The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 48

Isaac received a call from Ron Walsh during his mid-day break between classes. Isaac had no clue why the detective would be calling.

"Hi, Isaac? Walsh here. Listen, can you keep Timmy away from the TV or radio news?"

"Um, I can make sure we don't have it on in the house, I suppose…what's this about?"

"Remember Timmy ID'd a man for Wendy Mayer, the one who had attacked him at Jack's house?"

"Yes, I remember."

"The, uh…execution is set for tonight, unless its stayed…if you'd rather Timmy didn't know…"

There was absolutely nothing to gain by making Timmy aware of the fact that he had survived an encounter with a true monster, when others hadn't been so lucky. He didn't know that the man who attacked him had killed other children, one murder for which he would die tonight. What wasn't known was the exact number of his victims. Detectives in various jurisdictions investigating murders of small boys liked him for at least six homicides. He had been convicted of one.

"I would…Thanks for the head's up, Mister Walsh. I appreciate you letting me know."

"Sure…By the way…Have you gotten those mechanic's credentials yet?"

"It's really close. I finish classes in two weeks, which will get me signed off to sit for my other set of Orals and Practical. Once those are done, I will be licensed."

"Got anything lined up yet?"

"Ah, the part of this I have been dreading…trying to find a job. No, I'm going to have to start looking… I'm probably going to have to move, which totally sucks…."

"Ever thought about working for a law enforcement organization?" Walsh asked.

"Er…No, not really. It hasn't been on my radar. Why?"

"Isaac, I got a high school buddy who's a deputy county sheriff with the aviation unit, and I told him about you some time back. If you can get on with them, it's a county job with benefits, and you don't have to move."

"Do I have to be a deputy?"

"No, I think he's hiring civilian technicians. These are not sworn positions. Go down there and talk to him, his name is Chris Reiman. He'll know who you are."

"I don't know what to say, thank you, Sir."

"No problem…Later. Say hi to Timmy for me?"

"Yes, Sir. Bye."

All in all, this would be a busy two weeks for Isaac. He had to finish classes, sit for a written exam, complete an oral interview, and pass a practical test for the Airframe portion of his license. Once that was complete, he had to begin searching for a job. There had been no guarantee that he would find one in this area, so getting the call from Walsh was a bright spot.

Peter was another factor that Isaac had to weigh in the mix. Peter was rooted here, as an owner of Atherton's, and had another year of school to go in the same certificate program Isaac was about to finish.

If Isaac had to move farther than a daily commute, it would create issues for three people, not just Isaac. Timmy would have a place to go with Dennis and Debby, of course, but it would be hard not having Peter in his bed almost every night.

Timmy was looking forward to his apprenticeship at the railroad museum, but Sean was less than enthusiastic about leaving home for the first time after uprooting his life in New York City and moving to Texas. Things had been settling down some as Melanie spent less hours at the hospital. Her department was finding a rhythm and allowing her to work a normal day. Long hours still were required, just not as often. She had hired specialist nurses to take her place on the floor of the trauma unit, allowing her to concentrate on administration.

Wesley knocked on Isaac's door late in the afternoon, and Isaac let him in.

"Hey, Wesley! It's good to see you, how are things going? Timmy's in the pool."

"Great, how are you? Um, actually, I came to talk to you, really." Wesley replied.

"Come on, let's get you some cold tea…Sweet?"

"Uh, no sugar, thanks."

Wesley and Isaac crossed the house to the back patio door, and Wesley looked out at the pool. He saw two heads above the water, Timmy's and Sean's. They were unaware that they were being watched, and when Sean jumped up to pounce on Timmy, Wesley could tell the boys were not clothed.

"Oh, Jeez, are those two naked?" Wesley giggled.

"Yup…as usual!...Here's your tea."


"So, what's up?"

"Is it true that Timmy is going away for the summer?"

"Yes, he has an internship set up. Sean will be gone a few weeks over the summer too."

"William told me you and Timmy cut yards and trim weeds and stuff."

"Yes, my parents own rental houses and we take care of that stuff."

"Um, I was wondering…can I have a job working for you this summer doing that stuff since Timmy won't be here?"

"Well, I haven't really thought about this to tell you the truth, Wesley. It's not full time you know…we only go out when the yards need it."

"Yes, I know. It's four houses, right?"

"Uh-huh. We try to get out in the morning and get them done before it gets hot, or sometimes we go over and do them in the evening. I would let you know the day before. Is you mom good with letting you work early, or late in the day a few hours?"

