The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 47

Eric had settled into life at the Wiedemer farm better than he thought he would. The anxiety he sometimes felt due to the separation from Gloria and Buddy was tempered by frequent emails, and messages.

Summer would be here in about six weeks, and Eric continued to run track after school, although it was now a seven-mile drive instead of a bike trip to school. Don would pick Eric up after his practices, and would often come earlier and sit in the stands and watch Eric. He would shout encouragement at him, and sometimes heckle him to run faster if the occasion required. Craig and Eric were often together, being two of the distance runners the coach was grooming.

Don could tell that Eric was getting a lot out of running track. He had excellent stamina and once shown how to do a task around the farm, he proved to be a valuable hand. The boys had been showing him how to operate a lot of the smaller equipment and Eric was riding along as the brothers taught him the controls of the tractors, and lately the harvester combines. Planting season had passed, so Eric would be learning the various roles of harvesting, which on a modern combine was computerized. A GPS system kept the machine on a straight-line heading, and rows of crops could be arrow straight for miles. GPS during planting season made this possible. The practical effect is that the workload on the operator was greatly reduced, allowing for better productivity. The downside of the new generation of technology was cost; a new combine could cost as much as five average three-bedroom homes in this area of the country. Don's equipment had been bought used in good condition, but a new combine to replace one of the three he owned ran just over three hundred and seven thousand dollars. Another task Eric had been introduced to was driving grain trucks. Eric was still at the stage where he was learning to back the tractor-trailer in a straight line using his mirrors. Scotty was a natural in the huge Kenworth, and patiently taught Eric a bit at a time, careful not to try to do too much at one time.

Sammy and Scotty had both taken the ag machine maintenance course at school as soon as they could, and Don trusted them with oil and filter changes in the various engines and hydraulic systems on the farm, and the boys in turn were training Eric in these skills. They spent time out in the shop catching up or routine maintenance when it rained, or when the boys were bored and there were nit-picky little things to catch up on. But mainly, there was time for leisure at the present before harvest began, and there would be again after harvest and before planting.

Don watched Craig and Eric cover the last half mile of their run. The boys were talking as they ran, although Don could not hear what they were saying. A whistle blew, and a louder voice said something from where, Don could not see. The boys slowed to walk and began a cool down. After about five minutes, Eric looked up and saw Don in the stands. He and Craig walked and stretched their way over to him, and Don said

"Hey, guys…How was the run today?"

"Hi, Mister Wiedemer" Craig replied, Don nodded a greeting.

"It was good. We're up to seven miles. Fourteen laps around the oval." Eric observed.

The loud voice boomed "Showers close in ten minutes ladies!"

Eric and Craig grinned at each other, and Eric yelled back at the voice

"Yes, Sir! Coming, Coach!" The boys trotted off to the gym to catch a rinse and get dressed. Eric and Craig had become very close, but Craig's first visit to Eric's house had turned out to be the only time Eric had seen his friend sexually aroused. The quick showers three times a week after track practice afforded them familiarity with each other's bodies, but they had not had an opportunity to pursue things further.

Don waited another ten minutes before the boys emerged from the gym, in street clothes and with wet hair, carrying their bags. They said their goodbyes for the day and Craig turned to cross the athletic field toward the apartment complex on the other side of the school fence, and Eric walked over to collect Don for the trip to the farm.

They chatted very little on the way back to the farm, mainly about how Eric's day had gone, but sometimes Eric wanted to talk on the short ride. Today, neither of them had much to say, so they just rode and listened to the radio.

