Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 26

It took me a few moments to reorient myself and get to the phone ringing and vibrating on my bedside table. I tapped the screen, brought it to my ear, and said, "Hi, Carrie," since her picture and name were splashed across the screen.

"Hi, Steve. Dad's just told me that your dad told him that you will still be sleeping over with us, and I just wanted to say thank you. I know you must be torn between being a dutiful boyfriend by staying with Mike and being a friend to me by doing what you know would make me happy. I know Mike told you to come to the sleepover, but I'm sure that didn't make your decision an easy one. I'm really pleased that at least one of you will be staying over with us." Carrie got all of that out in just one breath. I didn't have a chance to get a word in edgeways.

"Yeah. Well, my parents put forward a very reasonable argument, and Mike was very insistent," I got in as soon as she stopped to take a breath.

"Well, don't worry. We will take special care of you and won't be mean to you, I promise," Carrie told me.

"What do you mean by special care?" I asked nervously, thinking about some of the special care I had received at their hands.

"Oooh, I don't really know yet, but I'm sure you will enjoy it anyway. Not that we're likely to entice you away from Mike." Carrie's vague response made me a bit more nervous. "Oh by the way, Dad said you don't need to bring any bedding with you. We'll have enough for you now that there's only one guy staying over."

That got me thinking again. Dad had said that Kevin had a place of refuge for me, and now Carrie said there was no need for a sleeping bag, so I was guessing I was going to be in a room with a bed. I had only been to Carrie's house once before, and we had only been there for a few minutes. I only saw the entrance porch and the sitting room, so I had no idea what the house was really like.

Carrie and I chatted for about another ten minutes and then said our goodnights. I changed my line of thoughts to Mike and some of what we had done at the cabin. My boxers got too tight, so I shucked them off and took care of the need in my loins that I would much rather have had someone else doing for me. But alas he was laid up in hospital possibly in much the same mood as I was. Having taken care of my need and cleaned up afterward I pulled the covers up over my naked body and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up to find both of my parents leaning over me. My dad was holding my shoulders down on the bed. I had had some sort of nightmare and had started thrashing about and shouting in my sleep. Both my parents were awakened and came running. I know that as a small child I had been plagued by the occasional nightmare that had got my parents out of bed at times, but I had not had one since I started puberty five or more years ago, so this was kind of a shock for all three of us. I was bewildered at first and it took some time for me to calm down enough to realise what had happened. It was a bit longer before I noticed that in my turmoil I had kicked my covers off and was now lying naked in full view of both my parents. This time, however, there was no teasing, in fact not even a mention of it. Mum just pulled the covers back over me and it was as they settled on me that the full realisation that I had been on show again hit me. The most frustrating thing with the nightmares was that try as I might I had never been able to recall the slightest inkling of what they were about and had no idea what was causing them. The only thing that my parents could suggest was that they seemed to happen when I had been both upset and stressed. They suggested that the shock of Mike's appendix troubles was probably the catalyst for this one.

I did get teased a bit at breakfast the next morning. Dad asked if I was trying to ask to be allowed to go naked in the house for some reason. Of course I rebuffed him with a line that I would not want to show him up in front of his wife, which was never going to hold water as I could not remember ever seeing my father naked and so had nothing to compare myself with. He had a fit body and got in a lot of exercise and looked after himself, and he did make a decent bulge in some of his clothes, but nothing he wore was ever tight enough to show just how big he really was in that regard. Dad countered my claim by saying that having now seen me in total he had no worries on that score, and I was in no position to argue against him.

Dad left for work and Mum asked me what my plans were for the day. I said that I was going to visit Mike and then I had no other plans except to try and get caught up on some of my chores.

"I want to visit Mike also, so I'll give you a lift there, but you'll have to catch the bus back. I'm going to carry on into town to do some shopping and also go and see Mrs Green."

"Thanks, Mum. Give her my regards, please."

We drove around the hospital car park for quite a while looking for a vacant parking. Mum was grumbling about how much it cost in parking charges and then we still had to waste petrol going round and round to find somewhere to park. We eventually got a parking and the ticket. We got into the ward just as visiting times started. Mike had been moved so that his bed was near a window. The opportunity to look out a bit helped to cheer him up. The person in the bed next to him though was not so cheerful and looked pretty sick to me. Mike said that he really was not well and the nurses were worried about his chances.

Mum chatted for a bit and made sure that there was nothing that Mike needed, then she went off to do her shopping and visiting, leaving Mike and me alone.

"They've taken most of the dressing off the wound now so that it can breathe and dry. Do you want to see it?" Mike asked.

"Yeah. I haven't seen anything like that before." I said.

Mike told me to go to the other side of the bed so that he could lift the covers towards the wall and no one else could see in. I saw that Mike just had a sort of gown on. As he pulled it up to lift it above his wound he uncovered his cock as well. I looked at the row of stitches and the scab over the incision line, then my eyes drifted back to his cock and balls which held more interest for me. I put my hand under the covers and rested it on his hip and then slid it forwards over his cock which immediately started to get hard. Mike struggled a bit and turned onto his side so that his back was to the patient in the next bed. This meant that he wouldn't be able to see much. Thankfully he had no visitors, so I could slowly stroke and jack Mike's cock for him. He hadn't had the opportunity to jerk off since before his operation so now he was really randy. This helped to get him to the edge and leaking fairly quickly, but I had to stop suddenly when I saw he had another visitor approaching. I let my hand slide out from under the covers as I stood up to greet Carrie.

