The Chronicles of Valana Volume 1: Shadowlands

by AB

Chapter 16

Evi Talathin ial Riathnol

Lucas was standing on the starboard bow, his hands on the railing, thinking. He had been doing a lot of thinking during the past few days since his departure from Zah Dah, now Udala again. It had been tough saying goodbye to the friends he had made during this past year, and especially Marco. Yes, he would see Marco again in his Crowing ceremony and on and off after that, but it would not be the same, now they both had kingdoms to run, responsibilities and lived hundreds if not thousands of kilometers apart. He, Merol and Segaru had gone with the ships going to Rodania with him and Merol continuing to Dara by ship from there after a day's rest.

The twins had decided to return to Eri'Adar and take over the brothel, turning it into unorthodox shelter-brothel. They would take in homeless kids from the streets and help raise them in turn the kids of a certain age up would offer their services to those that could afford them. The differences from before were that the kids would get an education and learn a profession so that upon their come of age they could apply to an apprenticeship in whatever profession they liked with a craftsman in the city and they would choose with which client they wanted to do what. Lucas and Aer'andil were not sure if they approved of such a brothel but with the twins at the helm, at least the kids had a better future ahead. What Lucas did not know was that the twins would also act as spymasters, gathering information and sending it Feldon's way. As Spymaster for the hunters of Darkness, Feldon would gather all of the information from his many sources across Valana and brief Aer'andil once a day.

This would take him away from Gel'anr quite a lot, as he would have to culture, nurture, grow and maintain his network across Valana. He would also be traveling back and forth to and from Udala, as he would oversee its cleansing and purification from the Darkness of Zah Dah and its eventual rebirth as an Elven Kingdom. After much conversation with Aer'andil, the regency council would compose of Feldon, his mother, Rafe'el, a hunter of Darkness from Gel'Glidorn, King Lados, Urval, Dol Anro's best negotiator and spymaster and Nalos, Dol'Adur's Commander of the army. The regency council would end when Aer'andil passed his one thousandth year and into adulthood. Whether or not he would keep them as his council after that or not would be up to him to decide. Feldon hoped he would, a King had to have good council and the will to act on any given situation based on the advice of his council and his intelligence.

Virkahindir had sent a message back home that he would stay in Valana for a while longer to cement their new trade agreement with Eri'Adar and be present in the crowning of the new Elven High-King.

Without her army, Yaria had instantly surrendered to the Silver legion that had elected to ignore it and to pillage, and ransack the city, burning, looting and raping as retaliation for Yaria's attack on Eri'Adar and their alliance with Zah Dah. Afterwards, King Valadosh had decreed Yaria's status as satellite-kingdom of Eri'Adar with an annual tribute of ten thousand gold coins and half of their crops' yield as reparations for the war effort. Yaria would have to pay the tribute for no less than 25 years. King Valadosh had placed Vogul, one of his most trusted Nobles in Eri'Adar as King-Governor of Yaria, after executing the whole of Yaria's royal family for crimes of war against Eri'Adar.

Fundor had decided to adapt the Elven system of governing. One King/Queen per smaller Kingdom with his line ruling as High-Dragon-King from Dramstarg. Dramstarg, kingdom of the mountains or fertility, located in the northern mountains of Dara. Jurrgal Kingdom of the sea or life, located in Tel'Naro. Talathorn, kingdom of the air or time, located in the flat spires. Kagarothor, Kingdom of the fire or death, located in the Firefly forest and Faglagorth kingdom of spirits or magic, located north of Former Zah Dah.

These would be the five Dragon Kingdoms. Each King would rule his people with the High-Dragon-King ruling them all from Dramstarg.

Fundor had left to bring the rest of his people from the ruined archipelagos of Vaser to Valana, spread them out evenly and place the Dragon-Kings. He would after go with those dragons that would settle in Dramstarg by Lucas' side. Dragons would not be forced to take up riders but if they did then dragon and rider had to choose whether to stay loyal to the dragon Kingdom or the human kingdom.

Lucas looked at the infinite blue on his right and the shores of Rodania on the left, lost in his thoughts and the steady rocking of the ship as they ploughed on through the waves. Ahead the port city of Rodania was coming closer to them, her buildings shinning in the setting sun, the sea alight red, the sun disappearing behind them. It had been strange to see Night's forest from the sea, knowing that that's where they had come to Valana a year and some months ago, and what a year it had been.

