Star Wars: Darklight

by AB

Chapter 10

Battle of Tython

"I want those of you who will volunteer for this part of the mission to know you will not be coming back." Cyra looked the crews of the ship which had volunteered. "You are all choosing to sacrifice yourselves for the Coalition, to defeat the Sith. Is that clear?" She had not as of yet told them what they would be doing.

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am." All four thousand of them answered in seemingly one voice.

"To defeat the Sith it is not enough to face them in battle or siege. We must deceive, out-think and keep them off-balance until we have the upper hand. All warfare is based on deception so we will start with this. Your mission?" She drew her gaze over all the four thousand who would take part in this part of the mission to gain victory in the Battle of Tython.

"You, your crews and your ship will attack…Moraband." Cyra spoke looking at the captains of the volunteered ship. Whispers echoed throughout the room. "You are going to attack Moraband not to win or to defeat the Sith or to cause them a crushing blow but to confuse them, to keep them off-balance. We will attack Moraband and Tython at the same time, hopefully this will keep the Sith guessing at the true size of our fleet and military capacity. Ten cruisers will go to Moraband, ancient birth place of the Sith. Moraband that has never been attacked since the elder days of the Old Republic, never to return. Take as many of them with you as you can, kill as many of them as you can and demonstrate to the Sith the true power of the Light, of our resolve and determination to win against those who will use the Force to cause pain and suffering. May the Force be with you all." Cyra finished speaking with four thousand men and women saluting her. "The rest of you, fleet of the Coalition, you have your orders, prepare for the Battle of Tython, spend time with your loved ones if you can, for many of us will not return from this alive, for tomorrow we give the Sith notice. This Galaxy will not spend another year much less a millennium under Sith rule. Tomorrow we fly to Tython. May the Force be with us all. Dismissed."

The soldiers and Officers of the fleet saluted her and left. She had spent the better part of the previous half hour explaining the mission objectives to them and giving each their orders individually in different data crystals to avoid as much as possible anyone having the full picture, negating the chances of the Sith learning of the whole plan of attack.

The Soldiers started leaving. "Tern please stay behind for a bit." Tern gave Volun a nod to go on ahead and he would catch up.

"You have not given me my orders, am I staying behind?" Tern asked her, he knew he could not set foot in Tython's surface even if as a liberator from the Sith. The Jedi had exiled him and setting foot there would be under penalty of death. He still wanted to help.

Volun walked out to find Karos and Hara talking to each other. He waved at them with them waving back.

"Want to go eat something? Tern will find us there when he's done." Volun asked them. Karos shrugged in agreement and Hara said "Yes."

"So you are training under Varog and Ravela?" They had not talked much so far and Volun was curious to learn about the new Force-Sensitives to join their Coalition. Truth be told he also found Karos cute and his dick was trying to vie for control from his brain and logic.

"Yeah, Varog found me in a slave trader in the unknown regions. When he bought me I thought I'd have to kill him, that he wanted to…" Hara paused for a moment. "Instead he told me he believed I had an inner connection to a fountain of power and he would help me discover it. That same day he signed a contract freeing me from slavery, he gave me my freedom and told me I could run away or follow him in my own free will and learn what he had to teach me. That was three years ago. I've been learning of the ways of the Force ever since then." Hara finished talking crossing her hands in front of her torso feeling vulnerable.

"How did you…" Volun's voice trailed off.

"End up as a slave?" Volun nodded. "My people were nomads in the uncharted regions, or what you call that part of the galaxy. One day we were attacked by raiders who killed the men and captured the women and children. They spent a month trying to break us, to make us accept slavery. Varog freed me before that could happen. When I saw my father dying I felt…weird. It wasn't just hatred or anger, I felt as if something inside me wanted to be released." Hara's eyes were looking at nothing in particular, just staring into the void outside the space station.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Volun commented.

"Varog told me that had been the moment of my awakening to the Force." Hara uncrossed her hands letting them drop to the sides.

