Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 37

When we had finished eating we took our dishes back to the kitchen, stacked everything in the dishwasher and set it going. Grabbing a beer each out of the fridge, we took the tops off the bottles and carried them back to the lounge, where we decided to watch a video. I told Mike he could have a look through the DVDs and make a choice.

"Actually, I have one in my bag I think you might enjoy," Mike said and nipped upstairs to get it. I didn't ask him what it was called or what it was about.

On his return Mike didn't show me the case or anything; he just put the DVD into the player. Leaving the case there, he came and sat down next to me. Taking the remote out of my hand he pressed play and put the remote on the other side of him out of my reach. I was a little surprised when the film started without showing a title or any credits. "Sorry. I missed the first bit because I didn't realise I could download the movie onto a disk," Mike told me.

"It's okay. I don't mind. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up on the story as I watch it."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure you will."

"Good." I replied and fell silent. I watched as a young guy, no older than Mike and myself, walked along the road and up to the front door of a house. He knocked and the door was opened by a similar aged teen. They smiled and then walked down the path together to the road and along it to another house. This time their knock was answered by a younger looking boy, who let them inside. This had not taken a lot of time, and there had been no talking in the scenes, just the music from one song - "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" by Bananarama . The three boys moved through the house to the kitchen and got some glasses of juice, then moved into the lounge, where they sat down with the younger boy between the two older boys. The younger boy picked up the remote and pressed a button and some different muffled music started to play, the back ground music to whatever they were watching on the TV. Gradually there were more sounds to be heard over the music. As they grew more defined they could be identified as groans and grunts, giving some indication of what the boys were watching. The younger boy then turned to the first boy and started to kiss him. A few moments later the camera panned down from their heads to where the younger boy had his hand over the older boy's crotch working the boy's hard on. The younger boy had his other hand in the crotch of the third boy performing a similar action. As is usual with this sort of porno film the scene suddenly changed. The three boys were still on the couch but had no shirts on, and their flies were undone with someone else's hand over their underwear-covered package. I stole a quick glance at Mike and saw that like me he was sporting as strong an erection as each of the three boys in the film, so I did what the boys were doing. I put my hand over his cock and began to stroke it in a slow and steady rhythm. Mike made no move to stop me, reaching over instead to fondle my cock and balls.

Once again the film had a time jump. Now the younger boy was naked and the two older boys were just in their underwear. One of the older ones had his hand around the younger boy's cock and was jacking it while the younger boy had his mouth over the bulge in the other older boy's boxers. Mike moved and bent forward to swallow my cock and began to slurp his tongue all over my cock head while he sucked on me. Another quick scene change and all three boys were naked and the younger boy was spit roasted between the two older boys. Mike came off my cock long enough to say, "You mustn't cum. I want all your juice in my butt before we go to bed tonight."

"Are you sure?" I asked. "Do you think you've healed enough?"

"Yes! And yes!" Mike said as he let my cock slip out of his mouth. He sat up for a bit, giving me the chance to grab his cock and pump it. Mike put his hand back on my cock and we sat there playing with each other as we watched the younger boy shoot a load without touching his cock and then the two older boys shoot at about the same time. The porno ended with a scene of the two older boys kneeling either side of the younger boy, their cocks at half-mast. Cum dribbled from both ends of the boy in the middle, who was still on all fours.

"Wow! That was hot, but it was also disturbing," I said.

"Disturbing? How was it disturbing?"

"I know that those guys would all have been over eighteen, but the younger boy looks to be about fourteen and I found myself quite turned on by the idea of doing stuff with someone his age. But that's kind of like paedophilia, and I don't want that," I said. "How did you manage to get that sort of film?"

"I was surfing the web and just came across it by accident. And now I'm kicking myself, because I didn't write down the web address, and of course I cleared my history, so I can't just go back and look at where I've been," Mike told me.

"You mean you got that straight from the web without having to pay for it or get a password or anything?" I asked surprised.

"Yeah! I was amazed when I came across it; I think it might be illegal in some places even when there is proof that all the guys are of consenting age," Mike said. "I am glad you also found it hot. I got turned on when I first saw it and again now with the thought of doing something with a younger teen. I was a bit worried that you might think I was depraved or something, but it seems we are both thinking the same way. I am also concerned that it smacks of paedophilia, but I think it may be just our curiosity. We both would have liked to do some of this stuff when we were that age."

"So do you think if the opportunity showed itself you would take advantage of it then?"

"I don't really know. I would be tempted, for sure, but I'm not sure just how far I would go," Mike admitted.

"Yeah, I think the same applies to me. Let's hope we'll be sensible if that bridge ever comes to be crossed."

We had stopped playing with each other's cocks and they had gone a bit limp while we talked about this scenario.

"One thing at least; we're not so likely to be faced with that choice. We don't really know any guys that age that we might end up being in a position to do something with," I said.

"Yeah, that's true. Perhaps we would do better to concentrate on the present and go up and finish what we started. I am feeling a bit tired, and I'm not sure how much more I can do," Mike suggested.