They docked nearly at midnight and the soldiers started disembarking. Roden Malais extended an invitation for them to spend the night and rest.

"I'm afraid we have to continue with our jo…" Merol started saying but Lucas cut him off after tearing his eyes from Segaru.

"No, I think it is a very good idea that we rest in a bed in solid night for one night, I'm staying." He announced and disembarked the ship. Merol was left breathing deep and rolling his eyes. He thanked the King of Rodania and he too disembarked.

They ate a royal feast of a dinner, with Roden Malais having invited most if not all of the city's merchants and nobles, wanting to celebrate their victory over Zah Dah and to show off his achievements and new "friends", Lucas and Merol, to the lesser nobles of the realm. Segaru seemed different from what Lucas remembered of him before the battle of Eri'Adar. He was quieter and a whole lot less arrogant.

During the feast King Malais announced that now that the war was over the first task of Rodania was not to rebuild the military, they had suffered losses yes but unlike their natural rivals, Eri'Adar and Fadr they had not had any other losses. Eri'Adar would take years to rebuild and Fadr had lost most of their trade from not joining the war against Zah Dah and the sanctions Eri'Adar and the Elves had placed on them. Rodania had only suffered losses in the manpower in the military, which could easily be replenished since her natural rivals would not be attacking her any time soon. No her main task now was to travel to Elaria and secure some of the trade for themselves. To that effect, he declared a kingdom-wide competition for new ship designs that could travel far distances without land in sight for weeks if not months, that would be able to withstand the harsh weather and be armed for warfare, not only conduct trade.

Lucas ate until he could no more. Ever since the battle of Zah Dah and being so close to death, he felt weird, strangely alive and depressed at the same time.

So now he ate and ate until he could no more not because he loved the food, he had never been one to eat much, or to like food, food was just fuel to him, no now he ate to fill a void. He saw Segaru looking at him and not able to eat anymore he walked out to the large balcony.

He placed his elbows on the balustrades and leaned in taking in the night breeze from the sea.

Inside the table chamber, the long rectangular room used in the Royal Palace for such feasts and functions, he had felt alive, joining the other nobles in cheering, eating more or less with their hands and drinking more than their fill of ale and wine. He had not drunk as much but still to someone who had never before drunk a single drop of alcohol half a large half-litter ceramic glass was a lot. Out here, suddenly his mood had changed completely to such profound sadness.

Lucas had his eyes closed contemplating yet again what had come to pass. He heard steps coming closer to him and looked to his left to see Segaru trying to smile.

"I needed some air…" Lucas' voice trailed off, tears now streaking down from his eyes.

Segaru used the back of his palm to rub them off his cheeks and then squeezed his shoulder, "come on let's walk some, I'll tour you around the Palace.

Lucas just went along with him. With a hand across his shoulders, Segaru toured him around the lavishly decorated palace. Unlike Eri'Adar's Palace, Rodania's flaunted extreme wealth, lush gardens with fountains and statues.

They ended up outside their bedchambers in a long corridor. Before he could say anything Lucas had launched at him kissing him on his mouth. Segaru tried to get Lucas off of him in vain, as Lucas pushed him inside the room.

Lucas wrapped his hands around Segaru's neck and drew him in a deep, tongue-filled kiss. Segaru tried to stop him but to no avail. Lucas was like a hungry lion devouring his prey. He pinned Segaru down on the bed and started removing the teen's clothes. "No…wait…oh…wait…oh god…" Segaru complained at first trying to get Lucas off of him until he felt wet warmth all over his proud teenaged dick and the complaints stopped. His eyes staring at Lucas in disbelief as the younger boy swallowed his rock solid cock and started sucking on it like a frenzied animal. Segaru couldn't believe how amazingly good it felt.

His hands held Lucas' head and started fucking his mouth slowly but firmly as their moans filled the room.

Lucas played with his own erect penis as he worked on Segaru's one, his tongue bathing it in saliva, playing with the bulbous head and pushing in on the piss slit.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Segaru groaned in bliss before his moans turned to disappointment when Lucas pulled from his dick and started undressing before straddling him, sitting on Segaru's pelvis with a hand on each dick stroking them.

"What are you doing? You don't love me…why…?" Segaru asked him with an incredulous look on his face realising what Lucas was about to do.

