Catch Me If I Fall

by AB

Chapter 5

Slowly unearthing the past

Kostas woke up next day, curled next to his brother under the material of the sleeping bag, his brother's breath on his neck. He giggled feeling his brother's hard noodle pressed up against his thigh.

It had been a shock at first about a year ago when he had entered his brother's room wanting to ask him if he wanted to play Playmobil with him to find his brother sitting on his chair, looking at something on the computer's screen, naked, holding his dick in hand pulling on it as if his life depended on it. Kostas had been lost in a trance watching his brother jerk his tool faster and faster until a clear white liquid came out of it with his brother moaning. He was still standing there entranced when his brother opened his eyes and saw him standing there.

Kostas had half expected his brother to start screaming but instead –still naked- Fraggos told him to shut the door behind him. They sat on the bed's edge and Fraggos asked him to remove his pants. Kostas had been hesitant at first, but he did trust his brother and Fraggos had never behaved badly towards him in the past so he removed his pants. Fraggos proceeded to placing his thumb and index finger on his one inch boystick and pulling the taut skin back. Kostas had been completely surprised at how good that single movement had felt with Fraggos proceeding to explain to him some stuff about what boys go through as they enter puberty (even if Kostas was some years away from that yet) and the changes his body and genitals would go through when he did enter puberty and *gasp* how his weewee or dick as Fraggos had called it was going to be used to provide pleasure for him and how with it he could fuck girls and one day make children. Kostas had felt his eyes almost bulging to the point of popping out of their sockets when he had heard all of that.

Next Fraggos had proceeded to stroking him slowly until he removed his hand replacing it with his own. Kostas had just looked at him not knowing what to do. Fraggos had chuckled and motioned his hand up and down a few times until Kostas had taken the hint and started moving his hand around his penis up and down. A whole world of possibilities had opened to him that eventful day as his body shivered and his eyes closed and he could hear himself moan.

"At some point you'll feel like peeing, don't stop, you won't actually pee." Fraggos had told him at some point. He had nodded rapidly and just continued stroking his lean, slightly curved leftwards penis until he came to that peeing feeling and as per his older brother's instructions he did not stop. A second or two later his whole world seemingly exploded from within as he felt wave after wave of pleasure rock his body and mind. His sexual journey and self-discovery commenced.

A few moments later when he had caught his breath he had hugged his –still naked- brother telling him how cool he was and how incredible this had just felt.

Fraggos had then told him about keeping private things private from parents –especially mothers- or even friends unless the conversation merited it.

Throughout the year he had barraged Fraggos with an ever increasing amount of questions and inquiries.

Now he extracted himself from the sleeping bag careful not to wake his brother up and tiptoed to where Iasonas slept. For the longest time, a year now, practically a millennium in boy years, he had been ever so curious to see what other boys carried down there. He had had some luck with a friend or two but most boys his age were still very shy about this sort of thing.

He kneeled next to Iasonas, something about the older boy made him feel all tingly inside. For a few weeks now he had this burning curiosity to see what Iasonas had down there, if it was bigger than his, if it was bigger or smaller than his brother's and if it too got bigger when pulled on. So many questions the youngster had.

He started pulling the sleeping bag's zipper back slowly, trying to be as quiet as possible. Iasonas stirred and woke when he felt his dick being examined and played with.

His eyes bulging on seeing who was toying with his hardening boy butter launcher he tried quietly to stop it, pulling on the boy's hands in vain as Kostas' hands seemed to be back on his dick almost instantly. Kostas giggled and pulling Iasonas by his hand, with the other boy unable to protest or react as he would want so as to not wake up the others in the predicament he was in he walked them behind the church, behind some tall rocks, sitting on one. Before Iasonas could react or say anything his boydick was being jerked off again by small hands. It felt so good but this was his friend's younger brother, he could not allow this to continue.

"N…no stop…you….oohhh." Iasonas moaned when Kostas pulled on his testicles gently.

"Oh come on, we are boys right? I want to see." Kostas rebuked him and brought his face closer to the brown-eyed boy's three inch boynail examining it closely.

"Look, no, you…we have to stop, someone could catch us….I mean you're Fraggos' little brother…ooohhh shiiiiiiiiiit…" Iasonas gave a long mewl like sound and grabbed on Kostas' head feeling warm, wet lips on his dick licking it, tasting it and then wrapping around it suckling it. Any resistance he may have had up to that point evaporated, overtaken by a profound sense of bliss. Nothing before this had ever felt so incredibly, mind-blowingly good.

He felt his whole body shudder from the intense intake of pleasure as Kostas sucked on him, not the best blowjob he would ever receive, with Kostas being so inexperienced, but the first one is always special and remembered.

