First Time Tales

by Smokr

Jacob's Tale, Part 1

So, another guy talked me into telling his first time story. So, here is Jacob's Tale.

Yeah, so, real story, but it's just a story and all that. I wonder if the guy reads this site? Let us know if you do and want to say hey. Wish we'd changed names or numbers or something. And thanks! And thanks to Ray for writing this for me. I suck at telling the story. I've tried and I just suck at it. Thanks, Ray!

It was the end of summer vacation with my folks. We had spent a month driving from Chicago to San Francisco to visit my uncle and aunt there. They just had a baby. Big whoop. I was sort of hoping for a good time. I was sixteen, and got to drive quite a lot. But, mostly, I was looking forward to maybe some action. I'm gay, and none of my friends are, at least not that I suspect. I really doubt it. Some are really verbal about disliking homos. So, yeah, I'm sure none of my friends are.

I was really hoping to get some action in California. I mean, I've read all these hot stories online about California being so open to gays, and I thought even I could get laid in San Francisco, even if it meant taking a risk or two.

We spent a week at my aunt and uncle's. I used my phone constantly, scouring the internet for places where I could meet up with someone and get laid. I mean, it was San Francisco! And I was way past due. I found lots of places for adults to meet, bars and all, but nothing for guys my age. Except school groups, and it was summer break. And I was really limited to how far I could go. There was no fucking way my parents were going to let me go driving around. I was used to Chicago and the burbs, so Frisco wasn't all that different, but my parents shot down even the first hints at my taking the car anywhere.

So, I went high and dry. By high, I mean stoned. I brought what weed I could, and spent a lot of time in the back yard smoking joints behind the garage. It was fucking hot out there! And by dry, I mean horny and hard. I beat my meat when I could, mostly at night while I lay on the cot on the back porch.

I walked around a lot, but they lived in a neighborhood that had nothing but little mini-malls and mostly Mexican places. There were some hot looking Latino guys, but I had no guts for finding out if any of them was interested in a white guy for some fast sex.

We went to all the usual tourist traps, and saw all the sights. And I was dying, seeing all the guys holding hands, kissing, and just looking so hot!

So, the week finally came to an end, and we started home. Dad drove for a few hours, then we stopped for food and pit stops. I got to take over. I drove until it started getting dark. Dad said to pull over at Elko. It was a small town right on I-80. It didn't look like much. He found a hotel with an indoor pool and cheap prices, and called and got two rooms. I was really glad of that. On the way out to California I had slept on the floor in the same room with my folks more than once. Ugh.

We find the place on the other end of the town. It was almost a Native American type hotel. It did have a casino, and an indoor pool, but it looked a lot like the Holiday Inn next door and the other hotels along the road. Anyway, we pulled in, I checked out my little room, had a shower, and met the folks in the restaurant.

The food was okay. The interesting thing was this guy who was eating alone in a booth a few over from where we were sitting. He was really cute. Obviously American Indian, mostly, with some Anglo. He looked about my age, maybe a year older or so, but no way over eighteen. He had longish black, straight hair, a long face that was just so Native American, and dark eyes. He looked sort of either soft and chunky or a little muscly, but I couldn't tell from across the room.

Time and time I would glance over and see him looking my way. He was smiling every time. I wasn't sure, but it looked like maybe he was blushing. How do you tell on a guy with that reddish-brown complexion? When we walked out, he kept watching me, smiling.

I was really tempted to go talk to him. I mean, I was getting sort of desperate. I know I'm not bad looking, not at all, so I figured if he was gay too, that maybe we could sort of hook up. At least talk. I just didn't have the guts.

So, I get back to my room and tell my folks I guess I'll head down to the pool. They say they want to watch television and relax. So, I change into my swimming trunks, grab a towel, and head to the pool. The sign says it closes at eight. I have just over an hour, so I make the most of it. I start doing laps and keep at it.

Until I notice him looking in through the glass windows on one side of the pool area. He's standing there smiling. I sort of want to wave him in, but I don't know him, or what he's about, so I just sort of stare like an idiot, then go back to swimming. I make one lap and end up figuring, what the hell, I'll just wave and see what happens. I turn and look, but he's gone. I feel like an idiot.

I finish swimming, hoping I see him again so I can wave. At least wave and smile. Nothing. I plod back to my room feeling like I had really missed a chance.

I got out of my trunks, showered, and got into sweats for bed. Just as I stretched out on the bed and started boning myself up for a session, thinking about the cute Amer-Indian guy in the restuarant, there's a knock on the door. When I opened the door, he was standing there. And there was no way I couldn't notice how hard he was. I mean, it was like a huge sausage was shoved in the front of his pants. I swallowed again, and realized I was staring there. It was humiliating! I looked up and he was just smiling at me.

"Hi," he said all calm.

I knew right then that he had done this before. There was no way this was the first time he had come to a guy's room before. I wondered if he did it for money, and if he was expecting me to pay.

"Uh... are you, like... a pro?"

