by Rafael Henry

Chapter 14

Saturday. Le weekend.

Robin was aware of Harry's attention to him, being looked at in that way at every opportunity it seemed to him. It was now very obvious to Robin that Harry knew what they were up to in bed every night and every morning. But not this morning. Each in their own bed, they had slept right through to getting up time. Harry had woken them in turn, Robin first and then Edward, who was the first to spring out of bed naked and, holding himself, made off to the bathroom needing to pee badly. Harry stood over Robin's bed smiling down at him.

'Yes?' Harry asks.

'Yes, what?' Robin responds.

'Those that have eyes to see, let them see? Ned's gone to the bathroom. Don't you think you had better go and join him Robin?'

Robin looks up at Harry. That sounded like an order. Without moving the bed covers off his body, conscious of his nakedness, he swings his legs out and down onto the carpeted floor. He looks up at Harry again, hesitates a moment and then stands, the covers falling away. There you are Harry.

He is rather lovely don't you think? Five foot four of him, in the nude state, and bristling with boyhood, the length of which is not a statistic we talk about. Everything is on show, just as Harry thought [and hoped] it would be. But it was just mildly embarrassing for Robin, and if he's honest, mildly amusing. Being at one of those schools where most people don't look twice at a naked body, why should he feel in any way perturbed? He has nothing to be ashamed of. His sexual parts are perfectly formed, judging by the others he's seen, of decent proportions, and function to his and one or two others' satisfaction. So why should he bothered if Harry would like a viewing?

With just two weeks of the long summer holiday left, there is the return to school to consider, if not this minute, soon. At breakfast Elenor suggests a trip to Borders, the large bookshop in Bournemouth, and after that a quick look around Marks for a few essentials. Socks for example. Or there's that new firm in town, Next. Or Gap Kids.

Elenor said that their trip, probably a couple of hours, wouldn't really be of interest to Robin, so he would stay in the house with Harry. Robin took this news with, not exactly trepidation, but with a sudden and unexpected flutter in his tummy. It wasn't a feeling of any excitement, but of the unknown. When he looked at Harry he felt that fluttering again. Harry was looking at him trying to gauge Robin's reaction to the news that they would be spending time together. Harry had engineered this situation himself. There might be an opportunity to talk and be close, physically, to one another. Harry would like that.

Ned left with Elenor for the town, some ten-minute walk away.

'I'll be in the drawing room Robin.' Announces Harry. 'Do come down when you're ready.'

Robin took that as a request.

He looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. Having got everything done that one needs to do each morning, and washed himself thoroughly as he had been taught to do, he considered himself to be ready to face the world, and Harry. He'd walked naked from the bathroom back to the bedroom as both boys always did, and once there, thought about clothes for the day. He hadn't brought a wide range of clothing with him, just the basics. A couple of pairs of shorts, one rather used and everyday pocketless and flyless pair suitable for the beach and general mucking around, one a bit more formal with pockets and a zip at the front. A couple of plain tee shirts would do surely, plus the other bits. Although Ned is smaller than him, a bit of borrowing is still perfectly feasible. Ned has plenty of everything. He'd borrowed before and enjoyed the change. Besides he felt it drew Ned closer to him.

'Are those mine?' Ned would ask, knowing that they were his. Not that he minded at all. In fact he felt flattered. Anyway Robin hadn't come with anything like enough kit.

The boys had breakfasted in their pyjamas and as Ned needed to revisit the bathroom before leaving the house, Robin was somewhat delayed in dressing. Then there's a shout from below. Harry's voice. He has the kind of persuasive voice one would naturally respond to, immediately.

'Come and join me Robin. You can come just as you are.'

As Robin is, at this moment? He grabs Ned's dressing gown, puts his arms through and as he heads for the bedroom door, ties the slippery cord around him, conscious of the fact that he has barely anything on. They're a pair of Ned's he fancied.

'Are you coming then?' Comes another urgent shout from below. You had better get down there quick Robin.

Now Robin tells us……

Harry was sitting on the rather battered deep tan armchair dressed in pair of white shorts and nothing else. His chest was very hairy, and his legs too. He had bare feet and his knees were wide apart. I could see his penis pushing against the white material of his shorts. It wasn't stiff but the round head was perfectly visible. It looked big, and far bigger than mine, obviously. He had his hands behind his back, and he was smiling. There was another identical chair opposite him about, I don't know, maybe ten feet away against the opposite wall. I sat in it. I looked over at Harry. He said 'Time to put your feet up Robin.' I knew what he meant by that. He wanted a good look. Fine, he can have a good look. So I put both feet up on the edge of the chair with my knees tight together. The cord on Ned's dressing gown had come undone and although I kept my knees together I knew he could see me, or that part of me. At least I had Ned's pants on. I just stared at him wondering what he was going to say next.

'Is that it?' He says with an air of disappointment.

So I put my knees apart and sat slightly further forward. If I didn't have pants on, he would see everything.

'That's nice.' He says smiling and briefly touching himself.

'You could come a bit closer you know. I won't bite.'

So I stood up and walked over to him, my gown open at the front.

