The Chronicles of Valana Volume 1: Shadowlands

by AB

Chapter 7

In the Elven isles

Time flew for Aer'andil. His training with Feldon, his father and a few others, as well as his time with Norion, made two weeks seem like mere seconds.

They were sleeping in his room, in his bed. Ever since that first time, i t had become the norm for them to spend their nights together. It was not just for the fooling around that they did but also the warmth and the connection he felt for the older boy. A connection that he could feel deepening with each passing hour as if being held by an unseen, invisible thread that not only connected them but also brought them closer and closer together.

His leg was draped over Norion's waist, one arm over Norion's shoulders, the other under his head. His head nest l ed in the hollow of Norion's neck like it was the softest pillow with Norion sleeping in an almost f o et al position.

Aer'andil was sleeping so comfortably his enhanced senses did not even pick up Feldon's steps. He came down the corridor, opened the door with no particular care for being silent, walk ed up to them and pulled the bed sheets off them.

"Wake up." He said and opened the drapes that covered the windows.

Aer'andil groaned and tried to bury his head deeper in to Norion's neck to cover his eyes from the sudden light. D awn was breaking outside.

"It…it is not even dawn outside…it's nice and warm here…need more sleep…" He complained in vain.

"The evil you have to face does not care if you are comfortable and warm. I'll be back in ten minutes and you'll either be dressed, or I'll drag you outside naked. Your choice." He said and left.

Aer'andil said nothing. Norion turned over, placing a hand on Aer'andil's cheeks and another on his hand smiling groggily but broadly.

Aer'andil smiled back and pressed his hand to Norion's lips as softly as he could, before bringing their faces closer.

He could feel Norion's breath on his cheeks then, with their eyes locked, they brushed lips against lips, nose against nose. A gentle touch at first, increasing in passion, desire and intent.

Norion pushed his tongue up against Aer'andil's teeth, until he was granted access. Now their tongues danced the all too well- known dance traversing between mouths, exchanging liquids, sucking each other's breath away.

It did not last as long as they would have like d. Aer'andil broke the kiss between them and look ed at Norian intensely.

"I…I've been thinking…" He started hesitantly, biting his lower lip.

"Yes, I can tell when you're thinking, you have a…certain look about you."

Aer'andil giggled. "You've only known me for two weeks! You have no right to know me this well!" He said poking his tongue out teasingly, then continued.

"So…I've been thinking…and I hope I don't end up eating my face on this one…but...I…would you...I mean…would you like us…you and me…to be "together" in…ehh…"that" way? I've never felt like this with anyone before, even if I'm only twelve years old…almost thirteen…at least you know that's how long I've lived…not my body…ehh…I'm mumbling…" He said trailing off, blushing a deep shade of crimson.

Norion was blushing as well, and turned his head to the side before looking deep in to his friend's forest green eyes.

"In my mind we have been together since that first time I saw you. I knew it then and I know it now." He whispered.

"Knew what?" Aer'andil asked raising a brow.

Norion giggled and got up. It was a good thing they did not sleep naked. Even in the world of Elves being caught naked by a parent, even if it was your father, would have been awkward.

They changed from their nightwear to their clothes and walked to the palace's dining room for breakfast.

For the next few hours, Feldon had them train in magic, the principles of magic, supportive magic, defensive magic, creating and destroying wards and FINALLY, in understanding intent when the caster whispered, or thought the spell so that he would not be heard.

They spar r ed against each other and against him as well. They also had the chance to take on some of the royal guard.

After the mid-day break, it was time for the Elven language lesson that lasted for a couple more hours.

"You can have the rest of the day. Tomorrow we continue with training your physical and magical endurance." Feldon said and left them.

"I need a bath." Aer'andil said gathering his things from the finely carved wooden desk.

It would seem that even the desks used by pupils in the world of Elves, were carved with great care. The legs had been carved to resemble ivy climbing up them. A t the center bird talons held a wooden plaque in which a book or parchment could be placed for easier reading or writing. On the right, there was a metallic vessel for ink and another smaller one near it for the quill. On the left and center behind the wooden plaque, there were four candle sticks.

The room they were in was one used for classroom duties. It had large windows on its left and behind the teacher's desk a large arched oak door. A large chandelier in the center of the ceiling, made from silver plated metal and containing more than two hundred candles, provided light during the night hours.

"Yes, you don't smell of your usual flowery scent." Norion teased him.

"Ha, s ays the boy that currently smells like a swamp." Aer'andil teased him back.

"Well at least I still have a s cent that resembles nature."

Aer'andil giggled. This could go on for hours but he did not wish it to.

"You win, you win, but I really do need a bath. Do you want to go to our usual lake?

"How about we go to the E merald C aves today? Ifeel rather tired." Norion asked him as he finished gathering his books and things together

Aer'andil shrugged his shoulders. "I don't mind. I don't remember having been there before."

"You haven't, at least not with me. They are a short distance outside the city, to the north. It is not visited by a lot of people, they're quite …secluded." Norion said, his cheeks acquiring a faint hue of pink.

"Oh…okay. Why are they called Emerald C aves?" Aer'andil asked him. They left their books and stuff on the shelves by the door and got out of the classroom.

Aer'andil brushed his hand against Norion's before ent wining their fingers together. Since no one minded that they walk like this, he took every possible opportunity to do so. He had only known Norion Anorion for two weeks now but his affection for the boy grew, not by the day but by each passing second. Norion's voice, his smile, his laugh, his beautiful eyes. Every bit of him made Aer'andil giddy and fuzzy inside. He could feel their souls belonging to one an other's and yet something was amiss. As if, he was missing something.

They walked from the palace to the outskirts of the city. There they met up with a nother couple of elf children they had made friends with over the past few weeks. T hey traversed the two or so kilometers through the forest to the Emerald C aves.

It was a majestic sight when they arrived at the caves. The flat terrain suddenly rose almost a thousand meters up in to a vertical cliff of sheer black, mossy rock. At the base of the cliff, various streams gathered i n a natural depression that formed a deep lake. All around the lake, there were caves, nooks and crevices in the rocks in a circular shape. The vegetation, tall trees, bushes and lichen, were lush and many of the trees heavy branches reached down to touch the water's surface.

Aer'andil did not have to ask the lake's name. The caves part was obvious and as was the Emerald part. T he water reflected the green vegetation all around it casting caustics on the rocks and c liff around it. The lake was deep enough for the murky water to hide the bottom. The sun barely made it through the thick canopy sending godrays down on them.