When Eric got back to the house it was close to five o'clock, and he knew Scott and Sammy had gotten off the bus already. After a brief search, Eric found the brothers in the large equipment barn, preparing to jack up the front of one of the large four-wheel drive tractors. The left front tire, which was taller than the boys, had gone flat. Scotty jacked the heavy machine until the tire was clear of the concrete floor in the shop, and Sammy began to inflate the huge tire, locking the air hose onto the valve stem. He stepped across the shop and rounded up a five-gallon bucket and what appeared to be a toilet brush. He squirted some dishwater detergent into the bucket and went outside to the hose bib to fill the bucket half full of water. Eric had wondered why there was a filthy bottle of Lemon Joy detergent in the machine shop. He figured it out when Sammy began to baste the huge tire with soapy water using the brush. The air continued to hiss into the tire as Sammy slowly and deliberately made sure no spot on the tire remained dry. It didn't take long before he was rewarded by a stream of wet bubbles.

"I have a visual on the bad guy, squadron leader" Sammy spoke into his fist as Scotty and Eric chuckled.

"See anywhere else, Scotty?" he asked.

"Nuh-uh. Gimme the brush…I'll do this side." Scotty replied. Sammy passed him the bucket with the brush in it, and the younger brother began the same slow and thorough inspection of the inboard side of the tire. Finding nothing leaking, he stepped out from behind the wheel and tire, as Sammy returned with a bead breaker tool and a piece of chalk. He marked the location of the hole on tire as Scotty crossed the floor to retrieve the impact wrench and sockets. The bead breaker would break the seal between the rim and the tire bead, allowing the boys access to the inside surface of the tire.

Sammy pulled a small tool out of his pocket and put it in the valve stem and removed the tiny valve core.

The air Sammy had pumped into the tire escaped over several minutes. Scotty set up the bead breaker on the rim of the wheel. The tool was literally a jack with a built-in hook to clamp it to the rim of the wheel, and a foot that would extend from a base plate with a chisel shaped edge and push the tire bead in until the rubber broke loose from the rim. By moving the tool a foot or two and taking another "bite," the tool turned a back breaking chore that sometimes proved impossible into a simple and quick task.

Sammy held the tool up against the tire with the sharp side of the chisel base at the edge of the rim. Scotty snapped a socket onto the impact wrench and put the socket on the smaller of two bolt heads on the tool. As he pulled the trigger, the hook moved into position in the rim and began to force the chisel base between the tire and the edge of the rim. Scotty continued until the bead breaker was fully engaged, then put a bigger socket on the wrench and began to drive the huge tire off its seat. By turning the larger central screw the tire bead began to move. After two inches of movement, the tool had to be moved and reset. The brothers repeated this process three more times as Eric watched and learned the process. The boys were able to push the tire in by hand the rest of the way. This entire process was repeated on the back side of the tire, and soon it was loose on the rim. Scotty handed Eric a tire iron, and said

"Now we just lever the tire over the edge of the rim." Scotty put the end of his iron under the tire and pried downward, raising the edge of tire and forcing it out over the edge of the rim.

"Stick your iron in next to this one and do the same thing, Eric." Eric did and found that very little effort was required, and the tire was coming off the rim. Sammy was busy pushing the bottom of the tire in so the bead would dip into the drop well of the wheel, allowing the top of the tire to rise when the boys pried on it.

"This is not as hard as I thought." Eric said.

"The bigger the tire, the easier it is to do this, up to a point where they get too heavy." Scotty replied.

"And there are three of us, too." Sammy observed. "It's a lot of work doing this alone."

"Uh, I can imagine." Eric said.

Working steadily with the irons, Eric and Scotty soon had the entire top half of the tire over the edge of the rim, and gravity then began to assist the operation.

Sammy got on his knees on the floor and grabbed the tire bead, while Scotty stood to one side of his brother and gripped the bead and joked

"Get a grip, Eric! Okay, on the count of three, yank like hell, okay?"

"Got it, Chief yanker…" Eric threw back, cracking up the brothers.

"One…. two…. three!" Three hundred and seventy-five pounds of tire slid sideways on the concrete floor, exposing the inside of the tire for inspection.

"Perfect…We probably shoulda put sand down first, Scotty." Sammy observed.

