Brave Lake Manor

by AB

Chapter 3: Increasingly Hot… Weather

June had left them, or they had left it behind, and now July was bathing them in its increasingly warmer rays, but for all the warmth and surprisingly warm weather, Ryan seemed to be getting sadder as Jason observed one day when they sat on the loungers by the pool. Sebastian was on his other side, his legs propped on either side of the lounger trying to soak as much sunlight as possible before Mother Nature decided to weep instead and rain down on them cats and dogs as was the usual even during the summer. He had relaxed completely, almost melting into the metal and plastic lounger, his hands behind his head and his breathing almost rhythmic and slow. The warm sun acted as a lullaby.

Christian was exploring the forest, excited as he was about every different species of insect, lizard, bird and tree that his eyes could see, his hands could touch, his nose could smell and his ears could hear. Malthe was in the library reading as he sat next to Peter who also read his current book, dropping the occasional glance towards the boy, smiling at his concentration and his sort of pouted lips and brows as he apparently tried to learn French all on his own. The book was not an easy one at all. It was one of Voltaire's books in nineteenth century French while on his right hand was an English-French dictionary and in front of them both was his nexus seven pad so he could search any words the dictionary did not have. Due to the book being in French of antiquity with many a word changed, altered, or no longer in use and on his left hand was his textpad for whatever notes he scribed in there. One of Malthe's qualities that Christian seemed not to have was his ambidextrous use of his hands.

"It's a good thing I had the guy who came to install the satellite TV also install signal enhancers throughout the Manor," Peter thought as he got back to his book, "The shadow line" by Joseph Conrad.

Back in the pool, Jason could no longer stand to see his friend sad and not know why.

"Ryan…why are you sad…if you don't mind me asking?" Always the proper boy, Jason asked apprehensively.

Ryan looked away across the pool and then back to his friend's face.

"I don't mind you asking, Jason. You and Sebastian are my best mates. You can ask me anything you want. I guess…it's a few things…about a week ago, the internet got connected, I've been able to access it with my smartphone, and Ben, my friend from the city has either not been coming online, or hasn't been talking to me…and the one time I got to chat with him he told me that he had to cancel the visit we had originally planned because he found a girlfriend and to boot it all, Johanna has changed the last week or so…she nearly never wants to come over to the Manor or the Village. Wants me to always go there or the mall, and even when we're in the mall, we just have to always see the movies she wants or she will barely kiss me otherwise…much less…you know…anything else…it's all pissing me off, really!" he said in a mixture of sadness and irritation.

Jason got up from his lounger, sat next to Ryan and hugged him, rubbing his back to comfort him.

"Screw him! Ben's an ass and not worth your sorrow or happiness! Me and Jason are your best mates now, and we'll never treat you like that, okay?!"

Ryan pulled back and smiled "Okay," he said.

"Sooooo….how far did you go with Johanna?" Jason asked him playfully, tickling his ribs while giggling.

Ryan laughed and giggled, tickling him back, but did not answer. Soon they were wrestling, breaking Sebastian's relaxation as he tilted his head to see what was happening, and very soon after that, they found themselves falling in the pool's cold water.

When their heads came out of the water's surface they continued to splash and tickle until their hands were lower, much lower and wrapped around each other's flesh daggers.

Their giggles faded, their smiles remaining behind as they looked into each other's eyes and started stroking each other slowly through their speedos. Ryan moaned in an almost whimper-like sound when Jason pressed his hand under the speedo and gave his hard package a squeeze.

"Not bad!" Jason said in a fit of giggles, unable to believe that he was actually doing something so naughty with his friend.

They both giggled and moaned at the same time.

Sebastian watched them but did not join them, lost in his thoughts of increasing despair.

Ryan moaned at a squeeze by Jason's stroking hand and pressed his hand under the rubber material of Jason's speedo, trailing downwards until he found what he was searching for.

He wrapped his hand around Jason's flesh flute and pulling back his foreskin, he toyed with Jason's glans, rubbing his fingers on the piss slit and in circles around the head.

Jason shivered and moaned at the incredible feelings coursing through his body.

Ryan smiled and poked his tongue out playfully at his friend, but did not expect Jason's reaction as the boy dashed forward and kissed him, opening his mouth as if on instinct, pushing his tongue inside Ryan's lips and past his teeth into the wetness inside.

Their hands began moving faster up and down - Ryan's hand on Jason's hip, Jason's hand on Ryan's chest; their mouths kissing deeply on and on until Ryan moaned and breaking the kiss to breathe, he fired his boy milk in Jason's stroking hand.

His knees felt like jelly and he had to steady himself by placing his head on Jason's neck, his hand on the teen's hip holding it tight and as a result his hand squeezed Jason's boydick tighter than Jason's self-restraint could withstand. Tilting his head back, his eyes closed and his hips made fucking motions on Ryan's hand, shooting his sperm in the pool's cool water.

They crossed their hands on the pool's edge, resting their heads on them to catch their breaths.

"Soooo….how far did you go with Johanna?" Jason asked him when they caught their breaths.

Sebastian's head pivoted at the question to watch his cousin and friend.

"I…would rather not say. I don't want to have rumours spreading…," Ryan replied hesitantly.

"Come on, Ryan, we are best mates! We're not going to say anything to anyone!"

"Yeah, come on, spill it!" Sebastian added, jumping in the pool.

Ryan shook his head, "Okay, okay already! Well…we've been…well she's been sucking me ever since the second date…five days ago…we…uhm…you know…had sex…," Ryan said, blushing a deep shade of crimson.

Sebastian tried to smile but stayed silent. Jason's eyes had bulged out, his jaw opened as he giggled uncontrollably.

Ryan looked at him with a raised brow, giggling himself. "What?" he asked, shrugging his shoulders.

"You're no longer a virgin!!" Jason answered grinning and giggling.

Ryan turned his eyes to Sebastian and looked at Sebastian knowingly. Sebastian couldn't help but giggle.

"Hey?! What's going on? Why are you two looking at each other like that?"

Ryan shrugged his shoulder laughing until Jason tickled him. "Okay! Well we've sort of been sucking each other since we met…"

His eyes grew as large as serving platters. "Why haven't I been included in this…game?" Jason tried to act angry but he couldn't help himself giggling further.

"Eeeewww!! We're cousins you dork!"

"Eeeww yourself!! I have no blood relations with Ryan you shit!"

Ryan grinned mischievously and dived underwater. Before Jason could understand what was going on, his speedo had been tugged down to his thighs and his morsel was in Ryan's mouth.

Jason whimpered, making Sebastian laugh knowing exactly how good it felt receiving a blowjob.

"Fuck!! This feels good!" Jason exclaimed just as Ryan came up for air.

"Sit on the edge of the pool!" he told Jason who obeyed instantly. Ryan stood in front of him, licking his lips, grinning widely. He pulled at Jason's speedos until they were on his knees and pressed with his hands until Jason got the point and opened his legs giving him greater access.

Ryan grasped Jason's boy gun in his hand and gave it a couple of strokes before he bent forward licking the purple helmet-like glans in circles before taking it all in his mouth.

"Uuughhhmmmm!!!" Jason whimpered arching his back, his hands shot by instinct on Ryan's head, trying to hold him in place.

Sebastian had sat next to Jason and was watching it unfold as he subconsciously jerked off his 4 inch noodle through his speedo.

Ryan was sucking Jason's boytoy, squeezing the tight ball sack with one hand as the other caressed his best friend's abs and torso, making him moan louder every time he toyed with his firm and now very erect nipples.

Jason had never felt this good before in his life, the sensations coming from his nipples were exquisite and were only matched and out-classed by the ones coming from his beef whistle.

Goosebumps shuddered through his body making him shiver and see stars.

Just when he thought that it could not get any better, Ryan took the whole thing in his mouth and the moans coming from his vocal chords vibrated his already sensitive boy-gun. With a loud moan he pushed his pelvis forward almost falling off the tiles into the water and unleashed a torrent of sperm in his friend's sucking mouth. Jason saw it all, stars, galaxies, many different universes as he arched his back falling backwards from the most intense orgasm of his life so far, panting and heaving, his hands now on his sides.

Ryan swallowed it all and dived underwater before coming up and sitting between the two cousins.

"That! Was! BLEEDING BRILLIANT, RYAN!!!" Jason almost screamed as he sat properly and hugged his best friend, a huge goofy post-orgasmic grin on his face covering almost from one ear to the other.

Ryan hugged him back, "Well…there's something else as well that has been…troubling me the last couple of days…but I'm not sure why…I hadn't thought about it for some time…it's been…I mean…" he sighed surrendering to the fact that he didn't know how to tell them. Jason provided the rescue.

"It has to do with your father dying, doesn't it?" He asked softly, looking at his friend.

"Yes, how do y…?" Ryan started asking with tears bottling up in his eyes, but Jason interrupted him.

"You're feeling guilty because you no longer feel any pain from him dying, aren't you? You think that by…no longer feeling grief so intense as at first, you are somehow forgetting him or betraying him, don't you?" Jason asked him compassionately rubbing his back, like he already knew the answer.

"Y…yeah…yes…" Tears now streaked down his cheeks, his face hung low.

Both Jason and Sebastian hugged him close and tight.

"Don't feel guilty, Ryan. It is a natural progression of grief, it is normal and in many ways good. Your father wouldn't want you to be sad forever. He would want you to enjoy life, be happy, create a life…a family of your own one day. He wouldn't want you kept in the past by memories and things you cannot change and had no part in doing." Jason whispered to his ear, himself crying softly. Ryan understood how he knew, how he could understand him like so. He had probably felt much the same when his mother died and his father left them, although he still did not know why or how any of that had happened.

They stayed like that for a while, until the heat was too much and they jumped back in the water to cool off.

A set of eyes had been watching them the whole time since Ryan first dived underwater, now their owner, a shadow behind a short tree with lush leaves, turned around and entered the house.

As July progressed into its second half, the repairs on the marble columns and floors finished and the temperatures soared even higher making the boys spend almost every waking hour by the pool or lake trying to cool off, the Manor built without an air conditioning unit offering little to no comfort from the blistering heat.

A few days later, he, Jason, Sebastian and the twins were swimming in the lake to cool off after helping with painting the walls, and the crew with the repairs and changes in any faulty plumbing and electrical circuits. He was sunbathing while this good weather lasted, while the others were swimming and splashing in the murky water. Even Malthe was splashing around, having Sebastian throw him off his shoulders for dives, giggling and screaming in joy and excitement. It was true that while his overall behaviour had not changed, smaller, less noticeable things had changed since they had left the city.

