My Boyfriend

by Victor Thomas

Chapter 4

Our second game of the season had been postponed because of the events of Sept. 11 th , but was finally being played tonight. We were playing the Welch Wildcats , Brian's team. I looked forward to playing against them, hopefully kicking their ass. I loved Brian, but football is football, and I was sure we had the better team.

The Wildcats were tough, which was somewhat of a surprise because all the guys said they weren't that much of a threat. Coach Benson was the only one who seemed to think they'd be a problem, and he was right. I didn't know anything about them, of course, other than Brian was one of their running backs, but I soon discovered how good he was.

Brendan scored an early touchdown. Dozens of fans yelled and cheered as he searched for an open man. Not finding anyone, he raced down the field dodging the Wildcat's defense. It looked as if they were going to nail him at the forty-yard line, but he dodged, parried and made it just past the thirty before he was taken down. Damn, he was good! He made one hell of a quarterback.

On the next play, Todd got into the open and Brendan passed to him for an easy touchdown. Afterward, Gabriel kicked the extra point and the Hornets were up 7-0 after our first possession.

The Wildcat's came right back at us on their first possession. Their quarterback handed off to Brian, who managed to gain twelve yards before being tackled. It was hard not to cheer for my boyfriend, but I was there to play against him. How would it look if I cheered for the other team?

Their very next play, their quarterback passed and they gained another twenty yards, entering Hornet territory. Their quarterback handed off on the third play and their man gained five more yards before fumbling the ball. The Wildcats were able to recover the fumble and scored on the fourth play of the drive. After a successful field goal, the score was now tied 7-7.

The first quarter passed with the score still tied. The fans were still cheering. During the second quarter, the Wildcats had made two touchdowns to our one. Halftime arrived and they were up 21-14.

I followed the team as we went to the locker room. The coach gave us a halftime pep talk, as well as an ass chewing. Coach Benson was not at all pleased with our offense, except for Brendan. Brendan was a damned good quarterback. I greatly admired what he was able to do on the football field. He looked over at me as the coach was yelling and smiled. I grinned back. If I was single… what a boyfriend he'd make. Like I've mentioned before, I'm almost certain he's gay and dating Robert, but I'm not a hundred percent sure. But damn!

I immediately felt guilty. Had I forgotten about Brian so quickly? No. I wasn't being fair to myself. Him and I had only been dating for about a week now, but I thought of him every day. I had been happy when he had completed a good play earlier in the game, even if he was our opponent. As much as I lusted after Todd, Brendan, and some of the other guys, I wanted nothing more than to hold Brian in my arms.

I slipped on my helmet and fastened the straps as I walked back onto the field. Both teams lined up for the opening kickoff and the second half was underway. Gabriel kicked the ball to about the Wildcat thirty-five-yard line, where it was caught by Brian. He managed to make it to the forty-five-yard line before being tackled by Mark and me. I helped him to his feet, whispered "good job," and ran back to join my team. The Wildcats managed to make it to the thirty-eight-yard line in Hornet territory before being forced to punt the ball. Cody caught the ball at our twenty-yard line and managed to run to the thirty before being run out of bounds.

The game went back and forth for the remainder of the third quarter, with the Hornets able to hold the Wildcats, while Gabriel kicked a field goal with thirty seconds remaining. The score was now 17-21 in their favor. Gabriel kicked the ball to the Wildcats , who managed to run to the forty-eight-yard line before the third quarter ended.

The fourth quarter started with Welch in possession. Their quarterback led with a few handoffs and they got to our thirty-yard line. Finally, he dropped back, scrambled as he looked for an open man before he saw Brian in the clear. He passed and the ball dropped right into Brian's hands and he ran like hell toward the goal line. He ran past the twenty, the ten, and over into the endzone for a touchdown.

Vince caught the kickoff and returned the ball to the fifty-yard line before being tackled. We huddled. Brendan called a play. When we broke the huddle, I took my position behind and off to his left.