"Yeah, I forgot the sand." The younger brother admitted.

"Sand?" Eric asked.

"It makes sliding the tire on the concrete much easier."

"Hmm. That does make sense now that I think about it." Eric replied.

Sammy was shining a strong light inside the tire and found the cause of the flat almost immediately. Something was protruding into the tire. Sammy locked a pair of Vice-Grips onto it, and after several minutes of struggle, pulled it out of the rubber.

It was very polished from contact with the rubber, ground up on the end from rocks and gravel, rod shaped and they could just about make out the impression of threading at one end.

"Looks like what's left of a 3/8 inch bolt." Scotty said.

"Musta been in here long enough to grind the head off." Sammy observed. "I don't see nothin' else in here."

"Eric, you ready to lose your virginity?" Scotty asked as he handed Eric a small air powered angle grinder with a tire buffer attached to it. The tire buffer looked like an old fashion steel roller skate wheel…with large grains of grit attached to it.

"See where the hole is in there?"


"Run that buff in there, all around that hole about four inches in all directions."

Eric squeezed the trigger on the tool and it screamed and whined as Eric buffed the rubber, the surface turning instantly dull and featureless as the shiny slickness of the molded surface was abraded. After a minute of buffing, Eric stopped and Sammy looked at the job he'd done.

"Good enough for the girls we play stinky-fingers with!" he said. Scotty brought a small brush top can and a tire patch over from the supply cabinet on the wall. Handing the can to Eric, he said

"That whole area in there needs a wet coat of this stuff, Eric." Eric took the can and tried to unscrew the lid.

"Ah, …Jeez…Shit!" Eric cursed, Sammy and Scotty grinned at each other.

"What? just unscrew the damn thing, Eric. How hard could it be? Sammy teased, a huge grin on his face that Eric was too busy to notice.

"Come on, grandma!" Put some mojo on that shit!" Scotty barked, making his brother laugh out loud.

Eric continued to struggle to get the can open, and finally gave up in frustration. "To hell with this! ...I can't get a good enough grip on it." He held the can out to Scotty.

"I know something he gets a damn good grip on, right, brother?" Scotty cracked as he took the can from Eric. Sammy cackled in delight, and Scotty had a huge grin on his face.

"Oh, shut the hell up!" Eric giggled, blushing. Scotty took the can over to a workbench and found a pair of large pliers. He walked back over to where Sammy and Eric were waiting, and said

"You can't get these damn caps off by hand, Eric." As he opened the can with the pliers.

"Hey! That's…that's like cheating!" Eric complained.

"Nah, we just didn't mention that you have to use pliers…"

"And why is it that I actually like you fuckers?" Eric teased, poking Scotty in the nipple.

"Because we're reformulated, easy to use, and have a fresh lemon scent?" Scotty shot back.

"I'm really pretty sure that isn't it."

Eric painted the rubber cement onto the buffed surface inside the tire, and asked Scotty to look it over when he felt like he had finished.

"Yup, just like that…Now we wait."

"Um, like for what?"

"If you put the patch on over that stuff before it dries your patch will leak and fail. All that solvent in the cement has to evaporate or it will be trapped under the patch and cause hate and discontent."

Eric chuckled. "I suppose we can't have that."

After several minutes the adhesive dried, and Scotty went over to the supply cabinet and got out a patch and a tool with a roller on each end of a wooden handle.

"Can you see the hole in the tire still?" Scotty asked Eric.


Scotty turned the patch over show Eric the plastic backing on the side of the patch that bonds with the rubber in the tire. He peeled half the backing off, and it separated at a pre-cut seam, leaving half of the patch exposed. He peeled off the other half of the backing, and stuck it back on the patch, only covering enough of the gooey surface to give Eric's fingers a place to grip.

"Stick the patch in there so the hole is dead nuts in the center of it…No offense." The three boys got a good chuckle at Scotty's joke, as Scotty showed Eric to grab the patch the way he was holding it.