Back in the city, he never talked to anyone outside the family, except his teachers at school and only when demanded that he did, usually lost in his writing numbers and designs that no one seemed to understand. Now he talked to Jason and Sebastian as well and he had talked some with Enora, whereas he had never talked to Johanna. It was not that he was talking as much as the rest of them. That had not changed, but at least some, few times he did, either answering a question or asking something, whereas in the past he would only point to what he wanted and wait until it was given to him. Now he did both.

Christian, on the other side, had picked up one of Malthe's habits, as he now seemed to sketch on a sketchpad, but unlike his brother he drew not complex designs and numbers but insects and anything and everything from the animal kingdom he had access to, such as insects, small mammals and birds from the forest. He had also started to, at Malthe's and the servants' great dismay, bring home insects to dissect and make more sketches of their anatomy, their behaviour and their habitat.

For now, Christian was trying in vain to tickle Sebastian while Malthe was playing and splashing a bit closer to the shore with Jason.

"Give it up, Christian! There's no way you can tickle me when I can see you!" Sebastian teased him, his affection to the younger boy growing by the day. Christian's infectious laughter and warm smile made him smile as well, but of late, he could not control himself when near him. He wanted to always hug him, kiss his cheeks and tickle him. He could attribute those feelings to thinking Christian as the younger brother he never had but always wanted, but when he caught himself ogling at the kid's crotch or thinking how smooth his cheek was or how he loved touching Christian in order to hug him or tickle him, he would always feel such intense guilt after, such fear that he might do something to hurt the brother of his new and true best friend.

Christian lunged at Sebastian, breaking him away from his thoughts trying to part the older boys' hands to gain access to his ribs. Sebastian countered him, grabbed both his hands in one hand, turned him round and proceeded to tickling his tummy with his other hand, trailing ever lower until he stopped himself just below Christian's belly button and above his something less than one inch boy noodle, his very erect something less than one inch boy noodle.

Christian let out a barely audible whimper when Sebastian stopped descending and looked back at Sebastian with a mischievous grin on his face.

He turned round and hugged Sebastian causing a torrent of different and opposite feelings and emotions to flood the older boy's mind, like a flood that overwhelms a dam until it breaks.

They hugged each other tight. "It feels good like this!" Christian whispered as he purred like a kitten in Sebastian's embrace.

Sebastian cleared his throat, "I…uhmm…yes I…it feels good to hug you Christian…let's…let's go outside and play some football Chris?" Sebastian tried to let Christian down but the boy had his legs wrapped around Sebastian's waist and hands around his neck and would not let go no matter how Sebastian tried to untangle himself from Christian.

They stayed like that for some time. "C...Christian? What are you doing?!" Sebastian asked terrified when Christian snaked one of his hands lower until it was pressed between their two bodies and up against Sebastian's growing drum stick.

Sebastian's eyes grew so large that it made Christian think he was from some sort of Japanese manga where, in hyperbole, the eyes not only go out of their sockets but almost become larger than the owner's head. At any rate, it made Christian giggle at the thought and Sebastian's facial expression.

"CHRISTIAN!!" Sebastian almost screamed but kept his voice down, looking around to see if anyone had seen or even more dreadfully seen. "Christian, what do you think you're doing?! Stop it at once!"

Christian ignored him, giggling and continued to rub Sebastian's meat-stick, now very erect from Christian's slow ministrations.

"Ch…Christian please stop!" Sebastian whimpered and tried to remove the boy's hand from his dick but to his horror not only he did not succeed, but a now hard breathing Christian tugged at his speedo and in his hand went, now stroking him with his hand actually wrapped around his teen rod. Sebastian gasped and took a fast and sharp intake of breath closing his eyes.

Christian was stroking his hard-on with great proficiency.

"A product of all the fooling around he has done with his twin brother," Sebastian thought, trying to get his mind from the incredible sensations he was receiving.

"Please…s…stop. Someone will see us!!" Had it been Jason or Ryan, he wouldn't have mind but Christian was so young and he didn't want either his cousin or his best friend thinking he was taking advantage of the young boy for his own sexual gratification. But all such thought perished quite fast when Christian nuzzled his head in his neck and rubbed his thumb over his purple mushroom head and piss slit. He thrust on the boy's hand, feeling the much smaller speedo-covered prick on the other side against his as well.

The others were completely oblivious though, well almost everyone. Ryan was half-asleep lying on his stomach under the hot sun so that his back could bake as well, and Jason was busy throwing Malthe up in the air, making the youngster laugh and scream at the vertigo, the attention and the fun he was receiving. If Ryan had seen them he would have been quite astonished at Jason being able to lift Malthe onto his shoulders and then eject him skywards before gravity would take over pulling the little boy back down towards the water.

With one final moan and a thrust, Sebastian came in Christian's jerking hand, flooding the lake water with his boy-seed.

Christian giggled and removed his hand, giving the dazed from his post-orgasmic high Sebastian a peck on the lips and left to join Ryan on the shore. "That was fun," he whispered in Sebastian's ear before he left.

Sebastian was at a loss for words as he came down from his high and giving his now sensitive digit a squeeze, he raised his speedo up and above his package. He had never before been so confused in his life. He had never felt so good before. Not even Ryan's mouth could make him feel so good, but on the other hand, now that he had his sanity back, he felt such strong guilt that he didn't stop this and allowed it to continue, and, to boot, his girlfriend had never even come close to making him feel like this, not that she had tried. She had only stroked him once or twice, never wanting to do more than that, but the way Ryan made him feel whenever he sucked him, and now Christian's hand-job.

He was ready to go to tears when he sighed and dived underwater, giving off a scream of frustration that no one heard, the water absorbing it in its murky confines.

Christian lay next to Ryan giving him a hug.

"Hey Chris, having fun?" Ryan asked him coming out of his half-asleep stupor, smiling at the younger boy. "Looks like you're getting a nice tan, bro!"

"Sure do Ry! So hot, and I usually walk around the forest shirtless, too hot to do so otherwise!" Christian said, pushing his little chest outwards as if to emphasize and boast his tan grinning from ear to ear.

Ryan tousled his hair and propped up to his hands.

"So what do you want to do, Chris?"

"THROW ME IN THE WATER!!" Christian nearly screamed in excitement.

Ryan chuckled at the young boy's enthusiasm and got up, dusting off the sand and crumbled pebbles from his speedo and skin.

They went in the water and Ryan started splashing around and throwing Christian in the water from his shoulders, making the little guy scream and laugh.

They played around in and out of the water and ended up playing football, two against two with Sebastian as a goalie for the longest of time until Sebastian suggested they go back to the Manor and sit on the loungers. Christian looked a tad bit disappointed at first, but then grinned and exclaimed that he would just go to his pond in the forest and explore some more.

They gathered their things and started walking towards the sand and rock path with Cedrus trees on its left and right that led to the Manor when they heard voices coming their way.

At first they sounded far off and unrecognisable but then Ryan made out one of the voices.

"What is he doing here? This is private property," he thought and walked back towards the lake. The others followed him.

Ryan sighed when he saw who it was. "What do you want here Terry? This part of the lake is private property. Please just go back beyond that hill where it's part of the Brave Lake natural reserve and is public land," he said, the older teen looking irritated; there was another boy with him who he had not seen before.

Terry laughed as if having heard the best joke and made his day. "The lake is available to all, little boy! You can't stop me from accessing public land, you shit!" he sniggered and tried to walk past Ryan.

The other boy stood a few meters behind but said nothing and didn't look amused at Terry's retorts. He looked exercised with a nice six pack forming on his belly and abs and had broad shoulders and arms that conveyed strength. As far as Ryan could see, he had no hair on his body except a treasure line below his belly button and some arm pit hair. He had short flame red hair that was kept at ear length and an elongated, almost egg-shaped head. Under different circumstances, he could be thought of as cute and he seemed equally interested on Ryan and Sebastian and Jason as they were on him. Ryan looked back at the irritation named Terry.

Ryan stood in front of him, blocking his way. "No it's not available to all, Terry, not this part of the lake. According to the deeds of ownership of the Estate from that hill to the west to the sandy beach to the east is part of the Estate and private property and you're trespassing. Now just go back mate," he said, increasingly pissed off at him.

"Come on, Terry don't be an arse, let's just go back to wayward beach behind the hill," the other boy said, turning to leave.

Terry snapped his head at him. "Don't be such a pussy Uriel. We're staying and there's nothing this little shit can do!" he said, angered at Uriel's sudden desertion.

"Christian, Malthe go fetch Peter please. Jason, call the police and tell them that Terry is trespassing on private property," Ryan said calmly, not taking his eyes off Terry. Christian turned and ran towards the estate but Malthe didn't move from where he was standing, looking at the unraveling incident and everyone involved. Jason started rummaging through his backpack for his mobile phone.

"You're such a fucking asshole Terry! Fuck you, I never wanted to be friends with you anyways. I've had it with you! I'm sorry…Ryan isn't it? I didn't know about this part of the lake being private property," Uriel said and started walking back towards the hill. Terry looked enraged at him and then back at Ryan.

Jason found his phone and started pressing with his index finger on the touch screen, dialing a number.

Ryan had the same defensive-aggressive stance with his hands on his sides as he did on the smoothie place that first day.

Terry moved his hand dismissively. "This shit ain't worth my time!" he said angrily and started walking back towards the hill.

"What a colossal jerk!" Ryan said and turned to Jason, Malthe and Sebastian who had moved to his side to provide backup if Terry had decided to attack Ryan.

Ryan smiled and passed a hand on Sebastian's shoulders, giving him quick squeeze to convey his thanks and affection.

Jason closed his mobile's screen, throwing it back in his backpack and Malthe ran to Ryan and hugged him.

They started walking in the Cedrus path, the Cedrus leaves giving off a melancholic scent as if begging them to stay amongst them a little while longer and share the sunshine.

Peter appeared walking towards them with Christian following behind him. "Are you guys okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, it was just that jerk Terry, but he left without much fuss," Ryan said but decided not to mention Uriel's presence. The teen had, after all, said he was sorry and denounced his "friendship" to Terry on the spot, so Ryan felt there was no need to involve him in this. He didn't look like a bad person or a jerk to Ryan's eyes, and he always had a knack on judging a character.

"I might have to call Terry's parents and talk to them if this harassment and hustle continues," Peter said calmly.

"Well his mother anyways. His father left them when Terry was only five. Jack is more of a father to him than anyone else in the village," Jason said with a sad tone in his voice.

"I can take care of myself!" Ryan said defensively, as if Peter had challenged his "manhood" or his ability to protect himself and/or his brothers and friends.