He laughed. He was really cute.

"To be honest, I've charged, sure. I can make some good money at it. But I wasn't thinking of charging you anything."

We stood there while I processed the fact that I was looking at a real gigolo, and he was standing right there in front of me, and I had a chance to be with him. And he was really hot.

"Can I come in?" he asked, grinning.

I stepped back and let him in, then almost slammed the door. I was so nervous I thought I was going to shake something loose.

"So, I guess you're a virgin?" he asked as he sat down on the bed.

"Uh... what makes you think something like that?"

He shrugged.

"You sort of get a sense for it. Like gaydar. I knew you were gay the second you walked in, the way your eyes got real big when you saw me looking at you. And how you blushed. By the way, you're totally hot when you're embarrassed."

"I must be fucking irresistible right now then!" I said, laughing.

He patted the bed next to him and said, "Yeah, you are. But you're hot anyway. I love your hair. And your eyes. You have a really great bod."

I wasn't sure that I could sit there next to him, but I wasn't going to be any more of a wimp and wussy than I could manage to not be. So I strolled right up to him to sit down. He reached out and gently cupped my groin just as I started to turn to sit, and I froze in place.

"Yeah, thought there was something going on in there," he said, starting to move his hand around down there.

"I saw yours at the door," I said, kind of surprised that I said anything, let alone that.

His hand was sending thrills up from down there like crazy. The first hand that wasn't my own was fondling me and exploring me, and it was beyond thrilling. I mean, wow! Then his other hand starts exploring my butt.

"Yeah, nice ass. Man, you're firm."

I sort of laughed. I was so embarrassed! I had no idea what I should say or do. Not a fucking thing!

He stood up and faced me, put both of his hands on my ass, and massaged my cheeks. Then he's staring in my eyes. His are so brown, so warm looking, so deep. And he's so handsome!

"How old are you?"

"Uh, sixteen. You?"


"You're kinda tall," I said, almost looking up at his eyes.

"I know. I'm probably going to be the tallest in my class this year."

I was probably going to still be one of the smallest in mine, I knew.

He shrugged, then leaned closer, and suddenly we were kissing. His big, soft lips were all over mine, and his hands were all over my butt, and I was starting to shake.

It was as if something inside of me was brushed away, or broken down, or blown apart. Suddenly I was wrapping my arms around him and kissing him back, and pushing myself up against his body. In no time, we fell onto the bed and were rolling around. We started undressing each other. His body was awesome! He had such a nice body! His chest wasn't muscly, but his pecs were starting to be defined, and his abs were as well. That bulkiness I had noticed in the restaurant hadn't been baby fat or softness, it had been the beginnings of muscles. He had no chest hair, and what was under his arms was light and sparse, but more than I had. He had large, dark nipples, and I found myself sucking and licking on them like crazy! When he returned the favor, I found that I really liked it! I hadn't done much to my own nipples before, but having him tonguing and sucking mine sent tingles straight through my chest and down to my throbbing cock.

And when he took down my sweatpants, I was so embarrassed. I had leaked so much that it looked like I had already cum. The blue briefs were almost soaked! He played with it for a few seconds before I had to stop him. I grabbed his hands and shivered all over for a few seconds.

"Almost?" he asked me.

"Fuck, yeah, almost!" I said. "Give me a sec!"

He pushed me onto my back and we kissed for a while. The crazy throbbing in my dick eventually subsided. He slid on top of me and wiggled his package across my nearly exposed dick as we kept kissing. It was like my entire body was over-primed and looking to explode just as soon as possible. I couldn't stop shaking, even way after my dick settled down.

Then he started kissing down my front. His hands followed his mouth. It felt so great! When he got to my briefs, he slid them down, kissing the soft skin all around my bush and dick. Once he had my briefs on the floor, he took a break to just look. It was embarrassing, but I couldn't wait to do the same thing to him.

"Really nice!"


"It is! Not bad for sixteen at all!"

I looked down at myself. I hadn't seen my dick so dark before without having been wanking it for a while first. Then most of its five inches disappeared into his mouth. Then everything disappeared as my eyes slammed shut and my breath stopped. I had never felt anything like it. Ever. I knew head had to feel great, everyone said so, but wow! It was like electricity and warm water and a slow, smooth wanking all at the same time, and still more. It felt great from the tip of my dick to my balls, and even behind them and around my asshole. It was amazing!

Then it was ending. I was thrashing and nearly choking, and I couldn't breathe. I was curled over my lap, his head trapped between my legs and my chest, shaking and shivering, and trying to survive the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced. I had never cum like that before, not even close! I could actually feel the cum pushing up through the tube inside my dick like it was under extreme pressure. Fuck! It was just awesome! My whole body was part of that orgasm. Every last muscle and every last nerve. Everything.

No words can describe it. If you've been given your first blow-job, and it was really great, then you understand. Otherwise, well, I just can't describe it.