"I already asked her about doing this. She thinks it's a good idea."

"What time does she make you come home by?" Isaac asked.

"I have to be home while it's still light out to see and stuff…she worries about cars you know."

"I can make sure you don't have to walk home in the dark, no worries. Let her know that."

"So…I can do it? I can have the job?"

"You do the yard at your house?"

"Yeah, I mow now. My mom did it until I got big enough. She made me and William pull the weeds. He still has to pull weeds." Wesley giggled.

"Well, Timmy weed whacks and mows…we switch off. Can you run a weed whacker with your arm?"

"All they told me was no contact sports, or stuff that puts jolts or shocks on my arm."

"OK, it doesn't sound like the weed-eater will be a problem then. And you can push a mower."

"Yeah…um, these yards don't have hills, do they?"

"They're all flat, Wesley."


"Let's do this, okay? The next time I have to do yards, I'll let you know and come get you. We'll see how you do. For now, you're my man…unless I get better offers." Isaac teased.

"Yeah, right!....Well, thanks, Isaac." Wesley replied.

"We didn't talk about money, Wesley." Isaac reminded the boy.

"Oh…Right, um…So, what are you thinking…about that, I mean…You know." Wesley mumbled in a quiet voice.

"Jeez, Wesley…That is not how you do this! Please!" Isaac put his hand over his eyes and shook his head.

Wesley looked on, completely confused and at a total loss for words.

"I…I don't…"

"Assertive, Wesley…You got to be firm!" Isaac stood up straight, shoulders back, chest out and bellowed "HELL, NO…I WON'T TAKE LESS THAN FIFTY BUCKS AN HOUR!"

Wesley cracked up giggling. "Yeah, right!"

"You try it… go ahead, Wesley." Isaac replied.

Wesley screamed "I WANT FIFTY BUCKS AN HOUR!" at the top of his lungs. Outside in the pool, Sean and Timmy heard the commotion and looked in through the patio glass door.

Isaac looked at Wesley and nodded. "That's good….but the job pays five an hour….Look, I really don't pay Timmy a set amount, but he always gets what he needs, and he lives with me. I have to pay you, and I think five is a fair wage for part time stuff."

"That's cool…I never had a job before…you know, like one that paid and stuff. Me and William work for our mom, of course, but you know what I mean."

"I do….So, we good, got a deal?"

"Deal!" Wesley agreed as he shook Isaac's hand. His attention was distracted by shouting from outside.

"Wesley! Come out and get in with us!" Timmy and Sean were waving to him.

Wesley looked at Isaac, who nodded in response. "Your public awaits you, Sir!"

Wesley smiled and opened the patio door.

"Took you long enough! What was all that yelling in there about?" Timmy wondered.

"Negotiating my pay."


"I came over to take your job…got it too!"

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm gonna help Isaac with your yards while you're gone, dude."

"Oh, shit…I forgot all about that!" Timmy admitted and looked at Sean. They began laughing.

"Well, you coming in?"

"I don't have a suit…"

"Don't need one. Leave your clothes out with our towels and go swimming with us."

Wesley didn't need an invitation to begin stripping his school clothes off, and his body looked much the same as it had to Timmy several weeks before. Numerous surgical scars were still visible on his arm and shoulder, but the most serious injury sites were now hidden under his hair. The plastic surgeon had done an excellent job hiding the scars on Wesley's scalp where his brain injury had been operated.

Wesley's pubes were denser today than Timmy remembered, and the older boys watched approvingly as Wesley climbed the ladder, his erect boyhood on display with a slight upward curve.

"So, can you tell us how things went with Megan at lunch the other day?" Timmy asked.

"It was pretty cool, AH!!! Like the water…is kinda on the cool side." Wesley gasped as he stepped down the ladder on the inside of the pool. He was up to mid-thigh in the water as he paused to get used to the temperature.

"It's going to be almost like a warm bath in another week…but it will still feel good when you get back from doing the yards." Timmy said.

"Looks like Megan is still distracting you a bit there."

Wesley blushed and looked down.

"Yeah, her…the wind, warm water, cold water…it's stiff all the time." He replied and Sean and Timmy grinned. "Well, almost all the time."

"You're just happy to see us, right?" Timmy joked.

"Must keep you busy." Sean observed.

"Four to six times a day." Wesley admitted.

