Star Wars: Darklight

by AB

Chapter 20

Forging New Alliances

"The Battles of Ali'ava and New Alderaan." Tern replied. Kaa'ara looked up at the mention of Ali'ava .

"It should be. I was… "born" there." Tern reminded him.

Volun slapped his forehead. "Oh yeah!"

Next day they arrived in Tatooine. "Garos, resupply in the Headquarters base. I'll take a small shuttle and go to the planet's surface." Tern saw Volun following him.

"Don't tell me I can't come with you." Volun crossed his hands in front of his Torso defensively.

Tern held back a giggle. "I was about to ask you to come with me, to see what I have to do and perhaps learn from it. I came back from the dead pretty much for you and with you almost solely in my mind. I am not spending a second away from you if I don't have to." Tern replied Volun looking deep into his amber-coloured orbs.

Volun blushed with his jaw falling just a tad slack and speechless.

"You? You don't have something to say? We must record this day in a holochron." Tern teased him before feeling the air removed from his lungs and his lips covered by something moist and smooth.

Volun had glomped him snogging him passionately, his hands around Tern's neck.

Tern let out a soft moan reciprocating the kiss.

"That was the best, most romantic thing anyone has ever told me." Volun hugged him tight.

"You've had many sexy boys tell you nice, romantic things?" Tern asked him teasingly.

Volun punched his chest playfully. "Dork. I love you." He let out blushing instantly.

"Yes, I love you too. More than you'll ever know. After I heal the last of the wounds of the Force I have something for you." Tern whispered in his year.

Volun looked at him raising an eye brow. "Something to give me? What?"

"You'll learn when the time is right. For now, we must go." Tern took him by his hand heading for the shuttle bay.

"What? What will you give me?" Volun asked excitedly.

Tern rolled his eyes. "Later." They embarked on the shuttle and left for the planet's surface.

"Oh come ooonnn!" Volun whined as the shuttle's ramp closed behind them.

Tern sat him down and walked to the shuttle's cockpit. "Fly us to the location where the Life-Eradication Dark Energy beam hit the planet."

"Sir, it is not safe there. The…energy in that place is causing everyone's emotions to go haywire." The pilot warned him.

"I know, pilot. I know. Fly us there then leave so you are not affected and I'll call you when we require pickup." Tern answered him.

"You will die there." The pilot continued stubbornly.

"I am already dead. Fly us there please or find me a pilot who will." Tern left the cockpit.

Tern giggled seeing Volun absentmindedly re-arrange his dick, giving it a squeeze.

Volun lifted his head seeing "What? You won't tell me what the surprise is and I'm horny!" he whined.

Tern sighed. "Wouldn't be a surprise if I told you would it now?" Tern sat opposite of Volun placing one foot over his other knee.

"Tease! I'll get you for that!" Volun punched his knee off playfully.

"Ouch! That hurt, you dork!" Tern feigned pain, rubbing his knee.

"Yeah right!" Volun pocked his tongue out at Tern. "You have withstood Sith Lords, damn right killed two of them so far and a silly punch to your knee hurt you? I don't believe you." Tern smiled bringing his face close to Volun's.

"You are my weakness…and my greatest strength. Now shut up and kiss me." Their lips rubbed together before locking. Tern breathed in deeply, taking in Volun's scent while Volun moaned.

Volun felt Tern caress his cheeks gently, caringly. He was about to reciprocate when they heard the pilot's voice over the speakers informing them they had arrived in their destination.

Volun groaned disappointed.

Tern stood up and off the shuttle's rear ramp.

The shuttle left as soon as Volun was off. It was instantly obvious why the pilot did not want to stay as Volun started getting bad emotions the moment he set foot on Tatooine, in the crater left by the weapon.

"I'm sorry I have to do this, but if I don't you may become a hazard to yourself and me." Tern told him sitting cross-legged on the ground.

Volun tried to move without success. He could not move, not even a muscle. He could not even blink. He could only breathe.

"Why is he sorry?" Volun wondered in his mind just before it hit him, his emotions taking over and going dark. Really dark.

Hatred like he had never before exploded in his mind tearing at him to use the Dark Side. To kill Tern. He hated himself, he hated his mother, his brother, everyone he had ever met. He felt anger at everyone and everything.

He wanted to destroy everything. Grab his new lightsaber and kill everyone.

At the same time, he could feel a bottomless, never-ending sorrow consume him, fill him with intense guilt at all the negative things he was experiencing.

Through it all he could see Tern begin to glow, sitting there on the ground with his hands on his knees palms up.

The air became increasingly thick and dark, streams of black ash started gathering in Tern's open palms. To his utter shock tear-eyed Volun saw the black ash being absorbed into Tern's skin.

Four hours later the air cleared up and Tern opened his eyes. A few minutes later Tern stood up releasing Volun from his hold.

"That's why." Tern looked at him with tears of his own. "I'm sorry, I knew it'd feel…like it did and I knew if I let you free you'd probably try to…kill me while I meditated into healing the last of the wounds in the Force. I am sorry I had to lock you in your mind…" Tern's voice trailed.

Volun was shaking. "Is…is that how Kaa'ara…?" Volun's voice broke.

