Catch Me If I Fall

by AB

Chapter 2

When new people come into your life.

A new day dawned and unlike with his sleeping habits in Athens Andronicus woke up very early. At eight am he was awake, washed up, eaten breakfast and full on swimming trunks and t-shirt, ready to start the day, he had plans you see. And in his teenage mind they were grandiose plans full of mystery and interest. In truth he was just going to go and see if he could find Vasilis again, maybe do some more exploring again, this time outside the main town perhaps.

His mum got him at the house's entrance.

"And where do you think you're going mister?"

Andronicus groaned rolling his eyes. This had to be a universal reaction of boys to mothers, he thought, the rolling of the eyes in indifferent indignation.

"I'm going to go find Vasilis and do some more exploring." He took a deep breath and pressed his luck and what was to be the start of his teenaged rebellion.

"Look, mum you have to give me some space…please I'm not a little kid anymore and I need some time…away from you, I mean I love you but I…we…can't spend as much time together…." Katerina interjected him.

"I just don't want you hurt…again, what if you trust the wrong person again?"

"Mum! For the love of god please just let me forget that already, shit happened and you're bringing it up almost every day…if I trust someone else and he throws it in my face again I'll live….enough! Please." Katerina just sighed and made a hand gesture towards the door. Andronicus didn't stay around for her to change her mind, he bolted out the door and made his way to the general store.

"Hello Mrs…uhm Vasilis didn't tell me…I mean…" Andronicus stumbled on his words embarrassed on not having gotten their surname the day before.

"You are a shy one aren't you? Well no matter Vasilis will fix you up in no time," she teased him chuckling, "The surname's Seraphim and you're most welcome young man, good morning to you as well. You'll find Vasilis in the municipal football field playing with his friends." She answered a question he had not asked yet.


"How did I know you're looking for my son? Well it was either that or your mum having sent you to pick up something, you're not holding any money in your hand, your swimming trunks have no pockets and you made no move to bring your backpack to your fore, so…" She answered him while arranging some stuff on the shelves.

"Uhmm…you're really observant…" Andronicus could only be amazed at her skills of deduction.

"Yeah well when you have a son who is intelligent, used to be married to a coast guard officer and have the older brother I have you sort of adapt." She chuckled and gave him a kiss on his forehead. "Now off you go or Vasilis and his friends will leave the football field and you'll have to go searching for them in the heat.

Andronicus nodded with a trying smile and left.

It took him about ten minutes to get from the general store to the municipal sports stadium. It was tiring as he had to walk uphill in the hot weather. When he got there he saw boys of various ages playing football.

He paused in his tracks. This many teenage boys at the same place made him feel uneasy and afraid.

Part of him wanted to turn and go home, another part urged him forward.

"If I go there they might just know…I get erections like at the drop of a hat, they might know, they'll hate me, I…I don't want, I can't have Vasilis hating me. Not again…but I want friends, friends that may turn on me, I want to have a normal life, they don't have to know, I mean they can't know can they? Not just by looking at me…" His self-doubts were consuming him as usual the last few weeks. It had not been this bad before.

A male teenage voice broke his trance. It was Vasilis coming to greet him.

"Hey! Andronicus, come join us." Vasilis told him.

"Uhm…I'm not all that good."

Vasilis chuckled. "Yeah neither are most of us, this is just for fun, to pass the time, no one expects you to be as good as Messi. Come on you don't want to make me sad do you?"

"Make you sad? How…?" Andronicus furrowed his brows in question.

The amber-eyed boy rolled his eyes chuckling, he passed a sweaty hand over his friend's shoulders and started walking them towards the field.

"I'm teasing you, you silly person. Now just come and play."

He walked them over to one of the goal posts where the rest of Vasilis' friends where.

"Andronicus meet Fraggos, his younger brother Kostas, Iraklis and Iasonas. Everyone this is Andronicus."

Everyone shook hands or bumped knuckles with Andronicus nodding or telling him hi.

"Iraklis is my cousin twice removed, he's cool for someone so much older than me, Fraggos is one of my best friends, even if a year younger. Kostas is ok for a younger brother and Iasonas is cool for a twelve year old." Vasilis teased his friends.

