Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 25

I was torn, but my parents knew better and forced me to leave and go home with them. I dozed off in the car on the way home and was soon asleep once I got into bed. I woke to the ringing of my phone. When I answered it, Dan told me that they would be round in an hour to pick me up to go to the hospital for the morning visiting time. I thanked him, jumped out of bed and walked naked to the bathroom, knowing that there would be no one at home but me. I pissed and brushed my teeth before stepping into the shower. The warm water and soft sudsy soap soon got a part of me more awake than the rest of me and I took care of it before finishing my shower. After drying I hung up the towel and stepped out of the bathroom to walk back to my room to get dressed.

"My, we are showing off today." Mum's voice froze me to the spot. Which was not the best thing to do as I was facing her and giving her a full frontal view, something she had not seen since I was about four or five. A couple seconds later I became unfrozen and leapt back into the bathroom, where I grabbed a towel and quickly wrapped it around my waist. Once covered I stepped out very red faced in front of my mother, who was grinning from ear to ear.

"What are you doing at home?" I demanded in my shock.

"A mother can't be in her own home now?" she asked back, teasing me and increasing my embarrassment.

"You know what I mean," I wailed.

"Yes, dear. Sorry, but I must admit that if I were several years younger and not your mother I would have looked with a different intention. You have grown into a shapely young man." Mum continued to increase my embarrassment. Mum was referring to my full physical shape, but I thought she was talking about my package and nothing else. Then she continued, "You don't need to be embarrassed. I do know what naked men look like."

"That's not helping!" I responded as I made my way towards my bedroom. "I need to get dressed. Dan will be here soon to take me to the hospital to see Mike." I excused myself to escape further embarrassment.

Dressed and downstairs, I managed to get a glass of orange juice down and spread some butter and jam on a muffin. I would have to take that with me as my breakfast, because I heard Dan's car pull into our driveway. I shouted a good bye to my mum and dashed out the door to save Dan having to turn off his engine. I greeted both Dan and Michelle and asked if they knew how Mike was.

"They said he was comfortable and stable this morning when I phoned," Michelle answered. "How are you, though?"

"I haven't really had time to think about it. I was still asleep when you phoned, and then I had an interruption to my plans as I stepped out of the bathroom," I said.

"I hope you didn't slip and hurt yourself," Dan said, looking at me in the rear view mirror.

"No, it was worse than that. I might as well tell you because you'll hear it from someone else anyway. I thought I was the only one at home and had not got my clothes ready when I went to bathe. As I left to go back to my room to dress, mum saw me," I admitted.

"Oh dear. Yes, I can see how that would set your plans back a bit," Michelle said and turned to look at my red face with a huge smile on hers.

Dan just chuckled a bit, then said, "I didn't know you were an exhibitionist. Michie, maybe we should let them go naked at our home if they want to show off so much." Dan was teasing me by making the suggestion to Michelle but she took it seriously.

"Well, I have no objections. They both have nice shaped bodies and no doubt would look much better without the camouflage of clothing."

"I'm beginning to wish I hadn't told you. But I know Mum or Dad would spill the beans the first opportunity they get," I said, rather embarrassed.

"Well, Steve, I was just joking, but I would not object if you or Mike decided you wanted to go naked in our home, just as long as you don't show yourself as nature intended when we have other visitors," Dan offered.

"Thanks, Dan, but I don't think I will take that offer up. Just a few seconds in front of my mother today was more than enough for a lifetime."

"Well, if you change your mind the offer is there. And we will make it to Mike as well," Michelle said.

Fortunately we arrived at the hospital, bringing an end to the conversation. We all kept an eye out for an empty parking bay. Dan found one and pulled into it. Handing me some change he asked me to go and get a parking ticket. Getting away from the two of them was something of a relief, and I hoped that when I got back the conversation would not have anything to do with my naked body.

Mike was much more lively when we walked into the ward and saw him. I went straight up and leaning over I kissed him before I thought of the number of people who might have witnessed it and the chance that it would out both of us to more than just our parents.

"How are you doing now?" I asked.

"Well, the pain is now located around the stitches where they sliced me open, and I can cope with it. The injections in my butt are something else, though. Not only is there the embarrassment of some strange person seeing and touching my naked butt, there is also the pain of the needle and of having to move my body and twist the operation wound."

"Well, be thankful it's professionals doing the injections and not your mum," Dan teased.

"Oh yes! Ask Stevie about that," Michelle added.

I gave her a pained expression and told Mike that I would tell him later, when he would find laughing more comfortable.

"Oh dear. Yes! I never thought of that," Michelle said and fell silent.

"They're talking of keeping me in for observation at least until Friday and possibly until Saturday morning, so I guess that will put the clamps on Carrie's party as far as I'm concerned. And certainly the sleepover is out for me," Mike said, looking at me and his parents. I knew he was right, and I was not going to even try to talk him round. Michelle and Dan were nodding their heads, and I knew that they wouldn't try to get him to go to Carrie's party. They would in fact ban him from going if he tried. "But you must go. I know you'll be the only guy at the sleepover, but there will be other guys at the party itself, and with two guys down and your good looks you will be able to dance the night away," Mike told me.

"No! If you can't go I'll stay with you and look after you," I said.

"No, you can't let Carrie down. She didn't let us down for our parties. You need to be there."

"And I'll be there to look after Mike," Michelle said.

I reluctantly agreed. They were right, and I was outnumbered. The talk about Carrie's party reminded me that Carrie didn't know about Mike's situation. I decided I had better let her know. On the way home I got out my mobile and sent her a text. "Mike is in hospital, call me when you get a chance" I typed and pinged it off to her.