"Damn, dude…I thought I did it a lot." Sean chuckled.

He still masturbated, but not as often since he began meeting Dylan after school for sex every three weeks or so. He and Dylan would exchange text messages to set up a time, then Sean would walk in the unlocked front door and make his way upstairs to Dylan's room. Dylan was truly submissive, and lay on the bed with his knees up in a fetal position, on his back. Sean lay on top of Dylan, with his arms around the older boy in an embrace, enveloping and dominating Dylan. Sean's circumcised slender five-inch rod easily entered Dylan's lubricated vault, and their well-practiced motions kept Sean's rock-hard boyhood in constant contact with Dylan's prostate. Dylan's tiny scrotum was tickled by Sean's pubes as he rocked his pelvis against Dylan. Sean and Dylan would continue after Sean's climax, and most of the time, there would be a second orgasm some twenty or thirty minutes later. Unlike most fourteen-year old's, Sean had incredible lasting ability and the boys would usually agree to stop from mutual exhaustion. Dylan usually required a few minutes to come back from the state of euphoria their sex put him in, and he would lovingly wash Sean in the shower afterward. Dylan's preference was to be hairless, and Sean would shave Dylan in the places his lover couldn't see or do himself to remove what had grown since his last visit.

Sean began to daydream a bit about Dylan when Wesley's voice brought his attention back to the pool party.

"This ain't as weird as I thought it would be…you know…skinny dippin' and stuff." Wesley said.

"You never done this before?" Timmy asked.

Wesley shook his head as he stepped off the ladder, and sank down in the water to his chin. He slowly drifted over to the older boys and moved between them, putting his back to the rail.

"I kinda like this…So, yeah, it was okay and stuff…me and her talked about things and she's real nice. William and some guys were giving me shit because I was totally crushing on her for a while, but I think I'm gonna wait on the girlfriend stuff."

"Nothing wrong with that, Wesley. They're gonna be there when you're ready." Timmy replied.

"I know. I'm not in a big hurry. And thanks, by the way. I took your advice and it helped."

"I appreciate that, you're welcome."

"Um, if it's okay…I kinda need some now I think." Wesley asked.

"What's up, Wesley?" Timmy asked quietly.

"It's got to do with William."

Timmy and Sean's eyebrows raised in concern.

"He's okay, isn't he?" Sean asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, he's great." Wesley said to reassure the older boys.

"He's…well, he's been…asking me things about stuff, you know."

"He looks up to you, you're his big brother." Timmy replied.

"Yeah, I know, and it's…kinda weird and awkward, I guess."

"He's asking you about sex, isn't he?"

Wesley nodded. "Yeah. I don't know why, though. He's still…you know, little down there and stuff."

"That doesn't mean anything at all, Wesley. He's the right age for things to be starting, just like you were."

"What should I do?"

"If you want to, just talk to him. If you don't, then you have to tell him you don't feel like you can, and ask him to respect that. I think he would understand."

"Yeah, he would."

"There's another thing too." Sean spoke up. "He's going to find somebody to talk to…one way or the other. If you talk to him, you can make sure he's not hearing bullshit and stuff that ain't true."

"Good point, neighbor." Timmy replied, as Wesley nodded.

"You can't lie to him or make something up if you don't know the answer…that's the thing, Wesley." Timmy said.

"Er, it's not actual questions so much as…he's been given hints and making comments about stuff."

"What stuff?" Timmy asked quietly.

"He wants me to…um, demonstrate…you know." Wesley replied. Timmy smiled and chuckled. The younger boy still couldn't manage to say what he meant.

"The idea of doing that in front of him freaks you out…makes sense." Timmy replied.

"I guess…I mean…he's seen it and touched it giving me baths and stuff, so I'm used to that."

Sean and Timmy waited for Wesley to continue for a moment

"But?" Sean urged gently.

"He'll probably want to help, and…"

"If that's something that's gonna bother you later, then don't do it. Simple as that." Sean said.

"I just don't want to mess him up or nothin'."

"You mean make him gay…" Timmy offered.

"Er, well, um…yeah."

"He's curious and horny…if he's gay, he's been gay since a very young age. If he isn't gay, watching you rub one out or even giving you a hand-job isn't gonna turn him now, okay?"

Wesley nodded.

"Feel better?" Timmy asked.

"Yeah, thanks….Still horny though." Wesley giggled.

"How long?"