Andronicus had to admit it was funny watching Kostas and Iasonas flipping Vasilis the bird.

He inspected the boys closely. Internal boyish instinct taking over despite his solemn self-made promises not to do so.

Fraggos was about half a head taller than Vasilis with Vasilis standing at about one hundred and fifty five centimeters. His face was still mostly hairless except for a dark fuzz above his lips. His features beginning to lose its' boyish looks for a more chiseled adult look. It still retained a lot of its boyhood but almost above the threshold. His lips almost skin-colour. He had almost cyan-coloured eyes which contrasted with his dark, spikey hair and angled nose. The heat had had them all remove their t-shirts. Fraggos had a strong torso and stocky build, not too much muscle toning but he looked like someone you did not want to have pounding on you. Andronicus' eyes traveled lower to his swim suit covered junk, he was sporting a healthy looking bulge. Unlike Vasilis he had minimal leg hair. A small treasure line went south from his navel to below his swimming trunks.

Andronicus' gaze transferred to Kostas, who was a younger version of his brother, slim, lathe and cute in his own right. He had cyan eyes as well with a Mohawk style haircut. Andronicus did not usually like such extreme haircuts but he had to admit it looked kinda cute on young Kostas. Like his brother his lips were almost skin-coloured but fuller than his brother's thin lips. Rosy cheeks and a darker Mediterranean composition completed his sweet face. He was shorter than his brother, or anyone else currently in the field but expected for a nine year old. He stood at almost one hundred and thirty centimeters. His package was less noticeably present but one could make it out under his cutoff jean shorts.

Turning a bit to the right, his eyes adjusting to the sun behind Iraklis, he scanned the boy with his teen eyes. Iraklis at sixteen years old was the oldest of the boys currently present. Iraklis was tall for his age at almost one hundred of eighty five centimeters. He was like a tower amongst shorter buildings. Andronicus thought Iraklis must have had a sudden growth spurt because his muscle growth was disproportional to his size, he was essentially a tall bamboo stalk. He looked younger and one would confuse him for a fourteen year old if it wasn't for his incredible height. He had brunette long hair that reached his shoulders. That along with the teen's black shorts with skulls on the sides gave away that he liked heavy metal and was in the whole metal culture.

Turning his eyes finally on Iasonas Andronicus ogled at the cute twelve year old boy, a year younger than him Iasonas stood almost at the same height as him with a slender frame that looked very agile. He too was only wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts with palm trees and blue and green colours and nothing above it. Iasonas was completely hairless torso, face and legs. Like the others he too was nicely tanned with dark wavy hair falling all over his eyes and ears. His deep, brown eyes sparkled with glee. His upturned nose fitted him nicely with pursed, pink lips that made Andronicus want to kiss him and subconsciously rearrange his own pecker and testicles.

Iasonas' lanky legs ended up in two melon sized buttocks and a tight looking package.

As Andronicus was checking them out so were they. Vasilis started from the bottom up tracing his eyes on the long legs and curvy backside to Andronicus' torso and blond, almost bleached, short, unruly hair. His grey eyes, small nose, dimpled cheeks and full, red lips made his teen-dick twitch in his shorts. His mind getting lost in indecent thoughts full of lust and ways with which he could make out and touch that incredible specimen of a boy. It was highly confusing for him but he made no effort in stopping them.

"Are they natural or dyed?" Iasonas brought both Vasilis and Andronicus out of their reverie.

"Hmm?" Andronicus wondered not having heard the full question.

"Your hair are they natural or dyed?"

"Oh…eh natural dunno why none of my parents are." Andronicus shrugged his shoulders.


Iraklis tried slapping the back of Vasilis' head but the younger teen was far too agile for him and easily evaded it, "Who are you calling old you little shit? I'm only a year older than you!" He laughed.

"Uhm…pretty much anything older than me is old and anything younger is a baby…with exceptions." He looked at Andronicus in one fleeting moment.

