Star Wars: Darklight

by AB

Chapter 24

The Battle of Moraband

"It will not be easy you know. The Sith civil-war is ending and Darth Incendius is winning." Volun said.

"Appearances can be deceiving. Darth Novus and his…our allies have been retreating yes, but losing? Not so much." Tern countered.

"They've lost almost every battle with Darth Incendius and her forces."

"Darth Incendius' fleet is in Moraband but we do not know if she is." Kaa'ara interjected.

"She won't have anywhere to hide soon enough." Tern was looking over a holographic map, pressing buttons making the map morph and change.

"There's a whole galaxy out there, brother." Kaa'ara insisted.

"I know but the Coalition controls most of it by now, her Sith rivals control some and the Jedi have their holdings as well, soon she won't be able to hide there either. I've made sure of it."

"Our intel indicates that Moraband is held by Darth Gubernare, Darth Pike who betrayed his Master, Darth Drakus and some of the Lesser Sith Lords plus their army and their combined army and fleet. Darth Incendius has kept the remaining Life-Eradicator cruisers with a portion of the fleet for herself and has fled Moraband." Katosh-Val said.

"This battle will not be like that of previous ones. It will not end easily and it could go on for hours…or more." Tern said looking up from the holo-map. "Korriban as Moraband was called in the elder days has orbital, planetary and ground defenses as well as the fleets and armies of the Sith Order…" He paused for a moment, thinking.

"We'll attack them in two waves." Tern started.

An hour later the fleet and the Force-Sensitives had their orders.

"Are you sure about this? We don't know…" Volun asked Tern. They two had been left alone in the briefing room.

Tern nodded. "Yeah, I'm sure." Tern looked at Volun. "You said you had something for me? Earlier?"

Volun blushed. "I do. Come with me." Volun took him by his hand, down some corridors and up some ladders to one of the observation domes. One that now apparently had a mattress and was empty of anyone else.

Volun pressed some buttons in the control console. The doors closed and locked behind them. He walked them under the glass dome sitting them on the mattress.

"We are heading to the toughest, biggest, nastiest battle of this war…of this generation even and I don't want…I don't want to die if I am to die without you knowing."

Tern stared at him feeling stunned. " won't d…" Volun placed a finger on Tern's lips, shutting him up before giving him a kiss.

"I love you and I don't want to go into another battle without having given myself to you. Completely." It was Tern's time for his eyes to almost pop-out of their sockets.

"You mean…" Volun nodded filling Tern's mouth with his tongue in a sloppy kiss.

"I do. I don't want to be afraid of…you know. I want this, to give me to you in this way and I want it done before Moraband, before the end." Volun made quick work of their clothes, straddling his pelvis.

"You are not going to die in Moraband and neither will I. The world is not going to end after this battle." Tern tried assuaging what seemed to be Volun's rising fears.

Volun pushed him down on the mattress. "Do you want to fuck me or what?" Tern shrugged smiling slyly.

Volun slumped over kissing him. Tern placed his hands on each of Volun's butt-cheeks squeezing them gently.

"Are you sure? I mean…" Volun giggled.

"Yeah I'm sure. Look I'll lie on my back and open up to you, now if you think I'm not ready…you cannot enter me, ok?" Volun lay on his back, bringing his hands behind his knees and up close to his ears.

Tern swallowed hard, there before him opened to the world was Volun's most treasured puckered spot.

Volun wiggled it at him biting his lower lip and that did it. With a whimper he dived in suspending all restraint.

He spread the smooth his butt cheeks placing a hand on each of them lowering his face to Volun's cradle sniffing it. The boy's sweat, musk and pure boy scent wafted to his nostrils making quiver and whimper from the surge of pheromones to his already testosterone-filled brain.

Volun felt dampness on his rear end. At first on top of it then inside it. A moan left his lips, prolonged and deep full of passion and lust.

"Oooohhh! Oh! Oh! FUuuuuuckkk!" He let out at the realization that Tern was eating his ass.

Tern lapped at the contrasting hole whimpering and groaning. There was a different kind of beast inside him now. One desiring primal release. This beast was not dark or evil but exceedingly potent as Tern used every fibre in his being to not just mount Volun and fuck him with every bit of animalist lust he could muster. Instead he sucked and ate at the virginal opening until he could take it no longer, tension building inside him fast. He then stood up on his knees placing them on either side of Volun's lower body and lined up his fully erect dick to Volun's love-chute.

They locked eyes. Volun just nodded his approval feeling increasing pressure on his rear end until with a sharp jab he felt his anus open up and Tern's invading flesh-saber's head enter him.

"Oooowww!!" He yelped digging his hands in Tern's back. Tern stayed there motionless even if his whole being screamed at him to move deeper inside Volun's hot, velvety love canal.

Tern dug his fingers into the mattress and his tongue in Volun's silky lips. Ten minutes of intense tongue-battling snogging Volun relaxed his sphincter muscles.

Tern shoved his dick an inch deeper before removing it and re-shoving his hips back in. Volun whimpered but did not tell Tern to stop.