I must have been home for about half an hour when Carrie called. I told her the whole story about Mike and how now he would not be able to come to the party, if he was even out of the hospital by then. I also confirmed that I was still going to be there, but I told her I would understand if her parents did not want me to sleep over. Carrie promised to talk to her parents but said that they wouldn't object to me sleeping over. I wasn't so sure, and I resolved to talk to my parents about it when we were together in the evening.

Carrie must have talked to her parents right away. When my parents walked in the door they gave me perfunctory greetings and then got straight into the subject of the sleepover. "Kevin called me while we were out, and he insists that it's okay for you to sleep over if you want to, even though you'll be the only boy. He also said that with just the one of you he has a safe place for you to escape to if you need it," Dad said.

"We're still happy for you to do it, and I think Carrie really needs it, since the other two have had to pull out. How do you feel about it?" Mum said.

"I can't say that I'm not a bit nervous about it, but I don't want to let Carrie down. On the other hand, I would like to stay with Mike and keep him company," I answered truthfully.

"I am sure that Mike will be in very good hands if he is out of hospital by then, and the two of you can cope with being apart for a bit, you know," Dad assured me.

"Yeah, I know. Michelle said she would look after Mike, and he was adamant that I shouldn't let Carrie down, since she came to all three of our parties. But I kind of feel that I'll be letting Mike down if I go out and enjoy myself when he can't through no fault of his own," I argued.

"That is a fair argument, but I think you will find that dilemmas of this nature are part of being a couple. You need to decide how you will handle them. Personally, I think you should honour Mike's request, otherwise he'll feel guilty that he stopped you from having a good time," Dad replied.

"Your father is right or I don't know Mike as well as I think I do," Mum added.

"Why do I have to have such wise parents?" I wailed. "How can I ever win an argument with you two?" I had to acknowledge that they were right. I had really known that from the beginning but hadn't wanted to admit it to myself.

"Right. I will let Kevin know that you will stay for the sleepover. Steve, we trust you and know that if anything does start to get out of hand you will do what you need to do. Make sure you have protection with you in case." Dad said, causing me to turn scarlet for the second time that day. "And I would make a point of making sure you have sufficient clothing when you step through a doorway," he added. Mum had spilled the beans to him at least.

"Mo-o-the-e-e-r! Who else have you told already?" I cried.

"So far only your father, but then you beat me to it with Mike's parents," Mum said.

"Only because I knew you would tell them the first opportunity you got, and you have just proved me right."

"And that proves that you know your mother well also." Dad chuckled and got a killing look from Mum, which got me chuckling as well and broke the slight tension that had built up.

"And despite that I still love both of you. You are some of the best parents around."

"We love you too, son, and are really thankful that you are one of the best teens any parents could wish for," Mum said.

"Stop, stop! You'll have me weeping next," I teased.

"Only because my hand will be making your butt sore," Mum threatened. Dad burst out laughing which got both Mum and me laughing as well.

"Come on, let's go together and sort out what we will have for tea. Unless, of course, Steve, you want to try to be the Naked Chef?" Mum got in another tease.

"That would really shock you if I stripped off and started helping you in my birthday suit," I countered. "Or would Dad get jealous?" I asked, tongue in cheek.

"Your father has no reason to get jealous. You are both very good looking with or without clothes. As I said this morning, I would have to be younger and not your mother," Mum countered.

"Have you thought about a career in politics, darling?" Dad acknowledged that Mum had given a very good answer which neither took sides nor committed her in any way.

After we had finished eating our tea I excused myself and went up to my room. I needed some time to think things through and try to work out where I stood with the girls now that I was in a real relationship with Mike. I was lying on the bed in my boxer shorts when there was a knock on the door and Dad asked if he could come in. I said it was okay and got up to pull on some shorts, but Dad was in before I could retrieve them from where I had kicked them earlier.

"It's ok, son, we're both guys. You can stay as you are. I'm not going to be long anyway. I just wanted to say that I know that you and Mike are in a relationship, but I also know what it's like to be a horny teenager, and there's a good possibility that one or more of those girls who are sleeping over might be as horny as most teen boys are. That's why I advised you to take some condoms with you, and I meant it. I don't know if you have any, so in case, here is a three pack. And no, I don't want them back if you don't use them. You'll use them with Mike once he is well enough anyway. And don't be embarrassed about your mum seeing you in all your glory. She says you are definitely hot and it's no wonder you have both girls and guys chasing after you. And seeing you in your boxers I can tell that what she is saying is true. Be proud of yourself."

"Thanks, Dad. Does this mean you are giving me permission to have sex?" I asked, holding the pack of condoms up but with a big smile on my face to show I was only teasing.

"It's a little late for that, isn't it?" he asked. "After all, the girls did give you guys blowjobs while waiting for their turn to get a lift after your party, and I'm sure you and Mike have probably gone further than that. No, I'm just being realistic, in a day and age of sexual freedom that has not been seen since the Greek and Roman empires, I think."

I had no response to that, which confirmed to dad that he was right. I was shocked that he knew about the girls. His assumption about Mike and me was not such a surprise.

Dad must have seen the puzzlement in my expression. He explained as he stood at the door of my room, "Those girls could not wait to compare notes on what happened, and their voices weren't that low. I could hear every word they said. They thought they were soft enough. Since I didn't say anything, they probably assumed I couldn't hear."

"Typical. It was a bit of a surprise, but we did enjoy it," I said, again sporting a big grin. Dad just gave me a thumbs up and said good night as he left the room, closing the door behind him. Back on my bed, still just in my boxers, I started to consider things that I thought I had kept from my parents that maybe they did actually know about. The thought got me a little nervous at first, but then I thought that if it really bothered them they would have said something. We were like that in our family.

With a myriad of thoughts whirling through my head I almost levitated when my mobile phone started ringing.

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