"That's more than fine by me," I said. I stood and held out my hand for Mike and helped him up from the sofa.

As Mike stood up we came face to face, close enough that with just a little lean in our lips met and our tongues began to taste each other. We pulled each other closer in a hug and pushed our pelvises together hard. Then we headed upstairs hand in hand, our hard cocks pointing the way.

With the house to ourselves we could have done it anywhere, but I did have a double bed. That would be more comfortable, and we could just stay there and go off to sleep in the after-glow of our orgasms. That magical moment of complete euphoria would have been lost if we had done it anywhere else.

"I would like for you to make me cum first and then fuck me till you cum inside me, please," Mike said as we entered the room.

"How would you like me to bring you off?" I asked. We would have plenty of time over the next day and night to do things simultaneously, even with the pending visit.

"Actually I'm not sure I need to cum at all. I just want your cock inside me and giving my love canal a good going over, so you choose."

"Right. On your back on the bed then," I ordered. Mike complied. I moved his legs apart and got down between them. I started by licking up the length of his cock, then sucking his head in for a little tongue washing. I moved on down, letting his cock go altogether while I licked and sucked on his balls and his perineum. Working along his seam I got to his hole and probed for a bit with my tongue, then brought one of my fingers in and pushed that through my spit and his sphincter muscle to gain entrance. When I felt there was enough saliva around my finger for lubrication, I moved back over his gooch and balls to once more lick up his cock and suck it into my mouth. I deep throated him while I finger fucked his arse, adding a second finger when I felt it was ready and then a third. Feeling around, I found his prostate and massaged it. Soon he was gasping and warning of a pending cum.

I used my free hand at full stretch to scrabble around in the draw of my bedside table and found the tube of lube. Letting his cock slip out of my mouth but keeping my fingers up his butt, I moved to where I could see what I was doing and added some lube to my cock, then let it take the place of my three fingers. Mike groaned as I slid inside him, moving forward in one continuous and steady slide until my pubic mound pressed into the crack of his bum, pushing each cheek outwards a little to make room for me.

"Ah, that feels so good," Mike said. "I've really missed it these last few weeks, even though we had not done that much before my operation."

"Glad to be of service. I've missed it too," I said, smiling down at Mike. I slowly and smoothly withdrew all but the head and then just as smoothly pushed back in again. Those slow, smooth thrusts and pulls helped me to feel the inside of Mike's butt. I knew when I passed over of his prostate, both from the feel and from his reaction. You can't have your prostate massaged by your lover and not show it, especially when you are as new to anal play as we were then. The other beauty of the slow, long stroke is that it increased the sensations in my cock. In some ways it was rather sad that I would lose control as my orgasm built and end up ramming Mike like the pistons on a steam engine. But that's why it's called jerking off – one just can't help it; nature takes over and wham it hits you – that burst of sensation and pressure; the sudden pain and pressure behind the eyes that so quickly is translated into panting and euphoria.

And that is exactly what happened this time. I was enjoying a slow, leisurely, pleasure-filled fuck, noticing the bumps and ripples as Mike's ass contracted and relaxed, the rise up and over his prostate with that tad bit more pressure against my cock and the involuntary tensing of his butt muscles as my cock massaged that gland, the sharp intake of breath as his bump got rubbed. At the same time I had a hand around his cock jacking him, then suddenly he clamped down on my cock as his body spasmed and he shot his load out between our chests. As Mike's orgasm eased off I suddenly became aware that I was jack hammering his arse like it was the last time I would ever get to do it, going at it so much that the drops of sweat were flying off of me to land on Mike and all around him. I was out of control. My cock was in control and there was no stopping until I emptied my reserves into him. Then I flopped forward, squelching the pools of his cum between our torsos. A few moments later my cock popped out of his butt as it deflated and I rolled off to lie on the bed beside him. We lay in silence for several minutes, our fingers entwined, each with his own thoughts running through his head.

"You know, I do really love you, Steve," Mike said, breaking the silence, "and I am so glad that it was with each other that we discovered our sexuality and lost our cherries. Even if we end up going separate ways, we will always have that bond between us that nothing can take away."

"Shhh! I don't want to have that thought that we might not be together forever near my head. I just want to go forward in the certain belief that we are going to do whatever it takes to stay together," I replied.

"Me too, and I wasn't suggesting that we will go different ways at all, it was just to emphasise what we have given to each other already that we can give to no other, no matter what happens," Mike explained.

"I know that, but it's still a frightening thought. When you were so sick with your appendix I was so worried because I couldn't bear the thought of losing you. Even though we were assured by the doctor that everything would be all right, I was still in a state of panic until you opened your eyes after the operation and smiled at me. I love you too much, Mike, to ever be apart from you!" I told him

We rolled to face each other and our conversation came to an end. Mike mumbled something about thanking me for fucking him, but our lips were too close together for the words to be heard clearly. We kissed and relaxed into a deep sleep and didn't wake until morning.

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