Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 38

We awoke the next morning to stiff, cramped limbs. It seems we didn't move out of each other's embrace the whole night. Once more there were grunts and groans from both of us, but not because we were having great sex. In fact our cocks weren't even hard; they were probably the only things about us that weren't stiff. I think we looked like a pair of clockwork toys as we got out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a pee. Moving helped us to loosen up a bit. We decided to share a shower before doing anything more. The warm water loosened the tightness in our joints and muscles, leaving us feeling almost human by the time we finished. Of course we had washed each other, so we stepped out of the shower with hard ons, but we agreed to leave them alone until after we had satisfied another hunger with breakfast.

During the preparation of our eggs and bacon we lost our boners, as our concentration was centred on the cooking. They remained flaccid while we ate and washed up. With those chores done we wandered through to the lounge, where Mike asked me to put on some more classical music. I was delighted, because it seemed Mike was enjoying the same thing I had only just learnt to enjoy. I chose a CD of Strauss waltzes and put it on, then went to sit next to Mike on the sofa. We sat leaning against each other in silence for a few minutes, then Mike said, "I know what this needs. Wait here," and he jumped up and left the room. The only thing I thought was needed had just left the room, and I was a bit concerned that he was only putting on an act because he knew that I liked the music. Mike was gone for a few minutes and I was getting anxious, but I relaxed when he walked back in carrying a tray with coffee and biscuits. "Don't know if we're allowed to eat your mum's biscuits, but we can replace them if she has a fit about it," Mike said. He put the tray down on the coffee table in front of us and poured us each a cup out of the cafetiere. "This will help you to relax and enjoy the music more, I think," he said as he leant back and sought out my hand with his own, entwining his fingers between mine. Once more we were leaning against each other and back against the sofa, sipping our coffee and allowing the music to fill up our senses.

Our coffee cups emptied and the biscuits remained on the plate. Our hands did not part company and we did not talk while we listened to track after track, immersing ourselves in the ebb and flow of the music until the CD came to an end. Then Mike drew his hand from mine so that he could use both his hands to turn my head towards his and we kissed. Not a long tongue-lashing snog; just a gentle pressing of the lips together and a suck in. "Thank you for introducing this music to me. I'm going to look out for it and get some for myself. It has so much more meaning to it than the stuff the bands are putting out today," Mike said after our kiss.

"I know. When I first heard it at Carrie's house I fell in love with it straight away. I was uptight about being at the party without you and very nervous about being the only guy sleeping over, and that music just calmed me down. I didn't ask for it to do that; I wasn't even thinking I needed it until I had calmed down. It was only then that I realised just how tightly coiled I had been," I explained.

"You know, when you watch those movies about the era when they had those big balls and everyone waltzed together, they look so elegant and beautiful. I think I would like to learn to dance like that, so that we can look beautiful and elegant together," Mike said.

"I don't think the dance schools would let us dance together as a couple," I said.

"I know. We would have to find a couple of girls to go with us and keep our dancing together to our homes for now," Mike admitted.

"Do you want to talk to your folks and see if they would let you go to ballroom lessons then? I think my folks would do it for me, and then we just need to find a couple of girls who are willing and whose parents are willing to pay for them and we could do it. But in the meantime, just for now, we can pretend we know all the moves and just do it together as best we can. I'll put another CD on."

This time I put on a CD of Chopin's music. Walking back to stand in front of Mike, I bowed and held out my hand. "Love, may I have the honour?" I asked. I smiled as Mike stood and came into my arms in the classic waltz stance. As the music wafted over us we began to move, and while it could not really be called a waltz, it was something we seemed to be able to do naturally. Our bodies pressed against each other, with our top halves swaying in time to the music and our feet moving in sync so that we didn't step on each other. If there had been observers they might have called it a shuffle, but for me it was a waltz with the one I loved. It was an act of love as we moulded together, each sharing his body with his beloved, so much so that we both got hard without realising it. Only when the CD came to an end and we pulled apart slightly did we discover that not only had our cocks engorged with blood, but they had also leaked and we had little spots of pre-cum on our stomachs as gifts from each other.

It only took a few seconds for us to realise just how much the music and dance had turned us on. We didn't need to speak as we lowered ourselves to the carpet and lay down in a sixty nine, each sucking on the cock now before his face. But then I risked breaking the mood to get up and put on another CD of classical music. I had not listened to this one before, so I wasn't really sure what I was putting on. Getting back down on the floor I wasted no time and popped the head of his cock into my mouth to let my tongue do a waltz over it. The CD I had put on was Rachmaninov's Rhapsody, which was a bit different from the flowing waltzes. If we tried to suck in time we would certainly get rather sore necks from all the quick movements, but still we could enjoy the music playing in the background as we sucked away and brought each other to a loving orgasm. Mike came first, but I was still swallowing his spurts when I could hold off no longer and erupted into Mike's mouth. Both of us had cum and wilted before the Rhapsody came to an end. We lay in the same position to the end of the CD, then got up and cleared away the coffee and biscuits. We washed up the pot and our mugs so that we wouldn't have a lot to wash up later.