Aer'andil stood there taking it all in, until Norion tugged on his hand walking them to the water's edge. They removed their shoes and clothes but stay ed in their silk loincloths covering their privates.

They were not alone at the lake, t here were some other elves there, and some of their friends as well.

Aer'andil turned his head to see his mother and father sitting on a rock by the edge.

They both had silk loincloths around their pelvis with the High-Queen also having one wrapped around her breasts.

His father saw them coming and got up to meet them half way.

Norion pressed his hands against his chest, crossed one on top of the other and made a bow saluting his High-King.

"I'll be over with Athalos and the others." Norion motioned to a group of his friends, and giving Aer'andil's hand a squeeze, he left them going for the water's edge.

Aer'andil nodded and looked at his father trying to smile. Slowly he had during th ese two weeks begun to mellow towards his father, even though they had not yet talked.

Liandras kne lt down placing a hand on each of his son's shoulders before pulling him in for a hug. Aer'andil hesitated but for a moment, before reciprocating.

They stayed like so for a while and he could feel it, that feeling of safety, of being in his father's arms where nothing could harm him.

He opened his eyes just as his father started pulling back and practically froze. Inside the emerald waters of the lake, there stood a girl. A girl fair like no other he had seen before. In fact, until very recently girls had not interested him in that way. That had started to change when they arrived in Valana, but he had attributed it to his generally heightened need for sexual release.

He could not tell exactly how tall she was, the water reached just below her chest, but she had long slender arms. He found her fingers so adorable and lean, and her neck looked just edible. Her hair covered most of her naked top. Long, crimson red and frizzed fell all about her face, neck and upper body. Wet from the water on the edges they stuck to her body like a second skin.

She had a nice elongated face with pink lips and a flat sort of nose but her eyes, her eyes captivated his very being.

She looked at him and a smile formed on her lips, from ear to ear. She caressed her neck and looked away giggling.

Liandras looked in the direction of his gaze and chuckled.

"Go, go talk to her Aer'andil." He told him gently.

Aer'andil blushed but said nothing. He looked down.

Liandras waited. He knew his son was working things out deep inside him and talking would not be beneficial to their newfound relationship, fragile as it was.

Eventually Aer'andil looked up with tears in his eyes. "I…I…don't know if I can…" He whispered.

Liandras used his index finger and thumb to clear away the tears from his son's rosy cheeks.

"I know that you can Aer'andil, I have full confidence in you." He said looking in to his son's eyes.

"But…but…I am sort of…with someone else…and…I…I…" He trailed off feeling so conflicted.

Liandras chuckled, "Aer'andil, we are not the world of men. Yes, you may be with Norion Anorion, " - he saw his son's eyes bulge out in surprise- " do not look so surprised Aer'andil. I have lived for thirty two thousand years and much I have seen. O bvious it was that you two are developing into more than friends." He paused for a moment before continuing.

"Elves do not have th e human need to label love, discriminate against it, or fear its variant forms. Love is love, and it can manifest any way it wants in the world of Elves. Yes, it is true that Elves mate for life. B ut the number of mates, and I mean not friends, is not etched in stone. You can decide to be with one or more individuals if they reciprocate your love." Liandras finished speaking and smiled reassuringly at his flesh and blood.

"Your mother and I will support you, whatever you decide. W hatever makes you happy Aer'andil, makes us happy. Now go talk to her before someone else does. Better to have to deal with rejection than with the resentment of losing an opportunity for the rest of your life. Living with r esentment and guilt no way to live." He told his son and gave him a gentle push towards the lake and the unknown girl.

Aer'andil looked at his father, then at the girl and with a sigh he started walking to her.

Norion was a few meters away swimming and messing around with their friends, his long time and Aer'andil's new ones, but he look ed from time to time at Aer'andil.

The girl's girlfriends giggled when they saw him approach and whispering something to her, left and headed to play by one of the smaller waterfalls splashing water over each other.

She just stood there her hands swaying around her in spirals, playing with the water and the reflections.

Aer'andil approached slowly, hesitantly, secretly hoping something, someone would stop him. At the same time, also secretly hoping no one and nothing would. Thoughts all jumbled up, confused in his young mind.

He stood behind her, in the shallows, the cool, murky water reaching up to their waists.

"H…hi…" he stuttered, hoping he did not sound to her as nervous as he felt.

She giggled turning her head, and with a hand brush ed some hair from her eyes.

"Hello my Prince." She said in a voice reminiscent of the most melodious of bird songs. The voice of an angel if Aer'andil had ever heard one.

Aer'andil could feel his breath catch in his throat and he could feel his skin react to her beauty causing g oosebumps on his hands and belly.

He swallowed dry, hard. His mind racing at a thousand miles an hour t hinking of what to say and how to say it to sound "cool" to her, to win her over with a single word.

"Aer'andil is my name, what is yours?" He said, remembering how Norion and the other Elves his age, and older, had introduced themselves to him.

"Tha'ala is my name. I like your name, S torm A rrow." She said covertly looking him over from head to waist, maybe hoping they were not submerged waist-high in water so she could take the measure of the rest of him.

"Tha'ala." He said her name, rolling it around in his mouth. "I like it, it means…love child?"

Tha'ala smiled showing her white teeth, "Loving child, but close enough!" She said. Her voice was fast becoming intoxicating to Aer'andil.

"I…you know who I am…what do you parents do…work I mean…" He asked toying with his fingers in the water, trying to hide his nervousness, a glimmer of hope settling in his heart that this, not only was not going as catastrophically as he had thought, but was heading in a very pleasant direction.

"Blacksmith, my father is. F or the army of Gel'anr. My mother is a Lady's maid to your mother, my P rince." She replied, never losing that warm infectious smile of hers.

"Can I ask you something?" She asked him after a few seconds of silence.

"Yes, sure. O f course." He answered eagerly.

"How was it...? Being on that other world, what was different?" She asked him, furrowing her eyebrows in concentration over his expectant answer, not wanting to miss anything of his response.

"Uhm…well, there are no elves, spirits or magic of any kind. Science and technology rule instead, and there is no immortality. Everyone lives mortal lives. Humans are just as greedy I suppose. There is crime and a constant change in society, even if slow. How it was…I think it was normal, I mean I…don't have memories of here from before. I was taken from Valana two months or so after my birth so I can only compare it to my experiences after coming back to Valana.