"I don't require love right now, I was almost killed, Ifeel alone and I want to feel alive so I am going to give you what I would have given someone….someone else I had feelings for before he betrayed me. Want to fuck me or not?" Lucas did not wait for a response lowering himself on the boy's dick, slowly trying to impale himself on it. He tried to relax, tried to hold on to Segaru's rigid flagpole and guide it in but the tightness of his own boyhole prevented entry until Segaru pushed upwards just as Lucas was pushing downwards and with a pop and a yell from Lucas. Segaru's dickhead entered the incredible tightness of Lucas' rear making his eyes roll on the back of his head.

"Lucas…" Segaru's voice trailed off, whatever he was about to say lost to the almost infinite blissful pleasure of Lucas' thighs on his crotch, and anal love hole clenching on his rock. Lucas winced and stayed there with just the dickhead inside him his hands on Segaru's shoulders, digging his nails in Segaru's flesh.

Lucas whimpered and rose ever so slightly to sit back down on Segaru's organ. Lucas shook his buttocks trying to get more comfortable while Segaru tried with every inch of willpower not to slam upwards to Lucas knowing that would hurt Lucas.

Lucas closed his eyes and started a slow motion of up and down on Segaru's dick whimpering and moaning. Through the initial pain, Lucas was now beginning to feel something different. He couldn't believe how good it was starting to feel. Segaru pushed up hesitantly shivering and shaking by how good the experience felt. Segaru groaned and grabbed Lucas' hips. Letting an animalistic growl he slammed up against Lucas' buttocks. Lucas whined and pinned Segaru down by his upper torso, soon after the room filled with sounds of flesh impacting flesh and the moans of pubescent boys moaning.

"Oh fuck!" Segaru moaned as he now fucked Lucas in a steady, fast rhythm, his hands all over Lucas' pert butt-cheeks squeezing them.

Segaru tried to bring Lucas' face close to his but Lucas pulled back fucking himself back on the rigid digit going in and out of him, the pain still lingered but had gone largely numb giving way to the most unbelievable feelings. A few moments later Lucas lowered his pelvis and Segaru lifted his in a different angle rubbing against something inside Lucas sending him in a spasm and shiver orgasm tilting his head up and giving a groan of need and lust as he erupted his meagre offering all over Segaru's chest. The contractions of Lucas' sphincter sent Segaru over the edge making him spill his boy butter inside Lucas. Lucas collapsed next to Segaru, both boys panting and sweating.

Having caught his breath Lucas got up, put on his pants and picked up the rest of his garments in his hands heading for the door.

"Don't you want to spend the night? It can get cold when the fireplace stops burning." Segaru asked him, he was inviting and sweet but Lucas did not feel sweet or friendly.

"No, thanks." He replied politely and closed the door behind him.

At dawn break they departed for Dara.

It was a week before they left for Gel'anr from Zah Dah, or what was Zah Dah and another two weeks before the shores of Gel'anr showed in the horison. During that whole time, Aer'andil had not laughed once and he only gave short replies when someone asked him something. Two of his tutors had made the journey back with him with Feldon staying back to oversee the slow process of restoring and cleansing Udala. He would reach Gel'anr in a month and for an unknown time after that he would have to travel back and forth from Gel'anr to Udala and wherever else his duties as spymaster of Gel'anr and the Hunters of Darkness lead him.

His mother, Norion Anorion and Tha'ala were waiting for Aer'andil in the docks of Lea'laros. Norion and Tha'ala run to him the moment he disembarked from the Elven ship.

They hugged Aer'andil offering their words of love to him. He accepted their hugs but returned not a single word except, "I missed you." His head buried in Tha'ala's neck for a few moments before he walked to his mother hugging her close.

"I…I'm sorry I could not…could not protect father…it is my fault…" He whispered, his voice becoming uneven, shaky.

Felwyn Galay hugged him back close and tight rubbing her hand on his shoulders. "Oh my love, my soul it was not your fault or duty to protect him. You are…were his son, his flesh and blood it was his duty to protect you, to make sure you have all that you require in life and he gave his life for that reason. I would have done the same in his stead. When it comes to our children, we would never hesitate sacrificing to ensure their wellbeing. The Master of Zah Dah is dead and you are victorious. It was his doing and his fault and you have taken just vengeance on him for all, that he did to your older brother, your father, to your kin and the people of Valana." She told him, tears running down her pale cheeks.