Tern nodded "yes, and probably worse…that was going on for almost thirteen years non-stop 24/7/365."

"How…how did she manage to not lose herself?"

"I do not know. You'll have to ask her but I'm guessing her thinking of her parents and what good memories she had with them must have helped." Volun hugged him tight.

"You're not angry at me?"

"No, why would I be? I would have…done something bad if you had not done what you did. What did you do?"

"Force-pull or push, telekinesis…know how to use the Force and you can do anything."

"You're always so cryptic." Volun tried giggling, the shaking going away slowly.

Tern did not reply.

"So will the planet heal now?"

"The planet is and was okay. The wound in the Force is healed yes."

"And you have done this in all the planets my brother did this to convince you to join them?" Volun hesitated for a moment.

"Yes." Tern answered simply.

"What did you do?" Volun was intrigued.

"I…assimilated the Dark Side energy into me. It's the simplest way I can describe it." Tern could not have enough of Volun hugging him, even under these circumstances.

"That sounds…ominous." Volun pulled back to look in Tern's cyan-red eyes. Looking at Tern always made him smile.

"Can we leave now?" Volun asked impatiently.

Tern chuckled pressing the button on his communicator. Fifteen minutes later they were exiting the planet's atmosphere.

"Soooooo…." They giggled at the same time. Volun knowing he was going to ask something naughty and Tern knowing Volun. "What have you got to give me?"

Tern did not answer him, leaving him to stew and boil in his own juices. He was determined to not give Volun the satisfaction of telling him what his surprise was.

The shuttle docked in the Headquarter base's shuttle hangar bay.

"Sir, this arrived in Command and Control while you were on the planet's surface." A soldier gave them a data crystal.

"Thank you." Tern took the crystal dismissing the soldier.

"What is it?"

"If it's what I think it is…new allies. Come with me." He took Volun by his hand and headed them to his room.

He locked the door behind them and plugged the data crystal in his terminal.

A hooded face appeared in a holo-recording.

"We accept to your terms. We will be there when you attack Moraband." Tern knew it was Darth Novus.

"Who is that?" Volun asked.

"New allies from unexpected places." Tern turned round facing Volun who sat on the bed.

Tern just flicked his wrist and Volun found himself half-naked, only his pants remaining on him.

"Will you please strip? I have something to give you before we head to battle." Tern grinned mischievously.

"I think you have given me this before, it does taste nice though." Volun blushed removing his pants.

Tern lay on top of him, a hand snaking down to Volun's treasure trove. Their lips met hungrily. Their mouths opening to share their saliva.

"No, I have not given you this before." Tern corrected him, whispering in his ear, his hand squeezing on the hard boytool between Volun's legs.

Volun moaned and jerked at the stimulation, his lips finding Tern's neck.

Tern lowered himself to Volun's crotch taking the tasty fleshstick in his gullet in one fell swoop. Volun let out a guttural groan holding on to Tern's hair as the boy salivated and bathed his dick with his tongue.

Tern bobble his head up and down a few times, creating vacuums with his mouth and cheeks.

Volun was about to lose it when Tern stopped and climbed up to him. "Not yet." Tern kissed him placing his round buttocks on top of Volun's rock hard dick.

"Wh..hy?" Volun moaned in protest.

Tern grinned placing Volun's dick in his crack. Volun realised what Tern had in mind, his eyes bulging out.

Tern lowered himself applying pressure until he felt Volun's dickhead penetrate his outer ring. He bit his lower lip to stop himself from yelling in pain and held there waiting for the pain to subside.

Volun placed his hands on Tern's butt cheeks squeezing them. He had never felt pleasure like this before, not even when Tern suckled on his dick and the boy had become quite proficient at it.

They groaned. Tern in pain and Volun in anticipation. Every fiber of his being demanded of him to move. He held for as long as he could until he could take it no longer.

With a shove of his hips he buried himself in Tern's moist, warm love-hole making Tern whimper, tears streaking down his cheeks.

Tern dug his fingers on Volun's shoulders and despite his mind demanding he remove the fleshy invader from his anus he pushed down on Volun's upwards movement.

His head tilted back, his eyes firmly closed, his back arched as Volun lost control pounding his ass. Panting and breathing fast and unevenly they built a fucking rhythm. Tern firmly holding on to Volun's shoulders as Volun held on to his buttocks, their pelvises moving back and forth in animalistic lust with a primal desire to bury all of Volun's cock in Tern's fuck-chute.

It seemed like an eternity had passed by when Volun's body went all rigid with him slamming in Tern's ass.

"Oooohhhhhh fuuuuckkkkkkk!!!" The most unbelievably intense orgasm hit Volun like a freight train with a thousand galaxies exploding in his mind.

Tern felt the few drops of warm liquid fill his posterior and Volun's dick rub up against something inside him sending him off the edge. His orgasm made him feel as if he was floating in space.

Tern collapsed on top of Volun both of them panting ruggedly.

"That…I mean…that was…" Volun mumbled catching his breath.

"Yes, it was." Tern breathed out. "We should shower and get some rest before leaving."

"I want us to remain like this forever." Volun whispered closing his eyes.