"Um, since lunchtime today in the bathroom."

"Want Sean to drive?" Timmy suggested.

"Uh, sure." Wesley replied.

"Lay back, dude." Timmy suggested, putting one hand under Wesley's back, and supporting his butt with the other, like teaching a child to float. Sean moved into position at Wesley's side, and tented his fingers over Wesley's four-inch endowment, which was fully rigid. Sean moved the loose skin over Wesley's circumcised shaft, and the younger boy closed his eyes and sighed. Timmy bent over and began to kiss and suck Wesley's tiny nipples, making him moan softly. No one had ever stimulated Wesley's nipples like this, and he was genuinely surprised that he found this so sensual…

Sean continued to gently squeeze Wesley's penis as he stroked his fingers over the corona and glans. Timmy looked up at Sean and winked, as he gently squeezed and kneaded Wesley's ass with the hand supporting him in the water. He kept his other hand under the boy's back.

Sean took the hint and lowered his face to Wesley's crotch. He began to lick up and down the underside of the shaft, and Wesley's brow crinkled at the unfamiliar sensation. He had closed his eyes when things got started.

Sean took Wesley's boyhood into his mouth and Wesley's eyes flew open in surprise. Timmy looked down into his eyes and asked

"First blowjob?"

Wesley nodded and didn't reply. He breathed hard and watched Sean, who gently spread Wesley's thighs apart a bit and began caressing his scrotum. Wesley moaned as Timmy continued to massage his glutes and suck gently on his dime sized nipples. Timmy figured it must be genetic, since William also had very small, very lightly pigmented nipples.

Sean was working the area where Wesley's frenulum would have been vigorously with his tongue, and Wesley began to buck his hips in time with Sean's head bobs.

"Oh, oh my…. oh, God …. I'm….fuck….I'm gonna….Sean, I'm…gonna cum, Sean." Wesley gasped, as Sean continued to suck the small cock past the point of no return. Wesley began to pant and huff like a dog as five strong spurts of cream filled Sean's mouth. Sean began to slow down a bit, before Wesley reached down and put his hands on Sean's head.

"Keep going…. don't stop…. God, don't stop." Wesley implored breathlessly.

"Hmmm?" Sean wondered, looking up at Timmy.

"You got a bit more to go, neighbor." Timmy whispered. "If you get tired, I'll take over."

Sean raised his eyebrows, but kept going. It was the first time someone had called him God, he chuckled to himself.

Several minutes went by, and the stiffness of Wesley's penis had not abated in the slightest. Sean thought he could feel it swell a bit in his mouth, and soon Wesley was whimpering and gasping a second time. Two shots of semen issued forth this time, and again, Wesley signaled to continue.

"Trade me?" Timmy suggested, and Sean nodded, letting the erect member go and spitting the semen in his mouth over the side of the pool. Timmy took Sean's place, as Sean moved in to support Wesley. Timmy brought Wesley off a third time in his mouth, a dry cum. Switching to a hand-job, Wesley just managed a fourth dry orgasm before he was done.

"Jeez, I wish I could still do that." Sean said.

"Still do what?" Wesley asked.

"Get more than one nut in a row like you just did." Timmy finished.

"You guys don't…?" Wesley asked, confused.

"Huh-uh. We could at first, but as you get older, its one at a time, but it's a lot more intense when you cum."

"Oh…I see. Um, I don't think I'm ready to do blowjobs yet, but if you want to, I could, you know…" Wesley offered, moving between the older boys and reaching between their legs.

Taking each of his friends in hand, he could feel them stiffen. Sean, slender and straight, and Timmy, thick and curved, more than filling Wesley's youthful hand as it reached full size. Sean and Timmy steadied themselves in the water with hands on Wesley's shoulders. After several minutes, Sean spoke first.

"Feels so awesome…just like that…. I'm getting' close." Wesley kept going.

Moments later, Sean began to grunt and three spurts of semen appeared and began to dissipate in the water. Several strokes later, Sean begged off and Wesley let his member go. He had been rubbing Timmy with his left hand. With Sean finished, Wesley changed his grip on Timmy to his right hand, and began to get to work the way Timmy had showed him several weeks ago. After several minutes of undivided attention paid to Timmy's thick tool, climax rippled through the teenagers' body and Wesley could feel the large cock go flaccid in his hand.

"I think we need to give Wesley advice more often, neighbor." Sean cracked and the boys laughed at the joke.