"Okay so now that all the introductions are done and over with what say you we play some ball? Andronicus you play offense, Iasonas can play defense and I'll keep our goalposts safe. Iraklis, Fraggos and Kostas you guys arrange stuff on your own." Vasilis concluded.

Andronicus knew there was not much point in saying no to Vasilis, his personality gained you instantly. He nodded and headed to the middle of the field.

Iraklis wanted him to play as goalkeeper, being the tallest of them, but Kostas really liked the position so Iraklis went for defense with Fraggos as offense.

With the teams and roles set Fraggos placed the ball in the center line. He and Andronicus would have to run for it, whoever got at it first could pass it along to one of his teammates.

Vasilis gave a scream "start!" and the two boys ran as fast as their legs could carry them. Fraggos reached the ball first and immediately knocked it back to Iraklis.

Iraklis managed to pass through Iasonas, seeing Andronicus marking Fraggos he continued on his own and fired a well-aimed shot that Vasilis was unable to save.

Vasilis gathered them round and gave them instructions.

They passed the ball from the center line. The moment the ball was at his feet Andronicus broke straight on with Fraggos blocking his way. He knew he wasn't faster than the older boy but he was shorter with a lower center of mass. He waited until the last possible moment and broke his pelvis right dribbling the ball between Fraggos' legs. Fraggos tried turning but his taller center of mass did not allow for such sudden and sharp turns and he fell on the grass.

Andronicus ran for a few meters until he saw Iraklis coming at him and without missing a beat he passed the ball sideways to Iasonas who feigned a shot making Iraklis turn to him. Before Iraklis could cover him he lobbed the ball to Andronicus. Andronicus received it with his knee and then charged forward to break free from Fraggos who had risen and was running towards him.

The space between him and the goal was empty, he could take his time aim, weight his shot and score but he saw little Kostas standing there looking so defenseless and took a shot. The ball went far away from the goal missing it wide.

Iasonas groaned but walked over to Andronicus and gave him a pat on the shoulder for the effort.

The game went on with both teams missing quite a few goals. At some point Iraklis changed Kostas with himself as a goalie and had Kostas marking Iasonas who was closer to his age. A mistake as Fraggos was having great difficulty marking the more agile, shorter Andronicus.

Iasonas run to Kostas stealing the ball from him, immediately passing it to Vasilis who kicked it forward to Andronicus who dived at the ball scoring with a header.

Iraklis did not even have enough time to dive to catch or divert it away from his goalpost, Fraggos was meters away trying to get up and Kostas was looking miserable at having lost the ball so easily.

Andronicus walked back to his teams' area of the field. He saw the younger boy almost at tears and kneeled in front of him.

"Hey, don't be sad, it's just a game, it doesn't matter, just have fun win or lose. Okay?" He told Kostas who nodded smiling.

The game resumed. Fraggos and Kostas managed to exchange a few passes before Fraggos unleashed a shot at the goal which Vasilis managed to catch in his arms.

Vasilis threw the ball without losing any time to Andronicus who passed the ball to Iasonas. They continued passing on the ball like that until Iasonas fired a shot at the goal with Iraklis catching it sending it off goal and right into Andronicus' lap who let the ball fall to his foot and fired it straight in for a goal.

Iasonas and Vasilis ran to him hugging him. He flinched at first contact but relaxed after, reciprocating the hug.

"Wanna continue or do you guys have things to do?" Iraklis asked holding the ball in his arms.

"Sorry, I have to go help mum in the general store."

"Parents are expecting us back home." Fraggos said hugging his brother's shoulders.

"I'm free…" Andronicus shrugged his shoulders.

"Me too, I'm not expected back home for a few hours more." Iasonas replied standing next to Andronicus.

"Okay, you guys want to go to Molos for a swim? It's about two hours walk from here or so depending on our pace." Iraklis asked Andronicus and Iasonas.

Iasonas just shrugged his shoulders as a yes. "Sure." Andronicus' reply came in his hushed voice.

They said their laters with Vasilis, Fraggos and Kostas and Andronicus followed the other two boys.

"Are you staying here permanently or are you here for the summer?" Iasonas asked Andronicus.

"Oh…eh… permanently I think, my mum got the job for teaching Dimotiko and Gymnasio in the local school."

