" He placed a kiss right at the base of Uer's butt cheeks and brought a finger to Uer's lips. "Get it wet, if you want to be fucked we better start preparing you." Uer suckled on it until Norion removed it and spreading Uer's firm, smooth buttocks he rubbed it at his virginal rear entrance teasing the blue-eyed boy.

"You are beautiful." Norion stated. Uer giggled both at the compliment and the tickling sensation in his posterior.

Norion teased the pink rosebud some more before pushing his finger forward until with some pressure it went in to the first knuckle.

Uer "umpfed" a small, soft moan of discomfort. Norion finger-fucked Uer's hole with small, slow jabs before pushing in a knuckle more. Norion gave the boy a kiss on his neck. "Relax Uer, it'll start feeling better in a bit." Norion cooed in Uer's ear rubbing the boy's belly with his free hand before he trailed downwards cupping Uer's taut balls giving them a gentle squeeze.

Uer mewled shoving his pelvis forward. "Go on, fuck my hand." Norion urged him.

"Ugh" "Ugh" "Ugh" Uer groaned moving his pelvis back and forth trying to fuck Norion's hand which also resulted fucking himself on Norion's finger inside him.

Norion gave his finger a final push getting it all inside Uer. He now finger-fucked Uer fully, his finger shoving in and out faster and faster.

"Oooohhh fuuuuuuck!" a few seconds later Uer tensed up arching his back and tilting his head back as the most intense orgasm of his young life rocked his mind. Norion in his last thrust had found the little boy-button rubbing against it.

Uer collapsed on the bed spent. Norion turned him round lying on his back and straddled his chest shoving his dick on Uer's lips who opened up sucking it in, in one go. Uer pressed his hands on Norion's buns spreading them and in one move shoved his finger inside the older Elf-boy. Norion squealed but didn't hurt. He had been fucked by Aer'andil so many times the past forty years a younger boy's finger did not hurt him.

Norion held on to Uer's head face-fucking him with fast jabs feeling an increasing need to release. It didn't take long with Uer suckling, tonguing and fingering him like a man dying from thirst.

With a loud groan Norion unloaded his boy butter in Uer's gullet. He lay next to Uer cuddling in with him.

Micraal walked fast. He had left the boys back in the cottage and horseback ridden to Oghelle's merchant district. The Vaghish had secured information about a possible raid in the slams from Caaran Jutli's men to secure some "merchandise". This usually meant either drugs or kidnap children from their homes for Oghelle's elite to "play" with.

Micraal and his Vaghish targeted both. The drugs they stopped because the aristocrats used as a method to keep the poor from thinking too much of anything and made a killing from and they tried to prevent the kidnappings with a vengeance.

Ever since Caaran Jutli had married off his sister to the King he had become the most powerful man in the city with his audacity skyrocketing second only to his greed and thirst for even more power and wealth. He made the bulk of his fortune from being the leader of the merchant's guild of Oghelle and Kingdom's prime trader and merchant to and from the Human Kingdoms of Valana.

Nowadays he supplemented his wealth with other criminal activities. He was behind dog racing, horse racing, running of drugs, brothels, children-brothels, weapons trafficking. Name it he was behind it. Micraal and his Vaghish had been trying to dismantle his network for years now but the man was almost cunning and always a step ahead. After his sister had become the Queen he had become almost untouchable. With the City's guard in his pocket Micraal knew he and the organisation he had built from the ground up since he was a child were the only ones who could resist or stop him.

Micraal parkoured his way to his target's location using the dark alleys and rooftops to hide his presence.

Caaran Jutli was nothing if not careful. He rarely if ever dirtied his own hands, using proxies and mercenaries to do his dirty work while he enjoyed the lion's share of the profits. The Vaghish had learned that one of the lesser lords of the Kingdom, a baron who was greedy and ambitious enough to get involved with Caaran Jutli had been assigned to carry out a raid in the slams and port district and secure at least twenty children, half boys half girls.

Micraal crouched on the baron's home roof and waited for him to come out and follow him to the meeting place with the mercenaries he'd use for this operation.

The baron left his house with two of his bodyguards and walked slowly to the meeting place just outside the slams.

"Is everyone here?"

"Yes, sir. What are…" The moment Micraal heard all the mercenaries were present he whistled in signal and jumped from the roof he was standing in.

In the blink of an eye there was bloody mayhem everywhere in the street. Micraal jumped right on the Baron, pinning him on the street as his hands reached for the daggers hidden under his coat and started stabbing the baron before finally slicing his throat. Standing up he helped his fighters kill the mercenaries and the baron's bodyguards.