'You're a fine boy Robin. You really are. Do you really need that thing on? It's very warm in here.'

It was. Very warm. So I slid the gown off my shoulders and let it fall, and just stood there in Ned's pants in front of Harry. He hadn't moved but kept smiling, looking me up and down, mainly down. There was more to look at than there was a couple of minutes ago. I don't know what was going on in my head but any suggestion of sex arouses me; any scenario, anybody. You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife at that moment, not that I found Harry in any way attractive. Why would I? He's a hairy man. Boys could never find a man attractive, in that way , could they? Not like a boy. Boys are beautiful, at least some of them are. Tom Davenport thinks so. He told me all about the Spartans. It was so easy to love Tom. I'd do anything Tom wanted.

Harry had moved his hands from behind his head onto his knees which were still wide apart. With one hand he beckons me closer; and then closer still until I'm standing between his knees. He beckons me nearer so my knees are between his. He touches the waistband of my pants and pulls it forwards so, his head forward now, he can look inside.

'It's just your age darling. I was exactly the same. It was ok on the beach, if you remember, so is it alright this morning Robin? You showed me. Remember? What about now darling?'

I carefully lowered everything that mattered and showed him, just for a few moments. But that was on the beach. Sorry Harry. I'm not going to. If I just stand here and do nothing, he'll forget about it.

'Meany.' Harry says looking disappointed, putting both of his hands on my thighs. I rather think I know what he wants to do with me.

Then he turns me around and pulls my hips towards him, and as I lose my balance, I tip into his lap and end up lying on his chest with my legs astride his. With his hands under my bottom, he adjusts my position so that……well, guess where? I can feel it under me, perfectly centred between my bottom bits. My head is under his chin when he begins to gently stroke my chest with the outspread palms. He starts just under my neck and works his way down my body. It's a very pleasant sensation, even though it's Ned's dad giving it to me. I have to admit that Ned could never do this. He just doesn't know enough, or anything really. I have no idea how far all this is going to go. One thing I do know. This is a new thing for me. Totally new. And it's nice.

The palms of his hands are flat on my tummy now. He moves his left hand lower, his finger just moving the gathered waistband of Ned's pants upwards enough to get his other hand inside. He's got me and I'm thinking now he's there, he's not going to let go any time soon.

Harry's moving his body against mine. He's perfectly placed right in the centre and the two layers of material between us, if not three, makes it feels oddly distant. A sort of dulled sensation as he moves against me making my hips rise and fall as one hand works on my chest and the other elsewhere, and then my tummy……and finally, the insides of my upper thighs, the outsides of his thumbs brushing against me, and then pushing inwards, the tips of his thumbs pushing me upwards……and then the tips of his fingers, closed and together, working on my penis. I have never had this before. It feels good as I look down to watch his hands working. I'm just an observer, watching and waiting.

I can hear his breathing, so much harder now. Curiosity has taken over as I watch.

And then Harry slows down, his hands, his body, everything, almost to a stop. He's breathing slowly and deeply now. I'm left wondering what's happened.

We stayed exactly as we were, me with my legs spread over his, and lying on his chest. Everything is still now. As I look down I can see the dark blue and white horizontal stripes. They look so pretty on Ned, the sweet boy. The bump I could feel in my bottom has gone now. I can feel something else. It's Harry. It's coming from him. I'm sure it is.

His hands are still on my hips, inside my pants, or rather Ned's. Then he moves his hands onto my tummy and chest gently massaging my skin. What a beautiful feeling this is. He's stopped now. All that movement. Everything feels so hot now. Heat. Yes it was all about heat. Like being on fire. That's what it's like. The sex I want. The sex I have.

When I stood up I turned round to face him and showed him again. I thought he'd like that, as he looks back at me, smiling. He told me I ought to go and get dressed. I could see everything now easily enough. I needed to leave him where he was. I could see I was embarrassing him, so I left him there. He didn't want me looking. I don't blame him, and anyway I wouldn't want to be there any more. I was part of it, and not blameless, if there is any blame? That's what I'm like. I had enjoyed it, what I was complicit in. Shameless me.

A few minutes alter he came into the bedroom. I was lying on my bed having a think. Trying to weigh up recent events and any significance they may have had. Actually quite a lot. I look up as he stands in the doorway.

'May I come in Robin?'

I nod, trying to smile as my tummy turns over. What does he want now? I'm not going to show him again. I need to be on my own now.'

'I just wanted to apologize for my inexcusable behaviour down there a few minutes ago. I'm so sorry.'

'That's ok. I didn't mind….really I didn't.'

That's true, I didn't.

'I suppose it's rather obvious what I am?'

'No. I would never think like that. We are what we are, I suppose.' I said, being unusually philosophical. A surprising reaction I thought which pleased me. I never thought of myself as philosophical. Not like Tom.

'Ned loves you. I hope you know that.'

'Do you think so? If he did I would be glad. I know that. I hope he does.'

'And I can see why. It was good being with you. I'm so sorry. I think of you two together and how lovely that must be.'

'Yes. It's lovely. I love him.'