Tern continued short-fucking him. He had to insert his boy-butter-launcher in Volun's arse once or twice when it escaped his fiery insides causing them both to groan, disappointed.

"W-will you fuck me already?" Volun panted.

Tern grinned evilly. "Your wish is my command." He puffed aloud before lowering his face to Volun's ear. "Beware what you wish for."

Placing a hand on either side of Volun's knees he bent the boy almost in half Tern began moving his hips back and forth like a jackhammer at different angles.

Panting and sweating he fucked Volun, kissing and sucking on each other's necks, cheeks and lips. He felt Volun trying to push back on him while pulling him in with his hands around his firm buttocks.

A few animalistic pounding strokes later Tern felt the ends of his toes curb and butterflies in his stomach.

"V…Volun…I…ohhh…fuck, this…ugh I…" Tern panted fast, ruggedly. His breathing uneven. Volun pulled him in for another kiss. Tern couldn't take it anymore. The pressure on his dick from Volun's anal walls, the constant feeling of euphoria sent him over the edge. He erupted inside Volun as Volun exploded between them.

Devaron: Temple of Eedit. Three days ago.

"Why have you called for a meeting of the council, Master Korhu?" Grandmaster Taraha entered the council room. It was the middle of the night.

"I have had news Grandmaster Taraha, or should I say Darth Incendius." The council chamber was fully lit and full not only with the other Jedi Masters but also with a score of Jedi Knights.

She paused, dead in her tracks. "What the fuck are you talking about Korhu? Have you lost your mind?"

"No, I think I have found it. My informant gave me this holochron." Korhu produced a holochron pyramid-shaped item from his robes and set it in the circle between the chairs of the council members.

He activated it using the Force lighting up the chamber with the recordings held inside it.

Taraha protested at first until it was obvious there was no point.

She powered up her blade, bright red her plasma blade erupted out of the emitter angry and ready for battle.

"Well then. Enough of this charade, I have wanted to kill the lot of you Jedi scum since I first killed my sister, your real grandmaster thirteen years ago and took her place. Finally, I will do so." She sneered pushing them all back with a powerful Force-wave.

Dozens of lightsabers powered up. Blue, green and purple blades.

"Surrender, Darth Incendius. Surrender and your life will be spared." Master Korhu told her, aiming his blue blade at her.

She laughed sending Force-lightning all across the room hitting every Jedi in the chamber. Korhu and the other Masters deflected it with their lightsabers. Most of the lesser knights got hit.

"FEEL THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE!" She screamed. Lightning releasing from her fingers she jumped at Korhu, swinging her blade left and right. Two Knights fell dead.

Korhu deflected her lightning back at her with his free hand while parrying her lightsaber strikes with his saber.

Two Jedi knights stormed her. She pushed one of them back while crashing the other's wind pipe with an advanced Force-Choke. The Jedi knight fell down on the floor grasping her throat in a slow suffocating death.

Master Vorak attacked her with his dual blades. Master Korhu with his blade.

"Why? Why did you do it? Why become Master and then Grandmaster of the Jedi Order if you are going to become a Dark Lord of the Sith?"

"Because, Master Vorak. What better way to destroy the Jedi than from within? I killed my twin sister and took her place as Master of the Jedi. I corrupted so many younglings, Padawans and Knights. And I would have done more if not for that meddlesome little shit. It was Tern who gave you this holochron wasn't it?" Darth Incendius replied, malice and spite dripping from her words like venom.

"Only the weak bow to the Dark Side." Master Lo told her attacking her with Force-stun and her lightsaber in an effort to stun and kill her.

Darth Incendius chuckled, absorbed and returned the Force-stun back to Master Lo before attacking the now incapacitated Jedi Master with her own blade.

Master Lo fell, dead. "Who is weak now, bitch?" Darth Incendius pivoted blocking Master Korhu's blade.

The exchange of blows went on for some time before both Korhu and Vorak locked blades with her while also using different Force-abilities to hold her steady. A Jedi Knight came in from behind her, his blade aiming for the back of her torso.

She Force-pushed the two Jedi Masters back pivoting around she deflected the Jedi Knight's lightsaber with hers killing him with the rebound blow, but not before he severed her left hand.

She screamed in pain, holding her severed-from-the-elbow arm. All around her the Jedi closed in on her.

"Surrender and you'll be treated justly." Master Korhu

She let out a roar and another Force-wave, threw her blade at the glass surrounding the council chamber leaping out of it.

Moments later a personal shuttle flew by them heading for the planet's atmosphere.

"I caught her thoughts when her hand was severed, she's heading to the Homeworld of the midi-chlorians. She intends to fire the Life-Eradication laser on it." Master Vorak said, worried.

"She won't. Not yet. Tern and the Coalition are about to unleash a full scale assault on Moraband. She'll feel the disturbance in the Force and head there. She cannot afford to lose her power and fleet base. If she wins the battle of Moraband…She cannot be allowed to win." Master Korhu looked around him, meeting the gazes of the Jedi present.

