Brave Lake Manor

by AB

Dramatis Personæ

In broad order of appearance, the following characters populate Brave Lake Manor

Peter Jarrow: Ryan's and the twins' brother. He is 26 at the beginning of the story.

Ryan Jarrow: Peter's brother. He is 13 at the start of the story.

Christian and Malthe Jarrow. Peter's and Ryan's father remarried. His new wife already had them from her previous marriage. They are seven at the start of the story.

Rick Meyers: Close, personal friend of Peter from when they were three years old. He is 26 at the start of the story.

George Anders: Close, personal friend of Peter from when they were six years old. He is 25 at the start of the story.

Benjamin White: Ryan's best friend in the city. He is 13 at the beginning of the story.

Giles Daren: Brave Lake Manor's Butler.

Charles Cox: Brave Lake Manor Chauffeur.

Harry Faring: Servant in Brave Lake Manor.

Eduard Williams: Appointed manager of the Manor and the Estate by Peter's father.

Joey Harrington: Owner of Joey's smoothies in Brave Lake Village.

Terry Jones: Teenager from Brave Lake Village, 16 yo.

Jason Cooper: New friend of Ryan just turned 13.

Maria Cooper: Waitress at Brave Lake Diner. Jason's sister, 23 yo.

Nicole Alford: Head cook at Brave Lake Manor.

Sebastian Tommas: New friend of Ryan and cousin of Jason. 14 years old.

Johanna Saunders: A girl Ryan meets in the mall, from a nearby village. Also 13 years old.

Jack Graham: Local Karate sensei. A total authoritarian character, bully by nature to a degree of psychopath.

Uriel Timmy Hastings: Teenager from Jack's dojo that decides to leave and start at Peter's, is the one from lake confrontation with Ryan and Terry that decides to leave and not get involved.

Enora Harrington: Ryan's girlfriend.

Ian Burges: Fire station Captain.

Owen Wright: Constable of Brave Lake Village.

Adam Foster: Christian's friend.

Amanda Raven: Malthe's friend from school

Bryan Harris: Malthe's friend from school.

Victoria Wilson: Enora's friend.

Samuel Walker: Malthe's friend from the swimming lessons.

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