'The feelings you get when you you're together? That must feel so good.'

'Yes. It does.' I said. And then a long pause.

'And thank you for coming here. It's been lovely having you.'

'I nearly didn't come.'

'Oh dear. That's a shame. You didn't say?'

'No I didn't. It didn't seem very relevant to mention it.'

'But you did want to?'

'Yes. I always wanted to.'

'Something special?'

'It's up to Ned. He's the most important thing. Nothing he wouldn't want to do. Do you mind me telling you?'

'Of course not. That's a wonderful isn't it?'

'I think it is.' I said smiling.

'Am I disturbing you; right now?'


'That wriggly little worm inside you?'

Later Harry said I had that ethereal expression on my face as we spoke in that curious coded language when we both know what we meant but can't say it directly. I was lying on my side, one hand under my head and the other hand inside Ned's pants, and very obviously fiddling. In my head I had the image of Ned lying on his back and expecting. I'm further down the bed. Enough said. What he's expecting he's about to have all to himself and we'll both love it. He's never obliged me in that manner. I wish he would from time to time. Meanwhile Harry lingers on. I get the impression he doesn't want to leave. Then, finally…….

'I'll can leave you in peace dear boy. And I mean that. You are dear to us. You must tell me to leave and I shall.'

I didn't say anything. I just looked back into his face as he knelt beside my bed.

'Shall I go now?' He continues.

Again I couldn't find any words as I looked into his face, open mouthed. He raises his eyebrows recognizing my indecision.

'Perhaps there's a skill you have not yet acquired? I'm more than happy to demonstrate?' He offers, smiling, with a few more words to follow those. Why not if it means I can service Ned's requirements more fully?

I turned onto my back with my head turned away from Harry. A gesture of have acquiescence. What will be will be.

So what did happen then? Perhaps not what you thought.

A skill you will learn from others more experienced than oneself, that's certain. To provide joy for someone you love. The perfect result.

Dear sweet Ned. This will be for you my darling boy.

He touched my hand, my thumb. He left me in no doubt what I had to do and how I should do it.

I had never entertained the thought that a man can happily father children and yet be a tad queer. At a party a few years ago, when we were very young, and without any warning, I got dragged into a cupboard by a girl called Wendy. Being perfectly dark in there proved the ideal environment for Wendy who took my hand and placed it under her party dress and unceremoniously shoved it against the front of her knickers. She gave me her orders which I duly obeyed, not that I wanted to, albeit mildly curious as to what a girl's 'bits' felt like. In the meantime Wendy had gained access to my own nether regions and was having some success. The elasticated waistband of my short trousers was no real barrier. Neither were the little brief pants I wore. Her attempt to kiss me on the mouth proved messy and unsatisfactory, but looking down she has my enlarged and very warm cocklet in her hand. Wendy pulls down the front of her knickers with one hand and attempts to guide me into her with the other.

'Push it in . No, harder than that.'

In what? With a more conducive environment, more time and copious amounts of saliva, I probably could have achieved Wendy's objective, with her help, despite my lack of interest. Now, if that had been that boy, and not Wendy I saw carrying the birthday card standing in the entrance hall, things would have been very different. Those beautiful brown legs disappearing into pristine white shorts. The summer sandals and short white socks. The brown eyes, and the hands holding the birthday card and the box with ribbon tied around it.

So, given the right sexual train of thought of the appropriate orientation, a man can easily inseminate a woman if he needs to, duty bound, thus enabling a new human life called Edward Barfoot to be created.

Harry wipes his saliva off my thumb. I've got the message loud and clear. So that's how you do it. Clever. It won't be long and Ned and his mother shall return from their trip around Bournemouth's shops. The weather has proved disappointing this afternoon so there's little choice of what to do. I'm expecting the usual suggestion from Harry and Elenor.

'Now, why don't you two boys go upstairs and play nicely?'

Get us out of the way she means. Ned looks at me, still carrying the bag full of new and pristine booty. He smiles with those lovely eyes as we turn for the stairs. We're not going to argue.

Tom 'phoned me a couple of days after I got home from Bournemouth.

'You ok Robin?'

'Yes thanks.'

'So how was Bouremouth?'

'Good thanks. Really good.'

'Great. I was wondering how you were getting on. Ned and so on. Were his people nice?'

'Yes. Very.'

'And you did good stuff while you were there?'

'Yes thanks. Really good.'

'Brilliant. I'm glad everything worked out and you were able to have fun together. Everything you both wanted?'

'Yes everything. We had a lovely time. Really, we did. Everything.'

'That's good. I hoped you would. I've missed you Robin.'

'I've missed you too Tom. A lot.'

A pause.

'Have you heard yet?'

'Yes. Got my result a few days ago. I didn't make Balliol, but I've got Exeter. Ancient History and English. I'm excited.'

'So that's it then?'

'I suppose so. You'll be fine Robin. I'll be thinking of you. I'll not forget you. You'll be fine. I just wanted to 'phone you, that's all. To see how you are. Remember how I loved you please, and take care.'

Robin replaces the receiver, numbed by what he's heard. Those very last words.

This story concludes.

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