First Time Tales

by Smokr

Gary's Tale

This is the first time I did something gay. I didn't know it, and it didn't know I would turn out gay. Thanks to Ray for all the help and for doing this for me!

I was nine. I'd never once thought about my wiener, or what it was for, or anything like that. It was to piss with. Simple. I'd heard rumors it was for sex, but that was it. And that it was supposed to feel great when a girl sucked on it. And I knew when I was old enough, a teenager, it would be bigger and hairy, and it would squirt sperm. That's really about it.

My best friend was Mike. Mikie, if he was in a good mood and would allow you to use that nickname. His parents always called him Michelangelo. Nothing to do with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which we both hated with a burning, searing hatred. Oh, God, I could go on for hours about how much we hated those bastards!

Anyway, I was nine. Mike was turning ten next week. I would in a couple more months. We were in my room, messing around with Legos and our super-hero action figures. I'll always remember the next hour. If I live to be a hundred. It was the wildest time of my entire life.

My parents were still at work, would be until after six. It was barely after four. Mike and me always went to my house after school and played in my room. It was just such a normal, average, typical day. Too hot and sunny to go outside. We had central air conditioning. We had sodas and crackers as we played on the floor in front of my little television.

The doorbell rang. We looked at each other and screwed up our eyebrows.

"What the hell?" I asked.

I wasn't supposed to say that word, and a bunch of others, so I always did when my parents weren't around.

He shrugged. We got up and went to the front door. The bell rang again just as we got there. I asked who it was.


Mike and I looked at each other. I opened the door. The UPS guy was there with a small envelope.

"Package for David Bell."

That was my neighbor. He was kind of weird. His address was 900. Mine was 906. The UPS guy held out the package, a big envelope, and I saw that someone had bad handwriting. It looked like my number, but it was his name. I took it.

The UPS guy just nodded and walked away. Mike and I giggled and I closed the door. I tore open the envelope and pulled out a magazine. Then another. And a third.


Men. Naked. With boners. Doing things with each other I'd only heard about.

"Holy shit!" Mike said in complete and utter awe. "Never saw anything like that!"

I agreed. I'd heard of fags, homos, queers, rump-rangers, butt-pirates, turd-burglers, but I never thought I would see a magazine with them. And doing things!

Something started happening in my pants. It felt like my underwear was getting tighter. It tingled and tickled down there. I felt my heart pounding.

I gave him one of the magazines and we walked to my bedroom, flipping through them, one page at a time.

It was amazing! And I felt like I was riding a roller coaster. Weird tingles and wiggly feelings were moving around in my guts. And there was something really tingly and tickly going on around my pecker.

As we got to my room, I reached down and tried to pull my underwear out to be more comfortable. My hand froze. I felt around, not believing what I was feeling. I shoved my hand down the front of my pants and into my underwear.

My prick was hard! And way bigger than normal. And it really felt neat-o to touch it! I grabbed it, and it felt like when I had licked a nine-volt battery, but it was in my pecker and my balls and all around down there. I loved it!

I remember thinking, No wonder guys like to play with it!

"What the hell're you doing?" Mike asked.

I looked at him, embarrassed as hell. And shocked myself by saying, "You got to do this!"

His mouth dropped open and he stared at me.

"Mikie! It feels excellent!"

I wiggled my fingers around on it. It felt so good!

He looked at the magazine again, then turned it so that I could see the picture on that page.

"Is that what you're doing?"

The guy was holding his dick, and I wrapped my fingers around it, and it felt great when I moved my hand. I nodded.

"What's it feel like?" he asked.

"Fucking kick ass! You gotta try it!"

He put the magazine on the bed so he could see it, unzipped his pants, pulled them down to his knees, and I could see that his pecker was hard too. Then he pushed his briefs down into his jeans, and his pecker stuck out, all hard. He had a little point on it. He looked at it, touched it a couple of times, then wrapped his fingers around it.

The magazine was great, and seeing the naked guys was cool, but seeing Mike there with his dork in his hand was even more interesting. I got bigger thrills from seeing him than I did from the magazine.

He moved his hand, sort of around in a circle, moving his dick around. He laughed and then looked at me, smiling really wide.

"Excellent!" was all he said.

I nodded.

I put the magazine I was holding down on my bed, like he had, and then took my pants and underwear down, too. My dick looked like it was three or four times longer than normal. And fatter. And man, how it tingled! I wrapped my fingers around it and wiggled it. It felt so great! My whole body tingled!

I looked at Mike and watched him play with himself. I just watched him. I sort of forgot about the magazines. He started moving his hips like we both knew you did when you were having sex with a girl, then he laughed and looked at me.

"Do this!"

He humped his hand. I tried it.

Oh, my, God!

I probably smiled wider than I ever had before! It was just... awesome!