"No, I have not yet had my full vengeance on him…" Aer'andil whispered to her ear, before she could inquire as to the meaning of his words, he continued. "By taking back and restoring Udala, by placing Norion's and Feldon's lineage as Kings of Udala, by ridding the world of first of all evil, by killing the Dark Generals eternally. By making sure that this does not happen again and that the seer has no reason to make prophesy new ever again I will have taken my full just vengeance on Olan." He said and walked away. She tried to stop him but Urval stopped her.

"My Queen, highest of all, with all the respect I have for you and your station let him be, he loves you greatly but he has much in his heart that he needs to settle. For now, I believe the two that will follow him in life are better equipped to help him than the one that brought him into this life. He needs to view his father's remains and find some measure of peace to allow him to put behind memories of death and Darkness." He spoke her in a velvet voice.

She looked at him with pained eyes. "This war, this being has taken my eldest son and my companion in life, has it now taken my youngest son? Answer me this Urval."

"No, my Queen. He remains in this world, in this plane of existence. He is sad yes, angry perhaps but he is not lost to you or his people. I saw him fight against Zah Dah and he radiated passion and defiance. He is a warrior within and he will never allow himself to quit, surrender or let go. He just needs some time to rest and think on what has come and what is to come." Urval replied.

"You have always been good with words Urval…I never knew that you comprehended the Elven soul with such…proficiency before today though. So be it then. Norion, Tha'ala…go to him, I can't bear the thought of my son suffering, bring him peace I plead you." She asked Norion and Tha'ala before she changed to her bird form and flew towards Glinthala.

Norion and Tha'ala nodded and started walking after exchanging a look.

Aer'andil walked and run to the Royal Palace lost in his thoughts. Thoughts of his father dying for him, of not being able to see Lucas anymore as often as he wanted or liked, his friends had all scattered to the four winds caught up in their own lives, one of them had betrayed them and the required action for that betrayal was not one that Aer'andil liked. When they had first arrived at Valana he had hoped that when this all ended they could return to Earth or even stay here and be together, that things could be as they were, then they had learned who they really were and what was after them. The strength of the enemy still sent shivers up his spine and now everything had gone haywire.

It took him nearly two hours to reach Glinthala. He climbed up the turning paths on the Cliffside and walked to one of the isolated alcoves surrounded by a circle colonnade with a cobalt arch dome covered with ivy and grape leaves. His father's body lay in the center, placed on a rectangular altar-like construction made from white-blue veined marble. He stood there rooted to the ground, not able to turn around or make a step forward. He realised that he had not laughed, cried or shown any emotion since that day in the siege of Eri'Adar when he had felt his father die and the spirit inside him torn to shreds by Olan.

He took a step forward, hesitant with his fists clenched to his sides. His eyes watering fast. He took another getting closer to the body of his father. Finally he stood over Liandras and looked down upon his peaceful-looking face, his eyes and mouth closed. His hands crossed over his torso. His body covered with a deep blue silk sheet up to his neck, a piece of the sheet folded there over his hands. His armour and helmet lay on his feet, his sword over his hands across to his feet.

Shaking with flooding emotions Aer'andil placed a hand on his father's cheek, hesitating for a moment, before tracing it down to his hands feeling the cold, lifeless skin under his hand.

"I'm sorry daddy…I'm sorry I…you…" Aer'andil started whispering but the words got caught in his mouth and his voice trailed.

He did not even register his legs giving way under him, kneeling in front of the altar as heavy wailing cries rocked his chest and body.

He felt two sets of hands embrace him and lock him in a warm, tight hug, male and female whispers covering his ears, whispers of support and love of courage and affection by the two people that meant more to him than he could ever put into any words.

Norion and Tha'ala held him, their heads on each other's necks, Aer'andil clenching on to their satin tunics for dear life as he poured a year of frustration, fear and pain into wailing sobs.

They held on to Aer'andil until he had no more tears to give, no more emotions to put into crying and then they held on to him until he had calmed down.

"I…I miss him so much and I only knew him for so little. I love you father." He said to the wind and to their ears.

"We know, love, we know and he knew too." Tha'ala told him rubbing his back protectively. Aer'andil inhaled their combined scent, a combination of honey, spring flowers and other boy or girl familiar headiness.

Aer'andil sighed and stood up. "Norion Anorion, Tha'ala they are my future…I love you father, but I love them too…differently, more." He whispered looking at his father, touching the marble for a moment.