"I…the Sith invaded my world before the fall of the New Republic, we lived in the outer rim. Urela is a habitable planet in the outer rim close to Moraband. My people had always been weary of the ancient wasteland lying dormant so close to us. Then one day a fleet invaded our planet laying everything to waste. Killing and enslaving. Ravela was posing as one of the Sith and asked me if I preferred to become a Sith slave, a Sith Warrior or become her apprentice. I just followed her. She has been teaching me the Force for…five years now."

"The Sith have been active for five years now? I did not know that." Hara commented.

"No, they have been active for thousands of years. They come to power, they fight the Jedi, win or lose eventually the Jedi rise up and push them back, then the Jedi see a period of prosperity until it all repeats again. I was created twelve almost thirteen years ago by the Sith Lord Darth Vitus. It never ends." They had arrived in the food Hall and were about to enter the large chamber when Tern's voice came from behind them to the left.

"Oh…hi, everything okay?" Volun asked him holding his hand.

"So you two are together then?" Hara asked trying not to giggle.

"Yeah…" Volun blushed.

"They must have been taking over systems for slaves and power long before the New Republic heard of it, by then it was too late." Tern looked away.

"You two have made your own lightsabers?" Tern asked Hara and Karos.

"Yes, I made mine last year." Karos held out the sleek blue and red lightsaber and powered up the purple blade for a second before powering it down.

"I made mine only last month." Hara beamed holding out the twin curved, black sabers. She powered them up for a bit showing off their green hue.

"Where did you find the crystals?" Tern enquired. "Can't think that you went to Illum?"

"Illum is but one of the crystal-forming planets, not the only one. Our Masters knew of alternative locations unknown anymore to Sith or Jedi." Karos replied.

"Illum did not give me a crystal…I suppose knowing now what I know it is not weird anymore."

"You have a lightsaber?" Hara pointed at the saber hanging from his belt.

"Used to be Volun's brother's sword…before he turned to the Dark Side." Tern answered.

"I see…one day you'll have your own lightsaber, I know it!" Hara told him with enthusiasm.

Tern had to smile. "Yes, one day."

"I am very interested to see what Cyra has taught you." Karos told him grinning. They had been served food and were wolfing it down like proper hungry teens.

"I too am interested to see what your teachers have taught you, but we need to get some rest for tomorrow…tomorrow will be interesting to be sure. I am afraid I have to leave you guys early, I need to meditate for tomorrow." Tern finished his food and left.

Hara also excused herself, having to go complete her daily exercises. Volun was left alone with Karos. It was apparent to the both of them quite instantly that they were checking each other out, ogling each other's body and hidden goods in no clandestine fashion.

"Soooo…what do you want to do for the rest of the night?" Volun asked Karos biting his lower lip.

"I was thinking of something but I do not know if you would be up for it. You may not know how to play this particular game." Karos grinned.

"Oh you'd be surprised of what games I know of." Volun grinned like a fool.

"Oh? I think you are overstating your knowledge."

"I think not, want to find out?"

"What about Tern?" Karos asked, his left brow rising in question.

"He won't mind, if he was here he'd probably want to join in…this particular game." Volun giggled shrugging his shoulders.

"Where's your room then? I don't think we want my Master catching us in the act…of playing." Karos tried not to blush, failing miserably at it.

They walked, almost ran to Volun's room, finding it empty.

Volun found it interesting, tasting someone else. Kissing Karos' red thin lips, feeling Karos' hands on his body. Karos' four-inch dick felt different yet as tasty as Tern's. It was curved and the head was more purple than Tern's. Karos' sperm tasted different, saltier than Tern's but just as good.

It felt so good to get some head from Karos, the boy, was obvious, had a lot less experience than him having "played" this game with Tern so many times before.

Even after all the fun with Karos, Volun still had an uneasy sleep, thinking of the next day.

When they woke up they prepared fast and walked to the Hangar bay. Volun was assigned in The Pilgrim with Cyra and Karos with his Master in two of the new generation Force-enabling Fighter crafts. The Force-Wings had been redesigned from old Jedi space-fighters.