"There are places on Earth, like here in Valana. Where children don't have to learn to fight and they worry instead, about growing up faster, or having friends or other stuff like that. Then again, there are places on Earth that are, by far more savage and unforgiving than anything I have seen so far in Valana. M aybe for different reasons." There was so much he could not tell her. N ot because he did not want to, but because she would not understand. What could she understand of physics, of the internet, of planets and stars and astrophysics and satellites, and so many other things that were considered common knowledge back on Earth.

"No spirits or magic…no Elves…" She whispered, unable to comprehend how the two worlds could be so fundamentally different. U nable to understand or comprehend a world without spirits, without abilities like magic and a world without the existence of her kin.

He placed a hand on hers, feeling her wet skin under his. She looked at him.

"There is beauty on Earth, but nothing like what I have seen so far in Gel'anr and Glinthala. This place is…I cannot do justice to how Ifeel about it, with words. Nowhere else either here, in Valana, or on Earth, have Ifelt like it is my home like Ifeel about Gel'anr." He told her in an effort to get her mind off of Earth.

"This, I can understand Aer'andil. Gel'anr and Glinthala have always been your home, even though you had been taken from it." She replied, not removing her hand from his.

"I guess you're right…even if I was taken from here as an infant, it has always been my home."

'I am a girl. W e usually are correct." She said giggling.

"On Earth, I read somewhere that a woman is only as good as her man and a man is only as good as his woman. If one is found wanting, then so too is the other, for he or she has chosen a mate not deserving of him or her. You cannot be always in the right. F or that would mean that your mate in life would have be always wrong, which would make him a very unintelligent man. Is that what you want?" He asked her seriously. The fact alone that he had remembered that surprised him, as he had read it quite a bit of time ago, somewhere on the internet.

A few dozen meters away his parents, unable to resist the temptation to overhear the conversation, were trying not to burst out laughing.

"An Elf and your son he truly is." Felwyn Galay whispered to her mate in life, full of love and pride for both the men now in her life.

"He is right you know, and I could not have found a better Utheron'karalas, my soul." Liandras whispered back to her.

Tha'ala closed and opened her mouth but nothing would come out. Finally, she turned her head, yielding defeat in this.

"No, I do not want that." She said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Aer'andil smiled and squeezed her hand.

"What animal will you transform into when you grow up?" He asked her smiling warmly.

"Only twenty years I have lived so I have time before I can transform. B ut I will be transforming into a Black-bellied whistling duck. Is it true that you'll be transforming into a white phoenix?" She asked him smiling back.

Their conversation went on for some time before Norion joined them.

"Good day to you Tha'ala. I hope the sun finds you well this day." Norion greeted her in the manner taught to all Elven children since birth.

"Thank you, Norion Anorion. The sun finds me in a good mood, and how are you?" She answered him.

"You two know each other?" Aer'andil asked.

"Yes, we are friends and see each other a lot since both our parents work in or around the Royal Palace. Are you and Norion Anorion friends?" She asked.

The question was an innocent one. Tha'ala had no way of knowing the increasing depth of feeling they had towards each other, but it did make them self-conscious about the reality of their relationship. E ven if it was not, as such, condemn ed in Elven society. The result was their cheeks turned a deeper shade of pink as they stole a glance at each other.

Tha'ala blushed as we l l, l after a second or two, when she realised the cause of the silence. Even if they had not said anything, the effect of her answer was answer enough. "Oh, okay." She said softly.

She surprised them both by giving Norion a kiss on his cheek and then, in an almost lightning fast motion, a peck on Aer'andil's lips.

It caught him by complete surprise and their eyes almost bulged out of their eye-sockets. "I hope I will see you around soon. My mother is waiting for me back home." She spoke, looking at Aer'andil, before she turned to leave.

"Yes, I would like that." Aer'andil spontaneously answered before he could stop himself. Truth be told, he did not regret not stopping himself.

She waved at them and started walking through the murky water to the lake's shore.

Aer'andil kept gazing at her as she left, her lithe hips and body swaying i n the water. He let out a small, soft whimper when he saw the rest of her developing, yet curveous body. Her melon shaped buttocks, although covered by silk attire, looked so inviting, it ma de him long to talk to her again and maybe even want more.

He pushed those thoughts aside and looked at Norion. He had expected to see jealousy or anger in his sweet face but instead he saw joy. Right at that moment, even though he had only known Norion for two weeks, he knew to the core of his being that he was head over heels in love with him and his incredible, kind, gentle soul. He hugged him closely, tightly feeling their naked bodies touch and Norion's warm, juniper berries-smelling breath on his neck.

He wanted time to stop. He felt so content just being like this, that he did not want anything to change. If that could only happen, but it could not. He pulled back.

They spent some time swimming around, playing with Norion's friends, friends that were slowly becoming his.

The sun was descending behind the mountain when their friends had to leave for their homes.

"Do you have to leave as well?" He asked Norion.

"No, I do not, I have talked with my parents and I can stay a bit longer, at least until dinner." Norion replied.

"Good, I…ehm...I like having you around." Aer'andil said blushing profusely.

Norion giggled, "So do I." came his answer.

Looking around Aer'andil saw his parents talking to an other Elf. T here did not appear to be anyone else in or near the lake.

Soon after the elf talking to his parents left, h e saw them getting ready to leave.

"I want to go talk to my father, do you want to stay or I can find you back in the royal palace?" He asked Norion.

"No, I'll stay. I…also want to talk privately to you about a…something that is urgent to me." Norion said in response, sealing it with a kiss to Aer'andil's cheek.

Aer'andil reciprocated in kind and then moved to where his parents were.

"Dad…uhm…can we talk some…alone?" He asked his father.

"Yes, of course." Liandras answered. N ot even trying to hide his joy at Aer'andil's request. He turned to his wife. "I'll see you back in the palace, H alf-of-mine." She smiled and proceeded to give him a kiss and then giving Aer'andil a hug, she left.

They sat on the rocks on the shore, the soles of their feet dangling in the cold water.

They sat in silence Liandras knew his son was gathering his thoughts so he did not start speaking first.

Aer'andil was looking at the opposite shore and the vertical cliffs full of caves. He took a breath, a deep one, his eyes closed. "Why…why did you send me away? Would I not have been safer here in Gel'anr?" He wasn't angry, his voice betrayed only sadness.

"No. That is the short answer. Do you want to know the long answer?" Liandras was not angry or irritated either, just as equally sad as his son.