Eric carefully placed the patch in position, which met the brother's approval.

"Peel that last piece of backing off, and press the patch down…Now you have to roll the patch out to make sure it bonds." Scotty instructed.

"So, I just roll this over the patch?" Eric asked.

"Yup, press hard and go over the whole patch. Gotta cover the whole thing."

Soon the task was finished and Sammy stuck his head in the tire to check the edges of the patch to insure that it was stuck securely.

"I like it…You doctors ready to close? I'm getting hungry." Sammy declared.


"Me, too."

Sammy stuck a large pry bar under the tire and levered against the floor, causing the tire to slide back onto the wheel a bit at a time. When the tire had moved as far as it would go, Scotty handed Eric a tire spoon and said

"Okay, When Sammy lifts up on the tire, we're gonna pry it back on the rim like this, okay?" Scotty said, demonstrating.

"Got it, Doctor!" Eric joked.

"Ready?" Sammy asked.

"Go for it." Scotty replied as he began to pry, assisting his brother who pried on the bottom of the tire. Eric did likewise and got as big a bite on the tire as he could. Sammy let the tire down a little to help keep the tire in position, as Scotty moved his spoon and took another few inches of bead over the edge of the rim. Eric did likewise, and the boys moved steadily apart as they worked their way around the rim. Soon they had reached the halfway point, and progress was rapid from there. Sammy rummaged in the air tools drawer for a special piece of hardware he and Scotty had come up with to put air into tires rapidly so the beads would seat and seal without having to wait for an act of congress. It was an ordinary clip-on air chuck with the guts removed attached to a hardware store ball valve. Without the little depressor in the tool, it could not be used on a stem with a valve core in place, but it could move about ten times the amount of air that a standard air chuck could handle.

Sammy removed the valve core from the stem, and clipped the tool in place. When he opened the valve, air rushed through the leak between the tire and the rim for a split second before it sealed, and the tire began to move and shift on the rim as it filled.

It took several minutes for the tire beads to seat, and Sammy handed the valve core and core tool to Scotty.

"Ready?" Sammy asked, and Scotty nodded.

Sammy closed the valve on the tool, and unclipped it, simultaneously moving his finger over the end of the valve stem as air loudly escaped for a split second. Scotty moved into position, and as soon as Sammy took his thumb off the valve stem, Scotty jabbed the valve core down the hole and began turning it with the core tool.

After they filled the tire and let the tractor down off the jack, it was time for supper at the farm.

Throughout the evening meal, Scotty and Sammy would exchange glances and giggle a bit like they were sharing a joke. Eric noticed this, and challenged the brothers.

"So what are you two up to? I know you are up to something."

"It's nothing…You'll find out after supper. Don't worry about it." Scotty replied.

"That's kinda hard when you guys are planning something."

"Um, you're assuming that we are planning something." Sammy observed

"So, are you?" Eric asked.

"Well, uh, yes….Yes, we are…planning something, that is." Scotty answered.

"Then I should worry about it, right?"

"Only if you really want to."

"Not going to tell me what's going on, are you?"

The brothers shook their heads.

"You gotta come with us if you want to know that." Sammy replied.

"I'm sure I will probably regret this…" Eric sighed.

"Um, I wouldn't be too sure of that…You never did this before, I promise you." Scotty declared.

"What if I have?"

"You ain't…Trust me." Scotty replied.

"We better get going" Sammy urged.

"Eric, you done?" Scotty wondered.

"Uh, yeah." Eric said, as the boys rose from the table and took their dishes to the sink. Sammy scooped the keys to the pickup the boys drove around the property and the three of them headed out the door.

"Here, Eric…You drive." Sammy said as he threw the keys to the younger boy.

"Uh, I don't know where we're going."

"We do…no problem." Scotty replied.