"Search their bodies, grab what you can, make sure they have no information or papers on them." Micraal ordered and kneeling down he started going through the baron's pockets and garments. He pocketed what he found and standing up he turned to his men.

"Leave the thugs here for the city guard to find. Get the "Lord" to his house, hang him upside down from his balls and place his severed head on a pike on the aristocrat's quarter's gates. Scatter some of the pamphlets around here. For the Vaghish!" The Vaghish fighters hailed him and went about completing his orders.

Meanwhile having some privacy Orphon and Vashka were enjoying themselves as boys knew how.

Vashka laid on the bed with Orphon on top of him and Orphon's dick in his mouth.

Orphon let Vashka pleasure him some more with his tongue before sitting back, rubbing his butt on the boy's lap and hard nail.

"Don't rub there that there if you're not ready to give it up." Vashka joked grinning.

"Who said I'm not willing or ready to "give it up"?" Orphon teased back, his breathing shallow and rugged.

"Are you?" Vashka's grin faded.

Orphon reached back with his right hand wrapping it around Vashka's hard dick. He pulled on it slowly. "Are you?"

Orphon could not help himself from giggling at Vashka's rapid nodding movements.

Orphon lined it up to his virginal chute and with a moment's hesitation, he had never done this before after all, pushed his pelvis down slowly, deliberately. After some effort and pressure Vashka felt eyes roll on the back of his head from the extreme form of blissful pleasure he felt when his dickhead was enclosed in Orphon's hot, moist most private of places.

Orphon gave a yell and remained completely still with Vashka's dickhead just past his sphincter until the pain subsided.

"Ooohhhh by the spirits…please…move!" Vashka groaned trying his best to not just shove his hips up, grab Orphon's hips and fuck him with the animalistic lust he was feeling coursing through him.

Orphon nodded and with hesitant moves rose and then lowered his hips. Three similar motions later he felt -with a disappointed groan- Vashka's dick slip out of him. He lined it up again with haste, actually beginning to enjoy getting fucked and tried taking in more.

Pain shot right through his anus all the way up his spine to his brain. He made a move to pull back but Vashka had other ideas. "I'm sorry but…I…you…this…" Being hornier than he had ever been before he grabbed hold of Orphon's waist and shoved his hips up at the same time he pulled Orphon down by his waist.

Orphon screamed and held on to Vashka's hands squeezing them tight. Vashka was beyond caring as he started pounding in and out of Orphon's tight love chute.

After the initial pain was gone Orphon started getting into it, his cock hardening again. He took hold of Vashka's hands pulling them away from his waist and behind the boy's head and started moving his hips up and down, back and forth. He could not believe how full and content he felt. He bent down kissing Vashka's lips, his tongue darting inside, a fierce battle ensued before Orphon pulled, grinning to himself he placed his lips on Vashka's neck and bit him. Vashka yelled pushing his hips up to match Orphon's downwards movement. Orphon gave an apologetic lick and kiss on the spot he had bit and returned to kissing Vashka.

Vashka gave a sudden shove with his pelvis going rigid as he cummed, his mind exploding with emotions.

Orphon collapsed on top of him, his breathing fast and panting.

"Oh my god…I'm so sorry Orphon…I…I…raped you!"

Orphon laughed propping up on his elbow. "No, you didn't. Why because you shoved in? You were already inside me and I put you there. This was bloody amazing!" He replied easing his friend's fears of having hurt him.

"No one can go there. Anyone who has ever tried failed." Gughekren said.

"No, you said some of the humans landed and I'm guessing they also left. I am going there. It'll all go faster if I have a guide until the shifting sands."

Goglak nodded. "Gughekren, you will go with the High-King to the shifting sands and with him passed them and return…or not. Until then I will face Sagathlond."

"Father! I want to fight with you, I am old enough." Gughekren complained.

"You will fight, but Sagathlond will not be defeated with war. I will not shed my kin's blood."

"How will you avoid it father? Sagathlond leader is gathering his armies to attack us." Gughekren asked.

"I will invoke Nogavad'urnidash, he cannot refuse me whoever wins will be the High-King of all Orkhavocs. No other city has resisted me, they alone stand and they will fall one way or another." Glogak replied clenching his fists.

"Nogavad'urnidash?" Aer'andil asked, not knowing this particular word.

"Battle to the death." Glogak replied. "It is decided, you leave today, it should take you a week or two to arrive in the place of water…if it exists and if you can get through the Shifting Sands. When you return my son you will either have a Kingdom and we will be getting ready to face Oghelle or you will have to avenge my death. Either way you will have the blood you so seem to desire."

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