"Yes, please…I…I don't understand. For twelve years I thought that my parents had given me away because they were teenagers who had gotten pregnant and didn't want me. Then I learn that I am some Elven prince that will have to slay some great evil…it's just too much…" Aer'andil said taking his knees between his hands, turning to look at his father.

"Not slay…undo. " His spirit spoke in to his mind. He registered it but his attention was on his father.

"I shall start when you were born then, having already told you what happened before then. Your mother and I were so happy. Not just because there was another heir to the throne, to the line of Glothoin, but because we had another child, another son. A child we intended to cherish and love unconditionally. So much, I wanted to teach you, father to son. T o be there for you, to raise you into a just, kind, gentle ruler but relentless against any who would want harm to come to pass to our people.

"Our happiness lasted only two days, for after two days the seer made the prophe c y. When she makes a prophe c y, the only ones to hear it are those who will guard it, and the person or persons it is made for. It is up to them to decipher it. I heard it and the brother of the K ing of Dara heard it. I…we still do not know who asked for this prophecy. I think we can guess that it is whoever is after you, probably the same person who c ommands the armies of Zah Dah.

"I sent out emissaries to all the kings of Elves and men to ascertain who the offspring were before the agents of the rising evil, mentioned in the prophe c y could." Liandras spoke calmly, never breaking eye contact with his son.

"Not rising… Evil's will ancient beyond aeons, first of all, it wills after aeons. " Aer'andil's spirit spoke again in his mind.

"A month later the Elven kings and high aristocracy had replied, and no other newborn infant matched the criteria set out by the prophe c y. Neither did any children yet to be born shortly after. None did…except you. Your mother and I were so worried, devastated. W e did not want to have to send awaYour only child since our first son was killed but we waited, waited for the answers of the K ings of M en.

"Two nights later your mother woke up in the middle of the night to your cries. She walked to your room thinking you were hungry, in pain or in need of company. The usual reasons a baby wakes up in the middle of the night. When she opened the door to your chamber, she froze in mortal fear, on top of you stood three shadowkillers, ready to slit your throat."

"Shadowkillers?" Aer'andil asked raising his brow in question.

"A very long story for another time. W hat you need to know now is that they are the best guild of hired assassins in Valana and if you ever come across them, run. Run in the other direction as fast as you are able. Your mother, although frightened to death, stood her ground and conjured forth the brightest ball of fire she could muster directing it at them while summoning the royal guards and me.

"Why a ball of fire? Would it not also kill me?"

"The only way to kill a S hadowkiller is intense bright light or daylight and no, it would not. Your mother and your spirit had made sure of it. She managed to kill one and injure another by the time I came in to the room with a dozen honour guards. Our combined effort was enough to drive the rest away." Liandras explained.

"But if bright light can kill them…why not use it? If one elf, my mother, could conjure a spell powerful enough to kill one, and injure another, couldn't your combined power kill them?" Aer'andil asked perplexed.

"No, not in a timely fashion. Your mother had caught them off guard. T hey were not expecting to be interrupted and the sight of you in mortal danger brought forth a huge surge of emotions in your mother. E motions, she transformed into powerful magic. She surprised them but the element of surprise ended there. The remaining two S hadowkillers raised magical defenses that prevented us from even casting light-inducing spells or incantations. We could not prolong the fight over your cradle as it could have harmed you by accident, so we drove them off.

The next day I chose two guardians for you, one male and one female, and sent you to that other world with instructions and evidence of the truth of what they would eventually have to tell you." Liandras paused for a moment. Now it was his turn to look away at the cliffs opposite them.

"I will never forget your mother's wailing cries as you departed Valana for Earth. N or I think, can I ever forgive myself. Within days, I sent a missive to the other guardian telling him to do the same and send Lucas to the same world as I had sent you. I hoped you two would eventually meet up and become friends. After that was done, we cast the amnesia spell with the help of the seer and a do z en other elven magic users and speakers. We did this to make sure that whoever was after you, would not know who you were or where you had been sent. O r even until when you would be away. All required to give me…us time to prepare and you to train." Liandras said trying to hide the true depth of his sorrow.

"Why did you select Earth?" Aer'andil continued asking.

"A complicated question for a complicated answer. In short…it had no magic and you and Lucas would grow the same." Liandras sounded as if he had expected the question.

"But…we are both children now…" Aer'andil stated more than asked with his voice trailing in the end.

"Yes, you are but you have come back το Valana ten years too early. H ad I sent you to any other world with magic, or even kept you here under the amnesia spell, you would have remained a child and Lucas would have grown into an adult." Liandras said gently.

The conversation was going a lot better than he had expected. A fter his son's justified outburst after he had been told who he was, he did not want to say anything in a tone that could be misunderstood by the young boy. It had taken a month of patience and careful contact, for his son to open up and mellow towards him and he would not risk ruining any progress made so far.

There was silence for a while. It was only broken by Aer'andil with a question.

"Why not keep me here…with or without the amnesia spell? It can't have been just that you wanted me and Lucas growing at the same rate …" There was pain in his voice, and fading anger.

"Maybe we could have kept you here with or without the amnesia spell but Ifear either would have been catastrophic. It may sound selfish but can you imagine me seeing you every day and not being able to tell you that you are my son. T he torture it would have put me through ? Moreover, if in the end my resolve had broken, I would have t old you who you are way too prematurely and the world would have crush ed and crumble d before us.

"What if by seeing you every day your mother, one of the most powerful empathic magic users I have ever known, broke through the amnesia spell? The results would have been the same. Merol told me that my brother hijacked you. T he spirit you have now, inside you, was the one meant to be inside you. I t was when you were born and it should have backer -entered when you returned to Valana. My brother broke all the rules when his spirit entered you but I guess….it matters little now doesn't it…?

"By telling you your name, he risked a lot more than you know. That, and you knowing his name and telling King Lados, almost did break the amnesia spell. It is now part ially broken …whoever asked for the prophe c y and sent those S hadowkillers after you, now knows who you are.

"But to return to your question, yes, maybe I could have kept you here with the amnesia spell but I have explained to you what could have gone wrong. Now I will explain to you why it could not happen without the amnesia spell.

"Whoever is behind this had the audacity, the guts, to send S hadowkillers in to the royal palace of Gel'anr. The center of Elven power, the seat of the High-King, and the best protected location in almost all of Elfdom and all this within a month of your birth. What would he have done in the coming months and years?