Not long after holding on the boy's Mohawk-styled hair he started rocking his hips back and forth faster and faster. It only lasted a few seconds with Kostas gagging before he unloaded his meagre seed in the boy's mouth.

Almost collapsing on one of the large stones he tried catching his breath while Kostas swallowed and declared in a hushed excited voice that he liked the taste.

Kostas tried to continue playing with Iasonas' deflated rod of flesh but Iasonas stopped him, putting it back inside his pants. With a moment's hesitation he started tickling the younger boy and with a swift movement he pulled down on his white undies.

"A favour for a favour." Iasonas winked at him and kneeling in front of him he took the one inch morsel in his mouth along with the taut testicles. It was Kostas' turn to mew and moan at the sensations.

It took the younger boy even less time to have his dry orgasm as Iasonas bobbled his head up and down and covered his knob with copious amounts of saliva with his tongue bathing the lil' penis with ease. Iasonas could not believe how intoxicating Kostas' scent was, pure boyness with a hint of sweat and sweet musk.

"Iiiiiiiiii!!!!" Kostas moaned as his dry yet powerful orgasm rocked his body. Holding on to Iasonas' head he waited blissfully for the waves of euphoria to pass.

Iasonas surprised him by picking him up like a shepherd carries a sheep, carrying him to the sea and dumping him in.

"You fuckwad!!!!" Kostas emerged giggling and panting from the cold water with Iasonas practically melting on the floor from the laughter.

"Not funny!!!" Kostas launched himself at the older boy trying to wrestle him into the seam, giggling.

"Too Fuuuuunnnnnnnnn…." Whatever Iasonas was saying was lost as Fraggos came in from behind him and pushed him into the sea.

Coming out of the water he tried to wrestle both brothers and losing colossally he found himself submerged again.

"Oy! You wankers want some breakfast or what?" Vasilis yelled at them grinning with mischief.

They gave him the finger almost simultaneously. Vasilis just poked his tongue at them and walked inside the house to help his uncle bring the dishes and breakfast outside.

The day flew by like lightning for Andronicus and his friends. As dusk settled Romanos ferried them back to Molos.

"There is no way this man we have met here is the monster the gossip would have us believe." Iraklis told Vasilis squeezing his shoulder. "We will all help you prove the gossip wrong and his innocence of the shit he's been blamed for, I cannot believe that the man we witnessed yesterday and today would have raped his own son. No way in fucking hell. We are with you." Vasilis nodded smiling. Iraklis was always so poetic and solemn and yet he could swear with the best of them.

"No wonder really with his father a sailor in the merchant fleet of Greece." Vasilis thought.

In the coming days and weeks of August the boys started throwing ideas and trying to come up with where to look for evidence.

It soon became evident to them that with the exception of the reports of the news channels and newspapers in Athens and rest of Greece, someone had gone through a pain to not leave any evidence behind.

With August behind them school came with September and the first rainy days.

One day Andronicus was at Vasilis' place with Vasilis having hacked in the local newspaper's archives.

"Why not just view them if they have just been digitised for the public?" Andronicus inquired.

"We will but they are under paid subscription in the internet and I don't want us spending more time in the building than we have to, don't want time for questions as to what we're doing there, so I'm finding here what we need so that someone can go there, pretend he has an assignment for school, ask for specific issues, scan them and leave before the employees have time to start questioning, the more questions they ask the better their chance of putting holes in the cover story."

Andronicus was astounded at his friend's level of thought in the matter. Vasilis did not find a lot but he made notes and uploaded them to their online folder.

"Why not just upload the articles?"

"Can't, they are under the paid sub. so anyone accessing them will have to either pay or hack and hack same thing too many times and you're bound to get caught." Vasilis explained. Andronicus tried following the lines of code as they appeared on the screen but even those his eyes could follow he did not understand. In fact the whole environment looked different.

"That's not windows are they?"

"Nope, it's an almost non graphical Linux version based on tor browser's anonymity protocols. I have windows on another partition."

"Partition? Tor browser? Uhmmm…." Andronicus liked learning but he was hearing terminology he had never heard before. Then again it was not a strange thing considering that he had no inkling about programming or coding as Vasilis liked calling it.

Vasilis chuckled, "Never mind, I need to concentrate now, I'll explain later." He said, his eyes never leaving the screen.

"But why non graphical? How can you see what you're doing?"

"There are some graphics for the basics but graphics can be a hassle as code can be embedded on them, code that you have no control over and can be used against you."

Andronicus could feel his head hurting so he changed the subject. "I guess…is Fraggos searching in public records for people that left the island before or after the wreck?"