"Oh she's the new teacher? Cool I guess." Iasonas told him grinning widely.

"Cool? I don't think that's what you're supposed to say." Andronicus tried smiling.

"Oh hell yes, it's cool, we have the means with you."

Andronicus had to giggle and roll his eyes, "If you're expecting that she'll listen to me telling her to give you a better mark than deserving you're in for a bitter surprise. She's far more likely to cut my mark as well as yours for trying to influence her work."

"Ouch! You're killing me here." Iasonas feigned mortal wound on his heart. It made Andronicus chuckle.

Half way on the road to Molos, a sea side, path more like a road, wide enough for maybe one donkey and one human on foot to pass through at the same time, Andronicus' mobile rang.

He rolled his eyes, making both Iraklis and Iasonas chuckle with instant knowledge on who was on the other end of the phone.

"Hi, mum…yes…sooner or later…I'm going to Molos beach with a couple of new friends I made….yeah I'll be back sooner or later…it's only twelve o'clock I'll be back before dinner…yeah sure…bye." They continued walking until thirty minutes or so later she called again. This time he did not answer it, instead he let it go straight to voice mail. He groaned.

"What's up?" Iasonas giggled.

"Pushy mother eh?" Iraklis said, it was more of a statement than an answer.

"Yeah, you don't know the half of it, but not just that…She has this parental guidance shitty app on my phone if I don't answer her or whatever she can lock me out of the phone until I do. Until I answer her I can't do anything else."

Iasonas continued grinning, "Oh trust me…I do."

Before Andronicus could go on Iraklis stopped him. "Can I see your phone?"

"Uh…sure I guess…why?" Andronicus gave Iraklis his phone.

"Vasilis has given us, his friends an app that some coder friends of his from the internet created, they are also teenagers and they wanted to find a way round those shitty apps. We're not monkeys in an enclosure we're fucking teenage boys." Iraklis told him cryptically as he paired Andronicus' smartphone with his and transferred a file over. Andronicus stood next to him observing what was happening. As soon as the file was transferred over it started installing itself auto-canceling any warnings or security messages on the phone. After several taps of his finger on the screen Iraklis gave the phone back to Andronicus.

"From now on most of those parental bullshit apps won't work, instead they'll fool the other side of it, the part installed on your mother's phone thinking that what your mother selected has happened, but it won't have happened. For example now you can see that she's sending the code so that your phone locks until you call her. It won't lock. There see? The app is sending back a verification code that it has locked but it hasn't." Iraklis kept speaking as he selected a game Andronicus had installed, it opened when it should not have. Andronicus grinned widely.

"Yeah it's pretty cool and also quite illegal as Vasilis friends' app has essentially hacked and blocked an official app so don't overdo it or give cause to your mother to search your phone or anything, this app works because it is not widely known and because those of us that use it know that it works because partly of subterfuge, because our parents think and believe that the parental app is working as it should. It is why Kostas doesn't have it yet. Okay?"

"Yes." Andronicus replied solemnly.

"Good, now you can ignore her some and we can go have that swim, fuck it's fucking hot out here." Iraklis concluded and continued walking.

They arrived at Molos, a sandy crescent-shaped beach with clear, turquoise waters and an island just close enough to swim to.

They lay on the beach relaxing their bodies. Andronicus turned his head to Iasonas ogling at his tenting package, obviously the younger boy was sporting an erection below his swim Lycra tight wear. "How do you deal with it?"

"Huh?" It was Iasonas' turn to not know what Andronicus was asking about.

"Pushy, controlling mothers…"

Iraklis answered before Iasonas could. "It is normal for mothers to worry about their children regardless of age or sex, but mothers should understand that boys are more prone to accidents, danger and harm. Mothers of boys have a simple choice, hover over them and never let them grow up or let them get out there, fall on their faces and get up and learn from the experience. Fathers can help in that regard."

"Oh…I don't have a father…I mean I have one but my parents are divorced." Andronicus almost whispered lowering his head.

"Well then it falls on to you to get her to understand that you're no longer a baby and that you need your space, just be ready to push through some grounding." Iraklis chuckled.