"I never said otherwise, but much like either of our parents would have said and done should they have been present at a situation like this one, I must act like a parent from now on, Ry. I am not trying or wanting to undermine your skills or abilities or…manhood, but I have to act before things get out of hand if I deem that they are about to get out of hand."

"He's just an ordinary bully, Peter. I doubt he'll do much more than curse, swear and threaten me or us, and if he does, then I know what to do."

"And what if he decides to spring a knife at you or actually apply what he knows of karate? Yes, your abilities are excellent and will only increase, but do not ever underestimate anyone, Ryan. Do that and it will be your downfall. Anyone's downfall. Always be ready to fight and die if you go into a fight. Are you ready to do that?"

"Uhhh…no…but it will never come to that," Ryan said, suddenly unsure if he could do what Peter was suggesting. "I think I would…could die for one I care about…but it will not come to that with this idiot."

"Despair is a bad advisor and an even worse enemy. Do not underestimate anyone, Ryan…and never get into a fight if you're not sure. It will end badly for you."

"What has despair got to do with Terry?" Sebastian asked.

"I do not know what goes through his mind, Sebastian, but usually bullies are like that because they feel insecure, threatened or afraid, or even in despair, much like a small dog will bark at larger dog but the larger dog will completely ignore it. I do not know why Terry is a bully or why he behaves like he does, but if one was to understand his motives and his thoughts, one would usually find insecurity, threat to him, fear or even despair at the core of it. That, however, does not mean that I or anyone else should have to suffer a bully, any bully, and I will bring down an ending to it if I have to, but if Terry is understood, he can be made to stop or even change to a friend…before it is too late to change," Peter said, leaving them deep in thought.

They started walking towards the Manor, but Malthe grabbed hold of Jason's wrist and held him back a few paces from the others.

He tugged on his hand until Jason got the point and kneeled in front of him, looking at him quizzically but affectionately.

Malthe bent forward until his lips were by Jason's ears and whispered to him.

Jason looked at him but said nothing. Malthe shrugged his shoulders and started walking.

"So, what happened with Johanna? Why did you two break up?" Jason asked Ryan. They were lying on the loungers, Malthe playing inside the pool, diving and coming back up again while Christian had left for the forest.

Ryan looked at him, shrugging his shoulders. "I don't know, mate. Girls are weird! She said she liked hanging out with me and…well…you know…but she would make no compromises. She did not want to come to Brave Lake Village or the Manor, always wanting me to go to her village or the mall and then she would only want to watch movies she liked, never what I liked…and she broke up with me when I said enough is enough and that I was the only one making compromises…whatever…"

"Sooo…have any new girlfriends?" Sebastian asked.

Ryan chuckled, "No, mate, we three have been together most of the time. You'd know if I did, but I'm not complaining…I mean I'm only thirteen right? And before coming here I only had my hand to pleasure me…and well Ben's hand as well…I've had more action the past month than all of my previous life combined, so I'm good!" Ryan said, smiling.

"Well we can always have fun together Ryan!" Sebastian said impulsively, and the moment the words left his mouth, he blushed a deep shade of crimson and turned his head in embarrassment.

Ryan blushed as well and shrugged his shoulders, "I wouldn't mind to… play some later," he said.

Malthe watched the exchange and then went in the Manor as he said to have a shower and then he had an idea to write down on his pad.

Sometime later, Mr. Giles opened the large glass doors and walked towards them. "Ryan, Mr. Jarrow would like you to shower and get ready to head out to town as soon as possible," he told them before heading back in.

"Okay, Darren, we'll get on it right away," Ryan answered the man, smiling.

Jason washed first and Ryan got in the shower with Sebastian to save on time, oblivious at that moment his own words for later on play.

Ryan turned round so that Sebastian could soap him up. "Want to have some fun now ba…Ryan?" Sebastian whispered in a husky voice in his ear, making him whimper when he felt his friend's hand wrap around his joystick giving it a playful tug.

Ryan moaned when he felt himself being stroked slowly by one of his best friends. He groaned in disappointment when seconds later, Sebastian stopped his ministrations and turned him round again, kissing his lips and then lower and lower, paying extra attention to his nipples and belly button and lower until he had Ryan's flesh-tube in his mouth sucking it, licking the mushroom-like head, his hands on Ryan's soft butt cheeks pulling him and pushing him in and out of his sucking mouth.

Ryan moaned louder, his hands on Sebastian's head gripping tightly to steady himself as his overwhelmed-by-all-the-pleasure-signals brain was starting to have difficulty processing anything else, making his legs shake and his breathing faster and faster. Sebastian sucked on his ball sack, taking each of them in his mouth before returning to Ryan's hard-as-nail dick and sucking it faster, bobbing his head up and down, savouring both the taste and the boy-smell coming from his friend which was becoming intoxicating to him, causing him mixed feelings of equal measure and intensity.

Not minutes later Ryan heaved, moaning and groaning as he held on to Sebastian's head and shoved his now firing gun as deep inside Sebastian's mouth as he possibly could.

He was still in his post-orgasmic high when there was a knock on the bathroom door. "Hurry up you two, we need to get going!" Peter yelled from outside.

It took them both by such a surprise that Ryan almost fell in the tub. Sebastian steadied him as they both fell into a fit of giggles.

"Yes we're coming, hold your horses!" Ryan yelled back, both of them now laughing hard.

They rinsed and dried off and got out and Jason stared at their expressions. Peter wasn't in the room. Ryan poked his tongue out and tried to jump him and start tickling him but with one look between them, the cousins teamed up and soon they were rolling on the floor, Ryan overpowered, laughing and kicking.

"Enough! Enough! I yield you cheating buggers!" Ryan told them, freeing his hands from Sebastian's grip.

When they were all dressed, they descended the now repaired stairs of wood, metal and marble down to the living room where Peter waited for them with the twins next to him on either side.

"Why do you need us to come with you to town?"

"I want you to help me select our new dojo. I don't intend on not doing aikido now that we're here."

Ryan smiled, "Okay, sure," he said.

"I will help as well! I got great taste!" Christian quipped, looking up at Peter and grinning. Peter chuckled and ruffled his hair.

The drive to town was a short one. "I've marked the location of an already existing karate dojo in town. We'll visit that one first and go from there," Peter said as he parked the car and they got out.

Ryan remembered Terry's words the very first day he met him. "…I am the karate regional champion…" He looked at Peter, unsure of this. "I don't know if that's a good idea, Terry goes to this dojo."

They left Jason and Sebastian at the diner. Maria and Peter shared a kiss that had the five boys giggling in seconds. "So we're on for tomorrow night baby?" Peter asked her, smiling broadly and feeling content to be in her arms.

"Yes, at eight babe?" She said, blushing at being so open in front of her younger brother, his friend, his cousin and the few customers that were in the diner at the time, but she did like Peter. He was so different from everyone else in town and anyone else she had met so far. He made her feel safe, secure and happy. He was gentle, loving, funny and intelligent if only a bit withdrawn, but he was opening up to her slowly and she didn't mind the wait.

"Yes, I'll pick you up and we'll drive."

"If you would only tell me where we're going!"

"If I told you it would not be a surprise, now would it?" Peter said, an arm round her waist. He kissed her again, a simpler peck on the lips this time.

She giggled and kissed him back. "Where are you three off to?" she asked.

"Well I'm searching for a place to either host my aikido dojo or rent a place to start my own," he answered her back, giving her one more peck on the lips before saying their farewells as they left.

They entered the karate dojo. Peter saw one of the students there and asked him for the owner or sensei. The man didn't even bother speaking and just pointed at a door in the back. Ryan thought he was rather rude even if he didn't speak. Peter knocked on the office door.

"Yes, who the hell is it?" a voice asked from the other side of the door. It reminded Ryan one of those voices Hollywood gangster movies have, like the vocal chords have been damaged or something.

He saw Peter frown as he opened the door. The man, a tall, muscular man with grey hair, stood behind it. He was wearing his white training clothes with a black belt around them. Ryan thought he looked like a bulldog and just as ugly. He looked to be in his mid-forties.

"Hello, sir, my name's Peter Jarrow. I wanted to discuss with you if I could use your dojo to teach aikido. I will be paying my due on the rent of course," Peter said as politely as he could as he extended his hand.

The man didn't say anything at first as he sized up Peter with his eyes. He didn't shake Peter's hand.

"Aikido? You mean that sissy "martial arts" that one doesn't want to hurt the opponent? Well I don't usually allow for such weakness around my dojo but if you're willing to pay up a portion of the rent, we can discuss it. My name's Jack Graham, national winner four years in a row a few years back," he said and Ryan could instantly tell that Peter disliked him already and if Terry was in this dojo, he had taken after the man's bullish behaviour. His estimate of Jack being a bulldog, he thought, was accurate so far.

"I see. Could we watch your training session, Jack sensei?" he said calmly.

"Yes, you can, but make no noise and do not disturb us. If you sit to watch, you will have to wait until we are finished to leave," Jack told them.

Ryan spotted Terry and the other teenager from earlier in the day, although they did not appear to be talking to each other. In fact Uriel went to great lengths to be as far away from Terry as possible.

When Uriel saw him, he smiled and waved at him. Ryan reciprocated, but ignored Terry's venomous stare completely.

They sat in some chairs and Jack started the warm up. The moment the warm up finished, he could almost instantly tell there was no way Peter would remain here either to watch or to use the place as his dojo. Jack was insulting and intimidating to his students, especially to the teenagers. His methods were very forceful and hurtful to both body and mind. In fact, only Terry, another teen and an older man looked to be enjoying it at all. Uriel looked really sad and unhappy.

"Come on boys, get up, we're leaving," he whispered to Ryan and got up.

"Where the hell do you think you're going? I told you no one leaves until the session is over!" Jack barked at them, looking really angry as if Peter was directly challenging his authority by leaving before training's end.

"We live in a free country, Mr. Graham, and I really do not like your way of teaching as well as your philosophy. I will not be housed in the same dojo as you," Peter replied calmly but with ferocity in his eyes.

"This is the only fucking way to teach these boys! Any boys! To make men out of them and make them competitive and strong," Jack continued to yell, his face red with anger.

"Judo is not about being better than anyone else. It is only about being better today than you were yesterday. Intimidating, forcing and abusing one's students is never an acceptable practice even in a competitive sport like Karate. One can gain more by giving the carrot than with the stick. As I said, I will not be housed in the same dojo with someone who teaches this way."

Jack tried to grab him by his shoulder, but in a flash of a move, Peter pivoted around him in complete three hundred and sixty degree turn and grabbed him by his neck, one hand round Jack's neck, the other one holding it from behind as well as applying pressure to it. The next instant, he jumped off the ground and wrapped his legs round Jack's waist pulling him to the ground.