"Yes, and if he finds anything which I doubt he'll find much Iraklis will then try and cross reference it with which of those could have had access…"


"Yes, who could have found a way to get Pavlos isolated from his parents with enough time and a location that is remote enough for him to be able to…do what he wanted to do without fear of getting caught or heard. It'll take a couple of weeks for Fraggos to find anything if he does and sometime after that for Iraklis to find what he can."

"Oh…well anyways I have to go, first sailing lesson." Andronicus said nervously.

Vasilis hugged him, lingering, wanting to smell that incredible Andronicus smell, boy with a tinge of salt and a hint of teen. It was driving him insane and making him wonder about…stuff.

"You'll do just great, I know it." He told his friend.

Andronicus arrived at the sailing club and finding the classroom he sat down on one of the chairs feeling awkward and nervous.

Other boys and girls started coming in, he of course knew them all from the skype group and from hanging around with some of them.

Bumping knuckles and a few bear hugs later Andronicus felt much less stressed as the lesson began. Vangelis started going through the lesson with terminology, basic safety knowledge and other basic information that consisted the first lesson.

They wouldn't get in a dinghy sail boat for a couple of weeks more. The more Andronicus learned the more interested he became, taking notes and asking any question he could think of.

It was a weird September for Vasilis for as the month passed he was increasingly moody and not his usual self. His mother and his friends could see it but they gave him space.

Near the end of the month Vasilis had had enough and one day while helping his uncle to prepare his Caïque to go gather the nets, a calm windless dawn, he amassed the courage to talk to him.

It was Almost five A.M., they had to go gather the nets from the night before, and return to Ydra before the start of school three hours later. Romanos started the engine and with Vasilis' help untied the ropes holding them on the dock. Vasilis jumped in and the Caïque started gathering momentum and speed.

About ten minutes later, Gaidouronisi getting smaller behind them Romanos took a look at him and then back to the horison.

"You want to talk to me." It was a statement not a question. It always amazed Vasilis how his uncle and mother could read him like an open book.

He nodded. "Yes."

Romanos said nothing allowing him to gather his thoughts.

"I, don't know what's happening to me…I…"

"Puberty…happens to everyone."

"Not just that…I mean…ugh…I thought I was someone else….but recently…"

"We all discover ourselves as we grow up."

"No…yes…no that's not what I mean, I mean that too but not only that…"

No reply.

"I thought I liked girls but…ever since June or July I've been having doubts…the last three or so months I haven't had a single….thought of a girl when….ah fuck…you know what I mean."

Romanos nodded. He needn't say anything at this point it was already embarrassing enough for his nephew without anyone of them saying "…when I masturbate…".

"And…and…I don't know, I have been having desires I have no control over …a friend or two, but mostly one and it's like when I am near him, when I think about him, it's like all the fucking time….I shouldn't be bothering you but with dad….dead I just don't want to talk about this with anyone else, certainly not mum…ugh…" Romanos placed the boat on autopilot and turning around he just hugged Vasilis.

"Uncle…I think I'm gay…please, please don't hate me…" With the words out of his mouth Vasilis felt as anxious as he had never felt before in his life, tears started falling down his cheek life rain drops on leaves, heavy and sorrow-full.

"Hate you? I did not hate a stranger boy telling me the same thing what makes you think I'll hate my own nephew? You are gay….so what? You are still the same boy I held in my arms when he was born, the same boy I changed diapers for, the same boy that came and played with my son and made steak burgers for, the same boy that you have always been. There's nothing you can tell me that will make me hate you Vasili and I am sure that the same stands for your mother. We are your allies and rocks in this life and we love you unconditionally." Upon hearing this Vasilis passed his hands above his uncle's shoulders hugging him as tight as he could. They stayed like that, Romanos rubbing his back comforting him for a few moments before they pulled back.

Vasilis wiped away the tears from his eyes and cheeks, "I think…I'm falling for someone but don't know if he would want to be with me…I mean even if I know him to be gay…but I don't know how….to talk to him about this…."stuff"." Vasilis blushed grinning like a fool.

Romanos sighed. "Gay boys, straight boys…all the same and all equally blind apparently." Trying his best not to laugh.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Came the reply, Vasilis' head slightly bent to the right, his neck stretched with a brow raised in question.

"The one you're talking about is gay and probably if not already fallen for you he at least has a crush on you from here to Athens." Romanos chuckled.

The idea sounded so ludicrous to Vasilis that impulse got the better of him. "You think Andronicus has a crush on me? Uhm….." Instantly realising what he had said he burst laughing along with Romanos, his cheeks burning crimson.

Romanos started laughing, almost rolling on the wooden planks of the boat's deck. The Caïque slicing through the crystal-like, windless blue sea.