The boys piled into the old pickup and Eric started it and began to drive past the house and buildings, toward the far end of the farm. Eventually they reached the edge of the property and found a fence in front of them. They got out of the truck and walked past the fence line, onto the neighboring property.

"Is this still your land?" Eric asked.

"No, this is the neighbor's place, but we know them. It's cool. They would never know we are out here anyway." Scotty replied.

"So, like could you hunt and stuff on this land?" Eric wondered.

"You mean, like without asking first? No way…you never do that." Sammy replied.

"They wouldn't say no if you ask…but if you got caught without permission it would be bad…It just isn't done. There's rules, you know." Scotty declared.

"Um, okay, so is it cool for us to be here now?" Eric wondered.

"Yeah, we're good…For what we're here for, it's no problem. People poaching game out of season and dumping trash and shit like that is what causes issues." Sammy said.

They continued to walk for another ten minutes. The ground was very rocky, and sparse stands of cedar bushes were almost everywhere. The land was practically useless, as it was unable to support crop farming and trying to build anything here would require dynamite if trenching or excavation was required.

Technically, this ten acres of landscape was a karst outcropping. Karst is porous limestone, and makes up the underlying geology of most of Texas and the southern Midwest. It is also why this region has as many caves, and sinkholes as it does. Eric wondered what could possibly be of any value to the landowner about this stretch of rock, but he was about to find out.

Soon, the boys came upon a large hole in the rock, about the size of a backyard swimming pool, only much deeper, and seeming filled with scrub brush, cedar bushes and loose rock obscuring any view of the bottom of the defile. It was hard to see much, as the sun had just dipped below the horizon.

"Whoa, what the hell is this?" Eric asked.

The brothers chuckled. "A salt dome that created a sinkhole…uh, we think." Sammy suggested.

"Oh, I read about those…so why are we looking at a hole in the ground, in the dark?" Eric asked. Ancient seas supported reefs that became limestone layers over millions of years. When the seas retreated, salt deposits trapped in the rock were slowly dissolved by rain water making its way through the porous rock, creating huge voids. In modern times the roofs of these structures would collapse, creating a sinkhole on the surface.

"Umm…Just give it a few minutes, okay? This is so cool." Scotty said, and Sammy nodded in agreement.

Just as Eric was about to press the issue further, small dark shapes down in the pit caught the boy's attention.

"Here they come, dudes." Sammy whispered, and Eric's eyes grew wide in wonder.

"No way!" he whispered.

"Yup, this is where we keep our personal bats!" Scotty joked.

"Is this the same ones we…?" Eric wondered.

"From your first night out here…yup." Scotty confirmed. By now, several hundred bats were practically filling the 30-foot-deep sinkhole, and more were coming from parts unseen below the brush. They spiraled and fluttered up into the evening sky, as the boys watched in silence.

"There must be millions…" Eric thought aloud.

"The bat guy from the university says twelve to fifteen thousand in this colony." Scotty whispered.

"That's still a shit load of bats, Scotty." Eric said. "More than in town, anyway. Is it true that they carry rabies?"

"Nah, that's mainly crap…there might be one or two now and then that would bite somebody that messed with them, but like, why would you want to? They don't want anything to do with people normally. Anyway, it's another zillion tons of bugs gone tonight" Scotty replied.

It took seemingly forever for the entire colony to exit the sinkhole, but very soon the show was over, the scene quiet as the cloud of tiny flying mammals disappeared into the evening gloom.

"I guess we should head back." Sammy suggested.

Eric stood there, deep in thought.

"Hey, guys?" he asked

The brothers turned to Eric.

"Thanks…this was totally awesome."

"No problem…Now you have bats too, Eric!" Scotty joked, as he put his arm around Eric and they picked their way out of the rocky landscape.

"Eric probably thought we were going to make him the bagman on the snipe hunt!" Sammy said, making Scotty laugh.

"Huh?" Eric asked, totally confused, which made the brothers laugh harder.