"As I said Mr. Graham, we're leaving and just because in Aikido we try and desire not to harm our opponent does not mean that we cannot or are unable to if we have to," he told him loud enough to be heard as Jack struggled to release himself from the strangle hold Peter had on him. Peter turned them round so that Jack faced the floor and got up releasing him. They left.

No one had dared move against him, not even the adults. Peter's face was calm as always, but for the first time Ryan had seen something…else under it, as if he was looking at the calm water but under it there was a great white shark waiting to jump out of the water. It made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

He had never before felt afraid of Peter and he hoped that he never would again.

For the next few hours, they went from property to property trying to find one that suited the dojo's needs. Most did not have high enough ceilings and that meant that they would not be able to train in the Bokken and Jo, the staff and wooden sword. Some did not have enough room for a large enough training area and/or locker rooms.

"Hmmm…looks like this is the last of the property being rented at the moment in the Village. If this doesn't work out we will have to go searching in one of the other villages," Peter said, looking at the building.

"Well, it used to be a gym until it closed down a few years ago. It's been unused ever since then," Ryan said as they walked in past the door, the owner of the place was waiting for them.

"Hello, Mr. Jarrow, I presume?" he asked, smiling and extending his hand.

They smiled back.

"Yes, Mr. Pembroke, and these are my brothers, Ryan, Christian and Malthe."

"Hello there, gents! How are you today?" he asked, looking at the boys.

"Fine, thank you, sir," Ryan said smiling.

"I'm Christian. That one, the uglier one, is Malthe!" Christian quipped, giggling.

"We are identical, silly!" Malthe said rolling his eyes, taking what Christian said literally and not in the sarcastic, teasing mood that it was told.

"I know, silly, but that always makes you speak!" Christian said back, poking his tongue out at his identical counterpart. Malthe rolled his eyes again and poked Christian's ribs.

"Boys…behave," Peter said, chuckling.

Mr. Pembroke chuckled as well and opened the inner entrance door. "Well, this is the place. This is the main workout area, or at least it used to be. It has two changing rooms for men and women, and a small room with windows all round. The main workout room had a high ceiling and was large enough a space.

"This place is cool! Large enough room, high ceiling, two locker rooms, and the smaller room can be used as an office," Ryan said, looking around.

"Yes, I agree. We'll rent it, Mr. Pembroke." Peter negotiated the price and then they shook hands. "Oh, if I may ask for a favour Mr. Pembroke, please do not tell anyone in town about this yet, I would like the opening to be a surprise."

"Yes, of course, Mr. Jarrow," the owner said and held the door open for them. "I will drop by the lease contract tomorrow at the Manor, Mr. Jarrow."

"Thank you."

"You don't want any trouble from Jack, do you? He seems to have some influence in this Village because everyone's afraid of him, right?" Ryan asked him as they walked to the diner.

"Yes, at least until the contract is signed and he can do nothing about it. I don't want him learning of this. I am not afraid of him, but he could intimidate or threaten the owner as I'm sure he did to close down the previous gym that used to work there," Peter replied.

"Hello, guys, babe!" Maria said smiling widely.

"Hello, Maria, Jason, Sebastian!" Ryan bumped knuckles with his friends.

"Did you find a location?" Sebastian asked.

Peter looked around to see if anyone was close enough to listen in. The tables near them were empty.

"Yes, and I rented it, but I don't want any of the four of you to tell anyone until the dojo opens. I don't want the…wrong people hearing about it and causing us problems," Peter said looking at them all.

"Sure thing, Peter," Jason said, nodding his head at Peter affirmatively.

"Yes, sir," Sebastian replied. Maria nodded her head and caressed his hand.

They ate and then Peter left with Christian, but Malthe stayed behind.

"It's still early, what do you guys want to do?" Ryan asked.

"We could go biking on the trails in the Estate forest?" Sebastian suggested. Ryan nodded his head. Jason and Malthe shrugged their shoulders. They each gave Maria a kiss and left.

They rode and circled around in the forest trails for a few hours, laughing and chasing each other, exploring the forest then they came upon a stream of running water and they followed it upstream to a small pond with a waterfall feeding it. The pond looked crystal clear and the water so inviting.

"It's so bleeding hot! How about we go skinny dipping in the pond?" Ryan asked them, grinning mischievously.

"Y…yeah sure!" Sebastian answered. Jason shrugged his shoulders but grinned as well. Malthe said nothing but started removing his t-shirt before they started undressing. Then they were as naked as the day they were born. They stared at each other, giggling nervously and then ran to the water, splashing and playing around in the clear water.

When the sun started descending and they started shivering as it got colder, they went outside to dry up but Ryan had plans in his mind.

He held Sebastian's wrist in his hand and walked them to some tall bushes a few meters away from the pond. Jason and Malthe sat on the ground with Jason trying to start a conversation. If he wasn't about to go all naughty with Sebastian, Ryan would have laughed so hard he would be clutching at his belly.

Ryan grinned widely and kneeled in front of Sebastian, the bushes covering them completely from un-searching prying eyes.

"I owe you a blowjob from earlier," he said and before anyone could say anything, he was on his knees and had Sebastian's knob in his mouth licking it with his tongue, bathing it all over with his warmth and saliva. It didn't take long for Sebastian to start moaning and bucking his hips, trying to get his very loaded and erect boy-gun as far inside Ryan's sucking, warm, wet mouth as he could.

Ryan smiled round Sebastian's hardened nail and kneaded his hands on his friend's soft but muscular buttocks, all the biking having exercised his gluts and thighs.

Ryan got an idea in his devilish mind. He stopped sucking Sebastian's boydick for a few seconds, eliciting a very annoyed groan from Sebastian. Ryan giggled and licked his index finger and resumed sucking Sebastian's pecker. Seconds later, Sebastian felt something probing on his puckered anus. His eyes shot open in surprise but he knew he did not mind. He trusted Ryan and as his finger entered to the first knuckle he understood that he liked it despite the initial spike of pain and discomfort.

Ryan sucked him faster, playing with his sperm sack with his free hand now fingering him fully and faster with each inward thrust, twisting it round as if he was trying to find something in there, but for the love of life or money, Sebastian could not understand what that was, but his thoughts were sharply interrupted as Ryan found what he was searching for and the tip of his finger rubbed against it while sucking at his tasty sperm firing machine.

Sebastian's whole existence was rocked in the most intense, unbelievable, soul tearing orgasm in his life so far. He bit his lips to stifle the loud moans and groans that would otherwise have escaped his mouth, his hands on Ryan's head, suddenly on his curbed toes, his legs quivering from the intense pleasure overwhelming his brain.

Ryan swallowed the sweet boy nectar and smacked his lips when Sebastian's lollipop popped out of his mouth. He removed his finger from Sebastian's rectum eliciting a moan from Sebastian as he suddenly and for the first time in his life he felt…empty down there, confusing him even more. But he knew one thing for sure. He loved what had just happened which confused him even more, but for now, his post-orgasmic high did not allow for much conscious thought.

Sebastian's legs wobbled as Ryan lowered him to the ground and kissed him, sharing his own cum with him.

"You taste good for a boy!" Ryan teased him playfully, breaking the kiss.

"Ummgmmm…" Sebastian mumbled, moaning as he pulled him back in, kissing him more.

Ryan chuckled and pulled back, "Come on, we need to get back!" he said and got up. He helped Sebastian up and they walked back to Malthe and Jason. Malthe was writing something at his textpad whereas Jason was looking at the pond, having abandoned the effort to strike a conversation with Malthe.

"It's getting dark. We should go back," Ryan said as he put on his clothes. They got dressed and started biking back towards the Manor.

"You're back!" Christian yelled when he saw them drop their bikes on the road and climb up the stairs. He hugged his brothers and then went to hug Sebastian but at the last moment he started tickling his ribs. They ended up sort of wrestling trying to grab each other's hands while trying to tickle each other. As expected, Sebastian easily "won" that wrestling attempt and held his hands behind his back with one hand and tickled him with the other until the boy was on hysterical laughter, nearly falling on the marble floor. He stopped and helped Christian up. Christian grinned broadly at him and gave him a kiss on his cheek after hugging him close.

"Christian, you should really have a shower. You look like you were in a battle with the ground and lost!" Ryan told him, chuckling. Christian was covered with mud and soil from head to toe. The angelic boy giggled and shrugged his shoulders, making Malthe's eyes roll again with a faint smirk on his lips.

Sebastian couldn't help but notice his little melon like orbs jiggle as he climbed the stairs. He couldn't believe that they were making him hard, that a boy and one so young to boot was making him hard. He felt such guilt with all of this, and with Christian being Ryan's younger brother even if not biologically so, here he was having those thoughts and urges for his best friend's younger brother.

"What's wrong? You look sad," Ryan asked him, rubbing his shoulder.

Sebastian tried to smile, "Oh…eh nothing, I'm okay really," he tried to sound convincing.

"Okay, I guess. Want to have a shower with me?" Ryan asked him.

"Uhm…no it's okay I'll have one after." Sebastian really didn't want to fool around at the moment and felt even more confused afterwards; he needed to think alone for some time.

"I'll join you if you want?" Jason said, looking at Ryan with a mixture of hope, playfulness and lust.

Ryan shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sure!"

Sebastian saw them running upstairs as he headed outside lost in his thoughts. He paced back and forth between the loungers and the pool's edge, unable to make heads or tails with his feelings new and old.

Malthe observed him from behind the glass doors for some time. He scribbled some notes on his textpad and left for his room.

In Ryan's bathroom, Jason was rubbing and soaping Ryan's front, his torso and abs. He took a nipple in his thumb and index finger and toyed with it along with the steaming water, making Ryan moan. He twisted it a bit on the rough side which made Ryan's eyes shoot wide open.

"Hey! You twerp, that hurt!" Ryan complained, giggling but then Jason kneeled in front of him, biting his lower lip.

"I…uhm…want to…you know…give this a try…" Jason said and gave a hesitant lick on Ryan's purplish helmet. He obviously didn't find the taste bad. He smiled and wrapped his blood red lips around Ryan's hardening spike. It was an awkward start but Jason soon caught up swallowing more and more of Ryan's hotdog down his gullet.

Ryan moaned softly and grabbed hold of Jason's fritz dark blond hair and just held on as his eyes closed and started moving his hips back and forth slowly fucking Jason's mouth. Jason was at the same time bobbing his head back and forth slowly but going faster. Both their breathing was getting faster and shorter. Jason's hand had snaked to his horn between his legs and was stroking it.

