My Boyfriend

by Victor Thomas

Chapter 3

My alarm went off at six a.m. just like it did every morning. Damn, I thought. I had been having a very vivid dream about Brian and me, and just as I was about to go down on him, I was suddenly interrupted. I glared at the clock as I reached over and turned it off.

I glanced down at my usual morning wood, made even harder because of what I had been about to do with him. I took care of it, then walked across the hallway to the bathroom for my morning piss, and then a quick shower.

I quickly dried off, went back to my room and got dressed for school. It was Tuesday morning, just another normal, boring day in Chouteau Kansas and it promised to be a boring day at school. But what else is new? At least I'd see Todd and my other friends, and hopefully Brian later after practice.

I walked downstairs and fixed myself a bowl of cereal, like I did most mornings. Mom offered to make me some bacon and eggs, but I told her that I would be alright.

I finished breakfast, ran back upstairs, brushed my teeth, then grabbed my backpack and went back downstairs and drove to school. Little did I know at the time, but this would turn out to be one of the most eventful days of my life.

I was about halfway through my first class of the morning when Mr. McCoy, the school principal, came over the intercom and instructed all the teachers to have the students quickly proceed to the multi-purpose room, which was also the lunch room, for an important announcement.

I looked over at Todd and some of my other friends and classmates and saw everyone was thinking the same thing. What in the hell is going on?

When we arrived at the lunchroom, everyone noticed that all the big screen televisions were turned on to one of the news channels and showing what appeared to be a building burning. We quickly learned that it was one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Apparently, an airplane had crashed into it earlier.

So, what's the big deal, I thought. It was just an accident. But it wasn't an accident! The news channel kept showing both towers on fire, thick black smoke billowing into the air. And then they showed, over and over, one of the planes being deliberately flown into the second tower. This was not an accident! America was under attack!

Everyone just sat there, stunned and horrified at what we were seeing on live TV. Both buildings were on fire and as we watched in horror, the news station broke away to a live shot of the Pentagon , which had just been hit by a third plane.

The entire student body and the faculty were completely mesmerized by what we were witnessing. As we watched in stunned silence, the first tower started to collapse, followed not long afterward by the second tower.

There were also reports of a fourth plane hijacking that everyone on the news speculated was probably heading toward the Capital. Fortunately, the passengers had learned what was going on and had deliberately forced the fourth plane to crash in an open field, somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Between all this, they also showed President Bush at some elementary school in Florida, a stunned look on his face. He was quickly evacuated and it was later reported he had flown to an Air Force base in Louisiana and later to another base in Nebraska, before finally returning to Washington later that night.

Everyone sat there the rest of the morning watching as events transpired. Finally, around lunch time, Mr. Mccoy announced that school was dismissed for the rest of the day and that the students should go home. By now parents were arriving to pick of the younger students, or they were meeting up with their older brothers or sisters to be driven home.

Later that evening, all the parents were called and informed that there would be no school tomorrow either.

Later that night, the President addressed the nation and informed the public that they suspected the whole thing was a very elaborate, well planned terrorist attack from a group in the Middle East. He would tell us more in the coming days as more information became available.

The whole country was scared, and I don't mind saying I was scared myself. I mean, we are perfectly safe here in the Midwest, but that still doesn't mean I wasn't worried. I knew we were bound to be going to war soon, as soon as the government figured out where the attacks originated. Somewhere in the Middle East, but that covers a lot of territory, and a lot of those people over there seem to hate us for some reason.

All professional sports were canceled for at least the remainder of the week, and quite probably the next two weeks as well. Even local high school sports and other events were postponed, including our second game that was scheduled for this Friday. Just as well, I suppose. Nobody was in the mood for that bullshit, not when our country had just been attacked.

I'm a senior this year, so I knew this could have major implications on my future. Already, some of my classmates were talking about joining the military as soon as they graduated next year, and a few of the ones that had just graduated back in May would be joining up in the coming days. I had never really considered the military before, but now it might be something I was forced to think about. Dad had been in the Army, but had gotten out right after I was born back in 1983.

School started back Thursday morning, but everyone found it too hard to concentrate so we were eventually sent home for the rest of the week. I knew things would have to go back to normal next week. The whole country needed to get back to normal as quickly as possible, as the President said.

It was later revealed that someone named Osama bin Laden had been the mastermind behind the attacks and that he was hiding out somewhere in Afghanistan. I knew it was only a matter of time before the fighting started. I don't know what the hell those stupid motherfuckers thought they would accomplish by attacking the United States. Surely, they knew it would be the end of their existence.

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