"We wouldn't pick on you like that…" Scotty began

"Even if you are our favorite booger!" Sammy finished.

Twilight gave way to dusk as the boys made their way back to the house, again with Eric driving.

Don was in the kitchen pulling a can of beer out of the refrigerator as the boys came in.

"So where did you guys take off to?" he asked.

"Eric got to see the bats. They said to tell you hi." Scotty joked.

"Well, that's mighty warm-blooded of them." Don quipped. "So, what did you think of it, Eric?"

"That was pretty cool. I never saw anything like that before." Eric replied.

"Well, I'm glad you got to check that out." Don replied, ruffing Eric's hair. Eric grinned from ear-to-ear.

"I'm glad I came out here. This place is awesome, Don." Eric said, raising his hand. Don slapped his hand against Eric's in a high five.

"Back at ya, Eric. We're glad you're here, too." Don said as he opened his beer. Eric followed Don out to the porch.

"Um, Don, what's a snipe hunt?"

Don chuckled and shook his head.

"They didn't pull that one on you, did they? Don asked.

"No…Sammy just mentioned it…so what is a snipe?"

"Eric, it's a mean prank that farm kids pull on city kids. There's no such thing as a snipe"

"Oh…um, how does it work?"

"Well, they take someone who doesn't know any better out at night and give them a pillow case or a burlap sack, and have them wait while the others go into the woods to scare the snipe out to the one who is holding the bag. This poor schmuck is supposed to scoop the snipe into the bag, in the dark, and never having seen one of course."

Eric stared at Don, uncomprehending.

"So, like what's the point?"

"The point is to let the poor victim sit there for an hour or so, holding the bag while the others sneak back to ambush him in the dark."

"You mean to beat him up.."

"Usually they just scare the shit out of the person, you know, strange noises in the dark, growling like an animal, and so on."

Eric thought about this for a minute before speaking.

"Sounds pretty stupid to me. I still don't get the point of it."

"No. I don't suppose you would." Don replied.

"What does that mean?" Eric said, a bit defensively.

Don put his hand on Eric's shoulder.

"It means that you're not the kind of person who enjoys being entertained at another's expense, Eric. That you are kind and considerate of other's feelings…That's why you don't get the point of it. There's something to admire in that, I think."

"Oh. Um, thanks." Eric replied.

"So what did Sammy say about a snipe hunt that got you curious about all that?"

"He just meant that I musta looked pretty nervous I guess. They had me going for sure!"

"Would you have it any other way?"

Eric looked up at Don and shook his head. Just as he was about to say something, they were interrupted by Scotty, standing inside the screen door in underwear with damp hair.

"Eric! We're gonna play Risk…You want to shower before or after you lose?" he teased.

"Oh, Yeah? Don't count your snipes before they're in the bag, buddy!" Eric shot back, turning to chase his almost naked friend back inside the house and up the stairs. Scotty giggled and yelped as he ran. Eric shed his shirt on the stairs and unbuckled his belt in the second-floor hallway. In his room, he kicked his shoes off and slid his pants and underwear to the floor.

"I'll be there in a minute, guys." Eric called out, as he peeled his socks off and stepped over to the bathroom nude.

"Nice costume, Sweety!" Sammy teased. Eric wiggled his butt for the brothers and slapped an ass cheek as he closed the door, a huge grin on his face.

Eric's track coach often gave the boys exactly four minutes to shower after practice. One each to wet, shampoo, soap and rinse. Eric shut the water off after two and half minutes and spent another minute drying.

Eric stepped out of the bathroom and into Sammy's room where the board game was set up on the floor.

"Wow, that was fast, dude." Scotty remarked.

"Just over three minutes. We get like four after track practice."

"For a real shower, washing your hair, and everything." Sammy wondered, skeptical.

"Yes…everything. Here, feel my hair." Eric offered, leaning forward.

Scotty grinned as he reached for Eric's ginger blonde pubes. Eric pushed the hand away, blushing and grinning.