"That was awesome, guys thanks." Wesley said.

"We enjoyed it." Timmy replied.

"I won't ever forget what you guys did for William…Thanks."

"You're so lucky to have a brother…I gotta settle for Mister Skinny Ass here!" Timmy joked, as he pushed Sean under the water.

"Yeah, yeah! I have a hot skinny ass…you said so yourself!" Sean said as he surfaced, and pushed Timmy back under.

The boys rough housed and giggled for several minutes, causing water to lap up the sides of the pool and spill over the top edge. After they quieted down, Wesley decided that he should be getting home. It was late evening, and the sun would be down in another half hour or so, so the boys climbed the ladder and got out. Sean and Timmy dried off and gave their towels to Wesley, who dried off before getting dressed. His boyhood looked positively tiny flaccid, at less than half its erect size.

When Wesley finished dressing, the boys went back inside to find Isaac at the table doing homework, prepping for his final exams and getting ready for the FAA tests. He had kept an eye on the boys in the pool, and although he was not able to directly see what went on, he had a good idea what had transpired when things got quiet out there. Sean and Timmy were still nude as they went in the kitchen to get some tea out of the refrigerator, and they offered Wesley some.

"Oh, no thanks. I'm good. See ya guys…Bye, Isaac." Wesley said as he made his way to the door.

Goodbyes were said, and after the front door clicked shut, Isaac looked up at his charges and asked.

"Wesley get a swimming lesson?"

"Sure did" Timmy cracked.

"Uh-huh" Sean concurred. "Gonna do my homework for me, Einstein?" Sean cracked, poking Timmy in the ribs.

"Your skinny little ass ain't that hot, Cinderella!" Timmy shot back. "Whatcha got?"

"Some reading…you?" Sean replied.

"Nothing til next year!... I'm gonna watch my show." Timmy declared.

He went into the living to sprawl on the couch, while Sean got his assignment out and joined Isaac at the table. He read his assignment, then put it down and looked over at Isaac, who was busy going over his notes. He felt Sean staring at him and looked up.

"What is it, Sean?"

"It's kinda weird…this feeling I have. Like things are going to change and be different when I come back from camp and stuff."

"How so?"

"Well… Like if you have to move across the country or something…What happens to Timmy and this house and …everything."

Isaac sat back in his chair and stretched for a moment.

"We would have to cross that bridge when we get there, Sean…I don't know those answers. I do know that things will work out one way or the other. Timmy would probably choose to stay with his dad, so he'd still be here. You have Nicky and Kurt still up the street…My concern would be Peter. He has to stay because of the store…"

"Yeah, I get that too." Sean said quietly.

"Sean…. You're still freaking out a little over going to camp, aren't you?"

Sean nodded. "It's gonna be the first time I was really away from home…I mean going to grandma and grandpa's last summer wasn't the same as this is going to be. I hope it doesn't suck. I'm sorry…I'm being such a damn sissy about everything."

"What if you find out the energy is super high, and you meet a lot of really cool people and you decide you don't want to come home? It could go that way too, you know."

"I hope so."

Isaac looked across the table at Sean for a long minute.

"Sean…I know what this is all about, and I get it."

"You, um…You do?"

"Yes. If I do have to move, it will take some time. Things are not going to fall apart here while you are gone. I don't know how long it will take to find a job, but I'm sure it won't happen until you get back…Look, keep an open mind and decide that no matter what happens you'll have a good time…I think you're worried about stuff that isn't there. It's only three weeks. You know how fast that will go by, just like Christmas break is too short."

"You're probably right." Sean admitted.

"Of course, I'm right. Have I ever given you rotten advice?"

"No." Sean replied. "So, are you ready for all your stuff too?"

"No worries…. just a bunch of running around to get it all done…but I got it all down. I had to do the same things last year."

"So, Peter is doing the same things you had to do last year?"

"Yes, exactly."

"Then, he could copy your tests and stuff from last year." Sean suggested.

"Yeah, but there wouldn't be any point to that." Isaac said quietly. "You know how this works, don't you?"

Sean shook his head. "Er, not really…I mean I know you take tests and stuff…"

"To pass the classes, yes…But to get the license you have to take a written exam that's given by the FAA, not by the school. Then you have to sit for an oral exam, where the FAA guy asks you questions for three hours and you say the answers…You don't know what he will ask you, so there is no way to study or cheat on it. You have to know the material. Then you have to go out in the shop and actually work on something that they give you to do, and you get graded on how you do it…that's called a practical. So, you pass all that, after you get through school, then you get your license."