"Let's go and do some research so that we'll know what we're talking about with our parents when the time comes," I suggested. We went up to my room, fired up my laptop and put dancing schools into the search engine. Well, that was a mistake. We got them from all over the world. Some of them were aimed at teaching the more exotic styles of dancing. We became a bit concerned when we saw the costs but decided that we would still speak to our parents if we could find a couple of girls willing to be our partners. The search also made us realise we would be starting rather late; most of the sites we looked at had classes for children as young as six, and some even started off at four. But we were still keen on going along at least for a look.

"Ok, now let's see what classical music we can find," Mike suggested when we decided we had seen enough of the dance sites. This search threw up different problems; we clearly didn't know how to ask the right questions. We ended up with a list of classical composers and began working our way down the list, listening to some of their compositions from free sources online. We had only got to the third name on the list when we heard the doorbell. We realised then that we had spent so much time researching that we had worked right through lunch. Now Carrie was here for the afternoon. We quickly pulled on shorts and t shirts. Closing down the computer, we went downstairs to answer the door.

It wasn't Carrie at the door but Judith, and she had a younger boy with her. "Hi, guys. I hope you don't mind, but I brought Jay with me. Otherwise he would have had to stay home alone. That wouldn't have been nice for him, and I would have got into trouble; he's still too young to be left at home alone," Judith explained.

"Oh, hi, Judith. Hi, Jay. No! It's no problem for Jay to be here. Come on in. None of the others have got here yet," I said.

"Hi, Judith. Hi, Jay. I'm Mike. This guy who didn't introduce himself is Steve."

We led our two visitors through to the lounge and I asked them if they'd like something to drink. Judith said they would wait until the others arrived, then we could make drinks for everyone at the same time. I was okay with that, so Mike and I moved around to sit on the sofa where we had spent a good part of the morning. Judith sat in one of the armchairs a bit to the side of us, and Jay sat in a chair directly in front of us. As soon as I sat down I stood up again and moved over to the stereo to put on a CD. I decided I would make the girls listen to some classy stuff, so I put on one of Kevin's CDs. It just happened to be the Four Seasons by Vivaldi that I liked so much. I did turn the volume down a bit so that we could talk over it. As I sat down I kind of flopped back onto the sofa with my knees going up in the air a bit before my feet came back down to the floor. Jay's eyes showed a moment of shock; I thought it was because of the way I had dropped into the sofa rather than sitting down. I turned to look at Judith to try and gauge from her expression what she thought of the music, but she was concentrating on what she was discussing with Mike and seemed to be ignoring the music. As I looked back towards Jay I realised his eyes were locked onto my groin. I looked down and discovered that my shorts leg had ridden up a bit and my cock and a bit of my ball bag were on display. When the doorbell had rung neither Mike nor I had taken the time to put underwear on, and now I was displaying myself to an intrigued boy.

Trying not to let him know I had noticed him ogling my package, I slipped my hand down, lifted my butt a little, and pulled the leg of my shorts down to cover up my goods. I looked up only to meet Jay lifting his eyes, and we gave each other embarrassed grins. Looking at the boy made me twitch down below, and I realized that I found him attractive. I mean, he was a good looker. No blemishes on his face, because at ten he had no problems with acne and he had that smooth complexion that light-haired people seem to be blessed with. Jay had what I would call dirty blond hair, which was highlighted by his piercing blue eyes and long dark eyelashes. He had a skinny pre-adolescent build that would likely fill out to a slender, well-proportioned figure once puberty kicked in. I realised that I found this young boy both beautiful and tempting, and he was only ten. That made me a bit unsettled; I was beginning to wonder if I really did have some paedophilic tendencies. I didn't say anything to Jay about the little show; he could raise the subject later it if he wanted to.

Within the next ten minutes the other two girls arrived, and Judith apologised to them for bringing Jay. I noticed that this apologising was making Jay feel a bit uncomfortable, so after I had asked who wanted a drink I asked Jay if he would come to the kitchen and help me get the drinks ready. Jay jumped at the opportunity to escape the embarrassment of being apologised for. I had offered tea, coffee, and juice, and we had to boil the kettle to make tea for two of the girls. While we were waiting for the kettle to boil I had Jay make up the glasses of juice. We were still waiting when the juice was ready. Needing something to say, I told Jay I was sorry I had let my package out of the bag, explaining that I had forgotten I didn't have underwear on. That seemed to open the door, and Jay started asking questions.

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