He knew he was respected amongst them. He was in line to become the next Grandmaster of the Order but he had other plans now.

"Men and women of the Coalition." Tern stood in The Indomitable's bridge, the holo-projectors and coms activated throughout the fleet. They were in Hyperspace "above" Moraband's coordinates. "We have done it. We have pushed the Sith forces back to their eons-old Homeworld. Here we and they make our last stand. Here we defeat them not for the next thousand years, not for the next three thousand years but forever. Here, today we end the Force-Wars!" He paused for effect, cheers overwhelming the coms.

"I will not lie to you. This war started with blood and sacrifice and it will end with blood and sacrifice. The Sith know it. Moraband is their last planet, if they lose it they fall. They'll make us fight and bleed for every inch of space and surface and we'll fight!" Another pause, more cheers. "Soldiers of the Coalition are you ready to fight?" Tern raised his voice. Volun, Lavos and the others had to actually close their coms from the deafening cheering sounds coming from the coms.

"wave 1…" Tern let out a breath. "jump." The attack on Moraband had been split in three waves.

"Tern…" Volun's voice trailed, he was afraid.

"Stay strong or die well." Tern replied to him. They jumped in Moraband's gravity well, close to the planet's surface. As planned.

All hell broke loose as the combined remnants of the Sith fleet along with orbital and ground planetary defenses opened fire on them.

"Garos, take us to the planet's surface. On the Valley of Dark Lords." Tern ordered the pilot.

"Valley of Dark Lords? Why there? That's a tomb valley, nothing but the tombs of ancient Sith Lords." Volun exclaimed.

"Yes, I know and I am looking for a shrine." Tern replied calmly as he used the Force to destroy an enemy fighter, crashing into its wing.

"There's two Life-Eradicator cruisers in high-orbit. She must be here." Alkon stated.

"She is. I can feel her. She is…injured and angry. We…I ruined her plans."

"What kind of Shrine can there possibly be in Moraband? Dark Side? Have you not learned enough of the Dark Side?" Volun asked, he sounded scared.

"No, it is not a shrine of the Dark Side. Here in the unlikeliest of places in the whole galaxy…it's a shrine to the Light Side."

"How can a shrine to the Light exist in this place? This is a Bastion of the Dark Side." Volun questioned.

"It was not always so." Tern answered, cryptically.

"Land us there." Tern indicated to Garos. Karek had not said a word since they had jumped away from Tatooine.

They landed near the entrance of the Valley of Dark Lords. Behind them a stretch of land leading to the new Sith academy and building of the Dark Conclave. Before them large statues of fallen Sith Lords, hooded and foreboding holding lightsabers.

"Katosh-Val and Volun find a place to hide until the ground forces arrive. Karek, follow me." Tern told them. "Garos lift off, let's not have the Sith Forces on us now. Make a flyby over their surface bases and barracks, lead them away from the Valley." The Indomitable took off.

"Kaa'ara." Tern contacted his sister, still in orbit in one of the cruisers. "You have your orders. You are to lead the ground forces with the others. Darth Incendius is here and you will undoubtedly find her."

"I am waiting for that moment, brother." There was malice in her voice.

"I know. I have one request of you."

"Ask it. I'll get it done." The passion displaying when it came to her genetic brother was astonishing, or so Tern thought.

"Don't kill her, please." Tern replied.

"Why not? After all she has done? She deserves to die and I want to kill her for what she and her Master did to me and my family." Kaa'ara replied angrily.

"I know. I agree but death is too good for her, what I have in store for her is far worst and I don't want you doing that, killing her. I know you despise everything she stands for but do not become her. I need her alive for what comes after. Keep her alive is what I want, I do not care if she is missing a hand or two." Tern concluded, there was only a scoff from Kaa'ara but he knew she'd do ask he asked.

"Master, how do you know which tomb it is? There's so many of them." Karek asked him. Volun and Katosh-Val were off searching for a place to hide until arrival of the second wave with the ground forces.

"I can listen to the Force. What else is there?" Tern replied calmly. "Darth Bane's tomb…no not this one…Freedon Nadd's tomb, no not this one. Not Marka Ragnos' tomb." Tern mumbled as they walked by different tombs and mausoleums.

Finally, Tern stood by the entrance of one of the smaller-looking tombs. "XoXaan's tomb…First Dark Jedi to name herself Dark Lord of the Sith…fitting her tomb would be built on top of the shrine…cover its presence which must have been an anathema to the Sith." Tern said to no one in particular.

Karek followed him feeling apprehensive.

"Well, well, well what have we got here?" They heard a male voice.

"Darth Gubernare I presume?" Tern stated more than asked, powering up his lightsaber. Karek saw under the lightsaber's light about half a dozen soldiers and two Force-Sensitive individuals. Darth Gubernare and his apprentice.

"Yes, you must be Tern. Ready to die, boy?" A small grin appeared in Darth Gubernare's face.

"Every day I wake up and every night I go to sleep. Are you Sith?" Tern did not wait for a reply launching himself at Darth Gubernare. The battle of Moraband had begun.

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