Iasonas meanwhile emboldened by his recent fooling around session with Kostas knocked on Andronicus' door. Before that day in Gaidouronisi he could have never pictured himself sucking or being sucked by another boy even if he had in the past done some fooling around like mutual jerking off or rubbing their penises together with some of his friends his age but sucking had not crossed his mind, even more so with a younger boy and he did feel guilty about that, even though it had been Kostas who instigated it he still felt like he should have stopped it. For all the guilt though it had been another eye opener for him just like that first time when he was ten and one of his friends had shown him this new exciting game he had learned from his older brother. Thus he had learned about jerking off.

He knocked on the door and was greeted by an older teenage girl that he knew to be Andronicus' older sister or as known amongst their little group "Grumpy bitch."

"Hello, Andronicus inside?"

"No. Leave." She always behaved like this even when they knew he was inside and expecting them. In some ways she reminded them of the grumpy cat internet meme. She like the cat was always grumpy, always negative and always a bitch with nothing pleasant to say about anything.

"Yeah, ok whatever he's expecting me." Iasonas told her and took a step forward. She blocked his way trying to close the door. "I don't give a fuck, leave." He pushed on the door with a strength she could not have expected from a twelve year old catching her off guard and sending the door open.

She raised her hand threatingly, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, touch me and my father will make you wish you were never born…if I don't. I don't care if you're a girl or not slap me and I'll hit you." Iasonas defiantly stood his ground in front of her looking straight into her eyes.

If looks could kill hers would have decimated a small village. She turned and left without a word more.

Iasonas stepped in, closing the door behind him.

"Oh, hello Iasonas my dear, Andronicus is up in his room." Katerina acknowledged him. He smiled and nodded heading up.

He knocked on the door. "Uhh…just a second…" Iasonas heard a squeaky voice from inside the room, grunts and hurried steps.

Iasonas was let in the room by a flushed Andronicus. The door closed behind them and they sat on the bed with Iasonas giggling.

"I…uhm….interrupted something didn't I?" Iasonas asked placing a hand on Andronicus knee.

"Uhm…no…" Iasonas laughed at the instinctual denial by his friend.

"I can see your bulging down there you know and you're flushed like you just run a marathon." He giggled and pressed his lips against Andronicus' cheek.

"Ugh…fuck…so wanna jerk off together?"

"Sure…" Within seconds both boys were naked as the day they were born and holding each other's dicks in their hands stroking fast.

"Oohhh…ugh…mmmmmm…." Soft moans filled the room as the boys stroked and jerked until Iasonas just stopped pulling on the almost four inch boycock. Before Andronicus could protest at being left without release Iasonas grinned and gently pushed him down on the mattress. He got on his all fours climbing on top of his friend his rock solid, smooth boy-noodle aiming bulls-eye on top of Andronicus' head.

"Something new I learned…say Aaahhh…." Iasonas giggled and leaning his head down he licked Andronicus' purple-pink glans. Andronicus must have peed only moments before because there was a residual taste of it mixed with his usual scent and musk. It was a new taste for Iasonas, one that only moments ago not to mention days or weeks or months ago he would have thought that it would be disgusting but now, maybe horny as fuck as he was, he found…not so unpleasant.

Andronicus was caught completely off-guard at first wanting to protest and then seconds later wanting for that amazing, unbelievably euphoric feeling to never end as Iasonas swallowed his hard prick in his warm, wet gullet, his hands on his thighs and boy seed holders squeezing, caressing, feeling and groping lost in lust.

"Fuck….oh shit…fuck that…oh fuck just…." Andronicus mumbled and moaned feeling Iasonas' tongue teasing his piss-slit. He felt something bumping against his lips and opened his eyes to see his friend's erect penis only millimeters above his face. It took him but a moment's hesitation, as much time as needed for the trail of thought to go from "Uhm…not sure, that's a dick…." to "eh…what the fuck he's sucking my dick…." To open his mouth and wrap his moist, red lips around the angry deep purple dickhead. He found himself not knowing what to do so he started imitating what Iasonas was doing to him. Wrapping his hands around Iasonas' thighs he slowly brought them to cup Iasonas' pert, round buttocks and followed his friend's ministrations sucking, applying pressure and bobing his head back and forth until he felt Iasonas enlarge and thicken in his mouth.

Andronicus felt Iasonas shuddering in his hands and not a second later something liquid, warm and relatively –yet- not that thick enter his mouth. He knew it was sperm and it was the first one not his he was testing. He found the taste rather pleasant if not like salty fruit with just an aftertaste of soil. He swallowed and let his head rest back down on the mattress. It felt just so damn nice being sucked like this that he held on to Iasonas' head as best he could and with a shove of his hips he felt himself erupting like never before inside the warmness.

Iasonas pivoted around and collapsed next to his friend, their bodies glistening in sweat.

"Fuck…." Both boys whispered in unison in each other's arms, their legs intermingled.

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