"Jeeminy Christmas." Sean muttered.

"Yeah…so even though Peter has all my stuff from last year, books and notes and so on, he still has to know this stuff to get through…and he does. He's good."

"Well, I should let you study and stuff. I'll go see what Timmy's doing." Sean replied. He got up from the table and walked to the living room, still nude. He found his clothes in a small pile next to the couch, where he had taken everything off when he arrived here from school earlier in the afternoon. He put the briefs on and sat next to Timmy on the couch. The program Timmy was watching had about twenty minutes left to run, before the ten o'clock news started. Sean started to get yawny…he was tired and the couch was comfortable.

Timmy looked over at his sleepy friend.

"You sleeping with me tonight, or in your bed?" he asked.

"I'll stay if you want." Sean replied.

"I think you're ready now."

Sean yawned again. "Yeah, I'm pretty much done."

Timmy stood up and turned off the TV. He waited for Sean to stand up and begin the trip to Timmy's room before he said

"Good night, Isaac. We're going to bed."

"Night, Timmy…Sean." Isaac acknowledged the boys.

Timmy stopped off at the bathroom on the way and Sean answered the call of nature when Timmy finished. Slipping under the sheets, both boys were asleep in minutes.

The second-year students at Technical College spent the rest of the week testing, and preparing for graduation. Each student's roll was checked, and any sick days were deducted from the mandatory "contact" or classroom hour requirement that had to be met to be considered "In attendance" at an approved institution.

Technical College was an approved institution, and all qualified students had the advantage that the FAA examiner would administer the required tests on site. The FAA had transitioned to computer based testing, and Technical College had been one of the first schools to move to "paperless" testing, in anticipation of this change.

Isaac had taken a lot of written tests on paper his first year, but found the computer format much faster, and some of the questions now had graphics, video, or photographs. Peter had started school after the switch to computer-based training.

One thing the boys liked the most about testing on the computer was the immediate feedback. Once they submitted their answers, the next page loaded with the grade, and a list of missed questions. If a student clicked on a missed question, an information page would appear to tutor the student in the missed material, then give three additional questions to test the student's mastery of the area that he missed in the main exam.

The score for the test was already recorded, and did not change if the student chose to take the review.

For Peter and Isaac, the list of missed questions rarely came up at all, and the most either of them could remember seeing was three missed questions. Most of the questions Peter or Isaac had missed involved the words "never, always, all, none", or "may and shall." Usually, seeing a restrictive word like "all" or "never" meant that the basic premise of the question was false, because there are usually always exceptions to the scenario described. "May" was to be read as permissive, and "shall" as mandatory, but exam questions would often switch these words in the text, to catch the unwary.

Mister Connors called Isaac into his office after lunch and sat down at his desk. One of the student office administrators, a dental hygienist student in the work-study program placed a file on Connors' desk.

"Thank you, Miss Trudy."

Connors opened the file and began flipping through sheets.

"How are the finals going so far, Isaac?" He asked.

"Good so far, Sir. No problems…" Isaac replied.

"I'm just going over your hours and grades here…It looks like you are…going to be the top student in your cycle if Rick Woodford doesn't beat you in the end." Connor said as he looked up at Isaac from the papers.

"Guess I better ace that last final then, Sir." Isaac said.

"Well, you might think about having some prepared remarks for graduation. It's traditional for the head of the class to give a speech."

"How close is Rick…I mean, if I can ask…"

Connors went to his computer and tapped some keys, pulling up a file.

"Looks like you both have one last final each to take…these numbers probably won't change at all. These will be cumulative since you started school here two years ago."

Connors looked over the top of his glasses and ran a finger down the screen.

"Isaac Daniels……GPA is 3.997….Let's see, lemme scroll down…..Ah…Woodford is…3.994. Three thousandths of an inch between you two." Connors joked.

"Man, that's so close…wow!" Isaac said, surprised.

"Well, you guys worked hard and you know the material. It's no surprise to me. I'm looking at your attendance, and you only had one day out…so you're good there. I have already sent in your test authorization to the examiner, so anytime you want to start scheduling that with him, you're good to go."

"Thank you, Sir."

"I'm pretty much sure there's no chance you won't pass your remaining tests…So, congratulations. You're pretty much done…How is your little brother doing?"