The new Force-Wings not only had four hyper-turbolasers, photon torpedoes and hyperspace capabilities but also had the ability to enhance the Force abilities of the pilot.

Hara and her Master were assigned in one of the Cruisers.

They left the Hangar bay, filling the space around Tatooine with thousands of spaceships.

"Moraband squad…jump and may we all remember your sacrifice for eons to come. Tython Squads and Balmora squads may the Force be with us all. Jump." Cyra spoke through the inter-ship communicator.

"Balmora squads?" Volun asked his mother.

"Yes, we will be attacking Tython and Balmora at the same time, Tern will lead the Battle of Balmora."

"Alone?" Volun asked worried.

"No, he'll have General Gavor with him second in command and Alkon as well as some five thousand soldiers. They have their orders, you have yours, concentrate in the battle ahead and not on Tern if you want to see him again. There is a very good possibility that your brother may be waiting for us in Tython.

The fleet jumped into Hyperspace.

"Two days of waiting, yay." Volun mocked.

"No, we are testing new hyperspace drives, we should arrive in Tython in less than two hours." Cyra told her son. "As I said, deception and surprise. Only the engineers installing them and I knew of this before now."

"Two hours? Woah!"

"We'll come out of Hyperspace guns blazing so everyone acquire battle stations." Cyra said through the communicator. Volun walked to the turret he would be handling.

"May the Force be with you Tern…" Volun whispered just as they came out of Hyperspace.

"Cruiser squadron, open fire on their orbital base and cruisers. Bomber squadrons, aim for the supply and auxiliary ships. Everyone else scramble and attack." The cruisers and capital ships opened fire against the capital ships and orbital defenses of the Sith blockade.

"Commander of the blockade, surrender now and your life will be spared. What say you?" Cyra hailed the enemy flagship hoping her son would answer.

"Lies, you have not come to spare our lives, failed Jedi, you have come to do battle and death, so let us get to the business of death-dealing." A woman clad in black with a hood over her face replied.

"So be it. We come under the authority of the Coalition of Light, if you do not surrender we will destroy you."

There was no reply from the enemy flagship.

"Garos, try and bypass their jammers, patch me to the surface below, let's see if any of the Jedi are still left down there." Garos nodded and pressed some buttons.

"Knights of the Jedi Order still left fighting in the surface of Tython," Cyra started speaking through the communicator. Outside the Battle was at full force. "I am Cyra Antari, leader of the Coalition of Light. We have come to aid you in ending the blockade around your planet. If you are ever going to mount a counter offensive against the Sith forces now is that time. May the Force be with you. Cyra out." Cyra pressed the button on her communicator ending the transmission. Outside an explosion lit up near them making her cover her eyes from the sudden burst of luminosity.

The minutes flew by, left and right ship exploding, Coalition fighter craft avoiding and dodging enemy fighters and laser shots. A Sith cruiser exploded, its' shock wave destroying the fighters.

Karos, being the boy he was, was enjoying this a lot more than his Master.

"Concentrate Karos, fighter to your left." Ravela told him using the Force-Fighter's intercom.

"Relax…I have the bugger where I want him." Karos grinned and pushing on the throttles he turned the Force-Fighter around on its axis shooting at the enemy cross-tie tearing its left wing off and half the hull. Pulling on the sticks again he moved out of the debris' way.

"Cheeky bugger…more come, close your eyes and enable your fighter's Force-Sync. The new Force-Fighters also had the ability to allow the users to synchronize their Force output and unleash a combined assault.

"Aye aye Master." They turned their fighters facing the incoming enemy fighters and enabled their fighters' Force-Sync. Closing their eyes, they concentrated on achieving a Force-bond with each other. Ravela utilised both their Force sending out a wave which sent the enemy fighters spiraling without control. Two of the four collided exploding. "Karos, push the left one to the right."

"Your left or my left?" Karos giggled.

"Karos!" Karos Force-pushed the cross-tie to the right just as Ravela pushed the other one to the left. The two fighters collided exploding.