"Two would be the possible outcomes : The defenses around you would eventually be breached and you would have been killed, or we would have actually managed to protect you. In order for that to happen, you would have lived a sheltered life,, without any privacy and with a constant of assassination attempts and death. That is no life to live. Living for the sake of living is no life at all. You would not be the person you are now. You would not be ready to face this, as you are now. F or this evil to lose, to be defeated and slain, you and Lucas must be the persons you are now with all of your faults and qualities." Liandras took a deep breath and exhaled. Aer'andil said nothing, did nothing but tears were strea m ing down his rosy cheeks leaving wet paths behind them.

"What I did, I did out of the deepest possible love and care for you and your safety. I care for no other person, creature or being in this, or any other world, as I do for you and your mother. There is nothing I would not do for you two if it meant protecting you and providing for you, the life you deserve. I would tear the world and heavens asunder with my bare hands and challenge the Aeternae animus themselves. I would open the Gathlail Aeternae, undo the pact and bring doom to all if it meant keeping you safe. I would sac…." What Liandras was saying was interrupted as Aer'andil hugged him impulsively crying fully now.

Liandras hugged him back caressing his back and hair, planting kisses on the top of his head.

Norion looked on and wiped a tear from his cheek, N ot of sadness but of happiness at seeing the boy that had captivated his heart and soul have this intimate moment with his father and start to surpass his anger towards him.

"I…I love you P apa! I am sorry I yelled at you!" Aer'andil said amidst sobs and hiccups.

"It is okay S on. I love you truly, unconditionally and beyond bounds. C onsidering the rude awakening to your real identity, no one can really blame you for your outburst." Liandras whispered to him never breaking the affectionate hug.

They remained like so, both unwilling to break away from the tenderness and affection of the moment.

Eventually Aer'andil pulled back and looked up to meet his father's gaze.

"Thanks… D ad, for talking and all…I don't know if I agree with it and I sure as hell don't understand everything but…I can understand you had your reasons. That you maybe felt that there was no other way. It may take some more time for me to accept it all but you are my father, I love you and I don't want to be angry at you." He said wiping away the remaining tears from his eyes.

Liandras nodded smiling and caressed his cheek.

Aer'andil stood up and looked around for his friend. Having spotted him, he started walking over to him.

Liandras looked at nothing in particular for a few moments, seemingly lost in his thoughts and then, standing up from where he was sitting on the rocks, he took the road home.

Norion jumped in the water and swam to the center of the lake waiting for Aer'andil.

Aer'andil smirked and dove under the surface. He moved his body, legs and hands like a dolphin until he reached Norion and with a swift jerk of his hand, he dragged him underwater by his ankle.

Norion looked at his friend's figure underwater. He looked even sexier than when he was dry. The water made his long, blond hair wave and move almost ethereally. B ubbles were coming out of his mouth, his green eyes contrasting with the lake's emerald-blue colours and his body mov ed like a professional dancer to stay under the surface.

Aer'andil smiled and cupped Norion's cheeks in his hands gently, softly. He brought their faces closer and closer together until their lips met and an ever increasing ly passion ate kiss ensued.

Norion closed his eyes kissing him back as their kiss deepened. Their breaths united while a few bubbles escaped from the corners of their mouths.

Aer'andil could feel it, deep inside the seat of his being, the significance of this kiss, the uniqueness of it. No kiss before had made him feel like so. No kiss ever before had felt as good as this. He felt as if he was not just merely sharing his breath with Norion but his very soul. And Norion was reciprocating in kind.

The kiss lasted for a few minutes until they had to ascend to the surface for air. For those few moments, they felt as if they were the last two beings in Valana. I n sweet isolation, with no further need or desire than to love each other and share that kiss.

Norion and Aer'andil stood completely alone in the middle of the lake looking into at each other's eyes, mirrors into each other's souls.

Aer'andil gave the softest of giggles, touching his lip with his fingers. It was not the first time they kissed by a long shot but this was, by far, the most sensuous so far. The kisses they shared only seemed to increase in contentment and love, as did their relationship. With every passing day trust, love, even if so far not called so, and affection grew between them.

Norion responded with a similar giggle and before long, they were laughing for no good reason, never breaking eye contact.

Norion stopped laughing, and crossing his hands around behind Aer'andil's neck, he leaned in for another kiss. S tarting with brushing his lips against Aer'andil's, then applying pressure on different parts of his lips before opening them up so that his tongue could caress Aer'andil's lips.

Aer'andil invited him in like so many times before, by opening his lips and breathing in, his fruit-scented breath so intoxicating to Norion. He moaned a soft sound and taking in Aer'andil's breath, he pressed his lips and darted his tongue like a fleshy, moist javelin in to Aer'andil's warm mouth.

Aer'andil wrapped his hands around Norion's slim, soft to the touch waist and pulled him in. He could feel both his and Norion's members standing to attention, straining to come out of their silk undergarments.

Norion broke the kiss and took Aer'andil by the hand, walking them out of the water. He took them to one of the isolated cave entrances where they would not be spotted by anyone that may come near the lake. W hat was about to happen was for them alone and no one else.

Norion sat on his knees on a large, smooth, flat rock, his hands on his knees waiting for Aer'andil to sit opposite to him.

Aer'andil did not know what was about to happen, yet somehow, as if by instinct, he knew that this was quite serious and solemn to Norion.

He decided to imitate Norion's kneeling position.

The sun was going down, nearing the end of his daily trip across the sky. Through the sparse clouds clouds, it still shined down on them, warm rays creating shapes on the ground around them with the shadows of the clouds, trees and rocks.

Norion looked him over, head to toe overtly making him blush at the scrutiny even if it came from Norion. He then proceeded to run his hands slowly, deliberately but gently over Aer'andil's forehead, then downwards to his nose, giving it a gentle pinch, then rubbing his lips softly. He paused there waiting for Aer'andil's reaction.

Aer'andil knew this not to be a game, even though there was a lot of Elven culture he knew not of.

He imitated Norion's actions and paused, his fingers on the other boy's ruby, moist lips.

Norion smiled the sweetest smile he could manage without even knowing he did it. He then traced his hands slowly down Aer'andil's neck, over his naked, smooth torso, staying there rubbing the pink nipples teasing them into attention before travelling down to his belly and abdomen. He looked down for a second before,once again, looking up into Aer'andil's sparkling orbs of mirth. He cupped Aer'andil's package and squeezed it slightly, gently with one hand while the other tickled its way to his buttocks squeezing them.