"This feels nice!" Jason stated, taking Ryan's testicles in his mouth, bathing them with warm saliva. Ryan whimpered and moaned. Jason went back to Ryan's digit, swallowing it whole in one go as he was dazed by lust. He gagged some until, by instinct, he swallowed. He bobbed faster, holding a soft, pillowy butt-cheek in each hand, pulling his friend to him and wanting to devour him.

Ryan felt Jason's tongue go over his piss slit and then in it, pulling it open slightly and, with a groan, he exploded in Jason's warm mouth. Jason was taken aback from the volume of cum that was ejected from Ryan's boytool but then pressed his lips against it firmly and sucked it all down although some trickled down his chin.

Ryan giggled in his orgasmic high and breathed heavily, "You look so fucking sexy with cum on your face Jason!" he said, giggling. Jason whipped it up with his tongue and poked it out at him.

Meanwhile, the twins had finished their bath and were lying on Malthe's bed in a sixty nine position sucking each other's identical wee-wees, rolling on the bed, humming and moaning in pleasure, holding each other's perky, bubble buttocks in their hands.

"Ughhmmm!!!" Christian groaned when he felt Malthe enter a finger slowly inside him, his eyes shot open in surprise before closing them again.

"Where did you learn that?" he asked Malthe before going back to the toy rubbing on his lips, swallowing it inside his mouth smiling at the new pleasures coursing through his body like electric shocks.

"I saw Ryan do it to Sebastian, looked like Sebastian enjoyed it," Malthe answered and returned back to Christian's hard nail.

Malthe started slowly pulling and pushing his finger from and in Christian's firm butt. Christian moaned from the new pleasures he was receiving but also giggled mischievously and pressed his fingers between Malthe's butt-crack and then one inside the pink, puckered hole.

Malthe gave a squeal but did not stop sucking, or fingering Christian's cute butt.

They sucked and fingered, going faster and faster, moving their hips back and forth moaning and breathing erratically, sweating and clutching at the bed sheet, hips and thighs with their free hands until, with a final thrust and muffled moans, they had their dry orgasms and lay next to each other hugging and cuddling.

"Something the matter, Sebastian?" Peter asked him from behind as he lay on one of the loungers.

He turned his head and rose his back from the lounger. "Uhmm…no sir…uhm Peter…just had things I needed to think," he said, rubbing his hands together now feeling the night's cold.

"How is that going? Reached any conclusions to your existential thoughts?" he asked, smiling warmly. It would seem that every boy goes through that phase and thinking process, he thought, as he held the glass doors open. "Why don't you come in before I have to explain you getting the cold to your parents?" he asked teasingly.

"Ehh…no, no conclusions just yet, but getting there…I think," Sebastian answered him, also smiling as he got up from the lounger and got back inside.

Ryan was on his knees in the bathtub, his hands on his friend's abs and tummy roaming it gently, feeling the smooth developing muscles under his hands, as he sucked Jason's snorkel equipment lathering it up with saliva, his tongue traversing from head to hilt making Jason feel like he was swimming in pleasure.

One hand came down from his abs to his smooth, firm buns caressing them, squeezing them. Jason moaned, his head tilted back, breathing in and out with short, sharp breaths.

"Ooww!" Jason squealed, feeling Ryan push a finger in his tight rectum door deeper and deeper slowly, the vapors and hot running water acting as a lube.

Jason held on tighter to Ryan's head as primal desire and instinct guiding his actions as he started moving his hips back and forth faster, impaling himself deeper in Ryan's licking and sucking mouth and on Ryan's invading finger. Then, in one glorious moment, Ryan's finger fucking inside him, twisting inside him found what it was looking for as if with a mind of its own. It found it and rubbed on it for a few seconds. Jason pushed back on it, craving more of that super intense feeling he had just felt.

Not a few intense seconds later with a loud moan Jason was spilling his life giving seed down Ryan's mouth. He sat down in the bathtub next to Ryan.

"Fuck! That was intense and amazing and awesome!!!" he said in nearly one breath from the excitement. "What was that? What did you do down there?" he asked, amazed at how it had felt.

"Well, I stuck a finger inside you and fingered you with it until I found your prostate and rubbed it until you cummed. Liked it?"

Jason hugged him all emotional and kissed his cheek, "If I liked it?? I bloody loved it!!" he nearly yelled in his state of post-orgasmic, excited and joyful high.

Ryan chuckled and hugged him back.

They dried each other and put on their pajamas, as they were getting ready to sleep under the bed sheets Jason saw Sebastian.

"Should we wake him up so we can all sleep together?" Jason asked, nodding towards Sebastian who was sleeping alone in a sleeping bag.

Ryan thought for a second before nodding no, "No…I think he is thinking some things through, we'll have plenty more sleepovers in any of our houses, not just during the summer but after as well, let him sleep," he whispered, explaining the reasoning behind his decision.

Jason nodded, turning off the bed-side lamp. They were asleep seconds after, due to all the physical exertion they had during the day and all that had happened in general.

A few blissful, playful days full of biking, swimming, sunbathing, fooling around and helping with what they could with the repairs in the Manor, the three of them were in town. They ordered a smoothie each from Joey, regulars by now like most of the kids and teenagers in town. They were waiting by the counter, having paid, for Joey to prepare their smoothies when Ryan heard the door open and close and looked at it, pivoting around to see out of curiosity who had entered.

Time froze, as if everything and everyone stood still. The cutest, most beautiful girl Ryan had ever seen walked towards Joey in the slowest of slow motions smiling…at him? Had she noticed him?

She was about his height close to one hundred and fifty five centimeters. She was, of course, slimmer, leaner than him, but with certain parts beginning to develop from a girl's body to a woman's body as puberty had started to kick in for her as well. Her breasts were starting to form outwards from the early girl's flat torso and her legs looked so delicate, at least the parts he could see below her skirt. She had a face that was close to the golden ratio, nice sparkling big light blue eyes, rosy cheeks with some light pimples, pink-red full lips that just begged to be kissed softly, her nose and ears were just right for her face, neither too big nor too small and dark brunette straw like hair that came down to her shoulders and completed her complexion.

She made a sound that sounded like a giggle as she stood in front of him. It broke his trance like state as he smiled back at her.

"Hello, I am Ryan Jarrow, what's your name?" he asked her simply. There was no need for theatrics or lame pickup lines even if they were only teenagers.

She smiled, biting her lower lip. "I'm Enora Harrington, I'm pleased to meet you," she said in a voice that sounded like running water from a crystal clear forest spring. She smelled like flowers and early spring just out of the thaw, fresh and new.

"Do you want to all sit together?" she asked in the same voice that made Ryan smile goofily.

"Yeah, sure," Ryan answered. She ordered a smoothie and after picking them up, they all sat down at a table outside, enjoying the warm weather. She sat right next to him.

"How've you been, Jason? Sebastian?" she asked them.

"You know each other?" Ryan asked, taking a sip from his cranberry, honey and saffron smoothie.

"Yeah, sure. We're in the same class. I guess you'll be with us come September," Jason answered. "Enora was the only one, up until recently that was even talking to me…you know, since my mother died and dad left…" he said, smiling. Ryan could see the pang of guilt in Sebastian's face even if for only a second.

Ryan couldn't stop staring at Enora and, each time, his heart would start to race as she talked with Jason and Sebastian.

"So, you live here in the village? My brothers and I just came here about a month and a few weeks ago. We live in Black Lake Manor," Ryan offered, hoping she lived in the Village.

"Yes, my father actually owns the smoothie place!! Oh that must be such a brilliant place to live? I'd love to see it! It's sort of a legend around here! Oh you two must have seen it? Is it as beautiful as they say?!"

Ryan just loved how her voice sounded, how her lips moved and looked all glistening and lush.

"Oh, you have absolutely no idea, Enora! It is amazing, but not nearly as amazing as the Jarrows!" Jason said really fast and then blushed after realising what he had just said. Ryan smiled and squeezed his shoulder.

"Yeah…I'm getting that, Ryan looks…cool!" Enora said, giggling and blushing.

"Well Joey makes brilliant smoothies as well! It's an amazing place and he is great!" Ryan said.

"What do you like to do…you know for fun?" Ryan asked her, leaning forward closer to her.

"Well…I love to sing in the choir, watching movies, listening to music, Facebook…how about you, Ry?" she asked, grinning.

Ryan frowned for a second. No one except his brothers called him that, but coming from her lips, he didn't mind.

They continued to talk, Enora finding Aikido "interesting" in a fit of giggles until they finished their smoothies and Enora had to go.

"It was so nice meeting you, Ry, Jason, nice seeing you again," she said as she got up from her chair.

"I was thinking…want to go out with me?" Ryan asked her with a confident yet easy going and relaxed demeanor.

She rubbed her neck giggling. She looked around the table until she raised her brows, grabbed a paper napkin and got a pen from her backpack and wrote her number on it giving it to Ryan.

"I'll call you," he said, grinning broadly. She smiled back and left.

Jason giggled and Sebastian rolled his eyes.

"What? She's…cute and funny and intelligent…and well…I like her," Ryan said, going red like a beetroot.

Jason giggled, grinning, "So what shall we do now?"

"Well we could go say hi to your sister? Grab something light to eat?" Ryan suggested, getting up.

They walked to the diner and as they were ready to enter, Ryan saw the owner of the diner mistreating Maria. His reaction was instant as his hand automatically found his mobile phone.

As Ryan talked to Peter, Jason entered the diner to intervene but she saw him and raised a hand stopping him in his tracks. The diner owner continued to scream obscenities and unfairness at her, before he left for the kitchen. It was not ten minutes later that Peter arrived, double parking the car outside. He entered the diner looking angry but calm.

"Peter! What are you…oh…Ryan…no look, it's okay…it's alright!" she tried to stop him, but he kissed her cheek and went in the kitchen.

"No, it is not okay, this ends here and now sweetheart," he said, smiling at her.

He came out with the owner, walking slowly, holding him firmly by his shoulder. The owner looked to be in distress and pain. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt with an apron on top so his shoulders were unclothed. Peter must have been holding him in a vice like grip since the skin had lost all colour and looked pale in comparison to the rest of his body.

"You will never speak to Maria rudely again, and you will never mistreat my girlfriend again. I know that you will adhere to your better nature, or I will have to adhere to my less pleasant one. Am I understood, sir?" Peter spoke calmly but with finality and a hidden menace in his voice. The man gulped and shook his head that he understood.

"Good man." Peter let him go and patted his back as if they were the best of friends. The man left for the kitchen again in a hurry looking like a wet cat.

He turned to Maria and smiled. She was biting her lower lip, blushing and looking really happy, holding her hands in front of her and interlocking her fingers together.

"So, I'm your girlfriend then, am I?" she asked, grinning.