We stood there, almost next to each other, and humped our fists like mad. He put his fist against the side of my bed and humped it. He laid on his belly and humped his fist. He turned over on his back and humped his fist. I played follow-the-leader, doing whatever he did.

It was magnificent! Wonderful! Incredible! The most fun I'd ever had!

We laughed and giggled, red-faced, humping our fists. We tried all kinds of variations. Loosely, tightly, moving the skin, just brushing our hands over it, tickling the tip, the edges around our heads, moving the skin with just finger and thumb, and eventually playing with our nuts.

It all rocked! Everything! We did it until we heard someone coming home. We rushed to pull our pants up and hide the magazines. It was hugely embarrassing and horrifying. We were on the floor playing with the Legos and the action figures when Mom poked her head around the doorframe and said hi. We acted as normal as we could. We giggled insanely once she left.

"That was awesome!" Mike said in a whisper.

"I know!"

"Wanna again tomorrow?"


"Can I take one home?"

"If you bring it back tomorrow."

Before he left, he picked one and put it in his backpack. When I went to bed that night, and I was sure my folks weren't coming in again, I pulled one of the magazines out and played with my new toy between my legs until it tingled so much I had to stop. I was afraid I was going to pee all over myself.

The next day, after school, Mike and me played with our new toys until my folks came home. Then we played with the old toys. Then I played alone in bed.

That became our new regular thing. We did that together all week, and late at night when he stayed over. I liked watching him more than looking at the magazines.

It was a couple of weeks later that I asked if he wanted to do it to each other. We fucked each other's fists. That was so much better! We learned how to use spit, then hand lotion, and had a great time.

We began trying other things, too. First, we tried what the guys did to each other. We weren't long enough to actually do it, but it was a lot of fun! We found positions that let us get it in a little, and that was great!

Then we tried something else the guys did to each other. I found out that I really liked sucking dick. I loved it! It felt great when he did it to me, too, but I really loved doing it to him.

Later, we tried the last thing. It seemed the grossest. I did it to him first. I made him wash first. Then I tried doing it. It wasn't bad at all. And after a couple of minutes, I got to like it. He loved having me do it to him. I was always afraid he would fart or shit while I was doing it to him. He never did, thankfully. He didn't like doing it to me, but I liked how it felt when he did.

We kept doing all those things until we were in high school. By then, I knew that I was totally gay. He wasn't. By then, we had initiated other friends, either together or on our own, and I kept doing it with Sam and Hatch, until I did it with my dream guy.

Spencer was totally hot. Really thick, shaggy blond hair, and big blue eyes. Big lips, smooth, round, firm face, and thick, sturdy body. Not skinny, a few extra pounds, but not fat at all. Just juicy. And what an ass! So totally hot!

One day, just the two of us walking around in the mall, he asked if I thought Hatch was gay.

"I didn't know. I don't care if he is. He's a good friend."

Hatch acted kind of swishy. Not a lot, but enough. And he loved being fucked. And I liked him enough, but Spencer was just... wow! I knew I really liked Spencer.

I remember Spencer said, "That's really cool. You really don't care if he is gay?"

"No. I don't. You?"

"No. I just wondered."

"Why? Wanna ask him out?"

I remember how red-faced he got. And I remember how I was suddenly really sure he was gay, too. It took me a minute, but I worked up the guts.

"I'd go out with you, if you asked me. I think you're the hottest guy I know."

He snapped his head to look at me with big, blue eyes all wide open, and a wide open mouth. Shocked. Totally. Stunned.

"You? You gay?" he whispered.

"Yeah. That okay with you?"

He smiled so big! So did I. We went to his place, made out, and we're still together.

Sam and Hatch still do it together, too, but they're not like me and Spencer. Me and Spencer love each other. Sam and Hatch are gay friends that do it with each other, mostly because there isn't anyone else. They go after freshmen now, and sometimes find one willing.

Spencer and me have had a few troubles. For one, Sam got him in bed a few times. I found out and went ballistic for a while. Took Mike and Hatch to get me to cool down and forgive him. I couldn't blame him. He'd never been with anyone but me.

And Hatch had a bad time when his dad got really sick, and I was spending time with him, staying over and such, and we ended up doing it. I told Spence, and he hated me for a while, but we got back together.

Then Spence thought I was doing it with Hatch again later. I wasn't. Hatch swore it to Spence, and we got past it. He thought I was, because I was doing a guy named Rally. Big, tall, senior. He figured me out, and sort of made me suck him a couple times, and I liked being bossed around, so I kept doing it. Once Spence thought I was doing it with Hatch again, though, I told Rally I couldn't anymore. I let Spence know I liked being pushed around some, though, and he gave me what I liked after that. He's good at being my master when we're in the mood now.

Then there was the time me, Sam, Hatch, and Spence went camping. With a bottle of Jack Daniels and some pot. That's a story all on its own!

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