Norion stayed like that making Aer'andil blush like never before but also giggle, as he began to understand what this ceremony was about.

Aer'andil mimicked Norion's movements again but paid special attention to Norion's navel and nicely toned, but smooth, abdomen al abdomin al muscles before cupping Norion's satchel in one hand and tear shaped, small melon sized buns in the other.

Norion placed his face on Aer'andil's neck giving him a kiss there and just rested there.

Aer'andil followed suit giving Norion a kiss on his cheek before nesting his face i n the hollow of Norion's neck, inhaling the boy's fruity scent.

"Oal ceth vil endalin, o al ceth vil methalii." Norion whispered to him.

Feldon had started teaching him the Elven tongue so he understood this to be, "you are my life, you are my soul." It made him feel so warm and cozy being close to Norion and yet somehow, he felt incomplete. Even t hinking this, he spoke the same words back to Norion his mind wandering back to thought s of Tha'ala.

Was it possible? C ould he be in love with two different people, and two people of different sex es to boot? All he knew was that the idea felt right, that it made him feel happy and content.

Micraal had spent these past weeks in Dol'Adur, land of the rabbit Elves, training in stealth, agility and speed. He had arrived in Gel'anr earlier and had spent the better part of the day searching for Aer'andil and exploring the city of Glinthala.

When he finally found who he was looking for he saw him sitting with Norion in the secluded cave opening and watched as the two boys displayed their affection and love to each other.

Qazameria two weeks ago.

Lucas was deep ly engrossed in reading and learning about some of the supportive protection runes, their uses and counters. He had been at it for the better part of two days.

"Master Onaras, can a rune of protection shield be combined with a rune of stalwart tower and a healing spirit for maximum potency to create different results, as well as heal any nearby allies?" Lucas asked the tutor standing in front of her and a class full of pupils.

Master Onaras, a very old, very knowledgeable Elf in the ways of the Speakers looked at him with unblinking amber eyes. Lucas thought they were more like wells of ageless knowledge and wisdom. Master Onaras was almost forty five thousand years old and she had spent the better part of those forty thousand years or so learning about runes.

"Yes, you can combine different runes for different results. Your proposed combination has some advantages but it would be too rigid, Also, including a healing spirit can mean it can be turned against you rather than be beneficial if you have someone knowledgeable standing against you. What can heal can also cause the opposite if corrupted.

"It would be a much better combination to include a rune of protection shield with a rune of offensive spear and call in the healing spirit only if you need it. To not have it b ou nd to the incantation from the start. A much more fluid combination, I think." Master Onaras turned her head when the door to her class opened and Merol walked in.

He whispered something in her ear.

"Pupil Lucas, Master Merol would like to talk to you outside." She said and motioned towards the door.

Lucas got up and walked outside in to the corridor with Merol.

"Varania has fallen. It has happened a lot sooner than anyone expected and Aer'andil was attacked on his way to Gel'anr by flying beasts. He is okay." Merol added when he saw the look of worry i n Lucas' eyes.

"The High-King has called for a war council in eleven months in Gel'anr. All the human and Elven kings will attend, and so will you and I."

"No! I will not stay away from my best friend for almost a year." Lucas yelled.

"You must. Your training is important."

"My training can continue in Gel'anr. I am going there with or without you!" Lucas continued stubbornly.

Merol laughed, his hands crossed in front of his chest.

"Fair enough, but we won't be leaving for another two weeks and that is final." He spoke calmly but Lucas knew it to be nonnegotiable.

He nodded and re- entered the classroom.

The citizens of Zah Dah had cowered in their homes for weeks now, e ver since the Master of Zah Dah had learned of the ill news of the war. Of course, they did not know what those ill tidings were but ever since that day they did not dare go out of their homes unless there was no other option. F or when the Master of Zah Dah did not have his way his malice cascaded down the ranks usually leading to mass executions.

Naire looked outside the window. The black onyx stone of the tower matched the black skies outside but, of late, the sun's rays remained exiled from the skies of Zah Dah on a permanent basis.

He turned his attention to the heavy, bolted doors. He motioned to the guards and they opened them.

"Kirvakir Thargor Olan awaits you, my Lord." One of the black and red attired armoured guards, with the Zah Dah honour guards' insignia on their chests, said as they stood in attention for the General.

"I would not want for our Master to hear you saying that if I were you soldier. He would not be as…he would kill you where you stand." Naire said as he walked passed them.

"Yes, my Lord."

Naire walked in to the war room. Olan was looking at a map of Valana and a scatter of documents.

"My Master, Varania has fallen earlier than expected." He said making a deep bow.

Olan stayed silent for a while before speaking, not even bothering to look at Naire.

"The bait has been set. Tell General Atrik to stay in Varania until the combined human - elven army assembles. Then attack Lavonia." Olan said calmly as if talking about the weather, displaying no emotion in his voice.

"Yes, your Highness."

"I want the civil war in Dara to get progressively worse Naire. H ave our allies in Batorn start preparing the ground for the invasion of Dara."

"Yes, My Master."

"Tell Droholost to have his dragons start attacking closer to Eri'Adar and even Eri'Adar itself but he, along with his elite units, is to stay behind. I want them and all of the Orkhavocs currently marauding in the west and south of Eri'Adar, to gather to the south of the Blood Marches and wait for further instructions."

"My Lord, placing Orkhavocs and dragons in the same place is not…advisable…" Naire was violently interrupted as he smashed against the wall with a flick of Olan's hand and then was pulled back closer, his throat constricted by an unseen force as Olan whispered something.

"I do not require your advice Naire, only your complete and absolute obedience. L est, of course, you want the enchantment keeping you in this world of the living broken." Olan's voice remained calm, even if malice and cruelty poured from it like liquid fire. It was not a question that needed an answer. Olan continued talking.

"The dragons can eat as many of them as they want. Orkhavocs are expendable and their war chiefs are under my dominion, their minds are not their own. You are to bend Droholost's mind to your will, I never intended for him to be…independent. I will transfer control of the Orkhavoc war chief operating in that area and his lieutenants to you. You will lead that army when the time comes. For now, you are to leave immediately for Garther's B ane"

"To do what, my Lord? As I understand it, we will not attack yet?"

"You will train both dragons and Orkhavocs to fight Elves, Naire. Now go." Olan waved dismissively at him.

Naire knew better than to say anything else and so he departed from the war room.

The heavy doors closed behind him with a characteristic "thud".