"I would think so…certainly hope so, baby!" he hugged her, kissing her softly. "Are we still on for Wednesday night?" he asked her in a whisper.

"Yes…and I have a surprise for you, baby!" she whispered back to him.

He smiled, holding her close to him and looking straight into her eyes. "I love surprises when they come from such attractive women!"

"Oh…? And you see a lot of women here in the village? Should I be worried?" she asked teasingly, grinning mischievously.

"…no…" he stuttered back at her, before seeing her smile. He chuckled, shaking his head in disbelief. "You little vixen! Come here you!" he said, bringing her even closer, kissing her deeply, passionately.

He let her go, his hand lingering on her hand a few seconds more.

"Ryan, the tatami and other requirements have been installed at the dojo. I just placed announcements of when the first practice is throughout the village and I'm about to spread more in the nearby villages as well. First practice is day after tomorrow, and if we have enough children I want you to handle the children's classes. It will be good for you to start teaching even if you are still a teenager," he told Ryan.

"I…I don't think I can do that, Peter. I mean I've never taught anyone before," Ryan answered hesitantly.

Peter chuckled good-naturedly. "You've been training in Aikido since you were almost six. You are now thirteen, almost fourteen. You can teach a bunch of six to twelve year olds that have never done anything like this before the very basics of Aikido. The lessons won't have so much techniques and actual Aikido as much as learning the proper stances, teaching them reflexes, awareness and teaching their bodies how to develop through the exercise, train their motor functions, and agility so you'll do just fine. It wasn't all that long ago when you were that age, you should remember some of it and I'll show you the rest," He said as they all sat down at a table by the window.

"I guess you're right," Ryan replied, feeling now surer of his potential teaching abilities from Peter's assurance towards him.

"What if Jack or Terry decide to harass you or the dojo? Or start harassing the students?" Jason asked, looking at Peter.

"They won't. They may be bullies and jackasses, but they are not stupid as that would be illegal, especially the harassing the students part or try and vandalize the dojo. Bullies are essentially craven dogs that go for the weaker targets to feel better of themselves, decrease their own insecurities by pointing out any and all weaknesses of others and gain some sadistic pleasure from the pain and suffering they inflict to their victims. Stand up to them, ignore them, show them that you are not as weak as they originally thought, fight if you must and they go away towards other weaker targets. But! If they do decide to do something like that…well they'll sorely discover what I am capable of doing to protect those I love and care about, my students and my livelihood. They do not want that, I can assure you, Jason, and they know it. If they don't know it or comprehend it, then I'll teach them," Peter said in a calm voice but again Ryan heard that…primal creature stirring beneath the calm, but without as of yet disturbing the mirror-like water's surface, lying in wait for it to be unleashed.

"I guess that makes sense…but Terry is actually trained in martial arts…" Sebastian pointed out.

"Terry may be an exception to the "fight them if you must" part Sebastian, unless you've got equal or greater training, but most, if not all bullies, are not like him, nor do they have those skills. But all bullies rely on their victims feeling powerless against them, feeling like they can't possibly defend against them or push them away or feel like, if they even attempt to, they will be humiliated further or struck down or that the bullies are more intelligent than them and so on. They are neither of those things. They are craven dogs that prey on the weak, and even if you can't defend against them solo, one can find strength in numbers. It is all a mind game that the bullies succeed in knowingly or not, oppressing their victims so that their victims do not realize that they can actually push back metaphorically or literally and put an end to the abuse.

"In most cases, without any kind of violence, but hey, if you need to punch a bully for the abuse to stop, then do it. Then if it goes to the principal's office explain to him/her and your parents what happened and why you did what you did and if your father has half a set of balls he'll make absolutely sure nothing happens to you," Peter replied making a break to drink some water before continuing.

"If someone bullied my son and my son asked me what to do I would tell him to first try and talk to the bully, tell him that what he's doing is not okay and he must stop at once. If that would not work, I would advise him to pay that bully with his own coin and play the bully's insecurities against him. If that did not work, I would tell my son that every time the bully tries to do anything to call the teacher, tell someone and if for whatever reason either of that did not stop the bullying or the bully decided to escalate the violence from verbal and psychological to physical. I would advise my son to punch him a real good one across the face or kick his balls with everything he's got.

"If that brought my son to the principal's office and I was called in to be reprimanded for my son's behavior. I would give them such a hell on how and why their behaviour is completely unprofessional and harmful to my son, and how he was only protecting himself from the bully since obviously their staff were completely inadequate to perform their duties and protect my son that I have entrusted to them to educate and protect from harm. That they would reconsider, and if that didn't work. I would escalate to threaten them with a nice lawsuit and media coverage on how the school failed to perform their duties and how my son is being threatened with expulsion because he protected himself from a bully who had escalated from verbal abuse to physical abuse and trust me. They would not want that. No school, public or private, would want that kind of publicity and public scandal," Peter finished talking and started eating his burger and fries.

Ryan felt such level of brotherly love, pride and assurance that Peter was his brother that he smiled as warm a smile as he could towards Peter.

Jason and Sebastian were deep in thoughts of what Peter had told them.

They talked and ate until their plates were empty and their bellies full. Peter paid the bill and after saying his goodbyes to everyone, he left.

"Wanna come to my place and play some video games, guys?" Sebastian asked, hopeful of the answer.

"Sure, I got nothing else to do until day after tomorrow I guess…" Ryan answered, shrugging his shoulders.

"Sure, but I won't be able to stay for a sleepover though," Jason said as they started walking towards Sebastian's home.

It was a fun afternoon playing video games, seeing a movie and messing about, wrestling and talking until they heard the door open and close.

"Oh, mom should be here, or dad," Sebastian said and got up to greet his parent.

Jason and Ryan followed him to the living room. There were, in fact, both his parents who had come back from work at the same time.

"Hello, Mom, Dad!"

"Hello honey, oh how are you, Jason? And you must be Ryan whom we have heard so much about!" Sebastian's mom said, hugging him. She was a tall woman who looked like a spitting image of Sebastian's facial structure and hair, whereas his father must have given him his body structure and eyes.

"Hello, Aunt Miriam, Uncle Oliver! I am fine, thank you!" Jason replied, hugging his Aunt.

"Pleased to meet you, Mrs. and Mr. Tommas. Yes, I'm Ryan…I hope you've only heard good things!" Ryan said, looking teasingly at Sebastian.

"Only good things, and thank you for taking care of that awful boy, Terry, the other day. He had been pestering our nephew for far too long," Mrs. Tommas said.

"I do not like bullies," Ryan said simply, shrugging his shoulders. Jason grinned and hugged him.

"Jason, Ryan, will you be staying for dinner?" Sebastian's mom asked.

"Thank you aunty, but sis is waiting for me back home. She's making her famous roast with baked potatoes!! Can't miss that one, can I?!" Jason said, smiling.

"Ah yes! The famous roast of my beloved niece!" Mr. Tommas said, chuckling.

"I'll ask my brother if I can stay for dinner and a sleepover if that's okay with you, ma'am?" Ryan said politely.

"Yes, sweetheart, that's perfectly okay. I'm glad my boys have found such a polite and good friend," Sebastian's mother told him and left for the kitchen. Ryan blushed and thanked the woman.

They went back to Sebastian's room and Ryan called Peter who told him it was okay with him to spend the night at Sebastian's. He asked to talk with Sebastian's parents to thank them and they talked for a while, and told them that once the repairs at the Manor finished he would have them over for a day of swimming at the pool and dinner. Mrs. Tommas said that it would be lovely. They continued to talk for some more time before they said their goodbyes and she handed the phone to Ryan.

Soon it was dinner time with Mrs. Tommas having prepared baked pasta with red sauce, and green salad.

They ate and talked. Sebastian's parents, as Ryan found out, were warm and approachable, kind and funny and they loved their son and cousins beyond measure.

Ryan and Sebastian helped clean the table and then went to Sebastian's room where Sebastian locked the door and, looking at his friend with a wicked grin, shed his clothes, all of them, and hugging him close, he planted his lips on Ryan's moist ones, kissing him deeply, his hands raising Ryan's shirt, removing it over his head, unbuttoning, groping his friend's bulge, hardening it under his touch.

Ryan moaned and cupped Sebastian's cheeks in his hands, bringing him closer, kissing him deeper, enjoying the stimulation between their tongues, the grinding of their now naked bodies, Sebastian's squeezing hand around his growing custard launcher. They moaned heavily in each other's mouth.

Sebastian moved lower, brushing his lips over Ryan's neck as he went lower, taking each nipple in his mouth, his hands on Ryan's hips, on his buttocks, stroking him, their needs, their urges driven by teenage hormones on overdrive.

Ryan gasped, taking in a rasp intake of air when he felt his boy-missile launch into Sebastian's warm and very wet mouth, his back arched as an electric wave of pleasure hit his brain like a lightning strike, making his eyes close and his mouth slightly open in an "O" shape. His hands held onto the duvet for dear life as his breathing shortened, became heavy and rugged and his brain was overwhelmed by wave after wave of pleasure.

"Fuck! Sebastian has gotten good at this!" he thought as moans soft or rugged escaped past his lips in an uncontrolled torrent.

"Se…Sebastian I…I… am cummm….uuunnggghhhh!!!" Ryan groaned and unleashed his thickening thirteen year old custard in Sebastian's willing, suckling mouth. Sebastian moaned and held Ryan's hips, steadying him, sealing his lips round the juicy ejaculating digit as he swallowed all of Ryan's offerings.

Ryan was heaving and panting, droplets of sweat ran down his temples with his eyes still closed and with a silly post-orgasmic grin on his lips.

He felt moist lips on his, kissing him, parting his lips as liquid filled his mouth. He hugged Sebastian closer to him and kissed him back.

"That was brilliant!!!" Ryan said in between kisses.

Sebastian smiled and straddled Ryan's chest.

He grinned and held on to Ryan's head from his hair. Ryan poked his tongue out at him and took a lick at his exposed glans.

"Guessing you want me to suck on this?" Ryan teased him as he breathed on the purple, bulbous head. Sebastian shivered and felt the goose bumps on his tummy and hands.

"You think? You fucking tease!!" Sebastian squealed and shoved his hips forward.

Ryan giggled and opened his mouth, welcoming the tasty morsel inside his mouth. Sebastian fucked his mouth slowly and relished the feelings he was receiving from his friend. Ryan bobbed his head back and forth, flipping his tongue over the head, under the shaft, round the corona, everywhere his tongue could reach.

It didn't take long for Sebastian to moan, arching his back as he released his teenage load in Ryan's gullet.