"That will happen as well, but not for now. Come." Tern lifted them off the bed.

"Master, you called for me?" Fodelos entered the temple ruins to find his Master packing.

"Yes, it is time." Umaga answered him.

"Really? I never thought I would live to see it."

Umaga interrupted him. "Pack your things. There are strange things disturbing the Force…I think…Cyra, whatever she has done is starting to unite the Force after tens of thousands of years of chaos and schism." Umaga finished packing waiting for his apprentice by their spaceship.

"Where are we heading, Master?" Fodelos asked his Master wanting to know which Star system's coordinates to input to the ship's Hyperdrive computer.

"New Alderaan, make course for New Alderaan." Umaga replied him taking his seat.

"The fleet overcame the Sith positions just before you arrived, sir." General Atos informed Tern. Tern and Volun had just entered the cruiser's bridge. The fleet was orbiting Orako in the Ali'ava system. "Karos and Lavos wanted to surprise you and have the planet in our control before you arrived. They are down in the surf…"

"What? Tell them to touch nothing! Tell them to pull b…" Tern cut off General Atos who in turn cut him off.

"Too late, I am afraid, sir. The planet is fully under our control. They are awaiting you in the main laboratory's entrance."

Tern sighed and headed for the hangar bay. "Come on, Volun before they find and touch something that's going to end very badly."

"Something? Like what?" Volun asked raising a brow.

Tern did not reply, instead walking faster.

"Get me to the planet's surface." Tern told the first shuttle pilot he saw in the hangar bay. Fifteen minutes later they touched down on the landing pad in front of the laboratory complex.

Tern stood there, on the shuttle's ramp looking out. For the first time since his return, if not in his life he was apprehensive if not afraid. He had been afraid when he had escaped Tython all those months ago, when he was running from the Sith Assassins but this was different. He had been created here, in the laboratories in this planet.

Volun held his hand giving it an empathic squeeze. Tern nodded trying to smile.

Tern walked off the shuttle. "Wait here, we won't be long." He told the shuttle pilot through the communicator.

"Lavos, put that down will you? You'll break something." Karos told the teen.

"Will you guys get serious? One moment you behave like adults killing Sith warriors and the next one you behave like a bunch of five year olds." Hara told them rolling her eyes.

"If you all don't stop touching stuff I am going to do something unsavory to your cute behinds." Kaa'ara crossed her hands in front of her torso.

Lavos could not stop from looking at the pyramid-shaped object in his hands. It was as if it was calling out to him, to open it, to learn its secrets. Lavos moved his left hand from below it, ready to touch the top and concentrate at it.

The pyramid-shaped object flew right off his hands and right into Tern's extended hand. "This holochron is not for you to open, you are not ready for the secrets it possesses." Lavos shook his head as if coming out of a trance. "In fact…no one should know this. No one should be able to create another like me." Tern squashed the holochron in his hands using the Force until it was an amorphous mass of wires and metal no bigger than bird's egg, a small one.

Tern held it in his hand. "Leave this place. Get the soldiers and leave this place." Lavos and the others looked at him for a second before walking away.

"Volun…stay." Volun had taken a step towards the entrance. He stopped and turned around.


Volun walked around with Tern exploring the complex, the corridors, chambers and various tools they found along the way. It was obvious to the both of them that the complex had been abandoned for a long time.

"Why maintain an army here if you are not conducting any research?" Volun asked letting a weird-looking tube-like item fall on the floor.

"Because of the secrets that lie here. You don't want anyone getting to them." Tern replied moving to another room.

"Then why not destroy it?" Volun followed him.

"Because you are not sure you have learned all that you can, or that you may not want to continue the research at a later date." Tern stood in front of a large human-sized cylindrical object made of glass.

"Here…I…I started to exist here." Tern whispered.

"Are you sure babe? There must be what? Hundreds of those around?"

"No, I can feel…me, here." Tern replied touching the glass, breathing heavily, rugged.

Volun squeezed his shoulder.

"Search around, the Jedi raided this place years ago. There might still be clues as to what happened."

A few minutes later Tern heard Volun yell his name from a room a few corridors away.

"What is it?" Tern asked standing on top of Volun.

"We haven't seen any other skeletons around have we? 'Cause there's one here and there's two lightsabers near it." Volun answered him.

"Let me see…" Tern kneeled in front of the skeleton, covered in black robes and a hooded cape.

He closed his eyes concentrating for a few moments before opening them again. "This is Darth Vitus, he died here by...twin sisters…" Tern's voice trailed.

"What did you realise? I know that look, you just realised something important." Volun asked.

Volun picked both lightsabers up, one in each hand and powered them up. One blue blade and one red blade.

"I know why the Jedi have not fought back. I know why the "Grandmaster" of the Jedi Order "saved" me all those years ago rather than have me killed knowing what I was…Dark Side spawn…"

"What? What do you know?" Volun asked anxious.

"Darth Incendius Dark Lord of the Sith…Grandmaster Taraha of the Jedi order…" Tern spoke deliberately slow, emphasizing each word.

"Yes, what about them?"

"They are the same person. Darth Incendius is Grandmaster Taraha."

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