The ball was snapped. I rushed forward. My pattern was to fake to the left, then angle right through an opening in the Wildcat defensive line. I lost my defender when I faked left, but when I turned to the right, I was into the thick of things, where I did not want to be. I took advantage of another momentary opening and suddenly I was behind most of the Wildcat defensive line, scrambling to stay free of the defense. He passed to me. I caught the ball and ran like hell.

The Wildcat defenders were on me in a flash, but I was ready for them. I dodged and zipped around them. The defense was damned good; even as I dodged them, they maneuvered me into a tight space. I lowered my right shoulder and plowed into one of the defenders. I was at the thirty-yard line, then the twenty, then the ten. I couldn't believe I'd made it so far. I could hear the fans cheering. A Welch player dived for my ankles, but I vaulted into the air and kept on running. Five yards, four, three, the goal line kept getting closer. My heart pounded, my breath came in gasps, and I still sprinted. Two yards, one. Touchdown! I made a fucking touchdown!

It's not as if I'd won the game for Chouteau in the final seconds, but I was still excited. I jogged back up the field to my teammates. They congratulated me and slapped my ass.

"Good job, Scott," Brendan said.

Gabriel kicked the extra point and the score was now 24-21 in our favor, with less than five minutes left on the clock.

The Wildcats r eturned the ball to their own thirty-yard line after the kick off, before steadily advancing into Hornet territory and making it to our twenty-five-yard line.

With less than two minutes left in the game, their quarterback dropped back, spotted an opening in our defensive line, and ran for the final touchdown of the game. After the extra point, the score was now 24-28, in the Wildcats favor.

Mark returned the kickoff to the thirty-eight-yard line before being stopped by the Wildcats . With only forty-five seconds left in the game, we knew we had to do something if we were going to win.

Brendan passed to me again and I was running like hell toward the goal line before being tackled by Brian of all people. He stopped me at the Wildcat twenty-three-yard line. He grinned at me as he helped me to my feet. I grinned back. My own boyfriend stopped me from possibly scoring the winning touchdown, but I wasn't upset with him. That was his job after all, and I would have done the same with him. Like I said earlier, I love Brian, but football is football.

There were still twenty-five seconds left on the clock, plenty of time to score, but I missed what would have been the final touchdown, tackled at the five-yard line as the clock ran out.

The final score, Chouteau 24, Welch 28. It had been a hard-fought game, but in the end, we had been beaten by the better team.

The locker room was rather subdued, as was to be expected after we had lost our game. Still, Brendan grinned at me, and Coach Benson told me I had done a good job. I was kind of down in the dumps, knowing I had come so close to scoring the winning touchdown, but Todd came over to cheer me up as best he could. Just being near him always made me happier, and tonight was no exception.

The showers weren't as wild as they would have been if we had won, but I still admired my teammates as they soaped up and rinsed off. I looked over at Brendan. Damn, what a body! Todd was hot, as always. I was drawn to him so powerfully at that moment I felt like walking over and shoving my tongue into his mouth.

I quickly turned and faced the wall. I had to get control of myself. I have a boyfriend I told myself. Me and him needed to get together. I needed him.

I quickly rinsed off. It was definitely time to get the hell out of the showers and away from my naked, hunky teammates. I dried off, dressed and waited for Todd and the others to finish.

Our normal tradition on a game night at home was to walk to the Hornet's Nest, about a block away and celebrate. We had nothing to celebrate tonight, but we would still probably go, just to be together.

I wish I could go with Brian, but he was probably going out with his teammates to celebrate their win. Besides, I would see him tomorrow morning. Todd, Mark, Brian and I were all going to Branson tomorrow to visit an amusement park.

The team all ended up at the Hornet's Nest anyway, and we had fun in spite of our losing the game. We stayed until Estell, the owner, finally ran us out about eleven o'clock so she could close.

From there, I walked back to the football field, picked up my car, and drove home. It was time to go to bed. I went to my room, stripped naked, and jerked off thinking about Todd, Brendan, and the rest of my teammates, and especially Brian.

I quickly shot my load, cleaned up and went to sleep, dreaming about Brian and spending the day with him tomorrow.

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