"He's doing really well, thanks for asking."

"So what do you guys got going over the summer?"

"I'm job hunting now, and Timmy talked himself into an apprenticeship at a railroad museum and machine shop over the summer."

"Wow…that sounds pretty neat for a kid his age to be able to do that…Here, Isaac. Take that with you…. If you need a personal reference, you can put me down for one."

Connors gave Isaac a business card.

"Oh, Gee, Thanks, I really appreciate this, Mister Connors!"

"Oh, Quit! You deserve it….It's been a real pleasure and honor, Isaac."

Isaac shook hands with his mentor, then it was time to go. Walking back out to the hangar, the doors were open and quite a few graduating students had driven their vehicles up to the building to load their tool chests and roll-away cabinets. Isaac found Peter at lunch time and they spent about ten minutes transferring some tools from Isaac's box, mainly things Isaac would not need in the immediate future, but Peter could use. It also lightened Isaacs top chest, making it a bit easier to load in the "Bentley."

Isaac took one last look around the hangar. He had one test to take this week, to finish school. He said goodbye to Peter, and went back to the house. He had one day free, then the test. Next week, he had scheduled his time with the FAA examiner, and graduation would be that Saturday.

Peter and the other first year students were cleaning up, and turning in school owned items and tools that they had checked out, in preparation for the summer recess. He would be sitting for his own set of FAA exams next week, but, like Isaac he was not worried about passing them. He knew the material, and Isaac had briefed him on what to expect during the oral and practical exams.

Isaac had the day off tomorrow, and Doctor Leonard had decided to let his two students, Timmy and the serious Asian girl who almost never spoke, have the last three days of the school year off.

"Just don't be too obvious about not being here" he warned them with a smirk on his face. Timmy found Cathy on his way out, and told her that he would miss her in the fall. She had finished this part of her graduate work, and would be busy on her dissertation in the fall, back at the University. She gave Timmy a big hug, and wished him the best of luck in life.

Timmy arrived home after school, followed an hour later by Sean.

He came through the door and found Timmy at the table, snacking on left-overs.

"Man, I'm glad it's almost over…" Sean said, referring to school, as he plopped down and began taking his shirt and shoes off.

"It is over, for me." Timmy said quietly, as he speared some mushrooms out of the alfredo he was finishing off.

"They cut you lose? Lucky fucker!" Sean groused. "I got a half day tomorrow."

"At least you get Monday and Tuesday off then."

"Yeah, I didn't miss any days…so that's good. Wanna hit the pool when you get done there?" Sean asked, as he stripped nude watching Timmy pick out his favorite items.

"Dude, wha…why don't you just eat bites of that until it's done? What are you doing?" Sean asked.

"It's more fun this way…. First, I eat the mushrooms…then the olives…then the shrimp…and the pasta is last."

"Whatever plucks your strings, buddy." Sean giggled. Timmy stood up and put the bowl down on the table and took his clothes off.

"I'll get some towels." Timmy said as he walked to the linen closet and returned to find Sean climbing the ladder to the pool. He followed Sean in, and they took a moment to get used to the water and submerge, feeling the heat and stress of the day leave them.

"It's hard to believe it's been a year almost." Sean observed.

"Yeah…School just about started when you got here…now it's out again." Timmy replied. "It's been a whole year for me and then some now."


"I first met Isaac…like in May last year. It seems crazy, all the stuff that happened since then."

"Yeah. Feels like its been a lot longer."

"When are you going to camp?" Timmy wondered.

"Leave next Thursday." Sean replied.

"You ready?"

"Yeah, I got some stuff to do…need to go to the music store for some odds and ends and stuff."

"Like what? You got picks all over the house, strings in every drawer in your desk…fifteen tuners because you can't make up your mind…I mean, what else is there to say?"

Sean grinned sheepishly. Timmy was right.

"This is gonna be the neatest thing you probably ever had the chance to do…Just go and have a good time, Sean…Seriously."

"You're not going to miss me when you're doing train stuff?" Sean wondered.

"Nope…I hope they keep me so busy I don't have time to think about you, and you'll be too busy to worry about what I'm doing, so it works out good for both of us." Timmy winked at Sean.

"You told Dylan you're leaving?"

"Um, yeah…he knows I'm going…He's cool. You think four extra sets of strings will be enough?"

"When was the last time you broke a string?" Timmy wondered.