Andronicus nodded in doubt if he could actually do that.

They spent the next few hours laying on the sand, swimming and playing in the water, trying to dunk each other under the water, Iraklis had brought with him a beach volley ball. All in all Andronicus had to admit that he enjoyed himself.

Andronicus had noticed while they were playing in the water how Iasonas kept groping and grinding himself against his body. He of course had not acknowledged this just so Iasonas would not think ill of him, or think that he liked the idea of gay sex. He felt so confused because he knew that he was gay, he knew that he would like nothing more than to do those things with Iasonas or Vasilis or even Fraggos or someone else but he also did not know if he liked that he liked this sort of thing. So far it had brought him nothing but grief.

It was such an effort having to control his penis which seemed to stand erect at the drop of the hat, without any cause or reason and make sure he did not harden up during those moments.

It was well after noon when Iraklis and Iasonas started gathering their things. "Have to get back to Ydra, are you coming with?" Iasonas asked him.

"I think I'll stay here and do some exploring, see you later?" Andronicus asked in resigned hope. In his mind he knew already that neither of those boys wanted to be his friends or that they would want to see him again, why would they? He felt like filth and probably was, at least in his mind. If only he could see what others saw in and about him.

"Sure man, what's your number?" Iasonas' response caught him by surprise.

"Uhm…##########" Andronicus could not believe it, why would they want to be his friends, surely they were doing this due to some loyalty or obligation to Vasilis, but then why would he want to be his friend.

Iraklis wrote it down as well, they bumped knuckles, Iasonas also hugged him and they left.

Andronicus walked up and down the beach searching for seashells and whatnot in the sand and rocks that were here and there then he saw the island. He saw that at the end of the beach where he was it was even closer to the beach and in a decision that he could not explain even years after that day he left his backpack with his phone under a rock so that if anyone passed by they wouldn't see it and steal it and started swimming towards the island. It was not as close as he had thought but a good twenty minutes of swimming later he reached the island's pebbly shore.

He walked the circumference of the island absentmindedly exploring when he came upon a dock with a fishing boat tied to it. He looked the other way to see a very small white church and another building next to it.

He was feeling tired, to be expected after swimming for twenty minutes, so he found a spot under the shade of a tree and lay on the large, smooth pebbles and exposed roots of the tree.

He did not know how much time had passed but someone nudged him from his drowsy state of almost sleep.

He looked up to see a man. Andronicus guessed him to be in his early fifties and at around one hundred and seventy centimeters. He was wearing a worn out pair of jean shorts and a white t-shirt that had seen better days.

"You are trespassing, this is church property." The man told him. He did not sound angry, more like resigned from life.

"Sorry sir, I did not know, I swam from Molos and was just resting for a bit, I promise I won't bother you if I can stay for a bit." Andronicus told him in hope of not having to swim back yet.

The man looked at Molos and then back at him. "You swam here?"

"Yes, sir." Andronicus nodded getting up on his feet, dusting the pebbles and sand from his body.

The man simply grunted and turning he walked to a chair on the dock. He sat there and started remeshing and working his fishing nets.

Andronicus took that as a "yes, you can rest here for a while." He walked and sat in the chair next to the man silently observing him, he did not dare talk and have him change his mind.

The man silently worked on his nets for a while. "What's your name?" he asked Andronicus without looking up.

"Andronicus…Andronicus Papachroniou, sir."

"Cut the sir….you're Katerina's son? Your grandparents were Daniel and Vaso?"

"Hm? Yes, s…yes, why?"

"I knew your grandparents they were good people, and I used to hang out with your mother, we were friends when we were kids."

"What's your name?" Andronicus asked him.

"Romanos, I am the caretaker of Agios (St.) Pavlos."

"Do you own this island then?" Andronicus continued his line of questioning.

"No, I am just hired to keep the church running."

"Did you choose this church? Or did the church of Greece hire you in general?"

"You ask a lot of questions for someone who would not bother me." Romanos tried to stop himself from chuckling but could not.