"Not that hair, you hornytoad!"

The boys laughed and shoved each other around a bit, Eric became somewhat aroused from the rough contact.

"Hey, it's Tonto and the Lone Ranger!" Sammy joked, referring to Eric's penis and testicle. "Tonto much taller, Kemosabe…Maybe as tall as you, Scotty!"

"No way, dude!" Scotty protested.

"Sounds like a challenge, guys." Sammy said, retrieving a small bottle of baby oil from under his mattress. "Defend your honor, gentlemen!"

Scotty grinned and pushed his underwear down to the floor and held his hand out. Sammy squirted some oil into his brother's hand, and Scotty spread the oil over Eric's semi-erect penis and began stroking the circumcised organ. Eric returned the gesture to Scotty, who quickly stiffened in Eric's hand.

"Wow…it is bigger, I think." Scotty admitted. Several minutes later, he asked.

"Is that it?"


"I'm ready, too." Scotty said, as he turned and positioned his manhood next to Eric's, as Sammy looked on. Eric was only an eighth of an inch shy of matching Scotty's endowment.

"Shit, its twice the size it was at the pond!" Scotty muttered, as Eric grinned.

"Well, I have to catch up to Sammy!" Eric joked.

"Never happen! Keep dreamin'!" Sammy replied.

Scotty winked at Eric. "Gonna do anything with that?"

"What?" Eric asked.

"This" Scotty said as he gripped Eric's hardness and began to stroke it, paying a lot of attention to the glans.

"Um, no, I guess you're driving….mmmmm." Eric purred. He reached for Scotty, to return the favor, but found that they got in each other's way.

"Let's change positions, dude." Scotty said as he lay down on Sammy's bed, and made room for Eric to fit next to him in the classic Pisces configuration. It was the first time the boys had relieved each other's sexual tensions since Eric moved in, and the inevitable outcome took less than three minutes before Eric guysered first, exploding with three thick ropes of semen on Scotty's hand and wrist and Eric's smooth belly.

Scotty followed seconds after Eric finished, as Eric kept to the rythym and grip pressure milking Scotty's seed.

"Damn that was good…I needed that." Eric said.

"Me too, that was good." Scotty agreed.

After a few moments, Sammy expressed surprise at the volume of semen in Eric's cumshot.

"I thought there wouldn't be as much…as there was."

"Because of the one nut?" Eric asked.

"Well, uh…yeah." Sammy admitted.

"Semen comes from the prostate, not the balls." Eric explained. "But it just shows that anything's possible in the hand of a true expert, right?" Eric said as he poked Scotty in the shoulder.

Sammy tossed Scotty's underwear to his brother who wiped himself up and handed the clothing to Eric. He stood up and took an exaggerated bow, to which Sammy replied.

"Yeah, he's a real ex-spurt all right!" which touched off a new round of wrestling and horseplay, nipple pinching and tickling and rib poking. Several minutes later, three red-faced boys were out of breath laying back on the bed and the floor.

"Hey, I thought we were playing Risk." Sammy croaked out.

"Shit, I'm gonna have bruises and stuff." Eric complained.

"Where?" Scotty whispered.

"My ribs and my titties. Damn you guys play rough."

"Sorry…want me to kiss it and make it all better?" Scotty teased.

"I got places you can kiss." Eric shot back.

"Fuck you!" Scotty replied and the three boys cracked up in laughter.

"Yours is way too damn big, dude!" Eric protested.

"Say that again, I didn't hear you…" Scotty teased

"Oh, Jeez!" Eric groaned, rolling his eyes. "I'll take the fifth on the subject, your honor."

Soon, the boys got into the game, and time passed quickly before they had to get some sleep for the school day tomorrow. Since the game was still in progress, it was decided to leave it on the floor for now, and scoot it under Sammy's bed so it wouldn't get stepped on until they could resume world domination.

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