"Uh, well…actually, never…I change them out before they break."



"It's not the strings…is it?"

Sean slowly shook his head "Busted?"

"Busted!" Timmy laughed.

They stayed in the pool for an hour or so. Isaac arrived and stuck his head out the back door to ask the boys to help him heave his tool chest out of the "Bentley".

They ducked into Timmy's room to slip on shorts and put their shoes on, on the way to the garage. Isaac had backed the Golf into the garage and placed a homemade furniture mover behind the car.

"Would it be easier to unload the drawers first?" Sean asked.

"It ain't that heavy. Two of us got it in the car." Isaac replied.

"I've never seen this one before." Timmy observed.

"Well, it's always been at school the whole time I've had it." Isaac explained.

"Sean, you ready?" Timmy asked as he grasped the handle on one side of the box. Sean moved into position on the other side, and took hold of the handle. He flexed his bicep against the weight of the box and grinned.

"Hey, look at this shit! I got muscles!"

"On three?" Timmy asked.


"Threee!" Timmy barked and the boys lifted the toolbox out of the car. They set it on the furniture mover, and Timmy asked

"Where does it go now?"

"Roll it under the workbench for now." Isaac said, as he bent down and began arranging things under the bench to make room.

The box rolled effortlessly on the furniture mover, and Timmy slid it in position. Turning to Sean, he balled up his fist and tightened his bicep in a classic curl.

"Put it up here, Sean…Let's see whatcha got."

Sean stood next to Timmy and put his flexed bicep up.

"What do you think, Isaac?"

Isaac took his time poking and squeezing the bulging muscles, then poked the boys in the ribs suddenly. They each gasped and doubled over as Isaac giggled.

"Oh, I call it a tie."

"Hey!" Timmy cried.

"Ooof!" was Sean's response.

"That was it, guys, Thanks." Isaac said as he got in the car to move it out of the garage. Releasing the brake, he pushed the light vehicle several feet forward and set the brake again.

It was decided that to celebrate the end of the boys' school year, they would have dinner out and pick Peter up at the store after he closed. Isaac told the boys to be ready to leave the house any time after 6, which was when Atherton's closed. Peter usually had about twenty minutes of tasks after locking the doors, and Isaac pulled around the back of the store at quarter after. Peter's Datsun was parked next to the back door, and after waiting several minutes, Peter opened the steel door and pushed it shut behind him, making sure it latched. Thirty seconds after the door closed, the security system would arm. The door could only be opened from the inside, and even though it was somewhat inconvenient to walk around the building to enter, Keith and Peter parked in back to make parking available to their customers in front.

Peter decided to get into the Golf and leave the Datsun at the store. Tonight's attraction was the spaghetti special at the boys' favorite Italian restaurant. A plate of spaghetti with Italian meatballs, two pieces of excellent crisp Italian bread and a house salad with a drink was seven dollars.

Isaac had an announcement to make. Pat and Lizabeth would be in Friday evening, which was tomorrow. They wanted to spend some time with their sons before driving Timmy to the museum, and Isaac began his tests next week. Isaac had one final test in the morning, which finished his time at Technical College. His graduation was one week from Saturday. The boys would miss it, but Lizabeth promised to film Isaac for them to watch when they came home.

They had barely been seated when Melanie came in the door. Isaac had called her earlier to ask her to come to dinner when she got off shift at the hospital at six, and she was famished after a twelve-hour day.

"Hey guys, can a lady break in on this party?" She joked as Timmy and Sean scooted in the booth to make room.

"Hey Mom! Anything exciting or gross happen today?" Sean quipped.

"Oh, just the usual blood, gore, mayhem…and that's just the department paperwork. I don't get to see patients much anymore now that I is boss …and shit!" She joked, causing the boys to laugh.

"Isaac, how are you and Peter doing? Ain't seen you guys much."

"Pretty focused on getting finished with school and the FAA exams…Then I have to go find a place to apply my edjimication." He said, winking at Peter.

"Pretty much same with me. That and the store keeping me out of circulation." Peter replied.

"Anything me and the Dastardly Duo here can do to help?" Melanie offered.

"Nah…Mom and Dad will be down tomorrow to keep these two busy until they're off on their adventures."

"Oh? It will be good to see them again…So, Timmy, when do you go on your trip?"

"I think we're going up on Tuesday."

"Sounds like everyone will be busy this summer."

"Yup, and it all starts next week." Isaac replied.

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