"Soon, soon my lovelies, soon you will taste death again." Olan spoke to the captured spirits in the blade's stones as he caressed them laughing loudly.

Present day.

Norion lifted his head from Aer'andil's neck, "We are bound together to eternity's end, together to live the life we want, the next step is to recite to each other a poem that describe s all of our feelings and emotions for one another."

"I don't know any poems…" Aer'andil said his voice trailing off in sadness and fear that he would lose Norion because of it.

Norion smiled, "You can either search in the library in Glinthala or write something of your own. Take your time, there is no rush. I t must be true and complete. If we like each other's poems, then the final step is to…uhm…"complete" each other." Norion said blushing.

Aer'andil's eyes bulged out of their sockets as he choked and giggled at the same time, his jaw dropped open in surprise.

He nodded and caressed Norion's cheek before giving him a sloppy, wet kiss.

Norion got up and held Aer'andil's hand in his, helping him to get up. Threading their fingers together, they started walking to the royal palace.

In Qazameria.

Lucas fell on to the wall face first before falling to the ground. He got up, picked up his dual long swords and r a un r u n towards Merol.

He feigned an attack to the right and at the last possible moment, he attacked to the left. Merol did not even move as he grabbed Lucas' sword hand with his own and deflected the other with his vambrace.

The rune Lucas had cast was ineffective against Merol's runes. Lucas however, did not look distraught or defeated. He used the hand holding his own and tried to kick Merol i n the bollocks, but Merol saw it coming.

Lucas tried to swing at Merol's face with his free hand. Merol dodged it easily and pushed him back.

Lucas staggered and struggled to find his balance but not fall.

Regaining his balance Lucas cast two runes in to the air and attacked Merol yelling defiantly.

Merol deflected one of the runes with ease but the other one caught him off-guard and forced the air out of his lungs.

Lucas saw the break in Merol's defences defenses and lost no time as he swung his swords at him.

There was a metallic sound as blade met blade and a dry "thud" as blade met armour. One of Lucas' swords had found its way to Merol's leather-armour protected ribs.

Lucas yelled excited. After almost six weeks, he had managed to hit Merol.

Merol hid a smirk of pride for his student and spoke very calmly. "Look below."

Looking down he saw a spectral blade almost poking at his boy-treasures.

They disengaged taking a step back.

"What must you never forget?"

Lucas took a breath and swiped the sweat from his forehead, "Always look at the whole of the energy, of the battle and never rush in if you can't control the outcome."

Merol nodded, "Yes, take the rest of the day to say goodbye to your friends here in the monastery and gather your things. W e leave for Gel'anr in a few hours."

Lucas nodded and picking up his runes bundle, he left the training room.

It was early in the morning so his two friends would be going to their classes. He found them near Master Qaralos' classroom.

"Elania, Barthlos. I came to say goodbye…I am leaving for Gel'anr in a few hours. I will miss you both!" He spoke, the sadness in his voice for leaving his friends behind obvious, On the other hand, he was going to see his best friend, brother almost, again after almost two months so there was also excitement.

Barthlos looked sad, and not only because of what Lucas had just told them.

"I am sad to see you depart Qazameria's shores, my friend. I hope you will have many prosperous years ahead of you." Elania said and with a small bow she left for her class.

"Barthlos, why are you sad? It's not just me leaving, is it?"

"I haven't had any news of my family and friends since the fall of Varania to the armies of Zah Dah. I am worried for them." The boy said looking down.

"I'll ask King Lados if you can stay here until you have news of your family…or until you are an adult." Lucas said seriously.

Barthlos' head snapped up, his eyes watering. He kissed Lucas impulsively.

Lucas was taken aback but Barthlos certainly knew how to kiss and so he melted and gave himself to the kiss, kissing Barthlos back. H is hands squeezing Barthlos' cute, pear shaped fleshy mounts.

Barthlos broke the kiss giggling and gently slapped away Lucas' hand from his behind. "Thank you." He said simply, softly.

Lucas chuckled, " O f course, you're my friend…hopefully I'll see you again someday." He told the boy.

Barthlos leaned in and whispered something in his ear, only for him to hear. Lucas blushed red like a beetroot.

They hugged one more time and, with a peck on the lips, Lucas left for his dorm room. He packed his stuff and left with Merol for Ilandri knowing he would probably not see the monastery again.

King Lados waited for them in Qazameria's port with an entourage of Elves behind him.

Merol talked a little with King Lados. King Lados gave orders to some of the Elves and they boarded a ship that was docked at the wooden docks.

"Uhm…King Lados…can I ask a favour of you?" Lucas asked the Elven king.

"Yes, you may, young one."

"A friend of mine from the monastery…" Lucas started but King Lados chuckled and interrupted him.

"Barthlos, a male child from a village near Varania ? You'd like me to offer him asylum here until he learns that his family is safe or, until he is an adult, if his family's lives have been claimed by the darkness that threatens us all?" King Lados said looking at Lucas smiling.

"How….?" Lucas asked shocked at how the king could even know what he was thinking.

"There's very little, if anything, that happens in my island that I do not know of. And yes, he may stay here for as long as it is required." King Lados said, grinning like a young boy.

"Thank you, your highness!" Lucas said making a small bow.

"You are most welcome, Young One. T he Lamanos, meaning strength in our Elven language, will get you safely to Gel'anr." King Lados said and pointed to the same ship the Elves had just previously boarded.

Lucas looked at the elegant ship and saw it was shaped like a giant leaf. The destroyer class Lamanos must have been near fifty or so meters in length, with two masts and diagonal trigonal sails. At the bow and stern, there were two raised platforms for archers and emplacements for war machines. The lower hull was reinforced with metal sheet and on the front; there was a conical, tapered metal extrusion enabling it to ram other ships when in naval battle. Just above that, a partial horse stood bolted to the hull with its two front legs raised. It was a fine ship.

They boarded the Elven destroyer and the captain gave the order to set sail. There was a flurry of movement as the elven sailors started about their duties.

"Elduhost Merol, Lucas, there are cabins below if you wish to rest. It should take us about three hours to reach Gel'anr." The C aptain said, and went to the rudder wheel.

Three elves stood at the bow of the ship and started singing as they exited the port, causing the wind to change.

Merol descended the stairs to the cabin while Lucas stayed up on deck watching the sea and the sky.

Almost three and a half hours later, they entered the rocky port of Lea'laros.

"Welcome to Lea'laros or B lue W aters." The captain said.