"Oh…sorry….wait, you're teasing me aren't you?" Andronicus started apologising but caught on to Romanos' chuckle and changed his sentence.

"Cool, why did you choose this church?"

"My son used to like coming here and it is remote enough. I like my quiet."

The conversation carried on for some time. "It's getting late, I should be getting back home." Andronicus concluded the conversation and stood up meaning to swim back to Molos.

"Wait, I'll get you back there, we can use the smaller boat." Romanos told him getting up.

It was quiet as Romanos rowed them to Molos, Romanos stared at nothing in particular and Andronicus at Romanos measuring him, studying him.

The wooden keel touched the sandy beach and Andronicus disembarked.

"Can I come visit you tomorrow…or some other day?" Romanos looked at the hopeful young face and just nodded with a grunt before heading back to the island.

Andronicus smiled taking the grunt as "yes" and picking up his backpack he headed for the way home.

It took him almost an hour and a half to reach home but he liked the walk through the bushes and the arid landscape with olive trees, cedars and stone pines. It had something serene about it.

His mobile phone rang. "Yes?"

"Oh, hi, it's Iasonas."


"Good, hehe, are you still in Molos?"

"No, home….why?"

"Want to have a sleepover?"

"You…you want to have a sleepover with me?"

"Uhm…yeah why not? You're cool enough for an Athenian." Andronicus could hear the younger boy giggle through the phone.

"Uhm…thanks I guess…sure I'd like that…the sleepover I mean but I doubt my mum will let me, let me go ask her."


Andronicus climbed the stairs to his mum's bedroom knocked and entered after he heard "enter."

"Hey, mum, can I go to Iasonas' place for a sleepover? He's Vasilis' friend."

"I don't know him or his parents, I think it's best for this time if he can come here. How old is he?"

"Twelve, he's really cool…" Andronicus started saying but then he remembered Iasonas could still hear him from the phone causing him to blush.

"I'll ask my mum." Andronicus heard Iasonas' voice through the mobile's speaker.

Andronicus could hear Iasonas speaking to someone but not what they were saying until Iasonas let out a squeal of happiness, "Thanks mum, I'll be back tomorrow sometime."

"I'll be there momentarily." Iasonas said hanging up.

"I'll make up the sofa…" Katerina started saying.

"No, it ain't a sleepover if he sleeps in the living room…why can't he sleep in my room?"

"You know why."

"Mum for fuck's sake….you wouldn't even know if it hadn't been for "that", I would not have told you until I became eighteen or had gotten myself a boyfriend…and being gay doesn't mean I want to have sex with every cute guy I meet...please stop doing that you're hurting me. I want to have a sleepover with a new friend I met that's all…" Andronicus exasperated leaving the room. Katerina sighed, she had to admit that he had a valid point.

Some minutes later the doorbell rang. Andronicus practically ran to open the door.

"Hi…" He smiled at Iasonas who smiled back giving him a hug.

He let Iasonas in closing the door behind him.

They started climbing the stairs up to his room when he saw his sister coming down.

"Of course the little shit gets to have friends but I had to leave all of my friends behind." She yelled for her mother to hear, barely registering either of the two boys.

Andronicus closed the door of his room behind them. "Sorry about that, she hates me but I dunno why. I guess she thinks I'm some sort of filth…"

"That's bullshit, you're beautiful…" Iasonas blurted out before he could stop himself now blushing severely.

"Really…? But I'm ugly…" Andronicus stated surprised.

"Ugly? You? You're yanking my chain right? You look like some kind of elf, all that you're missing are the ears you're slim, blond hair, sexy ass….uhm…fuck…" Iasonas blushed again.

Andronicus couldn't help himself blushing.

"Do you have playstation3 or something?"

"No…mum won't allow me but I have a PC we could do stuff there I guess…?"

"Sure, do you know any card games?

And sure enough the two of them kept each other company, playing video games, surfing the net and playing card games. Iasonas caught Andronicus checking him out and Andronicus caught Iasonas checking him out which caused the two boys to giggle and blush.

Iasonas had that kind of mischievous grin on his face when he looked at Andronicus, "Hey…wanna try a new game?"