"Fuck! That was…I…I…lo…that was brilliant!" Sebastian said, collapsing next to Ryan. They soon were sound asleep.

Morning came. After eating breakfast, Ryan called Enora.

"Hi, I'm Ryan from yesterday…yes, of course. I said I would call…well I'm not like him, he sounds like an arse. Yeah, I had fun yesterday as well…well we used to live in the city but then…well my father died and with my mom dead while giving birth to me, Peter decided to bring us all here for a new start…thanks, it's okay…well, Peter is my older brother, and I have two younger brothers Malthe and Christian who are twins…well no we have no common biological parents but my dad remarried to their mother and she already had them so when they…died Lucinda their mother had arranged for Peter to become their legal guardian. And we love them as if they were actually our brothers, you'll love them…well yes of course what time should I pick you up?...Okay great I'll be there then!! Bye!" Sebastian looked gloomy while Ryan talked on the phone but smiled fast when Ryan turned his head with a goofy grin on his face.

Something though had begun to churn inside him, a force unseen that propelled him into action that he would have otherwise swallowed. "So do you really like her, or do you just want to fuck her cherry pussy?" he asked with bitterness in his voice that he tried to masquerade as teaseness.

Ryan raised a brow but just shrugged his shoulders deciding not to reply as he would have if he didn't know Sebastian as he did, "I don't know…I just know that I've never felt the way I feel about her for anyone else before in my life."

Sebastian snorted with a sarcastic laugh, "How can you possibly say that? You've only had one girlfriend so far and lots of fooling around with boys? For all you know you could be gay or it could be that you break up with her in a week if you become an item in the first place!"

Ryan was getting progressively irritated by Sebastian's change in mood.

"I don't know but from the first moment I saw her in the smoothie place…I knew…I knew I wanted…want to marry her one day," he said, biting his lower lip and smiling even more goofily than before.

Sebastian nearly doubled over laughing, "Come on! Really? You are far too bleeding young to know that! You'll probably meet and fuck a score of girls before you decide to finally marry one."

"FUCK YOU!! You are supposed to be my friend! Not ridicule and humiliate my feelings! Yes I might not end up with her but how dare you fucking talk to me like that!?"

Sebastian was taken aback from Ryan's uncharacteristically angry answer.

"I…I'm sorry, Ryan…I didn't mean to hurt your feelings…or insult you."

Ryan hugged him. "It's okay, Sebastian. We're cool!" he said. Sebastian hugged him back but his mood did not get any better throughout the rest of the day, although he did not show it.

"You sure you can't stay a little while longer?" Sebastian asked with almost puppy eyes.

"Yeah, I have to go pick up Enora, but we'll talk tomorrow, okays?" Ryan was grinning ear to ear and his heart was already thundering in his chest.

"Yeah, sure…have fun, mate," Sebastian said, clearly disappointed even though he hid it well from Ryan.

They bumped knuckles and Ryan left saying goodbye to Sebastian's parents.

He rode to Enora's house as fast as he could. He rang the bell and her father answered the door.

"Hello, Ryan, how are you? She'll be down in a second," Joey said, shaking his hand firmly.

"Hello, sir, I'm well, how are you?" Ryan said, trying to smile besides his nervousness, reciprocating Joey's hand-shaking firmness.

"So you like my daughter, do you?" the man asked, trying his hardest not to burst out laughing.

Ryan's eyes dilated from the surprise. "Ehhh…yes, sir…a lot…I want to marry her!" he said unable to stop himself saying what he said before he said it. When he realised what he had said, he blushed a thousand shades of crimson.

Joey could not hold it in as he burst out laughing. "Don't tell my daughter that on the first date, will you? She'll run for the hills.

Ryan mumbled something like "yes sir!" and turned even more crimson if humanly possible.

Then a giggle behind them informed them that Enora had come down from her bedroom. Her father stepped out of the way and she hugged him goodbye. Ryan gulped down, his heart caught in his throat, beating faster than ever. She was wearing her hair caught up high sort of knotted together with a Japanese style pin going through them; she wore a sleeveless powder blue dress that came down just above her knees and her tennis shoes, a golden heart-shaped locket around her pale neck. In contrast to her pale complexion, her cheeks were rosy and her lips blood red, her blue eyes sparkled with life and energy.

"H…hi…you look beautiful!" he told her, smiling. She blushed and kissed his cheek making him blush an even deeper shade of red than from telling her that she looked beautiful in front of her father who chuckled.

"Okay guys, have fun and have her back by eleven or it's the last time you two go out, okay?"

"Yes, sir," he said, nodding his head.

"Bye, Daddy!" she said in a mocking expatiated voice. He climbed onto his bike and she sat in front of him on the saddle.

He started pedaling. "Where are we going?" she asked him in her innocent girl's voice. It sounded like the best melody in the world to his ears.

He was already feeling such a jumble. It was as if a whole pack of butterflies had settled in his stomach and there was a constant tingling in his abdomen and chest; his heart was as if wanting to set a world record of "fast beating". His lips pulsed with blood, his throat felt dry and achy and he could hear his own heart beat within his ears and he could not stop smiling, well, grinning goofily constantly as well as a constant lightheadedness. It was all very disorienting and strange and he never wanted it to stop.

"I…ehh…it's a surprise."

She giggled, sending more electrical signals of bliss to his already overwhelmed brain.

They talked as he pedaled. Her smile and giggles being infectious to him.

They arrived at one of the passages into the Estate forest that used to be blocked by Mr. Williams, and now Peter had opened. He biked them through one of the forest paths until they arrived above a cliff's edge that oversaw the lake and forest below, the Manor in the near distance, the mountain rising on the west and the agricultural lands spanning the east and south, and the village was behind them. The sun had begun its descent that would eventually hide it behind the mountain and the lake to the west.

"Ohhh, it's soo beautiful up here! Oohhhh look a bunny!!! Ohhh it's so cute!!" she said holding her hands together in front of her neck and then pointing at the bunny jumping up and down, excited.

Ryan giggled at her reactions and picked up some greenery from the ground extending it outwards and kneeled. The animals must have never really been hunted in the Estate grounds because they were all very trusting of humans. Soon, the bunny came slowly near him a few steps, stopped, looked and wrinkled its nose, then repeated the process until it started eating the greenery out of his hand. He grabbed it under its front and then hind legs and extended it to Enora who ran to him and planted a kiss on his cheek before taking it from him and started to pet it, cooing to it, giggling.

They sat near the cliff's edge and talked and giggled and exchanged information and experiences and memories. She told him that her mother had died on child birth like his, and opened the heart-shaped locket to reveal a picture of her mother and father inside each of the locket doors and one in the back of the locket with her parents together on their marriage day looking all happy and smiling wide. At some point, Ryan bent backwards, propping against his hands, and touched her hand with his on the edges of her fingers. She did not remove it which caused him to swell with even more happiness than before.

It seemed like they could go on talking for hours, but the sun had long since started disappearing behind the mountain's peak. They headed back to town and he dropped her off at her house, although he really wanted and wished he could spend every waking and sleeping hour with her.

She got off the bike's saddle and gave him a kiss on his cheek, hugging him.

"Thanks, I had a great time!!" she told him, giggling and went inside her house. It took him a few moments to recover even from that simple kiss on the cheek and the colour in his face to return to normal because for now it was as red as magma.

As he was riding back home, Ryan could think of nothing else other than Enora. It consumed his thoughts and he just could not stop grinning goofily.

He arrived at the Manor. Malthe was sitting outside, by the entrance door steps as he was writing something in his textpad.

"What are you grinning about all alone, Ry?" Malthe asked, getting up.

Ryan grinned wider and shrugged, giving Malthe a hug and a kiss on his nose. He picked Malthe up on his lap, stood up and walked in the door.

Peter was lying on the couch with Christian nearly on top of him, both of them sleeping. Peter had a story book in one hand and the other was wrapped around Christian's shoulders.

Ryan set Malthe down and retrieved his phone; changing the setting to not-flash as he took a picture of them. He smiled and shook Peter's shoulder gently.

Peter opened his eyes and smiled. "Looks like I needed the sleep as much as Chris, eh?"

"Or you needed the story," Ryan chuckled.

Peter, moving very gently as to not wake up the sleeping angel, got up and walked up the stairs with Christian's face on his shoulder.

Ryan took Malthe by the hand and walked up to blissful Enora-filled dream sleep.

"Come on, guys, hurry up! I don't want us late on the first day the dojo is to be open," Peter yelled for them from downstairs.

"The first practice is in two hours!!" Ryan yelled back while pulling on his jeans and stuffing his GI, the traditional white clothes worn in martial arts, in a duffle bag, along with a small face towel that he had inside the top part of the GI so that he could remove the excess sweat, and a larger towel for afterwards so he could shower up in the locker rooms, along with a shampoo and body lotion.

All three of them descended the stairs and ate breakfast with Peter, then off they were.

Half an hour after they had arrived at the new dojo, the first people started to arrive. Jason and Sebastian, of course, with Maria, had come earlier to help with what preparations needed doing.

Peter had divided the workout area into two segments especially for this day. In one of the two segments, a table was set with some chips and finger food with soft drinks and chairs for those that Peter knew would like to watch once before they committed to starting as well as whatever family members and townsfolk wanted to see something different but had no intention of starting. The other segment was the tatami, the traditional style mats used for martial arts, for the first training.

Ryan and Peter already wore their GIs and Peter wore the hakama, an additional black or deep blue coloured garment worn by the teacher(s) of the dojo and those students that the examining body think have mastered Aikido enough to deserve to wear it.

For this first day, Peter had arranged for his and Ryan's sensei to come from the city, and Peter had booked him in one of the hotels in the village for the day, so he could have dinner with him in the Manor in the evening and leave the next morning.

Jason was wearing sweatpants as he wanted to start, having seen small samples from Ryan and Peter over the days and he thought he would like it. Sebastian wasn't interested in martial arts.

Twenty minutes before the start of the training, Peter welcomed them all and thanked them for coming, and started talking with whoever had come.

Jason spotted the teenager who had been with Terry the other day at the lake and told Ryan and Sebastian. He walked over to them.

"Hi, I'm Uriel Timmy Hastings. I'm sorry for the other day. I really didn't know that it was part of the Estate. It's a beautiful part of the lake," he said, introducing himself, and Ryan could tell that he was being honest about being sorry.

"How can we know that you're not here to spy on us for Terry and Jack?" Jason asked, folding his hands in front of his chest defensively.

Malthe was standing nearby taking it all in, listening to all, and saw how Timmy and Sebastian would check each other out trying to be as covert as possible. "Well, at least they are covert enough so that they don't know they're checking each other out," Malthe thought.