Aer'andil turned round and met their gaze smiling for the first time in a good long while.

"Norion, I do not want us to be split ever again, but that time has not yet arrived, for now I…there is something that I need to do with Tha'ala alone. After that we three are together until our animal form takes us or we ascend to the planes above." He turned his head and offered his hand to Tha'ala.

"I have a poem for you and my soul is yours." He told her, his cheeks gaining a pink flushed colour about them. Tha'ala bit her lower lip and held his hand.

"I too have a poem for you and my existence is yours. Follow me." Tha'ala replied and started walking.

Aer'andil let her lead him to the place she had obviously selected for this moment, for them.

They walked for nearly twenty minutes until Tha'ala stood before a cliff-face and removed a curtain of blue flowers revealing an entrance. She turned her gaze to him and entered disappearing behind the flowery curtain. Aer'andil gulped and entered after her.

Inside was a dimly lit cave with a small hole in the ceiling letting the sun's light in. Curtains of the same blue flower hang from the cave's ceiling and walls and sounds of running water filled it. Rays of sunlight illuminated the center. Tha'ala sat on the mossy floor cross-legged, her hands relaxed on her lap.

Aer'andil swallowed hard seeing her glowing with sunlight and a smile adorning her lips that could make any sorrow that could possess him fly swiftly away.

"You…are so beautiful." Aer'andil said in barely above a whisper.

Tha'ala shied away for a moment before returning her eyes on him. Aer'andil sat facing her. He decided to start first on his poem to her. The gestalt of his thoughts and desires that he had her, how he saw her, everything that could be used to describe her, what she meant to him his feelings to her were concentrated in this singular form of expression.

"I know not how thou singest, my master! I ever listen in silent amazement.

The light of thy music illumines the world. The life breath of thy music runs from sky to sky. The holy stream of thy music breaks through all stony obstacles and rushes on.

My heart longs to join in thy song, but vainly struggles for a voice. I would speak, but speak, but speech breaks not into song, and I crYout baffled. Ah, thou hast made my heart captive in the endless meshes of thy music, my master!"

Aer'andil spoke steadily and clearly, neither loud nor slow, his eyes never leaving hers.

Tha'ala breathed faster, her lower lip trembling with emotions that she could not put into simple words. She took a deep breath and spoke.

"Before I speak to you my poem, I have a question. What changed your mood so quickly before?"

"I am sad…sad that my father died, that I could not protect him against this and that he will not be here to see me grow up and enjoy the grandkids I will eventually sire. I also know that he would not want me to be forever sad, to wither away. He would want me to move on, to live, to love and to lead my people. I cannot stay perpetually in sorrow's grasp, I must love you and Norion, I must lead our people and I must fight the Darkness wherever it may be found. I will be sad and I will cry to the shoulders of those that love me back but I will live. I had not cried since his death during the siege of Eri'Adar, I had not expressed any feeling knowing that I could not break down with the battle that lay ahead. Now that I have I want to live." Aer'andil gave her his answer.

She nodded and wiped away a falling tear from her cheek. Then in a singsong voice, she started on her poem to him.

"I am only waiting for love to give myself up at last into his hands. That is why it is so late and why I have been guilty of such omissions.

They come with their laws and their codes to bind me fast; but I evade them ever, for I am only waiting for love to give myself up at last into his hands.

People blame me and call me heedless; I doubt not they are right in their blame.

The market day is over and work is all done for the busy. Those who came to call me in vain have gone back in anger. I am only waiting for love to give myself up at last into his hands."

Aer'andil did not respond with words, instead, he brought his head closer until their lips were rubbing together. He could feel her breath mixing with his, her hands now on his, their fingers intertwining, his heartbeat rising fast, his throat dry.

He parted his lips opening himself to her. He could feel her shivering from the touch of his skin on hers and anticipation.

Tha'ala opened her moist lips, her pink tongue darting out hesitantly as if to test the waters. Aer'andil rubbed his tongue on the underside of hers inviting her into his mouth, passing a hand around her waist, he pulled her closer to him gently biting her lower lip before she slipped her tongue into his mouth.

A gentle yet fierce battle commenced between their spongy, pink tongues as their hands begun exploring every inch, nook and detail on their bodies. Aer'andil made mental remarks of how her developing breasts curved slightly upwards and how the base of her back had two tiny hole-like shapes. Tha'ala noticed the firm developing muscles on his arms and shoulders and his growing erection. Their soft moans filled the cavern.