"Uhm, sure, what is it?"

"Do you know how to play poker?"

"No…can you teach me?"

"Sure, here pass me the deck of cards…" Iasonas proceeded to teach Andronicus how to play poker. "Usually you bet money or chips but since we don't have those…how about we bet parts of what we're wearing?"

"Uuuuhhmmm…what? How?"

"Easy, you bet a sock or both socks, if you win I sorta give you mine, if you lose you gotta strip them off…" Iasonas giggled.

"Why would I want your socks?"

"I'm not giving them permanently silly, it's a strip poker game, we play until one of us or both are completely naked. Winner decides the final price."

"I'm not sure about this….I…" Andronicus began complaining when he felt Iasonas plant a peck on his lips.

"What are you doing?...I…I am not gay…" Andronicus tried half-heartedly to push the other boy back when every fiber of his being was telling him to kiss Iasonas back.

Iasonas shrugged, "Don't have to be gay to fool around some, you're sexy, I'm horny…ok I'm always horny it's like it has a mind of its own…" he said pointing at his tented shorts. "Why not kiss and jerk some? Bust a nut and sleep like babies?" Iasonas grinned. Andronicus was about to answer when his mother called them down for dinner.

During dinner as expected his sister was being a colossal bitch, treating him and Iasonas like some unclean rags that she had to tolerate, swearing at their mother.

"Wow, your sister is a bitch…" Iasonas told him when they were back at his room.

"Yeah…so strip poker?" Andronicus could not believe himself for doing this but there was an inner will, a power he could not fully understand driving him forward.

Iasonas grinned, "Sure."

They started playing, Iasonas lost first. He removed his t-shirt. He also lost the next round having to remove his socks. It was Andronicus turn to lose the next three rounds removing his socks, shoes and tshirt. Iasonas lost and removed his shorts. The same happened to Andronicus next turn and so now both boys stood sitting on the bed with only their undies on. Andronicus with his tighty-whites and Iasonas with his boxer briefs.

They looked at each other awkwardly, their underpants tenting, their throats feeling dry and their hearts pounding in their chests.

"All in." Iasonas grinned looking deep in Andronicus' eyes.


"Yeah we'll be stark naked after." Iasonas completed what Andronicus had begun to say.

Andronicus sighed and with trembling hands he showed his friend his hand.

Andronicus stood the loser with two pairs and Iasonas with full house.

Both boys removed their undies now overtly ogling at each other's package. For the first time in their lives they were seeing another boy's goods.

"Jerk me off?"

"No…please…can't we just…ehh…uhm…just jerk our own dicks off? It's….just I've never…I mean…" Andronicus blushed.

"I guess…I haven't either…it's not bad you know…we're just messing about…"

"I know…I guess…just for this time please?"

"Sure." Iasonas started pulling on his meat and within seconds the already semi-erect three inches and some change flesh tube now stood fully rock hard.

Andronicus felt like crying and grinning at the same time, His fear was great that it would all collapse around him again. Seeing the other boy just stroke his penis gave him the courage he needed to start doing the same. He wrapped his hand around his almost four inches boy-launcher and gave it a squeeze then a hesitant stroke. Before long both boys were fast at it each lost in each owns' sexual thoughts. It lasted mere seconds before the moaning duet spilled their meagre offerings on their stomachs.

"Oh…shiiiit that was intense! You are so damn sexy." Iasonas spoke to his friend, caressing his thigh.

Andronicus was panting, sweating and had literally just busted his nut but that single touch made him hard again.

"Someone's excited again." Iasonas grinned, his hand trying to go higher on that supple, smooth thigh.

Andronicus giggled and playfully slapped the hand away with Iasonas pouting. "I'm tired…maybe tomorrow…want to sleep on the mattress or on the floor?"

"It ain't a sleepover if we don't sleep together." Iasonas grinned.

Happily tucked under the sheets, his arms hugging Andronicus, Iasonas dozed off within seconds.

"Maybe…it won't happen again, maybe my life will be better here…" Andronicus was lost in his thoughts, the other boy's warm body against his felt so incredibly right, so good it lullabied him to sleep.

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