"Master can't we land on the orbital base and handle the Sith?" Karos asked Ravela including Hara, Varog and Cyra.

"We need to take care of the Sith Master in that orbital base but we do not have the time to go over there and lightsaber fight him…"

"Don't have the time?" Karos asked.

"We have been tracking three Life-Eradicators. Their trajectory has them entering the system in two hours. We need to have destroyed the Sith forces here before that. We need to destroy those three before they can do to Tython what they did to Tatooine. The alternative is…unpleasant." Cyra replied.

"Mum…you have a planet full of angry, starving Jedi…" Volun yelled in the intercom. "Send the bitch to them!"

"I don't think she'll agree to that, love." Cyra answered almost as if in auto-pilot, while thinking a thousand other things at the same time.

"Agree? Mum for fuck's sake, we are leading a Starfleet full of ships with honking large laser cannons. Blast the bitch out of the damn sky." Volun sniggered at his mother's momentary lapse of cognition.

It finally clicked as Cyra's head snapped up. "Bomber squadrons…target the cruisers, aid our cruisers in taking out their blockade fleet here. X-Wing Nuo Join under Force Squadron and take out the Orbital base's artificial gravity, shield and navigation controllers. Let's end this, they are down to one cruiser and their fighters are almost finished."

"Cyra, we have three enemy fighters on our tail…I can't shake 'em." Garos was flying like a madman left and right, up and down avoiding the fighters' laser shots.

Volun shot one down, but the other two landed hits on The Pilgrim, lowering its shields.

Another shot damaged one of their two engines. "Can someone PLEASE get those two fuckers off my tail? Repair parts are not fucking cheap people!" Cyra tried to joke. One more hit landed on the top of the ship then one of the two cross-tie fighters blew up.

"Garos do me a favour and pitch down…now!" Karos' spoke through the com. Garos pushed the throttle down making The Pilgrim do an almost vertical "dive". Karos pushed the "gas" surpassing the cross-tie, the he turned round the Force-Fighter on its axis and started shooting at the tie-fighter. The tie-fighter pilot was surprised for a second before he started shooting at Karos. "Oh come on already blow up already! Ah fuck this shit!" Karos concentrated and unleashed a Force-push wave directed straight at the tie-fighter. It caught the tie-fighter right in the middle splitting it in two.

"Hell yeah!" Karos yelled and powered up the engines going after the next tie-fighter.

Three huge explosions rocked the orbital space base setting off smaller secondary explosions.

"This is Alpha Leader, space base targets destroyed, have the cruisers land some hits and push it off-orbit towards the planet. It should probably burn up in the atmosphere."

"You heard the man, Cruiser squadron, blast that space station off-orbit." Cyra ordered the Captains of the cruiser spaceships. They acknowledged her and fired off a few shots, pushing the orbital base off-orbit and kept firing until it entered the planet's atmosphere and started streaking down creating a giant fireball.

"This is Jedi Knight Koral, we have destroyed the Sith land forces." A voice came through the coms. Its origin was the planet's surface. With the orbital base out of commission and the enemy cruisers destroyed they were no longer being jammed.

"Koral, if you can see the large fireball raining down on you, that's the orbital command of the Sith, if she survives the fall there should be a very banged up Sith Lord in there, she's all yours." Cyra told the Jedi Knight.

"Mission complete, Sith forces destroyed. Now to prepare for…" Cyra announced over the intercom. One of the captains of the cruisers cut her off.

"Commander Cyra Antari, we just received new information from home base. Long range scans show the three Life-Eradicator class battlecruisers passed us half an hour ago, they did not jump out of hyperspace."

"What? Did he lie? Or was he lied to? Never mind, where are they heading to?" Cyra had a bad feeling about this.

"It is still too early to know commander but they are not heading here or to Tatooine." The captain had barely just finished talking when new jump coordinates flashed on his command screen.

"This is Commander Cyra Antari, jump to hyperspace, destination, Balmora. Let us hope we do not arrive too late."

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