"No bleeding way!! I left Jack's dojo the day after that…incident at the lake, I told him that I was sick and tired of both their bullshit. I no longer hang out with Terry, either. Neither Jack nor Terry were happy, let me tell you! I was staying at Jack's dojo because I love martial arts and there was nothing else nearby, but I always hated Jack for his attitude and teaching methods, and I don't know…there's something about him besides that, that's…creepy."

"It's okay, Jason, Timmy, everyone's welcome here and Peter is nothing like Jackass Jack!" Ryan said placing a hand on his best friend's shoulder and extending the other towards Timmy. They bumped knuckles and now they too were checking out each other like all boys do the first time they meet one another, sort of primal need to verify that they are in fact the better male around.

"Everyone? Even Jack and Terry?" Jason asked with a smirk.

"Well almost everyone…" Ryan concluded. All four of them laughed, and Timmy bumped knuckles with Jason and Sebastian.

"Yes, I know Peter's different, I saw him handle Jack the other day. That's when I knew I liked him…you know as a possible sensei and as a person and all…" he said, quickly adding a reason as to what he meant by liking Peter.

Peter came towards them and Ryan introduced him to Timmy.

"Well, you better go change, mate; practice is about to start soon," Peter told him, "Jason you're starting as well?"

"Yes, Peter."

"Good, good. We'll start soon, then."

Minutes later Timmy came out and Peter clasped his hands together to get everyone's attention.

"Everyone! Thank you for coming to the opening of the "Aikikai dojo". We will be operating under the Aikikai Federation as an official dojo recognized by the Federation and I would like to thank Laurence Sensei for being able to attend our opening. He is the man who taught me everything I know and him being able to be here means a lot to me and Ryan as this will be our joint venture."

"Now, before we start, a few rules. In this dojo, I will accept no intimidation, no ridicule from anyone to anyone, not in the tatami, not in the locker rooms, no bad-natured teasing, psychological or physical abuse of any kind and if you come from Jack's dojo…forget anything and everything you've been taught. Start anew or get out now. This is a place for Budo and self-improvement through cooperation with the other pupils of the dojo. You are not here to be better than anyone else, only better than you were yesterday. In Aikido there are no championships or tournaments or medals, only you and the demons you chose to carry. For those of you who wish to observe before you decide, please keep silent during the training and if you wish to take pictures, please disable the flash so that you do not distract those in training."

Peter drew a breath and continued talking. He told everyone what he needed to say about before, during and after each training session and then about conduct in and out of the tatami for everyone that will choose to sign in as a member of the dojo.

He walked into the tatami and the people who wanted to start training walked in after him. Peter sat seiza on the tatami, the traditional Japanese padded mat used in martial arts so that people will not fall on concrete or wood. He taught them about the greetings before and after the training and then started the warm up. For the next hour and a half he conducted the first training session.

Just as Ryan had finished showering, his mobile started ringing.

"Hullo Enora…yes I had a great time as well last night…couldn't stop thinking about…it…yeah sure I'd love to, which movie were you thinking about going to see?...oh that's cool, haven't seen that one! Well, I'm at the dojo now…yeah first training session…that's okay I understand, your dad needed help at the smoothie place…nope, I'm all done, I've had my shower here at the dojo…yeah I'd love that, we can hang out at the smoothie place…great, I'll see you there then!" He terminated the call and started getting dressed, fast, oblivious to Timmy checking him out, licking his lips and giving his now jeans-covered package a squeeze.

It did not go unnoticed by Malthe, though, who had come in the locker rooms to go to the toilet as nature called.

"Hey, want to have a sleepover with Jason and all of us at my place tonight?" Sebastian asked him when he came out of the locker rooms with Jason.

"Sorry, mate, have a date with Enora. We're going to watch a movie at the mall."

Sebastian's smile faded fast but he tried not to show it. Jason poked his ribs giggling. Ryan laughed and they bumped knuckles before he left for the smoothie place.

"Can you drive us to the mall with Enora?" Ryan asked his older brother.

"Sorry, Ry, I have to get back to the Manor with the twins, but I'll call and get Mr. Cox to drive you two over there."

"Oh, okay, cool, we'll be at the smoothie place for an hour or two."

"Okay, I'll tell him to go there and pick you up." Ryan waved off his friends and brothers and left.

Ryan didn't even understand where the time went as he drank his smoothie and talked with Enora. It seemed like that whenever he was with her time flew faster than a Peregrine Falcon in pursuit of food.

Mr. Cox came to pick them up and Ryan held the door open for Enora. She giggled and grinned broadly giving him a kiss on the cheek, and he didn't mind one bit about being in public or relatively in front of her father.

They were waiting for their movie to start, soft drinks and tickets in hand when he saw Johanna with another boy. She tried kissing her new boyfriend, probably to make him jealous but he just laughed and ignored her, looking at Enora's face, giving her a kiss on the cheek and she beamed a smile back at him and held on to his elbow with both hands.

When their movie was over they ate at a sushi place. Enora had never before had it and she declared that she loved it.

All throughout the ride back, she rested her head on his shoulder. He did not mind the silence. He knew that it was not a product of malice or bitterness but of peace and bliss that needed no words to be expressed.

A week later, and Ryan spoke every day with Enora, and texted just as much if not more, their friendship having fully developed into a romantic relationship even as of yet without even a simple peck on the lips, much less anything more than that, Enora limiting their kisses to their respective cheeks. Ryan didn't mind all that much since he really liked Enora and didn't want to do anything to jeopardize them being together, boyfriend and girlfriend. Her simple touch of holding his hand in hers made him feel all warm inside, his heart racing, and his throat dry every single time without fail. And when she hugged him it lit up the night sky with his smile.

He had truly never felt like this for another person before.

Now one of the final days of July was upon them and Ryan was at Sebastian's house with Jason for a sleepover. They had eaten dinner and were playing in Sebastian's room. Like usual their games had transitioned from video games and talking to a more…physical game. Jason had already had a sixty nine with Ryan cumming in each other's mouths.

Now Sebastian was eating Ryan's hotdog with great eagerness, trying to get that special teenage sauce out of him, his hands on Ryan's taut cushiony globes pushing and pulling him as Ryan laid back on the bed with his legs spread out, hanging over the bed and Sebastian bent over him enjoying the fine meal of boydick he was receiving. Ryan moaned and grabbed hold of Sebastian's head when he felt his friend's tongue going in his lower mouth as much as it could.

A hand on Ryan's loosening sack of boy-custard massaging it slowly, and another feeling his toned, firm abdomen and belly muscles.

Ryan was feeling amazing and yet all he could think of was Enora's sweet face doing this to him, and at that moment he understood beyond any and all doubt that fooling around with Sebastian and Jason was fun and all but not what he really wanted. He wouldn't mind continuing to fool around with his best mates like this for now and maybe more sporadically in the future, as he liked the bond they had but what he really wanted was Enora.

Sebastian probed his anal ring with his saliva-lubed finger and rubbed it against the anal walls before gently pushing it in. Ryan's eyes shot wide open and was ready to tell Sebastian to stop, that the pain was too much when the probing finger inside him found that sweet boy-button inside him and rubbed against it. Ryan saw stars and galaxies and arching his back he fucked into Sebastian's mouth and spilled his love juices for Sebastian to savour and swallow.

"Fuck!! That's how pushing my finger inside you feels like? It hurt at first!" Ryan said once he regained enough breath.

"Yeah it hurts at first but it does feel brilliant after doesn't it?" Sebastian declared more than asked.

"Yeah some…I guess…rubbing my prostate sort of hurt and felt good at the same time…but I don't feel like I want to do it again…if you don't mind..." Ryan said to Sebastian's disappointment.

"Well…as long as you don't mind fooling around…I guess it's okay…not going to force you to do something you don't want to," Sebastian said trying not to show his disappointment.

Ryan grinned and held Sebastian's hand pulling him upwards to the bed; Sebastian smiled and lay next to his friend. Ryan got on his knees and proceeded to sucking his friend's sperm-hose; he immediately pushed two fingers past Sebastian's tight, hairless boyhole and started fingering him, searching for his prostate. Sebastian, having seen his cousin and best friend suck each other and having sucked Ryan just seconds ago, didn't take long to cum down Ryan's contracting throat. When Ryan lay next to him they kissed, sharing each other's cum. Jason had already fallen asleep so Ryan covered them with the bed sheets and they were asleep within minutes, happily cuddled up against each other.

Ryan could only hope that Enora liked him as much as he liked her, but with her calling him to arrange dates as well as him calling her it was not a big stretch for him to think that she did. The way she smiled, giggled and constantly held his hand in hers also supplemented that thought. He knew that in a month and a week or so that school started they would not be able to see each other every day outside of school like they did now, but for now they saw each other every day.

One Saturday they were hanging out in her house, in her room with the door open of course as her father would not allow them to have the door locked or even closed for that matter. He knew that they were not just friends and although he allowed them to see each other and spend time together in any of their houses or any place that wasn't public he would not allow closed or locked doors yet, Peter either. They were sitting on the floor, talking and playing a game of cards when his phone rang.

"What's up?...yeah I'm at Enora's place…yes Peter her father is in the living room and we have the doors open! – he rolled his eyes making her giggle- yes I know I have my first children's class in an hour, I took my keys to the dojo when I left home…yeah I'll see you there then…bye bro!" They continued to talk and play, Enora finding his teaching the children instead of Peter very interesting and cute.

"Only a girl would think this cute," Ryan thought and smiled seeing her sparkling eyes.

When it was time to leave, he hugged Enora giving her a kiss on her cheeks but when it was her turn to reciprocate, she surprised him by planting her lips gently on his. He kissed her back lingering there for as long as he could, bringing a hand to caress her cheek, wanting to part her lips and push his tongue in but she broke the kiss giggling and looked at him biting her lower lip. His eyes were spaced out, his breathing fast and sharp. It had felt as if lightning had struck him, nothing, no other kiss before this from either his friends or even Johanna had come anywhere close to how good this had felt. He knew that irrelevant of if they remained together for a week more, a month more or for the rest of their lives he would always remember this kiss even though it was not the first, it would be the most memorable one.

He also understood something else at that moment when he looked from her biting lips to her shining eyes capturing the sun like perfect diamonds of blue.

He was falling head over heels in love with her as she was fast becoming the love of his life and he didn't mind the leap of faith he felt like he was taking.

He took her hand in his and gave it a gentle kiss before turning around and pedaling away on his bike towards the dojo.

August would most definitely be a most interesting month, Ryan thought as he kept stealing glances backwards where she stood there at the door to her house looking at him pedaling away as if she would not see him again and wanted to capture every detail of his fleeting body in her mind.

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