Carrie came to the same side of the bed as me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, then brushed past me to give Mike a kiss on the cheek as well. "Were you two holding hands under the covers?" she asked in a whisper that could have been heard three beds away.

"No! And try and be a bit quieter. You could wake up the dead with your whispers," I said.

"What do you mean?" Carrie asked.

"You girls just can't talk quietly, can you? When Dad was giving you a lift home after my party he heard everything you talked about. He knows that you girls gave us blowjobs. And now your question could have been heard in the next ward."

"Your dad heard us talking about that?" Carrie asked in a shocked and embarrassed squeal.

"Ssh! Yes. He told me you were comparing notes on our cocks and the flavours," I told her. Carrie got visibly paler and then needed to sit down. I pushed the chair I had been using towards her and she sat down trembling.

"What did he say about it?" she asked, now in a whisper that Mike and I had to strain to hear.

"He was pretty matter of fact about it and didn't say it was either bad or good, but more like what he had expected, really," I answered.

Carrie's colour came back and she looked a lot more relaxed again. Putting that behind her she asked in a low whisper, "So if you weren't holding Mike's hand, what were you doing?"

"Carrie, he was helping me out a bit. As if you had not already worked that out," Mike interjected. "And your arrival interrupted that."

Carrie did not stop to think and had her hand under the covers and wrapped around Mike's cock before any of us could say another word. The movement of the covers showed that she was giving Mike quite a rapid jerk off and I could see this was causing a bit of pain.

"Slow down. You're pulling the skin too much and hurting where the stitches are," I told her.

"Sorry," Carrie said and visibly slowed down. Looking at me she brushed her hand against my bulge, which was quite prominent in the circumstances, and said, "You can wait till my party."

I wasn't sure whether to be shocked, or annoyed. But one thing I did know was that she was doing what I wanted to do and doing it to the person I cared most about. I was a bit jealous but wasn't too sure how to change things without causing a scene that might attract unwanted attention and leave Mike in an embarrassing situation with the nursing staff. I looked at Mike and asked, "Are you okay?" pointing to his groin and looking over at Carrie.

"I guess. It will be nice to be relieved, but how can I explain the stains?" Mike asked.

"Just tell me when you are ready and I'll take a closer look at your scar," I offered.Mike immediately understood what I was suggesting but Carrie had lost the drift of the conversation and looked confused.

"When Mike gets ready to do it, I'll catch it in my mouth," I explained, trying not to come out and say it so that any others who might hear it would understand. I moved to another bed which was empty and borrowed a chair that was not in use so that I could position myself to be ready when the time came.

Mike gave the signal and I lifted the covers and put my mouth over the end of his cock and then pushing Carrie's hand down to cover Mike's balls I used my hand to jerk him over the edge and suck his juice from him. As Mike's orgasm ended I pulled my head away and Carrie took a look at his wound and claimed that there had been no leakages from it. She did, though, slide her finger over the end of his cock and scrape off the last vestiges of his cum and bring that to her mouth to taste.

"Thanks, guys. I needed that! Now maybe I can face that injection with a little less fear," Mike said.

"What, are you afraid of injections?" Carrie asked astonished.

"When they are going into my naked butt by a beautiful nurse whose hand is caressing said butt and I haven't had any release for a few days – yes! You better believe that I'm nervous," Mike explained.

Once again Carrie got a confused look on her face and I quickly chimed in, "I'll explain it later. Right now we're visiting Mike, and we haven't got a lot of visiting time left."

"Oh yeah, and I guess you two would like a bit of time alone together. I'll leave before the end of visiting time," Carrie said

"Thanks, Carrie. I would like that," Mike said.

We chatted together about a range of different things for the next ten minutes or so, then Carrie announced that it was time for her to go. She stood up and kissed Mike on the cheek and promised to try and visit him again. She asked to be told when he went home, then she gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.

"Man, that is some girl!" Mike said. "I don't think I would survive if I were her boyfriend. I hope you didn't mind me letting her carry on with the wank, but I couldn't think of a way to stop her without causing an upset. I was glad you got your mouth in there and took my cum," Mike added.

"I did feel a bit jealous, but I couldn't think of a way of changing things without making a scene that might have left you in a difficult situation with the nurses."

"Talking of nurses, there is a male nurse on the ward who is a bit of a looker. If he gives me a bed bath I might embarrass myself something silly."

"No more than my embarrassment."

"What embarrassment?" Mike asked.

"It will make you laugh and I don't want to hurt you."

"I'll hurt even more with curiosity if you don't tell me now," Mike said.

"Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you." I went on to tell him about stepping out of the bathroom in front of my mother and then the nightmare.

Mike was chortling with the first part of the story but when I talked of the nightmare his chuckles stopped and he got very concerned. I just had time to explain the nightmares as best as I could before visiting hours ended. I give him a kiss as I said goodbye.

As I was walking past the next bed, with the rather sick old man in it, I heard a sound. I saw he was beckoning me to go to him. When I got close enough I could see that he was struggling to breath. He was very pale with blue lips. I knew that was a sign of a shortage of oxygen. I quickly pressed his call button. Then I made a dash to the nurse's station and alerted them that the old man was in great distress. A nurse quickly got up and set off to see to him. I turned to follow the nurse back, but one of the others called to me and asked me not to go. "It's better to leave it to us now. You could get in the way. But thank you for alerting us." I could see the truth in what she said, so I went on out to head off home.

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