The port was not a large one. It was m ore of a crescent moon - shaped, in-land lagoon with an opening that contained a lighthouse at either end. All of the buildings were of white or ochre limestone with red - brown- roofs perched on the rocky cliffs. Trees were everywhere. Some in search of light had bent almost horizontally and their leaves touch ed the water's surface. Stone bridges connected the various parts of the crescent port and the fallen leaves decorated the clear blue and turquoise waters.

The dock what was almost out of a fairytale. Made of wood, it had huge willow trees rising out of the water on one side. The willow trees were so tall that the ship's masts and sails did not reach the arches made by their lower branches as they descended, quite a few meters away from the ship, and touched the water.

Lucas disembarked. He looked over the dock and was amazed by the quantity of marine life in the sea. There were fish of all sorts, small to large, whole schools of them circling around. A few seals were sunbathing on some rocks on the other side of the port, looking to the world as if they hadn't a care in the world. Seagulls and other sea birds were flying about trying to catch a fish to eat or find a place to perch on the vertical rocks.

"How are we leaving here? I don't see a road…" Lucas asked Merol.

"Do you know what the unofficial name of this village is amongst those who know Elven lore?" Merol asked him back.

"No…" His voice trailed off as he looked around for a means by which to leave the port.

Merol chuckled. " The Village of T en T housand S teps. Most of the Elves of Gel'anr have no need of roads or paths after they become adults and, with the exception of other elves, few humans ever visit Gel'anr so when they do…the only path available is dug and carved in the cliff and it consists of ten thousand steps."

"What?! Ten thousand steps? That will take us hours to climb!" Lucas exclaimed in dismay.

"No…I have done it in one. This will greatly help to increase your stamina. Let's go." Merol said and started walking.

At the center of the island, on the top of the cliff where Glinthala was built, in his room in the royal palace Aer'andil was lying on his side on his bed. He was completely naked, feeling very flushed and horny as he suckled on Norion's boy sword and Norion suckled on his under the bed covers, feeling all warm and comfortable.

This was not the first time this activity had taken place between them but this was the first time since their little ceremony in the Emerald caves, so this time was precious and special to them.

Norion took the initiative and using his hands he groped Aer'andil's buttocks and gently squeezed them before spreading them.

Aer'andil felt a finger tentatively probe his puckered, virgin, pink rosebud.

His first instinct was to tense up and clench his butt cheeks but then this was Norion and he trusted him not to hurt him. With a soft sigh he relaxed and tried opening his legs to give Norion better access.

They continued sucking each other and Norion kept rubbing Aer'andil's most private treasure but did not go further than that, as if waiting for something.

Norion. H is earthly pine scent, the texture of his skin, the feel his boyhood in his mouth intoxicated Aer'andil beyond measure. Bobbing his head up and down on the succulent flesh-stick, he imitated Norion and pressed his finger up against Norion's pink treasure.

Norion spread his thighs to give him access and moaned. He pressed his finger more firmly against Aer'andil's puckered hole but it would not give way, he kept on pushing until all of a sudden it opened like a flower swallowing his finger to the first knuckle. Aer'andil yelled a muffled yell and tensed his rectal muscles. Surprised and in a rush of temporary pain, his erection subsided but Norion quickly brought it back sucking with his warm, moist mouth.

Norion did not move his finger inside the tight, hot hole but did not remove it either. A few moments later, the pain subsided and he relaxed again, loos en ing up his rectal muscles. Norion pushed further, gently, before removing his finger entirely, only to push it back again. Aer'andil winced but tried not to tense up.

He wanted this, he knew that, but it was painful or at the very least uncomfortable. It was not like in stories, where kids his age just take fingers in their behinds as if it were nothing. So Aer'andil let out a sigh and pushed back on Norion's finger. He almost yelled again as the finger embedded itself wholly in his lovehole.

He whimpered and tears fell down his rosy cheeks.

"Love? Are you…?" Norion started asking, worried but Aer'andil smiled and planted a sloppy, wet kiss on his lips.

"I…I'm okay…I want this…I do…with you, it's just…ugh…" He moaned as he felt Norion slowly move his finger out of his boyhole and then re-insert it just as slowly.

Norion went back to sucking Aer'andil's boydick, spreading his butt-cheeks with one hand and fingering him with the other.

"OW!" Norion yelped when Aer'andil pushed his finger in his bumhole. It felt so tight and warm, so inviting. Aer'andil didn't move his finger until Norion relaxed and wiggled his bum, testing the waters at the new feeling.

He let out a moan and attacked Aer'andil's pouch of boy-cream with his lips and blood- red tongue.

Aer'andil shivered in bliss. The sensory overload was becoming too much for his young brain.

He too went for Norion's tight, smooth ballsack, nibbling it. Taking each of the two grape sized jewels in his mouth and gently pulling them out before licking between them and below them to Norion's perineum. He could feel Norion's thighs and knees contra c t around his head, rubbing his ears, reacting to the sensations and pleasures Aer'andil was giving him.

Aer'andil's legs opened more, giving Norion access so his legs did not touch his ears, but open as they were, Norion was in the perfect position to leave the nuts in his mouth. He lick ed lower until, stretching his butt-cheeks with his slender fingers, he took a sniff of what he thought would smell…unpleasant. Instead, it smelled of ground and sweat.

He started licking the closed rosebud and he felt Aer'andil's skin vibrate with g oosebumps as signals of pure pleasure shot to his brain.

Norion twisted his finger and bumped into something. Something that sent Aer'andil into a guttural groan, his chest heaving for air, his eyes roll ed to the back of his skull and his toes tens ed and cur led as he spilled his seed into Norion's waiting mouth.

Feeling Aer'andil go into r a pture and bliss was enough to send Norion over the edge, spill ing his meagre offerings over Aer'andil's forehead, cheeks and nose.

It was a moment before either of them had the strength, and breath, to move. Aer'andil pivoted around until he was head to head with Norion, their feet entwining slowly, toes rubbing together under the covers.

They kissed, their noses coming into contact as their lips and tongues tussled below.

Aer'andil broke the kiss. "That. Was. Amazing!" He declared in a hushed voice.

Norion chuckled. "Yeah, you're amazing. I love you." He said before he could catch himself but he did not regret expressing himself to Aer'andil like that even if they had known each other barely two weeks.

Aer'andil blushed and brought his lips as close as he could to Norion's ear.

"I love you too." He said in a barely audible whisper.

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