Then it was as if every nerve in my dick was on fire and sending maximum signal levels to my brain, and I couldn't stand it. I pulled him off and tried to breathe. He came up and stretched out next to me and ran his hand up and down my front as I recovered. I couldn't stop smiling. He was smiling at me, and looked really happy, even though I knew he still had his pants on. I felt guilty about that. I knew I had to get him naked and play with his body and suck him off, but I just didn't have the will right then. I sure wanted to, I just couldn't.

He put an arm under my head and before I knew what I was doing, I was curled up on my side with my head on his bare chest, one arm under him and one over him. His hand sort of petted my hair, and it was all just so fucking nice!

I was actually on the edge of crying. It was so weird!

I shivered a couple of times. I felt so... great!

Before long, though, as I was looking down the front of his body, I saw that he was still hard inside his jeans. I rested a hand on that spot, sort of feeling it out.

"Take your time. When you're ready. Not before. Rest up."

"You don't mind waiting?"

"Hell no. It makes it even better."

"Okay. But it won't be very long, honest."

It wasn't, either. There was no way I could lay there with my head on his chest and my hand on his groin and not get all fired up again. Pretty soon I was unfastening his jeans, unzipping the fly, and kissing slowly down his belly. He had the nicest little innie navel, and just the beginning of a trail downward from it. I followed it with my tongue until it went into the waistband of his boxers, then slipped his jeans and boxers down until he kicked them off. He was far longer than me, over six inches for sure. He had a nice bush of black hair, a long, rounded head that was leaking a lot of salty precum, and nice big balls. And it was all nice and richly dark-skinned. Not truly brown, but much darker than me. It was all so smooth and straight. My dick had a little bit of an upward bend to it, but not his. It was as perfectly straight as I had seen even online. His head was wider than the shaft, and the shaft almost seemed skinny.

He smelled like soap and slightly of spice and musk. Natural, clean, and nice. And he tasted salty and earthy. And how his head and cock felt on my tongue was just perfection. Smooth, silky perfection. And the way his nice big balls felt in my hand was also perfect. I bobbed up and down on his long dick, sucking and licking, and loving it. I always knew I would like giving head, and I sure as hell did! It was the most natural and fulfilling thing! I wondered if a newborn suckling on a tit felt anything nearly as wonderful. It took me a while, and I was worried that he would finish before I could do it, but I did it. I took all of his dick in, and it wasn't so hard to do. I didn't see the big deal about deep-throating. Maybe he wasn't long enough to be difficult to do it to. Whatever, I was soon doing it. From sucking just the very tip as I licked it viciously, which made him sigh really nicely, to having the entire thing in my mouth and sucking like crazy, which made him grunt and groan.

I never let go of his balls. They were just so much fun to play with. And I never left his cock. I sucked, licked, and had the time of my life.

"If you don't want a mouthful, get ready to move and jack it off," he said softly, one of his hands working through my hair and the other along my spine.

Like I was going to move away. Hah! He would have had to fight me off of him. And he would have had a real fight on his hands. I was attached. He'd need bleach and salt to get me off.

I felt his balls tugging upward. The way his dick sort of swelled up and sort of bent in my mouth and on my tongue was fascinating, but I had no time to think about it before I felt warm, slick fluid filling my mouth. It was salty and musky and almost sweet. And I couldn't get enough of it. I swallowed and swallowed, and his dick moved and danced on my tongue.

"Fucking-A! Wow! Wow! Wow!"

His moans made me feel great, and made me suck even more hungrily.

"Okay, hold up!"

He started trying to pull me off of his dick. I resisted.

"Come on!"

He pulled harder. I resisted harder.

He started laughing and struggling. He was in better shape than me, so he won, eventually. I ended up with my head on his chest again, but this time, my hand was gently playing with his wet, sticky cock as it got softer.

"I think I created a monster."

"Oh, no shit!" I agreed. "A cock monster."

"Am I gonna have to restrain you to make my escape?"

I laughed, trying to imagine being tied up by him so he could get away.


"Well, I don't have to be anywhere for a couple more hours, so we can worry about it later. Right now, how about I take care of this for you?"

He reached down and grabbed my dick, then slid down and slipped his mouth over it. It had gotten hard almost the moment I had started sucking his, and was still hard. And this time, it was even better! He went slow, making it almost torture. He swapped ends and we were sucking each other at the same time!

He slid a finger in my ass and I twisted on that finger as it poked and rubbed my walnut. I did the same thing to him. Two fingers and he rubbed it firmly and I wiggled on those two fingers. I did the same thing to him. Three and I was almost screaming. He took my fingers and I knew could take more. Then I exploded, filling his mouth and emptying myself. God, I was draining my life into his mouth! My hole clamped around his fingers and my balls emptied themselves through my dick in heavy, fierce expulsions of what felt like hot tar. I was trying my best not to scream as loud as I could around his cock. Every muscle was tense and rigid and there was no way I could draw breath.

Then it was ending and I was drained and shaking and sweating and blind. And then he was in my arms, and I was in his, and we were just there. For long minutes it was just... perfect.

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