With their breathing becoming uneven and faster, Tha'ala broke the kiss and lay on the wet floor. She held Aer'andil's hips in one hand and pulled them to her. Aer'andil got the hint and pivoted around until his growing erection was inches above her mouth. She flicked her tongue over it making him shudder with lust and sexual tension.

Aer'andil moaned and placed his hands between her thighs gently pushing them apart. She giggled and swallowed Aer'andil's dickhead in a gulp while she opened her thighs to give him more access to her intimate treasures.

Aer'andil tensed as the warm feeling came over his boyhood, his head tilting back from the intense pleasure filling his nether regions.

Tha'ala started licking the bulbous, purple head taking in Aer'andil's heady scent that smelled like ground and fruit mixed with sweat and boy pheromones. Aer'andil tried to get his mind off of what was going on down there and turned his gaze on Tha'ala's virginal flower. He pushed as gently as he could on her inner thighs, spreading her legs wider and bent over. With a momentary hesitation, he passed his tongue over the length of her pussy from her clitoris to the space between the end of it and her anus. She gave a soft moan and shoved her pelvis up.

Fingers travelling down her thighs Aer'andil giggled-moaned and held her down from the joints of her pelvis and thighs as he took another lick at her pussy this time staying on her clitoris licking, flicking and gently biting on it. She shuddered from the feelings coursing down her body to her growing mind. Tha'ala sucked in more of his custard launcher in her warm mouth, bobbling her head up and down on it faster her fingers taking in his firm muscles and tones curves of his waist and buttocks.

Aer'andil ate her lower and sucked under her pussy lips, spending sometime there before sticking it inside her making her arch her back mewling like a happy kitten. She in return was sending vibrations and signals of pleasure he did not think could exist, except perhaps when he had his first time with Norion a few months ago.

With each of her ample yet round and firm buttocks in each hand, he ate in on her inhaling her aroma, a mixture of freshly picked cranberries, salt and sweat with a topping of girl pheromones. It drove him wild with lust, his hips now moving rapidly up and down on her sucking mouth.

Aer'andil traced his fingers on the opening of her most precious flower before dipping them in. She moaned lifting her hips upwards. After a few minutes of fingering, he repositioned himself between her legs and gazed into her deep orbs.

Tha'ala gave him a nod and he lined up his rock hard boy-drill with her virginal opening. He caressed her thigh and bending over her, he placed his mouth over her breasts sucking them up. She hugged her hands around his head pulling him tightly against her moaning softly. Her blissful absentmindedness was broken with a short, abrupt yell when Aer'andil pushed inside her breaking past the last of her defenses. She was virgin no more.

When she relaxed her grip on his head, he moved his waist back and shoved back in again groaning unable to believe how absolutely, unbelievably good it felt. He repeated the motion and again building an increasing in speed rhythm. They both groaned in disappointment a time or two when his weapon escaped her fleshy sheath with him quickly reinserting it back in. The second time he moved his knees tight against her buttocks, a hand squeezing her breast and a hand on her thigh as he started on a frenzied fucking, his crotch smacking against her lower thighs, his mouth seeking hers like a man dying of thirst searches for water. It was not long after that he let out a breathtaking moan, his chest heaving for air, his hips smacking against Tha'ala's for the last time as he emptied his boy butter inside her.

He collapsed next to her still holding her in his embrace. They were panting and sweating and did not speak for some time enjoying each other's presence in each other's arms.

It was Aer'andil who moved first. He got up and explored the cave for a bit until he found a small pool and jumped in to clean up. Tha'ala followed him hugging him from behind.

"I love you." She whispered in his ear.

"I love you too…I love you and Norion like no one else on this world and starting from today I no longer want to be apart from you two. Tonight and all nights from now on I want us to sleep together, to share our warmth and lives until we embrace the animal inside us or the spirit world above us." Aer'andil replied in a hushed but clear voice.

She held him tight, her head resting on the small of his neck.

Aer'andil knew that it was not entirely over yet they had yet to find and kill all the Dark Generals using yesterday's magic. There would be much he would write in "Evi Talathin ial Riathnol" or the chronicles of Darkness. A book started by Glothoin and passed down to those heirs that could understand yesterday's magic and the war against the Darkness could never be really won but for now he woul d live and enjoy his life with the people he loved and cared about.

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